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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 21:55:39 -0700
From: Patrick Bailey
Subject: RW-AB Radio Program Post 4

Randolph Winters with Art Bell. CBC Radio Program. Feb. 17, 1995.

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AB = Art Bell RW = Randolph Winters CQ = Caller with a Question on the Air

AB: All right. Uh. What is Billy Meier doing today?

RW: Billy is still alive, he still lives in, uh, Schmidruti, Switzerland, uh, he's frankly not doing too much. Uh. His health isn't good, uh, but he is still with us anyway. And he's kind of left the work, you might say, of the mission up to the people around him.

AB: Hum Huh.

RW: Billy's gotten a little lethargic, and, uh, is a little worn out emotionally, and for the most part, uh, is just taking it easy.

AB: Are you now a disciple of Billy Meier?

RW: No. I don't; I was never quite a disciple. Uh. As a matter of fact, uh, I; way to going to over there; I made three trips over there over a three year period, to stay for several months each time, to learn what I could, and it was just for my path, and in getting involved with the group over there, I became a member, and finally caught myself, uh, getting caught-up in member stuff: you know, of being, uh, only being able to do this, and only being able to talk about Billy material - and so - I quit. And, I'm not a follower type - I'm not much for one to get into groups, and you know, that kind of close-minded situations.

RW: So, uh, once I quit the group, which was in '90, that kind of cut me off from, uh, privileged information from the group, so - I haven't gone over there since.

AB: All right.

AB: Are you convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, to use, a OJ-ism...

RW: Uh Huh ...

AB: That all of this is real?

RW: I'll tell you what I'm convinced of: pretty, uh, pretty much convinced.

RW: Uh. I was never; when I was traveling over to Meier's, I was never convinced that it was real a hundred percent - I was always trying to keep about ten to twenty percent of my mind, you know, open to another solution, another possibility, and I was never convinced that they were from the Pleiadians. It always occurred to me - there might be other societies here on Earth that had disks like this, that, uh, you know, might be wanting to call themselves ET's, and maybe there was another answer to all of this.

RW: So, I have kept my mind open to it, and - I've closed the gap, I guess you might say, recently - by virtue of the new contacts that are happening now - same craft - same photos - new information, uh, which to me really validates the fact that they're real, it's happening. I still have a few doubts in my mind about whose in those ships and really who they may be, but - I'd say I'm close to ninety-nine percent convinced that it is all happening.

AB: All right. Yeah. That really was the question.

(mid-size snip)

RW: But for the most part, there are Gray's, and, uh, Pleiadians down there in Mexico allowing their ships to be photographed. Again.

RW: There's even some of the triangle, the delta-shaped craft floating over the volcanoes down there, which the Grays have admitted they designed and built.

AB: I saw a triangle craft! I saw one up close! It scared the hell out of me.

RW: Did it?

AB: Uh. Randolph. Yes. I saw it here in Nevada, not far from where I live.

AB: My wife saw it as well.

RW: Hum Hum.

AB: It was without question, something that either we have, and we haven't, uh, told anybody about; or it was from elsewhere.

AB: It did not fly: It floated!!!

RW: Hum Hum.

AB: It floated, uh, about 150 feet above me. It was close enough, on a full, nearly, nearly a full moon night, that I could see the substance of the craft. And I watched it float right over me - and I watched it float right out across the valley. It's the only sighting I've ever had, and I'd swear on a stack of Bibles - that is was true. I saw one of those Randolph. I don't know what the hell it was, but it was nothing we, uh, we presently have, that I know about.

RW: Well I know that, you know, in your neck of the woods out there, we've got Dreamland and we are experimenting with some things, and I don't know the shape of the Aurora (sp) or the crafts that we're playing with. It might have been a Gray device.

AB: This was a pure triangle.

RW: Pure triangle, uh huh.

AB: Pure triangle. It had, uh, two white lights on, uh, the back of the triangle as it progressed from the rear, actually, coming from a, uh, Easterly direction to a Westerly direction, roughly, and, um, a strobing red light in the front. It made no noise. It was utterly silent. And, it was not flying - I was in the Air Force, I know flying, I know aerodynamics - it was floating! And, uhm. It raised the hair on the back of my neck. But, I, I did. It's my one big sighting. It was about a year and a half ago. And, I, as I said, I'd swear on a stack of Bibles about what I saw. So -

RW: Yeah. We were talking a moment ago about truth to all of this, and I, I think one thing we should tell all of our listeners:

RW: There are many things flying in the sky these days: some ours, some theirs, some unknowns. But - yeah, our skies are filled with all sorts of, uh, technologies from - , and, uh, - we're about to have a big awakening!

AB: Linda Howe, who was on my Dreamland program, uh, last week Randolph, uh, did you happen to hear it?

RW: No. I can't get your Dreamland in my area.

AB: Ah. Let's see. Uh. You should be able to get it on KOGO. K O G O, San Diego, 600 on the dial.

RW: All right, I'll give that another try.

AB: Ah, at any rate. Uh. She said that she has information that the US government is now experimenting with a craft that has the ability to modify, uh, light emissions, uh, much the way, uh, they have been able to do sound cancellation, in other words, uh, sound one-hundred-and-eighty degrees out-of-phase that will then cause you to hear no sound at all...

RW: Um Huh.

AB. And that I know that has been done. But she is saying that they're now experimenting with visual technology, uh, that will affect, um, your eye just the way sound cancellation does, but with visual frequencies, and that that accounts for the craft that are seen almost blinking in-and-out of physical existence, and there have been a lot of reports like that.

RW: Um Hum.

AB: Um. Have you heard anything about that?

RW: Not the technology; but I've seen some of those craft - the blinking things - uh, in Sedona (AZ) a couple of times, I've seen them.

AB: Um Huh.

RW: But a, no. That's good that she is on track with that. I was not aware of that technology.

AB: All right.

(mid-size skip)

CQ: Uh, I wanted to ask Mr. Winters: Uh, how we can get in touch with these people in (deleted) (FL)?

RW: Well, I wish you could. The man in (deleted) (FL) so far has asked that his, uh, personal identity be kept private. He's married and, uh, has a job, and uh, at this point, doesn't really, uh, want to be in the public scrutiny.

AB: I can understand that too.

RW: Yeah.

AB: Uh. Thank you caller.

AB: Uh. I wouldn't either. And its, uh, I thought... You know...

AB: And when I had my UFO sighting, Randolph, I thought really, really hard about it, before I went on the air with it. And in the end, I decided honesty is the best policy. And, I didn't want to hold it inside - it would of killed me - my wife saw it too, so I - for the only time I, I actually dragged her down to the studio and made her, uh, confirm on the air everything I said.

RW: Uh huh.

AB: And give her own version. Uh, so the people wouldn't think I was coo-coo. Uh. But, I understand that reluctance!

AB: And if you're getting, uh, pictures of flying saucers like the ones that you have sent me and I am holding - ummmm - I'd think really hard about it. And I'd, I'd probably find somebody like Randolph Winters or somebody, who could in effect front for me, so that my life wouldn't be turned up-side-down.

RW: Yeah. I, I don't blame the man at all. That's what is happening so far. The situation my change, but at this point, uh - we're going to tell his story, uh, I'll be releasing the videotape soon, some magazine articles - and we'll tell the story about it, but he wants to keep his identity quite right now.

AB: Good enough.


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