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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 21:56:01 -0700
From: Patrick Bailey
Subject: RW-AB Radio Program Post 6

Randolph Winters with Art Bell. CBC Radio Program. Feb. 17, 1995.

Cross-Posting Allowed and Encouraged.


AB = Art Bell
RW = Randolph Winters
CQ = Caller with a Question on the Air

AB: You know, that's a good question.

AB: In other words, the whole ancient, uh, astronauts thing, uh, Randolph:

RW: Yeah. Actually, you know, there is a mention in "Chariots of the God's" which always fascinated me, uh, in that material, it talks about - if you go down to Teawanaca (sp) in South America, the old ancient city up on the hills there, up in the mountains, that there is a big, large, um, kind of arc-way there with the picture of the Sun God. And, on one side of the Sun God there is a calendar, a 265 day calendar, and on the other side of the Sun God photo or drawing there, is a 356 day calendar. And it talks about that the beings who built the society and came to Earth are from the system of the 265 day calendar, and they will be back! And it says that they will return: and I believe the date was 2011, December 14.

RW: And, it's interesting that the 265 day calendar there, that's what the Pleiadian calendar is, is 265 days. So in the back of mind, I've kind of, uh, held on to that date and time there. If I'm around, I think I'll go'na run down to Teawanaca (sp) and see if anybody shows up in 2011.

AB: Very good.


AB: Well, for those who scoff:

AB: Uh, particularly when you get down to a discussion of the sightings! Uh, I scoff back!!!

AB: Uh, Randolph, I don't know if everything Billy has said, uh, has gone on - uh, or even about these new, uh, uh, sightings, although I've got the photos in my hand, and that's best evidence yet, I just know: there's definitely something going on!!!

RW: Yeah. There definitely is!!!

AB: Uh, and, I'm, I'm not sure what it is, but there's, there is definitely something going on.

RW: We don't have all the answers, and that's why were searching, and you know, for people out there that are listening ...


AB: Yes. I understand sir. Thank you for the call. Don't feel poorly.

AB: Uh, after my sighting - a lot of other people in my little community of Pahrump Nevada also saw this - and the next week I'll be dammed if a local newspaper did not print a story that said that the Air Force at Nellis Air Force Base uh, says: Yes! There was a secret mission. Yes! Something may have flown across the Pahrump valley. It was, they said, a C-130 aircraft. I never laughed so hard in my whole life. Actually, I was angry. It was an insult! I was in the Air Force; I know C-130s, I've flew in them. Uh, that would have rattled my bones at 150 feet. And, uh, how they could tell such a ludicrous story. Uh, it just blows me away!


CQ: Zacharia Stichen (sp) talks about, um, another planet that is part of out solar system. Only it's on an elliptical path.


CQ: The name of the planet is Marduk. And they are the Nordics. That's, that's how I am kind of piecing it together. Uhm, their, the planet comes in and near the planet Earth every 3600 years, and it's due back about the year 2011 to 2013.

RW: Hum Hum. That's interesting. That might be the folks I'm goin' to be
waiting at Teawanaca (sp) for.

CQ: It could be, it could be. Uhm. They're supposed to be benevolent, and, um - the last, one of the last times the planet came near us, that's when Noah had to, you know, jump on his Ark. And it does create catastrophic events, um, plate tectonics, you know, flooding, and all this kind of as thing as well.

RW: Um Hum.


CQ: And, out of the Bible, Nebbinkinezer (sp) is mentioned. Nebbinkinezer's (sp) son was named Amel Marduk (sp), and they worshipped at the temple of Marduk. That is also the name of this planet that is due to come back.

RW: Um Hum.

AB: Marduk.

CQ: M A R D U K.

AB: I've got it. All right Mam, thank you very much , uhm.

AB: Nordics from Marduk?

RW: Um Hum.

AB: That's what I say to: Um Hum. I don't know anything about it. Uh.

AB: Is all this meaning something to you?

RW: I've heard this story several times. Uh. There's nothing to support it in the Pleiadian information. I sat down with my calculator once and tried to calculate how fast the planet might be going that could make an orbit like that, and it didn't make to much sense to me, but I might be missing something...

AB: All right.


RW: I returned down there (to FL) to interview him, and uh, and to get some, uh, footage to make a videotape, and - while I was there, I asked him if we could, uh, get a picture, a copy of that picture to put onto the videotape, and he said that he couldn't do that right now - that he had certain numbers of pictures that, uh, he wouldn't let me, uh, take a copy for distribution yet - I'd have to wait a while.

CQ: Oh...

RW: The reason was, he said that most of the pictures that he has taken were for his own benefit. And that the Pleiadians seemed to be deciding, somehow at this point, about what he should release right now ...


RW: He was nervous about giving it to me before he asked their permission. So I didn't push him for it, and I just said fine, I'll be back in April (1995) and, ah, hopefully I can get a copy of it then.

CQ: Yeah. I have, I have Billy Meier's, uh, second book ...

RW: Uh huh ...

CQ: And the pictures are really incredible ...

RW: Yeah, they are great, uh ...

CQ: They're so incredible, they're, they're unreal.

RW: Uh Huh.

CQ: You know, and, uh, I was just wondering, um, how - a why he doesn't like - take them on the ground, or with, with an entrance to go in it, open ...

RW: Well, you know, Billy did. Uh, he shot several pictures of the craft on the ground, but - because he was so public with his photos, that - after a period of time many of the photos started disappearing in the mail ...

CQ: Yeah, I heard about that, yeah ...

RW: Yeah, he didn't get all of them back, and he says a lot of those photos just disappeared - he didn't get them.

RW: Now the new photos, uh, from the man in Florida, there are a few pictures of the ships sitting on the ground. There's one photo, one in particular I'll hope he'll let me have a copy of - and I don't mean to just tease you but I'm hopin' we will get it - it shows three of the ships on the ground and there are I think three or four people standing around the craft.

AB: Wow!

CQ: Oh wow, that's neat.

RW: I asked for a copy of that, and he says, no. He has about a dozen photos of ones that he says he doesn't had permission yet to make copies of. They were just made for his own benefit, and, uh, he's, he's nervous about letting them out - before he asks them.

AB: Well. Never displease the Pleiadians.

CQ: Heh heh.

RW: I guess not. Of course, you know, we're just doing the best we can.

CQ: Thank you.

AB: All right caller, thank you. Uh, thank you very much.


AB: All right. What do you know Randolph, about - anybody or anything - inside the Earth? Anything?

RW: Uh, Yeah. And there's quite a story to that:

RW: Just quickly since we're at the top of the hour, the Pleiadians tell us there are - three societies - living inside of the Earth, all technically quite more advanced than we are, and they've represented a threat to our US ever since they've learned about them back in the '40s. So we have three societies living in under ground facilities on our Earth they've told us about. Ah, some of 'em have ET's in them, some of 'em are humans just like ourselves living here that are far more advanced.

AB: All right. Randolph Winters: Thank you!

(--- Very Heavy Music ---)

AB: There's one more hour to go ...


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