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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 19:28:57 -0700
From: Patrick Bailey
Subject: RW-AB Radio Program Post 2

Randolph Winters with Art Bell. CBC Radio Program. Feb. 17, 1995.

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AB = Art Bell RW = Randolph Winters CQ = Caller with a Question on the Air

AB: OK. West of the Rockies: You're on the air with Randolph Winters!

AB: Hello!

CQ: Yeah, Art! Uh. What does NASA say about all this?

AB: What does NASA say about it?

CQ: Yeah!

RW: Well, NASA's a funded agency, and for the most part ,uh, has no comment, and uh, but although you probably know, I don't think there's been any astronaut that has gone up there that hasn't come back with, uh, out seeing some sort of unidentified flying thing.

RW: Can tell you an interesting story about, uh, NASA, about five or six...

AB: All right, just, just one second Randolph. Where are you calling from, my friend...


AB: All right. Uh. Alright. Well, listen on the air. Uh, Randolph, go ahead.

RW: We got, OK. I got a call a few years ago, uh, from a man who says, uh, my name's not important - if you want to see some NASA film footage, come to this address this afternoon at three o'clock. And, uh, I did, I showed up there. It was at a building, come around and parked in the back the way I was told, walked in, it was a dark room with a bunch of chairs - man said sit down, have your seat, we'll start in just a moment. And I looked around the room, there was about fifteen other people in there - none of whom that I knew. A film was played for us, it was about ten minutes long, which showed one of our Apollo missions, uh, in a camera that was attached to the Apollo craft as it was leaving the Moon. And, on the film, what we saw were disks flying up around the Moon, and following the Apollo ship. Clearly disks!!! And, uh, the movie stopped, a voice in the back of the room says, uh, this is the NASA film clip that they don't want you to see, thank you for coming, and, uh, good-bye!

RW: I still don't know who it was that invited me to that, and we weren't given any copies of it, but, uh, it, uh, this sort of thing I think happens frequently on the NASA missions, and uh, but they don't go public with it.

AB: I know Neil Armstrong has said a couple of things that have really set everybody to wondering, about, uhum, about "Great Things That are Ahead for Us if We Can Lift One of Truth's, uh, Veils!"

RW: um-um ...

AB: And very mysterious things. that would seem to indicate that Mr. Armstrong, and others, saw a lot of things, or know things, that they have not been able to tell us, or will not tell us, or can't tell us.

RW: Right! Remember the "One Giant Step For Mankind?"

AB: Uh-huh.

(Continued in Post 3.)


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Dec. 31, 1996.