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Randolph Winters has been a UFO researcher for many years, and due to his books, videotapes, and lecturing, he has had the opportunity to have many interesting first-hand experiences and conversations that most people are not aware of.

Randolph discussed several of these interesting experiences on a CBC radio program hosted by Art Bell on February 17, 1995, late Friday night into Saturday morning. The tape of this show is available for purchase.

I was allowed to transcribe and post certain portions of that tape that should be of interest to all serious UFO researchers and skeptics. The posts are being posted in eight separate files.

All of the information is first-hand. These are not stories.

I do not believe that Randolph Winters and Art Bell would lie on national radio. I have met Randolph several times in person, and based upon these meetings and my discussions with him, I do not feel that he would purposely lie to anyone at any time.

These eight posts will be posted with the Titles:

RW-AB Radio Post 1, RW-AB Radio Post 2, etc., to Post 8.

These files were all individually posted to UseNet on alt.paranet.ufo during July 1995, and to various email lists thereafter.

The formal titles of the posts are:

Additional information is given in the first posted file.

Also of interest is an additional post:

which is a text file from Randolph Winter's new (updated on Oct. 28, 1997) WWW Pleiadian site at:

These files are being posted for information transfer purposes only, and replace any of the files that may have been posted or cross-posted on the internets earlier. Also, I was told that many of these earlier files had been corrupted or lost. Interesting...

It is my sincere intention to find out if this new information is true.

Patrick Bailey.
July 29, 1995.

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July 15, 1997.