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Recently I was in Florida giving a talk about my new book The Pleiadian Mission. I had written the book after making several trips to Switzerland to meet and talk with Billy Meier, who became famous in the 70's when he published a series of UFO pictures in magazines and newspapers all over Europe. After I finished my talk, I was having a private discussion with a man who claimed that was also having contacts with beings from the Pleiades. He said his contacts had begun around 29 years ago. Even before the Billy Meier's contacts. He said that he had been on board their ships and had taken many photos of their craft just as Billy had. The difference was that in his case the contacts were for his own benefit and he had not been asked by the Pleiadians to make his meetings with them known to the public. He did not want to make his identity known and would like me to write down his story and make it public in order that people might learn more about our ancestors from the Pleiades and how their knowledge could be useful to us here on Earth through the troubled times ahead.

Since he did not want his identity known, he ask that I refer to him as Adrain (Au-dre-aine), a sound that represented his spiritual growth. After observing how the family life of Billy Meier had been destroyed by the curious, he felt it was best that he keep to himself. I agreed to keep his identity private and he continued to tell me his story. It seems that Adrain is a Pleiadian spirit having a material lifetime here on Earth. His Pleiadian kin have come to visit him throughout his life, and this has been the foundation for his contacts. As evidence of this he opened up a large photo album and proceeded to show me some of the pictures he had taken of the Pleiadian craft. I was quite surprised and happy to see new photos of the Pleiadian Beamships. There were 3 different types of crafts in his photos, which are very similar to the ones that I had seen in the photo albums in Switzerland, only these had been taken just a few months before here in Florida. Adrain had taken the photos with his small inexpensive Polaroid camera. The Pleiadians had agreed to let him take photos of their craft on several different occasions, and experience that would be a once in a lifetime event for most of us. But was not that important to Adrain. He had been meeting and talking with these off world travelers for many years and seldom took photos or wrote down any notes since he never planned to make this information public. The contacts were "social calls" for him so there were very few photos to represent the many years of meetings.

Since the photos appeared to be of the same craft that were photographed by Billy Meier, I had to ask if the Pleiadians he was in contact with were the same ones that had been in contact with Billy several years ago. He said they were not. He explained that there is a group of Pleiadians who maintain underground bases here on Earth. They are from a sun system not far from the main star in the Pleiades called Alcyone. They had been operating these underground facilities for several hundred years, but they are not the ones that had contacted Billy. Apparently there are Pleiadians who visit us also from other sun systems. One of the them is from another Pleiadian star called Taygeta. This was the group that had contacted Billy many years before. They were not part of the regular group that maintains the underground basis here, but were a small group that took on the task of having the physical contacts with Billy for the purpose of educating the people of earth. It was Billy's responsibility to see that the information from his contacts was made available to the people of earth. Something that he took very seriously and is still working on today.

Adrain was told that he would be allowed more photo sessions and information in order to provide a new level of awareness to the people of America. The Pleiadians believe that here in our country we can make a difference that will be felt around the world. Here we have the open minded thinking that can form the new ideas that will provide the visions on how to create a more spiritual world based on wisdom instead of greed and power. Adrain was also told that the Pleiadians had decided to start up their contacts again in 1995 since this was the year that would go down in the history books as the beginning of an age of change dominated by natural disasters such as flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural events that would begin to reshape the world as we know it.

Adrain has taken some amazing photos over the past year, and will make more of them available in the future. The photos that accompany this article have all been taken by Adrain or his girlfriend wife and represent just a portion of the photos that are available. A new video tape is available which explains more about these new contacts and what may lie ahead in the future. It is called The Miami Contacts. I have replaced Adrain's old Polaroid camera with a new 35mm Canon so we can have better quality shots in the future, and plenty of negatives that can be examined by the experts. If you would like more information about my book, The Pleiadian Mission ($20.00), the new video called The Miami Contacts ($39.95), or you would like to get copies of 10 of the new photos taken in Florida, please call The PhoneNet at 714 777-7018 or fax me your order to 714 777-0849.

Thank you,

Randolph Winters

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July 15, 1997.