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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 21:55:51 -0700
From: Patrick Bailey
Subject: RW-AB Radio Program Post 5

Randolph Winters with Art Bell. CBC Radio Program. Feb. 17, 1995.

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AB = Art Bell RW = Randolph Winters CQ = Caller with a Question on the Air

CQ: Hummm. These Reptilian guys don't seem very nice.

RW: No. They're not. They're, uh, totally non-human, don't have the emotional body as we do - and, the military is frankly quite scared to death of them, because of course they out-gun us, ah, we don't know what to expect from them, and there, they've been fairly hostile so far. We're, we've been able to have some sort of relations with the Grays, they're relatively peaceful, and they're really not harmful to us, but the Reptilians, are uh, that's a problem area, and fortunately I think the measure of protection we get from the Pleiadians and some of the other human groups, uh, you know, is, huh!, very fortunate for us - because if we had to go one-on-one with these Reptilians, things might be pretty bad.

AB: May be we just figure: The scales are tipped in their direction?

RW: Well, I think that they might have been in the '50's - we're catching up a lot, but I mean our guys ...

AB: Ahhhh Randolph! You didn't even get that!!!

RW: Oh!

AB: The scales tipped in their direction!

RW: Your right! I'm sorry. Ha Ha Ha.

AB: Anything else caller?

CQ: Well, I think I've read all this is in a book called "The Starship Troopers." Have you heard of that before?

RW: Ah! No, I haven't read that one.

CQ: It's a Heinlein (Robert).

RW: Hum Huh.

(mid-size snip)

AB: All right.

AB: East of the Rockies you are on the air with Randolph Winters: Hello.


CQ: Uh: Two Questions:

CQ: One: Are you aware of any of the ET's that are not, uh say, friendly with the Pleiadians?, and

CQ: Two: I do believe there is an outpost up there in Mt. Shasta, and some of 'em are mingling with the people!

RW: Um Huh.

AB: All right, thank you. Yes. We hear a lot of stories about Shasta. Um...

AB: Are there ET's, or variations of them, that are not friendly with the Pleiadians - or for that matter would not be considered our friends?

RW: Yes. There are. The Pleiadians have commented that there are good and bad all over the place out there, and some of these races are quite barbaric, come by here occasionally, do take people, uh, and they do afford us a certain measure of protection from that element, and have for quite a period of time. And that's one of the things that concerns them, that this protection they afford us will cease - once we have the technical ability to leave our own solar system. And, they are kind of concerned that, you know, who we're going to align ourselves with , and how we are going to take care of ourselves.

AB: Are they in effect, uh, our protectors now?

RW: Yeah, a little bit. They say they have sensing devices all over the place, surround the planet, when any crafts come in, uh, the crafts are warned that they and their technology are here, and to, uh, leave us alone. And that helps in most cases - but they say that not everybody pays attention, and - occasionally some crafts do get in and there are some very barbaric types out there.

RW: As far as the ones that we know about, I can tell you this: That, uh, White Sands, New Mexico, I forgot the year, I think it was '51 or '52, uh, I man I know is sitting, uh, working his job in CIA headquarters in Washington D.C. His job was to receive emergency phone calls from Air Force bases. Picks up the phone one night and he is getting a call from a base in New Mexico that there is a disk on the ground, uh, it has not exploded, it's intact, it's sitting on the ground, at uh, somewhere out in New Mexico - what should they do? Uh, he turns to the General at the Pentagon who gives him his, you know, commands, and the General tells him the commands to give back to this field crew out in New Mexico. Uh, he's the liaison between Washington and this crew. He's then told by his General to get on a plane and get out there to see what's going on. When he arrives, there's a disk sitting there on the ground, it's 99 feet in diameter, the military of course is there hundreds of'em are surrounding the thing, for hours they've been trying to get it open, get into it, get something done - they can't get into it. They're working with torches and all sorts of equipment - this is the early '50's now - uh, eventually, after a few hours, a hatch or doorway opens in the side of the thing. Frightens them all to death, uh, they're scared to death to go in. A few young men though are told to grab their guns and march inside. When they get inside of the thing, uh, they find that there are small dead bodies laying on the floor - about four feet long - that look slightly reptilian. Uh, they are not human like us: they have skin much like a lizard, something like that, it goes all the way up their back; on the top of their head there's kind of a reptilian sort of ridge; their faces are kind of reptilian looking; they have small claw-like, uh, hands with three claws; small tail about six inches long; and then, then the most disturbing thing of all happens:

RW: As they're investigating the ship, they pull a door open on what looks like a room, and inside of the room are: human - body - parts: arms, legs, and so forth, all in pieces.

AB: Ah...Uggh..

RW: And they're scared to death. They're panicked. They run outside of the ship.

AB: I understand.

RW: Yeah! And, uh, we have come to call these little beings: The Reptilians.

RW: And, information sources, uh, believe that they are a very war-like aggressive race that sometimes uses these little Grays for their own bidding. Uh, it is assumed that, uh, they are very hostile. They do come here from time to time. Apparently, technically they're are not near as advanced as the Pleiadians - their ships do not have the interdimensional capabilities, and we are afforded a certain measure of protection, uh, from them by the Pleiadians and other human races. So, I don't know that we have too much to fear from them. But - they do exist!

AB: All right.

(big-size skip)

CQ: OK. Well, I have a question for your, your guest:

AB: Go ahead.

CQ: If these Pleiadians, these peaceful Pleiadians are protecting us from the Reptilians, how do they stop them from getting here?

RW: I don't know that they can stop them from getting here, uh, but they just seem to, uh, afford us a certain measure of protection once they get here.

RW: Uh, the fact that they are not prevalent in our society today and, uh, bothering you today is, is probably why. We do not hear to much about them, but we do know they exist.

RW: I, I have upstairs in my office a set of, uh, x-rays supplied to me by a CIA agent of their bodies. Uh. That, we have several of them that we've a - keeping on ice, so to speak...

AB: You have? You have x-rays of alien bodies???

RW: Yeah, I have x-rays of the Reptilian bodies.

AB: You do?

RW: Yeah, I do.

RW: They were given to me about, a, ten years ago, at a, a quiet, conversational lunch with a CIA agent, and a ...

AB: A quiet conversational lunch with a CIA agent. Right...

RW: Yeah, he was showin', telling me about it, and I said do you have any proof that any of this happened, and, uh, we were on his way over to his home, and uh,

AB: So he whipped out these x-rays?

RW: He pulled out, uh, copies of them and ran them off on the copy machine and made me a set of them. I've got about four pages that shows them, uh, it shows their body structure, their arms, their bone structure, and uh, there is a little bit of writing on there about where we were keeping the bodies, and a few comments - yeah, but they're for real.



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