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Data History Plots
IRS Stimulus Checks
Website Links
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Status and Daily Reports
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Data History Plots

Daily Confirmed COVID-19 Cases - Plots - For All Countries - Data vs. Time (Days since confirmed cases reached 30 per day, 7 day rolling average) - Ongoing Since 4.20.20
Changed. First scroll down and click on a chart to enlarge it. Then you can click on the < (and >) icons on the far left (and far right) to see additional charts and slides.

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases per million vs. Doubling Time of Total Confirmed Cases - All Countries 7.23.21
Includes a slider switch at the bottom to see any past date! Very interesting to slide that slowly from left to right!!!
Can also click a box to hide countries < 1 million people, and to chose specific countries.
Johns Hopkins University data.

Doubling time of coronavirus deaths, by US State 7.23.21
How many days does it take to double the number of deaths - by state.
Only data from this week and from last week is shown.

Daily new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per million people - Ongoing Since 6.28.20
Daily new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per million people PDF File 6.17.20

Healthcare Infection Trajectory Curves: See Which Countries are Flattening Their COVID-19 Curve - Ongoing Since 4.11.20
Showing # of Cases plotted as curves up to current date - Mouse-over to select any curve in color - still terrible trends...
Most # Cases: United States / Spain / Italy / Germany / Turkey / France / Iran / Belgium ...

Coronavirus Cases History Data Plots as of 1.4.22 by PADRAK 1.6.22
Showing # of Cases and # of New Cases per Day! For various counties and countries.
You can see that the number of New Cases Added per Day is NOT going down in a lot of areas! This must go to zero in all regions for the virus to finally be over!
Here are the New Cases Added in ONE DAY - as obtained the Wiki websites below.

It has been found that the reports of the number of new cases is no longer useful.
At the start of the pandemic, the number of cases - and thus the number of cases per day - was very useful!
This was used to track the spread of the virus.
Now, however, hospitals el. al. are including everything in their reported data - including omicron and flu and colds and etc...
The Cases data is therefore no longer useful to see the effects of the virus.
It is retained from 1.4.22 below for reference.

What is useful is to instead plot the number of reported deaths - and thus the number of deaths per day - which is now very useful!


NEW DEATHS PER DAY - Recorded on 2.1.22

New Deaths in CA Counties in 1 Day 2.1.22
New Deaths in CA Counties in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22

New Deaths in US States in 1 Day 2.1.22
New Deaths in US States in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22

New Deaths in Countries in 1 Day 2.1.22
New Deaths in Countries in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22

New Deaths in US States and Countries in 1 Day 2.1.22
New Deaths in US States and Countries in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22

Deaths in CA Counties in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22
Deaths in US States in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22
Deaths in Countries in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22
Deaths in US States and Countries in 1 Day as a Percent of their Population 2.1.22

New Deaths per Day Compared for States FL, TX, GA, NY, CA – JHU Data 2.3.22
New Deaths per Day Compared for States FL, TX, GA, NY, CA – AVI Data 2.3.22


NEW CASES PER DAY - Recorded on 1.4.22
New Cases from Johns Hopkins University data for
CA Counties, US States, Countries, and US States+Countries
For 1 Day then for 7 Days
Then shown by Percent of the Population Plots are now starting at March 1, 2021

New Cases in CA Counties in 1 Day 1.4.22
New Cases in CA Counties in 7 Days 1.4.22

New Cases in US States in 1 Day 1.4.22
New Cases in US States in 7 Days 1.4.22

New Cases in Countries in 1 Day 1.4.22
New Cases in Countries in 7 Days 1.4.22

New Cases in US States and Countries in 1 Day 1.4.22
New Cases in US States and Countries in 7 Days 1.4.22

Cases in CA Counties in 1 Day as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22

Cases in US States and Countries in 1 Day as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22

New Cases in CA Counties in 1 Day as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22
New Cases in CA Counties in 7 Days as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22

New Cases in US States in 1 Day as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22
New Cases in US States in 7 Days as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22

New Cases in US States and Countries in 1 Day as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22
New Cases in US States and Countries in 7 Days as a Percent of the Population 1.4.22

New Cases History Data Plots for the Top 20 States having the most New Cases in 1 Day
New Cases JH Data Plots for the Top 20 States in 1 Day 1.4.22

New Cases History Data Plots for Top 20 Countries having the most New Cases in 1 Day
New Cases JH Data Plots for Top 20 Countries in 1 Day 1.4.22

Comparison of the JH vs AVI New Cases per Day Over Time
JH data is from Johns Hopkins University
AVI data is from Avi Schiffmann in Washington State (both links below)
JH vs AVI New Cases per Day Data Comparison for California vs Time 1.4.22



Data Plots for the Most Affected Countries from Infection Trajectory Curves by PADRAK 4.17.20

The charts that should give New York hope: ICU and hospital admissions continue to fall - even as deaths still rise - as Cuomo raises prospect of getting people back to work with antibody tests 4.12.20

Data Website Links

ALWAYS REFRESH the screen when using any of the data links. Sometimes they do update when opened - and not always!
The CA Wiki website has been broken since May 20 and has NOT been consistently updated since!!! Looks like once a week now...
These Wiki websites seem to be updated a day or two after the real date posted. Also, they do not seem to always update the "updated date" that the data was changed (as listed at the bottom of the cases list).
Suggest that you use the cases vs. time on the websites below for your studies.
Few charts can be found that plot the number of new cases per day - THAT'S what really counts! That's why we provide them! Johns Hopkins University now has them (on the bottom right, use arrows).
To find data for days past, use the internet's WayBack Machine - Which is super useful! - at (Except for data from the Johns Hopkins website.)

US - Virus numbers now include probable cases without tests (April 15) 4.20.20

Johns Hopkins University World Wide Confirmed Cases with World Map - Daily Stats - at
Tab at lower left - Admin0 for Countries, Admin1 for US States, Admin2 for US Cities Listings. Also shows date and time of update.

New Corona Virus World-Wide Daily Statistics Website - Created by Teenager Avi Schiffmann in Washington State - Daily Stats
About 497 entries by country. Easy to copy from within each block.

World Wide Wiki - Coronavirus Pandemic World Wide - Daily Full Listing
World Wide Wiki - Coronavirus Pandemic World Wide - Daily Stats
California Wiki - Coronavirus Pandemic in California - Daily Stats
The CA Wiki website has been broken since May 20 and is only updated a few times a week!!! Why?...
New York State Wiki coronavirus pandemic- Daily Stats
New York City Wiki coronavirus pandemic- Daily Stats
For these -To get the data, use the Download as PDF link on the left, then copy the data from the PDF file.

Notes Regarding Inaccuracies in the Coronavirus Data Reported Every Day 4.7.20

COVID-19 Projections - Use the selection box to select a country or a USA State to see when the PEAK and END are expected to be 4.5.20
For each includes status data, restrictions, restriction dates, graphs of projected peak and end dates, and projected deaths.

CDC NVSS Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) 5.2.20
Daily updates of death count totals by week and for each state from 2/1/20
Table 1 Total Figures - and - Table 2 by State, showing:
Week ending date in which the death occurred
COVID-19 Deaths
Deaths from All Causes
Percent of Expected Deaths
Pneumonia Deaths
(Deaths with Pneumonia and COVID-19
Influenza Deaths
Deaths with Pneumonia, Influenza, or COVID-19
(Compare those with the data from other sites on any particular day!)

IRS Stimulus Checks

“An important provision of the [Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security] act, as it relates to these checks, is that if the IRS sends you too much money, you do not need to pay it back,” Kaeding said. “It is considered a clerical or math error on behalf of the IRS."

Track Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check With Online Tool From The IRS - HERE! 4.15.20

Chaos over $1,200 stimulus checks: IRS tracking system crashes, thousands complain they haven't got payment - but officials insist website is operating 'smoothly and effectively' 4.16.20
Frustrated users took to social media Wednesday to blast the highly-anticipated tracker, reporting that the site is crashing or telling them that it can't find their details.
More ludicrous still, payments have been sent to people who have been dead for two years, while thousands in need complain they haven't received the much-needed handout.
But the IRS bizarrely claimed that their website was 'operating smoothly and effectively' despite the complaints of taxpayers online.

The IRS is sending $1,200 stimulus checks to dead people 4.16.20
“An important provision of the [Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security] act, as it relates to these checks, is that if the IRS sends you too much money, you do not need to pay it back,” Kaeding said. “It is considered a clerical or math error on behalf of the IRS."

Some stimulus checks are being sent to wrong accounts: 'The bank account number is not even close' 4.16.20

Florida - Woman who withdrew her $1,200 stimulus check is stunned to find an extra $8.5 million deposited in her bank account (result of a 'malfunction') 4.16.20

In Canada it takes 3 minutes to receive the $2000/month financial aid related to COVID19 (Stimulus Check) 4.18.20

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Website Links

Facts about Covid - Updated Daily 9.29.20
Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment. (Regular updates are listed on the website...)


Veterans, Facebook portals for VA Financial Relief Actions, VFW's Grant Funds
VA Veteran's Administration Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
VA - Novel Coronavirus Disease - What are we doing - What should Veterans do 3.30.20
VA - How To Manage Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak 4.10.20

Front Site - Be Prepared For What's Coming...

WHO - Weeks after receiving Taiwan’s warning, on Jan. 14, WHO repeated China’s claim that coronavirus was not contagious among humans! 3.21.20

WHO - World Health Organization - Status

CDC - Center for Disease Control - Status
NoMoreFakeNews - Jon Rappoport's Blog
CLG News - Your Source for Deep-State Truth
BBC News
NBC News - What is the coronavirus? Here's what we know about it.

THE EPOCH TIMES News and Newspaper Website 6.4.20

One America news Network (OAN) 3.29.20
One America News - Where to Watch - Denied by Comcast, Dish, and Spectrum (OAN) 3.29.20

The Patriot Post - America's News Digest

America's First Freedom News and Magazine

Effectiveness of control strategies for Coronavirus Disease 2019: a SEIR dynamic modeling study
A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Epidemics (1927)

Here’s what the CDC says about the test for the Coronavirus - The test could turn up false positives 3.25.20

The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American - RNA vaccine to be fast tracked to licensure... 3.25.20

The SF Chronicle is compiling an exhaustive list of every coronavirus case in California, with a map.
San Mateo County Health Coronavirus Updates and Resources
Known cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Santa Clara County To date

CDC _ Key Facts about the coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19
Guide to Surviving Crisis (COVID-19 Update) - By Nicoya Research 3.20.20

Stanford Medicine COVID-19 Updates 3.27.20
Stanford’s response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Viral Social Media Posts Offer False Coronavirus Tips
Coronavirus: The fake health advice you should ignore
No, Holding Your Breath is Not a ‘Simple Self-Check’ for Coronavirus
Garlic and Bleach Won't Cure the Corona Virus (WP Subscription Required)
Here's A Running List Of The Latest Hoaxes Spreading About The Coronavirus

Natural News - Defending Health, Life and Liberty
Global Healing - Put the Natural Healing Power of Herbs in Your Hands
Dr. Glenn Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing
GreenMedInfo - The Science of Natural Healing

LiveScience Website
LiveScience - Here’s how long the coronavirus will last on surfaces, and how to disinfect those surfaces.
LiveScience - Coronavirus in the US: Map, case counts and news
LiveScience - Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates
LiveScience - What are the symptoms of the new coronavirus? - AMA says as many as 98% of COVID-19 patients have a fever, between 76% and 82% have a dry cough, and 11% to 44% report exhaustion and fatigue.
LiveScience - How deadly is the new coronavirus? Data from the spread of US cases could help answer that.
LiveScience - How does the new coronavirus spread? - Person-to-person within 6 foot distance, through coughing and sneezing.
LiveScience - Can people spread coronavirus after they recover? - Yes - For weeks!!!

The New York Times (No) 5.12.20
Purposefully Excluded due to Their Continuing Lying and Requiring viewer personal data in order to read their website articles.
"The New York Times has been the subject of criticism from a variety of sources. Criticism aimed at the newspaper has been in response to individual controversial reporters, along with alleged political bias."

CNN (No) - The Epic "CNN-is-FAKE" Compilation - Good Video (11:52 min) 5.15.20
If you DON’T watch the news you MAY be UNinformed…if you WATCH this news you’ll most CERTAINLY be MISinformed.

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Call Centers

County of San Mateo Opens COVID-19 Public Call Center

California Coronavirus Hotline for Seniors 833-544-2374 4.3.20

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Status and Daily Reports

Caleb Swanigan: How can a 25-year-old die from natural causes? 6/23/22 [Need To Know]
Doctors remained puzzled as to why all these healthy young people like Caleb Swanigan are dying of natural causes. In every case, there is no foul play or drugs involved. Their body just suddenly “stops working.”
And all these weird deaths only started happening after the COVID vaccines rolled out. And they are only happening to vaccinated people.
These deaths have something in common that is causing them, but none of the mainstream doctors, coroners, or medical examiners can figure out the pattern. It’s puzzling. A real medical mystery!
Even the people on Twitter are absolutely baffled. As you can see from reading these tweets, they don’t have a clue either as to what might be causing these deaths...

More Evidence of Population Reduction Effects of COVID Vaccines as Study Shows Decreased Sperm Counts in Men Following Vaccination 6/23/22 [Need To Know]
On Friday, the journal Andrology published a peer-reviewed paper showing large decreases in sperm counts among men after the second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA Covid jab.
Based on counts from men who donated sperm to three fertility clinics in Israel, this finding is devastating – medically and politically.
Comment: The Next Bitcoin = Unvaxed Sperm!

Almost 3,000% Increase in Eye Disorders Following COVID-19 Vaccines 6/23/22 [Need To Know]
With the dangerous COVID-19 mRNA shots now being extended to babies and toddlers, I decided to search the Government VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) database for cases filed for various eye disorders. The list of eye disorders that I searched can be seen here. They are...

Australia Provides Definitive Proof COVID Shots Result In Infections & Death 6.23.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Nearly 90% of people in Australia are considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19, but despite this, the country is still riding the largest wave of Covid-19 deaths to hit the country since the beginning of the alleged pandemic in 2020, a wave that began in February 2022.
Therefore, Australia has provided the world with unequivocal evidence that the Covid-19 injections not only simply do not work, they in fact make recipients worse.
The following chart shows the number of Covid-19 cases reported per day across Australia since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 to the present day ...

The CDC says "severe reactions" to the COVID vaccines are rare. That's not what we found. 6.21.22 [Need To Know]
The implications of what we found in that poll were shocking: At least 2M Americans over 18 were injured by the COVID vaccine such that they are unable to hold a job.
The US government has never done any research to determine the extent of the injuries caused by the COVID vaccines. Now we know why.
Now we have independent confirmation that the safety signals in VAERS were accurate, just like we’ve always said.
The numbers in this poll are absolutely shocking and there is no way to spin this as a positive.
This article includes the full Pollfish survey reports and individual response data so that anyone can analyze it themselves.

If vaccines are safe, how will they explain these Google results? 6.20.22 [Need To Know]
All searches are from Google Trends. You can replicate this yourself.
It shows that since Google started tracking search data for all vaccines in history, nobody had any interest in vaccine side effects for any of the 70+ approved vaccines.
But suddenly, in December 2020 when the COVID vaccines roll out, everyone is now interested in vaccine side effects and it is happening simultaneously in EVERY STATE OF THE UNION and it peaks in April 2020 which is when I first learned about vaccine side effects from my friends.
What an amazing coincidence!!!!

How to Explain the Truth About COVID to Your Legislators, Loved Ones Lost by Medical Malpractice + More on CHD.TV 6.20.22 [Need To Know]
Laws are being considered and passed that have serious consequences for your health and freedom. Your voice has power, and the “Advocacy Lifeline" with Dawn Richardson will teach you how to use your voice efficiently and effectively to influence legislation and policies to protect your rights. Pharmaceutical and medical trade lobbyists often push for what benefits their industries’ bottom line, not your health. Get empowered with up-to-date knowledge of actual bills moving, how the legislative process works and the simple skills and tools you can use to leverage your time to protect your freedom of choice. Education followed by action is the foundation of every episode.

More Vaccine-Injured Pilots Speak Out as Groups Pressure Airlines, Regulators to End Mandates 6.20.22 [Need To Know]
According to these individuals and groups, the number of pilots speaking out about their vaccine injuries is dwarfed by the number of pilots who are still flying despite experiencing concerning symptoms — but not speaking out because of what they describe as a culture of intimidation within the aviation industry.
These individuals fear they will lose their jobs and livelihoods in retaliation if they reveal their symptoms or go public with their stories, sources told The Defender.
Still, a growing number of pilots are coming forward.

Ivermectin in COVID-19 (Video min) 6.19.22 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
These pages contain the scientific rationale for our recommendation of the use of ivermectin in COVID-19.
We regard ivermectin as a core medication in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. For comprehensive information on ivermectin please refer to our Review of the Emerging Evidence Supporting the Use of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19 and the included references.
Comment: If this will not load, then use and copy the URL into that. Yandex is used by more than 45% of Russian Internet users.

BREAKING: N.Y. Times Makes Bombshell Admission About Masks And COVID 6.19.22 [Need To Know]
In a move that is sure to shock the vast majority of Americans who have not spent the coronavirus pandemic with their head in the sand, the New York Times is actually starting to inform its readers that using masks to try and stop the spread of COVID-19 is useless.

COVID vaccine death reports - Data entry form 6.18.22 [Need To Know]
If you personally know someone who you believe died from the COVID vaccine, please fill out this very brief survey.
Personally know means you've talked to them when they were alive.

FLCCC Treatment Protocol for Vaccine Injured 6.18.22 [Treatments]
COVID-19 is clearly no longer an emergency. The real emergency now is the continued use of the COVID “vaccines,” because they’re creating injuries on a level that is truly alarming and unprecedented. VAERS data reveal the COVID jabs have caused more harm in 18 months than all other vaccines on the market, combined, over the past three decades
Raw data from the Pfizer trial also show the shots were associated with an increased risk for death from the start, and both Pfizer and the FDA knew it
Data also show highly “vaccinated” and boosted nations are now experiencing record case and death rates from COVID compared to countries with low injection rates
We’re now finding the COVID shots have negative efficacy, meaning, if you have received the shot and are exposed to COVID, you are more likely to get sick, not less likely, compared to someone who is unvaccinated
The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has developed a protocol for those injured by the COVID jabs called I-RECOVER,
which you can download from in several different languages (next, below).

Updated Post-Vaccine Syndrome Protocol Now Available (Video 2:28 min) 6.18.22 [Treatments]
Dr. Marik and Dr. Kory have made some changes to the new I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment protocol, adding new treatments and additional details.
Please download the new version.: (next, below)

ECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment - Version 3, June 8, 2022 6.18.22 [Treatments]
Early treatment is essential; it is likely that the response to treatment will be attenuated when treatment is delayed.
For detailed instructions and sources, download An Approach to the Management of Post-Vaccine Syndrome PDF (next, below)

This document is primarily intended to assist healthcare professionals in providing appropriate medical
care for vaccine-injured patients. Patients should always consult a trusted healthcare provider before
embarking on any new treatment.

Dr. Exposes Shocking Pfizer Data From Childrens' COVID Vaccine Trial (Video 4:00 min) 6.18.22 [Need To Know]
They ignored 97% of the covid...
Dr Clare Craig co-chair of the HART group covers the massive anomalies stemming from the latest 6mos to 4 year old COVID vaccine trail data. Her findings shocked her and they will shock you.

Dr. Ryan Cole: Covid Vaccine Side Effects Are Like A Nuclear Bomb (Video 23:27 min) 6.18.22 [Need To Know]
As a pathologist analyzing diseased body tissues, Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, (Twitter @drcole12) has seen an alarming and wide-ranging increase in injuries from Covid-19 injections, what he calls a "nuclear bomb." Miscarriages, heart conditions, cancers and compromised immune function are just some of the harms that Dr. Cole ( is fighting to make the public aware of.

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures 6.18.22 [Need To Know]
Today we are publishing a series of lab microscopy photos of bizarre clots which are now being routinely found in adults who “suddenly died,” usually in a number of months following covid vaccinations.
These clots are often referred to as “blood clots” but they are nothing at all like normal clots, and they consist of far more than mere blood cells. Unlike normal clots which are gelatinous, almost jelly-like, these so-called “clots” contain extremely large, complex, repeating structural elements (all shown below) that are clearly being constructed in the blood of the victims who died from these clots.

News With Views - Where Reality Shatters Illusion 6.18.22 [Need To Know]
Are we making a difference?
Yes, without question truth wins over lies and NWVs writers have labored for decades to get the truth to you and hopefully you pass it along to your email lists and social media platforms. I do a lot of reading everyday, stopping to cross check claims made in articles on web sites which turn out to be exaggerated or completely bogus.
Latest: VP Harris to head new disinformation task force...

Rep. Sean Casten (IL) 14 Year Old Daughter Gets Vaxed, Dies at 17 6.17.22 [Need To Know]

Pfizer To Take Legal Action To Stop Misinformation Against Its COVID-19 Vaccine: Report (Nov 24, 2021) 6.17.22 [Need To Know]
The lawyers of Pfizer have decided to now file defamation charges against a website that spread misinformation against the company's COVID-19 vaccine.
In a significant development to stop misinformation spreading against the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer has started a program to tackle the problem. The move comes after the company CEO Albert Bourla had called the people who were disseminating information related to vaccines as “criminals,” reported Sputnik. The Pfizer lawyers have now decided to go the legal way against the people spreading misinformation against the company's vaccine.
[Yea! Be a criminal! Tell the Real Truth Often!
Listen to Dr. Judy Mikovits - here is the latest good info!
Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals 6.17.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
A survey of 300,000 people who didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine revealed the unvaccinated didn’t place a disproportionate burden on health systems — in fact, they experienced very low rates of hospitalization and severe COVID-19.

Cancer Cells Can Be Starved to Death, Here’s How 6.17.22 [Need To Know]
Just like how people survive on food, cancer cells survive on sugar.
Around one century ago, Otto Warburg, well-known German physiologist, discovered that cancer cells are addicted to sugar.
Normal cells depend on oxygen for their growth. Cancer cells, however, grow by devouring large amounts of glucose, even in an oxygen-rich environment. This phenomenon occurs in as many as 80 percent of cancers.
The metabolic way cancer cells use sugar as an energy source is called glycolytic metabolism. This phenomenon is known as the Warburg effect.
Cancer Cells Consume 100 Times More Sugar Than Normal Tissue Cells...

Teaser for Plandemic 3 (Video 4 min) 6.17.22 [Need To Know]
Don’t tell anyone, but I am honored to be in the third installment of Plandemic,
the most censored film series in the history of humanity!
In spite of severe censorship, the first two installments have still been viewed more than 1 billion times (truth is an unstoppable force of nature). Here is a small little teaser from Plandemic 3…

Risk of infection, hospitalisation, and death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine: a retrospective, total population cohort study in Sweden 6.17.22 [Need To Know]
Between Dec 28, 2020, and Oct 4, 2021, 842 974 individuals were fully vaccinated (two doses), and were matched (1:1) to an equal number of unvaccinated individuals (total study cohort n=1 685 948). For the outcome SARS-CoV-2 infection of any severity, the vaccine effectiveness of BNT162b2 waned progressively over time, from 92% (95% CI 92 to 93; p<0·001) at 15–30 days, to 47% (39 to 55; p<0·001) at 121–180 days, and to 23% (−2 to 41; p=0·07) from day 211 onwards.
And with every booster the immune system will be compromised more, so after a few of them most people will have full fledged AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

TRIPLE CONES CANCEL VAX SYMPTOMS - 13 Page PDF 6.16.22 [Treatments]

Media absurdly insists COVID shots are “safe and effective” as vaccine injuries and deaths mount 6.16.22 [Need To Know]
It is becoming increasingly difficult for the corporate-controlled media, which now includes Big Tech’s social media platforms, to keep a lid on Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” injuries and deaths.
The body count is mounting and all the propaganda mouthpieces can do is continue to scream safe and effective! whenever someone points out the facts. How much longer will this tactic work?
The answer is not for long because even people who formerly approved of the shots and even got jabbed themselves are beginning to ask serious questions that the establishment cannot answer. So, the establishment is just screaming the same false answer louder in the hope that it will stick.

Why Did 49 Governors Pre-Order Deadly Covid Jabs for Kids Under 5? 6.16.22 [Need To Know]
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be the only sane governor in the country.
All of the others, whether Republican or Democrat, pre-ordered Covid jabs for kids under the age of five.
Meanwhile, DeSantis is getting attacked by corporate media. According to the Miami Herald... (article)
Comment: They, too, should be held accountable for their actions- which is participating in "Crimes Against Humanity" Children and babies have essentially zero risk...

Judy Mikovits Shocks The World: Most Damning Covid Evidence Bombshell The World Has Seen (Video 33:00 min) 6.16.22 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Judy Mikovits joins us now, thank you for coming – What are the key pieces of irrefutable evidence that prove this entire “COVID-19” nightmare was a planned criminal operation?
A complete text transcript is available here.

Massive Bio-Structures Found in Bodies of the Vaccinated (Video 5:46 min) 6.16.22 [Need To Know]
A mortician found anomalous structures inside the vascular system of deceased vaccinated people.
Embalmers and coroners are also finding these bizarre blockages.
Lots of pictures! (Caused by Spliked Proteins and Graphene Oxide, as used in Covid Shots.)

Nattokinase DISSOLVES blood clots and prevents new clots from forming 6.15.22 [Treatments]
One of the strongest defenses against heart disease, arterial rigidity and blood clots is a little-known food called natto. Natto is a sticky, cheese-like substance that is produced from fermented soybeans and a specific type of commensal bacteria. This beneficial bacteria, Bacillus Subtilis, helps keep the intestinal tract healthy. When it is used to ferment soybeans, it produces a medicinal substance that can lower blood pressure, treat osteoporosis, dissolve blood clots and keep cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks at bay.
Nattokinase is a remedy against vaccine-induced blood clots
Natto is popular in Japan, where it has been a staple breakfast food for thousands of years. It gives off a nutty, salty flavor and is often paired with rice.
Researchers from the University of Chicago isolated a specific clot-busting enzyme within natto. This enzyme is called nattokinase. When nattokinase was applied to blood clots at body temperature, the clots dissolved within 18 hours.

Pfizer admits to fraud in court (Video 2:43 min) 6.15.22 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
You really can’t make this stuff up. You gotta watch this video… it’s only 2 minutes. And it will be a key piece of evidence in my next move which you’ll learn about shortly.
In a nutshell, Pfizer admits in court to fraud, but says it isn’t fraud because the government was in on it. I bet you never heard that defense before.
Brook Jackson is the Pfizer whistleblower. Her attorney, Robert Barnes, says that Brook Jackson exposed the fact that the Pfizer clinical trial was riddled with errors and fraudulent and false certifications to the US government.
Pfizer's defense presented in court is that the FDA knew about the fraud and was in on it, therefore, there isn't any fraud.
In short, he basically said that in a court proceeding Pfizer admitted things were fraudulent.

Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trial fraud allegations that should be immediately investigated by the FDA 6.15.22 [Need To Know]
There are more than a dozen "smoking guns" that indicate that the Pfizer Phase 3 trial was not properly conducted.
The FDA should investigate all these allegations, but they aren't. Why not?

The Evidence Is Clear: Healthy Children Simply Don’t Need COVID Vaccines 6.15.22 [Need To Know]
Epidemiological evidence shows infants, children and adolescents never needed COVID-19 vaccines and certainly do not need them now.

COVID Was Technocracy’s Coup D’Etat 6.15.22 [Need To Know]
Since most people have never heard of “technocracy”, they did not understand that the technocrats used COVID to implement a global coup d’etat. That means they also have no understanding of the radical plans the unelected globalists have for humanity now in what is essentially World War III — an attack on humanity by the super rich. Yet, the first rule of war is to know the enemy. If we have no idea we are even under attack, we have no chance of defending ourselves.

Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination – The Zero Carbon Solution! - Newspaper Front Page Photo! 6.14.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]

FDA Uses Unreliable Data to Justify COVID Shots for Infants and Toddlers 6.14.22 [Need To Know]
This report comes after a torrent of massive reports from Moderna and Pfizer that claim to review studies of the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines in children.
It is not hard to see what shenanigans the FDA has been up to — to try to bolster a vaccine that fewer and fewer adults want. It’s more of the same: exaggerating the apparent risk of the virus and minimizing the perception of risk posed by the vaccines.
In other words, lies.
Comment: Babies and Toddlers do not die from Covid- yet the FDA wants them to get their experimental gene therapy jabs anyway. Lets pray parents won't fall for having their little ones vaxed unnecessarily

FDA Making COVID Vax Decision Based on a Study of 10 6.14.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Pfizer announced preliminary data from Phase 2/3 trials in children 6 months to under 5 years would be submitted to the FDA for emergency use authorization; the data are based on 1,678 children and 10 who got sick, which Pfizer claims is an 80.3% effectiveness rate
Even vaccine advocate Dr. Paul Offit is dismayed at the number from which Pfizer is drawing conclusions. Just days before, New York announced the vaccine efficacy in children 5 to 11 years fell to 12% within two months after vaccination
Despite 48,833 records in VAERS of adverse events in children under 18 from the vaccine, Pfizer says the shot for 6 months to under 5 years old has “a safety profile similar to placebo"

FDA Making COVID Vax Decision Based on a Study of 10 6.14.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Pfizer announced preliminary data from Phase 2/3 trials in children 6 months to under 5 years would be submitted to the FDA for emergency use authorization; the data are based on 1,678 children and 10 who got sick, which Pfizer claims is an 80.3% effectiveness rate
Even vaccine advocate Dr. Paul Offit is dismayed at the number from which Pfizer is drawing conclusions. Just days before, New York announced the vaccine efficacy in children 5 to 11 years fell to 12% within two months after vaccination
Despite 48,833 records in VAERS of adverse events in children under 18 from the vaccine, Pfizer says the shot for 6 months to under 5 years old has “a safety profile similar to placebo"

Bayer Heads Admits Vaccine Changes DNA!! Dr. Jane Ruby Says Human DNA Has Been Poisoned!! (Video 0:40 min) 6.14.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Looks like Bayer head, and Dr. Jane Ruby are both saying the same thing, THAT THE SHOT ALTERS DNA… except that one things it’s a bad thing, and the other thinks it’s a good thing. But what’s really bad, is that they didn’t tell the truth, and had to trick people into changing their DNA, and thus, becoming a patentable new species!!

The NY Times reports that ivermectin doesn't work (even though it does) 6.14.22 [REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Except that a study published in JAMA shows that it does, as do multiple peer-reviewed meta-analyses and systematic reviews.
Who is telling you the truth and how can you tell?
From a recent Steve Kirsch Newsletter on 6.14.22

If You’ve Had COVID You’re Likely Protected for Life 6.13.22 [Need To Know]
If you’ve had COVID-19, even a mild case, major congratulations to you as you’ve more than likely got long-term immunity, according to a team of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine. In fact, you’re likely to be immune for life, as is the case with recovery from many infectious agents — once you’ve had the disease and recovered, you’re immune, most likely for life.
The evidence is strong and promising, and should be welcome and comforting news to a public that has spent the last year, 2020, in a panic over SARS-CoV-2.
Increasingly evidence is showing that long-lasting immunity exists.

Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention vaccines 6.13.22 [Need To Know]
In 2021, the government of Australia colluded with three vaccine manufacturers to oppress the Australian people with various levels of discrimination, coercion, propaganda, unlawful detainment, segregation, digital compliance systems and broader threats to individuals’ livelihoods. These totalitarian actions were not rooted in any data or science and provided no public health benefit. These actions were designed to break people down psychologically, to subdue their body autonomy and personal beliefs and force experiments into their bodies.
Today, healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly across Australia. Even though journalists are reporting on the matter now, the corporate media still won’t dare mention the causes behind this scourge.

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Microscopy Photos of Blood Clots Extracted From Those Who “Suddenly Died” 6.13.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
...crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles, and fibrous structures...
These clots are often referred to as “blood clots” but they are nothing at all like normal clots, and they consist of far more than mere blood cells. Unlike normal clots which are gelatinous, almost jelly-like, these so-called “clots” contain extremely large, complex, repeating structural elements (all shown below) that are clearly being constructed in the blood of the victims who died from these clots.
All of these clots were extracted from patients within a few hours of their death. These are not the result of post-mortem blood stasis. These are structures found in blood vessels and arteries. They are not congealed blood.

CV19 Vaxx Deadliest Fraud in History – Edward Dowd (Video 50:16 min) 6.13.22 [Need To Know]
Former BlackRock stockpicker, Ed Dowd joins Greg Hunter to say that the COVID vaxx (or what he calls the “Magic Juice” to avoid being de-platformed) will be the deadliest fraud in history. As a Wall Street insider, he has seen his share of financial frauds but this one is different, because, “The problem with this fraud is it is a bridge too far. 220 million Americans took the vaxx. Three million Americans are disabled, and it’s probably higher, and those disabilities are going to continue to grow.”
Comment: He thinks people are waking up to this mind boggling criminal fraud that has murdered and injured so many, and that the fraudsters will not be safe in their homes or on the streets. They will need to exit to foreign countries with non-extradition laws. The deaths, injuries, continue to pile up. It's impossible to hide their crimes and the mobs will be gunning for them.

Based on VAERS Data for Children Aged 5 to 15 Injected with COVID-19 Shots, Will 1 Million Babies be Injured and Killed in the First Year if Authorized for 6 Months to 5 Year Olds? 6.12.22 [Need To Know]
In this report today, I will also include cases of fetal deaths recorded in VAERS after their mothers were injected with COVID-19 vaccines, as 2nd and 3rd trimester unborn children are closer in age to 6-month-old babies that the FDA and CDC will soon decide to start injecting with these shots.
Anyone who plans to be present next week in these advisory committee meetings is free to copy and use this data.

COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder 6.12.22 [Need To Know]
Studies suggest a link between an incurable and fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and COVID-19 vaccines.
Researchers believe the prion region from the original Wuhan COVID-19 variant’s spike protein was incorporated into mRNA vaccines and adenovirus vector vaccines — given to hundreds of millions of humans — and that it can cause a new type of rapidly progressing sporadic CJD.
According to Mayo Clinic, CJD is a degenerative brain disorder that leads to dementia and, ultimately, death.

Where’s the Emergency? 18 Congress Members Demand Answers as FDA Looks to Approve COVID Shots for Kids Under Five 6.12.22 [Need To Know]
A letter signed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) and 16 other members of Congress today asked Commissioner Califf 19 questions about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines for young children.
The questions focused on the youngest children (6 months to 5 years) due to the Congress members’ concerns about what they called the FDA’s “one-size-fits-all” approach to the vaccines.

Nurse Freedom Network's A Healthcare Homecoming - Patients' Rights Rally - Featuring Dr. Peter McCullough 6.12.22 [Need To Know]
Resoring Patient's Rights and Truth in Medicine
2 Days of Events in Tennessee

It’s Now Crucial to Understand What We’re Up Against (Video 1 hr 25 min) 6.12.22 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
It’s become absolutely crucial to understand what we’re up against, globally, and who’s responsible for the rising totalitarianism and their ultimate intention
The COVID pandemic was a coup d’état by the technocratic cabal that is behind the global takeover agenda, referred to as The Great Reset

Steve Kirsch Interviews Andrew Wakefield- an early truth-teller about Vaccines 6.12.22 [Need To Know]
Andrew Wakefield was right.
I had the honor to interview him for 90 minutes to get clarity on all the misinformation I’ve heard.
He challenged the status quo and paid the price for telling the truth. He exposed the fact that all childhood vaccines are dangerous. Kids who are not vaccinated at all are uniformly better off than kids who are.
The childhood vaccines are so dangerous that the CDC refuses to collect the data to show how safe they are. No joke. They know the vaccines are dangerous, collecting data wouldn’t change that.
No qualified medical professional has ever agreed to debate RFK Jr. on vaccine safety. The same is true for Andrew Wakefield.

FDA Set to Approve Novavax Despite Heart Risk 6.12.22 [Need To Know]
“An analysis of pharma payments to 107 physicians who advised FDA on 28 drugs approved from 2008 to 2014 found that a majority later got money for travel or consulting or received research subsidies from the makers of the drugs on which they voted or from competing firms.”
The agency could clear Novavax’s vaccine for distribution in the U.S. as soon as this week. The shot would be the fourth Covid vaccine authorized for use in the U.S. and the first new one since the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was cleared in February 2021.
Novavax’s vaccine is made using small laboratory-built pieces of the coronavirus to stimulate immunity. This protein-based approach is a more traditional one for vaccine development than the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

How the Covid “Vaccines” Cripple the Immune System | Part 5 6.11.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
In this 5th and final part of the series,
cause positive HIV AIDS results in some people, but more alarmingly cause profound immune system damage. This is generating a tsunami of infectious disease, and leaves the victim much more susceptible to cancer and death.
Special thanks to Iron Will and Strong and Free Canada for making this series possible.

How the Covid “Vaccines” Cripple the Immune System - Parts 1 to 5 Listed here: 6.11.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Part 1 of 5
Part 2 of 5
Part 3 of 5
Part 4 of 5
Part 5 of 5

Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome - as doctors seek answers through a new national register 6.9.22 [Need To Know]
Tom Heaton For Daily Mail Australia
People aged under the age of 40 being urged to go and get their hearts checked
May potentially be at risk of having Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)
SADS is an 'umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people'
A 31-year-old woman who died in her sleep last year may have had SADs

Mutant Babies – The Newest Product Of The MRNA DNA Changing Kill Shot. The Jab Is Killing Millions! – Indisputable Evidence Worldwide! Must See Videos! 6.9.22 REALLY [Need To Know]

Nine residents of Palo Alto Commons were given the jab and less than 1 week later, six were dead 6.8.22 [Need To Know]
Recently, I heard an incredible story of vaccine injury that is a stunning example of why the vaccine isn’t safe for anyone, no matter how young or old you are:
One of the dead was a former Federal Judge: Joan Stevenson Brennan Passell, but there was no obituary I could find. You can call up the public records office and, if you have a name, you can verify the deceased which I will do tomorrow.Recently, I heard an incredible story of vaccine injury that is a stunning example of why the vaccine isn’t safe for anyone, no matter how young or old you are:
Nine residents of Palo Alto Commons were given the jab and less than 1 week later, six were dead.
One of the dead was a former Federal Judge: Joan Stevenson Brennan Passell, but there was no obituary I could find. You can call up the public records office and, if you have a name, you can verify the deceased which I will do tomorrow.

Doctors Suing Food and Drug Administration Over Ivermectin 6.8.22 [Need To Know]
A Washington law firm has filed a federal lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for interfering with the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.
The lawsuit was filed by Boyden Gray & Associates on behalf of three doctors who were disciplined for prescribing human-grade ivermectin to patients.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is New Category to Deny Vaccine Deaths 6.8.22 [Need To Know]
45,316 Dead 4,416,778 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions
The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 45,316 fatalities, and 4,416,778 injuries following injections of five experimental COVID-19 shots...

VACCINES need NEW WARNING: Sarcoma cancer tumor may develop at vaccine injection site 6.7.22 [Need To Know]
This is happening in as many as 1 for every 1,000 patients, including humans and pets in North America and Great Britain. Most of the sarcomas develop after three months, but some have been observed, tested, diagnosed (via biopsy) and recorded within just weeks of injection. This is not just “abnormal tissue” or inflammation, it’s cancer.
Depending on the depth and position of the tumor, amputation of tissue, and even an entire limb, could be necessary. Doctors have said that post-vaccination sarcomas “tend to recur at the original site,” requiring aggressive surgery, including marginal areas, to save lives. Take a look at a few pictures of cancer as it develops at the site of the vaccine injection.

ALARMING: Could the PCR testing campaign be a WHO vax program in disguise? 6.7.22 [Need To Know]
In other words, is it possible that someone could unknowingly ingest an mRNA vaccine simply by getting tested for COVID-19? Could the massive COVID testing campaign actually be a part of the World Health Organization‘s plan to vaccinate 70% of the globe (for a disease with over a 99% survival rate)?
There lacks solid evidence to substantiate these theories, but it is alarming to know that the technology needed for such a nefarious plan now exists.

The Death of the Ministry of Truth — What Will They Do Next? 6.7.22 [Need To Know]
April 6 through April 8, 2022, the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics and The Atlantic magazine cohosted a conference titled “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.” The event revealed mainstream media is so beholden to Washington Democrats, they’re incapable of reporting the news
UC freshman Christopher Phillips, a writer for the University of Chicago’s paper, the Chicago Thinker, confronted CNN about several instances where the outlet pushed proven hoaxes, misinformation and disinformation
The Atlantic editor-in-chief accused student reporters who asked probing questions of waging a “disinformation campaign” at the conference
All warfare is based on deception, and we are currently at war. This is why we’re constantly being bombarded with the idea that truth tellers are lying, and that liars are telling the truth
The Biden administration’s “Ministry of Truth” has, for the time being, been put on hold, and its chief, Nina Jankowicz, has resigned!

72% of U.S. Adults Say ‘NO’ to CDC's Recommended Vaccine Schedule - Dr. Andrew Wakefield 6.6.22 [Need To Know]
This is an excerpt from ‘The Solution’ with Dr. Tony O'Donnell - New Episodes LIVE Every Saturday @ 12pm PT // 3pm ET

CHINA TO RULE AMERICA: Biden pushes new public health “amendments” to cede all power to the World Health Organization 6.6.22 [Need To Know]
In a unanimous vote, China was elected to control the Executive Board of the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s governing body. The communist country will serve alongside 11 other countries in steering the direction of global public health.
China’s occupation of the top seats at the WHA will last for three years at least – this despite the fact that the WHO blatantly lied and provided false information to investigators during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic.

COVID Jab Spike Remains in Body, Affects DNA: 1 Holistic Way to Repair DNA and Reduce Spike Damage 6.6.22 [Treatments]
The impact of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike proteins on human health has been a topic of growing interest recently.
Pfizer’s pharmacokinetic study submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that in vaccinated animals, the vaccine’s spike proteins were widely distributed in organs other than the injection site, including the spleen, liver, bone marrow, adrenal glands, and lymph.
Also includes - David Hawkins Level of Consciousness Chart
Also - Read This! - DNA fragments can materialize in water without raw material ---
Professor Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the AIDS virus, HIV, performed an experiment on DNA that was published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS).
Professor Montagnier placed a sealed test tube A containing Mycoplasma pirum (a microorganism) DNA in a mu-metal cage (for sensitive electronic equipment shielding), next to a sealed test tube B containing distilled water. Test tube B did not contain any basic raw material that could be used to form DNA.
He placed a copper solenoid around test tubes A and B with a low intensity electric current oscillating at 7 Hz, and left them at room temperature.
After 18 hours, an astonishing event occurred: DNA was detected in the sealed test tube B, which originally contained only water and no DNA material, and the DNA sequence was 98 percent similar to that in test tube A.

The War Against the Unvaxxed Will Not Be Forgotten 6.6.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Fomenting hatred is a tool of tyrants, and over the past two years, political leaders, agency heads, academics, medical professionals and media personalities alike have publicly encouraged hatred and violence and wished painful death upon anyone who didn’t want to be part of the medical experiment that is the COVID jabs
Even now, with everything we know for sure about the jabs, the war against the unvaccinated continues in many areas, and ignorance of basic science still abounds
In recent weeks, we’ve seen the stage being set for another fabricated hate-fest. This time, the gay community is the designated enemy and target
Same-sex relations has been identified as the primary source of a global monkeypox outbreak. Will the gay community be targeted for exclusion, derision and attack in coming weeks and months, as the “monkeypox threat” continues to be hyped?
Fabrications are used to brainwash the public into hating truth-tellers and anyone who points out discrepancies in the narrative. It’s a dangerous path, and we’re still on it

California doctor pushes back against “medical misinformation bill” 6.6.22 [Need To Know]
Assembly Bill 2098, as we reported, would prohibit doctors from giving any medical advice or treatment that the state decides is off limits.
Also known as the “medical misinformation bill,” AB 2098 would criminalize any criticism of “vaccines,” as well as “alternative” treatments for the Fauci Flu such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin.
“Like a lot of other doctors around the world, I’ve just been trying to raise awareness of this,” Haider says, noting that he has personally chosen to retain a lawyer because of all this.

An Approach to the Management of Post-Vaccine Syndrome - Final Report 6.5.22 [Treatments]
The spike protein, notably the S1 segment, is likely the major pathogenetic factor leading to post-
vaccine syndrome. [4,5] The S1 protein is profoundly toxic. Multiple intersecting and overlapping
pathophysiologic processes likely contribute to the vast spectrum of vaccine injuries...
A number of principles are essential for the optimal management of post-vaccine syndrome (12 bullet points)...

JUST IN: U.S. Navy Board Takes Major [Positive] Action On Officer Who Refused COVID Shot 6.5.22 [Need To Know]
The decision came from a board composed of three Naval officers for Lt. Bill Moseley. The board came to the conclusion that Moseley did not commit misconduct by refusing not to take the shot that was mandated by the military for COVID.
“Although this [is] only one case of thousands and we have many more clients facing prosecution by the military,” lawyer R. Davis Younts went on to say in a statement, “we are encouraged that the truth was revealed in this board, and we hope this ground-breaking case sends a strong message to the Department of Defense.”

Baby Die-Off and the Culling of Humanity: Dr. Naomi Wolf Joins the Highwire (Video 31:21 min) 6.5.22 [Need ToKnow]
Investigative Journalist and former Clinton Advisor, Dr. Naomi Wolf, details alarming new data from the latest Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine document dump, and the potential harm they hid from pregnant women.
Comment: FDA Knew about the lethal effects in pregnant women and babies and did nothing...
Vaccinating Pregnant Women was never a good idea in the past- but was encouraged with this vaccine...

Studies Link Incurable Prion Disease With COVID-19 Vaccine 6.5.22 [Need To Know]

Dr Rashid A Buttar | Millions Will Die, So You MUST Know This Information! (Video 31:11 min, main part stars at 8 min) 6.4.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
This is critical information that EVERY SINGLE PERSON should be aware of. You MUST KNOW This! The future of your health, the health of you loved ones, even your very life could depend on it!
And every week, Dr Buttar also does a collective "materialization meditation" on Tuesday nights, beginning at 9:00 pm New York time. These only last 15 minutes but the power is incredible. You can join the "materialization meditation" by registering at
Comment: But you MUST listen to this short presentation by Dr. Buttar to know how TPTB will use this trigger in the vaccines, when they decide to do so, to kill millions of people who got the vaccine. You need to know this even if you have not been vaccinated, so that when it happens you will know what is really going on.
The main message of the video below starts at the 8-minute mark. Take time to watch this.

Steve Kirsch is on Fire "How do you explain that one?" (Video 2:40 min) 6.4.22 [Need To Know]
Survey shows that over 500,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines so far,,,
He asks simple questions- like "How can you explain that in the UK- all cause mortality rate is 6X greater post vaccination ??"

Will You Submit To The Plandemic Partners, Or Stop Them? 6.4.22 [Need To Know]
As the plan was introduced to the delegates, the Chairman of the Earth Summit, Maurice Strong said: “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.” Today, every one of those vital pieces of our society is under attack.
Strong then summed up his address, saying, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrial nations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Continuing to build on that message, Al Gore said, “We must go through a wrenching transformation to rid us of the horrors of the Twentieth Century’s Industrial Revolution.”
Sustainable Development is the action plan to impose Agenda 21 policies. In reality it is a trigger word designed to get you to voluntarily surrender your liberties.

INFANTICIDE: 10 Million Babies and Toddlers Targeted for Slaughter by Biden Administration with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Injections 6.3.22 [Need To Know]
The COVID-19 vaccine population reduction program is now entering its final phase, as the White House has just announced that they have purchased 10 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines that became available today for all 50 states to purchase in preparation for injecting babies and toddlers between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old within the next few weeks.
And since the FDA has not even conducted an advisory committee meeting yet, let alone issued emergency use authorizations for this age group, the purchase and distribution of these killer shots proves once again that the FDA just rubber stamps whatever the pharmaceutical industry wants.

BREAKING: N.Y. Times Makes Bombshell Admission About Masks And COVID 6.3.22 [Need To Know]
(Republican Party News) – In a move that is sure to shock the vast majority of Americans who have not spent the coronavirus pandemic with their head in the sand, the New York Times is actually starting to inform its readers that using masks to try and stop the spread of COVID-19 is useless.
This is happening right as the Biden administration is attempting to appeal a decision made by a judge who decided to strike down the mask mandate for federal transportation, which you know is going to make the guy super cranky, especially if he doesn’t get his afternoon nap.

Fears of Cover-up as Pathologist Who Said 30-40% of Post-Vaccine Autopsies Died of the Vaccine Went Oddly Silent and Suddenly Stopped Carrying Out Autopsies 6.2.22 [Need To Know]
If we are going to get to the bottom of whether and to what extent vaccines are contributing to the deaths of the vaccinated, autopsies are a crucial tool. So where are all the autopsies to help us answer these questions?
Dr. Schirmacher warned of a high number of unreported deaths from vaccination and lamented that pathologists don’t notice most of the patients who die from a vaccination. The problem, he explained, is that vaccinated people do not usually die under clinical observation.
This looks very much like a cover-up and a silencing. If it isn’t, then why don’t governments order autopsies to be carried out, to put the matter to rest? What have they got to hide?

Fauci in 2008 found that bacterial from wearing MASK killed most people during Spanish flu 6.2.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]

They've officially forbidden the practice of medicine in Ontario, Canada 6.2.22 [Need To Know]
Any doctor in Ontario, Canada who doesn't toe the line will have their license revoked. Masks work, vaccines are safe, and ivermectin and HCQ don't work. We're next.
They are adopting authoritarian medicine in Ontario, Canada by requiring physicians to either follow authoritarian guidelines which are not science based, or have their license to practice medicine revoked.
If you live in Canada, please contact the members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of OntarioCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and let them know what you think of their actions.
If you live in California, which is about to go the same way, please donate NOW to the campaigns of Michael Huang and Brian Tyson.


Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide - It's Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies 5.31.22 [Plandemic]
The lies revealed are stunning.
The WarRoom/DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they “waned in efficacy” and presented “vaccine failure.” One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was “COVID.”
Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors’ hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection — but the FDA rolled out the EUA for teens a month later anyway, and parents did not get a press release from the US government about heart harms til August of 2021, after thousands of teens were vaccinated. []
Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say “FDA: CONFIDENTIAL” at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries. []
Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that the Moderna vaccine had 100 mcg of MRNA, lipid nanoparticles and spike protein, which was more than three times the 30 mcg of the adult Pfizer dose; the company’s internal documents show a higher rate of adverse events with the 100 mcg dose, so they stopped experimenting with that amount internally due to its “reactogenicity” — Pfizer’s words — but no one told all of the millions of Americans who all got the first and second 100 mcg Moderna dose, and the boosters.
Pfizer skewed the trial subjects so that almost three quarters were female — a gender that is less prone to cardiac damage. Pfizer lost the records of what became of hundreds of their trial subjects.
In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected.

BOMBSHELL: Top Research Scientist Exposes How Vaccines Are Used To Implant Cancer Viruses For Depopulation (Video 44:15 min) 5.30.22 [Plandemic]
Dr. Judy Mikovits joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how essentially all vaccines are tainted with a variety of viruses by a group of eugenics scientists who want to change human DNA.

California to Pass Law Preventing Doctors from Prescribing Ivermectin as Fully Vaccinated Gov. Newsom “Tests Positive” for COVID to Push Pfizer Drug Paxlovid 5.30.22 [Need To Know]
If AB-2098 is passed in California, many doctors who currently prescribe natural treatments such as Vitamin C, or the older drugs that have shown a near 100% cure rate for the symptoms associated with COVID, will face losing their license to practice.

The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox Propaganda 5.30.22 [Need To Know]
Just as hysteria about COVID-19 is winding down, another “pandemic” is poised to take its place. This time, it’s monkeypox, a typically mild infection that often resolves in three to four weeks without treatment
The first European case of monkeypox was confirmed May 7, 2022, in the U.K. Then, seemingly overnight, cases were being reported across the world. May 20, 2022, the World Health Organization held an emergency meeting to discuss reports of more than 100 suspected or confirmed cases in at least nine countries
A tabletop simulation exercise of a monkeypox outbreak took place in March 2021, and in this fictional scenario, the first European case of monkeypox was also identified on May 7, 2022
The first case in the U.S. was reported May 18, 2022. By May 23, suspected monkeypox cases were reported in three additional states: New York, Florida and Utah
President Joe Biden has stated that strict quarantine protocols are not likely to be implemented in the U.S. He has, however, already placed a $119 million order for a monkeypox vaccine. Belgium, meanwhile, has introduced a 21-day quarantine for anyone who tests positive, and the U.K. is urging anyone who has had direct contact with a confirmed case to voluntarily isolate for 21 days

Abp. Viganò decries ‘criminal, global’ conspiracy against humanity 5.30.22 [Need To Know]
First of all, I would like to express to you, lawyer Reiner Füllmich, and to all your collaborators and colleagues, my most cordial greetings and my appreciation for having conceived the idea of the Corona Commission.
Your research for the truth into the management of the Covid-19 emergency and mass experimentation greatly contributes to collecting evidence in order to bring to justice and punish those who are responsible.
This constitutes an important contribution in view of the creation of an Anti-Globalist Alliance, because the authors of the pandemic farce are the same people who today would like to push the world towards a total war and a permanent energy crisis.

Dr David Martin | Covid Terrorism, Murder, and Racketeering 5.29.22 [Need To Know]
The weaponization of the spike protein of the WIV1 Wuhan virus has a paper trail. The covid enterprise is a case of premeditated mass murder. Trudeau is deeply involved.
Global intellectual property expert Dr David Martin has compiled overwhelming evidence of the crimes involved in the creation and launch of the Wuhan virus, as well as the creation and coerced administration of the covid bioweapon injections.
He is also leading effective action in US courts including the court victory that ended “mask” mandates” in Florida airlines, the Utah filing against the forced injections, and pending criminal indictments.
We can take actions, follow and support his work at Prosecute Now.

Canada’s Dr Shoemaker Explains Covid Truths Clearly (Video 11:48 min) 5.29.22 [Need To Know]
Dr Shoemaker has done his homework. He is very well informed on the subject of covid and the forced injections. He is clear and easy to understand. I think this short interview can serve to help good people confused about covid and the injections.
We are honored to help get Dr Shoemaker’s message to the people; and we thank him for his courage and integrity.

Rediscovered Native American Remedy Kills Poxvirus (Video 27:48 min) 5.29.22 [Need To Know]
An old herbal remedy for treating smallpox that is thought to have been used by Native Americans in the late 1800s has been rediscovered and found to kill poxviruses.
Smallpox has been eradicated, but the finding offers a possible treatment for poxvirus in the unlikely event of a bioterror attack or increased incidence of similar poxviruses such as monkeypox.
For 180 years the cabal has buried a formerly well-known natural treatment (I’d call it a cure) for smallpox & related illnesses!

PCR-TEST Infects Man’s Brain w/ Mysterious Black Mass. Is PCR-TEST the Mark of the Beast? 5.28.22 [Need To Know]
Covaids Masking & Testing Requirements Don’t Exist If You Fly Private. It’s All a Scam Built For the Sheeple. STOP COMPLYING!
I felt you needed to see the X-ray of this guy’s brain after taking a PCR-test and anything “Black Goo” related is important.

Yikes: The Brave New World of Genetically Modified People 5.27.22 [Need To Know]
The World Economic Forum claims that genetic modification is the way of the future
In February 2022, Chile passed a law prohibiting employers from discriminating against genetically impaired employees
There are studies suggesting that in some cases, COVID injections might lead to changes in human DNA; more research is needed
Disabled rights attorney Todd Callender looked at a Supreme Court case from 2013, which led him to believe that using mRNA to modify genomes may turn people into legal property of the patent holders (unless this interpretation is explicitly ruled out)
Making us biologically dependent on the “artificial immunity service” is bad for the people but sadly good for business.

Cases of Brain Damage in Children Skyrocket Following COVID-19 Vaccines 5.27.22 [Need To Know]
Weakened hearts, blood clots, and now you can add neurological brain damage to the list of side effects being reported in children following COVID-19 vaccinations.
In at least one case, one poor child developed all three conditions.

The NHS just edited their Monkeypox page…to make it scarier 5/27/22 [Need To Know]
Comment: If all of a sudden down the road many people start to die from "Monkeypox", be advised that it was not from the real so-called Monkeypox, but an imposter biological weapon disguised as Monkeypox, whatever Monkeypox really is.

Vaccination for monkeypox begins in Canada 5/27/22 [Need To Know]
According to Quebec health director Luc Boileau, there are currently 25 cases and 20 to 30 more cases under investigation, adding he believes the spread of monkeypox represents a “serious situation” — but not as serious as COVID. All cases are in the Greater Montreal area.
He further stated that he believes Quebec can eradicate monkeypox from the province and noted the low transmissibility of the virus. Boileau also said that the government is “not in a community alert situation.”

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Government and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law 5.26.22 [Need To Know]
Pfizer affirms that its agreement with Washington under “Other Transaction Authority” permits Pfizer to violate clinical trial regulations and federal laws protecting the public.
In other words, Pfizer has legal authority to commit fraud that kills people.

MIND BLOWN! Gain Of Function on Pox Viruses Confirmed 5.26.22 [Need To Know]
Buller Says Vaccine for Monkeypox (using smallpox vax) NOT recommended:
Buller paper on Monkeypox Outbreaks up to 2012:
Judicial Watch re James Leduc / Wuhan:

Why Did The Biden Administration Just Purchase 13 Million Doses Of Monkeypox Vaccines? (Video 0:41 min) 5.26.22 [Need To Know]
And the stupid will start lining up to get their vaccines. Out of millions of possibilities they just happen to nail the next outbreak?

18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates 5.26.22 [Need To Know]
Fundamentally, this case is about whether Americans should be required to choose between their livelihoods and being coerced into taking an experimental, dangerous medical treatment,” reads the lawsuit (pdf available here).
Plaintiffs are mostly unvaccinated pilots, flight attendants, as well as other Atlas staff.

Is This the Worst Excuse for Vaccine Failure Yet? 5.26.22 [Need To Know]
According to a recent modeling experiment, “Increased contact among vaccinated people can give the false impression that COVID-19 vaccines are not working”
This rationale is dubious at best, considering the unvaccinated have continuously been accused of not taking COVID seriously and going about their lives as normal, while the “vaccinated” are, by and large, more fearful and take “authorities” advice to heart, which includes avoiding large gatherings and close one-on-one interactions without wearing a face mask
Many data sources reveal that COVID-jabbed individuals are now getting COVID-19 at far higher rates than the unjabbed. Death rates, both for COVID and other causes, have also risen in tandem with the number of shots administered

Baby drowned in three inches of bathwater when her lawyer mother fainted a day after taking AstraZeneca Covid vaccine 5.26.22 [Need To Know]
A baby tragically drowned in three inches of bathwater when her mother fainted 24 hours after taking the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, an inquest has heard.
Lawyer Louise Atkinson blacked out as she bathed nine-month-old Eleanor, nicknamed Ellie, the day after receiving the first dose of the jab.

A deep dive into the undisclosed 'vaccines' contents under the microscope with Dr. Robert O Young (Video 1 hr 28 min) 5.26.22 [Need To Know]

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Eight Different Surveys All Show The Vaccines Are Not "Safe & Effective" - It's Not Even Close 5.25.22 [Need To Know]
This is my most important article since I started writing on Substack. It shows how anyone can prove to themselves that I've been telling the truth the whole time.
The preliminary results show:
1. The vaccines have already killed more Americans than COVID
2. For kids 5-11, the 5-11 death report data indicates we are killing 336 kids for every child we might save from COVID if the vaccine was 100% perfect in protecting against death.
3. The second shot is the most dangerous and increases all-cause mortality (ACM) over the next 30 days by 5X, the first and third shots raise ACM by 3X, and the fourth shot appears to only mildly elevate your risk of death. The analogy is that if 3 bullets to your head haven’t stopped you, it’s unlikely the 4th bullet will make much of a difference.
4. It appears that the true number of COVID deaths, vaccine deaths, and annual deaths from heart attacks are relatively comparable with each other (within a factor of 2) since January 2020 to the present. This suggests that only around 650,000 people actually died from COVID, and a slightly larger number have died from the COVID vaccines. This is in line with our VAERS minimum estimate of excess deaths caused by the vaccine: 12,000 VAERS excess deaths in the US * 41 (under-reporting factor) = 492,000 deaths.
5. These are all estimates, but the numbers are so absurdly high that nobody should be taking these vaccines, especially kids. It’s unethical.

The PCR Test Can Kill You – and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You (Apr 3) 5.25.22 [Need To Know]

TRIPLE CONES CANCEL VAX SYMPTOMS 5.25.22 [Need To Know] [Treatments]

Shocking Interview: Embalmers Finding “Strange Clots” In Jabbed People (Video 30:28 min) 5.25.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Jane Ruby talked with longtime embalmer Richard Hirschman on Thursday to get the word out about “strange clots” being found in the veins of dead Americans.
Uploaded to the Stew Peters Show Rumble channel, the interview has already been seen over a quarter of a million times on that platform alone.
Mr. Hirschman shared photographs with Dr. Ruby during the discussion showing what the clots he’s pulling out of people look like.

5G Strikes Again! Birds Falling Dead Out of the Sky in Mexico and Wales (Feb 14) 5.25.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
These horrid events are happening all over the world. We absolutely need to dismantle the wireless grid. It is murderous and deadly for all living things.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, around 200 dead or dying starlings fell from the sky and rain down on cars in Pembrokeshire, Wales
“It’s like there were hundreds of birds in the sky and all of a sudden they just died and fell to the ground”

Jair Bolsonaro Says Brazil Will NOT Sign Globalist WHO Pandemic Treaty 5.25.22 [Need To Know]
Jair Bolsonaro announced this week that Brazil will not turn over its sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO).
The WHO, led by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus failed repeatedly and pushed outright lies about the China Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

SMOKING GUN: Monkeypox Was Planned For May 2022 5.25.22 [Need To Know]
One feels a sense of deja vu, as this unusual spread of monkeypox is reminiscent of the beginnings of the spread of Covid 19.
On Friday, the World Health Organization confirmed around 80 cases of monkeypox with recent outbreaks reported in 11 countries, according to its statement. The outbreaks are ‘unusual’ because they are occurring in nations where the virus is not ‘endemic,’ the WHO added.

UN Pandemic Treaty Invalid: "The US" is not a legal entity; it does not represent the USA and its citizens 5.25.22 [Need To Know]
It has no authority to enter into treaties, declare war, raise taxes, or make and enforce laws
One of the principle intents of the founders who wrote the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution is: powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. This principle of "rights reserved to States or People" was eroded persistently by the Anglo-Euro-American banking cartel and its minions invoking "the commerce clause" (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3) to centralize control over the sovereign states and citizens.

5G, Electro-Pollution, Your Immune System & Biofield w/ Dr. Beverly Rubik (1 hr 7 min) 5.25.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Is there a link between 5G or other forms of electro-pollution, and your likelihood to get a bad outcome from the respiratory illness the entire world has been obsessed with in the last two years?
I’ve avoided this topic for personal & strategic reasons for 2 years. Until now. In this episode, cutting-edge scientist Dr. Beverly Rubik dives into this controversial topic.

Dr. Jane Ruby – WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC – Stop Getting Vaccinated IMMEDIATELY – SHOCK Images 5.24.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Jane Ruby is a medical professional and pharmaceutical drug development expert with over 20 years’ experience in regulatory processes for drug approval with the FDA and the EMA.
She joined me to show us shock images and footage given to her by an Embalmer, who says that he has never seen anything like this coming out of bodies in his entire career. He advised he started seeing it at the time of the “vaccine” rollout.
WARNING: This is extremely graphic footage, however Dr. Ruby emphasises the importance of the world seeing this, as not one more of these lethal injections should enter another human being.

Pandemic Monkeyshines 5.24.22 [Need To Know]
Plandemics and their subsequent mRNA vaccines can maim and kill millions of people, while providing the psychopathic elites with plausible deniability. Here’s Gates’ disingenuous warning: “Also, related to pandemics is something people don’t like to talk about much, which is bioterrorism, that somebody who wants to cause damage could engineer a virus. “ [Italics mine.] Hmmm…now why would anyone want to do that, Bill?
In case you were wondering, Stephen Luby, professor of medicine and senior fellow at Stanford’s Wood Institute for the Environment, informs us that: There will be a Sars-CoV-3.

Monkey Pox side effects from Jabs PDF file 5.24.22 [Need To Know]
From pages 2 and 9 of Pfizer's List of Adverse mRNA Side Effects:
A/K/A "MonkeyPox" to a Normie!

Situation Update, May 23, 2022 - SHOCK THE MONKEY pox (Video 1 hr 15 min) 5.24.22 [Need To Know]
Comment: It is a very mild contagious disease, but as Dr. Malone reported recently and I shared with you all- they are creating "Fear-Porn" with it to to distract the US and the world from the much greater and much more imminent threat to Us ALL:GLOBAL STARVATION, AND ECONOMIC COLLAPSE
Also, a food expert just testified before the UN that there are only 10 weeks of wheat supply left in the world (meaning mass starvation will be starting within weeks)...

As Monkeypox Cases Spread, Report Shows Gates Foundation, WHO, Pharma Execs Took Part in Monkeypox Pandemic ‘Simulation’ 5.24.22 [Need To Know]
The World Health Organization on Friday held an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak of monkeypox after more than 100 cases were reported across 12 countries, as a report surfaced showing the Gates Foundation, WHO and Pharma execs in March 2021 conducted a monkeypox pandemic “simulation.”

Now the Monkey Pox Scam (Video 17:23 min) 5.24.22 [Need To Know]

COVENOM19 - They Can’t Hide This Any Longer… Some COVID-19 Patients Have Deadly Venom In Them (Video 4:08 min) 5.23.22 [Need To Know]
36 different shellfish toxins and snake venom are showing up in COVID-19 patients…
How did this end up in their blood, feces, or urine?
Some experts believe this so-called “respiratory” disease is actually an envenomation from the vaccine.
The experts you’ll hear from in this video have done everything they can to alert government officials.

Dr. Steve Hotze: COVID-19 "vaccine" is NOT a vaccine, but a dangerous experimental gene therapy (Video 17:22 min) 5.23.22 [Need To Know]
People are dying from the COVID-19 "vaccine" that is actually a dangerous experimental gene therapy altering the recipient's DNA, something vaccines DON'T do. Learn and share this truth. Avoid this fraud and protect your loved ones from it.
Listen to Dr. Hotze,, speak the truth. Turn off mainstream media. Ignore "fact checkers" helping to perpetuate the deadly COVID-19 "vaccine" lie. Do the right thing.


Thousands of Deaths & Adverse Reactions Deleted From VAERS 5.22.22 [Need To Know]
Publicly available VAERS data clearly reveal that the COVID shots are the most dangerous “vaccine” ever created, accounting for more injuries and deaths than all previous conventional vaccines combined over the last three decades
Data analyst Albert Benavides has been analyzing VAERS data since the release of these novel shots. According to Benavides, at least 10,000 reports of death or serious injury following COVID “vaccination” have vanished since the rollout of the shots — and they were not duplicate reports, which is a common “explanation” for their removal
About 2% of all COVID jab-related reports are deaths, and about 5% of death-related reports are being deleted

Toxicity of Gene-Based Covid-19 Vaccines with Dr. Michael Palmer & Dr. Arne Burkhardt (Video 1 hr 26 min) 5.20.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Michael Palmer is a Professor of Chemistry who was fired from the University of Waterloo, for failing to comply with the University’s Covid Mandates. Dr. Arne Burkhardt has been providing forensic, criminal, and medical evidence in German courts for many years.
We no longer can trust our mainstream media, which is why independent journalists such as myself are the new way to receive accurate information about our world.
Thank you for supporting us – your generosity and kindness keep information like this coming!

Insecticide Sprayed Over Airline Passengers Around the World 5.20.22 [Need To Know]
No warning. No consent. No joke. Passengers are now being sprayed with the toxin Permithrin.
I just dodged forced injections and nasal probe violations, by connecting through Mexico, on route to a very important event: the inaugural 3 day
WCH Better Way Conference starting today, May 20th.
On route, all the passengers including myself were heavily sprayed with the neurotoxin insecticide permithrin.
There was no warning and no consent; that’s assault, and its happening around the world!

Dr Rashid Buttar, hydrogel matrix of the "jab". Marburg virus (Video 31:11 min) 5.20.22 [Need To Know]
The latest disclosures shows there is a payload of pathogens housed within the hydrogel matrix of the "jab". When triggered, it will cause a release of a massive level of viruses and bacteria among which are the Marburg virus (with an 88% mortality rate) and others that are potentially just as virulent.
We simply don't know the extent of these pathogens, but what we do know is when this event is triggered, it will potentially be the cause of the greatest loss of life ever known in recorded history.
This video will elaborate on the information above and help you understand why you should be at this years 4th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference. This information will save millions of lives! And YOU will be instrumental in helping the world discover this life saving information!, by paying it forward and passing it on! Best of all, this intervention won't cost anyone a penny!

Merck Pushes Deadly Gardasil Vaccine on 9-Year-Olds to Increase Sales – Vaccine Known for Causing Infertility 5.20.22 [Need To Know]
After slumping sales of their blockbuster HPV vaccine, Gardasil, during the COVID-19 plandemic, sales are now rebounding again, and Merck has now started a new ad campaign targeting 9-year-old children to increase sales of their deadly vaccine that has killed and injured so many young people over the years.

‘It’s a Type of Genotoxicity’: Virologist Explains mRNA Vaccine Conversion to DNA (Audio 10:32 min) 5.19.22 [Need To Know]
When the COVID-19 vaccines were first developed and administered, some people were concerned about whether the mRNA vaccines might alter DNA, the human body’s core genetic material. At the time, many government agencies

6 of 9 people vaccinated in Palo Alto nursing home die within a week 5.18.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
If the shots are safe, there is approximately a 1 in 12 billion chance that 6 of 9 people vaccinated in a nursing home would die.
There is only one possible explanation of this anecdote: the shots are not harmless. If anyone else has a different explanation, speak now.

Will a Weaponized Bird Flu Become the Next Pandemic? 5.18.22 [Need To Know]
As news of the COVID pandemic winds down around the world, we’re suddenly seeing warnings of another pandemic brewing — bird flu, aka avian influenza (H5N1)
Natural bird flu is notoriously harmless to humans, but Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have, for many years, funded research to develop a bird flu pathogen capable of infecting humans
Some of that research has been undertaken in Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine
Gates funded research by Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka, in which the bird flu virus was mixed with the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) virus, creating an airborne hybrid capable of completely evading the human immune system, effectively rendering humans defenseless against it
The U.S. and other countries have already started stockpiling H5N1 vaccine, and the H5N1 vaccine Audenz is being marketed “for 2022.” As if on cue, the first-ever H5N1-positive case was identified in the U.S. at the end of April 2022

Democrats authored Bill HR 666 to put Americans in Quarantine camps (Video 41:00 min) 5.18.22 [Need To Know]
Read the bill here.

Prenatal and Neonatal Infant Deaths Skyrocket Worldwide Since COVID-19 Vaccines Started 5.17.22 [Need To Know]
For many years we have reported how vaccines have been used as a means to control birth rates in an effort to reduce the world’s population, especially in developing countries like many in Africa.
So it is no surprise to those of us who have been “anti-vaccine” for many years now and covering these issues, that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are causing the deaths of prenatal and neonatal babies worldwide to skyrocket, giving strong evidence that this is part of the efforts to reduce the world’s population.
The only thing that has changed, is that this effort to reduce the world’s population is now happening in every country, including rich western nations, and not just in poor countries.
In Scotland, it was just reported that an investigation into a “very unusual” spike in deaths among newborn babies in Scotland occurred for the second time in just six months.

American Airlines Captain Robert Snow speaks out about his vaccine injury (Video 1 hr 2 min) 5.17.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
He almost died after landing an American Airlines plane.
He's now disabled, pissed, and speaking out about how they forced him to take the vaccine that ended his career.
Other pilots are flying injured just like he is, putting your life at risk.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies 5.15.22 [Need To Know] [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Just over 12 months from deployment of the COVID 19 emergency use experimental vaccines, scientific studies in the thousands, and reports of criminal complaints of assault and murder from the illegal, unlawful use of biochemical poisons made to police forces around the country, verify an assault on an unsuspecting UK population. Irrefutable science shows that the COVID 19 vaccine is not safe and not effective in limiting transmission or infection from the SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus pathogens.
The “safe and effective” false propaganda, put out by public officials who now are continuing to push this vaccine, is a clear breach of duty. A public office holder is subject to, and aware of, a duty to prevent death or serious injury that arises only by virtue of the functions of the public office.
Many have breached that duty and, in doing so, are recklessly causing a risk of death or serious injury, by carrying on regardless of the now-confirmed dangers associated with COVID 19 injections. Some of these risks are blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre, cancer including deaths, etc.

Journalist Accuses WHO of Plan to Commit Mass Murder (July 2009 !) 5.15.22 [Need To Know] [Plandemic]
This article was previously published July 23, 2009, and has been updated with new information.
In 2009 Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister1 filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials, including Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, charging them with bioterrorism and attempts to commit genocide.2
She also filed charges against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing and releasing live bird flu virus,3 alleging it was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

People Who Pushed Idea of Universal Vaccination Are ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’: Former Pfizer VP 5.14.22 [Need To Know]
Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon maintains that since the infection fatality ratio of COVID-19 has not been high, the vaccines should not have been mandated.
Moreover, he heavily blasted the corporate media mantras that designate these as safe, effective, and necessary to end the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Analysis of Federal Data Shows Increase in Covid-19 Deaths Occurred Among the Vaccinated – Experts Warn More Breakthrough Deaths to be Expected with More Americans Reaching Fully Vaxxed Status 5.13.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Analysis of federal data conducted by ABC News showed that more Covid-19 deaths occurred among the vaccinated, and more breakthrough deaths are expected with more Americans reaching full vaccination status, experts warned.
According to the new analysis, about 18.9% of COVID-19 deaths recorded were among the vaccinated in August 2021. After six months, in February 2022, the number of deaths increased to more than 40%

Most Americans Don't Want Those Shots - Analysis by Dr. Meryl Nass 5.13.22 [Need To Know]
A surprising 15% of the initially vaccinated (and 11% of all Americans) never went back for their second shot. That is huge. There is no other vaccine where such a high percentage fails to complete a 2 dose series. So if you add together the 18% who refused any shot and the 11% (of all Americans) who refused to complete the initial series, you are up to 29% vaccine refusers and ex-vaxxers who did not get "fully vaccinated," using CDC's terminology.

Shocking Covid Shot 'Shedding' Effects: Acupuncturist Treating Vaxxed Starts Passing Parasites (Video 11:00 min) 5.13.22 [Vaxed Shedding]
The vaccinated are NOT the only ones who should fear for their well being. Ananda joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss her life-altering story behind the side effects she dealt with during her practice of curing vaccinated patients of blood-clots via medical cupping.

Military doctors can't trust DOD medical database after COVID vax injuries scrubbed: whistleblower 5.13.22 [Need To Know]
A group of military doctors alarmed by reported spikes in service members' miscarriages, myocarditis, cancer and other serious issues in the first year of COVID-19 vaccine availability no longer trust the military's medical database, one of them told Just the News.

Bill Gates Announces He Has COVID, Then Makes a Vaccine Statement 5.13.22 [Need To Know]
“I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’m experiencing mild symptoms and am following the experts’ advice by isolating until I’m healthy again,” Gates wrote in a Twitter post.

Executive at COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Moderna Abruptly Resigns After 1 Day 5.13.22 [Need To Know]
In the statement and in a securities filing, Moderna said that its new chief financial officer, Jorge Gomez, resigned on Tuesday, “effective immediately.” Retired Chief Financial Officer David Meline will continue his role starting May 11, said the firm.
“The announcement follows the May 10 public disclosure by Mr. Gomez’s former employer, Dentsply Sirona Inc., of an ongoing internal investigation into certain matters, including financial reporting,” Moderna’s statement said.

Horror: Tyrannical Government of Canada Will Pay to Euthanize Those Who Are “Too Poor to Continue Living With Dignity” 5.13.22 [Need To Know]
Crippling inflation, homelessness, skyrocketing crime, supply shortages, and depression – all of which come hand in hand with radical liberal policies that promise to take care of the supposedly oppressed and the financially downtrodden.
However, in Canada, the public health ‘experts’ are trying out a more ghastly approach to solving people’s issues – and if people accept the evil proposal, their problems will be taken care of once and for all… quite literally.

Covid Pills Cause Deadly Relapses and Supercharge Mutations 5.12.22 [Need To Know]
So far, all of the drugs developed against COVID-19 have been disastrous in one way or another. Remdesivir, for example, which to this day is the primary COVID drug approved for use in U.S. hospitals, routinely causes severe organ damage and, often, death.
Despite its horrible track record, the U.S. government actually pays hospitals a 20% upcharge for sticking to the remdesivir protocol, plus an additional bonus. Hospitals must also use remdesivir if they want liability protection.
Incentives like these have turned U.S. hospitals into veritable death traps, as more effective and far safer drugs are not allowed, and hospitals are essentially forced to follow the recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As reported by Forbes science reporter JV Chamary back in January 2021, in an article titled, “The Strange Story of Remdesivir, a COVID Drug That Doesn’t Work”...

Democrats Silent as Republicans Rip Into Secret Royalty Checks to Fauci, Hundreds of NIH Scientists 5.12.22 [Need To Know]
The revelations from Open the Books, which were first reported on May 9 by The Epoch Times, are based on thousands of pages of documents the group obtained from NIH in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in federal court. The suit was filed by Judicial Watch on behalf of Open the Books.
Open the Books is a Chicago-based nonprofit government watchdog that uses the federal and state freedom of information laws to obtain and then post on the internet trillions of dollars in spending at all levels of government.

Dr. Judy Mikovits "Warning To Humanity!" - David Nino Rodriguez Must Video (1 hr 28 min) 5.10.22 [Need To Know]
“Vaccines” contain cultured fetal cells (human embryonic/aborted baby lung cultures), and neurotoxins, e.g., Thimerosal (Mercury), Lead, Aluminum, and Barium; further, they also contain Ethanol (Antifreeze), Polysorbate (20 & 80: a class of emulsifiers used in some pharmaceuticals and food preparation), Formaldehyde (Toxin that poses a significant danger to human health), Acetone (Solvent), Alcohol, & E Coli (Escherichia Coli: fecal matter from the intestines of warm-blooded organisms), Detergent (poison); Additionally, they are GAIN OF FUNCTION GERM WARFARE. Testosterone amplifies the Neurotoxicity of the Mercury Molecule, which detrimentally affects people with disorders, such as ADD, ADHD, speech delay, tics, Tourette’s Syndrome, Narcolepsy, ASD/PDD: Autism.

New Peer-Reviewed Study: COVID-19 Vaccines Increase Risk of Cardiac Arrest in Young People by 25 Percent 5.10.22 [Need To Know]
This data analysis was published on April 28, 2022 in the multidisciplinary British scientific journal Nature. Nature is one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world.
Their team analyzed data collected by Israel’s National Emergency Medical Services between 2019 and 2021. They found that there was an over 25 percent increase in emergency calls about cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome—an umbrella term used for coronary problems associated with sudden-onset reduced blood flow to the heart, according to the Mayo Clinic– for young adults, ages 16 to 39 years old, compared to the same time period in both 2019 and 2020.
Furthermore, the researchers discovered that this increase in emergency heart issues was associated with COVID-19 vaccination but not with COVID-19 infections.

The Viral Delusion: Episode One: Behind The Curtain Of The Pandemic, The Pseudoscience Of SARS-COV2 (Vieo 2 hrs 19 min) 5.10.22 [Need To Know]
The doctors, scientists and journalists featured in The Viral Delusion examine in detail the scientific papers that were used to justify the pandemic, and what they find is shattering.
In this shocking, five-part, seven hour documentary series, they explode every single major claim, from the "isolation" of the virus to its so-called genetic sequencing, from the discovery of how to "test" for SARS-CoV2 to the emergence of "variants" that in reality, they explain, exist only on a computer.
Their point: that the so-called SARS-CoV2 virus exists only as a mental construct whose existence in the real world has been disproven by the science itself.

Pfizer and CDC Withheld Data, Leading to Harm and Death to Thousands 5.9.22 [Need To Know]
It’s been shown that Pfizer and the CDC committed fraud when they willfully withheld critical data from the public, resulting in harm and death to thousands from the injections.
What’s going on here is criminal. For the people close to the data who said nothing, there will be legal consequences. They will either be witnesses or defendants.
The FDA and the CDC had to be sued to release the data on a biological product that every person is being asked, if not forced to take. This should make everyone very concerned.

VP of Pfizer arrested after #pfizerdocuments get released 5.9.22 [Need To Know]
Rady Johnson, the executive Vice President of Pfizer, has been arrested at his home and charged with multiple counts of fraud by federal agents. He was taken into custody and is awaiting a bail hearing. This comes as 1,000s of classified documents from Pfizer were released, showing the true risks of the experimental vaccine.

STUDY: masks might make COVID worse 5.9.22 [Need To Know]
A massive study covering 35 European countries (602 million people) concluded that wearing COVID masks did not reduce transmission or deaths and may have exasperated the virus.
“While no cause-effect conclusions could be inferred from this observational analysis, the lack of negative correlations between mask usage and COVID-19 cases and deaths suggest that the widespread use of masks at a time when an effective intervention was most needed, i.e., during the strong 2020-2021 autumn-winter peak, was not able to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

Bill Gates Warns: ‘We’ve NOT Seen The Worst Of COVID’ 5.8.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Bill Gates isn’t going anywhere and he insists, neither is COVID. He’s now warning that there is a “way above five percent” risk that the world hasn’t seen the worst of COVID yet.
The Microsoft billionaire claims he doesn’t want to be all “doom and gloom” but that there was a risk that an “even more transmissive and even more fatal” variant could be coming.
“We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal,” Gates told The Financial Times on Saturday.

COVID Whistleblower Nurse Goes Head-On With N.W.O. (Video - not supported) 5.8.22 [Need To Know]
Undercover nurse and whistleblower Erin Marie Olszewski sits down with Titans of Liberty to speak about how she recorded hospitals in Cuomo’s NYC murdering COVID patients.
Nurse Erin updates us on her journey and reveals she was afraid for her life before she could get on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO 5.7.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Please take seriously the severity of this existential threat to everything free people hold dear. Do everything in your power to pass this report on to others and to find ways to communicate with and to influence people to stop empowering WHO to take over our national sovereignty and freedom.
On May 22-28, 2022, ultimate control over America’s healthcare system, and hence its national sovereignty, will be delivered for a vote to the World Health Organization’s governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly (WHA).

Fully Vaccinated Gorilla Dies of Multiple Organ Failure 5.7.22 [Need To Know]
What happened?
You know where it goes: the gorilla was recently vaccinated for COVID!

WHO Pandemic Treaty and the Banality of Evil 5.6.22 [Need To Know]
In December 2021, the World Health Organization announced their plan to develop a new pandemic treaty
The new treaty has the potential to undermine national sovereignty as we know it
In 2009, the WHO changed the definition of the word “pandemic” and then used the new definition to declare an influenza pandemic and activate massive vaccine purchasing agreements
The definition of “public health” is being used in a misleading manner to push for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Dr. Tess Lawrie was on a call with the WHO as a part of the public commentary submission process, and the call left her “shaken”

FDA LIMITS use of Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine due to risk of life-threatening blood clots 5.6.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
The FDA is limiting the use of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine
It is now only authorizing the jab to people 18 or older for whom other COVID vaccines aren't available or aren't appropriate
Those 18 and older who otherwise would not get a COVID vaccine are also authorized to use the Johnson and Johnson jab
The decision comes after an investigation revealed those who got the vaccine were at increased risk for thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome
The syndrome creates blood clots and decreases blood platelet levels

COVID - The Proposed Draconian Vaccine Mandates 5.5.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
• SB 871 – Forced COVID Vaccinations For All Schoolchildren, Public & Private
• SB 866 – No Parental Consent Necessary For Ages 12-17
• AB 1993 – COVID Vaccinations Required For All Employees
• The CDC/FDA VAERS Website Reports 13,000 COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths
• Proposed Mandates Will Mean Death Sentences For Thousands, Young & Old
• Vaccines Are Ineffective: The Vaccinated Still Get, Spread, And Die From COVID
• Vaccines Are Unnecessary: Early Treatment Is Far Safer, More Effective

Proof the the pandemic was planned with a purpose 5.4.22 [Plandemic]
Our aim is to present 100% accurate information. Every fact can be checked in the references at the bottom of the page. If you see anything that is not 100% correct, please let us know.
The World Health Organization has a plan for ten years of infectious diseases, says a WHO virologist...

FDA OKs Second COVID-19 Booster for 50+ 5.4.22 [Need To Know]
Agency says fourth shot will improve protection against serious illness...
In authorizing another dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, the agency said that “emerging evidence suggests that a second booster dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine improves protection against severe COVID-19 and is not associated with new safety concerns.”
Comment: Legal double-speak...

COVID-19 Vaccine Can Trigger Acute Hepatitis: Case Report 5.4.22 [Need To Know]
Researchers said they found that highly-activated T cells “accumulate and are evenly distributed in the different areas” of the man’s liver after he took the COVID-19 vaccine and developed acute hepatitis. T cells are a type of white blood cell that comprise a key part of the immune system. These cells focus on fighting new infections.

Facts Matter (May 2): New COVID Bill Introduced in RI Would Fines Parents for Unvaccinated Kids and Double Income Taxes 5.4.22 [Need To Know]

Bill Gates is building a pandemic response team, GERM 5.3.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Bill Gates has announced the creation of a pandemic “GERM” team that will monitor sovereign nations and decide when they need to suspend people’s civil liberties, force them to wear masks, and close borders.
“We need a permanent organization of experts who are fully paid and prepared to mount a coordinated response to a dangerous outbreak at any time. In my book, I propose that we call this group the GERM—Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization—team,” writes Gates on his website.

Stunning video by Canadian doctors shows how Pfizer committed massive fraud during COVID-19 vaccine trials 5.3.22 [Need To Know]
A group of Canadian doctors has painstakingly demonstrated how Pfizer committed monumental fraud in conducting rapid clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine as they present evidence refuting nearly all claims that the jab is safer and that getting one reduces the incidence and seriousness of the coronavirus.

Covid-Update What Is The Truth 5.3.22 [Need To Know]
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[ 3 , 6 , 57 ] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

COVER UP: DOD Silent After Whistleblowers Expose Covid 'Vaccine' Injuries in Military 5.3.22 [Need To Know]
The whistleblowers provided devastating information about likely “vaccine” injuries in the military, as well as a cover up of rampant myocarditis diagnoses that were scrubbed from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED).
In a February 1, 2022 letter addressed to DOD leader Lloyd Austin, Johnson cited the “dramatic increases in medical diagnoses among military personnel,” as well as evidence that the “diagnoses of myocarditis had been removed from the database.”

Michigan passes bill to “voluntarily” microchip humans with RFID transponders 5.3.22 [Need To Know]
Are you ready for the Mark of the Beast? If you live in Michigan, then your House of Representatives has already voted in favor of allowing employers to microchip their workers, fulfilling the dystopian nightmare outlined in the book of Revelation.
While the Microchip Protection Act reportedly contains voluntary provisions for chipping people, it is not hard to imagine a time in the future when this could quickly turn mandatory, especially now that the world has been brainwashed into pandemic hysteria.

Warning about Vaccine passports and what already is included ! MUST KNOW ! 5.2.22 [Passports for the Vaxed] [Plandemic]

Tennessee Makes Ivermectin Available Without Prescription 5.1.22 [Need To Know]
Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill on Apr. 22, 2022, allowing Ivermectin to be dispensed without a prescription. The new law states, “a pharmacist, in good faith, may provide Ivermectin to a patient who is eighteen (18) years of age or older pursuant to a valid collaborative pharmacy practice agreement containing a non-patient-specific prescriptive order and standardized procedures developed and executed by one (1) or more authorized prescribers.”
Comment: So who do you know - or want to know - that lives in TN? Lots...

‘What I’ve Seen in the Last 2 Years Is Unprecedented’: Physician on COVID Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnant Women 5.1.22 [Need To Know]
“I’ve seen many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in fetuses, in children, offspring,” Thorp said, “fetal death, miscarriage, death of the fetus inside the mom.
“What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented,” Thorp asserted.

FAUCI SHOULD BE PUT IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD (Video 0:52 min) 5.1.22 [Need To Know]

FDA Approves Remdesivir for Babies and Young Children to Treat COVID-19 4.30.22 [Need To Know]
Reports show that Remdesivir causes severe side effects that includean dysfunction, septic shock and kidney and liver damage. While other COVID-19 treatments have received emergency use authorization for children younger than 12, Remdesivir, marketed under the name Veklury by Gilead Sciences, is the first to receive full FDA approval.

Dr. Paul Alexander Says Senior Doctors and Hospital CEOs Received Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Cards 4.29.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Paul Alexander, a Canadian health researcher and former Trump administration official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services during COVID-19, said several top officials, including senior doctors and CEOs, were issued fake vaccine cards after refusing mRNA injections.
“Some senior doctors/CEOs in hospital (s) in various State (s) in US, have come forward to us advising that they decided to find us and come to us to say they are ready to talk. Scared about safety and careers will be destroyed. They were offered vaccine cards (fake) when they told their hospitals that they do not want the vaccine when they were mandated to take it, and the hospital leaders advised this will ensure they will not be suspended or fired. So you and I will ask, why? How come? Is it due to the lack of safety that these people know about? Or only to not fire these valuable doctors? We are told it may be country wide. So this is very very troubling.”

Pfizer hired thousands of employees to process COVID jab-related adverse events 4.28.22 [Need To Know]
In an interview published by Real America’s Voice, journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf revealed that Pfizer “hid, they concealed, they redacted from disclosure, forced by the court, the fact that they were processing so many adverse events in the first three months [after their mRNA COVID shot rollout] … that they had to hire 2,400 new employees.”
She continues: “they hid that. They concealed it … the volume of bad outcomes, dangerous outcomes … there were so many [that] they couldn’t keep up with it with their own staff.”
Watch the video below to hear from Dr. Wolf...

People dying from brain cancer because of testing swabs 4.26.22 [Need To Know]
The swaps contain ethylene oxide which causes cancer.
Comment: Tell me again, this is a surprise to whom? Been talking about that for about a year now.
Yet the permanently brainwashed will just continue sticking these schwabs up into the deepest, darkest, most sensitive areas of their heads, allowing this lovely substance to migrate into their brains.

Silent no more: The story that must be told about the COVID vaccine in NZ - Is this the biggest scandal in New Zealand’s history? 4.25.22 [Need To Know]
The people of New Zealand MUST know the truth about what has really happened in this country since the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine began in mid 2021.
Not what we have been told on an almost daily basis on our television screens from the government’s podium of the ‘single source of truth’, and
not what we have been told by our mainstream media who have been paid $55 million+ by that ‘single source of truth’.
Before we proceed here, the following are a few sobering facts (not misinformation) that will not be told to the people of New Zealand from the ‘single source of truth’....

mRNA vaxx now major killer in Australia - 85% of deaths from vaccinated 4.24.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
- and then scroll down to this April 23 story -
NSW is New South Wales (Sydney and Brisbane, etc)
In all the no-effective-dose population accounted for 15.8% of all Covid-19 deaths between 1st and 31st March;
whilst the vaccinated population accounted for 84.2%,
meaning over 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths in NSW, Australia are now among the vaccinated population.
There’s no wonder the Government of NSW wanted to make that statistic both hard and tedious to find. contains over 2,250 articles about covid-19 – it is said to be the largest archive of covid-19 articles and videos online 4.23.22 [Need To Know]
We are fighting a war and is a valuable asset in the war – an asset too often under-estimated.
The site’s tagline is `All the Honest News Fit to Publish’.
If you’re looking for a way to help the Resistance Movement I suggest you subscribe and make a donation to at

7,500% Increase in Recorded Cases of Cancer Following COVID-19 Vaccines 4.22.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Ryan Cole was recently interviewed by Maria Zeee where he stated that he is getting reports all across the world from doctors observing that cancer rates are “taking off like wild fire” following COVID-19 vaccinations.
Therefore, even though previous analyses on COVID-19 vaccine injuries have shown that the unreported factor is about 41x, it could be significantly higher for cases of cancer.
To find trends of increased cancer rates following COVID-19 vaccines, we need to compare these rates with previous FDA approved vaccines in VAERS.

CDC Recommends Additional Boosters for Certain Individuals 4.22.22 [Need To Know]
CDC is updating its recommendations to allow certain immunocompromised individuals and people over the age of 50 who received an initial booster dose at least 4 months ago to be eligible for another mRNA booster to increase their protection against severe disease from COVID-19. Separately and in addition, based on newly published data, adults who received a primary vaccine and booster dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine at least 4 months ago may now receive a second booster dose using an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Open letter to California lawmakers urges rejection of “COVID tyranny” measures 4.21.22 [Need To Know]
A noted Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) analyst has posted an “open letter” on her Substack site imploring California’s Democratic legislative super-majority to reject a series of “COVID tyranny” bills that will impose needless mandates and punish healthcare providers for providing honest information about the virus that does not align with the Left’s nonsensical narratives.
In her letter, Mary Anna Alice urged state lawmakers to vote against AB2098, SB1390, AB1797, SB1464, SB871, SB866 and SB1479, as well as “a decalogue of medical tyranny bills (down to seven now that SB1184 passed on April 5 while AB 1993 and the HIPAA-violating SB 920 were pulled).”

Famous Democrat Consultant: FDA Knew Vaccine Not Safe 4.20.22 [Need To Know]
“It looks to me – this is not an overstatement from what I’ve seen – that this was a clinical trial that by August 2021, Pfizer and the FDA knew was failed, the vaccines were not safe and effective. That they weren’t working. That the efficacy was waning… and that they were seriously dangerous,” Wolf went on to say. “And they rolled it out anyway.”
The documents show that the FDA knew that 100 microgram doses of the vaccine being administered during the trial actually suppressed the immune system, the white blood cells in the body, Wolf revealed.

Get Ready for Forced Lockdowns as China is Once Again the Boiler Plate for What Comes Next 4.20.22 [Need To Know]
New Documentary on The PCR Test Deception is Banned on YouTube – Share this Film with Skeptics
Sadly, there are still many, even in the Alternative media, who still believe that there is a deadly virus out there that was created in a lab and is infecting people.
There is ZERO evidence for this, and the preponderance of evidence shows that the yearly outbreak of what was called “influenza” was simply rebranded as “COVID-19,” as the flu has all but disappeared from society, as there were not enough sick and dying people to propagate both “diseases.” See:
The Disappearance of the Annual Flu Which was Replaced with COVID-19 Shows Corruption at its Highest Level at the CDC

Is There HOPE for Someone Who Had the Boosters? With Dr. Bryan Ardis (Video 1 hr 13 min) 4.19.22 [Treatments]
Dr. Bryan Ardis has taken the truth movement by storm with his discovery that snake venom is being added to vaccines.
During this latest interview with the Flyover Conservative, he discusses whether there is any hope for those who have been poisoned by boosters and what can be done to help them.

Vaccine Skeptics Are the True Critical Thinkers 4.19.22 [Need To Know]
We Overcame the Most Sophisticated Forms of Manipulation
This post is the first in my future series, on how governments and shady non-governmental players psychologically manipulated us during the Covid-19 crisis. In this series, I will highlight various dirty tricks and explain why most people fell for them, one per post.

Situation Update, April 19, 2022 - HHS Secretary confirms vaccines are KILLING BLACKS and LATINOS (Video 1 hr 9 min) 4.19.22 [Need To Know]

LIVE: American Airlines Pilot Heart Fails at Controls, Scientists Confirm Venom in Pfizer Vials! (Video 58:58 min) 4.19.22 [Need To Know]
Monday on the Stew Peters Show, Stew Peters addresses the solution to the political puppets running rampant. We the People will get them in line, and revive the nation, and let freedom ring louder than ever, or face terrible judgement from God.
Joshua Yoder shares a shocking story about a vaccinated airline pilot’s heart stopping just minutes after landing. This plane had 200 souls aboard, and we can only thank the Lord that this tragedy didn’t occur in the air!
FANTASTIC Dr. Ben Marble implores scientific researchers to investigate Dr. Bryan Ardis’ research of snake venom, and it’s alleged link to COVID-19.

Dr Richard Fleming Provides Evidence Discrediting The ‘Misinformation’ Of The Snake Venom Theory (Video 35:54 min) 4.18.22 [Need To Know]
He also goes on to discuss the break down the future of bioweapons & medical tyranny mandates
Obvious credit to Dr. Richard Fleming for his continued push for the truth.

EXCLUSIVE: Embalmer reveals 93% of cases died from the vaccine 4.17.22 [Need To Know]
Anna Foster is an embalmer with 11 years of experience in Carrollton, MO. She speaks out for the first time in this exclusive interview:
The big news is that she found the unusual clots in 93% of the last 30 people who she embalmed. This is significant because she isn’t selective about who she embalms.
This is a massive health issue since it is killing a huge number of people. Her embalmer friends have noticed it as well and have never seen it before in their careers.
The clots are only associated with people who have been vaccinated. They were only observed after the vaccines rolled out.
The clots are life threatening and are almost certainly the root cause of death in all of these cases.
The doctors and coroners in her area are completely unaware of the problem.

Proposed Regimen For Detoxing From COVID-19 Vaccines (Nov 27, 2021) 4.17.22 [Treatments]
In this guide, we will discuss several key features of these conditions that can be targeted during a detox:
The spike protein
ACE2 receptors
Interleukin 6 (IL-6)
Serine protease

Spike Protein Detox Guide - Posted on November 30, 2021 - Updated on March 9, 2022 4.17.22 [Treatments]
This is an evolving guide with emerging information on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body. The lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in a collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners.

SHOCKING: Pathologist reveals what COVID injections do to the brain and other organs 4.17.22 [Need To Know]
Real-world data, of course, shows that the “effectiveness” of the COVID shots wanes dramatically after just weeks and that even three shots cannot stop transmission of the virus for many vax recipients. But even though the ability of these shots to stop transmission is underwhelming, one pathologist recently gave a concise explanation of what this COVID shot actually seems to be capable of.
COVID shots are genetically engineered to tell the body to make spike protein, leading to inflammation, organ damage...

Rare Vulvar Ulcers Reported in Adolescent Girls Following Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination 4.17.22 [Need To Know]
Cases of rare vulvar ulcers have been diagnosed in adolescent girls after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer messenger RNA (mRNA) shot, according to the April edition of the Journal of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology.
Six cases of adolescent girls ages 12 to 16 developing painful genital ulcers within four days of their second vaccine dose were reported in the medical journal, including two cases occurring after infection with COVID-19.

Why Vaccine Fraud? 4.17.22 [Plandemic]
So why does vaccination not only persist? those of innocent minds ask,
But is pushed to a fever pitch?
You read it above. 1722. It is a military operation for depopulation !!!
And you thought depopulation was a modern notion...
The CDC is uniformed military. It has a surgeon GENERAL...

Viper Venom Update - By Anna Von Reitz 4.17.22 [Need To Know]
Millions of people who have been "vaccinated" are now fully jerked awake. The idea of their own body being tricked into producing snake venom proteins is horrifying enough to get their attention, and just when the Vermin were preparing to try to Poo-Poo Dr. Bryan Ardis as a Know-Nothing Quack, he returned the hard evidence of their patents.
Oh, my. There they are, black and white.
But, there is another twist to all of this....

Months Before COVID Was Know To Exist, DoD Awarded Contract For “COVID-19 Research” In Ukraine 4.17.22 [Need To Know]
However, the world did not actually know of Covid-19 until February 2020, because it was not until the 11th of that month that the World Health Organisation officially named the novel coronavirus disease as Covid-19.
So with this being the official truth, why does United States Government data show that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on the 12th November 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for ‘COVID-19 Research’, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19?
The shocking findings however, do not end there. The contract awarded in November 2019 for ‘COVID-19 Research’ was not only instructed to take place in Ukraine, it was in fact part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’.
Perhaps explaining why Labyrinth Global Health has been collaborating with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, and Ernest Wolfe’s Metabiota since its formation in 2017.

The latest jaw dropper about covid comes from Dr. Bryan Ardis whose research concludes that the Covid virus is essentially snake venom, especially the spike protein that is in the vacine. 4.16.22 [Plandemic]
This is why the narrative put out by the CDC and other deep state organizations is that monocolonal antibodies have no curative effects for covid. In fact, they are snake antivenom. Dr. Ardis learned that he is number two on the assassination hit list that one pharmaceutical company has put out. He is urgently getting out this information while he is still alive.
Here we present two news releases/interviews about this, one from the Infowars show, and one from the Stew Peters Show.

Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Allowing Over-the-Counter Sale of Ivermectin 4.16.22 [Treatments]
A bill Thursday passed the Tennessee Senate that would allow patients to obtain a commonly-used drug over the counter.
SB 2188 “authorizes ivermectin suitable for human use to be sold or purchased as an over-the-counter medication in this state without a prescription or consultation with a pharmacist or certain other healthcare professional.”
Ivermectin, a widely used anti-parasitic, has been the subject of hot debate during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The bill, introduced by State Senator Frank Niceley (R-District 8), would allow anyone to obtain the drug without approval from a doctor or pharmacist.

Telegraphing Mass Death From ‘Bird Flu’: Is it Only a Way To Hide the Impending Deaths Due to the ‘Covid’ Bio-Weapon Injection? 4.16.22 [Need To Know]
Threats of avian bird flu, swine flu, including SARS, among many others, have been weapons of the state meant to accelerate panic where none is warranted for very many years. It is imperative to understand that these toxic concoctions are all manmade in labs using gain of function to create bio-weapons. They are not natural, or some lethal strain that just so-happened to affect birds or other animals by accident, and magically jumped to humans. Even the idea of this is ludicrous.

Dismantling the Transhumanist Agenda 4.15.22 [Need To Know]
In episode 26 of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Tea Time, I discuss the transhumanist agenda and how its ultimate goal is to control the human population
You’re being surveilled 24/7, and most of the surveillance you are allowing into your life, as you give up your privacy and consent to surveillance in exchange for convenience
Google is a primary culprit and the most egregious offender; they have major control and influence since, worldwide, 93% of the searches done online use Google
Transhumanists don’t have to put a microchip into your arm to gain immeasurable control; they can already alter reality and brainwash the population via data collection and the manipulation of information
You can help protect your privacy and fight back against the transhumanism movement by avoiding any and all Google products

FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression 4.14.22 [Plandemic]
April 1, 2022, another batch of 11,000 Pfizer documents were released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Pfizer trial data reveal natural immunity was as effective as the jab, and that shot side effects were more severe in those under 55. Since the risk of severe COVID is dramatically lower in younger people, an elevated risk of side effects unacceptable, and the shot should have been restricted to those at high risk of severe COVID
The adverse event rate per dose for Pfizer’s mRNA jab, based on their own studies, is nearly 1 in 800, and the myocarditis rate is 10 in 100,000 — far greater than the 2 in 100,000 rate previously reported
Pfizer’s consent form specifies that the effect on sperm, fetuses and nursing children are unknown. Yet health authorities and media have espoused as “fact” that the shot does not affect reproductive health or fertility and is perfectly safe for pregnant and nursing mothers
Pfizer’s documents show they’ve not ruled out the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement. Vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED) is listed as an “Important Potential Risk.” As of February 28, 2021, Pfizer had 138 cases of suspected VAED, 75 of which were severe, resulting in hospitalization, disability, life-threatening consequences or death; a total of 38 cases were lethal and 65 remained unresolved
Pfizer and FDA also knew that people of all ages experienced transient suppression of immune function for one week after the first dose

Thomas Renz – Never Forget What Fauci & The [DS] Put Us All Through, Accountability Is Comin 4.14.22 [Need To Know]
Attorney Thomas Renz is the lead Attorney in several major cases brought in Ohio, New Mexico, Maine, and Nationally against the CDC and DHHS regarding the COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, business closures, false PCR data, fraudulent death numbers and more.

US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program 4.14.22 [Need To Know]
The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.
This military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world.

Corona Investigative Committee Interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 4.13.22 [Need To Know]
German lawyers Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer are joined by Dr. Tenpenny who explains the latest on how and why people are being injured and dying from the COVID injections, and also why it cannot be fully detoxed from the human body.

You Cannot Boost Your Way Through COVID 4.12.22 [Need To Know]
A preprint study posted April 3, 2022, reports high rates of infection with BA.1, BA.1.1 and BA.2 — variants of Omicron — among triple-jabbed health care workers. In all, the incidence rate among the triple-jabbed with one of these variants was 22%, and only 10% remained asymptomatic
March 29, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized a second booster (dose No. 4, for those taking Pfizer or Moderna) for adults over age 50, as well as a third booster (dose No. 5) for immunocompromised people aged 12 and older. The additional boosters are to be given four months after the last dose
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also recommending adults who have received two doses of Janssen’s viral vector DNA shot to get a third shot using either Pfizer or Moderna, despite there being no data on the safety or effectiveness of mixing the various shots
FDA authorized doses 4 and 5, without input from its expert voting panel, based on data showing the Moderna shot was only 11% effective, and caused side effects in 40% of recipients, and the Pfizer shot was 30% effective and caused side effects in 80% of people
The lead author of that paper, Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, an infectious disease specialist at Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer, Israel, has publicly stated that “Not a third dose, not a fourth dose, not a fifth dose will do anything to stop infections [long-term]”

Shanghai's chaotic Covid lockdown puts other Chinese cities on edge 4.12.22 [Need To Know]
As Shanghai's Covid-19 lockdown leaves residents struggling to access food or medical care, citizens elsewhere in China fear similar stringent measures are heading their way -- even as officials seek to assure the public they are well prepared.
The signs of public concern come as China enters a difficult phase of its fight against the virus. Shanghai's outbreak and another in northeastern Jilin province have seen the highly transmissible Omicron BA.2 variant spread to levels never seen before in China.
While the vast majority of cases in recent outbreaks have been in Jilin and Shanghai, infections have been found in some 29 provinces and municipalities.

Researchers Now Putting COVID mRNA Vaccines Into Vegetables To Vaccinate The Unvaccinated 4.12.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Researchers are now experimenting with the idea of placing mRNA vaccines in lettuce and other agricultural crops, reports say.
The National Science Foundation is funding this study, having committed more than half a million dollars in grant for the mRna-in-lettuce initiative, NOQ Report revealed.
This project aims to enable rapid manufacturing of oral vaccines against viruses in plants without the need of specialized equipment or skills. Current vaccine manufacturing technologies need expensive laboratory facilities and cold-chain delivery systems that result in slow and unequal access of vaccines to people, reads the study's abstract in part.

The Death Count From The COVID Jab “Is Worse Than A War” – Dr. Peter McCullough 4.11.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Peter McCullough recently admitted that the government and big pharma are purposely hiding the true death toll of their supposed miracle drug. Not only are they hiding the side effects and number of deaths related to the COVID-19 jab, but the doctor declared that the real number is worse than most wars.
In the video, which is featured below, Dr. McCullough stated, “I can tell you looking at this VAERS report with 12,000 Americans who have died voluntarily after taking an injection, the COVID-19 vaccine is worse than a war. It’s worse than most wars.

A Jaw-Dropping 769 Athletes have Collapsed While Competing Over The Past Year 4.11.22 [Need To Know]
The timing coincides with the rollout of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines that are notorious for causing heart damage. The average age of those who experienced full-blown cardiac arrest was just 23 years old. The Biden administration and Dr. Fauci recently approved a fourth booster dose of the experimental vaccines. Continuing to push these vaccines with the information that is out there now (and has been for months) is beyond criminal.

Dr. Peter McCullough Says Autopsies Show The COVID Shot’s ‘Fingerprints’ Are Everywhere, Including The Brain 4.10.22 [Need To Know]
“We now know in people who have had autopsies, after being vaccinated shortly after being vaccinated, they’ve had autopsies – these were done in Vienna, Austria, and Germany – we can see the fingerprint of the vaccine everywhere in the body.

Never Take Any So-Called Vaccine If You Want To Live! (Video 3:38 min) 4.9.22 [Need To Know]

Scientists Attempting To Design ‘Self-Spreading’ Vaccines That Can Jump From Vaccinated To Unvaccinated Populations 4.9.22 [Plandemic]
A recent report in National Geographic describes how international research groups are attempting to design ‘self-spreading’ genetically engineered vaccines that can jump from vaccinated to unvaccinated populations. Receiving only scant attention in the mainstream media, the approach carries long-term risks that are essentially both unpredictable and irreversible. As is similarly the case with the so-called ‘gain-of-function’ research that has been implicated in causing COVID-19, the existence and use of this technology should be openly addressed by governments as a matter of urgency.
Carried out with the supposed aim of stopping wildlife from spreading Ebola, rabies, and other dangerous viruses, the experiments are claimed to be seeking to prevent future global pandemics by blocking the jumping of pathogens from animals to humans. Because animals living in the wild are difficult to vaccinate in large numbers, the idea behind the technology is to design vaccines that, after administration to small groups, would spread quickly and easily to other animals.

FDA Advisers Oppose Repeated COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters 4.9.22 [Need To Know]
Experts who advise the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 6 came out in opposition to a strategy of repeated COVID-19 vaccine boosters within a short period of time, during a meeting where FDA officials said they plan on deciding on the future vaccination strategy by June.
“I do not believe that booster every eight weeks or even four months is a long-term strategy for prevention,” Dr. Amanda Cohn, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official, said during a virtual meeting of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.
“We don’t feel comfortable with multiple boosters every eight weeks,” Dr. Arnold Monto, the committee’s acting chair, said later. “Would love to see annual vaccination, similar to influenza.”

Pelosi’s Infection Brings Covid-19 Closer Than Ever to Biden 4.8.22 [Need To Know]
President Joe Biden spent an hour with Nancy Pelosi in the two days before she tested positive for Covid-19, including an embrace and a kiss on the cheek -- yet the White House insisted Thursday he doesn’t qualify as a “close contact” of the House speaker.
Biden, who just received his second booster dose of the Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech SE vaccine last week, tested negative for the virus Wednesday evening. Because he wasn’t deemed to have spent enough time around Pelosi, he won’t follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that close contacts wear a mask for 10 days, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

Where can I travel in Europe? An updated list of COVID entry rules for every European country 4.8.22 [Need To Know]

TRUCKERS WERE RIGHT: Freedom Convoy protest was legal, judge says, and Ottawa is now being sued 4.9.22 [Need To Know]
MONTREAL — The Canadian government trampled on fundamental human rights with its COVID restrictions, then overreached on dealing with the Freedom Convoy and must now answer to numerous lawsuits, including one by a former premier, says a well-respected constitutional lawyer.
Speaking on Montreal lawyer Viva Frei’s Youtube channel on March 25, Keith Wilson noted that the mischief charges against his client and convoy leader Tamara Lich, will not be successful. She counselled truckers to move in order to comply with police demands, not to block emergency lanes, he said.
Wilson is also a lawyer for former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, who is suing the federal government for breaching the charter of rights by preventing unvaccinated people from leaving the country or getting on a bus, train or ship.
“Obviously we are going to be able to establish Charter breaches,” Wilson said, adding that the government restricted mobility, security of the person and freedom of conscience.

Paul Thomas MD THE VAXXED & UNVAXXED DATA 4.9.22 [Need To Know]
Lots of slides - Like -

Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Allowing Over-the-Counter Sale of Ivermectin 4.9.22 [Treatments]
SB 2188 “authorizes ivermectin suitable for human use to be sold or purchased as an over-the-counter medication in this state without a prescription or consultation with a pharmacist or certain other healthcare professional.”
Ivermectin, a widely used anti-parasitic, has been the subject of hot debate during the COVID-19 pandemic.
With the failure of the federal government to authorize the use of any therapeutics to treat patients with COVID-19, instead of choosing to push vaccines as the only solution to the deadly virus, some Americans turned to Ivermectin.

Evidence of Pandemic and Bioweapon Cover-Ups 4.7.22 [Plandemic]
As evidence of a potential bioweapons cover-up has started emerging, a company called Metabiota is gaining prominence
Metabiota’s mission is to make the world more resilient to epidemics by providing “data, analytics, advice and training to prepare for global health threats and mitigate their impacts.” Its founder is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader graduate
Metabiota investors include In-Q-Tel, a CIA venture capital firm that specializes in high-tech investments that support or benefit the intelligence capacity of U.S. intelligence agencies, Hunter Biden’s investment fund, Rosemont Seneca and the U.S. Department of Defense’s Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), which contracted Metabiota to run operations in U.S.-connected labs in Ukraine
In addition to having close ties to the WEF and its Great Reset agenda, Nathan Wolfe, the founder of Metabiota, has also served on the EcoHealth Alliance’s editorial board since 2004. In 2017, he co-wrote a study on coronaviruses in bats together with EcoHealth president Peter Daszak, Ph.D. EcoHealth worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China, where SARS-CoV-2 is suspected of having originated
Metabiota’s Global Partnerships are led by Andrew C. Weber, former assistant secretary of defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense, who created the DTRA

Will everyone who got “vaccinated” for COVID be dead by 2025? 4.7.22 [Need To Know]
Attorney Todd Callender, CEO of a large insurance group, is warning that excess mortality and “every kind of disease” is skyrocketing among the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).
Callender spoke via a video call about how excess mortality is up 84 percent while excess diseases are up 1,100 percent. In 2022 alone, he said, his company is expecting a 5,000 percent increase in deaths, compliments of Operation Warp Speed.
“I happen to be in the morbidity business,” Callender explained during the call. “I don’t think that it’s by coincidence, by the way, that Moderna has now just received licensure of their emergency use authorization HIV vaccine. So, they gave everybody AIDS, and here’s your salvation, another vaccine.”

COVID COVER-UP: NIH secretly deleted information about genetic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 4.6.22 [Need To Know]
According to emails and other documents uncovered by the nonprofit, nonpartisan group Empower Oversight Whistleblowers & Research (EMPOWR), the NIH agreed to delete information related to the genetic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 at the beginning of the pandemic.
The gene sequencing data was originally submitted to the NIH’s Sequence Read Archive by an unidentified researcher from Wuhan University in China in March 2020 – a mere two months after the virus was officially detected and the same month that the World Health Organization officially declared a pandemic. After submitting additional gene sequencing data about SARS-CoV-2 in June 2020, the scientist then asked the NIH to retract the submission, claiming there was an error with the data.

A shocking 15 fully vaxxed tennis players withdraw from Miami Open due to serious health issues 4.6.22 [Need To Know]
Some of the world’s top athletes are either collapsing on the field/court or becoming too weak to play their favorite sport. At the Miami Open, 15 fully-vaccinated players withdrew during the competition, leaving spectators baffled. Some of the crowd’s favorites had to leave the competition early, including Paula Badosa from Spain and Jannik Sinner from Italy. They retired from their quarterfinal contests on the same day.

Biden To Establish Task Force To Focus On ‘Long COVID’ 4.6.22 [Need To Know]
The American Medical Association defines long COVID as, “a wide range of new, returning or ongoing health problems people may experience more than four weeks after being first infected with SARS-CoV-2. Even people who did not have any symptoms can experience long COVID, which can present as different types and combinations of health problems and can range in lengths of time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
On April 5th, President Joe Biden appointed HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to lead a task force meant to address long COVID, namely in the form of coordinating research on the matter.

Dr. Mercola's Censored Library (Private Membership) 4.5.22 [Need To Know]
Join the private membership of Dr. Mercola's Censored Library today to begin accessing must-read information you won't find anywhere
Take Control of Your Health
By Dr. Joseph Mercola · Tens of thousands of paid subscribers

Revealed: 7 in 10 ‘Vaccinated’ CDC Employees Got COVID (Video 6:50 min) 4.5.22 [Need To Know]
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) data reveal 70% of vaccinated U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employees got breakthrough COVID infections in August 2021
March 3, 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky gave a presentation at Washington University, during which she admitted that she had learned about the Pfizer shot’s 95% effectiveness from CNN, which was based on a press release from Pfizer
Walensky claims she was unaware the shots might lose effectiveness over time. Yet scientists around the world have long known that coronaviruses are very prone to mutation, and mutations are known to affect a vaccine’s effectiveness
Walensky has also accused the public of believing that “science is black and white” when, in fact, “science is gray.” Meanwhile, anyone who has held an opinion that differs from the mainstream narrative has been censored to stifle scientific debate, and Walensky has never spoken out against this effort to prevent a “black and white” presentation of science
Walensky has also publicly discredited the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is coadministered by the FDA and the CDC. VAERS reveals the COVID jabs are the most dangerous vaccines ever created

Shanghai defends policy of separating Covid-positive kids from parents 4.5.22 [Need To Know]

CRISPR Technology: The Gateway to the New Breed of Unhuman Species 4.5.22 [Need To Know]
The media and the world are focused on Russia’s WMD stockpiles and the threat of nuclear exchange,
but the most lethal doomsday weapons of mass destruction which are being ignored by the media are gene-altering bioweapons in the form of vaccines, drugs and CRISPR science.
- "your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."
Malcolm to Dr. Hammond in the movie Jurassic Park!

Gene Editing? Depopulation? What Are These Shots Really For? Drs Nagase, Merritt, Fleming, Cowan (Video 49:35 min) 4.4.22 [Need To Know]

Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Stunning Data Proving Genocide by Vaccine 4.4.22 [Plandemic]
That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.
In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.
The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.
In July Attorney Renz Whistleblower, under penalty of perjury, stated that she estimated at least 45K people had died from the Covid-19 Vaccine.
USA Today Fact Checkers and other fact checking services claimed that to be “misinformation.”
Today’s revelations solidify that the “Trusted News Initiative” is actually the source of misinformation and propaganda, and that Attorney Thomas Renz Whistleblower was correct all along.

'Financial Rebellion' Episode 14: 22 Ways to Stop Vaccine Passports + Digital ID 4.4.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
Why is this "digital control system" going global? What makes this "the most corrupt action of government" in terms of profiting? Can this "global government by stealth" really be stopped? Tune in for the answers to these questions and more!

TOP SECRET PFIZER DOCUMENT LEAKS ONLINE... (Video 25:17 min) 4.3.22 [Plandemic]
Comment: "Pfizer and Bill Gates -, killing people on purpose..."

DOJ: FDA response on NAC petition is ‘forthcoming’ 4.3.22 [Need To Know]
The U.S. Department of Justice plans to file a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed in December by the Natural Products Association (NPA) challenging FDA’s position that NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) is not a lawful ingredient in dietary supplements.

EXCLUSIVE: Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence Of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide – Maria Zeee (Video 39:23 min) 4.3.22 [Need To Know]

'What's going on': Tennis world stunned after Miami Open carnage 4.2.22 [Need To Know]
Tennis world reacts to bizarre retirement drama
With both Badosa and Sinner retiring in the first set, ticket holders for the Stadium seats didn't witness a full set for the day session.
In total, there has been 15 withdrawals/retirements during the Miami Open.
Fans were left shocked at the double retirement from two stars in a bizarre day of tennis.
USUALLY THEY NEVER LOSE A SINGLE PLAYER. FANS ARE STUNNED, AND ANSWERS ARE NOT BEING GIVEN BY THE SCAMMING MSM. They just said "One guy got a blister on his foot" and another player was "stressed". What happened to the other 13 that had to quit mid game?? This is what a Pfizer future looks like.

It’s Not Just the US: Excess Deaths Skyrocket Worldwide in 2021 Following Rollout of the Experimental Covid Vaccine 4.2.22 [Need To Know]
Over the past several months a worrying trend has emerged – people are dropping dead at an unprecedented clip, and it has little to do with Covid-19.
In fact, the spike almost perfectly coincides with the rollout of the experimental mRNA Covid vaccines.

RFK Jr. Discusses Fauci, Vaccines and Big Pharma’s Power (Video 2 hr) 4.2.22 [Need To Know]
Under Fauci’s direction, the National Institutes for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and its parent agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), went from being public health agencies to agencies focused on drug development, drug promotion and partnering with the pharmaceutical industry on profit-making enterprises
Public health has suffered as a result. When Fauci took over the National Institutes for Allergy and Infectious Disease, 6% of American children had chronic disease. By 2006, it was 54%

DEPOPULATION CONFIRMED: Ever since covid vaccines were introduced, U.S. population growth has plummeted 4.1.22 [Need To Know]
For the past two years, we were told that the answer to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, and the thing that would “save lives,” was everyone taking the Operation Warp Speed “vaccines.”
It turns out, however, that population growth in the United States has reached an all-time low ever since the jabs were introduced.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a lockdown advocate, tests positive for COVID-19 4.1.22 [Need To Know]
Murphy, a Democrat, on Thursday took a rapid antigen test “as part of a regularly-scheduled testing regime,” Communications Director Mahen Gunaratna said in a statement. After it returned positive, the governor took a PCR test, which was also positive.

Modern Medicine is Based on Politics and Dogma, NOT Science – Remembering British Biologist Whistleblower Harold Hillman 4.1.22 [Need To Know]
The COVID-19 Plandemic did not corrupt the medical system. The corrupt medical system gave us the COVID-19 scam.

Gearing up for the BIG REVEAL: HHS releases FDA gene editing guidance, may soon admit mRNA COVID shots are actually gene therapy products 4.1.22 [Need To Know]
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) draft guidance for human gene therapy products.
Entitled “Human Gene Therapy Products Incorporating Human Genome Editing; Draft Guidance for Industry,” the document provides recommendations to sponsors developing human gene therapy products incorporating genome editing of human somatic cells.

How to Survive the Fauci Hospital Protocol 4.1.22 [Treatments]
Hospital overtreatment (aka the Fauci Protocol) of the bugaboo coronavirus is politically motivated overkill and hardly survivable given its multiple assaults on the human body (toxic drugs, over dosages, too fast weaning from ventilator, electrical exposures, denial or delay of monoclonal antibodies, streptokinase or nattokinase to clear blood clots).

WHO Treaty Seeks Total Control Over Global Health 3.31.22 [Need To Know]
he World Health Organization, a thinly disguised proxy for Big Pharma and corporate interests who push for Technocracy, is going for all the marbles:
creating a global treaty that would cede all power to the UN/WHO to mandate injections, vaccine passports and total surveillance. ⁃ TN Editor Patrick Wood

***The world must go to and download all pdf's and videos.
All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 LIE will be found.***

Poison Control Issues Nationwide “Toxic” Warning About Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Tests
Now, even public health officials can’t ignore the dangers posed by these tests.
Last month, the Gateway Pundit reported that Ohio and Texas issued a warning after seeing an increase in reports related to sodium azide poisoning, a chemical found in test kits after Biden promised to give 500 million Covid test kits to Americans.
The poisonous substance in these test kits is called Sodium Azide, which has a “high” acute toxicity and can be fatal to humans in cases of overexposure, according to Stanford Medical. The presence of this toxic substance was apparently only found by Poison Control researchers after the winter wave of Omicron, which saw many Americans testing at home with the kits.

German panel recommends booster for recipients of 4 vaccines 3.31.22 [Need To Know]
Germany’s independent vaccination advisory panel is recommending a booster shot with a messenger RNA vaccine for people who have had a full course of four Chinese, Indian and Russian COVID-19 vaccines that aren’t currently approved for use in the European Union.

22,000% Increase in Deaths following COVID Vaccines for Adults Over 50 as FDA Authorizes 2nd Booster for this Age Group 3.30.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Only two weeks after Pfizer and its partner BioNTech asked the agency for an emergency use authorization (EUA) for a second round of COVID-19 boosters in people 65 and older, the FDA has granted the nod. The new FDA authorization covers those who have already been boosted with any COVID vaccine and are either 50 and older or 12 and older if they are immunocompromised.
At around the same time on Tuesday morning, Moderna said the FDA had granted its application for a second booster. The Moderna nod covers adults over 50 who have been boosted once, plus immunocompromised adults over 18. Moderna applied for a second booster on March 17.

DEATH MARCH: FDA orders doctors in eight states to stop treating covid patients with monoclonal antibodies 3.30.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Eight states, along with Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, are now prohibited from administering monoclonal antibodies for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that the passive vaccination treatment is ineffective against the latest strain of Omicron (Moronic).
Sotrovimab, which is still being administered in the other 42 states, can no longer be used in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont, according to reports.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Issues Emergency Warning: Globalists Planning New Bioattack (Video 43:49 min) 3.29.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny of and joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what she sees for the future of humanity under medical tyranny rule.

INCRIMINATING: Moderna, NIAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helped develop SARS-CoV-2 and launched predatory vaccine experiments long before COVID-19 3.30.22 [Need To Know]
The psychopathic plot behind the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to unravel, with incriminating new evidence linking Moderna, the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to predatory bioweapon and vaccine development.
Six years prior to COVID-19, these entities conspired to develop a genetic sequence that could be inserted into a virus to cause a new, novel coronavirus disease. These entities also prepared a consortium of experimental, mRNA injections (modeled after the bioweapon) that could be used to exploit and profit from human populations. These “COVID-19 vaccines” were developed and transferred before the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the causative agent for COVID-19. These “COVID-19 vaccines” were prepared long before global health authorities even declared a “worldwide pandemic.”

Doctor Who Warns of Covid Vax Dangers Says Pfizer Offered Him $1 Million 3.29.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Paul Alexander is a COVID-19 Consultant Researcher in evidence-based medicine (EBM), Research Methodology, and Clinical Epidemiology and informally provided support to some members of the US Congress and Senate. Dr. Alexander said that Pf!zer offered him $1 million dollars and a $50,000 per month job to keep quiet about the dangers of Covid injections. He rejected the offer because he believes that by accepting the money, he would be expected to stop exposing the negative health effects of Covid shots.

Researcher Blows the Whistle on Pfizer Vaccine Trials 3.29.22 [Need To Know]
Texas: Brook Jackson, a regional director for Ventavia Research Group that was conducting trials for Pfizer in Texas, told the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that Ventavia falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. After she repeatedly notified Ventavia of the problems, she emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and was fired the same day.

Dr. Scott Atlas: A Powerful, Unelected ‘Cabal’ Controls Both Scientific Funding and Health Policy in America 3.29.22 [Need To Know]
“We all trust people with credentials, but the credentials alone are not sufficient anymore. In fact, we know now that many people with credentials are not to be trusted.”
In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a founding fellow at Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom. He’s also the author of “A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America.”

Data: Canada and Israel are suffering from a pandemic of the fully vaccinated 3.29.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
vaccinated nations. In Canada, 83 percent of the population is fully vaccinated and nearly half the population has received an additional dose. In Israel, 68 percent of the people are fully vaccinated and 58 percent have received a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

‘100 Percent’ Vaccinated Cruise Ship Hit With COVID-19 Outbreak 3.29.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Princess Cruises confirmed that one of its cruise liners, the Ruby Princess, reported a COVID-19 outbreak before docking in San Francisco.
(Info - Guests 3,080; Crew 1,200; Refurbished October 2018 -
Fresh from a multi-million dollar renovation, Ruby Princess is a luminous jewel on the seas and a romantic destination in itself.
She offers nearly 900 balconies from which to view the world, an array of entertainment options including Movies Under the Stars®, now with the industry's best 7.1 surround sound for an immersive audio experience, and
sumptuous dining options from Crown Grill to exciting new top deck dining venues including Slice Pizzeria and Coffee & Cones.)
[No info if it has 5G - and I'll bet she does, and turned to max!]

The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine 3.29.22 [Need To Know]
There is a big flaw in the logic of evidence-based medicine as the basis for the practice of medicine as we know it, a practice based on science; one that determines care down to the level of the individual patient. This flaw is nestled in the heart and soul of evidence-based medicine, which (as we have seen over the last two years) is not free of politics. It is naive to think that data and the process of licensure of new drugs is free from bias and conflicts of interest. In fact, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 to 2022 has exposed for all to see how evidence based medicine has been corrupted by the governments, hospitalists, academia, big pharma, tech and social media. They have leveraged the processes and rationale of evidence-based medicine to corrupt the entire medical enterprise.

China Urges US to Explain Link between Fort Detrick, Japan’s WWII Germ Warfare Unit (Video 1:48 min) 3.28.22 [COVID Source - Wuhan or Ft. Dietrick]
The Fort Detrick horror: a closer look at the US’ largest biochemical weapons research center
The Trump administration seems to turn a blind eye to growing international appeals for an investigation into an infectious disease research lab under the US Army, which once again shows its irresponsibility and arrogance on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, observers said.
[It's classified! The President, Trump, would never be told...]

How the Pandemic Was Fabricated 3.28.22 [Plandemic]
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and individual states are now backtracking on their COVID death statistics, showing those of us who claimed deaths were being overcounted were right all along
March 14, 2022, the CDC removed 72,277 COVID deaths from the tally, including 24% of those attributed to children under 18. They claim a “coding logic error,” a faulty algorithm, had “accidentally” counted deaths that weren’t related to COVID, such as drowning deaths and drug overdoses
The CDC used the false death statistics among children to push for COVID shots for 5- to 7-year-olds back in November 2021
As of February 2, 2022, the U.S. Health and Human Services is no longer collecting data on hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19
Deaths were initially exaggerated for political — both national and geopolitical — purposes, and now they’re being downplayed for the same reason. Democrats know they cannot win in the midterms unless they declare victory over COVID-19

Wise Food Storage Company 3.28.22 [Need To Know]
Comment: FAILING TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL! This is a company that we have used.

Dr. Scott Atlas laments the damage caused by COVID lockdowns, medical tyrants 3.28.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Scott Atlas, former medical advisor to the Trump administration, lamented the damage caused by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns. He also denounced the globalist-backed medical tyrants responsible for these draconian measures.
Atlas gave a presentation about the disastrous effects of COVID-19 policies on March 23 to students of Michigan State University.

Three-quarters of all U.S. counties had more deaths than births into 2021 3.28.22 [Need To Know]
...a sign of the pandemic’s heavy grip on the country starting in the Trump administration and into the Biden administration.

FDA Tells Doctors in 8 States to Stop Using COVID-19 Treatment 3.28.22 [Need To Know]
U.S. drug regulators have directed health care workers in eight states to stop using a COVID-19 treatment because it may not be effective against an Omicron coronavirus subvariant that’s rising in prevalence.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody used to treat COVID-19, can no longer be used in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Providers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands also have been told to stop using stotrovimab.

Long Haul COVID symptoms and treatment with the FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol (Video 6:44 min) 3.27.22 [Treatments]
In this video, Kristina Morros, the FLCCC clinical support specialist discusses the symptoms of Long Haul COVID. In the video, Kristina explains where to find the information about I-RECOVER and Long Haul COVID in the FLCCC guidelines and where to find the I-RECOVER protocol.
She also shows the new FLCCC infographic on Long Haul COVID symptoms and shows the viewers our other videos in our Odysee channel that discuss Long Haul COVID.

NYC Lifts Vaccine Mandate for Athletes, Performers 3.27.22 [Need To Know]
Asked why athletes and performers are receiving an exemption from vaccine policies but not teachers, police officers, firefighters and stadium workers, Adams said the exemption already existed for athletes and performers who do not live in New York City, a policy that existed under former mayor Bill de Blasio.
“A small number of people have an outsized impact on our economy,” Adams said.
And that’s really what this new executive order is about: money.

Mandatory COVID Vaccine Insanity 3.27.22 [Need To Know]
On Thursday this past week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who began his press conference by saying “we’re going to focus on the science” and then proceeded to do just the opposite, issued an executive order that exempted professional sports players and the entertainment industry from having to comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Mandates May No Longer Matter As Scientists Create “Contagious Vaccines” That Spread By Themselves 3.27.22 [Need To Know]
Now, however, with new technology being tested in various parts of the world, force may no longer be needed to achieve a 100 percent vaccination rate. A new and extremely controversial vaccination technology is being tested to stop the spread of various diseases and it is an authoritarian mad scientist’s wet dream.
Fortunately for now, it is only being tested in animals to stop wildlife from spreading Ebola, rabies, and other viruses. They are called “contagious vaccines” and they are as ominous as they sound.

A Guide to the Management of COVID-19 (Feb 22) 3.26.22 [Treatments]
Page 1 of 77 | FLCCC Alliance – COVID-19 Management Protocol | 02-22-2022 | Version 68
An overview of the MATH+, I-MASK+ and I-RECOVER Protocols (Updated as of February 22, 2022)
Developed and updated by Paul Marik, MD, FCP (SA), FRCP (C), FCCP, FCCM for the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)
This is our recommended approach to COVID-19 based on the best (and most recent) literature. This is a highly dynamic topic; therefore, we will be updating the guidelines as new information emerges.
Please check on the FLCCC Alliance website ( for updated versions of this protocol.

Military Doctor Testifies in Court: High-Level Command Ordered Her Silence Over Frightening Vaccine Data 3.26.22 [Need To Know]
When asked during her testimony about data in the DMED, Long, a lieutenant colonel, replied, “I have been ordered not to answer that question.”
Kamala Harris Reportedly Irked by What Biden Staffers Did When She Walked Into the Room
“Ordered by who?” queried Judge Steven Merryday of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.
Long said she was told by high-level command not to bring up military data in her testimony.
Long was nearly in tears, Liberty Counsel reported. She looked at the judge and said, “I have so many soldiers being destroyed by this vaccine. Not a single member of my senior command has discussed my concerns with me.”
“I have nothing to gain and everything to lose by talking about it,” she added. “I’m OK with that because I am watching people get absolutely destroyed.”

Government of Canada data shows the Triple Vaccinated are over 5x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated 3.26.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

The Homicidal Killing Fields of America’s Medical System 3.26.22 [Need To Know]

Globalists Aim to Take Over Health Systems Worldwide 3.26.22 [Need To Know]
The globalist cabal is planning to monopolize health systems worldwide through the creation of an international pandemic treaty that makes the World Health Organization the sole decision maker on pandemic matters
The WHO may also be planning to seize power over health systems more broadly. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has stated that his "central priority" as director-general of the WHO is to push the world toward universal health coverage
In the name of keeping everyone "safe" from infection, the globalist cabal has justified unprecedented attacks on democracy, civil liberties and personal freedoms, including the right to choose your own medical treatment. Now, the WHO is gearing up to make its pandemic leadership permanent, and to extend it into the health care systems of every nation. The idea is to implement universal health care organized by the WHO as part of the Great Reset
If this treaty goes through, the WHO would have the power to call for mandatory vaccinations and health passports, and its decision would supersede national and state laws. Considering the WHO changed its definition of "pandemic" to "a worldwide epidemic of a disease," removing the requirement of high morbidity, just about anything could be made to fit the pandemic criterion, including obesity

Moderna Seeks Approval from FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Start Injecting Children Under 6 with mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines 3.25.22 [Need To Know]
Fierce Pharma reported yesterday that Moderna is seeking approval for their COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to be injected into children under the age of 6, from both the U.S. FDA and the European EMA. They are also asking the FDA to approve their vaccine for children between the ages of 6 and 11.
Using government official statistics, children in this age group have almost a zero percent chance of dying from COVID-19, as we have previously shown in numerous articles.

Newly Released Pfizer Documents Reveal COVID Jab Dangers 3.25.22 [Need To Know]
A small batch of documents released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in mid-November 2021 revealed that in the first three months of the COVID jab rollout, Pfizer received 42,086 adverse event reports that included 1,223 deaths
The first really large tranche of Pfizer documents — some 10,000 pages — was released by the FDA March 1, 2022. Included are nine pages of recorded side effects, about 158,000 different health problems in all.
An initial review of case report forms (CRFs) reveal significant data collection errors and anomalies.

Pfizer’s in Panic Mode, As Athletes are Dropping, They Warn Their Investors of a Stock Price Collapse 3.25.22 [Need To Know]
...we're gonna see some earnings drops based on some things that are gonna come out about some dangers of 'potential' side effects of the vaccine.
Translation: They knew what was in their data and documents. They tried to hide it. People are being injured and even dying because they put profits ahead of the health and safety of the subjects of their medical experiments.

Destroyer can’t deploy because CO won’t get COVID vaccine, Navy says 3.23.22 [Need To Know]
...has left the Navy with a warship they say they can’t deploy because it is commanded by an officer they cannot fire.
It’s a standoff the brass are calling a “manifest national security concern,” according to recent federal court filings.
[To run a Destroyer or to be Destroyed - it's a vaxxing question...]

Striking Evidence of Covid Vaccines Failure (Feb 19) 3.24.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The chart shows that those who have been injected with the Covid vaccines are much more likely to contract Covid-19 than those who have not been injected. This may come as a shock to true believers, but it is a fact that a vaccinated person in England is more likely to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 than their unvaccinated counterparts.
This means that the Covid vaccines have negative efficacy vis-à-vis infection. The double vaccinated posted the highest rate of this disease followed by the triple vaccinated.

Government of Canada data shows the Triple Vaccinated are over 5x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated 3.24.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The Government of Canada recently started to include the triple vaccinated in their weekly data on Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status. But unfortunately for those who have succumbed to three doses of a Covid-19 injection, that data shows they are over 5 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.
The unvaccinated are by far the safest cohort as far as infection is concerned.

How the COVID Vaccine Altered These People's Lives- Dead within 10 Days - Vaccine Horror stories 3.24.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Some people who have received COVID-19 shots experience a range of debilitating symptoms or death
Healthy teenagers, athletes and doctors are among those who have died within hours or days of receiving COVID-19 shots
Others have experienced stroke-like symptoms, paralysis, tics, partial blindness and seizures following the shots
Increasing numbers of people are becoming compelled to speak out and share their stories of how COVID-19 shots altered their lives

Frontline Flash™ Daily Dose: ‘Vax Death: Insurance Payout Denied’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre (Video 2:10 min) 3.24.22 [Need To Know]
The Real Story of Good Health ~ in 120 Seconds or Less. Follow on social media @FrontlineFlash

Swedish study of 840,000 shows vaccine efficacy drops to zero at 7 months and is negative by 9 months 3.24.22 [Need To Know]
In Sweden, a new study followed 840,000 people who were double vaccinated for nine months, which is longer than any previous study. The researchers matched them or “paired them” with another 840,000 people who were the same, age, sex and from the same area. Out of this 1.6 million pooled sample, 27,000 people went on to get infected, and most of them were unvaccinated (21,000). So that’s not surprising.
But underlying this data was an extraordinary trend showing efficacy falling month after month. In the first two to four weeks, the double vaccinated were very well protected. But by nine months later, the efficacy was not just zero, but negative.

As The Cover-Ups Continue : Young Military Men Are Dying In Their Bunks and Not A WORD From The Mainstream Media 3.24.22 [Need To Know]
“83 soldiers died at Fort Bragg in the 18 months ending June 2021. Only 11 of those deaths were from natural causes. Fort Bragg hasn’t announced any fatalities since then. They’re still happening, but the base has gone dark.”
Friends, most are now awake to the fact that the government in this country has now gone rogue. They have been deceiving the people on a daily basis (Proverbs 19:9) and murdering its own citizens in the light of day since at least 1973 (Proverbs 6:17). It is no secret.

These People Are Sick: Global Elites Allegedly Catch Covid, Push Killer Vaxx (Video 11:13 min) 3.24.22 [Need To Know]
Deanna Lorraine joins Stew Peters to bring to light the blatant lies pushed by the elite cabal. The push for people to inject themselves with the deadly bioweapon clot-shot is starting to return after the fake news media has been distracting the public with endless Ukrainian propaganda and U.S. State Department Lies.

Dr. Scott Atlas: A Powerful, Unelected ‘Cabal’ Controls Both Scientific Funding and Health Policy in America 3.23.22 [Need To Know]
This episode will premiere on March 22 at 7:30 p.m. ET.
“We all trust people with credentials, but the credentials alone are not sufficient anymore. In fact, we know now that many people with credentials are not to be trusted.”
In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a founding fellow at Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom. He’s also the author of “A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America.”
The COVID-19 pandemic exposed deep-seated problems in America’s public health apparatus. It’s not nearly as objective or data-driven as one might expect. A powerful unelected few ultimately oversee who gets funded, who gets published in the prominent journals, and who ultimately makes it to the top, says Dr. Atlas.

41,834 DEAD 3.9 Million Injured Following COVID Vaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100% 3.23.22 [Need To Know]
The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 41,834 fatalities, and 3,900,241 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots...
A Health Impact News subscriber in Europe ran the reports for each of the four COVID-19 shots we are including here. It is a lot of work to tabulate each reaction with injuries and fatalities, since there is no place on the EudraVigilance system we have found that tabulates all the results.
Since we have started publishing this, others from Europe have also calculated the numbers and confirmed the totals.*
Here is the summary data through March 15, 2022...

Stew Peters With Dr. Zandre Botha - Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials 3.23.22 [Need To Know]
EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Zandre Botha was shocked after studying the blood of "vaccinated" patients that were coming to her with serious illness after being injected with the shots being called "Covid vaccines".
After being presented with vials of the substance, she examined the contents and was horrified.

Frontline Doctor: Millions Will Get AIDS From COVID Shots By Fall (Video 53:07 min) 3.23.22 [Need To Know]
Millions of Vaxed will get VAIDS by Fall
The Vaccine that keeps on giving- by decimating our CD4 and CD8 cells- our "Natural Killer Cells" leaving us defenseless to infections and Cancer, etc.,
Dr. Eads says it is particularly bad in the double CV19 vaxed and boosted. She calls the third injection “The Kill Shot, the Money Ball or whatever you want to call it. It is just devastating to the immune system, and I’ll tell you why. If you look at the recent Stanford study, and I am just going to read a couple of sentences from the Stanford study: ‘The spike protein in the CV19 vaccines that everyone is talking about is called the Lentivirus. The Lenti contains a combination of HIV, types one through three, SRV/1, which is AIDS, MERS and SARS. In the Stanford study, the best-known Lentivirus is the human immune deficiency pathogen, which causes AIDS. This is why we are seeing autoimmune and neurodegenerative decline after the Covid 19 (Vax) especially the booster. . . . It permanently changes the genome of the cell. That is why this is so terrifying to us in the medical community. We just don’t know how to attack this.”

Dr. Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna Connects the “Vaccine” Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology to the Great Reset/Transhumanism Agenda 3.22.22 [Need To Know]
Graphene oxide can map our brain, and “collect information such as memories, local thoughts, sensations, emotions, or feelings.”
Dr. Ricardo Delgado gives us additional information about how this graphene oxide material is combined with nanotechnology for the sole purpose to not only depopulate the world, but to ultimately change the remaining survivors; leaving humanity genetically mutated – biologically, neurologically, and psychologically.
While it may sound like science fiction, these agendas are front and center for several organizations/”philanthropists”, who also just happen to have a prominent hold over several businesses, economies, institutions, etc. – even governmental interests...


Dr. Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna - More than 20,000 Hours of Research 3.22.22 [Need To Know]
...the masses who got jabbed got duped big time.
Once they realize this what then?
Proceed if you can stand it.

Newly Released Pfizer Documents Reveal COVID Jab Dangers 3.22.22 [Need To Know]
A small batch of documents released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in mid-November 2021 revealed that in the first three months of the COVID jab rollout, Pfizer received 42,086 adverse event reports that included 1,223 deaths
The first really large tranche of Pfizer documents — some 10,000 pages — was released by the FDA March 1, 2022. Included are nine pages of recorded side effects, about 158,000 different health problems in all
An initial review of case report forms (CRFs) reveal significant data collection errors and anomalies
Problems included patients entered into the “healthy population” group who were far from healthy; serious adverse event (SAE) numbers that were left blank; sample barcodes that were missing; at least one death of a patient the day before being listed as being at a medical checkup; and second doses that were administered outside the three-week protocol window. There also are questions as to whether participants were properly observed for an adequate amount of time; plus adverse events were listed as “not serious” despite extended hospital stay and much more
A majority of the CRFs in this release were from Ventavia-run trial sites. Ventavia is currently facing a lawsuit brought by Brook Jackson, a former Ventavia regional director. Jackson was fired shortly after she brought concerns about potential data falsification and poor laboratory management to the attention of the FDA and higher-ups in the company

Horowitz: Record infections in super-vaxxed UK seniors as double-vaxxed show negative efficacy against COVID death 3.22.22 [Need To Know]
In fact, cases are surging in many European countries, and U.K. seniors are now experiencing record numbers. “Covid infections surge to record high for over-70s in UK” was the title of a Financial Times article from Friday. But how can there be record infections precisely after nearly every senior was vaccinated and 90% were boosted, even though many already have had prior infection? Or are the record infections because of the shots, not despite them, and does this mean that they are preventing people from achieving immunity?
Ireland is one of the most vaccinated countries in the European Union, yet hospitalizations are rising.

They put AIDS into the MRNA vax to disable people's immune systems so the immune systems would not attack the shot.
They then had all ready to go an "aids treatment" that people could take to avoid dying after getting the MRNA shot.
ADDITIONALLY, military deaths are projected to be 50X normal in 2022 after the military was forced to get vaxxed


JUST IN: Jill Biden Gives Unvaxxed White House Guests Nasty Set Of Rules, Prepare To Be Outraged 3.22.22 [Need To Know]
Vaxed not required to wear a mask.
Unvaxed required to wear a mash, not eat, not drink, and stay at least 6 feet from everyone else!

STOP 5G! Together We Can Stop Deadly 5G Rollout! 3.21.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
I invite you to join me in using the Notices and Affidavit tools to hold each of the illegally-acting parties personally responsible.
Each Notice must be signed with your “autograph”. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the lengthy text and sign your name with your mouse. We will make sure the recipients get your letters. If the public agents fail to heed our petition for redress, we will take further lawful steps, including notarized affidavits, admissible as proof of guilt in a court of law, unless they cease and desist as directed.
More about this process, including podcast and article links, here.

Military Arrests Dr. Fauci’s NIH Assistant 3.21.22 [Need To Know]
U.S. Marines on Thursday arrested Patricia L. Conrad, special assistant to NIH Director Anthony S. Fauci, at her home in Bethesda, Maryland, after obtaining a military arrest warrant signed by Deputy Judge Advocate General Christopher C. French, a JAG source told Real Raw News.
Conrad’s detainment came as a surprise, for her name had not been previously mentioned, nor had it appeared on any radar until Thursday.
Despite her apparent clean slate, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps said it had acquired indisputable evidence proving Conrad was a major player in Fauci’s Covid crimes.

The Home Doctor - Practical Medicine for Every Household (Video) 3.21.22 [Need To Know]
The Only Book You Need When Help is Not On The Way

US Fort Detrick BioLab and Japan’s WWII Germ Warfare Unit 731 partnerships in Bio-germ warfare since 1948 (Video 6:58 min) 3.21.22 [COVID Source - Wuhan or Ft. Dietrick] [Need To Know]
Comment: Good review!

German Insurance Company Fires CEO Who Released COVID Vaccine Injury Data, Then Scrubs Data From Website 3.20.22 [Need To Know]
THE DEFENDER — The CEO of one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies was abruptly fired last month after he released data suggesting German health authorities are significantly underreporting COVID-19 vaccine injuries.
The data, released by Andreas Schofbeck of BKK/ProVita, have since been scrubbed from the company’s website.
Schofbeck, who noticed an unexpected jump in vaccine-related health insurance claims, in February notified the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) — the German equivalent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — that BKK billing data indicated the PEI was underreporting adverse events to COVID vaccines.
In his letter to the PEI, Schofbeck wrote...

What Mothers Should Know About COVID and COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 3.20.22 [Need To Know]
Public health officials want doctors to give the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to the most vulnerable age group, tiny babies and young children under 5 years old
It is the fastest development and mass administration of an experimental vaccine to healthy humans in history, and the first vaccine to be distributed and recommended for mass use under an Emergency Use Authorization
In June 2020, Congress completely shielded vaccine manufacturers and anyone administering the COVID vaccine from product liability and malpractice lawsuits in civil court
Studies have shown that most healthy infants and children with COVID disease either have no symptoms or much milder symptoms than adults, which last about a week
As of February 4, 2022, there were over 1.1 million adverse event reports following COVID-19 vaccinations filed with the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
You have the moral right and must have the legal right to gather information, consult with a health professional and follow your gut instincts when making a decision about whether or not your child should get vaccinated — without being coerced or sanctioned by anyone for the decision you make

Canada Commits $75M to COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation as U.S. Passes $1.5 TRILLION Spending Bill with ZERO Funds for Vaccine Dead and Injured 3.20.22 [Need To Know]
In the United States this week, Congress and President Biden passed a 2700+ page spending bill with $1.5 TRILLION allocated, but not a single dollar is earmarked for COVID-19 vaccine injuries or deaths.
Citizens outside of the United States are much more likely to benefit from this $1.5 TRILLION bill, as $13.6 BILLION will go to Ukraine, and at least $8 BILLION will go to Israel.

CDC Removes 24 Percent of Child COVID-19 Deaths, Thousands of Others 3.19.22 [Need To Know]
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has removed tens of thousands of deaths linked to COVID-19, including nearly a quarter of deaths it had listed in those under 18 years old.
The health agency quietly made the change on its data tracker website on March 15.
“Data on deaths were adjusted after resolving a coding logic error. This resulted in decreased death counts across all demographic categories,” the CDC says on the site.
The CDC relies on states and other jurisdictions to report COVID-19 deaths and acknowledges on its website that the data is not complete.

Dr. Robert Malone discusses COVID-19 shots’ effects on fertility and targeting children with social pressure and coercion to get jabbed
In this nearly four-hour discussion with Candace Owens, Malone touches on the global narrative that’s intent on hunting down physicians and taking away their licenses for providing early COVID-19 treatment and how Bill Gates and Big Tech have succeeded in creating monopolies and gained control of information
Malone describes three Department of Defense (DOD) whistleblowers who datamined the DOD health database, revealing disturbing increases in rates of miscarriage, cancer, neurological disease and stillbirths since COVID-19 jabs rolled out
Malone is dedicated to speaking out because he wants to protect future generations; he’s concerned about the pandemic response’s effects on children, stating that public policies have had a particularly strong adverse effect on the young
If people reconnect and come together once again for a real greater good, Malone believes we can avoid a Great Reset and instead experience a Great Awakening

Are Covid “vaccines” lethal? Here is the proof 3.19.22 [Need To Know]
17 scientists, doctors, lawyers and advocates share insights on proving that injections caused the damage in court.
How do we prove in criminal and civil courts that the forced and coerced covid injections cause the plethora of death and disease that follows them? Despite overwhelming statistics, injected athletes dropping dead on the pitch, ICU’s full of teenagers with inflamed hearts, paralyzed injected people , crescendoing cancer rates, the deaths of unborn babies of injected women , a 40% increase in death rates across all age groups, and so much more; Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazenica, J and J, and their many accomplices seem to grease the wheels of injustice with the abundant proceeds of their crime, and slip away. It is a David vs Goliath situation. I pontificated on this in more detail in our February 3rd post and announcement.
On February 6, 2022 the Legal Action Committee of the World Council for Health hosted a covid-experts international panel of doctors, lawyers, scientists and advocates. Each expert presented organized information regarding the subject of proving vaccine harm causation in both criminal and civil legal proceedings.
Here is the library of presentations from that conference. Please bookmark and share this page as a resource for lawyers, activists, and victims, who are involved in the struggle to restore our world, out of the grip of the covid criminals, and back under the rule of law and human rights.

An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness 3.19.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
The intergovernmental negotiating body, tasked with drafting and negotiating this international instrument, will hold its next meeting by 1 August 2022, to discuss progress on a working draft. It will then deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023, with the aim to adopt the instrument by 2024.
Comment: This treaty would have the “WHO Constitution” take precedence over a country's constitution during natural disasters or pandemics.
This would allow them to make their “guidelines” mandatory to the public of all countries who sign.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberge worked for the WHO for 20 years.
She says that every country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO, saying that their people DO NOT accept a signature of their Minister of Health.
WHO wants all countries to sign this letter before May 2022.

Very cute and funny video explanation of who owns the world! Vanguard! (Video 2 min or so) 3.19.22 [Need To Know]
Sure hope that you can keep up and learn the Truth!

According to the discredited vaccine industry, sports referee WHISTLES the cause behind heart problems in perfectly healthy athletes 3.19.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Referee Whistle Syndrome now sweeping the globe, coincidentally right after athletes get “vaccinated” for COVID-19
If you play sports or even attend live sports games and matches, you may want to wear some ear plugs from now on. Otherwise, you might come down with a case of RWS, also known as referee whistle syndrome, where that loud, sharp sound causes your heart to stress out so badly you could have a heart attack and die, according to fake mainstream media (MSM) news and vaccine industry “experts.”
MSM: All referee-whistle-caused heart problems are “non-vaccine related,” and anyone who says otherwise is spreading misinformation like a medical terrorist

Sean Stone Exposes Dark Elite | Flyover Clips (Video 10:35 min) [Need To Know]

ENEMIES WITHIN NATO’s obsession with biological warfare (Video 6:50 min) 3.19.22 [Need To Know]
Comment: The most factual and important upload to date!

Heretics and Heroes - A Wonderful Informational Presentation (Video 14 min) 3.18.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Created and narrated by Children’s Health Defense activist & national board member Kristina Kristen.
A PowerPoint copy without her reading the text was made and is available for you to read out loud here.

Kill Grid: The Vaxx, 5G and Smart Phones Are Inextricably Linked 3.18.22 REALLY [5G and Coronavirus] [Need To Know]
Based on the patents he’s read, John thinks that the graphene oxide in the vaccines, in combination with cellphone tower radiation can create graphene hydroxide and cause self-assembly of different structures, based on the various nanoparticles present in a particular batch.
“They’re using this infrastructure to create things, using the human body as a manufacturing plant.”
“These are signals that are sent – and they don’t have to be terahertz frequencies, they don’t need to be anything exotic. They can be from 1 gigahertz to 2.4; the stuff that cordless phones are running on.
“But it is the pattern. It’s kinda like a Morse Code. So, you’ll have a pulse at this frequency for ten seconds, followed by a pulse for five seconds, followed by three pulses at one second. Something like that. This is what’s described in the patents I’ve been reading.
“They can dial in a disease or a death like you’re tuning in a radio station. And they can do it across a broad area. So this is the most dangerous aspect of this, because it’s so covert and it’s so science fiction, almost that hardly anyone believes it.
“But I can tell you, it is very well-grounded in science. All of the different allotropes of that graphene oxide material can be generated spontaneously, under the right EMF band. The can literally change the allotropes, from sheets to strings to bucky balls – there’s like eight different ones.”

Former BlackRock Advisor Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘FDA Is in on the Cover-Up 3.18.22 [Need To Know]
In an interview with former BlackRock advisor Edward Dowd on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dowd discussed why they believe COVID vaccine makers committed fraud, and government agencies know it.
Dowd, a managing director with BlackRock from 2002 to 2012, said, “what tipped me off to the fraud” was when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it wouldn’t release the trial data for 75 years. He knew something wasn’t right.
Dowd told Kennedy: “The FDA is in on the cover-up, something went down. The other tip for me was in November of last year, a friend of mine from the biotech industry discovered that Pfizer had failed their all-cause mortality endpoint. And that was not available to us when this fanfare occurred in November of 2020, when they all got excited about 95% efficacy.”
Dowd concluded, “the FDA didn’t really look at this clinical trial data” yet rushed it through due to political pressure or “maybe straight-up bribes,” but either way, he said, the vaccines should have never been approved.
Kennedy and Dowd discussed how the trial numbers were skewed to make it seem the vaccines were effective when the real data showed otherwise.

CDC data reveal 84% increase in death of millennials after vaccine mandate 3.18.22 [Need To Know]
The data, which was examined by former BlackRock portfolio manager-turned whistleblower Ed Dowd, showed the all-cause mortality rates among millennials who were vaccinated against Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).
Armstrong warned that if the vaccines were safe, death rates in 2021 would have gone down or stayed the same on average after people got vaccinated.
This suggests that coronavirus vaccines are linked to the recorded deaths among millennials vaccinated during the pandemic. Even natural disasters don’t come close to the “catastrophic ” number of deaths among millennials, said Armstrong. Wars are the only thing that could produce this amount of fatalities, he added.

483 More Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, as Pfizer and Moderna Push for More Boosters 3.18.22 [Need To Know]
VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 1,183,495 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 25,641 deaths and 208,209 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and March 11, 2022.

Attorney presents evidence to Congress that COVID-19 vaccines are one of the greatest frauds in history 3.17.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know] [Plandemic]
Attorney Thomas Renz, who publicized data from the Department of Defense showing a significant rise in serious illness and injury in military personnel following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, has issued a special legal notice with nearly 200 pages of supporting evidence.
Some of the most alarming data included in the evidence comes from a trio of DoD whistleblowers, who shared proof from the Defense Military Epidemiological Database of a nearly 1,000 percent overall rise in injuries and diseases. This database, Renz reports, is “considered the premier epidemiological database in the world, monitored by an entire division of the military, part of the data feeding into the DHHS related to vaccine safety, and frequently cited by public health professionals in peer reviewed publications.”

New Hampshire House Votes to Allow Over-the-Counter Sales of Ivermectin 3.17.22 [Treatments]
The New Hampshire House on Wednesday passed a bill allowing the state’s pharmacists to dispense ivermectin over the counter, without a prescription. HB 1022 also prevents New Hampshire medical licensing boards from disciplining doctors for prescribing the drug.

COVID Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease 3.17.22 [Need To Know]
Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is speaking out about the risks of COVID-19 shots, including their link to neurodegenerative diseases and vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS)
Seneff believes that we can learn lessons from Parkinson’s disease about how the spike protein from COVID-19 shots could be leading to a prion-like disease, in part due to similarities between α-synuclein — the main protein found in Lewy body deposits in the brains of people with Parkinson’s disease — and spike protein
Genetic modifications introduced by COVID-19 shots may induce immune cells to release large quantities of exosomes into circulation; exosomes are extracellular vesicles that may contain mRNA along with spike protein
Seneff discusses the possibility that people who have received COVID-19 shots could shed vaccine particles to those around them, potentially leading to shot-induced disease or symptoms
Eating a nutrient-dense, organic, sulfur-rich diet and getting regular sun exposure may help your body detox from COVID-19 shots

Genetic Menace of COVID Vaccines Disclosed (Video 46:29 min) 3.17.22 [Need To Know]
COVID “vaccines” may harm the human genome and pass on defects to future generations through male sperm, warns MIT Senior Research Scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff. This is the most disturbing, enlightening hour about the danger of the vaccines that we have done to date—suggesting that women may in the future need to require males to prove they have not been vaccinated for COVID before producing offspring with them.
Dr. Seneff clearly describes the mechanisms by which the mRNA and DNA vaccines produce these GMO effects in humans, as well as how they cause multiple cardiac and neurological diseases, infertility, and death—adverse events rarely or never seen from other more typical vaccines.

‘Fauci Unmasked’: Daily Wire Releases New Docuseries 3.17.22 [Need To Know]
The Daily Wire’s new three-part series, “Fauci Unmasked,” hosted by Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, details exactly how Dr. Anthony Fauci rose to prominence and dissects Fauci’s repeated incompetence, beginning with AIDS and ending with COVID-19.
Fauci is one of the most successful failures in government history, the series argues, but the media doesn’t want you to know it. Knowles peels back the mask on Fauci’s past, exposing the world’s leading “scientist.”

"They Switched It On": It's Everywhere & Still No One Sees It... (Video 12:22 min) 3.16.22 [5G and Coronavirus] [Plandemic]
People continue to be misled, in my opinion, about certain sicknesses, including CONvid-1984, by believing it is a contagious disease.
First, SARS-C0V-2 has NEVER been proven to exist and it has NEVER been isolated.
Second, many of the symptoms that people have experienced are known to come from electro-magnetic radiation.
In a brief video, with evidence you will not see in the Mockingbird media, you will witness what 5G is doing and has done to life on earth.
I’ll let the viewer make their own decision as to whether this is the culprit of the alleged CONVIDs or not.

COVID19 and Electrophysical Modality Research 3.16.22 [Treatments]
There has been a range of research and hypothesis papers published in which various Electrophysical Modalities have been evaluated for their (potential) effect in the current COVID-19 situation
I have tried to provide the references below, grouped as best I can, and where possible, have linked to the journal or index page. Many of the papers are very recent and therefore do not yet have issues and page numbers allocated. So far as I can tell, they are all available as 'online first' papers.

9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People: Report 3.16.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A report released by the UK government has confirmed that 9 out of every 10 deaths related to COVID-19 are found in those who are fully vaccinated. Although the virus variant is the same and the UK approved only one different vaccine (AstraZeneca) from the United States, the data in the U.S. are different...

What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda 3.16.22 [Need To Know]
According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is to change what it means to be human by merging man and machine
Humans are now “hackable,” in that technology now exists by which a company or government can know you better than you know yourself, and that can be very dangerous if misused
Professor Yuval Noah Harari predicts that algorithms will increasingly be used to make decisions that have historically been made by humans, either yourself or someone else, including whether or not you’ll be hired for a particular job, whether you’ll be granted a loan, what scholastic curriculum you will follow and even who you will marry
Harari warns that if we allow the establishment of a digital dictatorship, where the system, be it a corporation or a government, knows the most intimate details about each and every person, it will be impossible to dismantle it. Its control will be total and irreversible

‘They killed my boy!!!!’: Aussie boy dead after COVID jab – Facebook remove dad’s posts 3.16.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
A seven year old boy has died in Australia from a massive heart attack hours after receiving the COVID jab.
In a concerted effort to silence the grieving father’s voice, Facebook have deleted his posts on at least four occasions. The boy’s mother is currently in hospital suffering from shock.
A screenshot of the father’s (Steve Leary), post has been circulated on social media, before it was permanently removed.
The roll-out of the experimental mRNA injection for children in Australia began this month. Daily Telegraph New Zealand is aware o
f other Australian children who have died from the medication or suffered severe adverse reactions, and we will be bringing you their stories in due course.

Mayorkas Releases New Rules on Extremism – DHS Will Target Anyone Who Believes Election Was Stolen or Who Challenged Fauci’s Everchanging COVID Narrative 3.15.22 [Need To Know]
Now Mayorkas is working on a very important project. Rather than shut down the border, Mayorkas released new rules on “extremism”.
The new guidelines on extremist behavior include those who question the fraud in the 2020 election and anyone who question the regime’s talking points on COVID and its treatments including the mandates.
A March 2021 unclassified threat assessment prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Department of Justice, and DHS, noted that domestic violent extremists “who are motivated by a range of ideologies and galvanized by recent political and societal events in the United States pose an elevated threat to the Homeland in 2021.”3 The assessment pointed to newer “sociopolitical developments such as narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the U.S. Capitol, conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence” that “will almost certainly spur some [domestic violent extremists] [sic] to try to engage in violence this year.”4
Over half of the US population question the results of the 2020 presidential election.
Another half of the public questions the ever-changing COVID talking points coming from the medical elites including Dr. Fauci who lied under oath about his funding of gain of function research in Chinese labs.

Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Eliminate Fauci’s Position as NIAID Director + More 3.15.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Monday introduced an amendment that would eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and decentralize it, so that no one person can act as “dictator-in-chief” in the name of public health, the senator said.
Paul’s amendment would reorganize NIAID by breaking it down into three separate national research institutes, all with their own director, including the National Institute of Allergic Diseases, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the National Institute of Immunologic Diseases.
“We’ve learned a lot over the past two years, but one lesson in particular is that no one person should be deemed ‘dictator-in-chief,’” Paul said in a statement announcing the amendment. “No one person should have unilateral authority to make decisions for millions of Americans.”

BOMBSHELL: Fauci owns patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells 3.15.22 [Need To Know]
Early on in the plandemic, we reported that unusual HIV insertions had been identified in the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). This strongly suggested at the time that the virus was a bioweapon constructed in a laboratory.
Since that time, it has been further revealed that Tony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) owns a patent on at least one such HIV insertion, known as gp120.

BREAKING: Government [Thailand] Pays Out $45 Million To Victims Of COVID Vaccines 3.15.22 [Need To Know]
According to a new report from WND, the government of Thailand has paid out a total of more than $45 million as compensation to individuals who have developed illnesses and injuries as a result of taking the COVID vaccine.
As of this writing, 12,714 individuals have been given this compensation, the Phenom Penh Post reported.

The DC Trucker Convoy is REAL: Patriots Drive to DC to Demand Change from Congress (Video 12:45 min) 3.15.22 [Need To Know]
The rumors swarming that the People’s Convoy has flopped are lies; the convoy is real and prevailing against all odds.
Trucker Brian Brase joined the Stew Peters Show Monday to destroy the propaganda and lies surrounding the People’s Convoy and its efforts to encircle the D.C. Beltway with horns.
Brase details everything from the convoy’s funding, the support they’ve received from individuals like Sen. Ted Cruz, and their plans to continue to fight for freedom.

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff tests positive for Covid-19 3.15.22 Do we ? [Need To Know]
(CNN)Second gentleman Doug Emhoff tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday, according to a statement from the vice president's office.
Earlier today, the Second Gentleman tested positive for Covid-19, said Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary for Vice President Kamala Harris.
Out of an abundance of caution, the Vice President will not participate in tonight's event. The Vice President tested negative for Covid-19 today and will continue to test.

Peoples Convoy 3/15/22. Rollin’ into DC (Video 4 hr 44 min) 3.15.22 [Need to Know]
103,957 views - Streamed live 13 hours ago

1976 Swine Flu Scandal: The CDC's History of Lying About Vaccine Dangers and Effectiveness (Video 14:15 min) 3.14.22 [Need To Know]
Same Government Propaganda!!
Back Before Big Pharma Had Total Control of The Corporate Media, There Were A Few Examples of Investigative Reporting That Exposed the Corruption in U.S. Vaccination Programs.
This Is a Report Done by Mike Wallace Of 60 Minutes In 1979 About the Rushed-To-Market Swine Flu Vaccine Of 1976, And Used Propaganda to Scare Americans into Getting a Vaccine (That Had Side Effects and Sometimes Induced Paralysis and Even Death).
This Shows How the CDC Cannot Be Trusted for Truthful Vaccine Information.
Sound Familiar?! "Those Who Do Not Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It."
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Free Ebook - COVID Vaccine Destroys Organs - Use These 21 Simple, Proven Methods to Heal Your Body 3.13.22 [Need To Know]
This eBook Reveals:
Why so many COVID treatments have been censored from the public
The true numbers you’ll never hear from the mainstream media such as the 15,386 deaths that happened after receiving the jab (we reveal MANY more shocking numbers in the ebook)
The top 21 ways to heal your body, or a loved ones, from vaccine injury
Why this vaccine is destroying vital organs and how you can protect yourself from damage
The reason we believe these alternative treatment methods are “Big Pharma’s biggest nightmare”
Why the CDC reports over 726,965 post- vaccine adverse events but still won’t stop pushing their agenda forward
Plus all of the other suppressed and censored information you’ll never hear from the mainstream media

Feds Secretly Paid Media to Promote COVID Shots 3.13.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
The Biden administration made direct payments to nearly all major corporate media outlets to deploy a $1 billion taxpayer-funded outreach campaign designed to push only positive coverage about COVID-19 vaccines and to censor any negative coverage.
Media outlets across the nation failed to disclose the federal government as the source of ads in news reports promoting the shots to their audiences.
According to a Freedom of Information Request filed by The Blaze, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) purchased advertising from major news outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.
HHS also ran media blitzes in major media publications including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, BuzzFeed News, Newsmax and hundreds of local TV stations and newspapers across the nation.
In addition to paying news outlets to push the vaccines, the federal government bought ads on TV, radio, in print and on social media as part of a “comprehensive media campaign,” HHS documents show.

Idaho Parents Have Child Medically Kidnapped for Missing Doctor’s Appointment 3.13.22 [Need To Know]
Hundreds of people reportedly showed up to protest at the hospital on Saturday. Diego is stating that they will have press conference at the hospital today (Sunday) at 2:00 p.m. Updates found here.
Ammon Bundy was reportedly arrested last night, as members of his “People’s Rights” group apparently joined the protest.
We have previously reported about this group as in January of 2021 they protested the medical kidnapping of an elderly woman at a hospital until they released her.

Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines (Video 19:06) 3.13.22 [Need To Know]

Here are the Documents the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Scrubbed on ‘Biological Threat Reduction’ Labs 3.13.22 [Need To Know]
Russian accusations of a U.S.-funded and administered ‘biowarfares’ laboratory research program in Ukraine has led to rampant speculation about the nature of these Pentagon-funded laboratories. The Russians’ insistence that it has evidence of such a bioweapons program has become a major hurdle at the diplomatic negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus.
Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov charged at a press conference last week that “the Pentagon built two biowarfare labs and they have been developing pathogens there in Kyiv and in Odessa.” Lavrov also compared the presence of the laboratories to the United States’ Weapons of Mass Destruction program allegations that led it to invade Iraq in 2003 and topple dictator Saddam Hussein.
Leonid Slutsky, head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs and a member of the Russian delegation at the talks with Ukraine, argued that the purported development of biological weapons components “confirm that the Russian Federation had good reasons for conducting a special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine.”
Major General Igor Konashenkov, an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, charged on Sunday that “components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine, in close proximity to Russian territory.”

The Thousands of Fetal Deaths Recorded After COVID-19 Vaccines that Nobody Wants to Report and that Facebook is Trying Hard to Censor 3.13.22 [Need To Know]
The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database was updated this past Friday, March 11, 2022, and it is now reporting that there have been 1,168,894 cases of injuries and deaths following COVID-19 vaccines since December of 2020, when the FDA issued emergency use authorizations for the COVID-19 vaccines. (Source.)
By way of contrast, there were 926,031 cases of injuries and deaths following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30+ years, from 1990 through November of 2020. (Source.)

CDC And The FDA Data Signaling Vaccine Catastrophe 3.12.22 [Plandemic]
According to a report from WND, back in 1976, after 32 deaths were attributed to the swine flu vaccine, the United States government decided to halt its campaign for mass vaccination. Which is something our own government today would not even dream of considering, let alone taking actual action on.
Despite the VAERS database, which is run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration reporting more than 23,000 deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines, the message we’re getting from the mainstream media and top health officials like Dr. Rochelle Walensky and Dr. Anthony Fauci is that there has not been a single person who has suffered adverse effects or died from what is without question the largest experimental vaccine rollout in the history of the world.
“When confronted more than one month ago in a Senate hearing, Walensky and Fauci both dodged a direct question about the number of vaccine deaths and injuries by undermining the validity of the VAERS data, which is compiled to monitor vaccine safety. And ‘fact checkers’ repeatedly have cited the CDC saying it can’t be proved that any of the deaths recorded in VAERS were caused by the vaccines. To date, as WND reported, Walensky still has not fulfilled her promise to a Republican senator to provide the American people with the government’s evidence-based estimate of vaccine-related deaths and adverse events,” the report said.

The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed 3.12.22 [Need To Know]
February 21, 2022, the Canadian Parliament approved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act, with 185 votes for and 151 against, in response to the peaceful trucker protest against vaccine mandates.1 While Trudeau in a February 14, 2022, press conference (above) promised the Act would be limited in time, geographical location and scope, he’s already reneging on that promise.
Financial Surveillance Powers Will Be Permanently Expanded
The act was invoked to allow the government to physically disperse the trucker convoy without actually listening to their complaint, and to punish anyone who has supported the protest.
Under the act, banks are empowered to seize the personal bank accounts of anyone suspected of participating in the protest, or supporting it with as little as a $25 donation. Disturbingly, the surveillance powers over financial transactions granted by the act are actually intended to become permanent. As reported by National Review...
As noted by the National Review, we can already tell what the Canadian government will do with those expanded surveillance powers. We’re seeing their intentions in action. By invoking the Act, Trudeau has given himself the unilateral power to destroy the lives of Canadians who happen to disagree with him, regardless of the issue at hand.
Absolute Control Through Financial Slavery!

DuckDuckGo starts censoring Russia! Here some alternatives! 3.12.22 [Need To Know]
Here are some alternatives: Brave Search, Startpage, Mojeek, Searx, Whoogle, Seznam, Peekier, Infinity Search, Okeano…

United Air Will Allow 2,200 Unvaccinated Workers on Leave to Resume Their Jobs 3.12.22 [Need To Know]
United Airlines Holdings Inc. will allow 2,200 unvaccinated employees to return to their jobs this month, saying there are signs that the Covid-19 pandemic is “beginning to meaningfully recede.”
Workers who were granted religious or medical exemptions and put on unpaid leave can resume working on March 28, Kirk Limacher, United’s vice president of human resources, said Thursday in a staff memo.

The White House's Game-Playing Denials of Bio-Labs in Ukraine (Video 56:28 min) 3.12.22 [Need To Know]
The following is a full transcript (for subscribers only) from the latest episode of my System Update video program on Rumble: entitled The White House’s Game-Playing Denials of Bio-Labs in Ukraine, first broadcast on Thursday night,, March 10, 2022.
You can watch the program on the Rumble page at the link above, or watch the full episode on the player below...

Edward Dowd on Future Recession, Shocking Findings in the CDC Covid Data and Democide 3.12.22 [Need To Know]
d enlisted the help of an insurance industry expert to parse out the CDC Excess Deaths data. He says, “We were looking for other things but what we found was pretty shocking…He broke it down by age and he created a baselines for each age group to come up with excess mortality.
“And the money chart is really Chart 4, which shows that the Millennial age group, 25 to 44 experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality into the fall. It’s the worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history.

Demand an Immediate Global Ban on Gain-of-Function ‘Biomedical’ and ‘Biodefense’ Research! 3.11.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
SIGN THE PETITION: Demand an Immediate Global Ban on Gain-of-Function ‘Biomedical’ and ‘Biodefense’ Research!
On that question, there should be no debate: It’s time to end the reckless genetic engineering and weaponizing of pathogenic viruses and organisms, carried out under the guise of “biomedicine” and “biodefense,” by demanding an immediate and total global ban on all gain-of-function research.

5G - Coming Everywhere - Found to Induce Microwave Poisoning Syndrome at Levels Lower than Permitted by Our Rulers 3.11.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Well here is a report I am copying and pasting from a terrific site, Children’s Health Defense, which summarizes a first of its kind Swedish study that is extremely alarming.
5G is popping up everywhere. Industry and government are hailing its arrival. Worse, very conservative and government criticizing radio and internet commentators are welcoming it without question, as many have done with the vaccine. Makes me not only question the integrity of these alleged “conservative” folks, but also their loyalty to their listeners. I won’t mention names here but one who continually talks about the “Great Reset” and the fraudulent COVID management has openly welcomed 5G.
I will tell you I am quite fearful of 5G. There is essentially no defense against it. And this article tells us that the “non-ionizing” radiation of 5G, which could be installed right next door to you without warning or your permission, could destroy your life.

The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Is Unsafe, And Must Be Avoided At All Costs-Supreme Court has canceled universal vax 3.10.22 [Need To Know]
Please ALERT everyone in the family, friends and relatives! BREAKING NEWS ! Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination In the United States, the Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination. Bill Gates, US Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Fauci, and Big Pharma have lost a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, failing to prove that all of their vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens!
The lawsuit was filed by a group of scientists led by Senator Kennedy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr .:
“The new COVID vaccine should be avoided at all costs. I urgently draw your attention to important issues related to the next vaccination against Covid-19. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation directly interfere with the patient’s genetic material and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which is genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and was previously considered a crime.

Russia tells the US “we have found your biological weapons” (Video 2:09 min) 3.10.22 [Need To Know]
The reason they were in Ukraine was because they are prohibited in the US.

Archived Records Show U.S. Government Admitted To Funding BioLabs In Ukraine Including for 'Vaccine Development' 3.10.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
The United States government admitted to the existence of U.S. Department of Defense-funded biolabs in Ukraine. The Russian government has made stirring allegations regarding the contents of U.S.-funded Ukrainian labs, suggesting that the labs are home to bioweapons research that could be used against enemies of the globalist Western regime. Meanwhile, the Department of Defense has used a base in San Antonio to study human tissue and RNA material exclusively from Caucasian Russians.

DC Beltway Becomes a Parking Lot as People’s Convoy Circles Washington For Second Day in a Row 3.10.22 [Need To Know]
For the second day in a row, the 1,000-vehicle People’s Convoy turned the D.C. Beltway into a parking lot as all lanes of traffic fell to a standstill multiple times today.
The People’s Convoy will be joined by the Convoy for America and the American Freedom Convoy to add an estimated 1,000 more vehicles to the protest on Monday night.

“Greatest Fraud” In History… Attorney Who Revealed DOD Vaccine-Injury Data Puts Feds On Notice 3.9.22 [Need To Know]
The Ohio attorney responsible for publicizing Department of Defense data that indicates a huge spike in serious injuries and illnesses among military personnel when vaccines were rolled out in 2021 issued a special notice Monday with nearly 200 pages of evidence, which charges possible government corruption concerning COVID-19, referring to it as the “greatest fraud” in history.
Thomas Renz, who initially revealed the DoD data during a panel that was hosted by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson back in January, stated that he will be sending the documentation to “every congressperson, governor, state attorney general, and as many other elected officials as possible throughout the nation.”

Lawsuit Asks for Millions in Damages From Boston Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 3.9.22 [Need To Know]
Boston should pay $6 million each to 16 people who were negatively affected by the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses, according to a new lawsuit.

GAME CHANGER: Extraordinary Thing Happening As Demand For Vaccine Collapses 3.9.22 [Need To Know]
“As demand for COVID-19 vaccines collapses in many areas of the U.S., states are scrambling to use stockpiles of doses before they expire and have to be added to the millions that have already gone to waste,” Fox 5’s report stated.
“From some of the least vaccinated states, like Indiana and North Dakota, to some of the most vaccinated states, like New Jersey and Vermont, public health departments are shuffling doses around in the hopes of finding providers that can use them,” the report continued.
“State health departments told The Associated Press they have tracked millions of doses that went to waste, including ones that expired, were in a multi-dose vial that couldn’t be used completely or had to be tossed for some other reason like temperature issues or broken vials,” the report said.
“The percentage of wasted doses in California is only about 1.8%, but in a state that has received 84 million doses and administered more than 71 million of them, that equates to roughly 1.4 million doses.
Providers there are asked to keep doses until they expire, then properly dispose of them, the California Department of Public Health said,” Fox 5 reported.

Don’t believe the media’s fake post-mortem, the “pandemic” was NOT a mistake 3.8.22 [Need To Know]
The story will be that Covid hysteria was the result of “flawed data” or “panic”…it was neither.
This week has seen the UK’s SAGE group discontinuing their regular monthly meetings, whilst admitting their predictions were “at variance with reality”.
The media are discussing the “bad data” which was used to build the Imperial College models that called for a lockdown.

Dr. Robert Malone: “9 Out Of 10 People Dying Of COVID Have Been Vaccinated!” (Video 1:23 min) 3.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Original Video:
GETTR tweet referenced in interview:
UK Health Security Agency COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report Week 8, 24 February 2022:

OFFICIAL DATA: TN House Video: Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths. The triple vaccinted are the most likely to die from covid-19 (Video 0:58 min) 3.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

Official data: Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths - England report demolishes last remaining argument for getting shots 3.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The fully vaccinated account for 9 of every 10 deaths from COVID-19 in England and 4 of 5 deaths among the triple-vaccinated, according to the latest data published by the U.K. Health Security Agency.
The independent British news site The Exposé reported the government report, published Feb. 22, includes a table on page 41 confirming the vast majority of deaths were among the vaccinated.

Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 "Covid-19" Deaths in England (Video 1:57 min) 3.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England 3.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms deaths are rising dramatically among the triple vaccinated population whilst declining steadily among the not-vaccinated population in England.
With the most recent figures showing the fully vaccinated accounted for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths over the past month; and the triple vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 of them.

Triple “Vaccinated” Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of All New Covid Cases Are Fully Jabbed 3.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The plandemic of the “fully vaccinated” rages on as the latest data shows that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are occurring in people who took the jabs.
Public Health Scotland (PHS) is reporting that an astounding four out of every five covid hospitalizations and deaths are jabbed, meaning only 20 percent of hospitalizations and deaths blamed on covid are occurring in the unvaccinated.
According to the figures, cases were down overall in February compared to January. However, the bulk is still comprised of fully vaccinated individuals, including the triple-vaccinated.

BLOOD of Non 'VACCINATED' vs BLOOD of 'DOUBLE VAXXED' ("Is Crawling with Parasites & Bacteria...") (Video 4:49 min) 3.8.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
It's Crawling with Bacteria & Parasites, in Numbers Never Seen Before, It's A Ticking Time Bomb !!!
Also at

The Difference Between mRNA Injections and Vaccines 3.8.22 [Need To Know]
If the US government would call the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ by what they really are, far fewer people would be lining up for their two shots.

The Lies of Pfizer: The Billion Dollar Cash Payment from Biden to Media 3.8.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
A Freedom of Information Act request filed by TheBlaze has revealed that Biden’s Health and Human Services Department paid $1 billion of your tax dollars to bribe all the major news outlets to tell you to get vaccinated.

CONFIRMED! 1 billion dollars in tax payers money secretly given to large media companies to push vaccines and prevent vaccine hesitancy 3.8.22 [Need to Know]

Even Mild Cases of COVID-19 Can Lead to Brain Changes: Study 3.8.22 [Need To Know]
Approximately 785 people underwent a brain scan and about half later tested positive for COVID-19...

List Of 40 Billionaires Who Got Rich From COVID 3.8.22 [Need to Know]
A long list, including for each: Net worth; Source of Wealth; and Citizenship

Dr. Peter McCullough: Findings From Early COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Potentially Alarming 3.8.22 [Need To Know]
How safe are COVID-19 vaccines? Should everyone be taking them? Are people who get vaccines more likely to get COVID-19? Can genetic material in the vaccines be incorporated into the human genome? These are some of the unknown questions that researchers around the world are currently investigating...

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine, Worldwide data has confirmed the Vaccinated are developing Covid Vaccine induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 3.7.22 [Need To Know]
Here we present a series of strong evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing recipients to develop acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or a novel condition with similar attributes that can only be described as Covid-19 Vaccine Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

Ivermectin: The Truth vs Goliath | A letter to Dr Andrew Hill | Dr Tess Lawrie 3.7.22 [Treatments]
In October 2020 Dr Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organisation on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.
But on January 18th 2021, Dr Hill published his findings on a pre-print server. His methods lacked rigour, the review was low quality and the extremely positive findings on ivermectin were contradicted by the conclusion. In the end, Dr Hill advised that “Ivermectin should be validated in larger appropriately controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities.”
The researcher seeking a global recommendation on Ivermectin had instead recommended against it. A media onslaught against the medicine ensued. What were Dr Hill’s reasons for doing so? Were his conclusions justified? Or were external forces influencing his about-face?
One year on, this film by ‘Oracle Films‘ recalls exactly what happened from the perspective of somebody that experienced it first hand; Dr Tess Lawrie; also featuring contributions from Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik who worked closely with Dr Hill during the same time frame.

Digital Passport System Has Quietly Rolled Out 3.7.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
At least 21 U.S. states, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have rolled out digital vaccine passports, and four more states plan to release them soon
One of the most prominent names in the digital vaccine passport space is SMART Health Card, a verifiable vaccine passport developed by the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI)
SMART Health Cards, which can be paper or digital, can be obtained from pharmacies, doctors’ offices, state immunization registries and any other organization that has your shot records and other health information
Disguised as a tool for convenience and safety, digitized ids such as mobile driver’s licenses and vaccine passports will be embedded into everyday life, eroding your privacy and acting as a tool to control everything from food and sustainability to travel and mobility

Warning! Study Reveals mRNA Vaccine May Cause “Tragic And Even Catastrophic” Side Effects 3.6.22 [Need To Know]
A brand new peer-reviewed study from the United States has found that the COVID vaccine, which is still technically in the experimental phase, that is being rolled out across the globe could cause multiple serious adverse side effects, according to a new report from Infowars.
The study, released in May of this year, is called “Worse than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19” and was published in the “International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

Tech Company Announces It “successfully tested 5G beamed to earth from 45,000 feet”; Signal Maintained for 5 Hours 3.6.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Worldwide opposition to 5G deployment has been ongoing for years which has slowed and/or stopped installation in some locations. Since 2017 doctors and scientists have asked for 5G moratoriums on Earth and in space (see 1, 2) and the majority of scientists oppose deployment. Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals experiencing symptoms and illnesses after it was activated (see 1, 2. 3, 4). In 2019, telecom executives testified that they had NO scientific evidence that it’s safe. In fact, some researchers claim 5G deployment may be contributing to COVID-19 infections. Of course, others disagree. Still, research has determined that there are health risks associated with 5G exposure as well as exposure to 4G and other sources of wireless Wi-Fi radiation (see 1, 2) and Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”). Got pets? Exposure can affect them too.
Despite all of the above, 5G continues to be installed, activated, and now beamed down at us from the stratosphere.

House passes bill requiring employers to accept natural immunity in lieu of vaccine requirements 3.6.22 [Need To Know]
The House of Delegates passed a bill saying that if employers have vaccine requirements then evidence of natural immunity or antibodies would suffice. The bill passed on a 68-28 vote after lengthy debate and now goes to the state Senate.

WAW 24 180421 5g Plan to Exterminate Humanity Failed Thanks to Wikileaks, Victims & Whistleblowers (Video 56:00 min) 3.5.22 [Need To Know]
DARPA’s "Project Defuse" Bringing More of Fauci's Bioweapons Against Americans/Secret Pfizer Vaxx Kill Plan, Worm Eggs Found in Vials, Holocaust Survivor Blasts Jab Tyranny

Surgeon General and his mail-order CCP bride want target list of CV skeptics spreading misinformation 3.5.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Unfortunately, a tangential outcome from eliminating the FBI “China Initiative’, is recognizing we now have a completely compromised U.S. Surgeon General who is a controlled mechanism for the Fourth Branch of Government to leverage.
This is the background context for this story.
President Biden’s surgeon general on Thursday formally requested that the major tech platforms submit information about the scale of Covid-19 misinformation on social networks, search engines, crowdsourced platforms, e-commerce platforms and instant messaging systems.
The surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, also demanded information from the platforms about the major sources of Covid-19 misinformation, including those that engaged in the sale of unproven Covid-19 products, services and treatments.

Hero Juscha Grunther Ending Vaxx Mandates Forever (Video 14 min) 3.5.22 [Need To Know]
Despite medical apartheid, Juscha Grunther inspires and organizes resistance to forced injections and electronic tags.
This is how far Trudeau has taken Canada from a free and fair society. Juscha Gunther is an intelligent articulate law-abiding Canadian woman, who refused to be coerced or forced into the covid-19 bioweapon injection.
For this, Juscha has lost her job, lost her home, and moved into a bus… in the winter!
Juscha has not given up. Rather, from her bus, she dedicated herself to the study of the law, and has created a tool to share with us: a bill to end “vaccine” mandates and human nanotech tagging and tracking.

David Icke! A great review! Lots of Truth!

"This Is Scientific Fraud" | Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough Condemn the CDC (Video 5:13 min) 3.4.33 REALLY [Need To Know]
There are going to be legal consequences, and I believe they have a choice. These government employees have been participating in hiding this data. They can either be defendants or they can be witnesses.

U.S. Truckers: Destination DC, Convoy Headed To The Capitol, Ignored By Media (Video 10:46 min) 3.4.33 REALLY [Need To Know]

The surgeon general calls on Big Tech to turn over Covid-19 misinformation data 3.4.22 [Need To Know] [Plandemic]
Dr. Vivek Murthy also demanded information from the platforms about the major sources of Covid-19 misinformation. Companies have until May 2 to submit the data.

Green Media Info - The Science of Natural Healing 3.4.22 [Treatments]
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Did you know that is 100% membership supported? It is through memberships and donations that we are able to serve 500,000 visitors a month with free access to our carefully curated research.
In order to continue, we need your support more than ever. Our memberships start at only $8.00 per month and provide you with enhanced content & features!

How to Detox Spike Protein After COVID or Vaccine (Feb 26, 2022) 3.4.22 [Treatments]
If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body
Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs
The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body
Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione
The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT ON AN ENTIRE GLOBAL POPULATION - Dr Graham Lyons | Adelaide, South Australia (Video 12:40 min) 3.4.22 [Plandemic]
ONLY 3418 Views...
Comment: This video by Dr Graham Lyons is short but exactly how I see the covid fraud being carried out in Australia.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: scientific evidence that covid is crime against humanity 3.4.22 [Plandemic]
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has listened to a hundred experts from every field of science. They have collected undeniable evidence that the Covid pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation. According to Dr. Fuellmich, a second Nuremberg trial may be needed, to prosecute all who are complicit in this unprecedented crime against humanity.
On this page you can download dozens of scientific studies and investigative reports that confirm Dr Reiner Fuellmich's claim that the pandemic is a crime against humanity. Share this scientific evidence with your own family practitioner, school teachers, medical staff, law enforcement, local authorities, etc. Stop World Control has also created several in-depth reports that prove how the pandemic has been planned for decades.
This is the real truth on practically every element of the huge covid lie “ The greatest crimes against humanity ever, ever committed!“
It may take days, even weeks to wade through all this, but the real proof on practically all aspects of the covid fraud are in here!

California to essentially CRIMINALIZE doctors who hold dissenting views on medical treatments… OBEY or else 3.3.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
A new bill proposed in the Golden State would classify any defiance by medical professionals of the “contemporary scientific consensus” on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) as “unprofessional conduct.”
Co-written by five California Assembly and Senate members, the proposed bill was introduced to the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions by Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low. It could be reviewed as soon as March 17 during an Assembly Committee hearing.

Shocking study finds covid vaccines REWRITE your DNA… criminal CDC proven to have repeatedly LIED about this very issue to deceive and harm the public 3.3.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
As The Epoch Times and other media outlets reported yesterday, a shocking new study conducted at Lund University in Sweden has confirmed that mRNA nanoparticles from Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine enter human cells and are reverse-transcripted into DNA, achieving a permanent alteration of the person’s genetic code.
This is something that the CDC lied about for the last several years, claiming it was impossible.
The study is published in the journal Molecular Biology. It’s entitled, “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line.”
The study concludes that, “BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA as fast as 6 [hours] after BNT162b2 exposure.”
This means the vaccine alters your genetic code in mere hours after being injected. This may help explain why cancer rates are exploding in people who take covid vaccines. The integrity of their DNA is being destroyed.
It is also yet more proof that the mRNA particles from the vaccine do, indeed, circulate throughout the body and don’t stay restricted to the injection site.
That’s another lie told to the world by the CDC, Big Tech and the pharma-funded corporate media which has been caught in lie after lie when it comes to covid origins and vaccine safety.

US Senate Passes Bill to End COVID-19 National Emergency 3.3.22 [Need To Know]
The resolution passed 48–47 on a party-line vote...

Masks still required in Edmonton as province drops most COVID-19 rules 3.2.22 [Need To Know]
Alberta government lifted masking rules for most public places Tuesday.
The Alberta government lifts its mask mandate as of March 1 as part of its general easing of COVID-19 restrictions. However, the City of Edmonton's face-covering bylaw remains in effect.

People’s Convoy Organizers Expect 10K Vehicles Tomorrow as 6 Groups Merge 3.2.22 [Need To Know]
Just like the Freedom Convoy in Canada, America now has a convoy of its own. Last week, a group of truckers formed The People’s Convoy and left California to make their way to Washington, D.C. And as they’ve been moving across the country, their numbers have grown larger and larger.
Furthermore, on Wednesday they will reach Indiana, where reportedly six other convoys will merge with The People’s Convoy as they work their way to the nation’s capital. And indeed, it looks like Washington is getting prepared: The fence around the Capitol has gone back up, and U.S. National Guard troops are stationed throughout the city. How will this play out?
In a decision released today, Justice Francis Cooke determined that ordering frontline police officers and Defence staff to be vaccinated or face losing their job was not a “reasonably justified” breach of the Bill of Rights.

World’s 1st Plant-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Authorized 3.1.22 [Need To Know]
Canada has become the first country in the world to authorize a plant-based COVID-19 vaccine.
Canadian regulators said on Feb. 24 that Quebec-based Medicago’s two-dose vaccine is approved for adults aged 18 to 64; there isn’t enough data to give to adults aged 65 and older, officials said.

Gene Decode: Massive Intel Drop with Patriot Dave 'The Truth Found Here' 3.1.22 [Need To Know]
In this latest video, Gene and Patriot Dave share a great deal of new Intel and major events that are just on the horizon!
Gene Decode can no longer be found on Youtube and many sites. He is one of the few good sources for the truth and info not found anywhere else.

THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 21 The untold truth about nose swabs (Video 30:30 min) 3.1.22 [Need To Know]
Part 21: Covid-19: Part 4 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.
About nose swabs and PCR...

Dr. Zelenko: "Yes, The Vaccinated Have AIDS" - Here's Why 2.28.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Not HIV-produced AIDS, but make no mistake they have AIDS.
AIDS = Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
And that's exactly what is happening.
Their bodies are losing all ability to defend themselves. That's what immuno-deficiency means.

The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed 2.28.22 [Plandemic]
February 21, 2022, the Canadian Parliament approved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to the peaceful trucker protest against vaccine mandates
Under the Act, Canadian banks can seize the personal bank accounts of anyone suspected of participating in or supporting the protest, and these financial surveillance powers are intended to become permanent
February 14, 2022, Canadian finance minister Chrystia Freeland said the government was using the Emergencies Act to broaden Canada’s anti-money-laundering and terrorist financing rules to cover crowdfunding platforms and their payment service providers. The broadened surveillance power requires all digital transactions, including cryptocurrencies, to be reported to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada. (Fintrac)
What’s happening in Canada should be a sobering wakeup call for the whole world. Governments intend to control dissent through financial blackmail, which is why they’re also pushing for programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

‘Vaccine-Induced Cancer’ Chlorine Dioxide To The Rescue 2.28.22 [Treatments]
We now have an inconceivable rise in cancer rates caused by COVID vaccines. Early in 2022, Senator Ron Johnson hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called “Second Opinion.” One of the speakers at this 5-hour recorded event last Monday was attorney Thomas Renz, who in the short time allotted to him, testified that three military medical professionals had become whistleblowers, putting their careers on the line, to expose data contained in the Department of Defense Medical Database, under oath and under penalty of perjury, regarding the explosion of miscarriages which increased by almost 300% in 2021, a nearly 300% increase in cancer, and over a 1000% increase in neurological injuries. Renz stated: “Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed.” (by the COVID-19 vaccines.)

Freedom Convoy USA And The People’s Convoy Now More Than 7000 Vehicles And More Than 30 Miles Long! (Video 5:10 min) 2.28.22 [Need To Know]
2,735 views as of Feb 28, 2022

400,000 Cases of COVID Vaccine Injuries Found in Data Analyzed by German Health Insurer 2.27.22 [Need To Know]
A German health insurer BKK ProVita said an analysis of data collected from more than 10 million people suggests COVID vaccine side effects are “significantly” underreported. The company said its analysis revealed a “significant alarm signal” and said "a risk to human life cannot be ruled out.”

The Extraordinary Story of How Governments Suppressed Effective COVID Treatments and Targeted Physicians Who Prescribed Them 2.27.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]

Are You Swimming in an Invisible Sea of EMFs? Here’s What to Do. 2.27.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
It's nearly impossible to avoid electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure completely, but there are practical ways to limit it. Given the number of EMFs that bombard you all day, it’s important to educate yourself about their negative impact on your health.

They Tell Us to ‘Trust the Science.’ But Who Paid for It? 2.27.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
As long as our legislative system, public health agencies, physicians and research journals accept money from pharmaceutical manufacturers, and our justice system keeps letting drug companies off the hook when their negligence causes harm, there’s no reason for Big Pharma to change.

California Bill Would Punish Doctors Who Promote COVID ‘Misinformation,’ as Other States Move to Protect Doctors’ Rights to Treat Patients 2.27.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
California lawmakers want COVID vaccine mandates for all K-12 students and the right to “discipline” doctors who step outside public policy guidelines for treating COVID patients. But other states, including New Hampshire and Kansas, are eying legislation designed to protect physicians who prescribe drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Pfizer Steps Up Advertising for Its ‘Blockbuster’ Drug to Treat Heart Conditions, Including Those Caused by COVID Vaccines 2.27.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb this month revived the “No Time to Wait” ad campaign urging people experiencing heart issues to visit their doctors. The two drugmakers developed and market Eliquis, the top-selling drug for the very heart conditions associated with people who received Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

Video Shows HUNDREDS Of American Freedom Convoy Protesters Travelling Towards DC (Video 2:20 min) 2.27.22 [Need To Know]

BREAKING: Vaccinated Dying At Twice Rate Of Unvaccinated In This Location 2.27.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Not only are the vaccines not safe but they don’t work. First we were told that the vaccines would stop COVID, which we all knew was a lie. It was quickly discovered that the vaccines do not stop COVID.
Big Pharma and the left shifted their claims and said that the vaccines will prevent serious infection, hospitalizations and death.
Turns out, that’s also a lie. In the UK, data has revealed that vaccinated people under the age of 60 are dying from all causes at twice the rate of the unvaccinated.

Poison Control Centers Warn About on Toxic Chemical in At-home COVID-19 Test Kits 2.27.22 [Need To Know]
Some at-home rapid COVID-19 tests contain a toxic chemical that may be harmful to both children and adults, according to health officials.

More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began 2.27.22 [Prior Knowledge]
Genetic match discovered in Covid's unique furin cleavage site on spike protein
Matched genetic sequence patented by Moderna for cancer research purposes
Researchers say one in 3 trillion chance Covid developed the code naturally

A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board 2.27.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
Even as the omicron variant loosens its grip on the world, destinations continue to require travelers to show proof of vaccination. And, increasingly, a paper CDC vaccination card is not cutting it.

New JAMA paper show Ivermectin blows the COVID vaccines out of the water 2.24.22 [Need To Know]
Whoops! How embarrassing! The CDC gave you bad advice.
If you want to survive COVID, you should use the drug they said to avoid, and avoid the drug they said to use.
Remember that “horse dewormer” that the FDA, CDC, NIH, CNN, and Sanjay Gupta all told you not to use? A new paper recently published in the Journal of the AMA (JAMA) shows that Ivermectin works way better than the COVID vaccine in keeping you from dying from COVID.

The medical mafia has been inventing fake pandemics for decades to cash in on vaccines and vaccine injuries 2.24.22 [Need To Know]
Court cases of smallpx epidemics declared when there was no smallpox
Another medically-made epidemic in Pittsburgh in 1924
Polio vaccine expose blocked by AMA

Day 1 of 'The People's Convoy': Adelanto, Calif. to Kingman, Ariz. (Video 2:27 min) 2.24.22 [Need To Know]
The first day of The People's Convoy kicked off Wednesday. One America's Stefan Kleinhenz has more.

“Potential Extinction”: 48 Top Global Scientists Sign Declaration – Demand Ban on Fauci’s “Gain of Function” Research 2.24.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
48 top scientists are calling for a worldwide ban on Dr. Athony Fauci’s deadly “gain of function research”, which has “the potential for the extinction of large portions of the world population”. Especially ongoing research on highly lethal viruses like MERS and Ebola has the scientists worried, who state that “no biotechnology laboratory in the world is safe enough” for this kind of potentially pandemic research.

German Health Insurance Claims Show 31,254 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccines While Official Government Stats Report Only 2,255 2.24.22 [Need To Know]

COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Jump Among Vaccinated: CDC Data 2.24.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
COVID-19 case and hospitalization rates increased among people who got a COVID-19 vaccine following the emergence of the Omicron virus variant, according to newly published data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for 33 MILLION Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show the vaccines as ineffective: FDA expert tells CDC to 'tell the truth' 2.23.22 [Need To Know]
The CDC failed to publish a tranche of their data, however - omitting the impact on those aged 18-49, who are least likely to benefit from boosters
The CDC are also being criticized for failing to publish their information about child hospitalization rates and comorbidities
A spokeswoman for the CDC said they were concerned that the data would be misinterpreted, pointing out that it was incomplete and not verified
Critics said that it was always better to publish the information rather than withhold, and allow scientists to analyze and explain what they could

Vaccine vampires - Raping the world with diabolical pharmaceuticals - DOCTORS SELL THEIR SOULS FOR BIG PHARMA’S BIG BUCKS 2.23.22 [Need To Know]
What kind of country do we live in when the most violated are the most venerated, and the people in charge always do the bidding of someone else more powerful than they are? Sounds like the Holocaust worship formula to me. Shed some crocodile tears for those imaginary corpses whose ghosts have been fleecing you for years, allowing you to stay in the good graces of your local chamber of commerce.

What’s Behind the New AIDS Scare? 2.23.22 [Need To Know]
As the media are abandoning COVID, they’re taking aim at AIDS instead. The timing of AIDS-related articles and announcements is indicative of a coordinated PR campaign, which must have a specific purpose
While Prince Harry’s fame is milked for all it’s worth to get people to start thinking about getting HIV-tested, the discovery of a new HIV variant in The Netherlands has also been announced. The variant is more contagious, and causes more severe disease, twice as fast. There are 109 known cases of the HIV variant in The Netherlands
The COVID jab may be causing AIDS-like illness by decimating immune function. Researchers have also warned the COVID jab may raise your risk of HIV infection. Is the media’s focus on AIDS an attempt to cover up COVID jab effects?
The same week as Prince Harry’s media appearance and the publication of the new HIV strain, Moderna announced its launch of a human trial for the world’s first mRNA HIV vaccine
The parallels between Dr. Anthony Fauci’s AIDS campaign in the ‘80s and COVID are strikingly similar.

WaPo Quietly Admits Masks Didn’t Work As Covid Tyrants Draw the Wrath They Deserve 2.23.22 [Need To Know]
States are lifting mandates and restrictions at a record pace, as all over the world, defiance to covid tyranny has reached a fever pitch.

Moderna, on the heels of pharma rivals, cleared to advance RSV vaccine 2.23.22 [Need To Know]
Moderna is set to begin late-stage testing of a vaccine to prevent a common respiratory infection, announcing Tuesday that independent data monitors determined that it is safe enough for use in older adults. The shot, for respiratory syncytial virus, will be the fourth to enter Phase 3 trials, joining candidates from Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson.

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment Updated 2.2.22 PDF File 2.22.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Step-By-Step Doctor's Plan, 27 pages!
4 Chapters and 3 Appendices!

An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness 2.22.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
An intergovernmental negotiating body will now be constituted and hold its first meeting by 1 March 2022 (to agree on ways of working and timelines) and its second by 1 August 2022 (to discuss progress on a working draft). It will then deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023, with the aim to adopt the instrument by 2024.
This would allow them to make their “guidelines” mandatory to the public of all countries who sign.

Biden Extends US National Emergency Over COVID-19 2.22.22 [Need To Know]
President Joe Biden said the U.S. national emergency that was declared in early 2020 due to COVID-19 will be extended beyond March 1, citing what he called a “risk to the public health and safety.”

Graphene Oxide Removal Supplements 2.21.22 [Treatments]
By Valerie Robitaille, PhD. 77 pages (Directions for protocol begins on page 74).
Includes simple explanations/diagrams for the following...

How To Remove Graphene Oxide from The Body 2.21.22 [Treatments]
Graphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans, has been found in the Covid 19 “vaccines”, in the water supply, in the air we breathe through chemtrails, and is even in our food supply. Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G which can cause even more damage to our health.
The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning and EMF radiation sickness are similar to those symptoms described as Covid. The good news is, now that graphene oxide has been identified as a contaminant, there are ways to remove graphene oxide from our bodies and restore your health.

Andrew Scheer recorded live on the Emergencies Act and the suspension of Parliament (Video 23:35 min) 2.21.22 [Need To Know]
Comment: TRUDEAU SUSPENDED PARLIAMENT AND IS NOW ACTING AS A DICTATOR. Andrew Scheer recorded live on the Emergencies Act and the suspension of Parliament - Why trust anything Justin Trudeau says?

Tyranny spreads in Canada as police now cover names, badge numbers on uniforms to evade identification as they brutally assault peaceful protesters 2.21.22 [Need To Know]

Why Aren’t We Investigating Surge in Sudden Deaths of Athletes? 2.21.22 [Need To Know]
UK football legend and sports commentator, Matt Le Tissier, has been speaking out about the large number of athletes who have collapsed or died on the field, and has lost his job as a result.
Le Tissier says he has never seen anything like it in the 17 years he played football — he is calling for an investigation into the events and says ignoring it is a “massive dereliction of duty” by the officials.

68,000% Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines 2.21.22 [Need To Know]
An examination of the FDA and CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) confirms that deaths and injuries due to neurological issues following COVID-19 injections have skyrocketed, when compared to the same adverse events reported following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years.

Religious Freedom Gets a Win, With a Little Help From U.S. Federal Appeals Court 2.21.22 [Need To Know]

Expert: ‘Vatican Must Answer for Vax Deaths’ 2.21.22 [Need To Know]
ROME ( The world's leading expert on COVID-19 is calling on the Vatican to end its vaccine advocacy and mandates and "immediately apologize" for the "grievous error" of "violating a critical code of bioethics."

COVID-19 Fraud News - The Kick Them All Out Project 2.20.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Bookmark This!!!

Pfizer Sued For $2 Billion Over Falsified MRNA Data For EUA Of Covid Injections 2.20.22 [Need To Know]
Plus The Hospital That Killed Grace Schara + How much has the US Govt paid to hospitals for their lethal ‘COVID’ care? + The Democracy Disconnect in Canada Highlights a Big Mistake Conservatives Make

“Everyone is at Risk for Blood Clots!” – CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes” 2.20.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Last February 10, the CDC issued a warning normalizing the idea that young adults and healthy athletes develop blood clots.
Of course, no one has ever heard of this frequent phenomenon before the COVID vaccines.

List Of 40 Billionaires Who Got Rich From COVID 2.20.22 [Need To Know]
This year alone, a staggering 493 new billionaires were added to the list of billionaires, fueled by a soaring stock market and the modern economic situation. With that in mind, we take a look at a list of 40 billionaires who got filthy rich from COVID.

The Home Doctor Book - Practical Medicine for Every Household 2.20.22 [Treatments]
The Home Doctor - Practical Medicine for Every Household - is a 304 page doctor written and approved guide on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way.

Boston Vaccine Passports For Public Safety Workers Blocked By State Court 2.20.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
A judge in Massachusetts on Tuesday blocked the city of Boston from imposing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate on public safety union workers, including firefighters and police officers.

A call to all Canadians to stop working from the 21st of Feb until Trudeau resigns (Video 2:59 min) 2.20.22 [Need To Know]

Military Arrests SCJ Sonia Sotomayor for accepting cash payoffs for rulings favoring mask and vaccination mandates 2.19.22 [Need To Know]
U.S. Marines on Wednesday arrested Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor following a 3-month investigation into whether she had accepted cash payoffs for rulings favoring mask and vaccination mandates and knowingly made false statements to amplify Covid fear.
A source in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps told Real Raw News that JAG began investigating allegations of criminality last May, after receiving tips that Sotomayor had accepted from billionaire Johnathon Gray, a heavyweight DNC donor, monies totaling $3,450,000, a hefty bonus to her official $266k/yr. salary.

Dr Stephen Malthouse | “It’s a Murder Shot” 2.19.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

Sen. Marshall to introduce legislation ending COVID-19 national emergency declaration 2.19.22 [Need To Know]
Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., plans to introduce legislation on Monday that aims to end the current COVID-19 national emergency declaration.
The legislation is powered by a provision in the National Emergencies Act (NEA), a law that, when invoked, grants presidents special powers to deal with national emergencies outside natural disasters or war.
Marshall’s bill would revoke many of the federal government's expanded powers to respond to the pandemic on a national level.

Blackrock Whistleblower Who Predicted the Crash of Moderna Breaks NEW Bombshell Info — 'You Do Not Want to be the Bag Holder' (Video 47:15 min) 2.19.22 [Need To Know]

Embalmers Find Veins and Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clots 2.19.22 [Need To Know]
Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer, has been finding “strange clots” in the bodies of the deceased since the rollout of COVID-19 shots
Hirschman describes, and has photographed, unnatural, fibrous clots that are filling vessels and veins, making it difficult for embalming to occur; his colleagues have had similar experiences finding the fibrous clots
Many of those affected were said to have died from a heart attack or stroke
Since November, Hirschman states that more than 50% of the bodies he embalms are affected by the strange clots
If you’ve been injected, consider fibrinolytic enzymes on an empty stomach, which digest the fibrin that leads to blood clots, strokes and pulmonary embolisms

40,000 Deaths Following COVID Shots in European Database as Life Insurance Death Claims Skyrocket 2.19.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 39,997 fatalities, and 3,666,011 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots...

Blood Clot Epidemic – The Kill Mechanism of COVID Injections and Infections – Chlorine Dioxide Saves The Day 2.18.22 [Need To Know] [Treatments]
Blood clots have emerged as the common factor unifying many of the symptoms of COVID-19. Researchers in Germany have discovered that the virus changes the size and stiffness of red and white blood cells in the human body. Moreover, these changes can last for months, possibly explaining the seemingly never-ending symptoms of COVID-19.

CDC Estimates Over 1 Million Excess Deaths in United States Since COVID-19 Pandemic 2.18.22 [Need To Know]
Excess death is a term used in epidemiology and public health. It refers to the number of people who die from any cause during a specific period of time and is compared with a historical baseline from recent years.
The state with the highest number of excess deaths since February 2020 is California, which accounts for 104,553, followed shortly by Texas, with 98,271 excess deaths, according to the CDC. Hawaii has the lowest number of excess deaths with 1,372.

Grand Jury - Day 2 (Video 5 hr 47 min) 2.18.22 [Need To Know]
Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion
Day 2 - Historical Background
A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against "leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices" who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

Proof Of Death For Profit? Medicare is Bribing Hospitals to Follow Known Dangerous COVID Protocols 2.18.22 [Need To Know]
Medicare is giving hospitals 20% bonuses if they use both of these codes: a COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment using remdesivir. - The Vigilant Fox

Elon Musk Compares Trudeau To Adolf Hitler... Mainstream Media Has A Meltdown 2.18.22 [Need To Know]

Quebec Drops Coronavirus Mandates After Rejecting Trudeau’s Emergency Decree 2.17.22 [Need To Know]
Quebec stepped up its “deconfinement plan” this week and began lifting coronavirus restrictions, while Premier Francois Legault rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s effort to crush the Freedom Convoy protest movement by invoking emergency powers.

BREAKING: FDA Executive Officer Makes SHOCKING Admission About Covid Vaccine In Secretly Recorded Video 2.17.22 [Need To Know]
Yesterday, shocking audio was released by Project Veritas that exposed the FDA for lying to the American people about the Covid-19 vaccine. FDA Executive Officer Christopher Cole, who plays a leading role in making sure that vaccines are safe for use by the American public, admitted that an annual Covid booster is certain to happen. Cole went on to admit that the primary reason for the booster is not the health and safety of Americans, but a profit motive by pharmaceutical companies. He says the reason it hasn’t been revealed to the American public yet is to prevent backlash by American citizens.

CDC Casually Admits Covid Nose Swabs Ended Up in a Lab for Genomic Sequencing Analysis 2.17.22 [Need To Know]

California Lawmakers Fast-Tracking Child Health Bills to Erode Parental Rights 2.17.22 [Need To Know]
California Senator Says Those Who Oppose Experimental COVID Vaccine Are “Domestic Terrorists” And “Steps” Should Be Taken To Deal With Them.
Specifically, three fast-tracked bills involve forced COVID-19 vaccinations for children for school enrollment, and another allowing minor children to make their own vaccine decisions away from a parent. A third bill requires health care staff to complete cultural humility training to provide trans-inclusive health care.
According to England, the three bills are decidedly dangerous. According to CRI...

Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine (Video 4:50 min) 2.16.22 [Need To Know]

FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: "You'll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine]. I mean, it hasn't been formally announced yet 'cause they don't want to, like, rile everyone (Video 6:33 min) 2.16.22 [Need To Know]
-Cole on President Joe Biden: "Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible."
-Cole on plans to approve vaccine for toddlers: "They're not going to not approve [emergency use authorization for children five years old or less]."
-Cole on pharmaceutical companies: "There's a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional vaccinations."
-Cole on the financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies: "It'll be recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it'll be recurring -- if they can -- if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company."
-FDA Official Statement: "The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA."

Baby Murder Protocol: Infants Separated From Parents, Given Remdesivir By Medical Industrial Comple 2.16.22 [Need To Know]

The Best Treatment for Vaccine and Viral Induced Myocarditis 2.16.22 [Treatments]
This essay presents a medical discovery significant for those suffering from COVID vaccines and viral-induced myocarditis.
We propose that the perfect, most fundamental treatment for myocarditis is magnesium chloride and chlorine dioxide. Magnesium because myocarditis is inflammation of heart tissues. Though doctors like to ignore it, magnesium controls and smothers the fires of inflammation and is The Ultimate Heart Medicine.

Media pushing “HIV variant” narrative as cover story for vaccine-induced immune system collapse 2.16.22 [Need To Know]
As bad as the one million deaths already are, that number is going to explode over the next several years as vaccine-induced “AIDS” explodes. As Ethan Huff wrote on Feb. 16th, 2022:
Evidence continues to mount showing that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are causing recipients everywhere to develop AIDS.
Covid-19 Vaccine Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or VAIDS, appears to be one of the more serious long-term adverse effects caused by the injections.
In essence, the shots are destroying people’s immune systems over time, leaving them prone to infections of all kinds.

People just keep dropping dead. Now children are dropping dead and people are still in denial.
If you are promoting the vaccines at this point you are a murderer in my book.

Reiner Fuellmich's Opening Statements @ Grand Jury Covid-Crimes Against Humanity Nuremberg 2.0 Trial (Video 18:03 min) 2.15.22 [Need To Know]

#Yes: It's a "Killer Vaccine" (Video 46:16 min) (9.7.21) 2.15.22 [Need To Know]
First published at 16:42 UTC on September 7th, 2021.

Pfizer's Israeli Covenant, Whistleblower: "It's Time To Burn Pfizer To The Ground" (Video 8:30 min) 2.15.22 [Need To Know]
With the plandemic continuing to unfold, Big Pharma and the media’s fight to suppress medical and COVID-related data from reaching the public prevails. The Israeli government and Pfizer agreed to delete data contradicting the COVID narrative. Melissa McAtee was a Pfizer employee who has now dedicated her time and Knowedge to whistleblowing on corruption inside Big Pharma. On Monday, the Stew Peters Show welcomed McAtee to expose a contract between the Israeli government and Pfizer concerning trade relations and the Biblical significance of the exposé.

DR PIERRE KORY EXPOSES THE IVERMECTIN SCANDAL (Video 1 hr 26 min) 2.15.22 [Need To Know]

Trudeau Declares State of Emergency Over Protests Against COVID-19 Mandates - Four premiers disagree with invoking the act 2.15.22 [Need To Know]
Trudeau said the application of the Emergencies Act will be limited in time and will be used in a targeted and proportionate fashion. He added that the act will be used to protect critical infrastructure such as airports and cross-border crossings.

MEP Mislav Kolakusic Compares Covid 'Vaccine' Makers to 'Unscrupulous Mafia' 2.15.22 [Need To Know]
Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic warned the European Parliament about the emergence of “powerful, unscrupulous mafia-pandemic profiteers who are more dangerous than all previous forms of organized crime.”

Premeditated Genocide by the Medical Drug Cartel 2.15.22 [Need To Know]
The killing fields of America are here. We are at a crossroads. Death by government and Big Pharma is staring us in the face.

SHOCK CLAIM: China has released another bioweapon during the Olympic games… a hemorrhagic fever virus… here’s nutritional info on what may BLOCK it in your blood (Video 54:24 min) 2.14.22 [Need To Know]
This deliberate release, says Dr. Yan, is timed to infect participants from dozens of countries around the world who will then unknowingly transport hemorrhagic fever to their home countries, unleashing another wave of a global pandemic.
Go to the 42:00 mark in the following video from JD Rucker, which has been hosted on both Rumble and Brighteon, to hear Dr. Yan explaining this in detail. JD Rucker is found on

Fetal Deaths Increase by 1,867% Following COVID-19 Vaccines 2.14.22 [Need To Know]
The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database was updated this past Friday, February 11, 2022, and it is now reporting that there have been 1,103,893 cases of injuries and deaths following COVID-19 vaccines since December of 2020, when the FDA issued emergency use authorizations for the COVID-19 vaccines.
By way of contrast, there were 918,856 cases of injuries and deaths following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30+ years, from 1990 through November of 2020.

Fauci claims full-blown pandemic is over, hints at when Covid restrictions will end 2.12.22 [Need To Know]
Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s “full-blown phase” is over. He also hinted at when COVID-19 restrictions will end.

Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement 2.12.22 [Need To Know]

Over half the deaths seen by this funeral director were likely caused by the COVID vaccines 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
Fifteen embalmers are all seeing odd fatal clotting in people that first started in 2021. As many as 65% of cases are affected. Just like the DMED data, this evidence is being totally ignored by the mainstream press and medical community as well as the CDC and other HHS agencies. The only explanation that fits all the facts is that the vaccines are killing Americans in massive numbers and should be immediately halted.

mRNA vaccines produce huge amounts of Spike protein and for two months! 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
They told us the mRNA in the injections wouldn’t last long, barely a few days, and the protein spikes made from the vaccines would only stick around for “a few weeks”. But now, after 60% of the worlds population has been vaccinated, now we find out that the CCP bioweapon spikes are still there in lymph nodes two months after the last injection, and so is some of the mRNA. And we don’t know how much longer those spikes keep churning out, because no one has done that study.
Pause for a moment to wonder how it is that we could inject four billion people “for health reasons” yet no one knew the most basic things about how it worked, like, how long the vaccine mRNA might survive, and keep producing spikes for, or how many spikes it might keep making.
Now comes the bad news that mRNA-vaccinated people may be making more spikes than severely ill Covid patients, and that the mRNA survives much longer than anyone expected.

55 Federal Agencies Now Tracking Those Who Applied For Religious Exemptions To COVID Vaccine 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
Up to 57 policy amendments were drafted by 55 departments under the Biden administration, all seeking to track federal employees who are requesting for different types of exemptions to COVID vaccines, the Liberty Counsel Action (LCA) has found.

Big Pharma is about to be sued out of existence because……. “FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING” 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
There is now an overwhelming body of hard evidence that categorically proves that the American Big Pharma producers of Covid ‘vaccines’ committed intentional and egregious fraud in the roll-out of their extremely dangerous and deadly injections.
The true scope and magnitude of their fraudulent corporate conduct is only now coming to light; nevertheless, the irrefutable proof of premeditated fraud which has already been accumulated is so incriminating that Big Pharma will eventually collapse.

BRILLIANT! With ONE Click, Over 1 MILLION Americans Will Contact Congress Over Next 24 Hrs To DEMAND They Defund Biden’s Vax Mandates…Here’s How YOU Can Help In Under 30 Seconds! 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
Congress needs to hear from you right now!
Demand that they defund the mandates!
The pressure inside the swamp to go along with funding Biden’s attack on our personal liberties is intense. EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU RIGHT NOW!
Email them ALL in less than 30 seconds by simply clicking HERE.

Covid Live Updates: In Reversal, F.D.A. Delays Decision on Shots for Children Under 5 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
New C.D.C. figures add to evidence that boosters’ protection plunges after 4 months.

This omicron variant symptom emerges in the stomach 2.11.22 [Need To Know]

7 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of February 2022 2.11.22 [Need To Know]
As usual, the news is a mix of good and bad, however there are definite signs the tide is turning away from tyranny and towards freedom, with over 10 nations repealing and rescinding COVID regulations, and the Canadian Trucker Convoy (now turned into a giant Freedom Protest/Movement) gaining huge popularity and inspiring similar movements worldwide.

Sweden Declares the Pandemic to be “Over” 2.10.22 [Need To Know]
Sweden, a country which never imposed significant lockdown measures, has officially declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is “over” and announced that it will be lifting all remaining restrictions.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Opens Online Pharmacy To Provide Affordable Generic Drugs 2.10.22 [Need To Know]
Billionaire investor Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy Thursday that offers more than 100 generic drugs at an affordable price with a goal of being “radically transparent” in its price negotiations with drug companies.

Judge orders Ottawa police to return all fuel they seized from Truckers 2.10.22 [Need To Know]
Police return fuel to Truckers, found contaminated...

‘This is Just Devastation’: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated with Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims 2.9.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A funeral worker in Sydney, Australia, says the deceased are being cremated in droves after dying from vaccine-related side effects – and warns children are next.
The mortician interviewed at a recent rally said she’s come across numerous young men who’ve died from “heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.”

Office For National Statistics: Pfizer COVID Shot Increases Children’s Risk Of Death By 5,100%! 2.9.22 [Need To Know]
There is a massive difference in death rates among children vaccinated against Covid-19 and their unvaccinated counterparts in England and Wales according to official data published by the Office for National Statistics which shows fully vaccinated children’s risk of death due to any cause increases by 5,100%.

BREAKING: Vaccine passports gone at midnight in Alberta (Video 1:25 min) 2.9.22 [Need To Know]

Homeland Security issues bulletin classifying Americans who exercise their First Amendment rights as potential terrorist threats 2.9.22 [Need To Know]
Duration Issued: February 07, 2022 02:00 pm Expires: June 07, 2022 02:00 pm

Truckers Block Windsor-Detroit Border as Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Announces End of Vaccine Mandates 2.9.22 [Need To Know]

Mad Science: Researchers Now Putting COVID mRNA Vaccines Into Vegetables To Vaccinate The Unvaccinated (Sept 30, 2021) 2.9.22 [Need To Know]

Pfizer Seeks Covid Shot Authorization for Children Under -Up The Dose!!! 5 2.9.22 [Need To Know]
In mid-December 2021, Pfizer admitted that two injections, at one-tenth the adult dose, failed to produce an adequate immune response in 2- to 4-year-olds. They’re now experimenting to see if three doses will produce adequate results in that age group. In the meantime, the EUA will be for a two-dose regimen, with the possibility of extending it to a third dose.

THESE SIX ORGANIZATIONS Are Still Forcing COVID Vaccine Mandates On Their Employees...Despite SCOTUS Ruling 2.9.22 [Need To Know]
...names six companies that continue to mandate COVID vaccines for employees despite the Supreme Court ruling on January 13th, which put a commonsensical ending to the Biden Administration’s ridiculous policy.
#6: United Airlines, #5: Carhartt, #4: CitiGroup, #3: American Airlines, #2: The NBA, #1: Wells Fargo.

Justin Trudeau ordered 10 times more vaccines (Video 1:24 min) 2.9.22 [Need To Know]

Trudeau's Head of Security Resigns. Listen to him as he Reads his Oath of Office 2.9.22 [Need To Know]
Many of the Cops in Ottawa Violated their Oath of Office-Breaking the Law and Executing Illegal Orders.

5G IS THE REAL PANDEMIC & WHAT'S BEEN KILLING PEOPLE FROM THE BEGINNING (Video 4:52 min) 2.9.22 [5G and Coronavirus] [Video Saved]

BREAKING! International Tribunals Start Next Week! Gates, Fauci, Tedros etc FACE THE DEATH PENALTY! (Video 1 hr 27 min) 2.8.22 [Need To Know]

Two Canadian Provinces Move To End COVID Restrictions Amid Protests: ‘We Need To End This Perpetual State Of Crisis’ 2.8.22 [Need To Know]

BREAKING: Mayor Of Ottawa Declares State of Emergency...Will Cut Off Fuel Supply To Canadian Truckers...Threatens To Arrest Supporters, While Kids Of Peaceful Protesters Play on Bouncy Toys 2.8.22 [Need To Know]

Situation Update, Feb 4th, 2022 - How to DEFEAT micro blood clots and BLOCK the spike protein (Video 1 hr 21 min) 2.8.22 [Need To Know]

Report: COVID vaccines inflicting far more deaths than previously thought: “Could be looking at hundreds of thousands more dead” 2.8.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
“The number of Americans who have suffered serious side effects or died after receiving the mRNA injection billed as a ‘vaccine’ is exploding,” the RAIR Foundation’s Amy Mek reported last week.

NY GOV KATHY HOCHUL - JAIL THE UNVAXXED (Video 45:26 mini) 2.8.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
NY governor Kathy Hochul wants to sneak through a regulation that would allow her to place in detention camps anyone she deems to be a "health threat."
This could be anyone, including the unvaxxed, vaxxed, as well as anyone opposing mandates.
No trial is necessary, and there are no limits on how long a person can be held.
This is a threat to the whole country, not just New Yorkers since if she gets away with this, other states will follow!

How to DEFEAT micro blood clots and block the spike protein by protecting the QUALITY of your blood 2.8.22 [Need To Know]
Doctors and researchers are now confirming that nearly all the negative side effects and deaths stemming from covid vaccines are the result of blood clots. Many of those clots are very small and unable to be easily detected with standard medical imaging equipment. These clots, called “micro blood clots,” can cut off the blood supply to small regions of the brain, organs and tissues throughout the body.
The resulting die-off of local cells can be expressed in the body as a tingling sensation, numbness, loss of sensory acuity, organ failure, loss of cognitive function and even notable personality changes as people lose higher brain function.

What They Aren’t Telling You About N95 Masks 2.7.22 [Need To Know]
Studies published in scientific journals have found that N95s cause:
• headaches:
• cardio-pulmonary stress:
• possible fatal cardiac events among people with heart disease and those who are vigorously exercising

NOT JUST HUMANS: Scientists say 5G radiation is killing animals and wildlife 2.7.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
“The authors highlight how economic considerations were favored instead of cancer prevention. ‘A strategy to sow doubt on cancer risks was established decades ago and is now adopted and implemented in a more sophisticated way by the telecom industry regarding RF-EMF risks to human beings and the environment. Industry has the economic power, access to politicians and media, whereas concerned people are unheard.'”

More babies are dying than ever before. 'Absolute devastation!' says Australian funeral worker!!! (Video 1:51 min) 2.7.22 [Need To Know]


Grand Jury | Day 1 - Corona Investigative Committee 2/5/22 (Video 1 hr 25 min) 2.6.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
It has started. See the 118 comments.

This is a small part of the Main Video.
Most people struggle to watch 20 minutes let alone the full 90 minutes.
The Grand Jury of the World Criminal Court begins Investigation into Crimes Against Humanity - DAY 1
This video shows attorney Reiner Fuellmich telling the world what this Plandemic is all about.
The link for the entire video is below but anyone who has taken the jab will only have to watch this portion to have their eyes opened to what they have done to themselves.

Something Ain’t Right SAR Trailer 2.mp4 (Video 2:44 min) 2.6.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
There is something that has gone wrong here. There is something that is not right!

Alix Mayer explains why the drug companies are targeting kids (Dec 13, 2021) (Video 44:04 min) 2.6.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
The vaccine makers have to walk a fine line around approved vs. EUA products. Ever wonder why you can't get COMIRNATY? You'll understand it all after watching this video.

Cancers coming back with a vengeance is very common after the COVID vax 2.6.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The DMED database shows the rate of cancer is up by 3X after the COVID vaccines rolled out. See ACT OF WAR: Thanks to COVID “vaccines,” the military’s cancer rate has more than TRIPLED
In talking with Ryan Cole about this, he believes this is primarily due to accelerating existing cancers (ones people already know they have or recent cancers that people never realized were there) rather than creating new cases of cancer.

How COVID Shots Suppress Your Immune System (Video 1 hr 21 min) 2.6.22 [Need To Know]
On average, there are twice as many reports of cancer following the COVID shots compared to all other vaccines combined over the last 31 years
The fact that the signal is that strong is even more remarkable when you consider that most people don’t think the COVID shot could be a variable in their cancer emergence, so they never report it

Freedom Convoy 2022 - Campaign Created by: Freedom 2022 Human Rights 2.6.22 [Need To Know]
The funds from this campaign will be received by Incorporated Freedom 2022 Human Rights and Freedom Association.
To our Fellow Canadians, the time for political over reach is over. Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods. Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet.

Sweet Wormwood Against COVID-19 2.6.22 [Treatments]
... and in 2021, researchers from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, identified Artemisia annua as one of the best herbal medicine’s against COVID, out of the 30 tested, based on its ability to inhibit replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It's Time To Be Terrified by Dr. Vernon Coleman (Video 16:53 min) 2.6.22 [Need To Know]

DC March to Defeat the Mandates 2.5.22 [Need To Know]
January 23, 2022, an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Americans gathered in Washington, D.C., for a “Defeat the Mandates” rally. Speakers included scientists, doctors, academics, media personalities and COVID jab victims
Pfizer’s data show that if you take the COVID jab, you have a 21% increased chance of dying over the next six months, not from COVID but from other side effects, especially heart attack. For every COVID death the shots prevent, they cause four excess heart attack deaths
The risk of dying from COVID for those over 70 is 1,000 times greater than for those under the age of 70, and for children, the risk of dying from COVID is statistically zero
A shockingly large portion of Democrats favor draconian penalties for the unvaccinated; 55% are in favor of fines; 59% think unvaccinated people should be placed under house arrest; 48% say government should be allowed to fine or even imprison anyone who questions the effectiveness of the COVID jab; 45% approve of segregating the unvaccinated into internment camps; and 29% endorse removing children from parents who refuse the jab
More than anyone else, the media bear responsibility for stirring up this hate, creating political division and polarizing Americans against each other

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump: ‘We Have to End the Mandates’ 2.5.22 [Need To Know]
“We have to end the mandates,” Trump told former top aide Kash Patel on The Epoch Times’ “Kash’s Corner.” The interview will premiere at 8 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 7 on

Let The Prosecutions Begin: Thomas Renz Gives Evidence To JAG Officer That Proves The Jab is Murder (Video 6:38 min) 2.5.22 [Need To Know]

Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID 2.5.22 [Treatments]
Israel scientists say they have gathered the most convincing evidence to date that increased vitamin D levels can help COVID-19 patients reduce the risk of serious illness or death.

Johns Hopkins Analysis: ‘Lockdowns Should Be Rejected Out of Hand’ 2.5.22 [Need To Know]

'Living with COVID': Another set of restrictions gone 2.5.22 [Need To Know]
The Canadian province of Saskatchewan, bordering Montana and North Dakota, is the latest government to conclude that COVID-19 is "no longer a socially dangerous disease," meaning restrictions and mandates should be lifted.

Alix Mayer explains why the drug companies are targeting kids 2.5.22 [Plandemic]
This is being used to make ALL of the illegal mandated vaccines - legal! See the 1984 law!

GoFundMe Completely Shuts Down Massive Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Page, Issues Statement 2.5.22 [Need To Know]
...that organizers had been using to raise more than 10 million Canadian dollars for individuals and truck drivers protesting Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
According to the company, they now have “evidence” that the protest is no longer peaceful and is now an “occupation,” which violates their terms of services, although they did not specify what evidence they were referencing.

Are covid “vaccines” a biological weapon designed by the Synagogue of Satan for ethnic cleansing? 2.5.22 [Need To Know]
There is growing speculation based on evidence from the past that so-called covid “vaccines” might be the manifestation of an alleged decades-old plot by Ashkenazi Jews to ethnically cleanse the world of Arabs and other outsiders.
This [above] biological weapons program, the Nov. 15, 1998, report explained, citing Western intelligence sources, aimed to “identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically-modified bacterium or virus.”
The way it was described back then sounds almost exactly like what we now know to be true about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections...

How Wrong Can We Be About Chlorine Dioxide? (MMS) 2.5.22 [Treatments]
I have been sick with Omicron for 11 days... Yesterday morning I made up a liter and sat down to take my first gulp.
this morning, I walked in and started jumping up and down to show her she had her husband back. So I would say 80% better after one day of treatment.
My friends used MMS upon first being exposed to a fully vaccinated COVID-infected friend of theirs. They altogether avoided the misery I suffered through. Within hours they were feeling good.

ACT OF WAR: Thanks to covid “vaccines,” the military’s cancer rate has more than TRIPLED 2.5.22 [Need To Know]
“I can share with you from attorney Thomas Renz that the number of cancer diagnoses in the military’s DMED system went from a 5-year average (2016-2020) of 38,700 per year to 114,645 in the first 11 months of 2021. This is a predominantly young population.”
“Unlike VAERS where the naysayers can suggest that anyone can submit, this is only by military doctors and quantifies every single ICD code in the military for tri care billing of Humana. This is the ultimate defined and finite population with excellent surveillance.”

PlanDemic Documentary - First Installment (Video 26:08 min) 2.4.22 [Plandemic]
PlanDemic, a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom.

WARNING: DO NOT GET THE EXPERIMENTAL COVID VACCINE!! from Doctors Around the World (Video 28:34 min) 2.4.22 [Plandemic]
In an effort to combat Big Pharma Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship, doctors around the world are frantically trying to warn the masses of the devastating effects of the experimental COVID vaccines about to be mass injected into the unsuspecting public assisted by military forces around the world.

Stanford Dr. Exposes Fauci’s Secret Tactics For Silencing Dissent 2.4.22 [Need To Know]
A Stanford doctor laid out Wednesday what he says is Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “playbook” for silencing anyone who goes against “official” COVID-19 information.
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford School of Medicine, argues that Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins try to “create a false impression of scientific consensus on COVID policy” by labeling scientists “who disagree ‘fringe.'”
“They deploy big tech misinformation hordes to suppress opposing thoughts,” Bhattacharya said.

FDA Suddenly Removes Data on Moderna Vaccine Approval (Video 4:57 min) 2.4.22 [Need To Know]

Doctors are testifying that COVID-19 vaccines are giving people cancer and AIDS 2.4.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
According to [Dr.] Cole, he conducts around 40,000 biopsies a year as a pathologist and he has been seeing more cancers pop up in people who ordinarily would not be susceptible to developing the kinds of cancers he has been seeing. The only similarity between all of these people is that they have all been vaccinated.

Breakthrough in Alberta border blockade, lanes open in both directions 2.3.22 [Need To Know]
Chad Williamson, a lawyer representing truckers blocking access to the border crossing at Coutts, Alta., says they have spoken with Mounties and agreed to open some blocked lanes.
“Frankly, the protestors feel their message has been heard,” he said. “Nobody wants this blockade to happen any more.”

The mayor of Ottawa called all the towing companies in Ottawa and told them to get rid of all these trucks clogging things up 2.3.22 [Need To Know]
The towing companies, all of them, declined to follow the directive saying that they all have Covid.


Edward Dowd: Global debt bubble at its peak: we’re at the end - Are Moderna and Pfizer the Next Enron? 2.2.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
“Wall Street is… starting to smell something went really wrong during the whole EUA clinical trials process… Pfizer’s clinical trial data was fraudulent. They didn’t report the all cause mortality endpoint, which is the gold standard in the drug approval process. They failed that endpoint but they rammed it through,” Dowd said.
In Covid-1984, instead of the ratings agencies facilitating the con, it’s the federal government. “The FDA gets 50% of its budget from Pharma. The fraud couldn’t have been perpetuated without CDC and FDA help,” explained Dowd.
What about the blanket immunity protection for vaccine manufacturers, Paine asked. “Fraud eviscerates all contracts,” Dowd responded. “Moderna and Biontech are going to zero… Pfizer could be a $5 stock.”

Lawyers expose alleged COVID-19 fraud and vaccine danger 2.2.22 [Need To Know]
A long-awaited peer-reviewed report by the Berlin-based Corona Investigation Committee has just been released alleging what many have feared,
that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned, the virus man-made, with the aim to funnel people towards taking an experimental and potentially deadly vaccine.

Gargling with LUKE WARM SALT WATER 2.2.22 [Treatments]
Scientists suggested to the German chancellor and the Minister of Health that they ask people to do a simple task several times a day, which is to gargle with a semi-hot solution of Abmonak.

5G Powered Graphene Based Nano-Tech in the Pfizer Vaccine (Video 5:48 min) 2.2.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Comment - This is an impressive explanation of the graphene oxide technology that resonates @ 26 Gigahertz- the exact frequency of ultra 5G.
It's activated by microwaves to self assemble in the human body.
This technology can only be used for an evil agenda -considering we are not given any "opportunity for informed consent" before it's put into our body.

EXCLUSIVE: Hershey Fires Unvaccinated Employees 2.2.22 [Need To Know] sign a nine-page confidentiality and release agreement that would remove their rights to sue the company or talk about their experience.

Freedom Convoy | What Mainstream Media Won't Show You!! (Video 15:16 min) 2.2.22 [Need To Know]
Welcome to the Freedom Convoy 2022 folks!! We're taking this protest to the capital of Canada and Tireroasters Garage is covering the whole event in ways you'll never see from the mainstream media!! The pictures in this video capture how truly strong and united we are!! You ARE NOT alone

Dr. Mercola's Covid Treatment Protocol 2.1.22 [Treatments]
A much better readable PDF of the treatment protocol from that webpage is here.

Sweden Decides Not To Recommend COVID-19 Vax For Kids Ages 5-11 2.1.22 [Need To Know]

'America Is Next': The Grassroots Protest Sweeping the Globe Is Set to Begin in the Land of the Free 2.1.22 [Need To Know]
Trump said the truckers and their legions of supporters were “doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders by far.”
Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., had voiced his support for the convoy in a video posted to Facebook on Tuesday.
“We need to see more of this here in the U.S. … Let’s support these truckers fighting for freedom, fighting as patriots in their country and patriots in America,” he said. “We need more people willing to push back and say enough is enough to the nonsense.”

Race Is On for an Omicron Jab 2.1.22 [Need To Know]
...slated to be rolled out in March 2022, well after a majority have already been infected
After the rollout of a fourth dose, Israel now has the highest COVID case rate per capita of any country in the world since the beginning of the pandemic
The definition of what it means to be “fully vaccinated” against COVID keeps shifting with the rollout of additional boosters. Vaccine passport holders in various countries face the prospect of losing their “privileges” unless they get boosted
Government data from Australia, the U.S., Canada, Scotland and England suggest people who have received at least two shots are now showing signs of serious immune system degradation

The Georgia Guidestones 1.31.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
Also see this 45 min video on The Georgia Guidestones.
The video: Best-selling author Brad Meltzer and the team search for the meaning of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

Israel: A Profile in Vaccine failure and a Warning to the World 1.31.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
“COVID-19 in Israel: Serious cases increase tenfold in span of a month, continue to rise,” announces a recent headline from the Jerusalem Post.
Revealingly, Israel happens to be one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world. Some 80 percent of its adult population have been double vaccinated and some 55 percent have received a booster.

Dr. Peter McCullough testified to the European Parliament and told them all World health agencies and governments need to support early treatment and stop their misinformation to the public and that the Pandemic should of been over by now!! 1.31.22 [Need To Know]

GENOCIDE! Military Medical Whistleblowers Reveal Miscarriages, Birth Defects, and Infertility Rates Exploded in 2021 Following COVID Vaccines 1.31.22 [Need To Know]
The evidence that COVID-19 shots are making an entire generation infertile while killing unborn children still in the womb continues to pour in.
Last week, Senator Ron Johnson hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called “Second Opinion” which featured many of the same speakers from his previous event held in D.C. back in November of 2021.
Doctors and COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Testify in Washington D.C. to Crimes Against Humanity – CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci are No Shows

OMG, Biden’s Free “At Home” COVID Tests Were Made in China! 1.31.22 [Need To Know]
While there still may be some debate on where the COVID-19 virus originated, there can be no doubt where those free test kits Joe Biden is sending you are from – they are clearly marked “Made in China!”

FDA fully approves Moderna COVID-19 vaccine 1.31.22 [Need To Know] [FDA Official]
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday granted full approval to Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, giving an additional vote of confidence in its safety and effectiveness.
Pfizer’s vaccine already received full approval in August.

Trucker protests: Trudeau vows not to "give in" to demonstrators who fly "racist flags" (Video 32:50 min) 1.31.22 [Need To Know]
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned on Monday the acts of violence and vandalism that took place during large-scale protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates over the weekend in Ottawa.

WATCH: Convoy organizers say they are fully vaxed but still oppose mandates 1.31.22 [Need To Know]
Speaking at a press conference for trustworthy media, organizers of the Freedom Convoy confirmed they are fully vaccinated but still oppose mandates — it's all about freedom.

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 42 [UK] 1.30.22 [Need To Know]
Admission from UK government: The UK government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated.
The first insurance companies are backing down because a huge wave of claims is coming their way. Anthony Fauci confirms that the PCR test cannot detect live viruses. Anthony Fauci confirms that neither the antigen test nor the PCR test can tell us whether someone is contagious or not!!!
This invalidates all the foundations of the so-called pandemic.

Terrified: Ottawa Shuts Off Live Stream Footage Of Traffic Cameras And Replaces It With Old Footage (Video 0:36 min) 1.30.22 [Need To Know]

‘Government Overreach Is Coming to an End’: Massive Truck Convoy Heading to Washington After Ottawa 1.30.22 [Need To Know]
American truckers protesting against vaccine mandates and government overreach have been joining a record-breaking Canadian convoy of tens of thousands of vehicles headed to Ottawa.

NOW - Trump: "Canadian truckers... we’re with them all the way." 1.30.22 [Need To Know]

Truckers For Freedom 2022 (Many videos) 1.30.22 [Need To Know]

Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your Gov’t is Lying to You, Could Lead to Death’ 1.30.22 [Need To Know]
He said, “In the last year I have realized that my government and its advisers are lying in the faces of the British people about everything to do with this coronavirus. Absolutely everything. It’s a fallacy this idea of asymptomatic transmission and that you don’t have symptoms, but you are a source of a virus.

Fully Vaccinated Florida Woman Needs Both Legs Amputated Due to ‘Covid-19 Complications’ 1.30.22 [Need To Know]
20-year-old Claire Bridges [young, beautiful] , who is fully vaccinated against Covid, is currently in the hospital facing the possibility of having both of her legs amputated because she wasn’t getting circulation to her legs after contracting Covid-19.

On the Subtlety of Monsters: Modern Nazis Amony Us - Dr. Naomi Wolfe (Video 27:30 min) 1.30.22 [Need To Know]
Echos of Nazi Germany...

EXCLUSIVE – Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’ 1.30.22 [Need To Knolw]
April 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with “the most senior research position” in his field, spoke with LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview.

To all the vaxtards trying to blame the unvaxxed - You Are The Problem! 1.30.22 [Unvaxed Blamed]
the vacinnated are creating the mutants. -
From Janci Lindsay, Ph.D., 2nd Managing Director of Toxicology & Molecular Biology, Toxicology Support Services, LLC. (Edited)

Book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey 1.30.22 [Plandemic]
It discloses for the first time the actual blueprint and master plan that that was ten years in the making by global predators before the pandemic: a plan to reorganize the world in the name of public health.
Billionaires, government agencies, giant funds, and major industries collaborated years ahead of time to lay the groundwork for what would become Operation Warp Speed and the Great Reset in 2020.
All this is disclosed, individuals and groups are named, and their plans for the future are documented. The book concludes with chapters on what America and the world must do in the coming weeks and months to save humanity’s freedoms.
America and the world must do in the coming weeks and months to save humanity’s freedoms.

Give them hell. It is where they belong. They are not human like us. They want to kill us. They want to enslave us. Stand up. Resist or die. It is really that simple.

In -30 Degree Weather The Canadian Truckers Convey Is Overwhelmed With People Wanting Freedom 1.29.22 [Need To Know]
I have a hard time finding words to express the momentum on this convoy. The convoy is 100kms long and growing all the time. The support people have is overwhelming. Coming into Winnipeg yesterday was pretty emotional the com radios went pretty quiet because no one could find words to express what we felt. There was people packed on the shoulders of the streets. Cars parked and people for miles and miles on the ring road around the city. The horns never stopped honking!

One Day After 50,000+ #Truckers4Freedom Stick It To Authoritarian Justin Trudeau, Fully-Vaxxed Prime Minister Isolates Himself 1.29.22 [Need To Know]
This convoy has definitely brought national unity that has not been seen before in a long time.

Day five and a huge turn of events! (Video 9:55 min) 1.29.22 [Need To Know]
After making unbelievable remarks towards millions of Canadians, our "leader" is going to run away and hide for five days. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the huge sudden influx of tourists about to arrive in Ottawa.

Check Those At-Home COVID Tests Coming from Biden Admin to Your Door - There May Be a Nasty Surprise 1.29.22 [Need To Know]
Imagine. A country that locks itself down when COVID appears under mysterious circumstances yet allows travel to other parts of the world now provides us with part of the protection against the disease they allowed to spread to begin with.
Let that sink in.
“Got my four tests,” Hemmer said, wryly adding: “And on the back of the fine print, Dana, it is made in China.”

Government VAERS Data Reveal 15,600% Increase in Heart Disease Among Under 30 Year-Olds Following COVID-19 Vaccination 1.29.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) released more data into the database maintained by the CDC and FDA today, and there are now 1,071,856 reports of deaths and injuries following COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Frontline Nurses Take Stand: Hero RN's Rescuing Captives Being Held For Execution (Video 14:18 min) 1.29.22 [Need To Know]
Frontline Nurse Nicole Sirotek has saved lives throughout the plandemic, now she's dealing with hospitals starving patients of basic care. She's raising the alarm to stop these horrifying deaths from continuing. Nurse Nicole has helped keep more than 5,000 people out of the hospital, 850 patients from being put on ventilators, managed 421 successful extubations, and won 64 lawsuits fighting for patients and their right to try treatments like ivermectin and the FLCCC protocol. Nurse Nicole suggested that nurses and patients should visit, and click on the early intervention tab if they have questions or need help in resisting deadly protocols being ordered by brainwashed doctors. Nurse Nicole joins us today.

Woman Sneaks Ivermectin Into Hospital, Saves Husband's Life 1.28.22 [Treatments]
Florida families of severely ill COVID-19 patients are flocking to Dr. Eduardo Balbona.

Lawyer Thomas Renz: Miscarriages and Cancers Up 300 Percent, Neurological Problems Up 1000 Percent in Past Year 1.28.22 [Need To Know]
Renz said three Department of Defense whistleblowers—Lt. Col. Theresa Long, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, and Lt. Colonel Peter Chambers—have provided stunning inside data about vaccine injuries.
“All three have given me this data in declarations that stated this is under penalty of perjury,” Renz said. “We intend to submit this to the courts.
According to the whistleblowers, miscarriages and cancers have increased by about 300 percent in the past year over the five year average.

Anti Vax US Doctors Will Be Targeted And Rounded Up By The Biden Regime (Video 20:01 min) 1.28.22 [Need To Know]

BREAKING: Another Nation Ends COVID Restrictions - Denmark! 1.28.22 [Need To Know]
“We say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we knew before...”
Lots of other countries are also easing restrictions...
England, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, NOT Austria!

U.S. Senate Hearing: DeathVaxx is decimating US Military Forces (Video 2:20 min) 1.28.22 REALLY [Need To Know]

OSHA withdraws mandate 1.27.22 REALY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Here it is - In the Federal Register!
SUMMARY: OSHA is withdrawing the November 5, 2021, emergency temporary
standard (ETS) which was issued to protect unvaccinated employees of large employers
(100 or more employees) from the risk of contracting COVID–19 by strongly
encouraging vaccination.

CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission” (Jan 12, 2022) 1.27.22 [CDC Official]
During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, where she said, “What [vaccines] can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.” Could they ever? Breakthrough infections are happening all the time.

COVID 19: A Second Opinion Senator Ron Johnson (highlight video) (Video 38:25 min) 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of Knowedge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy, and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
and the
Downloadable/Viewing Version that starts at the actual beginning of the discussion is here.
and the
Full 5 hr versions (Discussion begins around 40 minute mark) is here.

BREAKING: Massive Surge In COVID Cases- LOOK Where It’s Happening- Pure Irony 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
Even with two shots, and boosters, the cases are skyrocketing. This can be evidenced by looking at Israel, and now, college campuses in the United States.

How Billions in COVID Stimulus Funds Led Hospitals to Prioritize ‘Treatments’ That Killed, Rather Than Cured, Patients 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
Highlighting the slew of CMS add-ons and other incentives established with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act — and also the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act (PPPHCEA) — they emphasized the payments hinge on hospitals’ willingness to slavishly follow the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) guidelines “for all things related to COVID-19.”
As itemized by Vliet and Shultz, compliant hospitals garner CMS payments for:...

Doctor’s Organization Has Treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients With 99.99 Percent Survival 1.27.22 [Treatments]
'Early Treatment Works, Period'
People can visit the website, create an account, and fill out a patient intake form if the doctors are accepting new patients for that day. One of the doctors will then reach out in less than 24 hours. With a huge demand for their services, the physicians say they can only “accept a certain number of patients each day.”
Marble says that he and his small team of volunteer doctors prescribe Dr. Peter McCullough’s treatment protocol, which consists of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, and other low-cost generic drugs. They also prescribe vitamins D and C, and zinc.

FDA Throttling Forces Closure of Florida COVID Treatment Centers 1.27.22 [Need To Know] [FDA Official]
The FDA announced on Monday that it is no longer permitting the use of bamlanivimab and etesevimab (used together) as well as the combination of casirivimab and imdevimab known as REGEN-COV, or Regeneron.

$6.4 Billion in US Pandemic Aid Sent to China, 176 Other Countries 1.27.22 [Need To Know]

Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots 1.27.22 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
In this worldwide exclusive, Dr. Jane Ruby meets with board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes.
Mr. Hirschman reports that he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. He also reported that he has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%.

EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Treating Covid Patients For Free: ‘Fauci Is The Greatest Mass Murderer In History,’ ‘Hellspitals Are The New Concentration Camps 1.27.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
The measures taken by the federal government and administered nationwide to “stop the spread” and mitigate COVID-19 infection is actually a ploy implemented by “Nazi Fauci” to institute a one-world government and legalize mass murder, warns Dr. Ben Marble, a Florida-based Family Medicine Specialist.
“This is mass genocide. Nazi Fauci is the greatest mass murderer in the history of the world. He needs to be arrested and on trial for Nuremberg 2.0 along with Bill Gates and George ‘Sarass,’ Nazi Klaus Schwab – all the billionaire elite,” Dr. Marble told the Gateway Pundit at the Defeat the Mandate rally in Washington, DC.

Bombshell Cover-Up: Cancer Diagnoses in the Military Rose Over THREE-FOLD Since Jabs Were Introduced 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
Yesterday’s “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” panel hosted in Washington D.C. by Senator Ron Johnson exposed bombshell after bombshell as fresh data keeps pouring in that shows the Covid-19 “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective. Doctors from across the spectrum spoke up about what they’re seeing on the ground while other expert panelists exposed damning data demonstrating not only a huge medical problem, but also a coordinated cover-up of the evil deeds being perpetrated by members of our own government.

Truckers Against Vax Mandate Raise Millions; GoFundMe Withholds Funds 1.27.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
GoFundMe has blocked access to over $4.5 million raised by a Canadian trucker “Freedom Convoy” protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The fundraising campaign had received donations from more than 60,000 donors as of Tuesday.

The TRAITOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU has banned all Canadian t.v. stations from covering this historical event and is calling the CANADIAN TRUCKER CONVOY a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION while threatening to seize all funds raised by Go Fund Me.
He is scared for his job and should be as calls for his hanging become louder.

COVID-19 Can Be Stopped Without Massive Vaccination: Dr. Peter McCullough 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
According to McCullough, early treatment and natural immunity are safe and effective against COVID-19, but federal health agencies have ignored these in a push for vaccines, the broad use of which is not needed.
Comment: Remember that Fauci used Ivermectin LATE in his so-called research studies to show that it did not make a big difference. Using Ivermectin EARLY when symptoms show up have saved thousands - if not more - lives!!! Fauci just wants to scam more and more money while intentionally killing people off world-wide! Is there a Plandemic?...

Proposed State Law Would Make It Illegal to Request a Person’s Vaccine Status 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
A newly proposed South Carolina law would make it illegal for certain institutions to ask a person for their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Holocaust Survivor: Never Again Is Now. Unless We All Resist 1.27.22 [Need To Know]

CDC Finally Admits Cloth Masks Were Always Political Theater 1.27.22 [Need To Know] [CDC Official]
Yet the same CDC quietly admitted on Friday that the thin cloth masks the agency and its corporate media allies spent the last two years cheering actually “provide the least protection” against COVID-19. It was “the first time the C.D.C. has explicitly addressed” the relative ineffectiveness of cloth masks, according to The New York Times.

TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Senator’s Forum Exposes Reports Of Horrendous Vaccine Side Effects 1.27.22 [Need To Know]
There was virtually no media coverage of the event, with the exception of a few outlets such as WGBA-TV of Wisconsin who found doctors to criticize the discussion. The mainstream media outlets, however, stayed silent on the matter.
This is certainly not shocking considering the mainstream media outlets have been the biggest propagators of fear, misinformation and hysteria since the beginning of the COVID charade. If it weren’t for the media, there’d be no “pandemic” at all.

Anti-vax Olympic champion dies from Covid aged 51 after finally agreeing to take jab 1.27.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Gymnast Szilveszter Csollany passed at the age of 51 after eventually agreeing to be jabbed to keep his job.

DOD and Fauci Caught In Massive Scandal Hiding Death And Damage From COVID Vaccines (Video 18:04 min) 1.26.21 [Need To Know]
Attorneys Tom Rens and Leigh Dundas cover how the DOD has covered up the massive increases in miscarriages, cancer, neurological damage, and hiding the data being collected in Project Salas which show 71% of new COVID cases and 61% of hospitalizations are fully vaxxed.

JAB Injured woman REVEALS there are 50 people at the CDC PROCESSING over a Million VAERS Reports! (Video 8:38 min) 1.26.21 [Need To Know]

“Omicron Transmission is Likely Facilitated by The Vaccines”: Dr. Malone Warns That If We Keep Vaccinating, We Risk Developing a More “Pathogenic Virus” 1.26.21 [Need To Know]
According to Dr. Malone, if the public health regime continues to push this terrible universal vaccination policy, it will keep driving the virus to mutate, potentially to a state where it may be “more pathogenic and more able to elude immune response.”

FBI Searches Center for COVID Control Headquarters Following Complaints: Officials 1.25.22 [Need To Know]
“We take seriously any allegations of fraud or misbehavior by COVID-19 testing sites. CMS’s Center for Clinical Standards and Quality investigates these kinds of complaints and is aware of several alleged instances of misconduct by this company’s labs,” Dr. Lee Fleisher, chief medical officer and director of the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality for CMS, told CNN in a statement.

Here's What You Missed From The 'March To End Mandates' Protest In D.C. (Video 3:15 min) 1.25.22

5G goes live in the US and sparks international chaos 1.25.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Major international airlines are rushing to rejig or cancel flights to the United States after AT&T and Verizon activated their 5G wireless networks at 12.01am on Wednesday.

This week-end will mark the greatest patriotic event in Canadian history and the whole world is watching, everyone except for CANADIAN NEWS.
The TRAITOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU has banned all Canadian t.v. stations from covering this historical event and is calling the CANADIAN TRUCKER CONVOY a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION while threatening to seize all funds raised by Go Fund Me.
He is scared for his job and should be as calls for his hanging become louder.

FOURTH TURNING 2022 – BAD MOON RISING 1.25.22 [Need To Know]
There has been no fair and balanced reporting about this pandemic of the ignorant by anyone in the corporate media, beholden to Big Pharma advertising revenue and the bottomless pot of funds (from unborn generations) dished out by the government for the never-ending fear mongering covid marketing campaign. The fear porn has been ratcheted up to obscene levels by the covid pimp Fauci and his journalistic $2 whores in the mainstream media.

FOURTH TURNING 2022 – BAD MOON RISING (PART 2) with Link to Part 1 1.25.22 [Need To Know]
This week-end will mark the greatest patriotic event in Canadian history and the whole world is watching, everyone except for CANADIAN NEWS.
The TRAITOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU has banned all Canadian t.v. stations from covering this historical event and is calling the CANADIAN TRUCKER CONVOY a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION while threatening to seize all funds raised by Go Fund Me.
He is scared for his job and should be as calls for his hanging become louder.

As the sound of war drums grows louder …the real enemy remains hidden behind the curtain (Video 2:20 min) 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
Similar speeches and protests took place in 180 cities around the world, simultaneously, over the weekend, not that you would know it by watching the “news.”
War will come as a result. Let me explain.
Dr. Robert Malone delivered a landmark speech to the D.C. crowd, who came out in frigid temperatures to tell the Biden regime and all of the governors and mayors aligned with that illegitimate regime: We’ve had enough of your lies. But you won’t hear Dr. Malone’s speech on any of the corporate-owned mainstream media outlets. Watch it on this webpage...

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić BLASTS French President Emmanuel Macron For Ignoring Serious COVID Vaccine Side Effects 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
At a meeting of the European Parliament earlier this week, Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić blasted French President Emmanuel Macron for ‘murdering his citizens with mandatory vaccinations’.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson when the penny starts to drop the public will revolt (Video 2:20 min) 1.24.22 [Need To Know]

How Bolivians Defeated Socialist Government’s Vaccine Mandates 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
Gutierrez explained people who opposed the vaccine mandates were citing article 44 of the nation’s constitution, which protects against scientific or medical experimentation without consent, as grounds for the dismissal of the decrees.

British Medical Journal Demands Immediate Release of All COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatment Data 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
“This is morally indefensible for all trials, but especially for those involving major public health interventions.”

Florida Department of Health suspends medical director after he sent email encouraging staff to get vaccinated 1.24.22 [Need To Know]

Israel, One of Most Vaccinated Countries in the World, Sets New COVID-19 Case Record 1.24.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The Israeli Ministry of Health announced this week that more than 72,000 people tested positive for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, the largest rise in infections since the start of the pandemic.
Total active cases in the country rose to nearly 400,000 people, of whom 533 are currently hospitalized in critical condition, according to a Jan. 19 statement posted by the country’s health ministry.

Over 1 Million Deaths and Injuries Following COVID “Vaccines” Reported in VAERS as Second Year of “Experimental Use Authorization” Begins 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
The deaths and injuries following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” continue at an unprecedented rate as we now enter the second year of their “emergency use authorization.”
[All separate categories listed here...]

Historic Peaceful Rally To Defeat Mandates And Medical Tyranny 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
An estimated 35,000 protestors participated in the Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington DC on January 23rd. The event was sponsored by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, and World Council for Health.
Speakers included Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Drs. Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, and Steve Kirsch.
Fear of being labelled a terrorist, fear of violence and the cold weather undoubtedly kept many people away.

Dr Paul Marik made a huge BOOM with his recent statement on the safety of Ivermectin (Safer than Tylenol) 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
Ivermectin Is Safer Than Tylenol - Which Was Marked As One Of Most Important Drugs Ever Invented!

Canada-wide anti-mandate demonstrations kick off with slow-moving convoys 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
Known by names like Freedom Convoy 2022, Convoy to End Mandates and Lockdown Ottawa, the organizers vow that “thousands of trucks and vehicles will be surrounding Parliament and blocking all access to Ottawa,” demanding an end to the newly implemented vaccine mandate for cross-border drivers and an end to Covid restrictions generally.

US Regulators Clear Remdesivir for COVID-19 Outpatient Use 1.24.22 [Need To Know]
No other research was cited by the FDA.

Criminal complaint filed in Texas accuses COVID-19 vaccine makers and pushers of “murder” and “crimes against humanity” 1.24.22 [Need To Know]

WARNING: Developer Of Covid Microchip Says There’s No Stopping Roll-Out… ‘Will Be Used Whether We Like It Or Not’ 1.23.22 [Need To Know]
Sweden has been one of the first countries to embrace COVID passports in the form of microchips implanted under the skin.
“Get your Covid certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin. It is increasingly popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of information and now you can also insert your Covid certificate in the chip”...

Piece by piece, the official covid narrative is rapidly disintegrating 1.23.22 [WHO Official]
1) Even the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning against covid “booster” shots
2) More jabs means more infections
3) Covid jabs are NOT safe
4) Face masks do not protect against disease (hint: they spread MORE of it)


Press Release: On The Eve of Washington March, COVID Declaration - Now Backed by More Than 17,000 Doctors and Medical Scientists Around the World 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
Now with more than 17,000 signatures confirmed through a rigorous validation process, these physicians and scientists are represented by Dr. Malone as he speaks at the march to Defeat the Mandates on Sunday, January 23 in Washington, D.C.

Will These People Be Charged With Genocide? 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
Seven applicants, on behalf of the British population, have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC), accusing 16 individuals of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression
The 16 defendants include Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Peter Daszak, Bill and Melinda Gates, the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with several other British authorities, as well as the presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum
According to the ICC complaint, the 16 defendants have violated the Nuremberg Code and Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21 and 53 of the Rome Statute

German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus - Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Interview with Patrick Bet-David (Video 54:31 min) 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with consumer protection trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich to talk about the Coronavirus and his work on the German Corona investigation committee. 1.22.22 [Need To Know] has ONE goal. We want to help connect like-minded, independent thinkers with employers that value their employees personal choices.

Vaccine Free Jobs 1.22.22 [Need To Know]

Search Rite Careers 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
The Alternative Job Board
SearchRight is the best destination to find jobs outside the mainstream. We share career opportunities from organizations Countering Big Tech, Aligned with Based Viewpoints, and Building a Better American Economy

No Vax Mandate Job Board 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
We believe that no right is more sacred than the right of every individual to the control of their own person, free from all restraint or interference of others. This job board is for open positions at companies who align with our values.

Vantage Point Careers 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
... supports a person’s right to choose whether or not they wish to be vaccinated.
We post unlimited job opportunities, for free, on behalf of companies that also support the right to choose.

Trump-appointed Texas judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal workers nation wide 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
A federal judge in Texas issued a nationwide injunction on Friday barring the federal government from enforcing President Biden’s order that federal workers without the necessary medical exemption or religious exemption must receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Starbucks Removes Requirement For Employees To Be Vaccinated...Leftists Lose Their Collective Minds...Call For #Boycott 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
General Electric was first to publicly announce that they would no longer require their employees to accept the COVID jab. Now, an unlikely company with over 220,000 employees is following suit.
According to Reuters – Starbucks Corp suspended the COVID-19 vaccine-or-test requirement...

Book Review: The Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell 1.21.22 [Need To Know]
Almost of all us take for granted that contagion of disease is a real concept, that a sick person "passes" an illness to someone who "catches" it. But what if we are mistaken?
Dive deep into an alternative view of heath and disease, where contagion is a myth, but where other factors like water, EMF and resonance are the real factors.
Comment: And if you find yourself not believing it, then maybe you aren't ready for the truth. But then again, that's even more reason to read the book -- because it offers considerable proof.

Part of an amazing speech by a courageous young lady at a school board meeting. This deserves to go viral. (Video 2:04 min) 1.21.22 [Need To Know]

35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
10 An Indoor Baby or Bridal Shower | 9 Eating Indoors at a Restaurant | 8 Eating at a Buffet | 7 Going on a Trip With Friends or Family |
6 Dinner at a Friend's House Inside | 5 Working in an Office | 4 Going to a Wedding |
3 Hugging a Friend | 2 Visiting Your Local Bar | and
1 Hanging With a Sick Person... Duhhh

Pfizer trials: All injected mothers lost their unborn babies 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
LifeSite News cuts Pfizer some slack on the 5 “outcomes pending” which creates the possible impression that 87.5% of the babies of the injected women died. With all respect to LifeSite, I feel correct in not counting the 5 “outcomes pending” and hence arrive at the conclusion that 100% of the unborn babies died in the injected women for whom results are presented.

COVID testing firm piled unprocessed swabs in trash bags, billed feds $113M 1.21.22 [Need To Know]

The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece (Video 1:39 mini) 1.21.22 [Need To Know]
Here are the five new truths:
1 EEU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters |
2 The vaccines make you more likely to get COVID |
3 The vaccines aren’t safe |
4 Cloth masks don’t work |
5 Kids shouldn’t have boosters shots....

Dr. Meryl Nass' Testimony Against Vaccine Mandates 1.21.22 [Need To Know]
January 11, 2022, the Health and Human Services Committee of the Maine legislature held a public hearing on LD867 “An Act to Prohibit Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for 5 Years to Allow for Safety Testing and Investigations Into Reproductive Harm”
Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist with a special interest in vaccine-induced illnesses and expertise in anthrax and bioterrorism, testified in favor of the bill
All currently available COVID shots in the U.S. are experimental. None is licensed.

Nuremberg 2.0 Depopulation By Any Means Dr. Ardis, Dr. Fuellmich & Dr. Wodarg (Video 59:28 min) 1.22.22 REALY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]

Sign the pledge to stop the unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate! 1.21.22 [Need To Know]

Here’s Why A Leaked Letter From Carhartt’s CEO Sparked An Online Debate On Vaccine Mandates 1.21.22 [Unvaxed Blamed]
Carhartt’s top priority is workplace safety, and the Supreme Court ruling “doesn’t impact that core value,” Valade wrote in the letter,
adding that an unvaccinated workforce represents a risk the company is “unwilling to take.”

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo calls government officials still enforcing ineffective mandates and masking children "data deniers." (Video 1.54 min) 1.21.22 [Need To Know]

A Letter to my Doctor - An Urgent Plea from a Citizen and a Patient 1.21.22 [Need To Know]
Instead they went into an emergency state of denial and were able to muddy the waters enough to limit the damage to unfocused outrage. The denials or lies were exactly the same in Canada, England, France, Germany, and the United States.
I object vehemently and unequivocally in any way, shape or form—directly or indirectly—being compelled to take such treatments. My position has always been—and remains—one of “informed consent”, a hitherto inviolable precept which has now been dispensed with here in Australia and in numerous other jurisdictions.
May 95% Protection
Jun 70% Protection
Jul 50% Protection
Aug No Protection, but it reduces the spread
Sep Doesn't reduce the spread, but reduces severity
Oct Doesn't reduce severity, but reduces hospitalizations
Nov Doesn't reduce hospitalizations, but you aren't going to die
Dec You die, but you go to heaven (WHO)

Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine (Video 4:49 min) 1.21.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
The Build Back Better motto: If you can’t beat them, kill them.

How Bad is My Batch 1.21.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
You can use this website to find out the number of deaths, disabilities and illnesses associated with your particular batch code. The sheer number of deaths and disabilities is cause for concern - far exceeding the adverse events associated with flu vaccine lots of equal size.
Some batches/lots are associated with excessive deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions. This variation could be due to -
variation in the amount, meaning the number of doses distributed for a particular lot, OR
variation in the toxicity of the doses
Both factors may play a part. Until we know for certain, it is best to be cautious.
Also mirrored here

COVID Vaccines Are Growing New Variants Inside Vaxxed Bodies Claims Gates Backed Doctor (Video 2:57 min) 1.21.22 [Need To Know]
A former Bill Gates backed virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche claims that COVID mRNA injections are creating more variants, will not stop the virus and should never be given to children.

Candice Owens Schools Tucker Carlson: ‘They Really Do Want A Global Technocracy’ (Video 2:58 min) 1.21.22 [Need To Know]
The government is creating problems because they want you to turn to the government for answers.

Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
An explosive case is currently being hotly debated on social media: In France, a rich, older entrepreneur from Paris is said to have died as a result of a Corona injection. Previously, he had taken out multi-million dollar life insurance policies for the benefit of his children and grandchildren, according to a media report.
Although vaccination is recognized as the cause of death by doctors and the insurance company, it has refused to pay out. The reason is because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published. They argue that the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk. Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a “critical illness”.

Breaking News from the International Common Law Court of Justice, January 15, 2022 (GMT) Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections 1.20.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
The Court’s verdict sentences seventy-five individuals to life imprisonment, seizes their assets and disestablishes their corporations, and lawfully prohibits the further manufacture, sale, or use of their COVID vaccines as “products of medical genocide and mass murder”.

ICLCJ Verdict and Sentence 1.20.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
This groundbreaking announcement announces the conviction of those involved in global genocide. It gives every man and woman on the planet the authority to seize and destroy any and all Covid-19 paraphenalia. At the same time, we can arrest anyone who is named in the verdict for crimes against Humanity.
The court was convened by five magistrates and a court prosecutor in Vancouver on September 15, 2021. The magistrates participated in the previous two ICLCJ cases. Then and now, their identities are kept anonymous for their own safety, as with the prosecutor, since fifteen of our witnesses have been killed in the course of our three trials. (See the list of names in the Indictment).

Dr. Carrie Madej: Shocking Warning About Monoclonal Antibodies (Video 1 hr 1 in) 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
If you plan on taking the covid vaccine you should watch this, she goes into detail about who is making them how they are made, what is in it, how it can permanently modify the human genome, nanotechnology that is in them, how it will barcode us for identification, that we could expect increased cancer rates, mutagenesis, autoimmune disorders etc…
[Press the allow once widget icon]

America’s Military Should be Used to Oppress The Unvaxed, Says Leading Utah Newspaper 1.20.22 [Unvaxed Blamed]
The editorial board of the 152-year-old Salt Lake Tribune has demanded that Utah’s governor deploys the National Guard to ensure that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 “would not be allowed anywhere.”

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions 1.20.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Restrictions including COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, and work-from-home guidance will be removed in England, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday.
Johnson also suggested that self-isolation rules may also be thrown out at the end of March as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic becomes endemic.
Effective immediately, the UK government is no longer asking people to work from home.

Boris Johnson [UK PM] SCRAPS masks, work from home and passports in latest Covid plan (Video 2:00 min) 1.20.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]

Japan Drops All Vaxxine Mandates, Places Myocarditis Warning on Label 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
First, Japan’s health ministry acKnowedged the growing rate of heart inflammation among the vaccinated population. Then Japan’s public and private sectors were alerted to the fact and forbidden to discriminate against those who refuse the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, Japan has made it clear that “informed consent” is required to receive the vaccine. Japan now insists the vaccine labels warn of dangerous potential side effects such as myocarditis.

EEU Regulators, WHO Call for End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence Strategy Is Failing 1.20.22 [Need To Know] [WHO Official]
European Union drug regulators on Tuesday warned frequent COVID boosters could adversely affect the immune system and said there are currently no data to support repeated doses.
This comes a month after EU drug regulators said it made sense to “administer COVID-19 vaccine boosters as early as three months after the initial two-shot regimen,” amid concerns over the Omicron variant.

Fauci Bombshell Leak 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
Following a devastating bombshell leak of his personal finances, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases and WhiteHouse Cheif Medical Advisor will now be subject to a full Congressional investigation according to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) after Senator Dr. Roger Marshall, M.D. obtained and released his records from the NIH over the weekend. With the likelihood of a GOP takeover of Congress growing greater each day, Fauci should be deeply concerned

Researcher Calls Out Censorship After Journal Pulls COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Analysis 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
Rose found the data alarming, only to realize authorities and even some experts were generally dismissing it.

Pfizer-backed CDC Foundation partnered with Facebook to fund social media tactics to increase “vaccine uptake” 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
The Pfizer-sponsored CDC Foundation has teamed up with Big Tech and Big Pharma giants Facebook and Merck, among others, in order to promote Covid vaccines.
The pressure group calls itself the Alliance for Advancing Health Online and some details about its purpose and organization are revealed in an email sent to the White House and obtained and shared by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

If Ivermectin Recognized, Justification for Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates Would Evaporate: Doctor 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
Federal health agencies haven’t recognized ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID-19 patients. According to Doctor Leland Stillman, the reason is more political than scientific, because otherwise there would be no basis for lockdowns or vaccine mandates.

I do believe the vaccinated are spreading something to the rest of us. How serious? I don’t know. However I cannot believe something this evil would not be set up to spread itself to the unvaccinated. And, make no mistake, 5G will play a part in this at some point if not already.

A First Hand Account Of Absolute Evil - Why Can't They See? (Video 13:31 min) 1.20.22 [Need To Know]

W.H.O. Concedes the Covid Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu! 500,000 Americans Dead From Vaccine! (Video 10:34 min) 1.2.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Join US if you want to Live!
A Syringe pointed at you is No different than a Gun, defend yourselves!
Co-Existence with the Left will Never be Possible.

5G DEATH TOWERS ACTIVATED: FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS WILL FOLLOW (Video 14:41 min) 1.20.22 [5G and Coronavirus] [Plandemic]
The FAA and major airlines are warning that the activation of 5G could interfere with airplanes taking off and landing. AT&T and Verizon don't care - so as they prepare to activate their 5G networks nationwide, prepare for flu-like symptoms, or worse. This is a red alert 5G warning.

SHOCK: Woman Injured by Covid Vaccine Exposes Incompetent VAERS System 1.20.22 [Need To Know]
Brittany Galvin of Tampa posted a heartbreaking video on social media proving that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is slow-waking cases of people who have been harmed by the coronavirus vaccine.
Galvin states that her significant vaccine injuries include Guillain-Barré syndrome, Pericarditis, Gastroparesis, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). She describes the bureaucratic nightmare she has endured to ensure her case is counted, and Brittany Galvin is determined to be counted. The video was posted at the Twitter account for The account surmises that “deliberate foot dragging” is behind the lack of interest in Brittany’s case.

Whistleblower: Hospitals Killing For Organs, "This is Absolutely Evil And A Crime Against Humanity!" (Video 18:15 min) 1.20.22 [Need To Know]

“Premeditated Manslaughter of Millions of People Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone Respond to Project Veritas BOMBSHELL 1.19.22 [Plandemic]
On Tuesday morning Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, and Dr. Naomi Wolf, a former Clinton adviser and democracy activist, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to respond to the Project Veritas bombshell.
Dr. Malone called it “bigger than the Pentagon Papers.”
Dr. Wolf called it “manslaughter of millions of people coordinated at the highest levels.”

DRASTIC RESEARCH - Project DEFUSE - DARPA - PREEMPT (HR001118S0017) 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
Ecohealth Alliance (EHA) Tried To Bypass The P3CO/DURC Frameworks 7
EHA Would Have Used Us Taxpayer Money To Pay Shi Zhengli At Half Time And Peng Zhou And Ben Hu At
EHA DEFUSE Would Have Invited Shi Zheng Li To A Project Kickoff At DARPA Headquarters 8
EHA ‘had’ 3 Key Cave Sites In Yunnan For SARS-r CoV Collection 8
EHA Planned To Inoculate Wild Bats With Aerosolized Vaccines 9
The Proposal Does Not Properly Discuss Ethical, Legal And Social Issue 10 - ETC!...

Hackers Crack Pfizer, Moderna & Pfizer Servers! All Vaccine Death Data Now Public From All Companies Thanks to Hackers! 1.19.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
**Displays number of deaths and disabilities associated with each batch/lot number = indication of relative toxicity of one batch/lot compared to another
**No one currently knows the reason why some batches/lots are associated with excessive deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions (up to 50 x). Until we do know, it is best to be cautious
**[“Batch-code” = “Lot Number” = the number they write on your vaccination card.]
Here’s the link to the site where you can see live links listed below. Download and save all articles you can incase the site goes down!!!

Spanish Police Declare Resistance To Covid Tyranny and Corruption 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
Lockdown Awakening! Police In Spain Join The Freedom Protest [VIDEOS]

Israel Confirms Vaccine Fail Against Omicron: All Vaccine Mandates Must End Now REALLY 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
Do you realize what this implies?
Given the fact that the vaccines do not work against Omicron and that Omicron is now the globally dominant Covid strain, it makes no logical or medical sense to continue with vaccinating and boostering at this time.
[Of course - each shot liquid is made for only one specific variant… they shay...]

Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome [AIDS!] (Oct 20, 2021) REALLY 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
Weekly Decline in doubly vaccinated immune system performance compared to unvaccinated people…

BUSTED: COVID Booster Shots Diminish Immune System 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
Brian Wilson breaks down statements from the European Medicines Agency, the World Health Organization, and virologist Dr. David Bauer that conclusively agree: taking consecutive booster shots in a short amount of time actually lowers the capability of immune systems to fight infection in the vaccinated.

Docs Tried to Kill Unvaxxed, Could Face Criminal Charges: Sheriff Must Decide (Video 19:16 min) 1.19.22 [Need To Know]

WATCH: Canadian truckers against Covid mandates BLOCK all lanes of traffic to and from the United States (Video 0:24 min) 1.19.22 [Need To Know]

Get free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests [From the US Gov.] 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. The tests are completely free. Orders will usually ship in 7-12 days.
Order your tests now so you have them when you need them.
A news article.

Serious Issues With At-Home Tests - Pamela A. Popper, President - Wellness Forum Health PDF 1.19.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
In other words, if you test positive and notify a physician or other healthcare provider, your local health authorities will likely know about your positive test results too.
But that’s not all.
The instructions document also includes this statement about the reagent solution used in the test:
“The Reagent Solution contains a harmful chemical...If the solution contacts the skin or eye, flush with copious amounts of water. If irritation persists, seek
medical advice."
[What else? What about the false positive percent rate???...]

We Failed: Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
...which goes on to admit that "For ALMOST two years, we - the press and the population - have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities' daily coronavirus figures.

Florida Health Department official suspended after sending pro-vaccine email to employees 1.19.22 [Need To Know]
A measure Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law last fall prohibits government agencies from implementing vaccine mandates.

FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (164 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
The reason: without the crucial step of isolation/purification having been performed (from many patients, followed by characterization, sequencing and controlled experiments), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” (blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures) actually exists.

Crisis in America: Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64 Based on Life Insurance Claims for 2021 After COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Outs 1.18.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
I did my own investigation to corroborate what he was reporting, and examined the number of deaths the CDC was reporting through December, 2020, before they revised their website and changed the total number of people who died in 2020, the year the pandemic scam started, which clearly showed that total deaths in 2020 were about the same as the previous two years, and that all they basically did was eliminate most of the flu deaths and blame those on COVID-19.
The result of this investigation was that we saw about an additional 400,000 deaths in 2021, the year of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. See:
2021: COVID Deaths Increase, Flu Deaths Disappear, 400,000+ More Total Deaths than 2020

Alberta pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson explains dying soccer players, death count spike (Video 19:25 min) 1.18.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Dr. Roger Hodkinson is an Alberta pathologist and critic of the lockdown class. Keean Bexte speaks with him about the concerning spike in deaths documented by insurance companies and the tragic cases of elite soccer players succumbing to heart failure.

Hawaii will require visitors to the state to have received a COVID-19 booster if they want to skip quarantine and be considered 'fully vaccinated' 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
Hawaii will require tourists to get their COVID-19 booster shot to be considered fully vaccinated avoid a mandatory five day quarantine on arrival.

There's Something Much Bigger Going On Here | Dr. Robert Malone 2022 (Video 5:02 min) 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
Comment: It's just new world order making there play for the one world government and depopulation - no big deal.

BECAUSE "A lot of information is coming out now and the shots will be stopped!"
Translation: The vax campaign missed enough people for there to be BIG TROUBLE for the "elite."
So they are going to say "We were wrong, this was not intentional, please forgive us"!!!

COVID Narrative Shaky After DARPA Fellow Exposes Government Docs to Project Veritas 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
An August 2021 letter by a former fellow at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, US Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy, reveals incriminating documents allegedly hidden in a shared drive that dates back to July 2021. The files show Dr. Anthony Fauci’s involvement with gain-of-function research, including government contracts.

In an almost declaration of war Riccardo Bosi sends an urgent message to Australia.
Times up for the traitors who have betrayed Australia and the world.
Riccardo Bosi is a consultant in leadership, strategy and innovation, and is also a former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel. He is now the leader of AUSTRALIA ONE Party and has big plans and high hopes for Australia's future. AUSTRALIAONE is the party for decent everyday Australians who want the best future for themselves ...

Airline Executives Warn Of Catastrophic Disruption With Rollout of New 5G Happening Tomorrow 1.18.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
“This means that on a day like yesterday, more than 1,100 flights and 100,000 passengers would be subjected to cancellations, diversions or delays,” chief executives of Delta Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx, UPS and others wrote in the letter.
The executives urged U.S. officials to prevent 5G from being implemented within 2 miles of affected airports until the FAA figures out a way for affected airplanes to fly safely or risk a “catastrophic disruption” to passenger flights and the global supply chain.

It’s A Battle Of Wills! The World Erupted Over The Weekend In Major COVID Tyranny Protests 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
Over the weekend, protests against COVID tyranny from mask mandates to shot mandates to health passports. The people united in the day and at night to let the tyrants in their countries know that they were not going to put up with their usurpations of law.

US hospitals: fraud, murder, cash; federal assassination-for-hire program 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
Here are stunning excerpts:
“Upon admission to a once-trusted hospital, American patients with COVID-19 become virtual prisoners, subjected to a rigid treatment protocol…for rationing medical care in those over age 50. They have a shockingly high mortality rate…”
“As exposed in audio recordings, hospital executives in Arizona admitted meeting several times a week to lower standards of care, with coordinated restrictions on visitation rights. Most COVID-19 patients’ families are deliberately kept in the dark about what is really being done to their loved ones.”

Mask Asphyxiation Disease “M.A.D.” now sweeping across America and the World 1.18.22 [Need To Know]
Hypercapnia occurs when CO2 levels become elevated in the body. This happens when we rebreathe the gaseous waste air coming out of our mouths and noses, imposing harmful and dangerous effects on the mind and body. Rebreathing CO2 increases your blood pressure and leads to rapid heart rate, chest pain, confusion, twitches, headaches, fatigue, panic attacks and mass formation psychosis. Once this becomes perpetual, organ damage and asphyxiation probability increases. About two hundred million Americans are suffering from this relatively new syndrome resulting from being deprived of proper amounts of oxygen. It’s slow suffocation, and the Covid masks are to blame for all of it, whether homemade or N95.

Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage (Jan 4, 2021) 1.17.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The result of him sounding the alarm was a gag order issued against him by the medical authorities in his community. He defied this gag order and was interviewed by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson on her show where he sounded the alarm. See:
Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community...

Five nurses speak out about what is really going on in hospitals ()Video 2 hr 11 min) 1.17.22 [Need To Know]
I met with 5 nurses on a single Zoom call who have all left their jobs, so they are no longer afraid to speak out about what is really happening in hospitals today. If you think our healthcare system is well run and there is no corruption, you are in for a big surprise.
Hear first hand about the death threats, job dismissals, break ins, and shoddy treatment by the local police department.
You’ll hear about how in the hospital patients were not fed for 9 days.
You’ll learn why if you want to give a patient ivermectin it requires a court order.
Is there a hospital where you can get decent care? Yes, they know of one hospital in Utah.

Ron DeSantis Tears Into Supreme Court Justices 1.17.22 [Need To Know]
In a statement released by his office, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts as a lack of ‘backbone’ for siding with liberal justices and upholding President Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Covid-19 Vaccines are now under Criminal Investigation 1.17.22 [Need To Know]

Maine Doctor Loses License, Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation for Treating Covid Patients with Ivermectin, ‘Spreading Covid Misinformation’ 1.17.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Meryl Nass, a Maine doctor with more than 40 years experience cannot practice after her medical license was suspended for ‘spreading Covid misinformation’ and treating Covid patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.
Dr. Meryl Nass was also ordered to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation.

Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Claim, Says Death by Experimental COVID Vaccine is the Same as Suicide (Mar 4, 2021) 1.17.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Every version of the vaccine being administered under the presumption that it will do something about SARS CoV2 is still unapproved. They are (literally) experimental. By signing up or getting in line, you are a willing participant in a global human trial with no guarantees. …Therefore, insurance companies are (typically) under no obligation to cover any cost associated with your voluntary participation in these human trials.
If they make you sick, your health insurance does not need to cover associated care. If you die, Life insurers are under no obligation to pay death benefits.

Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings… Enough to Dismantle the Entire (VAX COVID) Industry!” (Video 20:03 min) 1.17.22 [Need To Know]

The Days of Serial Mass Boostering May Be Coming to An End 1.17.22 [Need To Know]
The other day Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer gave an interview in which he made some rather startling admissions. This is what he said in part:
“We know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any. The three doses with a booster, they offer reasonable protection against hospitalisation and deaths… and less protection against infection.”

Schools Shouldn't Mandate 'Most Dangerous Vaccines in Human History' 1.17.22 [Need To Know]
...former Pfizer exec warns injections "are toxic by design" and it seems obvious "criminal acts are being committed."

German Doctors find 'Astonishing' Impurities in Covid Vaccine 1.17.22 [Need To Know]
This video is part of a larger article at RAIR Foundation USA:
See full conference (and link to transcript):
Comment: There is something in the "vaccines" that is not natural, not biological, and not good for anything know to medical doctors (other than those who are part of this conspiracy.

Ron Paul Blocked on Facebook up to 90 days and has 1.2 million followers 1.17.22 REALLY [Need To Know]

University of Chicago students pen the best anti-vaxx, anti-mandate letter you'll ever read… 1.16.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
This booster mandate is demonstrably unsafe, ineffective, unnecessary, inconsistent, and unethical. We've struggled beneath UChicago's draconian COVID decrees for years, but the university's booster mandate reaches a new height of absurdity.

ALERT: People Getting The Moderna Jab At Risk For New Major Illness… 1.16.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
There have been so many people on social media warning others of the potential dangers of the COVID experimental vaccines. Of course, instead of the media reporting on those concerns that have been raised, they have pushed them away and called anyone who asks them as “wild conspiracy theorists”.

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight 1.16.22 [Need To Know]

Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic 1.16.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Fauci lied to Congress yet again by insisting that his financials were public, when they very much weren't.
Finally, after a handful of organizations tried suing Dr. Anthony Fauci in order to have them released, the good doctor’s financials – along with those of his wife, who is the NIH’s top bioethicist – have been disclosed in detail. And they were leaked by the same Senator who Fauci called a “moron” last week during a hot-mic moment.

Americans for Responsible Technology 1.16.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Educate the public about science-based health risks associated with exposure to wireless radiation; Promote the safe and responsible use of current and emerging technologies.

Tower & Antenna Database Updated 12/19/21 - 1.15.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
Find out how many cell towers and antennas are near you!

COVID Shots Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease in Young People, MIT Scientist Warns 1.16.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., senior research scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, told Fox News vaccinating young people for COVID may cause serious neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
The Prion like proteins can travel along the Vegas nerve to the brain, and result in Neurodegenerative Diseases in younger and younger populations- resulting in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
She says children are at almost zero risk from Covid and should not be given the vaccine.

Adverse reactions, vaccines that don't work, and how booster shots degrade the immune system (Video 11:33 min) 1.16.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The censored news of the day January 16, 2022

Pfizer, China indicted for genocide as Kevin Annett dodges assassination 1.15.22 [Need To Know]
An International Court will issue its verdict and sentence against Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, China, the Vatican, and other genocidal agencies on January 15, 2022, after a five month investigation and trial on Canada's west coast. The Court's chief advisor, Kevin Annett, has dodged two assassination attempts during 2021, and faces more attacks from these and other guilty criminals. Kevin describes the background and what is to come. See .

DR PETERSON PIERRE – IT’S THE MOST DANGEROUS VACCINE IN HISTORY (Jan 11) (Video 2:07 min) 1.15.22 [Need To Know]

The Sequel to The Fall of the Cabal Documentary - 16 - The Era of Depopulation part 3 (Aug 17) (Video 26:51 min) 1.15.22 [Need To Know]

Bill Would Bar Entities That Get Federal Funds From Imposing Vax Mandates 1.15.22 [Need To Know]
Thursday's mixed decision by the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden's vaccine mandates on larger private businesses, but it also allowed s federal healthcare worker mandate to go forward.
Now, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., has introduced a bill that could tap the brakes on the latter measure, too.
Biggs, backed by 24 House GOP co-sponsors, has introduced the No Mandates Act, which would prohibit any federal agency or entity that receives federal funds from issuing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

What You Need to Know About the COVID Shot, and More (Video 51:16 min) 1.15.22 [Need To Know]
Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA shots, and Janssen’s vector DNA shot, all inject genetic material into your body that program your cells to start producing this spike protein. They’re gene transfer technologies that instruct your body to produce a dangerous protein inside its own tissues
A Pfizer biodistribution study showed both the mRNA and spike protein is widely distributed in the body. In particular, it accumulates in the ovaries. Despite that, reproductive toxicology studies were eliminated in the interest of speed
In the video presentation above, Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly credentialed and published cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist, and one of the primary physicians leading the charge to provide commonsense clinical wisdom into COVID treatments, explains what the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is and how it harms human biology — whether it comes from a natural SARS-CoV-2 infection or a COVID jab.

My exclusive 10 minute interview with Tony Fauci (VERY INFORMATIVE!!!) 1.15.22 [Need To Know]
OK, I didn’t really interview Tony.
Here’s the idea. I hire Tyler Fischer who does a brilliant Fauci imitation to play Fauci in the “interview” scripted below. We promote it to go viral.
The idea is to use humor to wake people up as this is one of the “tricks” to break the mass formation we are in.
Here’s the first draft of the script. Let me know what you think.

Quietly and over some objections, a national digital vaccine card has emerged (Video 4:27 min) 1.15.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
The SMART Health Card is voluntary and minimal by design to protect personal information. About 80 percent of vaccinated people in the U.S. most likely have access to it.
And after a relatively quiet start, it has built momentum in recent months as more states and companies have signed on, making it something of a de facto national digital vaccine card.
“The beautiful thing about this is that this multistate coalition is a coalition of the willing,” said Dr. Brian Anderson, chief digital health physician at MITRE, a research nonprofit, and an architect of the health cards.

ALERT: Pfizer CEO Makes Major Vaccine Announcement 1.15.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
According to new reports from Infowars, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has come out and admitted that taking two doses of his company’s highly experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine aren’t going to be very effective against the illness, if they even work at all.
So all of these people who are getting pumped full of this vaccine are putting something into their bodies that isn’t even going to help preserve their health and safety from this illness, which has a 99 percent survival rate, have done all of this for nothing.
“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any,” Bourla went on to say when he was asked about coming up with an omicron variant-specific booster.
However, he said it offers “less protection against infection.”
This little confession is a complete and total turn from previous statements the CEO made last year when he touted the first and second vaccine jabs as “100 percent effective.”

PREMEDITATED MASS MURDER? Reiner Fuellmich's Upcoming Legal Battle Against Gates, Fauci & Tedros (Video 45:40 min) 1.14.22 [Plandemic]

30 Years Ago, Dr Robert Willner Accused Anthony Fauci Of Genocide (Video 2:16 min) (May 22, 2021) 1.14.22 [Plandemic]

Tennessee mayor refuses to comply with vaccine mandates (Video 4:06 min) 1.14.22 [Need To Know]
Knox County, Tenn. Mayor Glenn Jacobs expresses frustrations with COVID vaccine mandates on 'Kennedy.'

The New World Order’s main focus is complete world dominance. Population control, better known as Depopulation, is the UN’s tool to annihilate the majority of the masses, so that no more than 500 million people are left on the face of the earth?

THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 15 - US Fertility Rate Falls To ALL Time Low, CDC Says (Video 27:37 min) 1.14.22 [Plandemic]

SMART METERS What Utilities are NOT Telling Us! 1/2 & 2/2 Videos (19:30 min & 25:41 min)1.14.22 [5G and Coronavirus]

Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Lie Under Oath Regarding VAERS COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths 1.14.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
regarding the “Omicron Response,” and both of them lied under oath.
They both claimed that they “didn’t know” how many deaths were recorded in VAERS following COVID-19 vaccines, and Walensky stated the COVID-19 vaccines are “incredibly safe” and “protect us against Omicron, they protect us against Delta, they protect us against COVID.”
She also stated that all reported COVID-19 vaccine deaths have been “adjudicated,” when in fact not a single COVID-19 vaccine injury, let alone a death, has been tried in the Government CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program, the only place where a vaccine death or injury following a COVID-19 shot can be “adjudicated.”

China’s True COVID-19 Death Toll 366 Times Higher Than Official Figure, Analyst Says 1.14.22 [Need To Know]
The Chinese regime has likely understated the COVID-19 death rate by as much as 17,000 percent in a systematic data suppression campaign to sustain its political image, according to a U.S. analyst.
That would put the number of COVID-19 deaths in China at around 1.7 million rather than 4,636, the two-year cumulative death figure that the Chinese authorities have maintained on the books. That’s 366 times the official figure.

Supreme Court halts COVID-19 vaccine rule for US businesses - The Detroit News 1.13.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Washington – The Supreme Court has stopped a major push by the Biden administration to boost the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination rate, a requirement that employees at large businesses get a vaccine or test regularly and wear a mask on the job.
At the same time, the court is allowing the administration to proceed with a vaccine mandate for most health care workers in the U.S. The court’s orders Thursday came during a spike in coronavirus cases caused by the omicron variant.

CDC’s Walensky now admits that covid vaccines “can’t prevent transmission” … so what’s the point of vaccine passports? 1.13.22 [CDC Official] [Plandemic]
In a recent interview with CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer, Rochelle Walensky, queen of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admitted that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” do not prevent transmission of the so-called virus.
Walensky explained to Blitzer that what the jabs “can’t do anymore is prevent transmission” – but when did they ever stop transmission? It seems, based on the latest data, that the people getting sick and spreading disease to others are those who took the injections.
Walensky and her husband, by the way, have raked in millions from the plandemic, so of course that is why the jabs, the masks, and every other form of fascism has been thrust upon populations all around the world.

Vaccine Remorse: What To Do If You’ve Already Vaxxed (Video 1 hr 49 min) 1.13.22 [Treatments]
Episode 10 [this video] focused on what to do if you’ve been vaccinated and are now seeking to learn what you can do to recover or detox from the side effects or adverse reactions from the jab.
“Episode 10: Vaccine Remorse – What To Do If You’re Already Vaxxed” with host, Jonathan Otto

Fauci Docs: "Premeditated Manslaughter of Millions of People Coordinated at the Highest Levels" (Video 9:16 min) 1.13.22 [Need To Know]

NEW EMAILS Show Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins Scheming Against Top Doctor’s Group that Challenged Their Failed and Deadly Policies 1.13.22 [Need To Know]

LAWRENCE SELLIN: New Pentagon Papers Show COVID Is Bioweapon Made in China Paid for and Developed by US Scientists Who Then Covered It Up While Pushing Flawed Public Health Policies 1.13.22 [Need To Know]
As described in a Gateway Pundit article last year, for over 15 years China has conducted biowarfare research on genetically-engineered viruses coupled to a vaccine-production program to protect its own military from those China-made bioweapons.
Hold on to that thought for a moment.

Great Barrington Declaration 1.13.22 [Need To Know]
As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.
Posted in 44 languages!...
On October 4, 2020, this declaration was authored and signed in Great Barrington, United States, by...

Omicrom continues to drive rise in global COVID-19 cases (Video 0:39 min) 1.13.22 [Need To Know]
Great graphs explaining how the current counting of cases per day is useless!

Melatonin Significantly Reduces COVID-19 Mortality 1.13.22 [Treatments]
The commentators point out that, at less than $5 per course of treatment, melatonin is a cost-effective addition to any treatment plan. For comparison, Regeneron monoclonal antibodies cost about $2,100 per dose and remdesivir is $3,100 per treatment. Melatonin also has no serious side effects, so it can be universally used.

New Protocol to Remove Spike Proteins - By Dr. Henry Ealy - PDF 1.13.22 [Treatments]

BOMBSHELL: Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC 1.13.22 [Plandemic]
Despite the science, Dr. Fauci and the medical elites have blocked the use of these effective treatments for coronavirus patients.

Top Scientist Has Discovered A BRILLIANT COVID Treatment! 1.13.22 [Treatments]

Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day 1.13.22 [Treatments]
Double-blind study shows ivermectin reduces disease’s duration and infectiousness...

Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital For COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated 1.13.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Data published by the NSW government’s COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit has revealed that as of Jan. 9, 68.9 percent of COVID-19 patients aged 12 and over in hospitals had two doses of the vaccine, with 28.8 percent unvaccinated.

Court upholds state law eliminating religious exemption to state vaccination requirements for school children 1.13.22 [Need To Know]
A federal court has upheld a new state law that eliminates a religious exemption to state vaccination requirements for communicable diseases, including COVID-19, for public and private school students.
U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton dismissed the suit in its entirety. She said the state agencies, as arms of the state, are immune from such suits, and the two organizations lacked standing to sue because they could not show how they are specifically harmed by the law.

Ronald McDonald House evicting family of 4-year-old with cancer over COVID vaccine 1.13.22 [Need To Know]
'This is some kind of crazy evil like I've never seen in my life'

Are you getting spiked? Are you a spiker or a spikee? I do believe the vaccinated are spreading something to the rest of us. How serious? I don’t know. However I cannot believe something this evil would not be set up to spread itself to the unvaccinated. And, make no mistake, 5G will play a part in this at some point if not already.

The Level Of Transmission And Death After Vaccines Is Absolutely… [Going Up Fast!] 1.13.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A bombshell study of 145 of the world’s most COVID-19-vaccinated countries found that after the vaccines were implemented, there was a significant increase in transmission and death.
Most specifically in the US, the study found that the jab has caused a whopping 38% more Covid cases per million and an even more astonishing 31% increase in deaths per million.
It was a 99-page study titled: “Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries”
The researchers who carried out the study found that almost 90% (89.84%) of the 145 countries experienced this negative effect after the COVID-19 shots were made available.

Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected 1.13.22 [Need To Know]
The State of Washington legalized the liquefaction and disposal of human corpses just one year before the state activated covid concentration camps, providing for an efficient, stealth mechanism for mass disposal of human corpses.
This is a fact. No one can shoot this down with a fake “fact check,” so they simply try to censor the conversation and hope no one is paying attention.

Supertoxic COVID shot batches: Big Pharma conducts lethal dose studies on the world’s population, analysts conclude (Video 14:48 min) 1.13.22 [Plandemic]
Keep in mind that improper administration reports like these don’t even include the tens of thousands of emergency room visits, serious adverse effects, cases of long-term disability, and deaths reported post-jab according to the government’s vaccine surveillance program, Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). What’s more, and as reported on The Stew Peters Show, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have allegedly all been conducting studies to determine the lethal doses of their COVID jabs … and doing so in what some critics say is an extremely reckless way!

Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr.’s Heroic Resistance to the CIA’s Continuing Covid Coup D’état 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
RFK, Jr. has made it very clear that he will not allow Orwell’s 1984 totalitarian boot to stamp on his face. His is a very rare moral courage, and he is asking us to join him, before it is too late and we enter into a new dark age, in recognizing and resisting the evil forces intent on stamping out democracy around the world. He is not pulling his punches with language as he accuses the political-intelligence-media-money-medical-corporate-pharmaceutical conspirators of executing “the controlled demolition of American constitutional democracy.” For a brilliant and highly accomplished lawyer and excellent writer and speaker, the choice of those words “controlled demolition” is clearly intentional.

Nurse confirms everyone who has had the vaccine is a "ticking timebomb for cancer and other illnesses’’ 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
channel image
Be Children of Light!

RSVP for FREE: Ripping the Veil of Big Pharma’s Agenda; RFK, Jr. and Foster Gamble 1.12.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
This January 29th, The Freedom Portal will be hosting a free virtual event featuring Foster Gamble and Robert Kennedy Jr. to explore the shocking disclosures of his new book THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.
Robert Kennedy Jr. will join Foster Gamble to explore the shocking disclosures of his new book, THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. They will discuss strategies for using the rule of law to defend our children and prosecute the global criminals threatening the well-being and the very existence of humanity.

COVID 5G LINK More proof! (Video 4:51 min) 1.12.22 [5G and Coronavirus]


Upwards of 30 US states have either activated their National Guard or told commanders to move to a prepared footing 1.12.22 [Need To Know]

Big Court Defeat For Pfizer Over Disclosure Of Secret Vaxxx Data! 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
This is a great win for transparency and removes one of the strangleholds federal “health” authorities have had on the data needed for independent scientists to offer solutions and address serious issues with the current vaccine program – issues which include waning immunity, variants evading vaccine immunity, and, as the CDC has confirmed, that the vaccines do not prevent transmission.

Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath (Video 7:07 min) 1.12.22 [Need To Know]

T Cells From Common Colds Cross-Protect Against Infection With COVID-19: Study 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
The discovery could help scientists develop a new version of the COVID-19 vaccine, the researchers said.

HOSPITAL 'PRISON' BREAK Whistle Blower John O'Looney Narrowly Escapes With His Life From UK Hospital (Video 13:36 min) 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
In this episode of Un-breaking The News we speak to Dr. Sam Dube who recounts the heroic rescue story of whistle blower John O'Looney from a hospital in the UK that refused to let him out.

Senate Bill Would Force States To Pair Voter ID With Vaccine Passports 1.12.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
The legislation is the idea of Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota who says if a state forces people to prove their vaccination status, they should also have to prove who they are when they go to vote.

QANON Dies Hard 1.12.22
Article by Cherie Z.

Overcoming the COVID-19 Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients 1.12.22 [Treatments]
...every one of the patients Dr. Tyson and Dr. Fareed treated early in the illness recovered and there were NO deaths. They also treated those who were severely sick and only lost a few.

Top SAGE adviser admitted lab leak theory was 'most likely' origin of Covid in February 2020 but debate was shut down because it could 'cause harm to China', bombshell emails reveal 1.12.22 [Need To Know] [COVID Source - Wuhan or Ft. Dietrick]
Sir Jeremy claimed in his emails that other respected scientists also believed the virus could not have emerged naturally. Names included Professor Mike Farzan, the Harvard researcher who first discovered how the original Sars virus binds to human cells.

Education Secretary Cardona facing calls to resign after email shows he solicited controversial NSBA letter 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is facing calls to resign after it was revealed Tuesday that, according to a National School Boards Association official, he had solicited the controversial letter from the NSBA last year that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists.

Read this entire Twitter thread if you want to get a sense for what is happening in Israel today. It’s basically both sides trying to straighten the ship, and they are tearing the country apart 1.12.22 [Need To Know]

Sen. Paul Challenges Biden: Can Gov't Force Vaccines ‘Not Effective Against Current Strain?’ 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
On Monday, he challenged Biden's vaccine mandate once again, questioning if the government can mandate a vaccine that is not even effective against the current strain of coronavirus.
“Can government mandate you take a vaccine that is not effective against the current strain?” Paul tweeted with a link to an opinion piece on Wall Street Journal, which declares that it would be “irrational, legally indefensible and contrary to the public interest for government to mandate vaccines absent any evidence that the vaccines are effective in stopping the spread of the pathogen they target."

Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory 1.12.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory says the data is clear the CV19 injections are “not safe, not effective” and shows they are causing a huge number of deaths.

They are practically paying Hospitals to "KILL YOU" - Dr. Peterson Pierre M.D. (Video 2:00 min) 1.12.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Subtitles in Spanish!

2,000 Doctors and Nurses Ask Supreme Court to Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate 1.12.22 [Need To Know]
Today, Liberty Counsel filed the reply brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case on behalf of more than 2,000 Maine health care workers against Governor Janet Mills, health officials of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and five of Maine’s largest hospital systems (MaineHealth, Genesis Healthcare of Maine, LLC, Genesis Healthcare, LLC, Northern Light Health Foundation, and MaineGeneral Health).

The DNA From All Those Carcinogen-Laced COVID Tests The People Have Been Taking Are Being Sent To China - From a Former 4 Star Admiral (Video 2:20 min) 1.12.22 [Need To Know]

National Open Letter Against Forced COVID Vaccinations 1.11.22 REALLY [Need To Know]

Professor Ehud Qimron [at Tel Aviv University]: “Ministry of Health [in Israel], it’s time to admit failure” 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.
In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so.

Harvard And Stanford Doctors Claim ‘Fauci Fooled America’ 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
Kulldorf And Bhattacharya On Fauci: ‘Reality And Scientific Studies Have Now Caught Up With Him’

Clot shot warning: Here’s what a blood clot looks like when LIQUID blood turns into a semi-solid gelatinous mass inside your body 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
The reason professional soccer players are collapsing on the field and suffering heart attacks is because their blood turns into a semi-solid gelatinous mass due to the spike protein “vaccine” injections. This is also why covid vaccines are increasingly known as “clot shots.”
Obviously, when your blood ceases to function as a liquid and begins to turn into a solid, it can no longer flow through your circulatory system. Within seconds, your brain loses oxygen and you lose consciousness. This is why so many people who take the covid “clot shot” injections are dying or passing out.

13 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of January 2022 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
COVID Trend #1: Depopulation Becomes Apparent? Life Insurance CEO says Mortality Rates for Working Age People Increased by 40%
COVID Trend #2: Company is Already Selling a COVID Passport Microchip
COVID Trend #3: Some Nations Roll Out Digital Tech Combining State ID, Driver’s License and COVID Vaccine Status
COVID Trend #4: Numerous US Federal Officials Make Stunning Admissions that Contradict the Official Narrative
COVID Trend #5: Authorities Intensify their Vitriol against the Unvaxxed
COVID Trend #6: Freudian Slips – Authorities Get a Little Too Honest
COVID Trend #7: Bills Introduced that, If Passed, Would Authorize Health Officers to Arrest and Detain the Unvaxxed
COVID Trend #8: Shocking Number of Athlete Heart Attacks
COVID Trend #9: More Research Shows Vaccines Ruin the Immune System Permanently
COVID Trend #10: Unhealthy Bureaucrats Restrict the Rights of Healthy Citizens – Based on the Idea They Know More About Health
COVID Trend #11: The Meaning of Fully Vaccinated Continues to Be Altered
COVID Trend #12: Several US Supreme Court Judges Show Their Supreme Lack of Knowedge about the Scamdemic
COVID Trend #13: US Federal Court Decisions Uphold Religious Exemption
Final Thoughts: Remain Sane in an Insane World

New study of Pfizer's COVID vaccine has some disturbing findings 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
In the Pfizer study, only 8 out of 18,198, or 0.043% of participants who received the vaccine, contracted COVID, while 162 out of 18,325, 0.884% in the control group who received injections of saline became infected. Therefore, while there was a Relative Risk Reduction of 95%, the Actual Risk Reduction was a mere 0.84%.
The trials did not follow scientific protocols, owing to the desire for rapid deployment.
The most damning findings concerned the lack of disclosure of possible, or even likely, long-term health risks on vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals.

Newsom Announces Operation Omicron Offensive in California – Includes Door to Door Visits and Taking Over Local Media to Fight “Misinformation” 1.11.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
They also will hire many workers to conduct “door-to-door canvassing, phone banking and texting.” Then they will vaccinate and test people directly in their homes!

Dr. Peter McCullough: Healthy Children Do Not Need to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19 1.11.22 [Need To Know]

CDC Director Disputes Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s Claim About Children Seriously Ill With COVID-19 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
...that 100,000 children are hospitalized or seriously ill with COVID-19 during arguments made before the court on Jan. 7.

Bill Authorizes ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
It is possible that the Washington State Board of Health is considering amending state law in the near future to allow residents as young as five years old to be held in “internment camps” to adhere to the state’s experimental vaccine mandate for not complying with it.

Most Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in New Jersey Admitted for Non-COVID Reasons: Officials 1.11.22 [Need To Know]

Why Did US Deaths Shoot Up 40% Above Normal Last Year? 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
Hospitalizations in Indiana are also higher than before the COVID shots were rolled out in in 2021, and the highest they’ve been in five years
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India also reports a 41% rise in death claims in 2021
COVID-19 deaths were significantly lower in 2021 than 2020, so COVID-19 can be ruled out as the cause for this historical rise in excess deaths and disabilities. Right now, the most probable cause is the experimental COVID jabs

Bombshell data from 145 countries show that covid vaccines INCREASE covid-19 associated sickness and death 1.11.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
This statistical trend of depopulation occurred in approximately 88% of the countries studied. This increase in cases and deaths is a direct result of the causal impact of the vaccine rollout.
Vaccine mandate did not lead to herd immunity, caused spike in covid-19 cases and deaths instead.

High Heat Disarms Coronavirus in Less Than a Second 1.11.22 [Need To Know]

UC San Francisco director of ER COVID response: The real crisis facing California hospitals isn't Omicron cases, it's strict quarantine rules 1.11.22 [Need To Know]
A doctor with the University of California San Francisco hospital system is sounding the alarm on the real crisis facing hospitals: staffing shortages made worse by the state's strict quarantine rules.

MUST WATCH: Holocaust Survivor Has This Warning For You – The Nazis Accused The Jews Of What The Unvaccinated Are Being Accused Of Today! 1.10.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
How many times I have spent on writing articles and doing radio programs to show the parallels of the Germans of the past and comparing what it is that we see in American government today (Ezekiel 33).

Fauci's Lawyer Tries to OUTSMART Rand Paul in Congress, Instantly REGRETS it (Jan 4) (Video 11:14 min) 1.10.22 [Need To Know]

Supreme Court vax mandate decision will impact nearly 100M workers (Video 4:47 min) 1.10.22 [Need To Know]

Life insurance policies can refuse payouts for the jabbed because covid vaccines are “medical experiments” 1.10.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Apparently the life insurance industry considers the emergency use-authorized injections to be an “experimental medical intervention” – which is exactly what they are. Consequently, they do not qualify for a payout.

Fetal Risk Whistleblower OBGYN Doctor "The Vaccine Increased The Death Rate 25 Fold In 10 Months" (Dec 27) (Video 54:46 min) 1.10.22 [Need To Know]

5G DEATH TOWERS ACTIVATED: FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS WILL FOLLOW (Video 14:41 min) 1.10.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
The FAA and major airlines are warning that the activation of 5G could interfere with airplanes taking off and landing. AT&T and Verizon don't care - so as they prepare to activate their 5G networks nationwide, prepare for flu-like symptoms, or worse. This is a red alert 5G warning.
Was this man "Zapped" by an EMF or "Energy Weapon"???

22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must! 1.9.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
A Quick Dose of Reality You Can Relate To: The System Has Already Been Tested...
What this really shows is their ability to block access to anything they don’t wish you to purchase or have access to!!!

Advance Vaccine Directive Card FAQs 1.9.22 [Need To Know]
Advance Vaccine Directive Cards are “The embodiment of Informed Consent.” - Rima E. Laibow, MD, Natural Solutions Foundation Medical Director.
Obtain Your Cards Get your I DO NOT CONSENT card Here.

‘Triple-jabbed’ Geraldo Rivera shocked he has COVID, trips SPECTACULARLY over his HATEFUL tweets about the unvaccinated 1.9.22 [Need To Know]
Geraldo Rivera is ‘astounded’ he has COVID since he is triply jabbed. Not only fully vaccinated BUT he has the booster. - Still caught it.
Remember when Biden was telling Americans the vaccine would keep people from catching COVID? Good times.
Shocked and embarrassed. - Looking at these tweets, he should be.
‘I have zero tolerance for anti-Vaxxers. Most of all, I detest vaccinated d*ck heads who urge the unvaccinated to fight for their freedom … ‘
‘It’s a pandemic of the UNVACCINATED.’
‘99% getting sick are UNVACCINATED.’
Think Geraldo will learn anything? - Yeah … us either.

Revolution In Kazakhstan: People Detain Military & Seize Vehicles/ Equipment. Shot Heard Round World! (Video 10:53 min) 1.9.22 [Need To Know]

Comment: I was just following orders" doesn't wash. There are consequences to unethical behavior. The collaborators of bullies are not innocent.

Total Crap From Bloomberg - Patience is wearing thin with the millions of people who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19 1.9.22 [Unvaxed Blamed]
The too dumb to be tolerated politicians and public health officials, along with hundreds of thousands of cowardly doctors and nurses, refuse to look at their own adverse event reporting systems to catch the obvious cause: the COVID genetic manipulation vaccines.

Translated roughly ”OMG, they fell down, burning eyes, smoke coming from their skulls…" What is going on… UPDATED | We may have an explanation = 5G 1.9.22 [5G and Coronavirus]
The cause is determined as 5G in the video description, however there is no other information about 5G. UPDATE: the bottom video we have just added may provide more of an explanation of what is actually going on in these disturbing videos.

Life insurance companies sound DEATH ALERT warnings over nearly 100,000 excess deaths per month happening right now in the USA 1.9.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
There are nearly 100,000 excess deaths happening per month in the USA right now, according to life insurance companies that are sounding the alarm over what Dr. Robert Malone calls a “mass casualty event” that’s unfolding due to covid vaccines.
This is a red alert situation unfolding right in front of us. The human race is being slaughtered through the injection of “clot shots” that are deliberately designed to reduce global population through death and infertility. All the politicians, scientists, regulators and journalists who are in on this are committing genocidal crimes against humanity, and they are even targeting children.

MUST-READ: VA Nurse Comes Forward, “By Complying With The COVID-19 Guidelines I Would Be Participating In Terrorism” 1.9.22 [Need To Know]
[Jerry] Bledsoe is a registered nurse who works for Fayetteville VA Medical Center (VAMC). He recently sent a letter explaining why he has no plans to comply with the COVID protocols and guidelines set forth by the Veterans Administration.
He believes that if he were to participate in these protocols mandated by the VAMC that he would be intentionally doing harm to individuals placed in his care thus preventing him from being an advocate for his patients.

South African Study: Omicron May Signal End of Acute Pandemic Phase 1.9.22 [Need To Know]
“The wave increased at a faster rate than previous waves, completely displacing the Delta variant within weeks and began its decline in both cases and hospital admissions in the fifth week following its commencement,” the researchers concluded, adding that there are “clear signs that case and admission rates in South Africa may decline further over the next few weeks.

As Omicron Surges, FDA’s Vaccine Strategy Called Into Question (Jan 3) 1.9.22 [Need To Know]
The first case of Omicron in the U.S. was reported on Dec. 1, 2021. As of Dec. 25, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates Omicron accounts for 58.6% of SARS-CoV-2 infections in the U.S.

Evidence of Self Assembling Nano Circuitry in the Pfizer Vaccine (Jan 6) (Video 6:20 min) 1.9.22 [Need To Know]

CBS Caught Deleting Footage After Their Reporter Highlights Horrifying Details About Pandemic 1.8.22 [Need To Know]
The mainstream media shamelessly lie for the radical left. It’s abhorrent how dishonest these leftist lap dogs have become. Then, to top it all off, they have the audacity to call out alternative news sources as “fake news” and “propaganda.” It truly boggles the mind.

Will Shocking Discovery End COVID Coup Now? - ENOUGH TO DISMANTLE THE VAX COVID INDUSTRY” (Video 20:12 min) 1.8.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
This has now been statistically graphed out and proves that the COVID vaccine manufacturers worked in a coordinated fashion with the intent to purposely kill and maim. Reiner Fuellmich points out, once “intent” has been proven, there is no immunity or liability protection for anyone involved in these crimes against humanity.”
EXCLUSIVE – VAERS data shows 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced and the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA...

Pilot taxiing for takeoff at Northern Colorado Regional Airport suffers fatal medical emergency 1.8.22 [Need To Know]
Vaxed? ...there was a lone passenger aboard at the time of the incident (could hold 7 to 9)...

US Appeals Court Upholds Decision to Block Vaccine Mandate 1.8.22 [Need To Know] [Legal Actions]
The law was blocked in November by a judge in Louisville, KY, who found that the Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee mandate should not take effect. On Wednesday, the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the injunction in a 2–1 ruling.
In its Wednesday order, the Sixth Appeals Court majority found that the injunction is enforceable “because the government has established none of the showings required to obtain a stay.”

Six Biden health advisers urge him to change his pandemic strategy 1.8.22 [Need To Know]
It is not just the American people who want to see Democrat Joe Biden change his stance on how he handles the COVID virus;
now he has six former health advisors who have published their findings in a medical journal to deal with.

'Good News': mRNA Scientist Says Omicron Looks Like Something Vaccinologist Would Design on Purpose 1.8.22 [Need To Know]
Malone helped invent the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
Appearing on the Fox News program “The Ingraham Angle,” he said omicron may well do what vaccines have not been able to fully accomplish to date: provide strong immunity.

49-Year-Old N.Y. Times Editor Dies ‘Less Than A Day’ After Moderna Booster Jab 1.8.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

El Camino Hospital CMO admits that 57% of their hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
In a confidential memo to hospital staff, Mark Adams, the Chief Medical Officer of El Camino Hospital, admits that 57% of their hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated. Whoops!
Here are the three key admissions:
1. “Currently, 57% of our hospitalized COVID patients are fully vaccinated.” In other words, a clear majority, almost 2/3 of the COVID patients in the hospital, are fully vaccinated. This suggests that the vaccines hardly work at all since this is slightly less than the vaccination rate in the area.
2. “Only one patient is on a ventilator which is consistent with the evidence that the Omicron variant is more contagious but less virulent.” This suggests that all the panic and lockdowns to prepare for Omicron are insane.
3. “SCC public health has issued a new order that potentially might cripple our ability to provide patient care.

MAC-cinated: Dr. Luis De Benito on the Bluetooth phenomenon 1.7.22 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
A well defined and carried out study proves the vax is installing bluetooth:.
There is no question the elite are using the vax to put the mark of the beast into people. We are there, at that phase in the timeline that is in the bible.
Read this, ALL OF IT, to the end. There's no way out of it, the shot is not a vax, it is an attempt to get everyone wired into "the internet of things".
The full email by Jim Stone is here.

VACCINE POLICE: Christopher Key puts bureaucrats on notice for violating Nuremberg Codes (Video 45:25 min) 1.7.22 [Need To Know]

After FDA says it can release COVID-19 vaccine data by 2097, federal judge [in TX] orders all info to be shared this year 1.7.22 [Need To Know]

More bad news on Covid vaccines and myocarditis in men under 40 - even as more colleges require booster shots for students 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
A huge new study has found the risk of serious heart problems called myocarditis in men under 40 soars with each dose of a Covid mRNA vaccine - and is sharply higher than the risk from a coronavirus infection itself.

The Invisible Cure: The Resurgence of Ultraviolet Light Irradiation with Tom Lowe 1.7.22 [Need To Know] [Treatments]
About 300 doctors nationwide offer UBI treatments. Patients with Lyme, cancer, tachycardia, viral infections, incurable rashes, shingles, asthma, pain, Multiple Sclerosis, even brain disorders saw their body healing sometimes in a matter of a few sessions.

Excellent Summary of RFK, Jr.'s Bestselling New Book on Fauci and Much More - PDF File 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
The Mission of WantTo ! A great summary of this book and lots of additional information!!!
Read This!

World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental ‘Vaccines’ 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
Further, the Council also declares that any direct or indirect involvement in the manufacturing, distribution, administration and promotion of these injections violates basic principles of common law, constitutional law and natural justice, as well as the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and other international treaties…”

UK Government Officials Face Police Investigation Over COVID Vaccines 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
...latest efforts to expose what they claim are serious safety issues regarding the COVID vaccines. They are also accusing UK government agencies of knowingly withholding information from the British public.

UK Team File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity With The International Criminal Court 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
A complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people. They are alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK.

FLCCC Alliance Adds Ivermectin Alternative to I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Treatment Protocol 1.7.22 [Treatments]
Here’s a picture of the updated protocol...

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) 1,000 mg, Free Radical Protection*, 120 Tablets 1.7.22 [Treatments]
Comment: Found on eBay. Other sizes also available. No idea as to quality.

Commercial pilot says his colleagues are “dropping like flies with crushing chest pains” following covid vaccinations 1.6.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Pearson himself actually had to be rushed to the hospital shortly after getting his “vaccination” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) because the injection(s) caused him to develop serious heart problems.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: Why You Must Stop Passports Now (Video 21:38 min) 1.6.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]

Humanity as it Exists Today Is Facing Extinction: An Inevitable Threat 1.6.22 [Need To Know]

The Powerful Pfizer Presentation That Got Dr. Robert Malone Kicked Off Twitter (Video Taken Down) 1.6.22 [Need To Know]
According to Collette Martin, a practicing nurse who testified before a Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee hearing December 6, 2021, children are having “terrifying” reactions to the COVID shot, yet her concerns are simply dismissed
The average number of adverse event reports following vaccination for the past 10 years has been about 39,000 annually, with an average of 155 deaths. That’s for all available vaccines combined. The COVID jabs alone now account for 983,756 adverse event reports as of December 17, 2021, including 20,622 deaths — and this doesn’t include the underreporting factor, which we know is significant

100 Benefits of Ozone Therapy 1.7.22 [Treatments]
How would you like to slow down the aging process? Would you add ozone to your water if you knew that it helps to prevent cancer? What if you could fight infections with ozone water therapy?

O3 - Ozone Therapy: What is Ozone Therapy? 1.7.22 [Treatments]
Ozone Therapy is Safest Known Therapy.
Ozone has been found to be an extremely safe medical therapy, free from side effects. In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. There were only 40 cases of side effects noted out of this number which represents the incredibly low rate of .000007%, and only four fatalities. Ozone has thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised.

Trump Trumped - and the Vaccine Mandate History 1.7.22 [Need To Know]
By Cherie Z., January 7th, 2022

ALERT: President Of France Issues SHOCKING THREAT To The Unvaccinated 1.6.22 [Unvaxed Blamed]
The COVID cult have truly lost their minds, ladies and gentlemen.
“I’m not for pissing off the French… now the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off,” Emmanuel Macron went on to say during an interview Tuesday with the Le Parisien newspaper.
“And so, we’re going to keep doing it, until the end. This is the strategy,” the French president proclaimed.
Gee, such a great leader, right guys? I mean, who wouldn’t want this guy calling the shots for your country?
Macron has actually proposed a new set of rules for unvaccinated people that would essentially ban them from being able to participate in much of public life.

Summary of the Spike Protein Protocol – Protection against Spike protein and vaccine shedding (contagion) from vaccinated persons 1.6.22 [Prevention] [Treatments] [Vaxed Shedding]
This is the updated Nutrition protocol to protect those who’ve been injected with spike protein, graphene oxide and mRNA and the same protocol is useful to protect those concerned with the spike protein and graphene oxide shedding (transmission) coming off those who’ve been injected. We now have evidence of the latest injections containing: mRNA, spike protein, graphene oxide, SM-102, and numerous other potentially toxic substances (also: some—but not all—injections, appear to be higher in graphene oxide and some appear to be saline placebos).
If you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this Nutrition Protocol...

Kaiser Northwest Estimate of Myocarditis/Pericarditis compared to CDC's estimate | A New Study (Video 29:02 in) 1.6.22 [Need To Know]
This isn't a CDC mistake, they are fully aware of the correct data. They present data that backs a certain agenda, and that agenda is clearly not about what's best for our health.
I'm an ICD-10 Coding Specialist for 21 yrs, Dr. Prasad is 100% correct. Thank you doctor for doing this work for people.

How Dr. Brian Tyson "persuaded" CVS to fill his ivermectin prescriptions 1.6.22 [Treatments]
Tyson retained an attorney, Matthew P. Tyson (no relation), to draft a letter that was hand-delivered to the pharmacy. He's not had any trouble since then.
Brian was permanently banned from Twitter on December 20; apparently, Twitter believes that doctors who save people from dying from COVID using early treatments are a danger to society...
His letter as a PDF file is here.

Athletes for Medical Freedom 1.6.22 [Need To Know]
So far, since January of 2020, over 200 athletes worldwide have died from covid vaccine-related side effects. Many more have been severely injured.
he four integral aims of Athletes for Medical Freedom are:
Informed consent - Bodily autonomy - Choice of medical treatment - Open, honest, and transparent dialogue.

VAERS Admits Fewer Than 1% of Vaccine Adverse Events are Reported (Oct 26) 1.6.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.

The Powerful Pfizer Presentation That Got Dr. Robert Malone Kicked Off Twitter (Video Taken Down) 1.6.22 [Need To Know]
Pfizer's own vaccine trial data shows an INCREASED risk of illness and death for the vaccinated.
Dr. Robert Malone says he was kicked off twitter for this 40-minute video presentation and PDF created by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, which consists of over 500 independent doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners.

Scientists Now Developing mRNA Vegetables So That Grocery Stores Can Sell “Vaccines” Hidden in Food 1.6.22 [Need To Know] Big Pharma is set to start making genetically modified vegetables and fruit that will contain mRNA “vaccines.”

Japan drops all vaccine mandates, places myocarditis warning on label (DECEMBER 15) 1.5.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
First, Japan's health ministry acKnowedged the growing rate of heart inflammation among the vaccinated population. Then Japan's public and private sectors were alerted to the fact and forbidden to discriminate against those who refuse the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, Japan has made it clear that "informed consent" is required to receive the vaccine. Japan now insists the vaccine labels warn of dangerous potential side effects such as myocarditis.
A full copy of that email is included here.

Sherri Tenpenny--COVID Vaccines are "Perfectly Designed Kill Machine" (Apr 25) 1.5.22 [Need To Know]
Sherri Tenpenny is an Ohio Osteopath who has written four books challenging the vaccination narrative.
They're not asking people who've been diagnosed with this mutant strain, is 'Have you had one of the not-approved vaccines?' Nobody's putting that together.

Omicron Spreads Faster Than Delta Within Vaccinated Individuals: Danish Study 1.5.22 [Need To Know]
A Danish study of nearly 12,000 households has discovered that Omicron spreads faster than Delta among those who are fully vaccinated, and even higher between those who have received booster shots, demonstrating strong evidence of the variant’s immune evasiveness.

MEDICAL TYRANNY: Doctor Reveals MN Board of Medicine Is Requesting Medical Files of Patients Prescribed Ivermectin 1.5.22 [Plandemic]
The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice is requesting the medical records of a family physician’s patients to whom he has prescribed ivermectin. This is the fifth time in the past 17 months that Dr. Scott Jensen has been investigated for COVID-related issues.

Hugh Hewitt DESTROYS Dr. Fauci In Brilliant Interview...Calls Him Out For Lies...Asks Him To Resign (Dec 30) 1.5.22 [Plandemic]

Healthy 57-Year-Old Nashville Doctor Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine – Media Blames Death on Covid-19 1.5.22 [Need To Know]
A longtime Nashville doctor died a few days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine and the media is blaming his death on Covid-19.

Situation Update, Dec 28, 2021 - This entire REALITY is pure THEATER... we've been tricked by ACTORS the entire time (Video 1 hr 25 min) 1.5.22 [Plandemic]

Narrative Smasher Dr. Malone Reveals How the Medical Community Has Felt About Fauci 'for Decades' 1.5.22 [Need To Know]
“Tony has no integrity, I mean, he lies all the time,” Malone told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Tuesday.
“And me and my peers, we’ve been watching this for decades, I mean, we just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say, ‘It’s Fauci.’”

Chilling Video of 75 Athletes Who Collapsed from Heart Failure 1.5.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Comment: Just a 4-minute video, but a reminder of how deadly the vaccine can be if you are unlucky enough to get the "Clot Shot" as opposed to the placebo. This many young and very healthy and fit athletes, most dying on the field, in a short period of time has never happened before. You would think that more people would start getting the message that the vaccines can be anything but safe.

Patel Patriot - Devolution Power Hour - Clif High Interview (Video 1 hr 12 min) (Dec 29) 1.5.22 [Need To Know]
Clif High joins the power hour for an interview. Clif is brilliant and his analysis is top notch.

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT ON THE ENTIRE GLOBAL POPULATION (Video 12:40 min) (Dec 4) 1.5.22 [Plandemic]
Dr. Graham Lyons, Adelaide, South Australia, TheNewsTunnel, December 4 2021

Governments Admit Using 'Mass Formation Psychosis' As Tool of Population Control 1.5.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Robert Malone’s assertions about “mass formation psychosis” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic are underscored by the fact that authorities in the UK admitted to using “totalitarian” methods of “mind control” to instill fear in the population.

Situation Update, Jan 4, 2022: GLOBAL ALERT as 10 million people PER DAY are set on irreversible countdown to VACCINE DEATH (Video 1 hr 20 min) 1.4.22 [Plandemic]
This is a red alert for humanity. We have less time remaining than you might think.
I’ve done some rough math, and it’s beyond alarming. It spells the end of human civilization if we don’t stop the vaccine holocaust in the next 365 days.

22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must! 1.4.22 [Passports for the Vaxed]
Why it’s So Important to Stop Vaccine ID Passports!!!
What this really shows is their ability to block access to anything they don’t wish you to purchase or have access to!!!

GOP Rep. Submits Joe Rogan’s Controversial Episode To Congressional Record So That Big Tech Can’t Censor It 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls submitted Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast with Dr. Robert Malone to the Congressional Record on Monday after it had been removed on YouTube, saying the move will keep it from being censored.
“Today, I submitted the transcript from the @joerogan experience podcast episode #1757 with Dr. Robert Malone to the Congressional Record,” Nehls, who is also a medical doctor, tweeted.
“Big tech wants to restrict your access to this information- but they cannot censor the Congressional Record,” he added.

How to Detox Vaccines and Antidote COVID-19 Inoculations (A Global Perspective) 1.4.22 [Treatments]
There is no simple approach to detox vaccines from your body. For this reason, you must understand how vaccines affect your body and your immune system and then take a comprehensive approach to the vaccine detox.

5G is a target acquiring weapon system - This is not for control but an extermination technology (Video 10:34 min) (Dec. 25) 1.4.22 [Plandemic]
Comment: This is a Must Watch 10 minute video on how graphene oxide in the flu shots in 2019 and later, and in the Covid vaccines, is killing people and causing serious side effects. And when near an active 4G Plus or 5G signal, becomes much worse.
Here's how they killed old people in nursing homes in 2020 first.

Life insurance companies sound DEATH ALERT warnings over nearly 100,000 excess deaths per month happening right now in the USA 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
There are nearly 100,000 excess deaths happening per month in the USA right now, according to life insurance companies that are sounding the alarm over what Dr. Robert Malone calls a “mass casualty event” that’s unfolding due to covid vaccines..
...sounding the alarm over a 40% increase in total deaths among Americans aged 18 to 64 (i.e. working-aged Americans).
...third quarter data from 2021.
These are largely adverse reactions from covid vaccines, of course, as the FDA has long known.
Life Insurance Companies will NOT payout the Death Benefit if you took the POISON SHOT, the Mark of the Beast 666, they will "ONLY" give back the Premium Paid & NOT any Interest! They have many excuses, "War Clause", "Suicide Clause", etc.
I have sold Life Insurance for over 35 years & I know what there Policies are. Normally, it is "THE BEST" place for Currency with the many Features it has.
Since it has an RFID chip in the SHOT, they will know full well if you got it!

COVID-19 Outbreak Among Fully Vaccinated Cruise Crew Ends New Year’s Trip in Portugal 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
The AIDAnova, with 2,844 passengers and 1,353 crew onboard - is stuck in Lisbon, Portugal, amid a COVID-19 outbreak among fully vaccinated crew members, officials said Sunday.
Everyone ages 12 and up on board the boat… both guests and staff… were required to have had at least 2 doses of the v@cc!ne, as well as a negative C0VlD test before boarding.
According to officials, no one aboard tested positive before the ship sailed…
But soon afterward, 52 cases of C0VlD were reported among the staff.
[Did they install 5G???]

San Francisco now has 3rd highest COVID transmission rate in California 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
...with a daily average case rate of about 104 per 100,000 residents.


Denmark health chief says Omicron is about to END the pandemic 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
Because of that, Krause said ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months.’

Marjorie Taylor Greene Permanently Suspended from Twitter 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
“We permanently suspended the account you referenced (@mtgreenee) for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy,” Twitter said in a statement, according to NBC. “We’ve been clear that, per our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy.”
In a statement issued after the ban was announced, Greene claimed she was punished after doing nothing more offensive than sharing data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
In August, Greene was slapped with a suspension after she tweeted that the Food and Drug Administration should not approve COVID-19 vaccines because the shots were “failing” to stop the spread of the virus.
“Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth,” Greene said Sunday. “That’s fine, I’ll show America we don’t need them and it’s time to defeat our enemies.”

Covid19 Vaccine Boosted Case Numbers - 10 weeks straight and it is UK Government Data !! (Vidoe 8:03 min) 1.4.22 [Need To Know]

FDA Approves Pfizer Boosters for Children Ages 12 to 15 1.4.22 [Need To Know]

This Single Diet Reduced Covid Severity by 73%! (Video 2:59 min) 1.4.22 [Need To Know]

Breaking: Massive Protest, Thousands Defy Government [in Amsterdam] 1.4.22 [Demonstrations]

Huge surge in miscarriages and other reproductive abnormalities linked to COVID-19 injections 1.4.22 [Need To Know]
According to Mayo Clinic, 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. Unfortunately, some fertility clinics in the United States have seen a whopping increase in miscarriage and birth defects rates since the COVID shot rollout began.

World Council For Health Calls For Immediate Cease & Desist To COVID-19 Experimental Shots 1.3.22 [Need To Know]
Globally renowned experts in the medial and scientific fields have called for a halt on the experimental COVID-19 mRNA shots that are killing millions and injuring millions more. Now, the World Council for Health, including doctors, lawyers and others assisting is making that same call in a declaration.
America’s Frontline Doctor Warns Parents About mRNA Shot, Myocarditis & Their Kids (Video)
US Doctor Warns: 20 Times Increase Of Cancer In “Vaccinated” Patients! (Video)
Scamdemic Produced Big Pharma Billionaires As Doctor Warns Of “Bioweapons Thrust Upon The Public”
America’s Frontline Doctor Simone Gold Warns Of Risks In “Experimental COVID Vaccine” (Video)

Australia Admits Widespread Severe Injuries From COVID Jab, Offers Compensation to Victims 1.3.22 [Need To Know]
The Australian government admitted that the COVID-19 injection has resulted in tens of thousands of adverse reactions and is offering financial compensation to some victims, according to reports.

Red Wine Molecule Aborts Covid-19 Infection Before Symptoms or Antibodies Arise 1.3.22 [Need To Know] (Hic...)
Healthcare workers with the stronger RTC-specific T-cells exhibit “robust early innate immunity” to the point of aborting the infection altogether!
The largest and most essential of these RTC enzymes in coronaviruses is Nsp3 (non-structural protein 3). The red wine molecule resveratrol is on a list of natural molecules that inhibit Nsp3.

Free eBook here! Omicron Understanding Variants and What's Coming Next (39 pages) 1.3.22 [Need To Know]

Is Coronavirus Contagious? Damn Good Review of Virus and Electricity and 5G! (July 18, 2020) 1.3.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know] [Prevention]
Weston A. Price Foundation
It may be caused or made worse by 5G - and -
In short, none of the studies carried out to date has provided any semblance of proof that we are dealing with a deadly viral disease.
Get it at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, and Target.

Myths and Truths about COVID-19 - Deadly Virus or 5G Microwave Technology - 3 Fold Flyer & Info Page (August 2021) 1.3.22 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know] [Prevention]
Weston A. Price Foundation
Really Good! Print This! Many copies!!!

We knew the TRUTH would come out BUT THIS IS WORSE! (Dec 16) (Video 23.53 min) 1.3.22 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
FINALLY - ITS ALL COME OUT! Covid19 is NOT ONLY a bioweapon- they put HIV/AIDS in it AND its designed to KEEP REPLICATING into over 180+ variants to bypass the Vaccine....
AND mRNA and the spike proteins are designed to damage the body and destroy the autoimmune system.
The MORE MASS vaccinations that are done - THE MORE that 'Viral Immune Escape' happens.

New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently 1.3.22 [Need To Know]
These vaccines may help you win the war against a variant that may soon be rare, but the price you pay is that you make your immunity to everything else worse. It’s a dumb tradeoff...

Nearly two-thirds of Antarctica station researchers get COVID despite being fully vaccinated, passing multiple tests, quarantining, and living miles from civilization 1.3.22 [Need To Know]

Cancelled Flights and Tall Tales - Ther Real Reason 1.3.22 [Need To Know]
The Pilots Version - According to direct sources, cancelled flights are due to a nationwide walkout by pilots.
FAA pilots are suing the FAA for “putting both pilots and the general public at risk of death and/or serious injury, by operating in contravention of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations §61.53, also known as the Federal Aviation Regulation 61.53).”
In general terms, pilots are suing the FAA after being forced to fly after taking non-FDA approved vaccines against FAA Regulation.

Scientist surprised by discovery of '99%' effective, cheap COVID treatment 1.3.22 [Treatments]
Ostrov, an immunologist and associate professor in the University of Florida College of Medicine’s department of pathology, immunology and laboratory medicine, combined diphenhydramine, which is marketed as Benadryl, and lactoferrin, a protein in milk, as WND reported in December.
...he's hopeful his treatment will be available "within months."

Top 5 Most Popular Articles from 2021 [About the Coronavirus and the Vaccines] 1.2.22 [Need To Know]
1 - How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines 1.2.22 [Treatments]
2 - Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts 1.2.22 [Treatments]
3 - Pfizer’s Toxic “Secret Sauce” Revealed! [SHOCKING!] 1.2.22 [Need To Know]
4 - A Colossal Coverup of Countless COVID Vaccine “Coincidences” 1.2.22 [Need To Know]
5 - Vital Info RE: COVID-19 Jab Disclosure Forms and Opting Out [URGENT] 1.2.22 [Need To Know]

Pfizer's own vaccine trial data shows an INCREASED risk of illness and death for the vaccinated (Video 38:57 min) 1.2.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The Article
The PDF File (51 Pages)

Official German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) by the end of January 2022 1.2.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

How to Improve Zinc Uptake With Quercetin 1.2.22 [Prevention]

'PAPERS, PLEASE': Holocaust Museum Makes Visitors Present Vaccine Passport To Enter 1.22.22 [Need To Know]

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin tests positive for COVID-19 1.22.22 [Vaxed Get Covid]
“As my doctor made clear to me, my fully vaccinated status — and the booster I received in early October — have rendered the infection much more mild than it would otherwise have been,” Austin said.

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64 1.22.22 [Need To Know]
“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

FDA Approval Illegal! Doctor Reveals Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Regulation Violations! (Video 19:23 min) 1.2.22 REALLY [Need To Know]
FDA Approval may give lawyers more ammunition to fight mandates and the Pfizer injections from being pushed onto your kids! The package insert reveals "criminal action", according to Dr. Jane Ruby, who joins Stew Peters to discuss the unprecedented action taken by the FDA.

Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths (Nov 21) 1.2.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
“I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death on a scale which will dwarf the claims of “covid-19 deaths” to date.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President.
Question– Why is mortality in Scotland higher in 2021 than 2020?
Answer– Because more people are dying. And the reason more people are dying is because more people have been vaccinated. In other words, there’s a link between rising mortality and the Covid-19 vaccine.

An Omicron case hasn't yet been detected in the US, but the concerning variant is bound to 'go all over,' Fauci says (Jul 20) 1.2.22 [Need To Know]
Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, on July 20, 2021.

Forbidden Knowedge TV's Top 20 COVID Videos of 2021 1.1.22 [Need To Know]
Here are the 20 titles and their links! HNY!
Here are the first 5!
1) Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months (published February 19, 2021)
2) There is NO variant, Not novel, NO pandemic – Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich (published July 11, 2021)
3) Graphene Oxide in Jabs, Masks and Swabs (published July 8, 2021)
4) Monopoly: An overview of the Great Reset – Follow the Money (published April 15, 2021)
5) Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID ‘Vaccine’ (published July 29, 2021)

SD Governor Calls On Biden To Rescind All Mandates After He Claims ‘There Is No Federal Solution’ To Pandemic 1.1.22 [Need To Know]
The federal government isn’t the solution. That’s why from the start, SD took a different approach by trusting our citizens to be responsible and make the right decisions for themselves & their families. Now rescind all the federal mandates,” Noem tweeted on Tuesday.

339 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 193 Dead, After COVID Shot 1.1.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
All of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause.

More hospital nurses blow whistle on “overwhelming” number of heart attacks, blood clots occurring in the fully vaccinated 1.1.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
“Doctors don’t want to question it. We have these mass vaccinations happening and we’re seeing myocarditis more frequently and nobody wants to raise the red flag. When we discuss the case, they don’t even discuss it. They don’t mention it. They act like they don’t have a reason, that it’s spontaneous.”

Australia Govt Tastes Its Own Destruction: Aboriginals Burn Parliament Over Forced Drugging & Camps (Video 10:10 min) 1.1.22 [Need To Know]
Coming to a country near you?

Witness Silencing: Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine Data Cover-up 1.1.22 [Need To Know] were falsified, patients were unblinded, the company hired poorly trained people to administer the injections, and follow-up on reported side effects lagged way behind.
The FDA did not follow up on Jackson's complaint or investigate the allegations before granting full licensing to Pfizer's Comirnaty shot.
An adverse event report from Pfizer, covering December 2020 through the end of February 2021, shows the shot causes severe and often long-term, unresolved injuries.

Covid Vaccines “Most Dangerous Biological Medicinal Product Rollout in Human History,” says Dr. Peter McCullough 1.1.22 [Need To Know]
German pathologist - What Burkhardt found is that in nearly every case, the jabs caused the individuals’ bodies to self-destruct.
A specific type of immune cell called a lymphocyte was found to have invaded various parts of the body, eventually causing early death.

Top Russian Bishop Blasts 'Evil, Sinful' Vax Pass, Calls for Active Resistance 1.1.22 [Need To Know]
Bishop Profiry, the abbott of the Solovetsky monastery, has emerged an outspoken voice in the Russian church against the vaccines, and vax passports, which in Russia are referred to as "QR codes."

eBook 3 - The Real Science Behind Why the COVID Vaccines Are Destroying Organ Function - Dangers of the Spike Protein - 40 pages PDF File 1.1.22 [Need To Know]

49-Year-Old N.Y. Times Editor Dies ‘Less Than A Day’ After Moderna Booster Jab 1.1.22 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
“Less than a day after receiving his Moderna booster on December 17th, Tejada died of a heart attack. The news was shared via Tejada’s social media by his wife Nora the following morning,” the report stated.

MUST-READ: VA Nurse Comes Forward, “By Complying With The COVID-19 Guidelines I Would Be Participating In Terrorism” 1.1.22 [Need To Know]
He believes that if he were to participate in these protocols mandated by the VAMC that he would be intentionally doing harm to individuals placed in his care thus preventing him from being an advocate for his patients.

Bombshell Video That Got Dr. Malone Kicked Off Twitter (Video 13:02 min) 12.31.21 [Need To Know]

More Evidence the COVID Fake-Vaccine is Embedding MAC Addresses 12.31.21 [Plandemic]
I reported in May 2021 that some people who took the COVID non-vaccine discovered that they had become Bluetooth pairable with other devices via a generated MAC address. Now, more evidence has come to light indicating this is the case. This is part of the larger objective of the COVID scamdemic – to work hand-in-hand with nanotech advances so as to introduce tiny technology into the human body, making people into nodes on the Smart Grid, thus bringing about the synthetic Human 2.0 of Transhumanism.

CDC Says Everyone, Including Vaccinated, Should Avoid Cruises 12.31.21 [Need To Know]
On Thursday [Dec 30], the agency hiked its COVID-19 Travel Health Notice from Level 3 to Level 4 — the highest level — reflecting “increases in cases onboard cruise ships since identification of the Omicron variant.”
Comment: Maybe they should includes any similar enclosed spaces - like on: planes, trains, busses, subways, gov. offices, apartment buildings...duhhh...

When it comes to the unapproved, experimental COVID vaccines, what you don’t know WILL hurt you! 12.31.21 [Need To Know]
Register now for a limited time, FREE viewing of this breakthrough 10-episode docuseries HERE!
Episode 1 starts on January 10!
Get you Free Pass now!

Bombshell Video That Got Dr. Malone Kicked Off Twitter (Video 13:02 min) 12.31.21 [Need To Know]

FDA Authorizes Paxlovid, the First Oral Treatment for COVID-19 in Adults and Children 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
Read on below to learn about Paxlovid — what it is, how it works, and when it’ll be available.
In December 2021, the FDA authorized Paxlovid (nirmatrelvir and ritonavir) to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19. It can be used for adults and children ages 12 and up at high risk of severe illness.
Paxlovid is a combination of two oral medications. You take a total of three pills by mouth every 12 hours for 5 days.
Paxlovid side effects are generally mild, with taste changes and diarrhea being common.

FDA approves first pill to treat COVID - CNN (Dec 22) 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
This is the first antiviral Covid-19 pill authorized for ill people to take at home, before they get sick enough to be hospitalized.
The pill “should be initiated as soon as possible after diagnosis of Covid-19 and within five days of symptom onset,” according to an FDA statement.
Paxlovid combines a new antiviral drug named nirmatrelvir and an older one called ritonavir and is administered as three pills given twice a day for five days.

FDA approves Pfizer's COVID-19 pill for emergency use (Dec 22) 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
The pill is authorized for patients ages 12 and older, and should be started within 5 days of COVID-19 symptom onset. It could be available for US doctors to prescribe in a matter of days. The drug is highly effective...

Experts Warn Merck's FDA-Authorized Covid Pill Could 'Create Breeding Ground for Mutant Viruses' (Dec 29) 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
The FDA and Merck have essentially engaged the public in a gamble without public debate, argues Stanford University's Michael Lin.
and - including the frightening possibility that it could—in the words of one researcher—"create a breeding ground for mutant viruses," thereby prolonging the pandemic and adding to its grisly death toll.

New COVID at-home test dangerous and misleading: but everybody’s doing it, so who cares, right? 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
Then there is this: “Sodium azide prevents the cells of the body from using oxygen. When this happens, the cells die. Sodium azide is more harmful to the heart and the brain than to other organs, because the heart and the brain use a lot of oxygen.”

7 Superior COVID Treatments that are Being Suppressed – And the clinical data that proves it! Free e-Book (44 pages) 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
The Experts All Agree That Taking the Vaccine Is NOT the Best Option…
Free Ebook Reveals Everything They Tried to Hide... Download now...

Explosive Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are: “The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity” (Video 50:18 min) 12.30.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
This is a full length presentation of Dr. David Martin’s riveting Red Pill Expo speech reveals the “they” — the names and faces of the people who created this Covid “theater of terror” and who are murdering adults and children with their bio-weapon.
Not only does he call out the culprits and put their names on screen, but he divulges how the “mandatory injection” was planned in 2015, and discloses the hidden sponsoring corporations that are behind it all.

A COVID-19 mitigation strategy that few health officials talk about - Improving indoor air ventilation 12.20.21 [Prevention]
Instead, outbreaks are predominantly linked to close gatherings inside poorly ventilated areas, which makes perfect sense given that the SARS-CoV-2 virus travels via airborne transmission.
Comment: Oh. Like in cruise ships and in big office buildings and in apartments...!

BOMBSHELL review article reveals CATASTROPHIC consequences of mRNA COVID jabs 12.30.21 [Need To Know]

BOMBSHELL review article raises MULTIPLE safety concerns about mRNA COVID-19 injections 12.30.21 [Need To Know]

All the vaccines contain exclusively nanotechnology based on graphene oxide and activated by (Video 10:38 min) 12.30.21 [Need To Know]

LIVE: Dr. David Martin EXPLOSIVE Covid Analysis: BEST of 2021 Most Viral Moments and Interviews! 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
Don't miss this BOMBSHELL interview, and please SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!

Fauci Admits "Mandates" are Just a Mechanism to Coerce People into Getting Vaccines (Video 2:20 min) 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
Appearing on ABC News "This Week" Dr. Anthony Fauci, an apparent Quack Doctor from the US National Institutes of Health, said "mandates" are just a way to get people to take (the experimental gene therapy which is masquerading as a ) "vaccine" for COVID.
Here is the video...

Yes, vaccinated people can spread COVID-19 to others 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
Public health agencies, like the CDC and WHO, say vaccinated people can spread COVID-19 to others despite recent claims, including one made by President Biden.

Antenna Search - Where are the 5G Towers Near You? 12.30.21 [5G and Coronavirus]

How the game is really played 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
Just for the record, here is the secret memo that Tony Fauci sent to world leaders clearly explaining the Ground Rules of the pandemic response. Revealed here for the first time.
1. NEVER allow a proper autopsy by people who are capable of making a vaccine determination.
2. Never allow anyone to do an analysis on what is in the vials.
3. Ensure that the drug companies have complete immunity from prosecution.
4. Label anyone who opposes us as “anti-science.”
5. Make sure that the vaccine injury program (the CICP) never pays a dime to COVID vaccine victims.
31. Even if we are exposed, nobody will believe it.

Merry Christmas, Fauci! Amazon's #1 Nonfiction Book Is Brutal Exposé of Most Dangerous Doctor in America 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
The book was not only on Amazon’s nonfiction bestseller list for the week of Christmas, which began on Dec. 19, but was the No. 1 book on Amazon’s top sellers.

FAA Vaccine Policy Violates Its Own Rules, Attorneys and Doctors Say 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is breaking its own rule that states pilots should not fly after having taken medications that have been approved for less than a year, according to a group of attorneys, doctors, and other experts...

Red States Boost Unemployment For Unvaxed Workers Fired Over Vaccine Status 12.30.21 [Need To Know]
At least five states have passed legislation boosting unemployment insurance for workers who lose their jobs for being unvaccinated, and several more states are considering similar protections.

REVELATION: Only the “vaccinated” died during the 1918 Spanish Flu 12.29.21 REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Everything you thought you knew about the infamous “Spanish Flu” outbreak of 1918 is probably wrong.
It turns out that one of the most well-known pandemics from recent history was actually caused by the “vaccines” that were supposedly introduced to stop it –
Much like how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” of today are spreading more covid.

Study: Most of Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs 12.29.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A recently published study suggests that nearly every COVID vaccine recipient who died within seven days to six months after inoculation likely died because of vaccine-induced autoimmune damage.
A paper entitled “On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination” was published by Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. and Arne Burkhardt, M.D., both Germany-based and widely published scientists in their fields. The findings were presented during an interdisciplinary symposium on COVID shots’ safety and efficacy on December 10, and if they received the attention and regard they deserve from health authorities, the vaccination campaign would be arguably stopped today.

"Rona The Red Spike Protein" Current Big Hit Christmas Song (Video 2:54 mi) 12.29.21 [Need To Know]
Current Big Hit Christmas Song!

COVID shots were both marketed by Big Pharma and authorized by the government under the core claim that they prevent transmission 12.29.21 [Plandemic]
Big Pharma and government regulators sold and authorized COVID shots to the masses using the core claim that they were providing something akin to a cure.
These so-called vaccines were sold as immunization agents (that’s why they called them vaccines), not as a therapy treatment that may at some point down the line help reduce your symptoms if you acquire the disease.
There’s one major problem with their claim.
It’s baseless. Entirely baseless.

2030 UnMasked - For those Preparing for what's Coming After Covid-19 (Video 2 hr 6 min) (Aug 24) 12.26.21 [Need To Know]
A Documentary revealing the connection between Covid-19 >> Vaccines >> Masks >> The Banking System and The Great Reset.

2030 UnMasked - For those Preparing for what's Coming After Covid-19 (Video 2 hr 6 min) (Aug 24) 12.26.21 [Need To Know]

Dr Fauci's Retirement Pay Will Exceed $350,000 Per Year: The Largest In U.S. Federal Government History 12.29.21 [Need To Know]

Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine 12.29.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
This research was posted December 10, but I wanted to check with experts before posting. It's consistent with everything we know so far.
The most attacked organ was the heart (in all of the people who died), but other organs were attacked as well. The implications are potentially enormous resulting in millions of deaths. The vaccines should be immediately halted.

All Treatment (not preventive) Options if you have COVID-19 or Vaccine Injured 12.29.21 [Treatments]
From Amerca's Frontline Doctors
SELF-HELP without a Doctor (7)
Treatment: Latest Prescriptions (7)
Diet matters!! Must keep glucose (sugar) low-normal when you have COVID (3)
Vaccine Injured: Latest Prescriptions to Consider (9)
A PDF File of this entire website page is here!

New Jersey Is First State to Pay Out MILLIONS Over Nursing Home COVID Deaths — Will NY, MI, PA and CA Follow? 12.28.21 [Need To Know]
New Jersey will pay out $53 million to settle claims that the state’s negligence contributed to the deaths of more than 100 veterans at state-run homes during the coronavirus pandemic.
Several Democrat-run states, including New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California, had a policy not to turn away patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus. As a result COVID wiped out thousands of nursing home patients in these Democrat-run states.

New Zealand okays euthanasia for COVID patients 12.28.21 [Need To Know]

5G is a target acquiring weapon system - This is not for control but an extermination technology (Video 10:39 min) 12.28.21 [5G and Coronavirus]

Rand Paul pins blame for thousands of monthly COVID deaths on Fauci 12.29.21 [Need To Know]
Every move Dr. Fauci is making is to destroy this nation from the inside out. He’s single-handedly stripped away more freedom in our nation’s history than ever before.

FDA Admits Home PCR Test Kits Contain Known ‘Hazardous’ Drug 12.29.21 [Need To Know]
The FDA media sheet admits the “solution in the tube contains a hazardous ingredient” which is sodium azide.
“If the solution contacts the skin or eye, flush with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice,” the sheet states. It provides “potential risks” warnings of “possible discomfort during sample collection” and “possible incorrect test results.”
One warning not given is the potential risk of death. Sodium azide has been known to cause death as detailed in a 1990 government study titled “Death following accidental sodium azide ingestion.”

WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE IT GOT BANNED - A SHOT IN THE DARK - Documentary (Sep 7) (Video 35:49 min) 12.28.21 [Need To Know]
This Documentary Video was made by Hibbeler Production for Education purpose

The Time Is Now (2021) (Dec 22) (Video 1 hr 30 min) [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Dr. Ben Tapper, a small town chiropractor who is black labeled as a member of the "Disinformation Dozen" during the COVID-19 pandemic, rallies together healthcare professionals across America to share an alternate view point of the global narrative.
Please support this film and our next project financially at

Dr. Bhakdi explains how and why the gene-based COVID-“vaccines” trigger the breakdown of immunological defenses against infectious agents that lie dormant (“sleeping”) in our bodies. These include many viruses such as Herpes zoster (shingles), Epstein-Barr-Virus (infectious mononucleosis), Cytomegaloviruses, bacteria – particularly tuberculosis – and parasites.
Here is the article Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi points to in the video :
And here is some more important info from my own crew. Except for the placebos, all covid jabs contain Graphene Hydroxide. This is like having millions of micro razor blades in your cells throughout your body slowly cutting you up from the inside. When these micro cuts are made the blood congeals over each micro cut ( as it would if if you cut yourself ). This micro congealing becomes the micro clotting, which will at some stage cause strokes and heart attacks.
This is why over 500 top athletes, the soccer players in Europe mainly, have collapsed while playing. 128 have died and many of the top players will never play again. As their heart rate increases = higher blood flow, they get cut up much quicker, the clots break away and they just drop with heart problems.

Bicarbonate Proves to be Cheapest Fastest Safest COVID Treatment 12.28.21 [Treatments]
There is an official study in Acre, Brazil that has doctors amazed at how fast COVID infected patients got better after nebulizing with 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate (widely available baking soda) in 100 ml of water administered in a nebulizer.
However, the bad news is that there are powerful forces, which we will discuss below, that hate good news and will do everything in their power to censor useful medical information.

Trump and the Booster Decoded by Clif High (Video 15:31 min) 12.28.21 [Need To Know]

'Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity' - With Special Guest Sen. Rand Paul (Video 28:15 min) 12.28.21 [Need To Know]
Exclusive! Senator Rand Paul joins the Liberty Report to discuss the massive errors - driven by arrogance - committed by White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci's insistence on ignoring natural immunity and his refusal to consider therapeutics have cost thousands and thousands of lives! And here's a bombshell you'll only here in today's Liberty Report: Sen. Paul's shocking explanation of why the coming mid-term elections will be Fauci's worst nightmare!

CDC Shortens COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines for General Population 12.28.21 [Need To Know]
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a reversal of a previous recommendation, cut the number of days of isolation for Americans who contract COVID-19 from 10 days to five days regardless of vaccination status.

Unvaccinated Hospital Staff Only Ones Telling the Truth Regarding Vaccine Injuries as They Prepare to Leave the Medical System 12.28.21 [Need To Know]
These nurses have come forward to report the rise in unexplained heart problems, strokes and blood clotting in local vaccinated patient populations. They also say doctors refuse to consider that these could be adverse reactions to Covid shots.

CVS Pharmacist has a mental breakdown when confronted about the vaccine. He regrets giving it (Video 5:16 min) 12.27.21 [Need To Know]

Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust 12.27.21 [Plandemic]
‘We probably would have had a 95% refusal rate’ for these shots two years ago, but the pandemic and marketing of the injections as ‘vaccines’ has made them popular with the public, said Stefan Oelrich.

USS Milwaukee Warship Confined in Cuba After COVID Outbreak Hits Fully Vaccinated Crew 12.27.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The warship was forced to remain in port after a COVID outbreak hit its 100% vaccinated crew.

Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals for COVID-19 12.27.21 [Treatments]
...announcement in support of commonsense COVID prevention strategies such as optimizing your vitamin D, staying active, eating nutrient-dense foods, and boosting your immune system with supplements.

No Supply Issues With Ivermectin: Pharmaceutical Supplying PRINCIPLE Oxford Trial 12.27.21 [Treatments]
The trial was put on hold due to “temporary supply issues” as reported by Medpage Today on Dec. 14.
Details were not provided on the cause of the supply issues. The trial’s joint chief investigator, professor Chris Butler, and the trial’s press team declined to comment and respond to a query asking when the supply issue is expected to be resolved.

Quercetin — An Alternative to Hydroxychloroquine, and More 12.27.21 [Treatments]
Quercetin works much like hydroxychloroquine, a drug found to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 when used early enough. Both are zinc ionophores, meaning they shuttle antiviral zinc into your cells
The Front Line Critical COVID-19 Care Alliance’s early treatment protocol includes quercetin at a dose of 250 milligrams twice a day, in combination with 100 mg elemental zinc and 500 mg to 1,000 mg of vitamin C twice a day

Ben Carson Warns Against Federal Vaccine Database: It Will Be Used 'For Other Things as Well' 12.27.21 [Need To Know]
Pediatric neurosurgeon and oncologist Dr. Ben Carson has said that he is "very sad" to see plans advancing for a $400 million "federal vaccine database."

Microchip implants that track your vaccination status are now being used in Sweden 12.27.21 [Need To Know]
Mark of the Beast is here!
...the size of a grain of rice, was quickly and easily adapted to become a new type of “covid passport” that cannot be forged.

How bad is my Covid-19 Vaccine Batch? – Find out now 12.26.21 [Need To Know]
An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

Alex Jones Issues Emergency Christmas Message To Trump On Covid Jabs 12.26.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: No one is educating Mr Trump. Why is this happening? Is there no one that can inform him. Brighteon TV needs to first educate Mr Trump and then ask him what his opinion is. He does not know the facts about the COVID vaccine.

2030 UnMasked - For those Preparing for what's Coming After Covid-19 (Video 2 hr 6 min) (Aug 24) 12.26.21 [Need To Know]
A Documentary revealing the connection between Covid-19 >> Vaccines >> Masks >> The Banking System and The Great Reset.

The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids 12.26.21 [Need To Know]
Dr. Mercola interview with Alix Mayer, President of Children's Health Defense in California
The reason our children are being targeted by COVID mandates is because vaccine makers want to get the shots onto the childhood vaccination schedule
Once a vaccine is added to the childhood schedule, the vaccine maker is shielded from financial liability for injuries, unless the manufacturer knows about vaccine safety issues and withholds that information
Products must satisfy four criteria in order to get emergency use authorization: There must be an emergency; a vaccine must be at least 30% to 50% effective; the known and potential benefits of the product must outweigh the known and potential risks of the product; and there can be no adequate, approved and available alternative treatments (drugs or vaccines). Unless all four criteria are met, EUA cannot be granted or maintained
According to a U.S. federal court decision, the Pfizer shot and BioNTech’s Comirnaty are not interchangeable

Cornell University Covid cases: More than 900 Covid-19 cases reported this week, many are Omicron variant cases in fully vaccinated students 12.25.21 [Need To Know]
"Virtually every case of the Omicron variant to date has been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had also received a booster shot," said Vice President for University Relations Joel Malina in a statement.
As of result, the school has decided to shut down its Ithaca, New York, campus, where it has about 25,600 students. Cornell's overall vaccination rate among students is 99%.

CDC Releases Report on Omicron Variant and Guess Who Is Getting It Most 12.25.21 [Need To Know]
Virtually every patient reported mild symptoms. None of the Omicron COVID-19 infections have died.

COVID Criminals to Face ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charges: Dr. Fleming 12.25.21 [Need To Know]
Already, people from around the world have signed on, including a number of Holocaust survivors. Dr. Fleming urged viewers to get involved and ensure that those who sought to kill, steal, destroy and enslave with this diabolical tool known as SARS-CoV2. In the interview, Dr. Fleming also talks about his new book, already a best seller, exposing the true nature of COVID and what is really going on.

Study: True U.S. COVID Vaccine Death Count Is 400,000 12.25.21 [Need To Know]
According to a new report coming from WND, the CDC’s latest count of the deaths attributed to the coronavirus vaccines is close to 20,000, however a new study conducted by researchers over at Columbia University believes the number is actually 20 times higher than that.
[Which means that in the US ] there are 400,000 fatalities caused by the vaccines!!!

Organs Of Dead Vaccinated Proves Auto Immune Attack (Dec 22) (Video 16:37 min) 12.25.21

Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine? (Video 1 hr 6 min) 12.24.21 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
Why does this man who has worked so closely with Congress think that COVID-19 wasn’t a freak act of nature or lab leak, but a plot years in the making? What criminal patterns has he seen before that are showing themselves again on the world stage?
But most importantly of all, I want to ask him the question on everyone's minds: Why is President Trump continuing to push the vaccine even as people keep having adverse reactions? What's really going on?
OUTSTANDING!!! Now You Will Understand!!!
Corruption at its core! Evil at its core!
THIS Is The Clarion Call!!!

Rand Paul Destroys The Jab Narrative In 2 Minutes With Epic Takedown Of HHS Secretary Becerra 12.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Senator Dr. Rand Paul has earned a reputation for embarrassing Tony Fauci, but this time he’s turned his aim at Xavier Becerra, the 25th Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Airline Pilot Deaths Disclosed In Flight Magazine. Staggering Death (Video 5:43 min) 12.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Airline Pilot Oct-Nov 2021 Edition
2019 - 1
2020 - 6
2021 - Pages worth... Over 100 on each page...

Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! (Video 19:26 min) 12.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Airline Pilot Oct-Nov 2021 Edition

Pilot Deaths Up 1700% after Vax Mandates 12.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The deaths of airline pilots skyrocketed seventeen-hundred percent (1700%) during the first nine months of 2021.

A List Of People Who Had Their Leg Amputated Shortly After Receiving a COVID-19 Shot 12.24.21 [Need To Know]
Here is a list of people from around the world that, in just the last few weeks and months, have had their leg amputated as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine.

34,337 Deaths 3,120,439 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as UK Public Data Show 35 Deaths 213 Hospitalizations Among Booster Triple Vaccinated 12.23.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,470,537) are serious injuries.
Here is the summary data through December 18, 2021 -
Total reactions for the mRNA vaccine Tozinameran (code BNT162b2,Comirnaty) from BioNTech/ Pfizer: 15,788 deaths and 1,476,269 injuries to 18/12/2021...

COVID-19 Rapid Tests: Accuracy, Types, and Where to Find Them 12.23.21 [Need To Know]
There are two different types of rapid COVID-19 tests.
In most cases, rapid COVID-19 tests deliver results in less than an hour.
Many pharmacies offer rapid diagnostic tests with $0 out-of-pocket cost to those who meet certain criteria.
Comment: How do these differ from the older PCR tests that at horribley inaccurate???

Washington DC to introduce vaccine passports in January 21.23.21 [Passports for the Vaxed]
The next city to further curtail civil liberties.
Starting January 15, residents of Washington DC aged 12 and above will be required to show a vaccine passport to enter many businesses including restaurants, Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Wednesday.

Ultra-VAXXED and “Boostered” UK Seeing QUADRUPLE the Covid Cases They Had Before Anyone Was “Vaccinated” 12.23.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
...they are experiencing their worst surge in cases since the beginning of the pandemic, prompting many to question whether the “vaccines” actually do anything to stop or even slow the spread.

Lethal Drug Included In Over-The-Counter Covid Test Kits 12.23.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Abbott, a big pharma company that produces do-it-yourself home Covid test kits, adds lethal Sodium Azide to the kits. The tests are required for international air travel, but are not approved by the FDA. The tests have an emergency use authorization that protects the company from liability. There is a small warning against touching the swab to the dangerous reagent solution before inserting into the nose, but mistakes can happen.

This Is Not A Medical Treatment, It's A Cull! (Video 4:39 min) (Dec 14) 12.23.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

Oregon Health Authority: 622 Fully Vaccinated Residents Died Of COVID 12.23.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
According to statistics from the Oregon Health Authority, a total of 622 fully Covid-vaccinated residents died from COVID since the start of the pandemic. - Most in the 30 to 50 yr old range!

Omicron: The Lockdowners’ Last Stand 12.22.21 [Need To Know]
But here’s something the media isn’t reporting about the omicron outbreaks: they are taking place among the fully vaccinated.

Whistleblower: Pfizer vaccine trial data was falsified, participants who experienced adverse effects were ignored 12.22.21 [Need To Know]
A private clinical research company involved in the Pfizer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine trial in the fall of 2020 falsified phase-three trial data and neglected participants who experienced adverse events.

Whistleblower says young fully vaccinated Australians are DYING due to vaccine complications (Video 6:52 min) 12.22.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
An emergency room doctor in Australia revealed that those who are fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are dying in droves.

World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox 12.21.21 [Treatments]
The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body
Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione
The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium

U.S. Army reports progress on COVID vaccine that fights all variants 12.22.21 [Need To Know]
Each of the molecule's 24 different faces could carry a different spike protein drawn from unique COVID variants, creating a broad immune response against the coronavirus, Defense One reports. The spike protein is what COVID-19 uses to infect cells.

STUDY: Triple-Vaxxed Are 4.5 Times More Likely to Test Positive for Omicron 12.21.21 [Need To Know]
“In other words,” he added, “it is a measure of how well Omicron evades the vaccines compared to Delta. The fact that the triple-vaccinated are much more likely to be infected with Omicron than the double-vaccinated confirms this vaccine evading ability.”

Emergency Powers Deployed to Impose Vaccine Passports 12.22.21 REALLY [Need To Know] [Passports for the Vaxed]
Find out what is happening on a state and city level - as politicians invoke "Emergency Law Clauses" to promote the use of Vaxed Passports!
In its infinite Scientific™ wisdom, the city of Boston, Massachusetts just announced a new “vaccine passport” system set to take effect next month.
The stated purpose of this system is “to address rising COVID-19 cases” in Boston caused by the “Omicron” variant.
Comment: This is all very horrible and very illegal.
Only the Federal Government can order this IF and WHEN they declare the US to be under a National Emergency (which of course it was and still is under, since March 1933...).

Governments call for crackdown on Telegram because some people are using it to organize protests against covid fascism 12.22.21 [Need To Know]
German bureaucrats have declared the Telegram messaging app to be a threat to “democracy” and a “hotbed of radicalization” because some people use it to organize protests against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism.
Fake news stories from German media outlets such as Tagesschau and Deutsche Welle have been consistently framing Telegram as a gathering place for “dangerous conspiracies, vaccine misinformation, and the driving force behind the ‘violent’ protests” against the country’s lockdowns, mask mandates, and compulsory “vaccination” edicts.

HUGE! Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid-19 Is A Hoax & All Restrictions Have Now Been Dropped 12.21.21 [REALLY [Need To Know]
Patriot Patrick King represented himself in court after being fined $1200 dollars for protesting against the Covid-Hoax, he slew the beast and emerged VICTORIOUS. He issued a subpoena to the Provincial Health Minister for proof that the so-called Covid-19 Virus exists, and they were forced to admit that they had no evidence whatsoever. The virus has never been isolated, and thus the government had no legal grounds to impose any of the punishing restrictions they have inflicted on society. Since this shocking confession came to light, the Province has since rescinded all Covid-Restrictions and now officially treats Covid-19 as nothing more than a mild flu! WE WON!!!

Police Lose Control As Massive Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protests Turn Violent In London 12.21.21 [Demonstrations]

ICAN-Funded Lawsuit Strikes Down COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for San Diego Schools! 12.21.21 [Need To Know]

Emails Expose Fauci, Collins Collusion To ‘Smear’ Anti-Lockdown Scientists! 12.21.21 [Need To Know]
They were “fringe epidemiologists” because they had the temerity to ask whether the lockdowns of 2020 were effective. Those three, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, Sunetra Gupta of Oxford, and Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford were simply doing what any good scientist would do: They were following the evidence.

Cheapest Fastest Safest COVID TReatment 12.21.21 [Treatments]
There is an official study in Acre, Brazil that has doctors amazed at, how fast COVID infected patients got better after nebulizing with 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate (widely available baking soda) in 100 ml of water administered in a nebulizer.
However, the bad news is that there are powerful forces, which we will discuss below, that hate good news and will do everything in their power to censor useful medical information.

Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing (Jul 21) 12.21.21 [Need To Know]
After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.
Visit the FDA website for a list of authorized COVID-19 diagnostic methods. For a summary of the performance of FDA-authorized molecular methods with an FDA reference panel, visit this page.

The Most Important Podcast You Can Hear About COVID-19 (Video 2 hr 45 min) 12.21.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
There were clear intentional efforts to prevent use of hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19, likely in an effort to make the COVID jabs appear necessary
You cannot get COVID-19 twice; those with natural immunity have robust, long-lasting immunity. The Pfizer COVID shot, meanwhile, has been shown to have undetectable effectiveness 201 days after the second dose and Moderna’s effectiveness reaches zero around day 121

FDA covering 160k vaxx injuries, CDC admits jabbed parents killing kids (Video 55:59 min) 12.20.21 [Need To Know]
Karen Kingston joins the Stew Peters Show to expose the new evidence that vaccinated parents are increasing the mortality risk for their unvaccinated children. There's also evidence, she says, of an absurdly high false-positive rate for Covid on the PCR Tests+...

Emergency update from Adams – Biden’s promised “winter of severe illness and death” is coming true, and here are the states that will see the highest death rates 12.20.21 [Need To Know]
Biden has promised a “winter of severe illness and death.” His threat is real, but the real victims will, of course, be the vaccinated and the unprepared.
This is why right now, all across America, paramedics, morticians, EMTs and funeral directors are already noting a striking uptick in all-cause mortality. It’s just the beginning, however. It’s going to get far worse through at least the end of February. We could see as many as 400,000 Americans killed this winter alone by covid vaccines, adding to the estimated 800,000 who have already been murdered by the jabs. (That’s 20,000 reported VAERS deaths multiplied by the Under Reporting Factor of 40, as rough estimates.)
Life insurance companies are also seeing record payouts on their policies due to the spike in post-vaccine deaths...

Japan’s Vaccination Policy: No Force, No Discrimination 12.20.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Japan’s ministry of health states: “Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided.”

Vaccines are now EXTERMINATING oblivious Democrats while illegal immigrants are PROTECTED from vaccines so they can replace dead Democrats 12.20.21 [Need To Know]
The cover story for skipping vaccine injections for illegal immigrants is that vaccine injuries would be “hard to track,” but the real story is that globalists want to protect the fertility of the illegal immigrants so that they can replace the dead Democrats who took the jab.

How to Detox from the COVID Shot 12.20.21 [Treatments]
It’s time to spread solutions for COVID shot detox.

O My Cron - The Myth Of The Omicron by Dr. Thomas Cowan 1(Video 1 hr 1 min) 2.19.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: Other weird coincidences:
1: the building out of the electrical grid and the late 19th century flu pandemic
2: WWI installation of radio antennas and the 1918 global Spanish flu pandemic
3: Militaries introduce Radar technology and the 1957 Asian flu
4: The introduction of 5G and the C19 pandemic
Humans are highly "electrical" beings. 97% of our weight by atomic mass is electrical energy.

Unintended Consequences of mRNA Shots 12.20.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
“Worse Than the Disease: Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19,” by Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Dr. Greg Nigh, is one of the most comprehensive descriptions of the many possible unintended consequences of the mRNA gene transfer technologies incorrectly referred to as “COVID vaccines”
As of December 3, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has logged 19,886 COVID jab related deaths. Pfizer — the only company that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted full licensing for an as-yet unavailable COVID shot — accounts for 13,268 of them

Fake News About Numbers of Americans Jabbed with Kill Shots 12.19.21 [Need To Know]
(T)oday we can reveal that this is a lie.
It is a complete fabrication that has no doubt been used to make those who refused the jab feel as if they are part of a minority…
A "UK Government report (now) proves that in England alone there are approximately 23.5 million people who have not had a single" jab.
The public (is) fed lie, after lie, after lie.
What's true about Britain likely applies throughout at least most of the West.

Billions Of People Are Affected By This & They Don't Realize It | Dr. Robert Malone 2021 (Video 13 min) 12.19.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, breaks down the "mass formation" phenomenon that makes it difficult to reason with those who have fallen victim to the globalist leader propaganda. Hear what he says is the hope we have before a total takeover.
Take the time to watch this and forward it to all the hypnotized around you.

South Korean Doctors Examine Pfizer & Moderna Shots When Warmed: Discover “Alive, Moving Organism” 12.19.21 [Need To Know]

Vaxxed 2 Documentary - The People's Truth - Dangerous Vaccines, Kids Autism & Side Effects (Video 1 hr 36 min) 12.19.21 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Vaxxed investigates the claims made by a whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading national public health institute of the United States, who revealed that the agency manipulated data on an important study showing a causal link between the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.

COVID-19 Outbreak Reported on Royal Caribbean Cruise Despite Fully Vaccinated Adult Passengers 12.19.21 [Need To Know]
Forty-eight people who were onboard the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas cruise ship tested positive for COVID-19, the illnesses caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, although Royal Caribbean requires everyone aged 12 and older to show proof of vaccination in order to board their ships.

Omicron, symptom changes - results form an Observer 12.19.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: Can someone give this man an award already? He's literally done the government's job over the last year and a half and done it very well indeed. Bravo John, not all heroes wear capes.

Appeals Court Allows Biden Admin’s Private Business COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate to Take Effect 12.19.21 [Need To Know]
She wrote, “The purpose of the mandate is to protect unvaccinated people. The rule’s premise is that vaccines work. And so, OSHA has explained that the rule is not about protecting the vaccinated; they do not face ‘grave danger’ from working with those who are not vaccinated.”

Efforts to Stop Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses Reach US Supreme Court 12.19.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Three companies and Missouri’s attorney general are asking the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to stay the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates for private businesses with 100 or more employees.

What the VAERS Data Tell Us About COVID Jab Safety 12.19.21 [Need To Know]
While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim no deaths can be attributed to the COVID jabs, it’s impossible to discount 8,986 deaths in the U.S. territories alone, reported as of November 26, 2021
The estimated underreporting factor for COVID jab injuries in VAERS is between 31 and 100, so the actual death toll in the U.S. could be anywhere from 278,500 to 898,600
Comment: Under-reporting of our VAERS system by a factor of FORTY (40) !

The Renz Letter - Sign the Renz Letter and stand up to government tyranny 12.18.21 [Need To Know]
If you would rather download the Renz Letter, use the download button below.
We the free and united people of America and the world are writing in regards to the unlawful and corrupt actions taken by the healthcare industry, bureaucrats, and media regarding COVID-19...

Ex-FDA officials, medical experts flog feds for politicizing COVID, misrepresenting evidence 12.18.21 [Need To Know]
If the last administration did this, all experts would be outraged, tweeted University of California San Francisco medical professor Vinay Prasad.

Boeing suspends vaccine mandate for employees 12.18.21 [Need To Know]
Boeing said 92% of its U.S.-based workforce had either provided proof of vaccination or received a medical or religious exemption.

Growing Number of Companies and Organizations Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements 12.18.21 [Need To Know]
More and more businesses in recent days have walked back previous rules mandating COVID-19 vaccines as a condition for employment in a bid to keep workers.

Biden’s Health Care Worker COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Now Blocked in Texas 12.18.21 [Need To Know]
The federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers cannot go into effect in Texas, a federal judge ruled this week.

Southwest Airlines CEO on masks: "Masks don't add much, if anything." 12.18.21 [Need To Know]

Judicial Watch Sues HHS for Biodistribution Studies for the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Vaccines (Sep 20) 12.18.21 [Need To Know]

Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Worried Refugees Could Sue Them Following Adverse Reactions 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
Tens of millions of migrants may be denied COVID-19 vaccines from a global program because some major manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects...
There’s credible concern that the COVID jabs will cross-react with syncytin (a retroviral envelope protein) and reproductive genes in sperm, ova and placenta in ways that may impair fertility and reproductive outcomes

Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Worried Refugees Could Sue Them Following Adverse Reactions 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
Tens of millions of migrants may be denied COVID-19 vaccines from a global program because some major manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects...

CDC just warned that 15,000 Americans will die EACH WEEK by Christmas; but it’s actually VACCINE DEATHS that are accelerating just as independent doctors told us all along 12.17.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
In a stunning development that confirms the mass vaccine die-off is accelerating, the CDC now openly admits that 15,600 Americans will die each week by Christmas, with deaths continuing through the first part of 2022. (Source: UK Daily Mail citing the CDC)
The CDC claims these are “covid” deaths, but of course they are actually vaccine deaths.

Former WHO Official Warns: The “Vaccinated” Should Quarantine Or Risk Serious Illness 12.17.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne said that all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness.
Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the United Kingdom, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from the society.” He said the vaccinated need to isolate to prevent severe illness over the winter months.

UK Scientist Reveals Bombshell Data Analysis: Tracks Batches Of Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, Finds “..Some Batches Are 50 Times Worse Than Others” 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
App “How Bad Is My Batch?” Allows People To Input Batch Code And See How Many Deaths, Disabilities and Illnesses Associated With That Batch “1 in 200 Lots Contain Deadly Ingredients”

School District in New York Sends out Email Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Students Grades K-12 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
“I find it disturbing that they are now bringing on the new medical staff who specialize in sudden cardiac arrest. Considering we are seeing a lot of adolescents and athletes dying days after getting their COVID shots, it seems they are preparing for this.”

Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Worried Refugees Could Sue Them Following Adverse Reactions 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
Tens of millions of migrants may be denied COVID-19 vaccines from a global program because some major manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects...

Dr. David E. Martin - the Attorney General Document 12.17.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Includes link to download the document as a PDF!!!
Comment: He gives the most powerful means there is to resist for all of us: THE LAW. He says the Vaccine mandates not only are coercion, they are illegal, and even more- they CONSTITUTE DOMESTIC TERRORISM. He gives the 8 counts and the way in which they each violate the codes- naming all the Codes and sections that are violated.

Outbreak At Far Left College Causes Biden’s COVID Narrative To Crumble 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
The Ivy League school in Ithaca, New York, reported 883 students testing positive for COVID-19, according to their online dashboard. Officials say that their school is 97% completely vaccinated yet they are experiencing a massive omicron coronavirus outbreak.
Comment: Proving Biden a liar - NOT HARD TO DO! 97% Vaccinated with almost 900 students getting Covid...

CDC Admits COVID-19 Shots Causing Heart Disease but Won’t Stop the Injections – Does Pfizer Now Control the CDC and FDA? 12.17.21 [Need To Know]

Man’s Best Friend Can Tell You If You Have COVID 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
Scarlett and Rizzo are two dogs being trained to use their extraordinary sense of scent to detect the virus from a row of people and then they’ll be able to tell who tests positive for the disease, Johnston said, no matter the variant or if the person is asymptomatic.

Texas Governor Tells Defense Secretary COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate on National Guard Won’t be Enforced 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
Abbott has ordered Major Gen. Tracy Norris, the adjutant general of Texas, not to compel any person to get a COVID-19 vaccine, pointing to an executive order he signed earlier this year that forbids governmental entities from mandating vaccination.

‘Many Lives Being Destroyed’ by Government’s Failure to Recognize Natural Immunity, Physician Says 12.17.21 [Need To Know]
Dr. Marty Makary, a public health researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, on Tuesday accused government officials of practicing “modern-day McCarthyism” against anyone who suggests young healthy people, especially those who recovered from COVID, don’t need booster shots.

Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
Because of obfuscation with medical coding and legal jargon, we cannot be certain of the actual amount each hospital receives per COVID-19 patient. But Attorney Thomas Renz and CMS whistleblowers have calculated a total payment of at least $100,000 per patient.
What does this mean for your health and safety as a patient in the hospital?

Medicare Data Shows 48,465 Deaths Over 80 Within 14 Days Of Shots: Scrubbed As Non Vaccinated: Renz 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
48,465 people over the age of 80 died within 14 days or their first or second dose. “This is raw data,” says Renz. “Raw. There’s no analysis.” He goes on the remind us of the insult-to-injury fact that the system rigged it such that if a person dies within 2 weeks of a a ‘vaccine,’ they are counted as unvaccinated.
Have you ever heard anything like this in your life?

Medicare Data Shows Over 1/4 of Remdesivir Treated Died Within 14 Days, Mostly Kidney Failure: Fenz 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
Have you ever heard anything like this in your life?

UF: Over-the-counter meds effective against COVID A(Nov 25) 12.16.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
The combination includes diphenhydramine, an antihistamine used for allergy symptoms. When paired with lactoferrin, a protein found in cow and human milk, the compounds were found to hinder the SARS-CoV-2 virus during tests in monkey cells and human lung cells.

Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death 12.16.21 [Plandemic]
“It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.”

Senate Passes Legislation to Prevent Dishonorable Discharges for Unvaccinated Servicemembers 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
The amendment to the NDAA would not protect men and women in the military from being discharged from the military, but it would protect them from the social stigma of a dishonorable discharge, only permitting those who refuse the vaccine to be discharged honorably.

Heart Inflammation Risk Higher From Moderna Vaccine Than COVID-19 for Those Under 40: Study 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
The risk of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, was much higher following the second dose of the Moderna vaccine...

10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of December 2021 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
Below is a list of the current COVID trends as of December 2021.

Fauci Makes SHOCKING Admission About The COVID Vaccine Live On Air! 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
However, that all seems for nothing since “Dr. Fauci” just went on record ADMITTING that the vaccines may in fact be making COVID worse.
Oy vey! Oh, but it gets better. Not only did Fauci say this but he also states that this wouldn’t be the first time, citing when his AIDS vaccine actually made AIDS much worse.

32,649 Deaths 3,003,296 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions as Young, Previously Healthy People Continue to Suffer 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe who are reported dead or injured following COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

RYAH Group and OMNI Medical Services Announce Collaboration for Clinical Study in Cannabis for Treatment of COVID-19 12.16.21 [Need To Know]

Epidemic Of Heart Disease Caused By COVID Vaccines And Related Stress 12.16.21 [Need To Know]
In the week ending November 12, 2021, the U.K. reported 2,047 more deaths than occurred during the same period between 2015 and 2019; heart disease and strokes appear to be behind many of the excess deaths.

BOMBSHELL REPORT: FDA Colludes With US Postal Service To Destroy Ivermectin Shipments 12.15.21 [Need To Know]
The US Food and Drug Administration has been caught red-handed colluding with the US Postal Service to intercept inbound international shipments of the safe, effective, affordable COVID-19 fighting drug Ivermectin.

Fauci Admits To Zuckerberg COVID-19 Injections May Make Plandemic Worse (Video) 12.15.21 [Need To Know]

Guilty as Hell! Damning New Evidence Revealed, Explosive RFK Jr Interview: Fauci, Gates & Big Pharma's Global Depopulation Agenda Exposed for the World to See! (Video 54:01 min) 12.14.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
As you watch this EPIC INTERVIEW unravel, you will find that the MOABs I’ve just mentioned are JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG and the very BEGINNING of the DEPRAVED DEPOPULATION AGENDA...

Pennsylvania Senate Approves Bill Prohibiting COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for K–12 Students 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
Pennsylvania state Senate Republicans on Monday approved legislation that would prohibit a COVID-19 vaccine mandate requirement for K–12 students in order for them to attend school, despite there being no such mandate currently in effect.

Attorney: Entire family given COVID vaccine instead of flu shot, 2 children now suffering heart issues 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
Walgreens is having a rough time on the public relations front, as incidents keep arising where they are allegedly mixing up flu shots with coronavirus vaccines.
A family in Evansville, Indiana, said they were all given adult doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine instead of the flu shot on Oct. 4...

Virginia Hospital Found In Contempt Of Court, Subject To $10k Per Day Fines After Denying Patient Ivermectin 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
On Monday, December 13, Virginia’s 20th Judicial Court found Fauquier Health in contempt of court after refusing to comply with previous orders and ruled that by 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tonight, Kathy Davies must be given the dose of Ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor retained by the Davies family. Additionally — if the hospital did not comply — the state had the right to fine the hospital $10,000 per day. That order would have been applied retroactively from December 9 onwards. The court also ordered that the Davies family be given police escort if necessary to administer the drug to their mother.

Some Hospital Systems End Vaccine Mandates After Recent Court Decisions 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
Some hospital systems are starting to walk back their COVID-19 staff vaccine mandates due to recent court decisions.
As The Wall Street Journal reported, hospital groups including HCA Healthcare Inc., Tenet Healthcare Corp., and nonprofits such as AdventHealth and the Cleveland Clinic are getting rid of their mandates.

Four States Calling In National Guard To Alleviate Healthcare Staffing Crisis 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
As hospitals face capacity constraints - including firing thousands of workers who refuse to comply with Biden's illegal directive and get jabbed - amid a COVID-19 surge, some states have enlisted the National Guard to help staff healthcare facilities, Becker's Hospital Review reported on December 10.
Comment: This is going to get very interesting next year as many health professionals start dying from the clot shots.
Lots of hospitals are going to be in trouble. Many have already lost dozens of doctors and nurses who wisely refused to get the jab, and either resigned or got fired instead.

US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout 12.14.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A total of one hundred eleven pilots died in the first eight months of this year! This is a 1,750% increase from 2020, when the world was supposed to be in the middle of a pandemic...

Vatican court judge slams Gates & Soros for using Covid to impose ‘total control’ 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
A German cardinal has sparked controversy by claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has been used by the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates to create a global “surveillance state.”

Despite High Vaccination Rate Amtrak Suspends Vaccine Mandate, The Background Tells A Story 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
First, the cause of the operational change, a frequency change in Amtrak service, was specifically admitted to be due to the vaccine mandate. This is EXACTLY the opposite of the White House claim earlier today (see below). The vaccine mandate was the cause of the operational change. Amtrak admits this – the White House refutes this.

Australian Parliament Member: “I Don’t Intend to Have the Jab – I’m Not Putting That Sh*t in My Body” (Video 0:42 min) 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
'I don't intend to listen to bureaucrats, or politicians or UN, or the bloody WHO pushing their own agenda and taking away my freedoms'

POWERFUL: Woman Wakes Up To Reality When Her Husband Gets Vax Injured (Video 10:15 min) 12.14.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: The NAZI's propagandists figured out that the bigger the lie, the easier to convince the masses.
This method is once again being used on a global scale.

mRNA Vaccine Co-Inventor: This Does Not Make Any Sense | ROBERT MALONE 2021 (Video 3:17 min) 12.13.21 [Plandemic]
Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine speaks about what he and many of his colleagues are observing - there is something fundamentally evil about what's happening worldwide.
Get Aware! Communicate!! Break Free!!!

COVID Jab red ALERT: Study of 4 million vaxxed people reveals a dangerous trend toward serious problems 12.14.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Overall, available data suggests that people in Sweden are dying at a 20% higher rate within the first two weeks of getting their second COVID shot than what would normally be expected.
Additional data from the paper suggests that getting a COVID injection may actually increase your risk of COVID infection over time.

Kissinger Quote from a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics February 25, 2009 12.13.21 REALLY REALLY REALLY [Need To Know]
"Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it's game over. We can...   "

HHS Made Vaccine Deception LAW Back In 1984: They HAVE To Lie About Safety To Push Vaccine! (Video 10:02 min) - with Transcript 12.13.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die] [Video Saved]
Comment: These 'vaccines' are the failure and they perfectly know that, but they will never admit that as they want us all to get sick and die. This is the main purpose.
The FULL transcript is here!

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Here’s Why Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early (Video 17:44 min) 12.13.21 HAPPENING! [Vaxed Get Sick and Die] [Video Saved]
It was known in late 2020, a year ago, that the covid-19 jabs would cause heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems, myocarditis and pericarditis.
I know this because I made several videos last year, 2020, in which I explained that all these things would happen. And that the adverse events would not be rare or even uncommon.
If you’re interested take a look at my video called Covid-19 Vaccine – Possible Vaccine Side Effects or Vital Information about the Covid-19 Vaccine. Both videos were recorded and published in December 2020 and they are still there. If they’d been on YouTube they would have been removed, of course.
I have no doubt, sadly, that we’re going to see more and more people suffering serious heart trouble as a result of their jabs. The elderly will die earlier than they might otherwise have died. But deaths among the young will continue to shock. Already there are calls for defibrillators to be put into schools and sports clubs because of the unprecedented epidemic of heart attacks.
The change in the immune systems of the jabbed will also be of great significance. It has been reported that many of the double jabbed have lost a good deal of their immune system capability. This will mean that they are incredibly vulnerable to many diseases.
So, I suspect the vaxxed will be extremely vulnerable to new variations of the flu.

'Public health [officials] don’t get to tell people what to wear:' Democratic governor declares that COVID-19 emergency is 'over' 12.13.21 [Need To Know]
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis – a Democrat – declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is "over." Breaking from the Democratic Party, Polis added that he would not be implementing another statewide mask mandate desire the omicron variant spreading easily.
Everybody had more than enough opportunity to get vaccinated, Polis told Colorado Public Radio on Friday.

On Stew Peters - Dr. David Martin Blows the Whistle on the Whole World Take Down (Dec 4) 12.13.21 [Need To Know]

Senator Urges Biden Administration to Recognize Natural Immunity 12.13.21 [Need To Know]
The White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should acKnowedge the immunity gained from prior COVID-19 infection in their messaging, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) said on Dec. 12.

Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Reviewed (Video 1 hr 31 min) 12.12.21 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
From the start of the COVID pandemic, doctors were told they could not use any treatment that had not undergone randomized controlled trials. Most all clinical successes have been ignored and vehemently opposed
The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) was among the first to publish COVID treatment guidance. They have since developed protocols for prevention, early at-home treatment, in-hospital treatment and maintenance guidance for long-haul COVID syndrome that are updated as more becomes known
Corticosteroids can be an effective tool for reducing inflammation in general, but they appear particularly important for advanced COVID infection. Steroids should not be used early on, but can be lifesaving after you develop signs of lung dysfunction and increased oxygen requirement
Ivermectin has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial in all stages of COVID-19, from prevention to advanced illness
Other effective protocols include the AAPS protocol, Tess Laurie’s World Council for Health protocol and the America’s Frontline Doctors’ protocol

WAYNE ROOT: How I Beat Covid in 48 Hours with Ivermectin – Just Like Joe Rogan and NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers 12.12.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
I beat Covid in 48 hours with Ivermectin and massive doses of vitamins- including intravenous Vitamin C.
But Ivermectin is truly a miracle drug. I had Covid for a day when I decided to take Ivermectin. From that point on, Covid was gone in 24 hours. Yes, Ivermectin and vitamins turned the dangerous, deadly, run-for-your-life, lockdown-the-economy, mask-up-for-life, vaccinate-or-die, Covid-19 flu bug into a minor common cold. And then it was gone in 24 hours.

Are >100 dead US airline pilots trying to send us a message about vaccine safety? 12.12.21 BETTER [Need To Know]
A list deaths published in the Air Line Pilot Association magazine shows that most of the deaths in 2021 happened after the vaccines rolled out.
Are dead pilots trying to tell us something?

Hackers Destroy All of Brazil's Covid Digital Passports (Video 8:02 min) 12.12.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Comment: Great news! I hope it continues everywhere. These people are heroes! Not criminals at all.

Panic? US Mega-Corporations Rush to Abandon Vax Mandate 12.12.21 [Need To Know]
This week's nationwide annihilation of Biden's Federal Contractor vaccine mandate at the hands Georgia Federal Judge R. Stan Baker has resulted in a landslide retreat of cowardly mega-corporations from their so-confident bullying of American workers.
Biden's illegal gamble, the nationwide Federal contractor vaccine mandate, has like his previous Medicare mandate and OSHA if-you-have-100-workers-mandatory-vax mandate been ripped to shreds early on in the courts.

Bill Gates TED Talk on Population Reduction via Vaccines (Excerpt) (Video 0:58 min) 12.12.21 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
First published at 15:19 UTC on August 13th, 2021
#populationreduction #billgates #eugenics

Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 (Nov 17) 12.12.21 [Need To Know]
Creating a “National Pandemic Emergency” provided justification for such sweeping actions that override individual physician medical decision-making and patients’ rights. The CARES Act provides incentives for hospitals to use treatments dictated solely by the federal government under the auspices of the NIH. These “bounties” must paid back if not “earned” by making the COVID-19 diagnosis and following the COVID-19 protocol...

As International Trials Begin Against the Globalists Will a Return to Public Executions be Necessary? 12.12.21 [Need To Know]
Another criminal complaint has been filed against the Globalists who are responsible for mass murder and genocide through the COVID-19 scam and bioweapon injections.
The Exposé in the UK reports that a complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for “violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK.”

29 US States Have Confirmed Omicron Variant Cases, Most Among Vaccinated 12.12.21 [Need To Know]
Across 29 states, 110 cases have been reported as of Saturday.
Officials disclosed the vaccination status of 66 of the infected individuals. Of those, the vast majority, or 52, were fully vaccinated. Some had even gotten booster shots.

As Globalists Call For Anti-Vaxxers To Be Rounded Up And Shot, Americans Should Remain 'Loaded For Bear' Because 'A Shot In The Arm, A Shot In The Head, Either Way, You End Up Dead' 12.11.21 [Need To Know]
With words coming from the mouth of CNBC crackpot host Jim Cramer that starting on January 1st of 2022, just weeks away, unvaccinated Americans should be 'rounded up by force by the US military' and subjected to vaxxes that are THEMSELVES killing people, should Cramer get his way, we'd have 100% proof that America had completely fallen to tyranny, thus putting all of America's 475 million+ civilian owned guns in danger of being confiscated at a time when they'd be about the only thing that could stop America's complete fall into tyrannical oblivion.

WHOOT, THERE IT IS – Anthony Fauci Says, “We Are Prepared to Start Delivering Variant Specific Booster Vaccines” (Video 2:38 min) 12.10.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
This means each time some opaque entity within the system of world health identifies a “variant” of COVID-19, the business end of the process will trigger a vaccine response to keep the Ronacoaster wheels greased with taxpayer funds.
WATCH, and listen carefully to Fauci’s definition of who the decision-makers are. This is a remarkable amount of sunlight on the motive:...

New Bill to Strip the Unvaccinated of Health Insurance if They Get Sick, Force Them to Pay Out of Pocket 12.10.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
President Biden even took to demonizing the unvaccinated, blaming them for the economic downturn, supply chain debacle, and claimed — without merit — that they are “costing jobs.”
Now, the state of Illinois is taking the segregation and discrimination against the unvaccinated one step further by attempting to strip them of their health insurance if they get sick from covid-19 — forcing them to pay for their medical treatment out of pocket.

Fauci: Definition Of 'Fully Vaccinated' Will Be Changed 12.10.21 [Need To Know]
“It’s going to be a matter of when, not if,” Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during an appearance on CNN.
Comment: Anyone With Half A Brain Could See This Coming --- All In The Plan...

Most reported US Omicron cases have hit the fully vaccinated -CDC 12.10.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Most of the 43 COVID-19 cases caused by the Omicron variant identified in the United States so far were in people who were fully vaccinated, and
a third of them had received a booster dose, according to a US report published on Friday.

How the Masses Were Hypnotized Into the COVID Cult - Part 1/2 (Nov 17) 12.10.21 [Need To Know]
Operation Coronavirus has shown how mass hypnosis can be inculcated into entire populations, around the world.
THE STORY: Does it sometimes feel to you that you are surrounded by people who've been hypnotized? Well, in a very real sense they have been.
THE IMPLICATIONS: Learn the psychology that explains why many have undergone mass hypnosis via an elaborate and cleverly disguised initiation ritual into a cult – the COVID Cult.

5 Experiments and Syndromes to Account for Mass COVID Trance Behavior - Part 2/2 12.10.21 [Need To Know]
People are walking round in a COVID trance or a COVID hypnosis as I covered in a previous article [just above] How the Masses Were Hypnotized Into the COVID Cult.
THE STORY: Experiments as far back as 1951 have shown us that human nature has a tendency to conform and obey authority against its own instincts and moral code.
THE IMPLICATIONS: Do these 5 experiments and syndromes explain the many psychological aspects of Operation Coronavirus?

New Website for COVID-19 Vaccine Injured #RealNotRare 12.10.21 [Need To Know]
A new website has been launched where people can tell their stories about being injured by one of the COVID-19 shots.
The name of the website is Real Not Rare, and they also have groups people can join, and it appears there is one group in each state.
They also have a “Take Action” section. Health Impact News subscribers will recognize quite a few of the people in their videos, as we have covered many of their stories here.

Renowned virologist warns of ‘collapse of our health system’ due to complications from COVID vaccines 12.9.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A renowned virologist and former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently warned against the dangers of the experimental COVID-19 gene-transfer vaccines, encouraged the un-jabbed to “stay unvaccinated,” and predicted an inevitable “collapse of our health system” due to health complications in the vaccinated.

Senate votes to repeal Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses 12.9.21 [Need To Know]
In a major rebuke to President Joe Biden, the Senate voted 52-48 to repeal the administration's COVID-19 vaccine mandate requiring private businesses with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated, undergo testing, or be fired.
The final vote of the evening on Wednesday, the bill was unanimously supported by Republicans, and Democrat Sens. Jon Tester (Mont.) and Joe Manchin (W.V.), the latter of whom was the bill's only Democrat cosponsor.

Furious Mother Alleges Barack Obama Academy Bribed Her Son to Get COVID Shot Without Her Consent 12.9.21 [Need To Know]
A California student was given the coronavirus vaccine without parental permission even though he was only 13, according to the student’s mother.

BOMBSHELL: Montana’s GOP governor pushing for more residents to get vaccinated; has invested nearly $800k in vaccine maker Pfizer 12.9.21 [Need To Know]
If we ever want to have some semblance of honor and integrity restored to our governing institutions, the first thing we must do as Americans is begin to expect more of both from our elected political leaders.
Because until we do that, our politicians will continue to be corrupt.

28X increase in stillbirths in multiple parts of Canada 12.9.21 [Need To Know]
But get this… it’s only happening to vaccinated moms. I wonder what is causing this? Nobody has a clue.

BREAKING: Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors Nationwide 12.8.21 [Need To Know]
Judge Stan Baker in the US Court for the Southern District of Georgia, a Trump appointee, issued a preliminary injunction against Biden’s vaccine mandate.

INDOCTORNATION: THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY (Video 1 hr 16 min) 12.8.21 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]

Milton Keynes Funeral Director (UK) has the look of someone who is desperately trying to stop a disaster and is failing - by Jim Stone (Video 7:06 min) 12.8.21 [Plandemic]
This video is ominous, just from how he looks. There is clearly a disaster in progress.
Many deaths from vax damage and destroyed immune systems. He said the deaths are following the predictions and the brainwashing is so well done the people that are dying from failed immune systems believe the shots are what they need to stop it and that they are going to willingly walk off the cliff. Darwin is playing out.

Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release 12.8.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
My God.
In the 90 days following EUA release of the “vaccine” they recorded 1223 deaths, and 158,000 adverse reactions, including fetal deaths, spontaneous abortions and more. They call this, in their encrypted, trans-human Pharma-lingo, the “post marketing experience.”

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0: Justice will Not Come Through the Courts but by the People Rising Up 12.8.21 [Need To Know]
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich practices law in Germany and in California, and he has been exposing the crimes against humanity by the Globalists who have inflicted the false COVID-19 narrative on the public and mandated their dangerous bioweapons called “vaccines” through his Corona Investigative Committee for the past two years.

France just announced that it's shutting down nightclubs for four weeks - Everything is supposed to be the fault of the terrible unvaccinated 12.7.21 [Need To Know]
The unvaccinated have been excluded from nightclubs since July - Over 4 months! So whose fault is it now???

Mind-boggling VIDEO: Pfizer and FDA knew the COVID jab would kill thousands (Video 10:15 min) 12.7.21 [Plandemic] [Video Saved]
FRIGHTENING reality: Pfizer and FDA were well aware COVID jab would harm and kill Americans and people worldwide
The damning information – kept secret until recently – contains confidential data Pfizer submitted to the FDA as part of its post-authorization adverse event reports. As a result of a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request (more on this in our next article), the FDA was forced to reveal the first 91 pages of this extensive report that included adverse events reported by people following Pfizer COVID injections through February 28, 2021.

FDA Asks to Delay Vaccine Data Release Until 2076: Lawsuit 12.7.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Governmental officials are trying to fool us — again.
Although the Food and Drug Administration has promised “full transparency” in regard to COVID-19 vaccines, it has asked a federal judge to postpone public disclosure of the data it used to license Pfizer’s vaccine, according to attorney Aaron Siri.
The FDA doesn’t want the information fully disclosed to the public until 2076, a whopping 55 years down the road, Siri wrote Wednesday on his Substack.

Who’s the Real Anthony Fauci? (Video 1 hr 3 min) 12.7.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describes the coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media and the military — that are using a health crisis to impose totalitarian control worldwide
Anthony Fauci isn’t acting alone, but he’s become a prominent face of the medical cartel and medical technocracy that is wrapped up in obliterating constitutional rights globally
Big Pharma’s infiltration of regulatory and public health agencies goes back more than 100 years to the creation of the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913, which took control of the U.S. medical school system

DeSantis Hails Major Florida Hospital System’s Decision To End Vaccine Mandate For 83,000 Employees 12.7.21 [Need To Know]
A large Florida hospital has suspended its COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
On Thursday, AdventHealth — headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and treating patients in eight other states — will no longer force its 83,000 employees to be immunized, although it still encouraged vaccination.

German Study Finds ZERO COVID-19 Deaths in Healthy Children but the Children are Now Dying from the Vaccine 12/7/21 [Need To Know]

The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
The biggest lie, which is firmly acKnowedged both by scientific opinion and the WHO is that the RT-PCR test used to “detect” the spread of the virus (as well as the variants) is not only flawed but TOTALLY INVALID.
From the outset in January 2020, all far-reaching policy decisions upheld and presented to the public as a “means to saving lives” were based on flawed and invalid RT-PCR case positives.

Dr. Zelenko Protocol - Treatment Plan for Patients with COVID-19 symptoms Prehospital Management 12.6.21
Treat within 5 days of symptoms.
Here is what he recommends for you to take and how much of each to take for:
Low Risk Patients (over the counter), High Risk Patients, and Additional Treatment Options.

UPDATE: Alameda County Omicron Variant Outbreak Victims Attended Wisconsin Wedding Last Weekend 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
At least five people in Alameda County who attended a wedding in Wisconsin last week have been diagnosed with the omicron variant, health authorities announced Friday.
One of those who attended the wedding had just returned from international travel. An Alameda County public health officer said after last weekend’s wedding 12 East Bay residents came back infected with COVID, five of them with the omicron variant.
...who were reported to be “mildly symptomatic" - [what the hell does that mean? Has a cold?...]

US virus numbers now include probable cases without tests (Apr 15!) 12.6.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. tally of coronavirus cases and deaths could soon jump because federal health officials will now count illnesses that are not confirmed by lab testing.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told states Tuesday to include probable COVID-19 cases in their reports to the agency. Previously, most states reported only lab-confirmed cases and deaths.
The change hasn’t caused U.S. counts to rise much faster than they had been, but officials in some states said they were just learning about the change.

Australian Workplace Tribunal Rules Vaccine Mandate Unlawful 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
The action was deemed a “seminal case” because of its potential ramifications across the country, which has seen several major businesses and organisations hand down vaccine mandates on staff—affecting hundreds of thousands of employees.
The CFMMEU argued that the mandate was unlawful because it did not comply with consultation requirements in their workplace agreement.

Alex Jones Declares WAR on Donald Trump Unless He Comes Out Against The Corona Injection Agenda 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
If Trump doesn't admit he was duped by Fauci and Big Pharma over the experimental injection, then he's complicit in the forced inoculation of children and hundreds of thousands of vaccine deaths.
Alex Jones calls out the members of the Republican Party that can and should take action against the growing globalist medical tyranny takeover.

U.N. Taking Down Private Websites — Domain Level Censorship 12.6.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
The U.N. Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) is now responsible for taking entire privately hosted websites offline, as they seek to take total control of the flow of information and establish their “Great Narrative.”
CTED notifies domain registrars of “extremist” sites — i.e., those that promote narratives they don’t approve of — and the sites can no longer be found.

Why is Trump given a hall pass on killer injections? (Video 2:20 min) 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
Even the CDC has admitted the injections have failed to prevent people from getting the very virus it purports to “protect” us from.
Nor have they stopped people from being hospitalized and they certainly haven’t stopped the spread.
Many of the unjabbed are no doubt catching the virus from their jabbed friends.

The short video below "Follow The Money' makes for a great reminder of just how many lies the government and its corporate media lackeys have told in the name of Covid-19, and they continue to get away with telling more lies every day.

Plandemic 3 Teaser - Official Trailer (Video 7:58 min) 12.6.21 [Plandemic]
The Plandemic Book was released in October 2021.
To counter all the disinformation that was circulated about PLANDEMIC and its makers, we are setting the record straight in a tell-all book. PLANDEMIC tells the incredible true story behind the making of history's most seen and censored documentary. 100% of our profits go directly to a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to creating new and healthier educational systems and curriculums for our next generations.

A President [Trump] Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on the COVID Disaster 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
Scott Atlas’s “A Plague Upon Our House,” [is] a full and mind-blowing account of the famed scientist’s personal experience with the Covid era and a luridly detailed account of his time at the White House. The book is hot fire, from page one to the last, and will permanently affect your view of not only this pandemic and the policy response but also the workings of public health in general.
Atlas’s book has exposed a scandal for the ages.

Great Barrington Declaration - The Petition - Please Sign It! - 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.
Read The Declaration
Sign the Declaration
870,000+ Signatures

Strange Reality: Omicron-specific injection created weeks BEFORE announcement of new variant 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
QUESTIONABLE TIMELINE: Did Big Pharma company start working on an injection that targets new Omicron variant before the variant was allegedly detected?
According to the WHO, the Omicron variant from South Africa – called B.1.1.529 – was first reported on November 24th. More recent headlines suggest that the variant was identified in European countries like the Netherlands as early as November 19.
“The first known confirmed B.1.1.529 infection,” the WHO adds, “was from a specimen collected on 9 November 2021.”
Incredibly, pharmaceutical company NovaVax Inc. is reportedly already in the process of making a COVID shot that can specifically target the variant.

'Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your A**' Anthem Spreads (Video 3:00 min) 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
A man sings a song to a police officer that has spread as an anthem against vaccine mandates.

Juan O Savin 12/1/2021 Spike Data Update -Part1 (Video 12:58 min) 12.6.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Juan's news is that the enemy's bio weapon will soon be affecting ALL of us, whether we get the jab or not.
This 3-part update shares the best way to stay spike-free.
Link to Dallas ministry that trains Divine Healing Technicians
Full video is here.

Rand Paul Once Again Accuses Fauci of Lying to Congress; Issues Brutal 12-Word Statement 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday that the nation’s lead immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, should be tried and imprisoned for “lying” for his claim that the agency he has run since the early 1980s, the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, did not fund “gain-of-function” research.
In an interview with Fox Business, the Kentucky Republican admitted he does not “have a lot of hope” that Fauci is going to be charged by President Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, who likely is not going to be “objectively looking” at the chief White House medical adviser’s congressional testimony.
“We’ve referred him to the Department of Justice, but then again, Merrick Garland is the one now going after parents that go to school board meetings,” Paul said.

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to Free Humanity from the Totalitarian Regime 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
Please watch his moving call for unity, courage, strength, and faith.
Archbishop Viganò shared this moving text and video with us on Wednesday. The video and text are an international call for the creation of an anti-globalist alliance to defeat the evil elites who wish to enslave free men and women and promote a “Religion of Humanity that cancels Faith in Christ.”
The text is given here (cannot find the video...).

Top 8 most COMMON and SERIOUS adverse reactions to Covid vaccines 12.6.21 [Need To Know]
What’s worse is that adulterated vaccines cause horrific side effects and adverse events that are often permanent, including death. Now, those detrimental health damages are being covered up, not just after they happen, but during clinical trials.
In fact, newly uncovered Pfizer documents reveal TENS OF THOUSANDS of adverse reactions that were reported way back in January and February of 2021, nearly a year ago. The documents turned up after a plaintiff group of professors/scientists filed for a Freedom of Information Act request. This is often the only way the public ever finds out about these pharma criminals and mass murderers’ plots and ploys to hoodwink the masses with toxic vaccines.
Who can ever trust pharma criminals that are repeat offenders, year in, year out?

Alert: Collapsing of the Vaccine Narrative 12.5.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
That the vaccines being injected into populations worldwide are useless and do not work against the Coronavirus is being increasingly recognized and acKnowedged in different ways.
The Kennedy Center, for instance, requires that all attendees of its annual Honors gala events, which will take place this weekend, present a negative test even as the Center also requires that all must be vaccinated.
This is a direct acKnowedgement that the vaccines will not protect attendees against infection.
Switzerland now requires that both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers take tests when arriving from a long list of countries.
This is another acKnowedgement that the vaccines do not protect against infection.

What One Woman Said About Her Time In A COVID Camp [In AU] Will Make You See Red! 12.5.21 [Need To Know]
In Australia, you will end up living like a prisoner in their barbed-wire-lined detainment centers for individuals suspected of having COVID-19, according to an Australian woman who bravely speaks what’s really happening inside their so-called ‘Covid Internment Camp’.
Hayley Hodgson, 26, was very strangely picked up by uniformed police in what she called ‘a casino bus’ and taken to a ‘Covid Internment Camp’.
In her effort to escape from the never-ending lockdowns of Melbourne, Hodgson decided to move to Darwin — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus.

Subpoenaed FDA Files Prove Dangerous Side Effects from Pfizer COVID Vaccine 12.5.21 [Need To Know]
The alarming ramifications of this data are further supported by shocking revelations within the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) for COVID. There have been over 18,000 deaths resulting from the COVID vaccination and nearly 100,000 hospitalizations.
Nearly 100,000 more adverse vaccination incidents have required urgent care. There are thousands of reported cases of Anaphylaxis and Bell’s palsy. No one expected that there wouldn’t be problems with a hastily approved vaccination.

Vaccine Evangelists Will Recoil in Horror After Vaccinated Individual Brings Omicron to America 12.5.21 [Need To Know]
The first case of the omicron variant of the coronavirus documented in the U.S. is in a fully vaccinated individual. The case was discovered in the San Francisco area, according to CNBC.
“The individual was a traveler who returned from South Africa on November 22, 2021,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.

Dr. David Martin – Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid 12.4.21 REALLY MUST [Need To Know]
MUST WATCH. (The video just below)
Dr. David Martin – Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid (
In this presentation, Dr. Martin provide the names of the people who have created the “Covid Orchestra, Board of Trustees. Here they are:
“The Names of the People Killing Humanity” Dr David Martin, based on his work on patent analysis.
ALL from this website are listed in this PDF file here.

Dr. David Martin - Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid Video (Video 50:15 min) 12.4.21 REALLY MUST [Need To Know]
That video (from just above)

Omicron: We Warned You The Covid Farce Would Never End 12.4.21 [Need To Know]
I outlined comments by globalist Gideon Lichfield from MIT built on white papers published by the Imperial College of London. In the article titled ‘We’re Not Going Back To Normal’ he describes the future of the world under covid medical tyranny:
“To stop coronavirus we will need to radically change almost everything we do: how we work, exercise, socialize, shop, manage our health, educate our kids, take care of family members.
We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some thi never will.”
Comment: Look up what "Gain of Function" REALLY means!

On The Heels of Austria and Germany Locking Down The Unvaccinated, EU Leader Calls For Throwing Out Nuremberg Code In Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters 12.4.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
On Wednesday, Ursula Van Der Leyen – the chief of the European Union (EU) Commission – told the press that she would like to see the long-standing Nuremberg Code ignored completely in favor of allowing countries to force vaccinate anyone who is refusing to take the experimental jab.
Her alarming comments come just days after Germany followed Austria’s lead, mandating an authoritarian lockdown on only the unvaccinated.
n addition to being in full support of the segregated lockdown, von der Leyen said it was “understandable and appropriate” for EU countries to discuss mandatory COVID vaccinations because of the new Omicron variant, which has already been detected in 12 countries in the EU.

Nevada to bill government employees $55 per month for refusing COVID vaccine 12.4.21 [Need To Know]
The Public Employees’ Benefits Program Board of Nevada voted Thursday to effectively impose a fine on public workers for foregoing COVID-19 vaccination in the form of a monthly surcharge, ostensibly to cover the costs of weekly COVID testing.

Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.
Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychological therapist and founder of EASE Wellbeing CIC, said that as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from PPSD, thanks to stress and anxiety caused by the effects of Covid-19.
He fears this could result in a dramatic rise in physical health issues, such as coronary heart failure, if cases are not detected or treated early.
[If not caused by the vaccines themselves!...]

“Sudden Deaths” of Children Under the Age of 12 Start Surfacing After COVID-19 Shots Approved for This Age Group 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
The surge in “sudden deaths” now being reported on a daily basis has apparently begun in children under the age of 12, as children between the ages of 5 and 11 were recently approved for injections by the Pfizer COVID-19 shots.
Unless a grieving parent works up enough courage to admit they made a mistake in letting their child get one of these bioweapon shots, and is willing to face the backlash that will certainly come from those in the Vaccine Cult, which will probably include their own family members, do not expect the media to even mention the COVID-19 “vaccination status” of these sudden deaths.

“The COVID-19 Vaccines DO NOT Prevent Transmission of the Disease” – Judge Doughty’s Ruling Destroys Biden’s Vax Mandates 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
Judge Doughty pointed out all of the illogical and irrational contradictions in the mandate. “If boosters are needed six months after being “fully vaccinated,” then how good are the COVID-19 vaccines, and why is it necessary to mandate them?” says Judge Doughty in his ruling.
The complainant provided evidence based on Dr. Peter A. McCullough’s declaration, “The COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission of the disease among the vaccinated or mixed vaccinated/unvaccinated populations – mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for hospitals do not increase safety for employees or hospital patients. McCullough declared that additional treatment with other drugs and supplements has resulted in an 85% reduction in hospitalizations and death of high-risk individuals presenting with COVID-19.”

Hawaii Attorney Michael Green Files Class Action Lawsuit Says Vaccine Has Killed 45,000 People (Aug 14!) 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
Michael Green says that the vaccine is killing people all around the country. There are effective treatments. It’s unnecessary to test asymptomatic people because the CDC says that they don’t spread the virus.
Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai gives an emotional testimony about losing his job because he doesn’t want to put this experimental vaccine in his body that is killing people.

All Vaxxinated People Must Quarantine Over the Winter Months or Risk Serious Illness!! (Sept 16!) 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said that all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness
This interview comes from U.K column news:
Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.
Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the UK, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from the society.”
He went on to say: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others. It’s proven in Israel now – I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel – they’re having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are among vaccinated people, and in UK also, you have the larger vaccination program and also there are problems.”
The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.
Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: “95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches. The effectiveness of vaccines is declining or disappearing.”

Do the VACCINATED have a lowered IMMUNE SYSTEM? IS this why THEY are getting COVID? Gov Jim Justice (R WV) (Video 0:328 min) 12.3.21 [Need To Know]

Germany Announces National Lockdown for Unvaccinated 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
Merkel said individuals who aren’t vaccinated for COVID-19 will be excluded from nonessential stores and cultural and recreational venues. The Bundestag, Germany’s Parliament, also will consider a general vaccination mandate.

They need your children to vaccinated in order to install a global social credit system. 12.3.21 [Need To Know]
Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland, has serious concerns that injection passports will be used more like data passports to control participation in society.
She believes that this passport system was manufactured in order to help bring about a financial reset, replacing our failing fiat currency system.
Because passports are so crucial for the successful implementation of this new financial system, mandatory vaccination of all citizens, young and old, will be imperative for the plan to succeed.

The vaccinated are clearly dying off faster than the unvaccinated, according to UK data 12.2.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Covid vaccines induce “AIDS” immune system failure, opening door to death via common flu strains -
THE REAL AGENDA: Leading doctor says covid “vaccines” are intentionally designed to reduce world population -
Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN -

COVID Vaccine Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity by Jim Stone (Video 10:39 min) 12.2.21 [Plandemic]
Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity ! They know which ones are bad
Common Practice : It is common practice for scientists to carefully label their vials and test-tubes, especially in an experiment. Vials are not labelled randomly, but rather denote specific experimental conditions. In this way, they can tell which medical treatment was applied to which person.
Perhaps this was their slip up – their inevitable mistake.
It is confirmed. - I just looked through the first 5000 batches and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ALPHA-NUMERIC CODES
with very high toxicity ended in either 20A or 21A, Lets look at the video.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Suspends Vaccine Mandate Enforcement 12.2.21 [Need To Know]
CMS “remains confident” it will prevail in court but is “suspending activities related to the implementation and enforcement of this rule pending future development in the litigation.”
Comment: CMS is what controls all the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies for REIMBURSEMENT.
Again, it is only temporary while the cases work their way through the system, but it is a little ray of hope!

Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin 12.2.21 [Need To Know]
After an Illinois hospital insisted on administering expensive remdesivir to the patient and the treatment failed, his life was saved after a court ordered that an outside medical doctor be allowed to use the inexpensive ivermectin to treat him, over the hospital’s strenuous objections.
The ivermectin appears to have worked, and Sun Ng has recovered from COVID-19. He was discharged by the hospital on Nov. 27.

CV19 Booster Shot Also a Bioweapon 12.2.21 [Need To Know]
Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and a former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many cutting edge pharmaceutical issues. Kingston thinks that Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines and boosters are here to stay for a long time. Kingston explains, “The reason why it keeps going is because Covid 19 is now a multi-trillion dollar industry many times over that has been forecasted out for the next ten years and beyond. I do have numerous business plans that have been put up on numerous biotech industry websites. I am in the mecca of the biotech industry. I am in San Diego, and most people do not know we are the biotech industry of the world.”
Kingston says the CV19 so-called vaccines are not vaccines but bioweapons and goes on to say, “The hot water that Pfizer is in is they never demonstrated anything even remotely being a vaccine, and their mechanism of action is defined by the FDA under viral gene-based therapy, which is what it is. They met no criteria as a vaccine. On top of that, the FDA has approved other products in this category for cancer treatments. So, if there is a serious attorney out there that wants to engage me and my analysts, this is actually a big case. Pfizer broke their (liability) shield, and the FDA was grossly negligent. The data is right there to show you this goes beyond false and misleading labeling and off-label claims . . . . They told doctors that this was a vaccine–when it’s not.”

Dystopian Nightmare They Said Would Never Happen Hits Paris... PAPERS PLEASE!!! (Video 3:37 min) 12.2.21 [Need To Know]

More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
The great body of evidence (comparative research studies and high-quality pieces of evidence and reporting judged to be relevant to this analysis) shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies.

South Africans don't care about Covid at all - here's proof 12.2.21 [Need To Know]

Welcome to Day 1 of the Immune Defense Summit 12.2.21 [Need To Know]
Major Immunity Threats
How modern food production destroys our health
Hidden waste products in our food supply
Honesty about GMOs, organic food (and more!)

Shock: Microscope analysis shows completely clotted blood in vaccinated persons 12.1.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
A critical group from Saxony examined the blood of vaccinated and vaccination-free people under a dark field microscope.
What they discovered was shocking!!! Extreme clumping can be seen in the vaccinated.
This can lead to an insufficient supply of oxygen in the body. [And to blood clots!]
Note/Comment: Although this is in German, the visuals themselves are worth thousands of words.
The video shows a series of eight people having blood smears. Some are injected; others are not.
„Ungeimpt“ translates to vaccinated, and you'll see either that word or an injection manufacturer onscreen for each subject.
The blood of the injected persons is frightening!!!

An Impolite Message To Those Who Got The Covid "Vaccine" 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
You should know:
* The lockdowns you observe as a key ritual in your new StateReligion—the Covidian Cult—are absurd and have no scientific basis.
* Your face-diapers (“masks”) are useless. There is no scientificbasis to warrant their use, but they do increase bacterial diseases in the mask-wearer and are especially dangerous for children, blocking the flow of oxygen and potentially injuring their brains.
* The fraudulent PCR test is a scam. It’s incapable of diagnosing any illness or infection, as pointed out by Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR technique. The CDC, FDA, and WHO have all officially admitted that the PCR test is worthless and can’t differentiate between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu or common cold! The diagnostic tests being introduced in December to replace the phony PCR test are all “Emergency Use Authorization” gimmicks, as meaningless as the PCR test.
* The PCR test yields false-positives up to 97% of the time. Yet this junk data was (and is) used as the basis to declare a pandemic and enforce lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and mandated vaccines.
The Powers That Be tested your willingness to comply. To be misled. To do irrational, self-destructive things. And you obeyed, you fell for it. You fell for the scamdemic, predicated on a respiratory virus that is less dangerous than the seasonal flu according to the governments’ own statistics.
The people whom you label “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy theorists” are no such thing. They’re ordinary people, just like you. But unlike you, they used common sense. They were not cowed by the Mainstream Media’s 24/7 fear-mongering campaign of lies and disinformation. They did their homework and quickly discovered that the so-called Covid “vaccines” are a great hazard thousands of times more dangerous than any alleged “novel coronavirus”.
Guess who’s exempt from all requirements and mandates to get the COVID-19 “vaccine”? The following people are totally exempt: all US Senators and House Representatives plus all Congressional staff; 6,000 White House employees; all employees of Pfizer (2,500), Moderna (1,500), and Johnson & Johnson (120,000); 15,000 CDC workers; and 14,000 FDA employees.
[more, and what YOU can do to get back to "normal"...]

COVID Vax Mandate for Residents Over 60; Non-Compliants Will Be Fined Monthly (Greece) 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
Residents in Greece over 60 years old will have to undergo mandatory vaccinations against coronavirus or face monthly 100-euro ($114) fines beginning next year, the prime minister announced Tuesday, declaring the country’s first general inoculation mandate.

A judge ordered Pfizer and FDA to release documents (they wanted to take 55 years to release) - Here is the First! - The PDF File 12.1.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
The real link (that does not work on Google) is -
You could paste that into - and then it will work!
Comment: How this product wasn't taken off the market the first month is beyond comprehension.
There were 1,227 deaths by Feb 2021, and 270 spontaneous abortions!!!

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency 12.1.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
This nonprofit, made up of public health professionals, medical professionals, scientists, and journalists exists solely to obtain and disseminate the data relied upon by the FDA to license COVID-19 vaccines. The organization takes no position on the data other than that it should be made publicly available to allow independent experts to conduct their own review and analyses. Any data received will be made public on this website.
Contains BOTH -
Court Documents
Pfizer's Documents

Cruz Blasts Fauci’s ‘Beavis And Butt-Head Defense’: The ‘Most Dangerous Bureaucrat’ In U.S. History (Video 3:32 min) 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tore into Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, during a Fox News interview on Monday evening, saying that Fauci has done more damage to science than anyone.

Pandemic of the Vaxxinated – Official Data Shows 91% of COV-19 Deaths Have Been Among the Fully Vaxxinated Since August; but They Want to Lockdown the Unvaxxinated (Nov 19!) 12.1.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
But it all makes absolutely no sense because official Public Health data shows that over the past three months the majority of Covid-19 cases have been among the fully vaccinated, two-thirds of Covid-19 hospitalisations have been among the fully vaccinated, and a frightening 91% of Covid-19 deaths have been among the fully vaccinated, and projections shows things are about to get a lot worse.

NY Times Admits There Have Been More Covid Deaths Under Biden Than Trump DESPITE Vaccines 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
Keep in mind, Trump was President during a time where 0% of the population was vaccinated.
“The New York Times delivered a dire statistic the day before Thanksgiving, admitting more people in the United States have died of the Chinese coronavirus this year, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, than last year, despite the widespread availability of vaccines.

The Most Striking Fact in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
Fauci dispenses some $7 billion in research grants to “public health” researchers all over the world. He has held that position for 30 years. This means that for thirty years there has been one-man monopoly control over virtually all public health-related “peer review.” This proves in spades what a clownish, lying, incompetent, corrupt stooge Fauci is when he responds to criticism with statements like “everyone I know agrees with me on this.” Yeah, everyone who works for him and is paid by him, or wishes to work for him and be paid by him (with taxpayers’ money). This means that “public health” peer review is a joke and a fraud.

South African Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Variant Suggests We Shouldn't Be Worried 12.1.21 [Need To Know]
As with most of the alarming projections portraying dire consequences cast about by the scientific community throughout the pandemic, Omicron is the newest twist. However, the South African doctor who discovered the variant has downplayed its potential severity.
Early indications point to a variant that has fewer symptoms, and the symptoms it does present are mild. As of yet, there is no data related to its transferability or propensity to overcome vaccinated or natural COVID immunity.

All Confirmed Cases of Omicron in Europe Are People Who Are “Asymptomatic or With Mild Symptoms” 11.30.21 [Need To Know]
Out of the 44 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant discovered in Europe, all of them are “asymptomatic or people with mild symptoms,” according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.
The ECDC released a statement earlier today declaring, “So far, no severe cases or deaths have been reported among these cases.”

Confidential Documents Expose Big Pharma & U.S. Gov Collusion For mRNA Profits Before 2016 Election (5:39 min) 11.30.21 [Need To Know]
After watching this clip, it all begins to make sense.
FOLLOW THE MONEY and understand that compensation drives behavior.

In New Biden Setback, US Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate for Contractors in 3 States 11.30.21 [Need To Know]
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the U.S. government from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate on government contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, the second legal setback for the Biden administration's vaccine policy this week.
The ruling prevents the White House from enforcing a regulation that new government contracts must include clauses requiring that contractors' employees get vaccinated against the coronavirus to help end the pandemic.

Dr Shankara Chetty believes the vaccine is to cause depopulation (Video 10:12 min) 11.30.21 [Need To Know]

Dr Fauci & The Truth Exposed on Film! Must Be Shared! (Video 7:16 min) 11.29.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Comment: OMG- This Video shows Fauci and his cronies planning the pandemic in Oct 2019!!!

WATCH Bombshell Testimony at FDA Vaccine Hearing – Injections Killing More Than Saving, Driving Variants! Re-All Cause Mortality 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
Several doctors from the Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.
FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee after 8 hours of testimony voted 16-2 against Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 booster shot program.
During that hearing, Dr. Steve Kirsch, director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, claimed that the injections are killing more people than they’re helping.

Dr. Andreas Noack Exposes The Covid Vaccine's Main Depopulation Weapon-Graphene Hydroxid Razor Blades! (Video 18:48 min) 11.29.21 REALLY [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
Comment: This professor, Dr Andreas Noack, has evidence that the contents of the Covid injections are Graphene Hydroxide, not graphene oxide as we suspected.
His PhD was on forms of graphene, and he started companies on this subject.
The video is 19 minutes long, and it is in German with English subtitles. He repeats himself halfway through, so you probably only have to watch the first half. He just gave this talk a few days ago. And within a few hours of the talk, he was dead. I don't have any more details on his death, but you can probably guess what happened in today's world. This video must go viral, if only to make sure that his message gets out.
In essence, the injections have Graphene Hydroxide (GHO) which forms sheets that are 0.1 nm thick and quite long by comparison (50 nm). These sheets become nano razors, cutting into the blood vessels as they go by. Every little nick then forms a small clot to heal the nick. Which leads to bigger clots and eventually heart attacks and strokes. Athletes are dying because their blood is flowing very quickly as they exercise, causing the most damage. Dr Noack says that there is no biological degradation process. I believe that to be true, but I also believe that there is always a way to reverse something. It might require high doses of a vitamin or supplement, but if we get the word out to enough scientists and chemists, maybe someone will figure it out. But they need to get that word out as quickly as possible once discovered, before the message or messenger is taken out. I have already passed this on to all the scientists that I know. Please share at will.


Unprecedented and Unconstitutional – Governor [CO] Signs Order to Turn People Away from Hospitals Unless… 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
Governor Jared Polis [CO] is in for a rude awakening and we’re going to see it play out very soon because he just signed an executive order ordering hospitals to turn away people from receiving medical attention to individuals who are not vаccinаted.

In brushback to Biden, federal judge blocks vaccine mandate in Medicare, Medicaid facilities 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
In issuing preliminary injunction, judge concludes government 'significantly understates the burden that its mandate would impose on the ability of healthcare facilities to provide proper care.'

Forcibly Vaccinated?! Horrific Videos Surfacing Of Nuremberg-Violating Crimes With Injections 11.29.21 [Need To Know]

Exposure to Harmless Coronaviruses Boosts COVID-19 Immunity 11.29.21 [Need To Know]

Totalitarian Francis Collins, head of NIH, says he wants to hunt down anyone who disagrees with him about covid and deliver “justice” to them – the criminalization of dissent 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
In a statement to National Public Radio (NPR), Collins said he is “still worried” about people engaging in free speech about the Chinese Virus. Collins would prefer that everyone parrot his and Tony Fauci’s version of the plandemic, not the alternate versions that they have come up with through critical thinking.

Doctor Robert Malone - Inventor of mRNA Vaccines - Speaks Out (40 Pages) - Free PDF eBook 11.29.21 REALLY [Need To Know]

Who Decides Your Child is Next? (31 Pages) - Free PDF eBook 11.29.21 REALLY [Need To Know]

COVID CHARTS CNN FORGOT by Tom Woods (35 Pages) - Free PDF eBook 11.29.21 REALLY [Need To Know]

All Confirmed Cases of Omicron in Europe Are People Who Are “Asymptomatic or With Mild Symptoms” 11.30.21 [Need To Know]
Out of the 44 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant discovered inEurope, all of them are “asymptomatic or people with mild symptoms,”according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.
The ECDC released a statement earlier today declaring, “So far, no severe cases or deaths have been reported among these cases.”

Confidential Documents Expose Big Pharma & U.S. Gov Collusion For mRNA Profits Before 2016 Election (5:39 min) 11.30.21 [Need To Know]
After watching this clip, it all begins to make sense.
FOLLOW THE MONEY and understand that compensation drives behavior.

In New Biden Setback, US Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate for Contractors in 3 States 11.30.21 [Need To Know]
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the U.S. government from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate on government contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, the second legal setback for the Biden administration's vaccine policy this week.
The ruling prevents the White House from enforcing a regulation that new government contracts must include clauses requiring that contractors' employees get vaccinated against the coronavirus to help end the pandemic.

Dr Shankara Chetty believes the vaccine is to cause depopulation (Video 10:12 min) 11.30.21 [Need To Know]

GET RAPID VIRUS RECOVERY - EBOOK FOR FREE (321 pages!) 11.29.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Over 600 Citations!...
Available in English PDF, Spanish PDF, and ePub file formats!
A printed copy is also available for $30, see the text on this page.
Copyright © 2021 by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JDFirst Edition: 2021 Library of Congress Control Number: 2021934486, ISBN: 978-0-9983124-1-5

1,000 Lawyers And 10,000 Doctors File Lawsuit For Violations Of Nuremberg Code (May 24) 11.29.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Sven-Allan Johansson – A large team of more than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.
Fuellmich and his team present the incorrect PCR test and the order for doctors to describe any comorbidity death as a Covid death – as fraud.
The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is almost 100% inaccurate at 35 cycles. All PCR tests monitored by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC acKnowedges that tests over 28 cycles are not allowed for a positive reliable result.

BlackRock and Vanguard: The Same Shady People Own Big Pharma and the Media 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
Drug companies are driving COVID-19 responses — all of which, so far, have endangered rather than optimized public health — and mainstream media have been willing accomplices in spreading their propaganda, a false official narrative that leads the public astray and fosters fear based on lies
Vanguard and BlackRock are the top two owners of Time Warner, Comcast, Disney and News Corp, four of the six media companies that control more than 90% of the U.S. media landscape
BlackRock and Vanguard form a secret monopoly that own just about everything else you can think of too. In all, they have ownership in 1,600 American firms, which in 2015 had combined revenues of $9.1 trillion.

Holland - The War Is Beginning (Video 8:45 min) 11.29.21 [Demonstrations]

Bombshell Testimony: Top Scientists At Vaccine Hearing Reveal Injections Killing More People Than Saving 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
Several doctors from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave startling testimony on Friday during a hearing on the COVID-19 vaccines. One of the highlights of this testimony was the allegation that the vaccines are actually killing more people than they are saving.

HUGE BLOW TO AUTHORITARIAN BIDEN REGIME: Auto Workers Union Will NOT Mandate COVID Vaccines 11.29.21 [Need To Know]

Saturday Emergency Broadcast: Omicron Variant Signals Next Phase In Globalist Bio-Attack! - Alex Jones Must (Video 24:48 min) 11.29.21 [Need To Know]

New COVID Omicron Variant – Lockdowns & Restrictions to Return 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
Humanity stands at a checkpoint to determine if it has learned anything since March 2020, the modern-day Ides of March, when the exaggerated and phony COVID-19 pandemic, better known as the Scamdemic, was publicly announced, justifying the biggest power-grab in all of civilization’s history.

Omicron symptoms match vax damage – PDF File - By Jim Stone 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
Omicron is nothing but a vehicle for blaming vax damage on a new variant.
Everyone called this, it was not only me.

Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes 11.29.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
The battle lines are clear: on one side, the Biden administration, public school bureaucrats, and their armed agents; on the other, parents and families who oppose school closures, mask mandates, critical race theory and corruption. Public school officials have demonstrated a willingness to use police power to silence and intimidate their opponents.

Judge Blocks Biden Administration’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers - The ruling applies to 10 states 11.29.21 [Need To Know]
The mandate, promulgated earlier this month by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), required approximately 17 million workers to get a jab or face termination.
But CMS lacks the authority to impose such a broad mandate, U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp, a Trump appointee, ruled.

Ten OMICRON “variant” predictions for 2022 and beyond… globalist authoritarian playbook stripped naked 11.28.21 [Need To Know]
The omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian psychological terrorism operation that has been engineered to keep the populations of the world enslaved and obedient while terrorist governments carry out their global depopulation / genocide programs.
The evil genius of this narrative is that it requires no evidence whatsoever. Since no one can actually see a “variant” — and since no isolated omicron viral samples exist anywhere in the world for lab test confirmations — a coordinated mass media hysteria campaign simply implants human consciousness with the illusion of omicron, accompanied by extreme fear.

Omicron variant 'a great reason to go get boosted,' NIH director says 11.28.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, said Sunday that people concerned about the new Omicron variant should look into getting their COVID-19 booster vaccine shots.
This is an important point. For people who are listening, who haven't yet gotten boosted but did get their original vaccine, and who are eligible now, this is another reason to do that now, Collins said on CNN's "State of the Union."
Because the booster, it basically enlarges the capacity of your immune system to recognize all kinds of different spike proteins it's never seen. This is a great day to go and get boosted, or find out how to do so at, Collins continued.
Comment: There it is……….NIH officially says go get “boosted” even though the technical “booster” will not be ready for 100 days ( we all know that NONE of it protects from anything)...

Israel to Shut Borders to All Foreigners, Use Phone-Tracking Tech Over Omicron COVID-19 Variant 11.28.21 [Need To Know]
Israel on Saturday unveiled new plans to ban all foreigners into the country, a world-first in efforts to curb the spread of the newly detected COVID-19 variant called Omicron.
The nation has also revealed plans to use counter-terrorism phone-tracking technology to surveil the new variant’s spread.
The travel ban to all foreigners would last 14 days, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement.
The new measures, which still require government approval, come after Israel announced a smaller-scale travel ban on Friday for foreigners coming from most African countries.

No euthanasia without COVID shot, death society rules 11.28.21 [Need To Know]
Silver lining may be that someone would be deterred from considering assisted suicide

REPORT: NEARLY 2 MILLION Fully-Vaccinated People Have Tested Positive For COVID...72,000 Hospitalized...20,000 Deaths 11.27.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
After millions were forced to accept the jab as a condition of employment, reports began to surface of “fully vaccinated” Americans testing positive for COVID and of asymptomatic individuals spreading COVID as well.

China’s Puppet WHO Calls for Mandatory Covid Vaccinations 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
The World Health Organisation has suggested it is time for countries to have a conversation about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, saying: “It’s a healthy debate to have.”
Robb Butler, executive director for WHO Europe, told Kay Burley on Sky News: “Mandatory vaccination can, but doesn’t always increase uptake.”
However, he suggested countries – and individuals – should now be thinking about the issue.

EXCLUSIVE: Disturbing Details Emerge From Inside Australian Quarantine Camps 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
In the post, the writer says that he was forced onto a bus with blacked-out windows by armed guards for a two-hour ride to the quarantine camp.
Inmates are allegedly forced to take the vaccine, but also tested regularly and watched by cameras and armed guards.
Detainees are charged $2,500 for their two-week involuntary stay.

Although the inmates have internet, which is presumably monitored, GPS is blocked, making them unable to determine exactly where they are. However, other posters suggested that he was imprisoned at the Howard Springs ‘National Resilience Center’.

An Omicron case hasn't yet been detected in the US, but the concerning variant is bound to 'go all over,' Fauci says 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
The CDC says no cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant have been detected in the United States yet.
Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted the newly detected variant "invariably is going to go all over."
The WHO has labeled the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, a "variant of concern."

Pfizer said an updated version of its COVID-19 vaccine will be 'ready in 100 days' if the new Omicron variant is resistant to its current vaccine 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
Pfizer expects to know within two weeks whether the variant is resistant, a spokesperson told Reuters.

New York Declares State Of Emergency To Hike Hospital Capacity Ahead Of Omicron Variant 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) on Friday declared a state of emergency aimed at increasing hospital capacity and addressing medical staffing shortages as the nation braces for the new omicron variant of the coronavirus.
The new protocols will take effect Dec. 3 and the order will remain in place at least until Jan. 15, when it will be reassessed.


Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths 11.27.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
“I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death on a scale which will dwarf the claims of “covid-19 deaths” to date.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President...

A Massive Covid Wave in Germany and Central Europe Despite High Vaccination 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
It is now clear that an enormous, record-breaking Covid wave is making its way through Germany and central Europe.
Astoundingly enough, this is happening on the continent where many countries boast vaccine uptake between 65 and 70% of the total population.
It is, however, now amply clear that despite its high vaccination ratios Europe is nowhere close to achieving the promised relief.
Not only that, but things are, in fact, much worse than they were at this time last year when there were no vaccines around.

Omicron strain reaches U.K., Germany, Italy, Czechia, and more 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
British Health Minister Sajid Javid said that there are two confirmed cases in the U.K., one in Chelmsford and one in Nottingham. Both individuals had recently returned from traveling in southern Africa, and both have been instructed to quarantine along with the rest of their households. Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded by announcing tighter restrictions on people entering the country and new mask mandates for certain activities, Reuters reports.
German public health officials detected Omicron-mutations in a traveler returning from South Africa to the German state of Hesse. Two additional cases were confirmed in the German state of Bavaria.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Building Totalitarian State: “This Is Armageddon. This is the Final Battle. We Need to Win This One.” (Video 2:17 min) 11.27.21 [Need To Know]

Emergency! Watch General Flynn Predict Omicron Variant, New Lockdowns, And Controlled Economic Depression (Video 17:25 min) 11.27.21 [Need To Know]
On Saturday, November 13th, former National Security Advisor General Michael T. Flynn issues an emergency warning to the world! That Warning has now come true.

Israel on verge of state of emergency, two weeks after 'Omega' COVID-19 variant 'war game drill' 11.27.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
All three Omicron cases in Israel were detected in those who were vaccinated... [Website URL was changed...]
Country extends ban on travel to and from Africa after new strain detected in three travellers. reported on Friday: "The B.1.1.529 variant, named 'Omicron' by the World Health Organization (WHO), has been described as having an 'extremely high' number of mutations, according to South African scientists who first detected the Beta variant."
Israel holds 'war game' in case of lethal new coronavirus strain --The exercises, which simulated the outbreak of an 'Omega' Covid-19 variant that bypasses vaccines and sickens children, prompting mass hospitalisations --The 'world first' drill covered different aspects of a crisis, including mass inoculation, ordering curfews and imposing a flight ban.

Vaccinated Doctors are Dying and Unvaccinated Doctors are Quitting or Being Fired: Who will Run the Hospitals? 11.26.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Since the roll out of the experimental COVID-19 shots began we have reported many sad stories of medical professionals dying or being crippled by the experimental shots.
The corporate media tries to hide these stories, because it is bad business for their main sponsors, large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.
It has been widely reported in the Alternative Media this week that the public is catching on to the fact that when publicly visible people die, the corporate media is hiding their COVID-19 vaccination status, so searches such as “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly” have soared in recent weeks, as this is how the corporate media typically now reports these deaths of otherwise healthy, young people.
So here is an update of medical doctors who have died after receiving a COVID-19 shot, or when their vaccination status is not mentioned, died suddenly or unexpectedly.

Missouri Judge Rules COVID Mandates Are Unconstitutional 11.26.21 [Need To Know]
In Missouri, Circuit Court Judge Daniel Green has ruled that local health officials are no longer allowed to issue mandates related to COVID because they violate the Missouri Constitution.
All local health officials must now repeal their previous COVID-related health orders.
Green has ruled that, since the constitution gives separate powers to different branches of government, the current ability of local officials was unconstitutional because the elected officials should be the only ones with the power to issue mandates.

Florida County Fined For Defying DeSantis – They Tried To Enforce Mandate, So The Governor Is Charging Them $3.5M 11.26.21 [Need To Know]
When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks, he expects people to listen. And when he delivers an order to the state, he expects everyone to follow that order.
This includes controversial bans on mandatory vaccinations, which is a debate that rages in multiple states across the country. Freedom from mask mandates is another aspect of the argument.
But in Florida, if you decide to defy the governor’s order, you will be punished.

US virus numbers now include probable cases without tests (APR 15!) 11.26.21 [Need To Know]
The U.S. tally of coronavirus cases and deaths could soon jump because federal health officials will now count illnesses that are not confirmed by lab testing.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told states Tuesday to include probable COVID-19 cases in their reports to the agency. Previously, most states reported only lab-confirmed cases and deaths.

First published at 00:25 UTC on November 26th, 2021.
1:27 - Why did I write this book
3:30 - FDA receives 45% of it's budget from BigPharma
4:36 - CDC and NIH own thousands of vaccine patents
6:38 - The Kennedy Family's deep entanglements and Knowedge of Fauci and the heath agencies
7:41 - Fauci has transformed the NIH into an incubator for pharmaceutical products
8:08 - Since Fauci came on board in 1968, we went from 6% of Americans with chronic disease, to (by 2006) 54%
8:59 - Vaccines and Autism - it went from 1 in 10,000 in RFK's generation, to 1 in 34
11:07 - Environmental Toxins
12:14 - We went from 3 vaccines, to the 72 doses of 16 required vaccines
12:39 - 1986 The Vaccine Act
15:58 - Gold Rush
18:01 - The lack of safety testing
20:52 - VAERS
23:59 - HHS Study (
25:21 - CDC Coverup
26:46 - Fauci & Bill Gates
28:09 - Philanthrop Capitalism
37:09 - Tribalism
39:28 - Coup d'etat
45:52 - 2nd Amendment
48:09 - Read the last chapter

Comment: Robert F Kennedy Jr. quotes 4 virology experts, including 1 Nobel Laureate, in his #1 best selling book "The Real Anthony Fauci". Finally having time to read this spellbinding book- had to share this tidbit on what I'm most thankful for with you on Thanksgiving Eve. Much more will be coming, and I will share with you, as I read along! Reading this book is like finding out "The Calvary are here at last!! This is the best possible dessert- God does better than Big Pharma! No surprise to me!! I always knew it- my money was always on him!

Emergency Rooms Nationwide Begin to Close [in this] 11.26.21 [Need To Know]
This follows a trend nationwide where Emergency Rooms are beginning to close down due to staffing issues and so many medical staff being fired or quitting due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
This week it was announced that Mount Sinai South Nassau-operated Long Beach Emergency Department in New York was forced to close after more than 70 of their staff who had “temporary religious exemptions” to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate were denied their exemptions and fired.

Alix Mayer, MBA , is the president of the California chapter of Children’s Health Defense - Bio 11.26.21 [Need To Know]
Speaker at these PastorTownHall.Town events!

Printable Flyers! - Downloads! - From Childrens Health Defense 11.26.21 [Need To Know]
Join the movement. Be a Defender of truth, freedom, and children’s health. Children’s Health Defense will bring the resources. You just need to show up with your conviction and your voice. It’s time to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are, “The Names and Faces” (Video 50:02 min) 11.26.21 ABSOLUTELY [Plandemic]
Red Pill Expo, November 19, 2021
Comment: Here is the most powerful presentation by Dr. David Martin yet ( Near the end, he names the names of who he believes are the perpetrators, including many people of whom the public is not aware.

A Comment listed on this website page -
On December 8 2021 everyone in the world MUST SAY NO NO NO WE HAD ENOUGH.
ON midnight 12/08/2021 8 Billion people please all:
1. Throw away your masks. Demand your Governments STOP CHEM-TRAILS immediately.
2. Open your businesses to Vaccinated and UN-vaccinated without restrictions.
3. If the police or health officers arrive to give you a summons, take it with a smile and throw it away, its illegal. (if millions of businesses around the world ignore their summonses there is no way for any court system to enforce the summonses.)
4. If your boss tries to enforce the Vaccine mandate on you and your fellow workers, everyone call in sick at the same time and DO NOT go back to work until your boss guarantees there will be NO forced medical mandates imposed on you of any type. organize your co workers with a private E-mail communication after work hours. WARN your employers that you will hold them personally responsible for your VAXXINE injury.
5. Take your kids out of public schools that try to mandate any medical intervention of any type.
6. DO NOT waste your time protesting in cold winter streets, or fighting with police, World leaders DO NOT CARE, they are acting in LOCK STEP as a hive, and they will only stop when we all SAY NO, NO, NO MORE. peacefully, with a smile, the same smile they give to us when they want out vote and campaign donations.
7. Do not take the bait and engage in a civil war, this is the time for all, races, religions and nationalities to JOIN in the WAR AGAINST the human race. Those of you who have been corrupted in the past, please join the human side now, when they kill and sicken enough humans they WILL GO AFTER YOU TOO, There in NO HONOR among thieves.
8. Two weeks to flatten the curve turned into hell on earth, this will never end until WE ARE DEAD. or SICK.
9. They have the command, control, intelligence, money, armed forces, police on their side, Do not think you will fight them with guns, you will lose and you will probably die.
10. Remain a good citizen of your country, maintain your credit rating, pay your fair share of tax, and follow all government rules except the plandemic regulations.

A whistleblower nurse telling the public that politicians and other high ranking citizens receive saline instead of the mRNA experimental medication.
In a video on Facebook, which has been deleted by YouTube, the woman claiming to be the head nurse of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana, which takes care of receiving and managing the jab bottles for politicians, resigned and gave a press conference on the scandal.
During the conference she showed codes on the bottles where each contains 1, 2 or 3 digits, and then explained the meaning of those numbers. Number 1 is the placebo, saline, 2 is a the mRNA and number 3 is an mRNA stick that contains the onco gene, she explains.

Slovenia Head Nurse Explains the Numbers on the Vaccine Vials - and how Politicians get the placibo (Video 21:08 min) 11.25.21 [Plandemic]
THIS IS THE DEATH SHOT FOR THE MASSES. (The clear yellow one!)
The off white vial above is obviously what Pelosi got. [Picture!]
Now look at the instructions for mixing the Pfizer vax. If it is the safe one, it will be off white. [Pictures of the labels!]
[Of course this video was deleted the next day. See the post just above...]

BOMBSHELL - Beginning Of End Of Covid!! Covid Rules All Over The World Must Fall Because Of Something That Happened In Canada! 11.25.21 [Need To Know]
Patrick King subpoenaed government officials to prove that covid exists, and they could NOT do it.
They entered it into official court documents that they could not produce covid.
What this means, is that they have no proof that covid exists, and they admitted it on public record.
What this means is that the tests, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and so forth, have no basic for existing anywhere.
They have no legal bases for any of it… anywhere, in the world.
They have no basis in reality.
It means the baddies have to give themselves up.

Government Increasingly Is Asking Citizens to Turn Each Other In. Here’s Why That’s So Dangerous 11.25.21 [Need To Know]
If we want to limit the government, we must commit to resistance and refuse to help the government carry out its injustices.
There’s a troubling trend emerging: Americans are being encouraged and even incentivized to turn their fellow citizens in to the government for a myriad of reasons...

Freedom or Slavery – Which Would You Choose? 11.25.21 [Need To Know]
Given the choice, most people choose slavery over freedom.
The reason is simple to understand: people truly are herd animals. When pressure is applied, people yield. The billionaires know how to effectively apply pressure. The media, the cell phones, the so-called educational system, the government, etc. are, in essence, cattle prods, herd dogs, and predators. They are tools of pressure. These tools of pressure are controlled by billionaires...

The Plandemic Series 11.24.21 [Plandemic]
Their home website:
The videos Plandemic 1, and the Followup Interview
Shorts from Plandemic 2 Indoctornation, and
The book "Plandemic"

Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder” 11.24.21 [Need To Know]
I’m going to quote the final sentence of the abstract which appears at the beginning of the article. This is all I, you – or anyone else – needs to know.
`We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination.’
That’s it. That’s the death bell for the covid-19 mRNA jabs.

Australia begins covid ETHNIC CLEANSING military roundups of indigenous people 11.23.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
The Australian government of the Northern Territories is now using military soldiers and army trucks to forcibly round up indigenous people who have merely been near someone else who tested “positive” for covid. With families being separated at gunpoint, one of the most horrifying predictions we made has now come true: Military / medical martial law where innocent civilians are being rounded up at gunpoint and taken to what are essentially covid concentration camps.

Tyranny in Austria - The Conservative Angle by Lew Rockwell 11.23.21 [Need To Know]

VAERS Data Reveals 50 X More Ectopic Pregnancies Following COVID Shots than Following ALL Vaccines for Past 30 Years 11.24.21 [Need To Know]
While we reported on Saturday that the latest data dump into the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showed 2,620 fetal deaths, which are more fetal deaths than are reported following ALL vaccines for the past 30 years in VAERS, one “symptom” that is tracked in VAERS that I did not account for, is an ectopic pregnancy which also results in a fetal death.

Rotterdam police clash with rioters as Covid protest turns violent 11.24.21 [Demonstrations]
Dutch police have shot and wounded at least two people after rioting erupted in Rotterdam over new Covid-19 measures.

Whistleblower Nurse In Slovenia Claims 30% Of COVID Vaccines Are Placebos — To Be Used On The Elite 11.24.21 [Plandemic]
A crisis has hit the eastern European country of Slovenia after a whistleblower head nurse alerted the public that politicians and other high-ranking citizens are receiving saline placebos instead of the COVID mRNA experimental vaccines...

It's Time By Oracle Films. A short Covid Documentary. Banned from YouTube like most truth (Video 7:25 min) 11.22.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
It’s Time by Oracle Films is a contemplative look back at events worldwide during the past 12 months, chronicling humanity’s nosedive into compliance with tyrannical policies. It’s Time tracks the journey from late 2019 into 2021. The film was banned from YouTube. It’s not hard to see why – the powers that be would not be at all happy that this motivational and enlightening film is being aired.

Top 5 reasons NOT to get a Covid booster vaccine, ever 11.22.21 [Need To Know]
The plan is for every person to take booster after booster after booster, and for America, like many other countries around the world, the plot thickens and the damage to major body systems is already rearing its ugly head, including vascular clots, antibody-dependence enhancement syndrome and sudden “unexplainable” deaths. There are many reasons to never, ever get booster shots for Covid, but we’ve boiled it down to the top five.

JUST IN: House Republicans Demand End To Vaccine Mandates (Video 35:24 min) 11.22.21 [Need To Know]

Going outside is more dangerous in the United States of America than it has been since the 1930’s and the civil war according to documented reporters. Violence, violent crime, and increasing despair are driving thousands of criminals to act in ways that would have been quickly dealt with in our recent history’s past. We are seeing stores cave to massive crime by adjusting their operating hours rather than handling the crime itself and we are witnessing a massive shift in law enforcement as officials proclaim a new era of untouchable criminal due to social change and an unwillingness in the justice system to label anyone who has committed a crime.

Meanwhile in Australia - Australia Marches Against vax mandates (Video 4:31 min) 11.22.21 [Demonstrations]
Thousands protest government’s draconian measures and vaccine mandates / passports Nov. 20, 2021
Hells Bells!

Government’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 are About $100K per COVID Patient 11.22.21 [Need To Know]
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. and Ali Shultz, J.D. have just written a report documenting how much hospitals make when a patient is tested positive for COVID-19.
It is published on the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) website.

COVID Shots Are the Deadliest ‘Vaccines’ in Medical History (Video 1 hr 37 min) 11.22.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
VAERS reporting is likely underreported by a factor of 41. Since there are over 8,000 domestic deaths reported to VAERS, and 98% of those deaths are “excess deaths,” this suggests that as many as 300,000 Americans may have died from the COVID shots thus far
Calculations based on government data from 35% of the world’s population suggest we’re killing approximately 411 people per million doses on average. Moderna and Pfizer are both two-dose regimens, which pushes this to 822 deaths per million fully vaccinated. And that’s just the short-term mortality. We still have no concept of how these shots might impact mortality and morbidity in the longer term

Europe Erupts in Second Night of Violent Anti-Lockdown Protests 11.22.21 [Demonstrations]
Netherlands, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, North Macedonia...
Europe descended into a second night of carnage on Saturday amid the return of strict lockdown rules across the Continent.
MailOnline has more.
Second night of anti-lockdown violence in Europe: Netherlands riots spread to the Hague while tens of thousands gather to oppose full lockdown in Austria and demonstrations kick off in Denmark, Croatia and Macedonia...

Russia Is Forcing Covid ‘Sputnik V’ Vaccines and Vax Passports amid Cover Up of Vaccine Deaths 11.22.21 [Need To Know]
Russia rushed its Covid vaccine, Sputnik V, to the public, is coercing its citizens to get the injections, and is encouraging vaccine passports to discriminate against those who reject vaccines, following the same plan as Western countries.

Austria in Lockdown and Forced Injections (Video 13:39 min) 11.21.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Comment: WWIII starts in Austria - coming to a theater near you!
Austrian government announces enforced 20-day lockdown to be followed by forced injection of the ENTIRE POPULATION.
Those who don't submit will be sent to internment camps and issued huge fines.
This is a Neo-Nazi war against humanity. Do you think peaceful protests will stop this criminal tyranny??????

Chemnitz mourns the loss of Dr. Thomas Jendges (55). The head of the Chemnitz hospital who “fell” from the hospital building on Flemmingstrasse Tuesday morning. He died from his injuries.
Dr. Jendges was appointed managing director of East Germany’s largest municipal hospital in April and has been the sole managing director since October 1st. He leaves behind a wife and a son.

CEO of American Trucking Association Reveals 37 Percent of Truckers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate – The Consequences Would Collapse Supply Chains and Civic Society 11.21.21 [Need To Know]
To give some perspective of the downstream consequence, the ATA President noted that “if just 3.7 percent, not 37 percent, just 3.7 percent” of the drivers left the industry, there would be over a quarter million vacancies resulting in a “catastrophic” collapse of the U.S. supply chain. Mr. Spear also shared his opinion the OSHA rule is completely unworkable and unlawful.
The consequences are grave if just 3.7% did not work. However, if ten times that many, 37 percent of truck drivers, stopped hauling products because of the Biden vaccine requirement, American civic society would collapse within days as panicked citizens took to the streets. Desperate Americans would be clamoring for scarce products, and the impact on society could not be measured.

Violent protests break out in Europe over vaccine mandates, lockdowns 11.21.21 [Demonstrations]

Europe's lockdown fury: Violence breaks out in Vienna as 10,000 protesters take to the streets and thousands more march in Amsterdam - hours after two people are SHOT in Rotterdam during clashes between activists and Dutch riot police 11.21.21 [Demonstrations]

Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death 11.20.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Last week Dr. Anthony Fauci made perhaps the most damning confession in the Covid vaccine saga. So far-reaching are the implications of his statement that the interview in which he made it may well prove a turning point in the fight against the great vaccine fraud that is being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.
In a November 12 podcast session with the New York Times, Fauci was forced to admit the fact that the vaccines do not reliably protect their recipients from serious Covid or death.
The transcript of that November 12 podcast session with the New York Times is here.

Vaccinated Doctors are Dying and Unvaccinated Doctors are Quitting or Being Fired: Who will Run the Hospitals? 11.21.21 [Need To Know]
Since the roll out of the experimental COVID-19 shots began we have reported many sad stories of medical professionals dying or being crippled by the experimental shots.
The corporate media tries to hide these stories, because it is bad business for their main sponsors, large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

Lethal Injection; Frontline E.R. Doctor Gives Chilling Account of Unusual Vaccine-Induced Illness 11.21.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
“Americans are scared to death…. People are walking off the job, not because they want to lose their jobs, but they don’t want to die from the vaccine! … They say, ‘Listen, I don’t want to die. That’s the reason I’m not taking the vaccine.’ It’s that clear.” Dr. Peter McCullough
A report in the U.K. Telegraph explains how the Covid-19 vaccine has led to a sharp rise in excess deaths. Here’s an excerpt from the article...

2,620 Dead Babies in VAERS After COVID Shots – More Fetal Deaths in 11 Months than Past 30 Years Following ALL Vaccines as Scotland Begins Investigation 11.21.21 [Need To Know]
STUDY: Government’s Own Data Reveals that at Least 150,000 Probably DEAD in U.S. Following COVID-19 Vaccines
This means that there have probably been at least 107,420 fetal deaths following COVID-19 injections so far. And how many of these women will be able to get pregnant again?

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age 11.20.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
I have checked the underlying dataset myself and this graph is correct. Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal.
I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality.
The basic data is available here, download the Excel file and see table 4:

Dr. David Martin - Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid (Video 50:15 min) 11.20.21 [Need To Know]
Dr. David Martin is a professional physician, developer of advanced computer systems, advisor to industry & governments.
Other than that, he also has engaged as an author, professor, public speaker, business visionary and researcher.

Special report: COVID CHARTS CNN FORGOT! 11.20.21 [Need To Know]
Did our government leaders...
...lock down the country and force mask mandates on everyone…
Finally, see the REAL facts laid out in clear, uncensored charts and graphs
Tom Woods exposes the truth for you in this important ebook, Covid Charts CNN Forgot.
In short… You’re being lied to.
We pull back the curtains, and you get a front-row seat.
Full transparency. That’s the only path forward as we expose the entire world to credible experts whose voices must be heard.
There is much, much more to the COVID story than the mainstream media is allowing you to see.
[Check the "Points System…"]

Top doctor banned from treating COVID patients with ivermectin brings lawsuit to court today 11.20.21 [Need To Know]
The case brought by Dr. Paul Marik to reinstate the use of safe and effective COVID-19 treatments will be heard in a Norfolk Virginia Court on Thursday, November 18 at 1pm EST.

Vaccine Trial Participant Speaks Out! - Del Bigtree's Highwire (Nov 7) (Video 37:00 min) 11.20.21 [Need To Know]
Brianne Dressen thought she was doing the right thing when she signed up for the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine trial in 2020. She now joins the growing number of severely vaccine-injured at a press conference in Washington D.C., and shares her heartfelt story in-studio on The HighWire.

More than 22 states take Biden to court over vaccine mandate for health care workers 11.20.21 [Need To Know]
Last week, a group of ten states led by Missouri filed a lawsuit against the health worker mandate in federal court; on Monday another coalition of twelve states led by Louisiana filed another one, the Associated Press reports. The suit argues that the mandate exceeds the federal government’s authority under the Constitution and federal law, and will further exacerbate the nation’s ongoing shortage of healthcare workers.
“The federal government will not impose medical tyranny on Louisiana’s people without my best fight,” Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry declared.

5,300 Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases Recorded In Massachusetts Over 1 Week 11.20.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
At least 140 patients were hospitalized over the past week
41 fully vaccinated residents died of COVID-19 over the past week
The state has fully vaccinated 70% of its entire population

Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot 11.20.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Jummaci was working as a medical assistant in a clinic in Minneapolis and was instructed to take the COVID-19 “vaccines.”
She complied, and immediately after getting the second injection, according to her husband, “she started to experience chest pain at work.”
Things went down hill fast after that, as the all-too-familiar symptoms of blood clots, a known side effect of the Pfizer COVID-19 shots, were found in her heart, and today she has had both legs amputated, and will also have to have both of her hands amputated.

REVEALED: Joe Rogan Confirms His Doctor Treated Over 200 Members Of Congress With Ivermectin 11.19.21 [Need To Know]
According to the folks at Gateway Pundit, Rogan told his audience - just last week - that Dr. Pierre Kory from FLCCC treated him, along with 200 other members of Congress with monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, Z-pak, NAD, vitamins, and Ivermectin.

COVID COVER-UP: THIS State Spent $45K To Block Public From Learning Nursing Home Death Locations 11.19.21 [Need To Know]
The Ohio Department of Health has now been accused of participating in a very strange cover up, allegedly fighting to keep locations of nursing home COVID deaths a secret from local media outlets, attorneys, and the general public.

Cardiologist Who Said He ‘Won’t Cry At Funeral’ For Unvaccinated Suddenly Dies In His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab 11.19.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
New reports from the Gateway Pundit reveal that a prominent 52-year-old cardiologist from New Brunswick has suddenly died in his sleep just two weeks after receiving his third COVID vaccine shot.
Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial (pictured here) took an opportunity over the summer to slam “selfish” people who choose not to take the coronavirus vaccine, which just goes to show you that in this world, you really do reap what you sow, therefore, be careful what kind of crop you plant.

Amazon Settles With California For $500k Over COVID Case Concealment From Employees 11.19.21 [Need To Know]
Specifically, the state said that Amazon was violating state law by going against AB 685, by Assemblywoman Eloise Gomez Reyes (D-Grand Terrace) that requires public agencies to notify employees if they’ve been potentially exposed to COVID-19 while at work.
Facing a potentially huge suit from the state, Amazon settled up with California officially on Monday.

Everyone missed this one... vaccinated people are up to 9X more likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated people 11.19.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
There was a hidden gem in a blog post by Aaron Siri that nobody picked up. It was evidence that vaccinated people are 9X more likely to be admitted to the hospital than unvaccinated.
It is hard to get good, honest data out of hospitals nowadays for some reason. I have no clue as to why that is. You’d think things would be more transparent. But Aaron Siri discovered someone who convinced their hospital to do something really unusual: track the vaccination status of each admitted patient to the hospital. Tracking was based on whether you got the vaccine or not, not “two weeks after you got the vaccine” which is a major definition difference. In short, honest tracking.
You’ll never guess what happened so I’ll tell you...

How the Masses Were Hypnotized Into the COVID Cult 11.19.21 [Need To Know]
Learn the psychology that explains why many have undergone mass hypnosis via an elaborate and cleverly disguised initiation ritual into a cult – the COVID Cult.

MIND-BLOWING! Dr David Martin Exposes the ‘The Great Reset and COVID19 Vaccines’ Agenda 11.19.21 [Plandemic]
We are being crushed by a vertically-integrated, synchronized cascade of crimes on a scale that is hard to fathom.
It’s been so destabilizing and traumatic, that we may have lost sight of the numerous capital, criminal, civil and international laws that have been and are, at this very moment being outrageously violated by the malefactors of the COVID War, worldwide.
So it’s both comforting and empowering to let Dr David Martin give us a historical and legal perspective and to have him break down the specific laws that are being violated, as someone who’s been watching this crime unfold since all the way back 1999.

CDC Forced to Admit It Doesn’t Collect Data on Natural Immunity to COVID 11.18.21 [Need To Know]
In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Centers for Disease and Control said it has no record of an individual previously infected with COVID becoming reinfected or transmitting the virus to others — because the agency doesn’t collect that data.
So it’s both comforting and empowering to let Dr David Martin give us a historical and legal perspective and to have him break

YOU K!LL£D MILLIONS OF PEOPLE” - Angry Sen. Rand Paul GOES OFF on Dr. Fauci in Epic Rant (Video 11:51 min) 11.18.21 [Need To Know]

Doc on Trump's COVID Task Force Says Fauci, Birx Ignored Data That Disputed Their Preferred Theories 11.18.21 [Plandemic]
The supposed experts shaping the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus forced their tunnel vision upon the administration, according to a former member of the White House Coronavirus Response Team.
In a new book, Dr. Scott Atlas lambastes the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and former CDC Director Robert Redfield for refusing to look at all options.
In his book, “A Plague Upon Our House,” Atlas recounted an incident in which he wrote that he presented compelling data indicating that schools should be reopened and that children were not major factors in the spread of the virus.

“A Plague Upon Our House” - What really happened behind the scenes at the Trump White House during the COVID pandemic? 11.18.21 [Need To Know]
When Dr. Scott W. Atlas was tapped by Donald Trump to join his COVID Task Force, he was immediately thrust into a maelstrom of scientific disputes, policy debates, raging egos, politically motivated lies, and cynical media manipulation. Numerous myths and distortions surround the Trump Administration’s handling of the crisis, and many pressing questions remain unanswered. Did the Trump team really bungle the response to the pandemic? Were the right decisions made about travel restrictions, lockdowns, and mask mandates? Are Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx competent medical experts or timeserving bureaucrats?

Vaccination Status Is Temporary, Boosters for Life Required 11.18.21 [Need To Know]
Were it not for the WHO, nations would respond to any given outbreak in any number of ways. Trying to influence them to respond in ways that benefit the technocracy would be like herding cats. Without lockstep coordination between all the world’s nations, using a biosafety narrative to control people and shift wealth distribution on a global scale simply would not be feasible.
But there’s also an even greater and more long-lasting implication for society. By redefining what certain words and terms mean, the rising biosecurity state is attempting to change your perception of what’s true and what is false. In the process, they’re perverting science into something ruled by faith, speculation and biased opinion. The dangers of that are incalculable.

Senior NIH doctor argues COVID jab mandates are “extraordinarily problematic” 11.18.21 [Need To Know]
According to The Hill and other sources, Dr. Matthew Memoli is a senior doctor and research leader at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). The NIAID, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, is a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Dr. Memoli has spent 16 years working at the NIH. He is one among many government officials who have decided not to get the COVID shot.
Dr. Memoli has openly questioned the “ethics” of COVID shot mandates. According to The Wall Street Journal, Memoli will argue against the mandates in a live-streamed roundtable discussion to be held on December 1. And in July, Dr. Memoli emailed Dr. Fauci that he thought jab mandates were “extraordinarily problematic,” and that he believed it was “wrong” the way the NIH and government officials are “using” the shots.

FDA Asks Court for 55 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data 11.18.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
The FDA’s request was made in a filing as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit by a medical transparency group. The government told the court it has 329,000 pages of documents responsive to the FOIA request and proposed releasing 500 pages per month to allow for redactions of exempt material. At that rate, the FDA would fully release the records in question in just under 55 years.

WATCH: Police hunting stores, highways for the unvaccinated [In Austria] 11.17.21 [Unvaxed Blamed]
Amid a national lockdown of the unvaccinated, police in Austria are patrolling stores and stopping cars to check the vaccination status of citizens and residents.
An Austrian television news report showed officers stopping shoppers at a retail outlet and ordering them to display on their smartphones verification that they had been vaccinated for COVID-19.
Reacting to a spike in COVID cases and ICU patients, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said Sunday that people who are unvaccinated can leave their homes only for "essential reasons" such as shopping for food.
In reality we have told one third of the population: You will not leave your apartment anymore apart from for certain reasons. That is a massive reduction in contacts between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, Schallenberg said.

OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate 11.17.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
The OSHA website page dedicated to the COVID Vaccine Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) reads: “While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.”
Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit fully blocked Biden’s executive order requiring companies with over 100 workers to mandate vaccination for their employees after temporarily staying it on November 12. The court ordered that OSHA “take no steps to implement or enforce” the vaccine mandate “until further court order.”
By its mandate, the Biden administration is claiming that the federal government, through congressional legislation, has regulatory power to issue a medical mandate for the sake of public health and therefore general welfare.

Joe Biden loses in court again as appeals court knocks down vaccine mandate 11.17.21 [Legal Actions]
Vaccine mandates were called a conspiracy theory until they became a reality. Now President Joe Biden’s administration is desperately trying to get the jab in workers’ arms but has been thwarted at every turn — for now anyway.
A federal appeals court blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate Friday, the Daily Caller reported. The administration attempted to ram the requirement through using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
A three-judge panel on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals said the mandate “violates the constitutional structure that safeguards our collective liberty” and upheld a lower court’s decision to block the mandate. The court’s opinion also dubbed the measure “staggeringly overbroad.”

Vaccination Status Is Temporary, Boosters for Life Required 11.17.21 [Need To Know]
Major health organizations across the world have changed several definitions of medical terms, including the definitions for “vaccine,” “herd immunity” and “pandemic,” which in turn have a significant impact on everyday life. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now considering changing the definition of “fully vaccinated”
Israel and Australia have already pushed back the goal post. Citizens must get a booster at six months after their second jab or lose all “passport freedoms.” Australian premier Daniel Andrews has actually stated that, going forward, life for the vaccinated will “be about the maintenance of your vaccination status”
Updating the definition of “fully vaccinated” will also have the side effect of skewing mortality statistics, giving government another round of ammunition for false claims. We’ve been repeatedly told that we’re now in a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and this lie will gain new traction once fully vaccinated people are dropped into the unvaccinated category, six months after their last dose...

VAERS Analysis Exposes CDC, FDA for Covering up Hundreds of Serious Adverse Events Associated With COVID Vaccines 11.17.21 [Need To Know]
COVID vaccines cause more adverse events than all of the other 70-plus jabs forced on children!
And what he found is that there are hundreds of serious adverse events associated with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines that these two federal agencies are concealing from the public.
More than 200 different symptoms, if you can believe it, have been completely swept under the rug by both the CDC and the FDA, which continue to claim that Fauci Flu shots are "safe and effective."
All 200 of these serious adverse reactions occur at a much higher rate than myocarditis, the heart condition that is exploding particularly among young people who take the jabs in obedience to the government and their local school boards.
All together, there were over 4,000 VAERS adverse event codes that were elevated by these vaccines by a factor of 10 or more over baseline that the CDC should have warned people about, reported investigative reporter Steve Kirsch on his Substack.

Graphene oxide - Watch the effect of a magnet on it! (Video 1:18 min) 11.17.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: It's entertaining to watch it's weird properties - but I for one- don't want this toxic sludge flowing thru my veins!
Oh - and you get new doses with each experimental shot, each booster shot, and I have heard also in each flu shot!
Video works - keep trying...

BREAKING: Most Vaxxed Country In The World Cancels Christmas Due To Huge COVID Spike 11.17.21 [Need To Know]
According to the Gateway Pundit, it’s Gibraltar, where the average is currently 2.7 doses per individual. And yet, despite all of the success they’ve been having with their vaccine policies, the country is currently experiencing another huge spike in COVID cases.

‘Guinea Pig Kids’: Fauci’s Legacy of Cruel Experiments on Kids - Truth Comes to Light 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
Recent revelations about Dr. Anthony Fauci shed new light on a 2004 BBC documentary, “Guinea Pig Kids.” The film exposed the cruel experiments — approved by Fauci and funded by U.S. taxpayers — on poor minority children as part of Fauci’s search for a cure for AIDS.

Whistleblowers Speak on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries 11.16.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
AustralianMedicalProfessionalsSociety - Published November 11, 2021
Whistleblowers speak on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Gags by Regulators.
This video was not produced by AMPS but is being posted as the association vehemently rails against censorship of medical professionals by AHPRA, TGA and other regulators.

Austria announces COVID-19 lockdown for unvaccinated only | DW News (Video 3:12 min) 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
Austria's government has approved a new lockdown that will only apply to unvaccinated people. Starting at midnight on Sunday, the government said people who haven't been vaccinated will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons, such as working, shopping or taking a walk. The lockdown is intended to push more people to get the jabs against COVID-19.
Austria's decision comes just two days after the Netherlands announced a partial lockdown for all residents.
Austria has one of the lowest vaccination rates in western Europe. Together with Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg Interior Minister Karl Nehammer held a press conference announcing the measure.

November 3, 2021, San Diego, County Board of Supervisors meeting. Dr Youngblood MD 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: Dr. Youngblood MD- 7 min video revealing the failure and the danger of the Vaccines

29,934 Deaths 2,804,900 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions – Corporate Journalists Have Pericarditis After Pfizer Shots 11.16.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 29,934 fatalities, and 2,804,900 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.
A Health Impact News subscriber from Europe reminded us that this database maintained at EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe who are part of the European Union (EU), which comprises 27 countries.
The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50. (There are some differences of opinion as to which countries are technically part of Europe.)

The Unvaccinated: An Inconvenient Control Group in a Sinister Social Experiment 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
That’s right. Get the vaccine, or don’t get the vaccine, and you can still get symptomatic infections while presenting the risk of infection to others.
How likely you are to go to the hospital and/or die from infection is still greatly dependent upon your age and health preconditions. If you’re older or happen to be unhealthy, you’re more likely to die from COVID infection, even if vaccinated.

DHS Warns About ‘Domestic Extremists’ Who Fight Back Against Tyranny from Congress, School and Health Officials 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
We can say one thing for the Biden administration, it’s consistent. Biden and his liberal cronies consistently attack and label anyone and everything that contradicts their edicts. Once again, the Biden administration may be targeting Americans for exercising their freedoms.
People are pushing back against Biden’s authoritarian and unconstitutional vаccine mandates. However, just like the parents pushing back against racism being taught to their children, the free speech rights of these Americans are being attacked.

CDC Makes SURPRISING Admission About Unvаccinated [NOT] Spreading CΟVID After Recovering from Virus 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
But why is no one willing to openly talk about those who have gained natural CΟVID immunity? Is it possible for someone with natural CΟVID immunity to contract and then spread the virus? A New York attorney is pushing this same question.
In a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filled in September, this attorney asked for specific documents. He wanted to know if any unvаccinated individual, who had acquired CΟVID immunity from having it, had transmitted SARS CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.
The response that the attorney received from the CDC might surprise you. The CDC said, “A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. The CDC Emergency Operation Center (EOC) conveyed that this information is not collected.”
The next logical question would seem to be, “why not”?

We won’t have COVID vaccines for kids under 5 until 2022, according to Pfizer 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
According to that chart, Pfizer is targeting the fourth quarter of 2021 for the initial data readout regarding its COVID-19 vaccine for children between ages 2 and 5. Furthermore, the company aims to be presenting early data on its COVID-19 vaccine for kids between 6 months and 2 years of age in the first half of 2022.
Comment: They are pretending like all the deaths and injuries are not happening, and the MSM helps them cover it up. Also- they can give the shots to 11 year old kids without parents approval - and then they will cover it up afterwards! This is overt lies and censorship!

BREAKING! Clot Shot Facts & Truths Leaves Board Of Supervisors Stunned In San Diego – Dr. Scott Youngblood (Video 7:22 min) 11.16.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
They weren't ready for this...
In the video featured below, Dr. Scott Youngblood addressed a board of supervisors in San Diego. Again, using facts and science, the doctor shows the potential side effects of the COVID-19 shot. Of course, the mainstream media isn’t talking about it, as California Governor Gavin Newsom already mandated all children be vaccinated before attending school.

NOVEMBER 13, 2021 EXCLUSIVE! 3 BOMBS DROPPED at Health and Freedom Dr. Judy Mikovits Mikki Willis 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
In a rare dual interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Mikki Willis, producer of the Plandemic Series and Author of Plandemic Series at the Health and Freedom Conference.

Grave Warning: Dead Man Says Covid-19 Vaccine Killed Him 11.16.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Today on TruNews, a dead man speaks from the grave, as he pleads with the world to avoid the vaccine. Before he died, the California man left a warning that was published in his obituary. Rick shares this story and offers comment.

Fauci, Gates Admit COVID Vaccines Don’t Work as Advertised 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
From Childrens Health Defense!
In two recent interviews, pandemic thought leaders Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates drastically changed their opinions on COVID vaccine effectiveness — and used their newfound concerns to push booster shots for the general population.
Last week, in an interview with Jeremy Hunt at London’s Policy Exchange, Gates admitted what many, including the Lancet, have been saying for months — that the vaccines aren’t effective.
Gates, who previously referred to the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines as “magic,” told Hunt “we need a new way of doing the vaccines.”
Only days later, Fauci echoed similar sentiments during a New York Times podcast. Fauci said the COVID vaccine’s effectiveness against infection, hospitalization and even death, for all age groups, is waning to the point where booster doses will become “essential” for everyone.

The Most Vaccinated State in the USA Is Having a COVID Surge 11.16.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Nearly 72 percent of Vermont residents are fully vaccinated — more than any other state, according to ABC News, yet the Green Mountain States had the country’s 12th-highest infection rate last week, according to state data released Nov. 9.

RFK, Jr. Calls for End to Unscientific COVID Measures at Events in Switzerland and Italy (Video 1 hr 34 min) 11.16.21 [Need To Know]
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke in Switzerland and Italy last weekend urging an end to unreasonable, unscientific and ineffective COVID measures.
Watch the conference in Switzerland (Kennedy starts at 44:27)...

A new study from Sweden has the potential to upend what we know about COVID vaccine spike protein, including where they end up in human cells. As science plays catch up, shocking findings hint at major disruptions in the cell's DNA repair mechanisms.

Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today 11.15.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
He says: “They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly,” Fauci said. “It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.”
As a result of these findings, Fauci warned that vaccinated people should get their booster shot, as it might actually be more important than health officials first realized. “If one looks back at this, one can say, do you know, it isn’t as if a booster is a bonus, but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have,” he said on The Daily.
Fauci went on to say, “I think … that the boosting is gonna be an absolutely essential component of our response, not a bonus, not a luxury, but an absolute essential part of the program.”
[The video that does not show up here, is in the next post]

Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today (Video 1:12 min) 11.15.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
Transcription by
Point number three, we are seeing something that is really interesting. And I'd like to get a little bit more unpacking of it with you in a bit. And that is we're starting to see waning immunity against infection and waning immunity in the beginning aspect against hospitalization. And if you look at Israel, which is always been a month to a month and a half ahead of us in the dynamics of the outbreak, and their vaccine response, and in every other elements of the outbreak, they are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection, but against hospitalizations, and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn't just the elderly. So if one looks back at this, one can say Do you know it isn't as if a booster is a bonus, but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have...
[What was promised vs What we want vs What we believe vs What we are really seeing…]

CDC ADMITS TO FRAUD! - As People DIE From Jab, CDC Accidentally Admits Vaccine Is POINTLESS! (Video 21:52 min) 11.15.21 [Need To Know]

The vaccinated are dropping dead in plain view as Fauci admits total vax failure 11.15.21 [Need To Know]
It’s now official: Tony Fauci has admitted that vaccines aren’t working and that vaccinated people of every age are getting sick and dying. His exact quote from a New York Times podcast on Nov. 12th, as reported by Yahoo News:
They are seeing a waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly…

DOZENS of Pro Athletes Around the World Dropped Like Flies With Heart Problems - The Video! (Video 5 min) 11.15.21 [Need To Know]
Someone has put together a video montage showing the sheer volume of athletes around the world dropping like flies with heart problems.
And the corporate media calls this a “mystery.” How many people ever heard of the word “myocarditis” prior to the COVID shots? But don’t blame it on the “vaccines.” That would be politically incorrect.

German Newspaper Highlights ‘Unusually Large’ Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently 11.15.21 [Need To Know]
German newspaper Berliner Zeitung has published a report seeking to answer why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently.”
This page lists 24 - and the first is a referee!
Researchers are now investigating reports that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines “are likely causing the inflammatory heart conditions myocarditis and pericarditis.”
[Ya think?...]

We are being tagged/ flagged now in doctor visits... They are starting to catalog us for camps.. (Video 1:26 min) 11.15.21 [Need To Know]

Scientists Are Attempting to Grow Covid Vaccine-Filled Spinach, Lettuce, Edible Plants To Replace Covid Injections 11.15.21 [Need To Know]
Millions of people who have refused to get an experimental mRNA vaccine may soon be forced to consume the gene therapy in their food.
Researchers at the University of California were awarded a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation developing technology that infuses experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccines into spinach, lettuce and other edible plants.

YouTube temporarily suspends Ron Johnson's channel over COVID-19 misinformation 11.15.21 [Need To Know]
Sen. Ron Johnson’s (R-Wis.) YouTube account was suspended for one week starting Friday for uploading content violating the platform’s policy against COVID-19 misinformation.
The video that triggered the suspension was a roundtable discussion in which the lawmaker falsely claimed that coronavirus vaccines are unsafe.

Help Fight The Federal “Hundred-Employee” Vaccine Mandate 11.15.21 [Need To Know]
TAKE ACTION - Deadline: December 6, 2021
Submit your written public comments to OSHA via the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal here:
Your comment can be very short. State clearly that you oppose making the interim rule a final rule or expanding it in any way, and add a few sentences with your reasons.
Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative and encourage them to sign on to H.R. 5464/ S. 2843.
You can find who represents you at:
Below is a sample script for U.S. Senators and Representatives...

Pfizer Adds Dangerous Drug to Children’s COVID Vaccines 11.14.21 [Plandemic]
Comment: Pfizer secretly added a heart attack drug, tromethamine, a petrochemical, to the children's covid jab

Group Of Academics, Entrepreneurs Line Up To Start New University Dedicated To Free Thought and Academic Diversity 11.14.21 [Need To Know]
In an op-ed for the New York Post Monday, venture capitalist and co-founder of Palantir Technologies Joe Lonsdale introduced the University of Austin, a new university attempting to reclaim the academic rigor and prestige of the American university. Lonsdale opened his column by explaining that American universities had significantly deteriorated from the achievements they made in the 20th century.

Pennsylvania court overturns state’s mask mandate for schools 11.14.21 [Need To Know]
Gov. Tom Wolf appealed the decision, which immediately blocked the court’s ruling keeping the mandate in place for now.

Federal Court Freezes Biden Vaccine Mandate Over Possible ‘Grave Statutory And Constitutional’ Issues 11.14.21 [Need To Know]
A U.S. federal appeals court issued a stay on Saturday temporarily halting Democrat President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate that would have required companies with at least 100 employees to get vaccinated for the coronavirus or be tested weekly.

It's no secret to what is going on. Mass murder of the children is taking place right in front of you and no one is doing anything about it.
Paul Rand has the power to arrest the murderer Anthony Fauci right now but refuses to do so. WHY? What does Fauci have over Paul and Congress that he's able to get away with Mass MURDER?

Shock: CDC Admits It Has No Record of Unvaccinated Person Spreading COVID Post-Recovery 11.14.21 [Need To Know]
A response from the federal government to a lawyer’s FOIA request indicates the CDC has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid-19 after recovering from the disease, making a strong case for natural immunity.

Nuclear Cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming examines what the COVID-19 vaccine does to human blood 1(Video 4:39 min) 1.14.21 [Need To Know]
This was presented at the 11/13/2021 Global COVID Summit

Dr. Pierre Kory: 'COVID-19 Is Highly Treatable' 11.13.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
New York pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory, an unapologetic champion of evidence-based medicine, has had remarkable success treating patients with ivermectin and other therapies during the pandemic
His efforts to get the word out on this treatment protocol as part of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC) have largely been stifled by censorship, ridicule and colleagues — brainwashed by the official narrative — unwilling to accept the science
Kory wants everyone to know that COVID-19 is a highly treatable disease, and if you’re infected, the earlier you begin treatment, the better.
The protocol is here, and below.

PREVENTION & EARLY OUTPATIENT - TREATMENT PROTOCOL FOR COVID-19 11.13.21 [Recipes for the Unvaxed] [Recipes for the Vaxed]
The PDF file.

Appeals Court: Stay Upheld – Mandate Staggeringly Overbroad 11.13.21 [Legal Actions]
Nov 12 (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Friday upheld its decision to put on hold an order by President Joe Biden for companies with 100 workers or more to require COVID-19 vaccines, rejecting a challenge by his administration.
A three-member panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans affirmed its ruling despite the Biden administration’s position that halting implementation of the vaccine mandate could lead to dozens or even hundreds of deaths.
“The mandate is staggeringly overbroad,” the opinion said.
“The mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers),” Circuit Court Judge Kurt Engelhardt wrote for the panel.

No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant 11.13.21 [Need To Know]

Steve Kirsch on 14 Children Dead After the Jab - Why can’t anyone explain how these 14 kids died after getting vaccinated? 11.12.21 [Need To Know]
Have 107 Million Americans Walked Off Their Jobs In Protest Of Forced Vaccination?
When A Pro-Vaccine Biologist Butts Heads With An Vaccine Antagonist.
[Very Good article!!!]

EXCLUSIVE: David Martin On THE ENDGAME Of The Elite! - Jab Tyranny CONTINUES! - WAR ON HUMANITY (Video 29:09 min) [Need To Know]

The Unity Project - Working together to STOP COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Healthy Children K-12 11.12.21 [Need To Know]
The Unity Project was formed to unite vast numbers of independent groups statewide into a powerful force of concerned citizens that is well-resourced, well-coordinated with streamlined communication and propelled by strong execution across the state. The Unity Project is humbly serving as a catalyst to amplify the good work of its strategic partners and magnify and support the best strategies being driven by the most experienced and effective groups in the space.
We are here to serve you!

Dr. Chetty give a good explanation of how the Covid vaccine is a slow kill so nobody realizes it (Video 11:03 min) 11.12.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Comment: I pray that someone will let us know how to get this toxin out of our bodies before it kills.

FDA Alert: 2 Million At-home COVID-19 Tests Recalled Over False Positives 11.12.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed Thursday it is recalling some 2 million Ellume at-home COVID-19 testing because they can produce “false positives” due to a manufacturing defect.
The firm first informed the federal regulatory agency about the defect in some lots in October. But on Wednesday, the FDA said it identified additional lots that were affected by the manufacturing defect, made between Feb. 24, 2021, and Aug. 11, 2021.

Government Increasingly Is Asking Citizens to Turn Each Other In. Here’s Why That’s So Dangerous 11.12.21 [Need To Know]
If we want to limit the government, we must commit to resistance and refuse to help the government carry out its injustices.
For one example, federal officials this week announced they plan to rely on informants in order to determine which companies are enforcing their new (unconstitutional) vaccine mandate.

Steve Kirsch on 14 Children Dead After the Jab - Why can’t anyone explain how these 14 kids died after getting vaccinated? 11.12.21 [Need To Know]
On July 16, 2021, the CDC looked into the deaths of 14 kids in VAERS who died after vaccination. Their deaths are still unexplained to this day.
If it wasn’t the vaccine, what killed those kids?

Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks at a vaccine mobilization event in Detroit, Michigan (Jul 12) - Full Video - and Transcript - (Video 52:50 min) (11.12.21 [Need To Know]
Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks at a vaccine mobilization event in Detroit, Michigan.
A full text transcription by Otter.AI is provided here.

FAKE VIDEO - WOW, WOW, WOW! Kamala speaks the truth about the JAB! Everyone regardless of their idiology MUST see this… EVERYONE! (Video 1:45 min) 11.11.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Has been shown to have been cut up and doctored! As good of a job as Fake News on TV!

Masked-Up States Reporting More Coronavirus Cases Per Capita than Maskless Florida 11.12.21 [Need To Know]
States with widespread mask mandates in place are reporting more cases of the Chinese coronavirus per capita than maskless states such as Florida, furthering the longtime debate over the efficacy of masks.
Six states currently have mask mandates in place — Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington — as well as Washington, DC. Yet, all but Hawaii are reporting far higher coronavirus case numbers per capita than Florida, one of the few states that never implemented a statewide mask mandate during the pandemic.
Illinois is currently experiencing a significant surge, seeing a daily average of 3,112 cases, or 25 per capita. That represents a 49 percent increase in cases over the last two weeks alone...

Why Vaxxed Pilots Should Not Fly (And Why YOU Shouldn't Fly With Vaxxed Pilots) - American Airlines Flights 2740 & 971 11.12.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Incident 1 - Dallas to Fort Meyers, Florida - As the plane began a gradual descent toward southwest Florida, the pilot in command (PIC) began convulsing and had a cardiac arrest. “It was later determined that the PIC had a fatal heart attack caused by myocarditis, a known side effect of the Covid-19 vaccinations. He had received his second dose of the vaccine two weeks before that flight. His last full physical was three months prior, and his doctor had given him a clean bill of health,” our source said.
Incident 2 - Dallas to LAX - the co-pilot started convulsing and vomiting on the flight controls over NM - he died in his chair, also from acute myocarditis. He had gotten his second vaccination—Pfizer—21 days ahead of that fateful flight.

Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots – Pleads with WHO to Publicly NOT Recommend it for Children 11.12.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
If this is an accurate translation, then I think we are seeing a pattern here where executive branches of government are being over-ridden by the judiciary in trying to stop vaccine mandates, as that is exactly what is happening here in the U.S. where some governors are trying to stop the mandates, but the courts are over-ruling them.

Pfizer boss admits ‘revaccination’ likely but calls critics ‘criminals’ 11.12.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
“Those people are criminals,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C. think tank. “They’re not [just] bad people. They’re criminals because they have literally cost millions of lives.”
That interview can be read on the Atlantic Council website here.

COVID Vaccines Do Not Impact Infection 11.11.21 [Need To Know]
Research shows increases in COVID-19 cases are completely unrelated to levels of vaccination in 68 countries worldwide and 2,947 counties in the U.S.
The data from U.S. counties showed similar trends, with new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people being “largely similar” regardless of the vaccination rate
Of the five U.S. counties with the highest vaccination rates — ranging from 84.3% to 99.9% fully vaccinated — four are on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “high transmission” list, while 26.3% of the 57 counties with “low transmission” had vaccination rates under 20%
Iceland and Portugal, both of which have more than 75% of their populations fully vaccinated, have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than Vietnam and South Africa, where only 10% or so of their populations are fully vaccinated
CDC data show rates of hospitalization for severe illness among the fully vaccinated went from 0.01% in January 2021 to 9% in May 2021, and deaths went from 0% to 15.1%. If the shots actually worked, these rates should have remained near zero

The Vaccine Is Killing More People than Covid (Video 11:03 min) 11.11.21 [Plandemic]
South African Doctor Explains how an Engineered Vector (called a virus) and an Engineered Substance (called a vaccine) Were Created in order to Reduce the World Population
Listen carefully. The doctor says that once you realize the game plan, the counterproductive from the standpoint of human health Covid protocol makes sense. They do intend to kill most of us. That is the purpose of the spike protein in the “vaccine.”

Regulator Reviewing Reports of ‘Rare’ and Serious Condition Linked to Moderna Vaccine 11.11.21 [Need To Know]
Europe’s drug regulator on Thursday confirmed it is investigating reports of a blood condition in recipients of Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Flight Attendant Who Took COVID-19 Jab Under Duress Suing Airline For Adverse Reactions 11.11.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
It always has baffled my mind that people would be so willing to roll up their sleeve and get a vaccine but if something goes wrong there is no one that can be held responsible.
The vaccine manufacturers are completely immune from being sued by anyone and yet people still blindly offer themselves and their children up to these mad scientists. People will sue a car seat manufacturer if their child is injured due to a faulty seat malfunction but if your child suffers brain damage or dies due to a faulty vaccine, who do you complain to?
Now with the COVID-19 vaccine being pushed onto everyone recently and the myriad of horrible side effects people are waking up and speaking out, but they are hitting a roadblock.

Texas Church Injects Young Children with [Adult] COVID Shot in Halloween Celebration – Christian Churches Now Working with the CDC to Abuse and Murder Children 11.11.21 [Need To Know]

52-year-old Canadian cardiologist tells the non-vaxxed “I won’t cry at your funeral,” dead two weeks after third (booster) mRNA injection 11.11.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Dr. Lutchmedial did not post about his second injection anywhere across his three social media platforms. But he did speak of his disdain for the non-vaxxed, and disseminated dangerous disinformation supporting the global depopulation agenda.
He said on July 10 that the non-vaxxed are selfish and that he “won’t cry at their funeral”.

White House Tells Businesses to Ignore the Federal Court Order That Halted Biden's Vaccine Mandate Over "Grave Constitutional Issues" 11.10.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry had argued the Biden administration “could not impose medical procedures on the American people without the checks and balances afforded by the constitution."
On Monday, despite the court’s order, the White House said companies should proceed with President Biden’s vaccine mandate, which carries fines up to $700,000 on companies that do not comply.
“People should not wait,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters. “They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”
The 5th Circuit’s stay should come as little surprise
While there is a long history of vaccine mandates in the United States, there is no legal precedent for a vaccine mandate at the federal level!
[Where can I get my arm band so I can be all ready when we are told to go and invade Poland?...]

Susan Pierce (from the CDC), speaking truth and telling everyone NOT TO TAKE THE POISON JAB!! (Video 0:59 sec) 10.10.21 [Need To Know]
From the video: CDC ex pharma whistleblower says here don't take the jab: it has 50 mg of mercury (!?), luciferase, a DARPA operating system, and that people who do get it have 6 months to 3 years to live. Your body can't take it.

Graphene Oxide Deactivation 11.10.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Researchers at La Quinta Columna (see Orwell City’s translation) who found graphene oxide found in Covid “vaccines”, masks and Covid tests. Here is a quick summary, along with a recommended nutrition protocol for people who received the injections and need to neutralize the graphene oxide in the body.
Very good descriptions and recommendations!
A PDF copy is here.

Unions Issue Warning: Biden's COVID Vaccine Mandate Could Slash Trucker Workforce by 37% 11.10.21 [Need To Know]
A trade association representing 97 major labor unions is warning President Joe Biden that the supply chain crisis roiling the United States could get worse if he doesn’t ease his coronavirus vaccine mandate.
In a Nov. 3 open letter to Biden, the International Foodservice Distributors Association asked for “flexibility for transportation and supply chain essential workers, particularly truck drivers who spend most of their time in their trucks and have minimal contact with colleagues and customers.”
The IFDA underscored that its members “unequivocally support the use of vaccines” but are concerned the mandate will “cripple an already strained supply chain.”

Patriots of All Stripes Line Up to Put The San Diego County Board In Their Place . . . Awesome! (Video 2:20 min) 11.10.21 [Need To Know]
This Is One Example From San Diego California...

Plans To Replace COVID Vaccine Surface, Scientists Working To Get mRNA Into FOOD 11.10.21 [Plandemic]
Researchers at the University of California-Riverside are trying to come up with a way that they can grow plants that carry the same medication as the mRNA vaccine.
The first is they are trying to figure out how to get DNA that has mRNA vaccines in it to be injected into plant cells so that they can replicate. Remember, the mRNA is still considered experimental.

WHISTLEBLOWER: Pfizer falsified data in its Phase III COVID-19 shot trial, violated study protocols, and more 11.10.21 [Need To Know]
According to one Pfizer whistleblower, the phase III COVID shot trial was rife with major flaws.
The whistleblower is a woman named Brook Jackson. She was directly involved in the phase III Pfizer trials as regional director of the Ventavia Research Group.
As described by a November 2021 investigative article published by The BMJ, Ms. Jackson witnessed several serious problems during Pfizer’s clinical trial. She reported these concerns to her superiors at Ventavia directly but was ignored.

Study shows dramatic decline in effectiveness of all three COVID-19 vaccines over time (Video 1:53 min) 11.10.21 [Need To Know]
A study of 780,000 veterans shows a dramatic decline in effectiveness for all three COVID-19 vaccines in use in the U.S.

Moderna’s Clinical Trials 2015 – 2021 Video on Adverse Reactions (Video 5:00 min) 11.10.21 [Need To Know]
Moderna has been testing mRNA vaccines on humans for six years now. There were lots of ‘adverse events’ during the clinical trials and most of them were classed as desirable or ‘solicited’. A number of reactions were described as being serious or severe, though, and one death was reported, but none of these events were considered to be related to the mRNA products being tested. So what actually happened to the people who experienced adverse events during these trials? Did they get better? Does anybody know?

The New Digital Driver’s License Will Include Your Vaccine Status – May Eventually Include Your Credit Score, Travel Records and Social Credit Score (Video 1:48 min) 11.10.21 [Need To Know]
A new Digital Drivers License is currently in the works in Utah and other states.
The program will include your driver’s license info and your COVID-19 status. This will be tracked by the government and available to government employees.
The program may also include the following information in the future... (11 items listed, so far...)


Top NIH Unvaxxed Scientist Willing to Lose Job and License, Will Argue Against Vaccine Mandates in Livestreamed Ethics Review 11.9.21 [Need To Know]
A senior bioethicist who heads a research team at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is taking the lead at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the debate over the ethics of COVID vaccine mandates.
Dr. Matthew Memoli, director of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases at NIH, will argue against vaccine mandates during a Dec. 1 livestreamed roundtable session, which will be open to the public.
“There’s a lot of debate within the NIH about whether [a vaccine mandate] is appropriate,” David Wendler, a senior NIH bioethicist in charge of planning the session, told the WSJ. “It’s an important, hot topic.”

“We Will Not Comply” – Thousands – Including City Workers, LAPD Officers, and Firefighters – Gather Outside Los Angeles City Hall to Protest Upcoming Deadline for Covid Vaccine Mandates 11.9.21 [Demonstrations]
On Monday morning, thousands of citizens gathered in Grand Park outside Los Angeles City Hall to protest the city’s authoritarian vaccine mandate. A large percentage of the crowd – if not the majority – were municipal workers, including members of the LAPD and LAFD, as well as employees of several other city departments.
Los Angeles’ citywide deadline for its employees to get the jab is set to kick in on December 18th. Anyone who is not vaccinated by that time will be fired from their jobs unless they have obtained an exemption – and we all know how likely they are to hand one of those out… ‘when pigs fly.’

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rabbinical Court decrees mRNA jab “Absolutely Forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women 11.9.21 [Need To Know]
On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.
The Rabbinical Court is part of the Israeli legal system and determines laws that reflect the teachings of the Torah. A ruling by the Rabbinical courts is considered God’s law and is strictly followed by the Jewish community. The importance of this decision cannot be understated on its ultimate effect on Jewish children and young adults throughout the world.
[Very late for those people living in Israel that have been vaxed long ago. Oh but wait! If you own your own company in Israel, then you and your wife and your kids do NOT have to get the shots. So - this is probably aimed at those families that do not want their kids to be vaxed and then are "legally able" to go to school with the "other children" that are vaxed. Just a thought...]

W.H.O. Concedes the Covid Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu! 500,000 Americans Dead From Vaccine! (Video 10:34 min) 11.9.21 [Need To Know]

BOMBSHELL : The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Is Unsafe, And Must Be Avoided At All Costs-Supreme Court has canceled universal vax 11.9.21 [Need To Know]
Has not been in the news anywhere. Looks like we are getting closer to the Final Scene in the movie.
Please ALERT everyone in the family, friends and relatives! ! Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination In the United States, the Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination. Bill Gates, US Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Fauci, and Big Pharma have lost a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, failing to prove that all of their vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens!
The lawsuit was filed by a group of scientists led by Senator Kennedy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr .: “The new COVID vaccine should be avoided at all costs. I urgently draw your attention to important issues related to the next vaccination against Covid-19. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation directly interfere with the patient’s genetic material and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which is genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and was previously considered a crime.
[Needs Verification!]

Biden Gets Devastating News From Attorney General… 11.9.21 [Need To Know]
Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III announced that a coalition of seven attorneys general has filed a lawsuit against “the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for private-sector employees.”
Slatery III, along with attorneys general from Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, filed the petition in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Dr. Zev Zelenko tells Mike Adams covid vaccines are a depopulation weapon against humanity 1(Video 44:19 min) 1.8.21 [Plandemic]

Hundreds of Thousands to Go on Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates: Organizer 11.8.21 [Demonstrations]
A nationwide strike against vaccine mandates will take place from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11, according to the main organizer for the walkout, Leigh Dundas, a human rights attorney and public speaker.
The event will kick off in Los Angeles on Monday.

California City Declares Itself a “Constitutional Republic” to Combat Covid Tyranny 11.8.21 [Legal Actions]
Oroville, CA– Orville city council members voted 6-1 to declare itself a constitutional republic in order to combat the ‘barrage’ of Covid restrictions. They believe this measure will resist state and federal orders they deem ‘government overreach.’
Council members believe their stance will affirm the city’s values in the face of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Gov. Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster Shot, Source Tells The Defender 11.8.21 [Need To Know]
A source close to California Gov. Gavin Newsom today told The Defender the governor experienced an adverse reaction to the Moderna COVID vaccine he received Oct. 27.
The source, who asked not to be identified, said Newsom’s symptoms were similar to those associated with Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS), a known side effect of many vaccines.
GBS is a neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks part of its peripheral nervous system — the network of nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord — and can range from a very mild case with brief weakness to paralysis to leaving the person unable to breathe independently.
The governor has not been seen in public since he was photographed Oct. 27 getting his COVID booster.
[T or F? Could be a pre-planned scheme to exit - before things get really bad...]

Top 7 Supplements to Support Your Immune System Health 11.8.21 (Aug 23) [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
1. Vitamin C Optimized for Absorption
2. Multi Collagen Protein Immune
3. Enzyme-Activated Zinc
4. Elderberry
5. Echinacea
6. Astragalus
7. Ancient Multi Immune
Other Ingredients and Practices That Support You!
And just to round out the list, here are some other ingredients and practices known in traditional cultures to help support overall wellness …

The Unmasking of Dr. Mengele S. Fauci 11.8.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
A great article posting in today's News With Views by Cherie!
A PDF copy is here.

Why No One Can Force You to Get the COVID Jab - What You Need to Know About Comirnaty (Video 1 hr 15 min) 11.8.21 [Need To Know]
Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty COVID shot was approved (licensed) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in late August 2021, but only for adults, and only when carrying the Comirnaty label. No other COVID shot has been FDA approved. However, Comirnaty is currently not available, and while the experimental, emergency use authorized (EUA) Pfizer shot is substituted for Comirnaty, the two products are clearly legally distinct and not the same
A licensed vaccine is not shielded from liability until or unless it’s added to the recommended childhood vaccination schedule by the CDC. So, if you were injured by Comirnaty, you could sue Pfizer. You cannot sue if injured by the EUA Pfizer shot (or any of the other EUA COVID injections)
Even though several hundred claims have been filed with the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) for injuries resulting from the COVID shots — which is the only possible avenue to obtain damages — not a single claim has been paid out
Natural immunity is much stronger than what you can achieve from the injection, which only provides antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and wanes within a few months. The shots may in fact permanently limit the kind of immune response you would make were you to later be exposed or infected with COVID
Children’s Health Defense has filed a lawsuit arguing you cannot have a vaccine that is both an emergency use product and a licensed product at the same time. That's against the law, but the government has done it anyway. Remarkably, the request for an injunction was initially thrown out, but the CHD has not given up and is still pursuing the case

Covid “vaccine” spike proteins destroy DNA repair pathways, paving the way for CANCER to grow and spread 11.8.21 [Plandemic]
A new study published in the open-access journal Viruses looked at the effects of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins – these are found in (Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca) or created by (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna) Fauci Flu shots – on the human body. What was discovered might send shivers down your spine.
In essence, Chinese Virus injection spike proteins inhibit natural DNA damage repair, which is an essential component of the body’s adaptive immune response. Jab spike proteins localize themselves in the nucleus of cells and block key DNA repair proteins such as BRCA1 and 53BP1 from doing their job.
The last sentence of the study’s abstract sums up the discovery as such:
“Our findings reveal a potential molecular mechanism by which the spike protein might impede adaptive immunity and underscore the potential side effects of full-length spike-based vaccines.”

ERs are overrun with people suffering from “sudden cardiac arrest” 11.7.21 [Need To Know]
Patients are showing up to the ER sicker than before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care. The mainstream media is blaming it on people putting off care during the hoax scamdemic to avoid getting the common cold they relabeled COVID-19.
Could it be something else though? Could it be...

ALERT: Researchers Call for IMMEDIATE Withdrawal Of Vaccines For Pregnant Women! 11.7.21 [Need To Know]
A new study shows that pregnant women should immediately stop using mRNA COVID vaccines because of a high percentage of miscarriages.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers, a peer-reviewed study has called for the “immediate withdrawal of mRNA COVID vaccines for pregnant women.

Bill Gates: ‘Germ Games’ Needed to Prepare for Bioterrorist Attacks 11.7.21 [Need To Know]
“You know, we didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduced transmission,” he explained. “We need a new way of doing the vaccines.”

The Nurses Video [in AU] Removed from mainstream video 11.7.21 [Need To Know]

Richard Rowe: 41-year-old former Florida congressional candidate tells anti-vaxxers “I don’t give a sh*t what happens to you,” dead seven weeks after second Pfizer mRNA injection 11.7.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Mr. Richard “Ricky” Rowe was already, for lack of better term, an unpleasant personality based on his Facebook and Twitter archives. The injections exacerbated it, providing more evidence that these shots change people’s personalities and psychological states of mind.
Mr. Rowe was a truck driver by trade. But he ran for seats in the Florida House Of Representative and the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020. He lost in the primaries in the previous and dropped out before the primaries in the latter race. Mr. Rowe was a Democrat who stressed that he was a “progressive,” not a “liberal.” His hatred and vitriol towards non-vaxxed people dates back to early 2021.

All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 LIE will be found (Video 41:07) 11.7.21 [Need To Know]
Dr. David Martin - COVID Treasonous Acts (at 19 min mark).

The 4th Covid Shot: Could Vaccine Failure by Any More Obvious? 11.7.21 [Need To Know]
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in updated guidelines Tuesday that some immunocompromised people who have received either Pfizer or Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines will be able to get a fourth shot,” we read in a recent Axios report.
This bit of information is all that one needs to see what the complete failure and fraud these vaccines have been.
Just ask yourself this: Why is there a need for the fourth shot?

FDA advisory committee member makes CHILLING admission on child COVID-19 jab 11.7.21 [Need To Know]
He said WHAT? A member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) was just caught on video admitting to a shocking reality regarding the COVID shot for children.
Even though the FDA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently okayed the Pfizer mRNA injection to kids aged 5 to 11, it is clear that even these higher-up officials do not fully understand the potential harm that is now facing an untold number of young Americans.

Governor Ron DeSantis [FL] Announces Lawsuit Against Biden Administration’s Unconstitutional OSHA Employer Vaccine Mandate 1(Nov 4) 1.6.21 [Legal Actions]
Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) employer vaccine mandate. As soon as the unlawful emergency temporary standard (ETS) is published in the Federal Register tomorrow, the lawsuit will be immediately filed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Appeals court stays Biden vaccine mandate for businesses 11.6.21 [Legal Actions]
An appeals court ruled on Saturday to temporarily halt President Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 employees or more.
The ruling came from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a challenge to the mandate requiring employers with over 100 or more employees to get vaccinated or undergo frequent testing directly with the court.
The challenge included the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah and South Carolina.

Texas Passes 8 Amendments to State Constitution, Strengthens Religious Freedom 11.6.21 [Legal Actions]
Texans turned out to vote earlier this week, approving all eight proposed changes to the state constitution, including one that limits the government’s authority to regulate religious ceremonies, particularly during pandemics.

White House press secretary Psaki says she has COVID-19 (Video 0:31 min) 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
There goes the neighborhood - uh - Press Corps, WH Staff, Secret Service, bar patrons, ...
Just Stay Tuned and Watch...

Vaccine Authoritarianism Explained 11.6.21 [Plandemic]
Comment: This article shows how even the “vaxxed” are waking up to the absurdity of this authoritarianism!!! We are winning this war slowly but surely.

Ozone treatments REVERSE blood cell clotting, lumping caused by covid vaccines - striking visual evidence 11.6.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
One of the biggest problems observed so far with regard to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines" is the fact that they cause severe blood clotting and "lumping" in some people. The good news is that there is a way to fight this cardiovascular damage using ozone therapy.

THOUSANDS Are Reporting Odd Tumors Following The Vaccine! 11.6.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
People who received their COVID-19 vaccine shots were diagnosed with solid tumor cancers had about the same antibody levels as people who hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer.
After receiving Johnson & Johnson/Janssen’s shot against COVID-19, a man in 63, who lives in Michigan caused him to go into respiratory failure and life-threatening cardiogenic shock where his heart was unable to pump enough blood to his vital organs. The previously healthy man developed a seven-centimeter tumorous growth.

Support H.R. 3860 to End Tyrannical Military Vaccine Mandate 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
Members of Congress have introduced H.R. 3860, which would end the U.S. Armed Forces’ tyrannical and senseless vaccine mandate for service members.

A Republican Senator Is Introducing the FAUCI Act 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa wants to make sure that never again will the American people hear a tangled tale of American dollars funding research in China while officials dance around the truth.
Ernst is introducing the FAUCI Act — or the Fairness and Accountability in Underwriting Chinese Institutions Act — according to a statement on her website (follows).

Ernst’s FAUCI Act Bans US Funding for “Gain-of-Function” Research in Communist China 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
The Iowa senator is calling for a full accounting of American taxpayer dollars being used on dangerous experiments overseas.
With revelations continuing to surface about the U.S. government’s involvement in and support for dangerous scientific experiments overseas under Dr. Anthony Fauci—including “gain of function” research in China—U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is calling for a full accounting of how and where U.S. tax dollars are being spent, a complete ban on funding of “gain-of-function” research in Communist China, and restrictions on government officials who intentionally mislead Congress.

Warning Graphic - Woman with a coagulated nose bleed from the vax. Watch at your own risk (Video 0:19 min) 11.6.21

Dr Malone, Inventor of mRNA “vax” technology says STOP ! 11.6.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]

Watch: MEPs Protest "Oppressive" Vaccine Passports, Question Why "Political Elites Push This Agenda This Hard" (Video 29:11 min) 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
“In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of regular people. What makes any of us think that it is different now. - Christine Anderson European Parliament.”

Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America 11.6.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing all over America, and nobody can seem to explain why this is happening. Right now, the number of new COVID cases in the United States each day is less than half of what it was just a couple of months ago. That is really good news, and many believe that this is a sign that the pandemic is fading. Let us hope that is true. With less people catching the virus, you would think that would mean that our emergency rooms should be emptying out, but the opposite is actually happening. All across the country, emergency rooms are absolutely packed, and in many cases we are seeing seriously ill patients being cared for in the hallways because all of the ER rooms are already full.

Whistleblowers Torpedo Facebook and Pfizer: Who's Next? 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
It's becoming a routine story: a whistleblower emerges with copious documentation, revealing the ethical / managerial rot at the very top of Corporate America icons. Recently it was Facebook that was revealed as devoting far more resources to masking corporate guile than to actually improving longstanding ethical and quality issues.
Now it's Pfizer's fast and loose treatment of supposedly rigorous protocols that's been heavily documented.

We will kill 117 kids to save one child from dying from COVID in the 5 to 11 age range 11/6/21 [Plandemic]
That's according to a risk-benefit analysis done by risk-benefit expert Dr. Toby Rogers. His analysis has been viewed by over 22,000 readers. No mistakes were found. Nothing but praise.

FBI Searches Homes of Project Veritas-Linked People: James O’Keefe 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
In a video posted to Project Veritas’ YouTube, O’Keefe said his organization obtained a grand jury subpoena before saying that current and former Project Veritas employees’ homes were searched by federal agents.
“Apartment and homes of Project Veritas journalists and former journalists had been raided by FBI agents,” he said, adding that it appears the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York is targeting the group.

Cancelled Vaccine Mandate for Quebec Health Workers Sparks Indignation, Relief 11.6.21 [Need To Know]
The Quebec government’s decision to cancel mandatory COVDID-19 vaccination for health-care workers on Nov. 3 was met with mixed reactions, with the official opposition going on the offensive and a large union breathing a sigh of relief.

Pfizer’s Novel COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Treatment Candidate Reduced Risk of Hospitalization or Death by 89% in Interim Analysis of Phase 2/3 EPIC-HR Study 11.5.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
PAXLOVID™ (PF-07321332; ritonavir) was found to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% compared to placebo in non-hospitalized high-risk adults with COVID-19.
In the overall study population through Day 28, no deaths were reported in patients who received PAXLOVID™ as compared to 10 deaths in patients who received placebo.
Pfizer plans to submit the data as part of its ongoing rolling submission to the U.S. FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as soon as possible.

OVERWHELMING evidence suggests natural immunity is equal to or superior to jab-induced immunity 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
More than seven dozen studies reveal natural immunity against COVID confers as much if not MORE immunity than the jab!

Why has Pfizer changed the formulation of its Covid-19 Vaccine for Children to include an ingredient that stabilises people suffering a Heart Attack? 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
“To provide a vaccine with an improved stability profile, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 5-11 years of age uses tromethamine (Tris) buffer instead of the phosphatebuffered saline (PBS) as used in the previous formulation and excludes sodium chloride and potassium chloride”

BEN CARSON: CDC Should ‘Absolutely Not’ Approve Vaxxing Kids, COVID-19 Vaccine Is ‘A Giant Experiment’ 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
Former Republican presidential candidate and expert neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson called the COVID-19 injections “a giant experiment,” adding that vaccinating America’s kids “makes no sense whatsoever” due to the extremely low mortality rate when it comes to coronavirus infection among children.

Republican congressman introducing bill to cripple Biden's COVID vax mandate by abolishing OSHA 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
Republican Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona introduced a bill to abolish the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after the federal agency promulgated a Biden administration rule forcing private businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate coronavirus vaccines or submit to weekly testing.

Business group Job Creators Network challenges Biden's Jan. 4 deadline for worker COVID vaccinations 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
The Biden administration's announcement Thursday of a Jan. 4, 2022, deadline to employers with 100-plus workers to comply with the president's COVID-19 vaccine mandates was immediately challenged by small business advocacy group Job Creators Network.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will lead enforcement of the mandate, according to the White House.
Employers with more than 100 workers must ensure all are either fully vaccinated or submit to weekly testing and mask wearing. Fully vaccinated means the employee has received two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech's shot, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson's shot, according to Fox Business.

New Gene Decode & Dr. Northrup Discusses Detox For Vaccinated & Unvaccinated with Nicholas Veniamin 11.5.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Nicholas Veniamin is a popular YouTuber and host of “The Nicolas Veniamin Show”. He mainly talks about US political affairs on his channel. On the other hand, Nicholas is also an aspiring barrister who is attending law school.

Just In Time For The Holidays, The Biggest Mandate Of All Is About To Go Into Effect… 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
OSHA has finished developing a rule that compels companies with 100+ employees to require vaccines or regular testing.
It also requires employers to provide paid time to workers to get vaccinated and to recover from any side effects. The rule will go into effect in days.

Young athletes collapsing in 2021 with heart issues. Here's 64! Please add any other cases that you know of. 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
This internatiopnallist has only 64, so far...

Union calls for suspension of rapid testing after toxic substance found 11.5.21 [Need To Know]
A union representing the rights of public-sector workers has called for the suspension of rapid tests for the coronavirus, after media reports showed a swab contained multiple times the permissible trace level of ethylene oxide, a toxic substance.
The Isotita (Equality) union said rapid tests – which under current protocols thousands of people need to take every 72 hours for work – should be immediately discontinued until health authorities have investigated the matter and determined any health risks.

11 doctors injured by COVID shot go public, urge CDC and FDA to acKnowedge vaccine risks 11.4.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Eleven physicians who suffered serious injuries from their COVID-19 injections have gone public, urging federal agencies and other doctors to recognize the risks posed by the experimental drugs, conduct thorough investigations, and provide transparency to all those considering taking the shots, according to a story published by the Catholic World Report on Monday.
“The harms they have been reporting are not redness at the injection site. The harms are all serious,” wrote attorney Aaron Siri of the law firm Siri Glimstad in a letter on behalf of the physicians.

Australia Is Now Threatening Citizens With Seizure Of Homes & Bank Accounts Over Covid Violations 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
...This as much of the country’s population are now living under vaccine mandates linked to employment: take the jab or face termination, many Aussies are being told.
For example, a new report in Daily Mail has reviewed fresh government data compiled by the Queensland health authority. It found that “Queenslanders who received fines for breaking Covid-19 rules risk having their homes seized and bank accounts frozen in a government crackdown to collect $5.2 million in repayments.”

Dictionary Changes Definition of Vaccine (Video 11:03 min) 11.4.21 [Plandemic]
According to archive searches, the Merriam-Webster dictionary changed the definition of a vaccine sometime back in January. On January 18th, the definition was the same as it has been for decades -
But by January 26th, that definition was soon changed in a way that seems conveniently tailored to lend credibility to the new COVID jabs -
Completely changing the definition of the word to eliminate references to immunity and add “genetic material” seems like a drastic and sneaky way to change the narrative leading up to unprecedented (and unlawful) vaccine mandates.

Eric Trump Speaks at TTAC [LIVE] 2021 in Nashville (Video 31:41 min) 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
You'll be inspired by this patriotic speech by Eric Trump given at TTAC [LIVE] in Nashville, Tennessee on October 23, 2021. It’s worth 30 minutes of your time!
During the live event, the Instagram censor nazis took down our channel, so we started another one. Follow us

Get The Complete DVD and Digital Recordings from TTAC [LIVE] 2021 - Order Here! 11.4.21 [Need To Know]

The Truth About Cancer - The Truth About Vaccines 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
Lots of links to videos on various subjects!

COVID injection DANGER: Pfizer jab causes blood clots under microscope 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
Microscopic evidence shows Pfizer COVID shot causing blood clots in REAL-TIME
In just a short two-minute clip, clinician Dr. Richard Fleming shows how the COVID shot can lead to abnormal clotting in red blood cells. [Not linked.]
Dr. Fleming has a bit of a controversial professional history and was temporarily barred by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from participating in any drug studies due to two fraud convictions stemming from 2009. Controversies notwithstanding, however, the evidence Dr. Fleming presents is alarming!

De Blasio lets NYC rot: Garbage begins piling up across the Big Apple after nearly 1,440 sanitation workers were placed on leave for failing to get vaccinated 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
About 1,440 of the city's 7,200 sanitation workers, nearly 20%, were placed on administrative leave Monday for not being vaccinated
Garbage has been piling up across the city as a result of the shortage in staffing and due to a protest of outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio's vaccine mandate
Mayor-elect Eric Adams has already vowed to revisit the mandate by negotiating with unions across the city
As of yesterday, 2,530 or 23 percent of the FDNY's 11,000 firefighters are still not vaccinated and cannot report for duty

Australian nurse tells Australian media that hospitals are full of ‘vaccinated people (Video 7:05 min) 11.4.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Australian nurse slams the covid "shamdemic" while explaining to MSM the hospital in Adelaide has 32 patients in ICU and 30 of those because of vaccination-induced problems. A must see video that never made it to MSM publications ..WHY?

PURE EVIL: Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They’ll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab (Video, No) 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
Children have a greater chance of drowning, dying in a car wreck or dying from the flu than from the coronavirus.
Children are not forced to take the flu vaccine.

Most Doctors and Hospitals Have Become Paid Assassins of the State! 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
By: Gary D. Barnett
Doctors are just the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.

S.O.S. From Australia 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
On December 4th 2021 at 12pm midday, we call for an international ‘SOS from Australia’ event.
We call upon politicians, international leaders and all concerned citizens to respond to our SOS.
Want to support us? This is what Australia is asking of you...

OSHA Gives Workers Until Jan. 4 to Comply With Biden Mandates 11.4.21 [Need To Know]
The mandate covers more than 84 million workers and two-thirds of the nation’s private-sector workforce.
The 490-page rule, which will be published in the Federal Register on Nov. 5, says:
“covered employers must develop, implement and enforce a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, with an exception for employers that instead adopt a policy requiring employees to either get vaccinated or elect to undergo regular COVID-19 testing and wear a face covering at work in lieu of vaccination.”

Doctors and COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Testify in Washington D.C. to Crimes Against Humanity – CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci are No Shows 11.3.21 [Need To Know]
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has consistently been the only member of the federal government who has dared to expose the crimes being committed by Big Pharma through the government COVID response.
In 2020 Senator Johnson held meetings in Washington D.C. exposing the criminal activities of Big Pharma and federal health agencies in suppressing early treatment options for COVID-19 that thousands of doctors were using with a near 100% success rate.
Here in 2021 Senator Johnson has held meetings with testimony showing how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines have been, giving a voice to those who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones who died after the shots.
Senator Johnson held another meeting in Washington D.C. today, one that has been planned for many weeks, regarding COVID-19 mandatory vaccines.
Some of the top scientists and doctors in the world attended, as well as several people suffering COVID-19 vaccine injuries.
The corporate media also did not show up to cover this truly historic event in Washington D.C. The Roundtable discussion was recorded and is over 3.5 hours long, and you can watch the entire event at Senator Ron Johnson’s Rumble channel.
We have separated out several of the testimonies from this event into shorter segments that can be viewed on our Rumble and Bitchute channels.
Senator Johnson started off the session by stating that those who dare to tell the truth about the COVID-19 shots in public pay a high price for doing so.
Senator Ron Johnson: There is no need for COVID-19 vaccine mandates. If the vaccine worked and stopped transmission, those vaccinated would have no fear of the unvaccinated. If the COVID-19 vaccine does not stop transmission, then mandating them is pointless.

WATCH: Sen. Johnson Holds Expert Panel on COVID Vaccine Injuries, Federal Vaccine Mandates 11.3.21 [Need To Know]
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) held a panel discussion Tuesday, Nov. 2 with doctors and medical researchers who have treated COVID-19 vaccine injuries and are researching the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. Johnson also talked with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine and discuss vaccine mandates.
The senator discussed the importance of early treatment for COVID, Americans’ health care freedom and natural immunity. Johnson covered the impacts of mandates on the American workforce and the economy, and the lack of transparency from federal health agencies in response to his COVID-19 oversight requests.

Lawful Ways To Stop Unlawful Mandates 11.3.21 [Legal Actions]
Protect Yourself
The world is under attack! Multibillionaire criminals are planning a New World Order that will impose worldwide tyranny.
Sign up and learn how to defend yourself.
Learn to use your rights!

BREAKING: Researchers In Peer-Reviewed Study Call For “IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL of mRNA COVID Vaccines For Use in Pregnancy, Those Breastfeeding, Those Of Childbearing Age and Children” 11.3.21 [Need To Know]
BREAKING…After re-analyzing a study performed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers, a peer-reviewed study has called for the “immediate withdrawal of mRNA COVID vaccines for pregnant women, those breastfeeding, those of childbearing age and children after their shocking study reveals stunning results of pregnant mRNA vaccinated women: 92% of the women had a spontaneous miscarriage in the first 13 weeks…while 81.9% of women who received the mRNA COVID vaccine had a spontaneous miscarriage in the first 20 weeks.

US Army Lt Col Theresa Long's Testimony (Video 15:11 min) 11.3.21 [Need To Know]
Expert Panel on Medical Mandates & Vaccine Injuries!!!

World Leader Declares Antifa Is a 'Global Terrorist Organization' 11.3.21 [Need To Know]
Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa tweeted his verdict on antifa on Sunday in response to a post concerning antifa-style protests in Nantes, France.
“Antifa is a global terrorist organization. Supported by the capital of financial speculators forging profits at the expense of the chaos caused by the operation,” he posted, according to a Google translate version of his post.
[To Remember - when you go home...]

Situation Update, Nov 2, 2021 - Monsters, Zombies and Mutants: HORRIFYING new research reveals how vaccines suppress DNA repair mechanism in your cells (Video 1 hr 18 min) 11.2.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
This finding can only be described as a true “horror” in its implications. Stunning new research published in Viruses, part of the SARS-CoV-2 Host Cell Interactions edition of MDPI (Open Access Journals) reveals that vaccine spike proteins enter cell nuclei and wreak havoc on cells’ DNA repair mechanism, suppressing DNA repair by as much as 90%.

WE GOT HIM! Scientists Show How Fauci Fooled America 11.2.21 [Need To Know]
According to WND, in a column that was posted by Newsweek Drs. Martin Kulldorf from Harvard and Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford wrote that when the pandemic came to the U.S., American citizens felt like they “needed someone to turn to for advice.”
The person both the media and regular people turned to was Fauci, who serves as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Both Kulldorf and Bhattacharya both stated, “Reality and scientific studies have now caught up with him.”

Comprehensive investigations revealed consistent pathophysiological alterations after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines 11.2.21 [Need To Know]
Large-scale COVID-19 vaccinations are currently underway in many countries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we report, besides generation of neutralizing antibodies, consistent alterations in hemoglobin A1c, serum sodium and potassium levels, coagulation profiles, and renal functions in healthy volunteers after vaccination with an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Similar changes had also been reported in COVID-19 patients, suggesting that vaccination mimicked an infection.

Pfizer sales of COVID-19 vaccine climb, with tens of billions more expected next year 11.2.21 [Need To Know]
Pfizer expects sales of its coronavirus vaccine will reach approximately $36 billion this year, an increase of $2.5 billion from what it predicted in July and more than twice what it forecast in February as countries continue to ink supply deals for more doses.
The sales estimate for 2021 is equivalent to roughly 80% of what Pfizer believes the rest of its business will earn in 2021, reflecting how quickly the vaccine has become a go-to option in the U.S. and around the world. The anticipated sales will translate to about $10 billion in profits for Pfizer after manufacturing and distribution costs, as well as a 50% share of gross profits owed to the company's biotech partner BioNTech.

Federal Judge Blocks Hospital From Putting Unvaccinated Workers on Unpaid Leave 11.1.21 [Need To Know]
A federal judge temporarily blocked an Illinois hospital system from allegedly putting workers with religious exemptions on unpaid leave.

22 Studies and Reports Raise Doubts About COVID Vaccine Efficacy and Vaccinating Children 11.1.21 [Need To Know]
The evidence is pouring in that COVID-19 vaccines are not as efficacious as advertised against the Delta variant that became dominant in the fall of 2021.
The Delta is learning how to thrive. The evidence has further accumulated to show that the vaccinated are showing viral loads (very high) similar to the unvaccinated, and the vaccinated are equally as infectious.

Congress Didn’t Give OSHA Authority to Impose Vaccine Mandates 11.1.21 [Demonstrations]
More than 5000 protestors march across Brooklyn bridge and rally at City Hall Park against vaccination mandate on October 25, 2021.

Scientists discover mRNA may promote cancer 11.1.21 [Need To Know]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes ‘Anti-Vax’ Stance in Violation of His Own Platform's New Policy (Video 5:18 min) 11.1.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
Project Veritas - 1.37M subscribers

Blue Collar Workers, Truckers, Professionals & Others Looking To Strike November 8-11 11.1.21 [Need To Know]
Now, with injection mandates looming, a “shutdown” of the supply chain will be attempted again on November 8th through November 11th, 2021, to show the American people the impact these unconstitutional, unlawful injection mandates will have on everyday lives.

Nearly Two Million Dead Americans from COVID Infection, Vaccines 11.1.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
There have been increasing articles and studies about excess deaths during the pandemic. Too many of these seem aimed at getting attention rather than being accurate and balanced. The concept of excess deaths is simple: deaths above what was normally observed before the pandemic. But why are more people dying even after accounting for COVID infection deaths? Getting to the correct answer is the goal of this article.
The core issue in seeking truth is how to evaluate excess deaths during the pandemic and then explain them if they are not caused by COVID infections.

New Covid Drugs That Could End The Pandemic For Good (Feb 19!) (Video 6:35 min) 11.1.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
DoctorOz - 1.68M subscribers...

Head of NYC Detectives' Union Issues Dire Warning as Government Abandons Police: 'The City Will Fall 11.1.21 [Need To Know]
The head of a major New York Police Department union has predicted that without a shift in the way New York City’s leadership approaches police officers after next week’s mayoral race, the city will eventually “fall” to criminals.

FDNY Vaccine Protest Shuts Down 26 Firehouses; Commissioner Furious 11.1.21 [Need To Know]
With Mayor Bill de Blasio refusing to budge on his COVID vaccine mandate, New York City firefighters stayed home in droves on Saturday amid tensions over a mandate that could impact about a quarter of the department.
Twenty-six firehouses were out of service Saturday due to personnel shortages linked to the vaccine mandate, according to the New York Post, which reported there are 341 firehouses across the city.

9,000 NYC Workers, Including Firefighters and Officers, [have been placed] on Unpaid Leave Over Mandate: Mayor’s Office 11.1.21 [Need To Know]
About 9,000 New York City workers, including firefighters and police officers, were placed on unpaid leave Monday for not complying with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The Only Choice Left: Slavery or Freedom (Video 1 hr 16 min) 10.31.21 ABSOLUTELY [Need To Know]
Catherine Austin Fitts has spent decades exposing corruption and fraud within the banking industry and government, and corruption and fraud are driving forces in the COVID pandemic.
We’re seeing a shift of billions of dollars of liability to families for health care, disability, workman's compensation, unemployment and death, as experimental COVID injections are mandated while drug makers, doctors and corporations have been released from all liability.
At present, there is no legally valid vaccine mandate. The shots are still under emergency use authorization, and there’s no official document from government, be it in the form of legislation, law or regulation, that grants a legal basis for the mandate. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration also has not published any rule regarding the mandating of vaccines by private companies.
The vaccine passports create a platform for a digital transaction system that documents and tracks all transactions. Once combined with a central bank-controlled digital currency, they will have the ability to block transactions.
A PDF file from this talk is here.

Stay Away From Hospitals & Don’t Get the Jab! By Rob Pue 10.31.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
In my last message, I shared with you the Globalist plan for planetary genocide — mass depopulation of the Earth, which has long been the dream of people like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klous Schwab, and Luciferian “elites” throughout the world, in preparation for their “Great Reset” which has already been launched.
Their method is the COVID so-called “vaccines,” which in fact, are not vaccines at all, but experimental DNA- and RNA-altering poisons. I told you how — according the the CDC’s own VAERS data — more than a half million people in the US alone have suffered severe and terrible side effects, including strokes, heart failure, blood clots, brain disorders, convulsions, seizures, paralysis, Bells Palsy, inflammations of the brain and spinal cord, autoimmune diseases, miscarriage, infertility, deafness and blindness. I also shared that in addition to these “side effects,” more than 16,000 people have “officially” died as a result of these injections.

Nebraska AG gives green light: Doctors can prescribe Ivermectin and HCQ for COVID 10.31.21 [Need To Know]
BREAKING: Attorney General for Nebraska bucks the trends, allows doctors to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Peter McCullough, M.D. – The Most Cited Doctor in The World on C-19 Early Treatment (Video 1 hr 1 min) 10.31.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
In this episode, I am speaking with Peter McCullough, M.D. – who is an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist who has been treating COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic.

Simulated Video Of Dr. Sugata Das, Who Crashed Plane In San Diego – His Final Moments Are Chilling! 10.31.21 [Need To Know]
UPDATE: I was notified this video was created in Microsoft Flight Simulator and is not an actual cockpit video, but is linked up with audio to recreate the crash. I am reflecting that change in the title and article. My apologies.
Dr. Sugata Das wasa cardiologist whose plane went down in San Diego, California earlier this month in a housing development, killing him and a UPS driver. The circumstantial evidence suggest he had been “fully vaccinated” at the time. Now, video captured from inside his cockpit captured the final moments of his life up until the crash and it’s chilling.

Army Doctor & Aerospace Medicine Specialist LTC. Theresa Long Calls On Pentagon To Ground ALL Pilots That Have Taken COVID Shots 10.31.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, who is an Army Doctor and Aerospace Medicine Specialist, provided an affidavit in which she recommends the Secretary of Defense to ground all pilots that have received the COVID shots.
The affidavits reads in full below. Do a search of this article for the word “pilot” and you will notice the petition of LTC. Long in point 39 below.

What I Just Told The New York Times About the Complete Failure and Disaster of the COVID-19 Vaccine 10.31.21 [Need To Know]
You have said on Facebook that the vaccine 'doesn't work' and is 'a complete failure.' Do you have any comment?"
I want to share my response to The New York Times:
Sure, I have a comment. Every word I say is based on science and facts. [All follows...]

Medical doctor reveals CENSORED COVID statistics mainstream media is hiding from you 10.31.21 [Need To Know]
CENSORED: Brave doctor exposes the “COVID death rate” deception mainstream media uses to create fear and drive the pandemic
Watch this video to learn the details of Dr. Vliet’s shocking explanation. 

Remdesivir Drug Kills 25% of Patients – 85% Patients on Ventilators Die 10.30.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
This was a masterfully written article highlighting the programs that are in place today forcing COVID protocols on people that result in premature death and euthanizing patients over the age of 50.
Dr. Vliet also published a Press Conference yesterday titled: Stop the Shot – Caught on Tape, where she interviews several doctors and attorneys who are fighting back against the current hospital system that is literally murdering people.
It is a 90 minute video found on Rumble here.

Official Data: Male Children Deaths 83% Higher Than 5-Year-Average Since They Were Given COVID Shots As Pfizer Awarded EUA For Shots For 5-11-Year-Olds 10.30.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
An investigation of official ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to kids in England and Wales there has been a 89% rise in deaths among male children against the five-year-average, with the most recent week seeing an increase as high as 200%.

Dr. Malone – ‘Ivermectin works, I used it myself’ (Sep 15) 10.30.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]

Family Suing After Son is Vaccinated at School WITHOUT Their Consent (Kenner, LA) 10.30.21 [Need To Know]
In a rare admission, a massive health care company, Ochsner Health, has admitted fault after a child was administered Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at school — without his parents permission.
According to Lafayette-based attorney Shelly Maturin, the family is now suing both the school district and Ochsner Health for the gross violation of parental rights.
According to the child’s mother, Jennifer Ravain, her son handed back in his unsigned consent form to the school and despite the fact that it was not signed by one of his parents, he was given the jab anyway. The event was part of an Ochsner Health school vaccination program — an effort to vaccinate children across the state.

12,000 Air Force Personnel, Including Elite Pilots, Have Rejected Vax Order As Tuesday Deadline Looms 10.30.21 [Need To Know]
Short of full discharge, those refusing the mandate could be charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), based on prior Defense Department statements. Currently, some class action lawsuits are said to be underway among troops – including reservists – who argue the mandate violates their individual medical freedom and constitutional rights.
[Plus failure to obtain Informed Consent!]

'Against The Wind' With Dr. Paul Thomas (Video 1 hr 6 min) 10.30.21 [Need To Know]
Science and medicine are at a crossroad and courageous health practitioners are standing up to ensure that humanity and integrity aren’t left behind in the name of “progress”. Dr. Paul Thomas is one of those leading the way and amplifying the voice of brave scientists and health care practitioners who are willing to put their careers on the line to make sure “health” and “care” are restored to health care.
Comment: Highly informative discussion with Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. Jim Meehan, Oct 27, 2021

19 States Sue Biden Administration Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 10.30.21 [Need To Know]

Winning the War against Therapeutic Nihilism: What to Do When You Catch COVID 10.30.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Dr. Peter McCullogh's presentation on October 2, 2021, at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
I urge you to set aside one hour to view it in its entirety, as it's packed with data that call into question the true motivations behind the mass injection campaign, which he believes should have been shut down in January.

Dr. Richard Fleming discusses negative effects of Pfizer’s vaccine on red blood cells – Brighteon.TV 10.30.21 [Need To Know]
The “garbage” the two found in the Pfizer vaccine appears to be a result of a sloppy and substandard manufacturing and quality control process.
Fleming said: “This demonstrates a complete failure on the FDA’s part. If they’re happy with the product that’s out there, it either means they haven’t looked at the product, or they’ve decided that there’s a new standard of garbage that’s allowed in vaccines that isn’t allowed in anything else.”

Judge Blocks Biden Administration from Firing Unvaccinated Civilian and Military Employees 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the District of Columbia on Thursday issued a temporary restraining order that protects military and civilian employees from being fired while their requests for religious exemptions to Biden’s vaccine mandate are being heard, according to Fox News.

Railroad Company Defies Biden's Executive Order, Rescinds Vaccine Mandate Days After Announcing It 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
...the board of directors of state-owned Alaska Railroad has voted to rescind a mandate it made public only on Friday.
And as a federal contractor doing millions of dollars in business with the U.S. government, the company, which functions as a private business, is putting a lot on the line.

WINNING: Florida Now Has the LOWEST Rate of New Covid Cases Per Capita in The Nation – State Has Remained Open With No Mandates, No Masks, and Almost No Restrictions 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
Florida has officially become the nation’s leader in getting the Covid-19 crisis under control – and the best part of it all, they validated their strategy of ignoring the ‘expert advice’ of the tyrannical public health regime in the process.

Coronavirus California, United States - live map tracker from Microsoft Bing 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
Select the state, gives data for total cases and fatal deaths.
Can even select a county.
Where is the database that has all of this data. Johns Hopkins University?

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight 10.29.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment. They used so-called "vaccines" when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease.
Finland, Denmark and Norway have also moved away from the COVID vaccines.

Medical Doctor: “Hospital Admission has Become Like Reporting to Prison” 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
In 2021, whistleblower doctors, nurses, attorneys, patient advocates, and journalists have exposed egregious hospital abuses, neglect of patients, denial of vital intravenous fluids and basic medicines to hospitalized COVID patients across the U.S.
The Complete Lives Protocol apparently derives from the 1990s UK National Health Service “Liverpool Pathway,” which in effect constituted euthanasia.

Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape.. (Video 1 hr 30 min) 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
Press Conference showing the patient abuses going on in our hospitals today and tape recordings of hospital executives about these abuses.

Attorneys and Doctors Warn that Hospitals are No Longer Safe – Remdesivir Drug Kills 25% of Patients – 85% Patients on Ventilators Die 10.29.21 [Need To Know]
These doctors and attorneys, most of whom have also lost loved ones who were held as prisoners in hospitals and were killed, give practical advice about how to prepare for a hospital visit should you feel you need to use one.
They all agree, however, that as much as possible everyone should avoid hospitals right now, because they are literally murdering people by forcing dangerous COVID protocols, often against the wishes of the patient and their family.
If you believe that something like this could never happen in the United States, then your life and the lives of those you love may very well hang in the balance right now, and the advice and Knowedge you will learn from listening to these interviews could literally be the difference between life and death for you.

COVID-19 Investigation: Empirical Evidence For Preventative Strategies 10.29.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Nutrient Protocol for preventing Covid!
Since April 2020, my research team has made numerous attempts to collaborate with state health departments to urge the issuance of nutritional guidance based upon empirical evidence to promote a logical preventative strategy, but sadly with little success. Here’s a brief synopsis of our findings.

MARTIAL LAW IS HERE [In Canada]! - Military To REPLACE Police & Doctors? - What You NEED To Know! (Video 18:49 min) 10.28.21 [Need To Know]

Being Fully Vaccinated is an Endless Destination 10.28.21 [Need To Know]
THE STORY: What does fully vaccinated mean? Why does the CDC keep changing its definition? Why have the CDC and WHO redefined so many key terms related to COVID, pandemics and vaccination?
THE IMPLICATIONS: Trying to maintain your status as fully vaccinated against COVID is a fool's game. Whoever attempts to play it is setting themselves up to jump through endless hoops in a vain attempt to satisfy state tyranny.

WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid Is No More Dangerous than Flu 10.28.21 [WHO Official]
The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it.
In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves.

13 Things to Do Before the Economy Collapses 10.28.21 [Need To Know]
1. Stockpile the Necessities
2. Build Some Bug Out Bags

Top Five Natural Antiviral Agents 10.28.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Mother Nature's got your back with five of the most potent natural antivirals that can help keep viruses at bay.
While much of the world is in lock-down mode over potential coronavirus infection and global drug manufacturers fast-track a risky vaccine, nature has provided us with an array of powerful virus fighters that can boost overall immunity and help protect against viral infections.
Best of all, these all-natural health boosters are easy to source, economical and have minimal risk of adverse effects. In short, they are a logical first line of defense against health threats from near and far. Best of all, you don't need a doctor's prescription to begin reaping the benefits of these super-supplements.

CDC Guidelines Now Recommending FOURTH BOOSTER, Federal Agencies Allow Mixing And Matching Vaccines (Video 22:00 min) 10.28.21 [Need To Know]

Emergency rooms across America getting FLOODED with patients suffering acute organ failure and debilitating symptoms… media claims it has nothing to do with covid vaccines 10.28.21 [Need To Know]
Even though it is painfully obvious that “fully vaccinated” Americans are getting sick in droves NPR is chalking it all up to mystery – or perhaps something spooky since Halloween is just days away.

Do I Need a High-Dose Flu Vaccine? 10.28.21 [Need To Know]
The high-dose flu vaccine is a quadrivalent vaccine, meaning it contains four different strains of the influenza virus. The vaccine’s exact composition changes every year in an effort to match the strains expected to circulate during flu season (October to May in the U.S.).
[See in other posts where the vaxed should NOT get a flu shot!]

Germany's pandemic state of emergency to end Nov. 25 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
This means the state of emergency that has been in place for almost 19 months since March 28, 2020 will end, he said on Monday, according to the newspaper. "We are moving from a state of emergency to a state of special caution."

Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana stated earlier this week that Chicago police officers who are at odds with the city’s order are welcome to serve Indiana 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
He followed up with a tweet Thursday, sharing an article from The Daily Wire and stating, “My office has already heard from many Chicago police interested in serving Hoosiers.

Alaska Now Welcomes Police Officers Who Defy Vaccine Mandates: ‘We Back The Blue’ 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
With thousands of Chicago police officers refusing to comply with Lightfoot’s mandate, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy shared similar sentiments as Sen. Braun in response to a headline from Chicago Tribune. The article reported on the city’s no-pay order for officers who are unwilling to disclose their vaccination status.

BOOM! Missouri and Ohio Terminate National School Boards Association Membership Over Letter Labeling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
The National School Boards Association on Friday apologized to the Biden Administration characterizing concerned parents at school meetings as potential domestic terrorists.
The letter came just one day after the Washington Free Beacon obtained emails revealing the Biden Regime was coordinating with the NSBA in the weeks leading up to the program targeting and attacking American parents.

57 Top Scientists And Doctors Release Shocking Study On COVID Vaccines And Demand Immediate Stop to ALL Vaccinations 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
We urge you to read and share this damning report.
There are two certainties regarding the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. The first is that governments and the vast majority of the mainstream media are pushing with all their might to get these experimental drugs into as many people as possible. The second is that those who are willing to face the scorn that comes with asking serious questions about vaccines are critical players in our ongoing effort to spread the truth.
You can read an advanced copy of this manuscript in preprint below. It has been prepared by nearly five dozen highly respected doctors, scientists, and public policy experts from across the globe to be urgently sent to world leaders as well as all who are associated with the production and distribution of the various Covid-19 vaccines in circulation today.
That report preprint is here.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed a temporary restraining order to shut down Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates 10.27.21 [Need To Know]

Three Ohio judges “die unexpectedly” in nine-day span after vaxx mandate 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
In July stories appeared in media outlets about Ohio judges mandating mRNA and viral vector DNA injections as a condition of probation at sentencing for criminal defendants. Now, several of those judges, are themselves DEAD; possibly from the very VAX they told others to take!
Franklin County (Columbus) judge David Matia sentenced at least three people to injections at the time of publishing. Said county issued a vaccine mandate that went into effect last week. All 1,400 Franklin County employees were required to show proof of Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson injection last week, or be fired.
But the instant story is in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland). Two judges – Peter Corrigan and David Matia – were featured in the July story for sentencing people to mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. Cuyahoga County also has a vaccine mandate that required all employees to receive the injections by October 15. And whether it’s karma or coincidence, the story picks up from there.

‘Ample Scientific Data’: Rep. Harshbarger Introduces ‘Natural Immunity Is Real Act’ (Video 5:18 min) 10.27.21

HISTORIC PROTEST AGAINST BIDEN VAX MANDATES — Thousands of NYC Municipal Workers March Across Brooklyn Bridge Shocking Elites 10.27.21 [Demonstrations]
THOUSANDS of workers marched against the vaccine mandates in the city.
The municipal workers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Nurse: "There are Covid Camps" (Video 2:18 min) 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
She reviews the CDC Official Document stating that there are NOW COVID camps!
And here next is the formal CDC Document!

Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings 10.27.21 [CDC Official]
This document presents considerations from the perspective of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for implementing the shielding approach in humanitarian settings as outlined in guidance documents focused on camps, displaced populations and low-resource settings.

Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope 10.27.21 [Need To Know]
Dr Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD has tested five vials of the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on fresh human blood samples in-vitro and made a string of nightmare discoveries confirming the findings of the medical community.
When he adds the Pfizer vaxx to the blood, we see the blood lose its red color dramatically, signaling that either the hemoglobin is no longer carrying oxygen or that the hemoglobin was damaged or stripped off of the cell and even more troublingly, we see the blood cells starting to clump together.
They repeated this test several times and saw the same results. These effects occurred within a matter of minutes after exposure to the vaxx. By contrast, the saline did not damage the red blood cells and it had no garbage floating in it, either.

Dr. Ardis and Dr. Carrie Madej learn from Karen Kingston, what's REALLY in the C19 vaccines! (Video 2 hr 5 min) 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
OMG!! Must Watch and Share!!
Dr. Ardis and Dr. Carrie Madej learn from Karen Kingston, what's REALLY in the C19 vaccines!

If You Don’t Stand Up For The Unvaxxed Now, You Wouldn’t Have Stood Up For The Jews In 1938 10.26.21 [Unvaxed Blamed]
The unvaxxed have been silenced by Google, Facebook and Twitter, losing the ability to speak their minds in the public square. Civil libertarians have gone silent in the face of this open, flagrant and massive censorship.
Outrage against the unvaxxed has been stoked relentlessly, by the most powerful outlets and services that exist, or have ever existed. Millions of otherwise normal people have become so committed to “not letting the other side win,” that they wish pain and suffering on the unvaxxed.
All of this and more, simply because the unvaxxed have made a personal medical choice, and have stuck with it.
The powerful of almost every type are openly persecuting the unvaxxed. That means that you and I must defend them.
If you’re afraid, suck it up and take whatever blows you must. If you fear people will call you a hypocrite, toughen up and let them.
Whether or not you agree with the choices made by the unvaxxed, you must defend them as fellow human beings.

The Empire of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths the Deep State Wants to Keep Hidden 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”—Albert Einstein
America is breaking down.

Vaxxer Regime Has a Real Problem Denying Natural Immunity (Oct 16) 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
“We find that very insulting. It goes against the science,” Paul said. And, Paul added, Becerra is doing this in spite of an Israeli study1,2,3 of 2.5 million people that found the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with COVID than those with natural immunity from a previous infection.
When Becerra said he wasn’t familiar with that study and “would have to get back” to Paul on it, Paul chastised Becerra for his ignorance, saying he was making decisions for 100 million Americans who already had COVID when he isn’t even keeping up with the science.

This is perhaps the most succinct and funny expose of the stupidity of the COVID “vaccine” mandates. “Follow the science” (Video 0:15 min) 10.26.21 [Need To Know] [Video Saved]
By FORCING the UNPROTECTED to use The Protection
That DIDN'T PROTECT the PROTECTED In The First Place?

Why Are COVID Deaths Increasing Among the Fully Vaxxed? - The Leaky Vaccine Breakthrough Variant Is Here 10.26.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
High COVID vaccination rates create pressure on the virus to mutate into variants with higher levels of contagion and pathogenicity. Recent research concluded that those who are fully “vaccinated” against COVID-19 are indeed more susceptible to COVID variant infections than unvaccinated people
The narrow protection you get from the COVID shot will inevitably necessitate a booster shot for each emerging new variant that is resistant to the shots
U.K. data show the COVID death toll is higher among the fully vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Between February 1, 2021, and September 12, 2021, 63.5% of those who died from COVID-19 within 28 days of a positive test were fully vaccinated

Israeli Film Reports Pfizer Shots Mayhem - The Testimonies Project (Video 1 hr 7 min) 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
CDC statistics show COVID is not a “deadly pandemic”. Such a mild flu would not justify the “health” policies Fauci has pushed which are tearing the nation apart. We were told “fifteen days to flatten the curve”. Now, more than 17 months later, that has turned into “vaccine” mandates for which we are now told booster shots are necessary — possibly every few months.
The testimonies project the movie interviews formerly healthy Israelis whose health was severely compromised or whose relatives were killed by the COVID shots. The video interviews Israelis who experienced the following problems after getting the Pfizer shots: heart problems, bleeding and miscarriages, disease outbreaks, blood clots, infections and inflammations, skin problems, and neurological problems. This information is denied by most Israeli doctors and ignored by the government and media.
Also includes several additional video links.

Is COVID-19 A Bio-Weapon? (Video 52:51 min) 10.26.21 [Plandemic]
The origins of #Covid19 are becoming increasingly clear, and Dr. Richard Fleming, cardiologist and researcher walks Del through a shocking paper trail surrounding the SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research.

A DOCTOR’S GRAVE WARNING FOR ISRAEL (Video 52:51 min) 10.26.21 [Plandemic]
One of the first physicians to publicly recommend Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for #Covid19, Vladimir Zelenko, MD, recently took part in a symposium with top Israeli rabbis, and did not mince words when warning of the dangers the citizens of the most vaccinated country in the world may be facing. He joins Del in-studio to discuss.

HOW DEL HAS BEEN AHEAD OF THE CURVE ON COVID (Video 20:21 min) 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
As the #Covid19 vaccines’ effectiveness and safety unravels, Del takes us through a host of bombshell facts and data The Highwire has been right about, for up to, and in some cases over a year.

In a Highwire exclusive, Del sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help.

COVID Expert Dr. Peter McCullough Warns That The Vaccine Situation is No Longer About The Virus: “Something Very Dark Is Going On!” 10.26.21 [Plandemic]
The role of Dr. Oeter McCulough is substantially crucial in these COVID times. He is, by far, the most eminent person, with deep Knowedge of the virus itself, and some crucial insights into the situation itself.
He is the loudest spokesperson for alternative treatments for COVID, scientifically representing the downsides of the vaccines.
Dr. McCullough provided an extremely important and well-documented presentation to his fellow colleagues, regarding the “unbelievable atrocity” occurring in the West due to gene-transfer vaccine campaigns, the necessity for an “unbreakable resistance” against children receiving the jab, and the “astounding … ineptitude and willful misconduct” of public health agencies.
The presentation was made on October 2, during the annual meeting of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.
As you can see in the video itself, the initial focus is the serious lack of transparency of safety data and proper monitoring of the program.
The video is here.

Ron DeSantis [Gov FL] Fights Back Against Tyrannical Fed Gov: “I will not let the heavy hand of government force Floridians to take a shot. That violates their constitutional rights…” 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
Thomas Massie is right. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the best governor in America. He’s fighting against tyrannical mandates by the government. DeSantis recently outlined his intent for a special legislative session to pass state laws protecting workers from getting fired as a result of their vaccine status.
We will hold a Special Session to fight for Floridians’ freedom. #DontTreadOnFlorida

CDC Director Walensky: ‘There Is A Plan’ To Get Unvaccinated Workers ‘Education And Counseling’ 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
"- so they will feel comfortable getting vaccinated."
Walensky added, “There is a plan should these people not want to be vaccinated towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated.”

Lisa Boothe on Vaccines: “I’m doubling down as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden’s Tyranny” (Video 0:46 min) 10.26.21 [Need To Know]
Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe went off on the vaccine agenda on Dan Bongino’s show, calling it a “fight for freedom.”
“I was on the fence because it didn’t make sense to get vaccinated for a virus that was not a threat to my life, nor one that I fear,” she said.
“But now I’m doubling down as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden’s tyranny. Because now it’s a fight for freedom. Now it’s a fight against tyranny in America. That’s what this is all about. We’re literally fighting right now, Dan, for the future of this country. Are we going to be a free America or not?”

Email by Jim Stone

The demand explains that there is an abundance of evidence to support that unvaccinated children have better health outcomes than vaccinated children, but that the most compelling evidence is the health outcomes of the unvaccinated Ulster Families’ children as compared with the health outcomes of the vaccinated children in their school districts.
One must wonder whether there is any data that could be submitted to these public health agencies that will change their unwavering belief in and allegiance to vaccines!

Dr. Fleming: Covid-19, Undisputably a US Bioweapon (Video 52:51 min) 10.25.21 [Plandemic]
This video interview with Richard Fleming PhD., MD., JD. to be extremely understandable and informative. He backs up everything he says with pdfs of papers and support documents on his “published research” page:
He covers the following at various time points during the 45min interview, released on 05/13/21: - see the list below...

Dr. Fleming: Covid-19 - Documentation 10.25.21 [Plandemic]
The following diagram shows how SARS-CoV-2 is passed from person to person through respiratory droplets. Once inside the body the virus will invade our cells and reproduce itself. In response to the virus our immune system will attack the invader launching first a response from T-cells designed to kill the cells infected with the virus and later an antibody response designed to kill the virus before it gets into another cell.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: scientific evidence that covid is crime against humanity 10.25.21 [Plandemic]
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has listened to a hundred experts from every field of science. They have collected undeniable evidence that the Covid pandemic is in fact a planned criminal operation. According to Dr. Fuellmich, a second Nuremberg trial may be needed, to prosecute all who are complicit in this unprecedented crime against humanity.

Secret Documents Reveal FDA’s Attack on Ivermectin 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
Mainstream media have incorrectly insinuated that ivermectin is purely a veterinary drug that could be dangerous to humans; CNN falsely stated that Joe Rogan took “horse dewormer”
Rogan recently interviewed CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, getting him to admit CNN lied
The FDA started the “horse dewormer” fallacy based on a Mississippi health department report that said 70% of poison control calls were related to veterinary ivermectin. It was actually 70% of ivermectin-related calls, six in all, four of which were about accidental use of ivermectin in livestock. Overall, these calls made up only 2% of all poison control calls
A total of 20 deaths have been linked to ivermectin since 1992. Compare that safety profile to Remdesivir, the primary drug used by hospitals across the U.S. against COVID-19. Since the spring of 2020, VigiAccess has received 7,491 adverse events in all attributed to the drug, including 560 deaths, 550 serious cardiac disorders and 475 acute kidney injuries
Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has issued a legal opinion on the off-label use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. According to this legal opinion, health care providers in Nebraska can legally prescribe these medications for off-label use for the treatment of COVID, provided they have informed consent from the patient. The only causes for disciplinary action are failure to obtain informed consent, deception and/or prescribing excessively high doses
FDA Attacks Ivermectin
While CNN and mainstream media are certainly at fault for spreading disinformation here, they got the idea from a supposedly reputable source — the FDA.
In an August 21, 2021, tweet,7 the FDA linked to an agency article warning against the use of ivermectin, saying “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

Gov. of Florida - I will not let the heavy hand of government force Floridians to take a shot. That violates their constitutional rights, infringes on their medical freedom, and threatens their livelihoods (Video 2:42 min) 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
We will hold a Special Session to fight for Floridians’ freedom. #DontTreadOnFlorida

Gov. DeSantis Announces $5,000 Proposed Bonus to Abused Police Officers from Liberal Cities to Move to Florida 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
Biden's average approval rating hits an all time low of 43.4% in daily tracker: Americans hold him responsible for inflation spike and demand action on border crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Analysis Shows More COVID Deaths in 2021 than 2020 with Large Percent of 2021 Deaths Fully Vaccinated 10.25.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
During the October 22nd 2020 debate Joe Biden stated, “Folks, I will take care of this. I will end this. I will make sure we have a plan”.
According to there have been an additional 414,890 deaths from Covid-19 between Jan 1, 2021 and Oct 20, 2021. That equates to a new daily average of 1,421 deaths. The 2021 daily rate is 16.9% greater than 2020. In the math world we would say the plan has failed.

Big Pharma Owns The World 10.25.21 [Plandemic]
Big Pharma will earn billions in profits this 2nd pandemic year; projected to be $16 billion for Moderna this year 2021 and $38.7 billion in 2022, as a startup vaccine maker. Pfizer’s RNA vaccine is expected to $54.5 billion in 2022, says the drug industry resource Fierce Pharma.
Big Pharma has the world by the tail, able to make an RNA vaccine for a variant viral strain overnight and put it on the market with no advertising, using public health officials “vaccinate or die” sales pitch, or the false Executive Order for a vaccine mandate, issued by paid-off politicians.

Vaccine Mandate Threatens Major Trucking Disruption, Industry Insiders Say 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
All through the pandemic, truckers endured hardships to keep America’s infrastructure running. They waited in line for hours in sight of bathrooms they weren’t allowed to use. On the road, some died alone of COVID-19.
Now, with supply chains disrupted, Americans need them more than ever. But faced with the prospect of mandated vaccination, many drivers are considering quitting.

The Universal Antidote - The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide 10.25.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
DOWNLOAD INTERACTIVE Reference Guidebook Free!
The science and story of Chlorine Dioxide. NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time thousands have recovered from illness using this substance, and now many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications. The documentary explores the history, safety, and efficacy of the universal antidote and provides interviews with physicians and people who have used it. The Universal Antidote Documentary released free to the public on February 1, 2021.

Hesperia City [CA] Council unanimously opposes state mandate on COVID-19 vaccines for teachers, students 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
During Tuesday's meeting, the City Council also sent a message to the Hesperia Unified School District to take a similar stand.

Montana Attorney General Harasses Hospital Staff for Refusing To Administer Ivermectin to a Patient 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
Earlier this month, doctors and staff at St. Peter's Health in the state capital of Helena refused to administer the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin—which, as Reason has reported, is not a safe or effective treatment for the virus—to an elderly COVID patient. The patient's family contacted the Montana Department of Justice, accusing the hospital not merely of violating her right to treatment, but also of withholding legal documents, limiting her text communications, and denying her visitation rights.
That's when things took a turn towards the excessive.
These officials have no medical training or experience, yet they were insisting our providers give treatments for COVID-19 that are not authorized, clinically approved, or within the guidelines established by the FDA and the CDC, hospital spokesperson Andrea Groom told Reason in a prepared statement. "In addition, they threatened to use their position of power to force our doctors and nurses to provide this care."

Border Patrol Firing 5,000 Agents Due To Vaccine Mandate 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
According to reports on Friday, the agency is looking to enforce Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate by the end of November. They said those who refuse to do so without an approved religious or medical exemption could face action up to termination.

Dr. Richard Fleming Power Point Presentation on Covid-19 and Vaccine-Induced ADE - Infowars (Video 1 hr 23 min) 10.25.21 [Need To Know]
Renowned scientist Dr. Richard Fleming visits Infowars to give a powerful, in-depth Power Point presentation exposing what's really happening with Covid-19 and vaccine induced ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement).
This special Saturday Broadcast contains life saving info that only makes it passed the censors when you share it!
Banned YouTube Video!

Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It (Video 11:38 min and WELL WORTH IT!) 10.24.21 REALLY [Need To Know]
It is obvious that
We are
Once again
Under Attack!

Proof that the CDC is lying to the world about COVID vaccine safety 10.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
In a nutshell, there is a paper written by five CDC authors, The reporting sensitivity of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for anaphylaxis and for Guillain-Barré syndrome, that was published a year ago in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.
The paper claims that serious adverse events in the past have been under-reported by at most a factor of 8.3 (known as the under-reporting factor (URF)).
This means that in the best possible scenario, where there is full reporting (i.e., where the URF=1 and the PTR, defined as the avg URF/current URF, is 8.3), a reporting rate of serious adverse events that is 8.3X higher than the previous reporting rate for that symptom could be safely ignored as simply due to a higher propensity to report the naturally occurring rate of background events.

Americans Must Stand Up And Say "I Will Not Comply" With Covid Mandates Right Now 10.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die] [Plandemic]
Real U.S. Covid Vaccine Deaths Exceed 200,000 & Over 2 Million Injuries
The Covid narrative is a planned exercise in global tyranny. Not by coincidence, the countries that are denied the right to keep and bear arms are suffering through the worst of this tyranny. The Aussies and New Zealanders must now realize how foolish they were to allow their governments to disarm them.
As we were forced to traverse these tumultuous tyrannical waters, we became aware that Fauci and the CDC were lying to us all along. From the very beginning, they manipulated, exaggerated and lied about Covid deaths. And now they are lying and covering up the deaths from the Covid gene therapy shots (they are NOT vaccines).
In this report, Joseph Mercola makes a compelling case that the Covid jabs have already killed over 200,000 people in the United States...

The Meaning of the FDA Resignations (Sept 14) 10.24.21 [Need To Know]
How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart.
The booster has already been promoted by top lockdown advocates Neil Ferguson of Imperial College and Anthony Fauci of NIH, even in the face of rising public incredulity toward their “expert” advice. For these two FDA officials to go on record with grave doubts – and their perspective is certainly backed by the unimpressive booster experience in Israel – introduces a major break in the narrative that the experts in charge deserve our trust and deference.

10 Current Trends of Operation Coronavirus as of October 2021 10.24.21 [Plandemic]
THE STORY: Operation Coronavirus continues to be played out worldwide, as people choose principle over paycheck by quitting their jobs and doctors find synthetic lifeforms in the COVID vax.
THE IMPLICATIONS: These COVID trends show the unmistakable pattern of advancing tyranny. Now is the time for humanity to rise up to stop the permanent implementation of control infrastructure.

BREAKING : EU Parliament Opposes Vaccine Mandate Agenda (22nd October, 2021) (Video 19:10 min) 10.24.21 [Need To Know]
Comment: The EU is going to lose money due to workers striking, so they have to cave...

Makes No Sense: Southwest Airlines Says It Won't Fire Workers Who Don't Get COVID Vaccine 10.24.21 [Need To Know]
In a statement to news outlets Friday, the Dallas-based carrier confirmed to Fox News it does not want to “lose any employee” over President Joe Biden’s mandate, adding that firing a worker over the vaccine “makes no sense.” It came a day after Southwest CEO Gary Kelly made a similar announcement during an earnings call.
“This is an evolving process working with the government in terms of what they expect, and very clearly, we wanted our employees to know that nobody is going to lose their job on December the 9th if we’re not perfectly in compliance,” Kelly said, according to news reports. The Epoch Times has contacted Southwest for comment.

Ivermectin – May help protect against viral illnesses 10.24.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
Although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved ivermectin to treat COVID-19, it is not illegal or unreasonable for the appropriate licensed healthcare prescribers to recommend ivermectin “off-label” for the treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19.Off-label prescribing is not something that the FDA even has the authority to outlaw because the FDA exists to regulate drug approval not drug prescribing.Prescribing a drug to a patient for an unapproved use is entirely legal if the prescriber deems it appropriate and beneficial for the patient.

Michigan Woman [Sande Jacobs] Died From Blood Clots After J&J Vaccine, Autopsy Confirms 10.24.21 [Vaxed Get Sick and Die]
A Michigan pathologist confirmed 60-year-old Sandra Jacobs died from cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a rare blood-clotting disorder, after receiving Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine.
This condition brought about “hemorrhagic cerebral infarct,” or stroke caused by brain bleeding, and brain swelling, Caplan wrote.

White House To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 as Deaths and Injuries Continue to Increase among 12 to 19-Year-Olds Who Received a COVID-19 Shot 10.24.21 [Protocols for the Unvaxed] [Protocols for the Vaxed]
It is pretty clear these days that corporate America is now controlling the State Department along with their “health agencies” such as the FDA and the CDC.
This week the Biden Administration laid out their plans to quickly vaccinate 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 with a COVID-19 vaccine, which sounded more like a Press Release from Pfizer, since the FDA has not even authorized the shots for that age group yet.

We take a look at the absolute stupidity of people who have fallen for the fake hoax pandemic nonsense and how much fear of an invisible virus has crippled them with such fear, they no longer have any common sense or logical thoughts left in their brainwashed hypnotized brain cells. This is making fun at the sheep and the corrupt media who lies to us all day and every day.

You may never trust another celebrity after watching this video (Video 24:11 min) 10.23.21 [Need To Know]
Hundreds of thousands of innocent people of all age groups have died or been severely injured for life after listening to the advice of Hollywood celebrities, talk show hosts and politicians regarding the vaccine for covid 19. Should they be held liable for murder? Should they be held liable for aiding and abetting mass murder around the world from the deaths relating to the covid 19 vaccination? Should the CDC & the FDA been tried for murder? Should Dr Fauci & Bill Gates be tried for murder?

OVER 12,000 Active-Duty Air Force Personnel Will Not Meet Tyrannical Government’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Deadline 10.23.21 [Need To Know]

Vermont Sees Record COVID Cases Despite 80 Percent Adult Full Vax Rate 10.23.21 [Need To Know]
The surge comes despite the state a