May 28, 2016

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Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Exhibit

The Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Exhibit (Rev. 2/5/16) (*.pdf file) exhibits 43 generators, 18 advanced self-powered electric vehicle innovations, 26 radioactivity neutralization methods, 23 space travel innovations, 10 technical solutions to water shortages, and torsion field school network. The exhibit also includes 62 Hubble Space Telescope images and 25 movie posters. The exhibit can be installed in conventions, festivals, and any suitable public buildings such as universities, city halls, museums, shopping malls, and libraries. (Also Rev. 2/5/16, 1/26/16, 1/3/16, 1/2/16, 12/21/15, 12/18/15, 9/25/15, 5/29/15, 5/24/15, 5/15/15, 2/8/15, 11/29/14, 11/24/14, 11/22/14, 11/18/14, 11/14/14, 11/6/14, 10/19.14, 10/11/14, 10/7/14, 10/1/14, 9/29/14, 9/5/14, and Rec. 9/4/14.)

Alexander Library Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Photos and Student Art Contest

The Alexander Library exhibit floor plan (Rev. 4/4/16) displays 46 additional Hubble Space Telescope images and the four prizes awarded to winners of the 2016 Alexander Library Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Student Art Contest. (Rev. 4/4/16, 3/3/16, 2/5/16, and Rec. 1/28/16)

Clean Energy Inventions List

The Clean Energy Inventions List (Rev. 2/5/16) (*.pdf file) is a two-page list of clean energy inventions, advanced self-powered vehicle inventions, and radioactive waste treatment methods. (Also Rev. 2/5/16, 7/18/14, 1/28/14, and Rec. 2/9/13.)

Seven Clean Energy Inventions

Here are Seven Clean Energy Inventions (Rev. 1/24/14, and Rec. 11/16/11) (*.docx file) for your inspection.

Papers and Items of Interest

Among the numerous inventions that I have studied, I recommend giving the highest priority to developing for sale to power companies capacitive step-down transformers and environmental heat engines for emergency nuclear fuel cooling. They are described in the aforementioned "Seven Clean Energy Inventions" (above).
This article at www.naturalnews.com/033564_solar_flares_nuclear_power_plants.html is a clearly written explanation of how an unusually intense solar flare could unleash a worldwide radiation holocaust from meltdowns of up to 700 nuclear power and research reactors. Nuclear reactor meltdowns could be preventable with capacitive step-down transformers and environmental heat engines. Nuclear power people, being human, can and do make horrendous mistakes (Rev. 12.2.13) (*.doc file)!

Here is the new and current version of "Locomotive Power Sources". Please replace the old file (discussed below) with this new file (Rec. 3/24/12) (*.doc file).

"Gary Vesperman’s Locomotive Power Sources (Rev. 3.24.15, Rec. 11.5.11) (*.doc file)"
High-speed trains typically rely on some means of supplying electricity to the locomotive from an external source. For example, cumbersome overhead electric lines are tapped to directly power a locomotive’s electric drive wheels. Another method of connecting the locomotive to an electricity grid is with a dangerously exposed high-voltage third electrified rail. Linear magnetic propulsion mechanisms have been researched. It ought to be cheaper and easier to build and operate high-speed trains if their locomotives utilize an internal practically fuel-less power source. These 17 candidate high-speed locomotive power sources appear worthy of further research and development by the U.S. Government's Federal Railway Administration.

"Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems (Rec. 6.11.14) (*.pdf file)"
Non-conventional energy systems are roughly classified into four types of rotating energy systems and five types of stationary energy systems. Guidelines and tips are provided for measuring their performance, efficiency, etc.

"102 Electrical Energy Innovations July 24, 2014 Edition (Rev. 7.25.14) (*.pdf file)"
102 electrical energy-related innovations and inventions are categorized into Large Generators, Small Generators, Miscellaneous, Advanced Self-Powered Electric Transportation Vehicles, and Batteries/Energy Accumulators.  Review comments are welcome! (Also Rev. 7.24.14, Rev. 7.17.14, Rev. 7.12.14, Rev. 4.23.12, and Rec. 4.11.12.)

"Eric Dollard's Representations of Electric Induction (Rec. 6.15.14) (*.pdf file)"
Eric Dollard published "Representations of Electric Induction" in pages 2-25 through 2-82 of the "Proceedings of the 1986 International Tesla Society Symposium". Only pages 2-25 through 2-63 are included in this copy of his article. It was truncated both to reduce the size of the file and because the highly mathematical remainder of his article may be of interest only to a limited readership. Dollard explains much of the theory of electromagnetism. He also presents the physics of Nikola Tesla's wireless power transmission system.

"A Technical Analysis of Tesla's Extra Coil as a Slow-Wave Helical Resonator (Rec. 6.24.14) (*.pdf file)"
Nikola Tesla built in his Colorado Springs laboratory an experimental wireless electrical power transmission system based on a 12 million volt 'magnifying transformer' - a giant high frequency air core induction coil. Famous early photographs show Tesla seated in his laboratory amidst spectacular electrical sparks emanating from the magnifying transformer. Tesla demonstrated that his experimental wireless electrical power transmission system actually worked by lighting 200 light bulbs 25 miles from his laboratory without wires. The enlightening technical analysis characterizes the magnifying transformer's ‘extra coil’ as a distributed circuit or loaded transmission line, and not in terms of lumped circuit elements. An unlimited number of television receivers can receive a signal within range of a single television transmitting tower. Tesla's subsequent much larger magnifying transformer in the Wardenclyffe tower at the east end of New York’s Long Island was to have an output of 10,000 horsepower at 100,000,000 volts. Tesla's ultimate goal was to electrically energize global civilization with a single wireless electrical power transmission system.

A paper by A. G. Lipson and G. H. Miley. The hydro-magnetic dynamo's use of extremely scarce palladium limits its potential applications. Experimental studies of similarly energetic particles emitted from hydrogen/deuterium loaded palladium and titanium indicate that palladium could be replaced with titanium.
Abstract: We report the discovery of the new phenomenon of energetic alpha emission (up to 16.0MeV), and proton emission (approx. 1.7MeV), from a metal surface possessing a large affinity for hydrogen and loaded/excited by electrolysis, glow discharge or powerful laser. Various experiments on charged particle emission show a remarkable feature: all exhibit a similar yield per unit input energy of energetic alphas [one alpha particle per 10–15eV input energy/Pd(Ti) target atom], independent of the excitation power of delivering method (electrolysis, glow discharge or laser irradiation). The results suggest that the mechanism of energy transfer resulting in energetic particle emission in metal targets loaded with hydrogen is similar, despite the seemingly dissimilar excitation techniques.

"Hydro-Magnetic Dynamo PowerPoint Presentation (Rec. 3.10.12) (*.ppt file)"
Hydro-magnetic dynamos can range in capacity from 100 kilowatts to 1,000 megawatts. One doughnut-shaped 1000-megawatt hydro-magnetic dynamo is about the size of a two-car garage. For comparison, Hoover Dam’s 17 generators have a total nameplate capacity of 2,080 megawatts. A hydro-magnetic dynamo can reliably run continuously for 25 years or more with little or no maintenance, no external fuel source, and no pollution.

"About Mechanisms of Generation of Energy in HMD (Rec. 3.10.12) (*.doc file)"
A short paper by Oleg V. Gritskevich.

" Method of deriving of electrical energy and organization of Gritskevich’s MHD-generator for its realization (Rec. 3.14.12) (*.doc file)"
Russian Patent IPC H 02 K 44/00 (not dated)
Abstract: The invention concerns generating an electric power by MHD-generators. The purposes (goals) of prospective engineering solutions are the following: increasing of efficiency, reliability and ecological safety, and simplification of the construction of the MHD-generator as well. In order to achieve those goals, in the (known) method of generating of electrical energy by controlling the movement of the conducting media in specific direction inside a closed loop (circuit), and when the electrical energy can be taken out (used) by electromagnetic windings, a new point is that a polar liquid is used as a media, which at the start-up time gets ionized and actuated (activated) by a running magnetic field with the help of stimulating electromagnetic windings, and, in addition, the media movement occurs inside of a tight (hermetically sealed) channel, whose internal walls’ factor of a dielectric permeability is greater than the polar liquid’s one.

"Y-Bias and Angularity: The Dynamics of Self-Organizing Criticality From the Zero Point to Infinity" Presentation Notes (Rec. 12.3.13) (*.docx file)
  The presentation text notes that accompany the following PowerPoint presentation. (undated).

"Y-Bias and Angularity: The Dynamics of Self-Organizing Criticality From the Zero Point to Infinity" Slide Presentation (Rec. 11.28.13) (*.ppt file)
A PowerPoint presentation from the NOVA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY by David G. Yurth, Director, Science & Technology (undated).

" Y-Bias and Angularity: The Dynamics of Self-Organizing Criticality From the Zero Point to Infinity Paper (Rec. 3.27.11) (*.doc file)"
The Y-Bias model of fine scale interactions describes the dynamics that drive all natural processes from the inside out, in an infinite cycle of creation and deconstruction.

"Ball Lightning Fusion Reactors includimg a chapter on the Hawkings Generator (Rec. 7.12.14) (*.pdf file)"
Two ball lightning fusion reactor designs are presented. Collision of plasma toroids without magnetic confinement potentially could result in clean cheap safe compact generators from 10 kilowatts to 1000 megawatts. All transportation vehicles could be powered with ball lightning fusion reactors. .

"Radioactivity Neutralizaton Methods (Rev. 5.30.14, Rev. 3.19.14, and Rec. 3.19.11) (*.pdf file)"
Several dozen methods of neutralizing radioactivity are described. Also includes stories and discussions concerning nuclear power and the Fukushima incidents.
Additional methods are briefly described in freeenergynews.com/Directory/NuclearRemediation/.
Dr. Santilli’s method plus an explanation of suppression of radioactivity neutralization methods are available at www.nuclearwasterecycling.com.
Robert A. Nelson’s survey "Transmutations of Nuclear Waste" is at www.rexresearch.com/articles/nukewa.htm.
A typical 1000-megawatt nuclear power plant operating at full power for two years accumulates the radioactive equivalent of 4600 Hiroshima atomic bombs. The plant is then shut down for a couple of months while one-third of the spent fuel rods are replaced - leaving 3000 Hiroshima bombs of radioactivity. I have estimated that the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository would store something like 50,000,000 Hiroshima bombs of radioactive waste. The dump would no longer be needed by treating radioactive waste with some of these methods.

"Radioactivity Neutralization Methods with Paul Brown's Gamma Rays (Rec. 3.19.14) (*.pdf file)"
Paul Brown had developed methods of neutralizing radioactivity with gamma rays. This file includes reproductions of three Infinite Energy magazine chapters, and supplements the “Radioactivity Neutralization Methods” file given above.

"Torsion Fields and Communications" slide presentation by David Yurth (undated). (Rec. 11.28.13) (*.pptx file).

"Torsion Field Physics and Torsion Field Communications (Rec. 3.19.11) (*.doc file)"
The theoretical maximum capacity of torsion field communications is apparently 40 billion channels of three-dimensional holographic television one billion times the speed of light through the entire earth without attenuation. The "Torsion Field Attributes" chapter includes a claim that: "A clear understanding of these mechanics will enable us to commercialize energy storage devices which have energy conversion characteristics well in excess of gasoline [650 watt-hours/kg]."

" Torsion Field and Interstellar Communications" Book (Rec. 9.25.15) (*.pdf File)
The authors attempt to briefly explain the torsion field and how the torsion field can be used to benefit human beings. They propose how interstellar communications can be organized and also propose an innovative addressing method. They provide practical tips with illustrations for building a torsion field generator or detector and some advice on how to use imaging addressing in torsion field communications.

"Torsion Field School Network History and Summary" (Rev. 4.3.14) (*.pdf File)
The 75mb PDF file referenced below that has been available for downloading has been converted into this much smaller PDF file with no loss of text on 4.4.14.)
Torsion field communications (see "Torsion Field Physics and Torsion Field Communications" above) link several junior and senior high schools into a single torsion field school network. Courses normally taught in serial sequence from Labor Day to Memorial Day would be converted into segments taught in parallel all year long. The network's three-layer computer system would comprise of a network coordinating and scheduling computer as the top layer, an administrative computer in each school as the middle layer, and personal computers as the bottom layer. The network's customized software would include network management and coordinating functions for the system manager, two layers of software for the teachers to support 100 different functions, and 25 different functions for the students, only one of which is computer-assisted instruction.
Segmented courses would still include the standard features of conventional courses such as classes, graded examinations, and academic load standards. Short quizzes on each segment with pass/fail grading would provide quality control. Other nonstandard features of segmented courses include modified versions of the project management tools Programmed Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM), unique statistical techniques for selecting series of two or three local/televised classes for weekly scheduling, nearly unlimited self-pacing, student interest groups, and utilization of the superlearning technique.
Torsion field communications would allow an optimum number of schools located anywhere on earth to inexpensively connect into a single network scaled for peak performance. It may help world peace if for example a school each in Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Nebraska, Greenland, Quebec, Ireland, Hong Kong, India, Boulder City, China, and Denmark were permanently linked into one torsion field school network.
The 75mb file is available for downloading via Windows skydrive, here. (Also Rev. 4.1.14, Rev.4.20.12, and Rec. 11/18/11.)

"Space Travel Innovations (Rev. 7.15.14, Rev. 1.23.14, and Rec. 12.19.13) (*.pdf file)"
Since spring 2013 Gary Vesperman has been a volunteer member of the National Space Society's Breakthrough Science and Technology Committee. See http://isdc.nss.org/2013/tracks-breakthrough.shtml. Their Chairman is J. David Baxter, President of the Utah Space Association.
See http://www.utahspace.org/about/president.html. Space-related inventions and other reports have been separated out into this "Space Travel Innovations" file. 
For inspiration see pages 1 and 262. Brief Summaries of all the chapters are given at the beginning.
For those who won't have the time to read all 262 fascinating pages -
there are three astonishing highlights that shouldn't be missed!
1 - Page 31 shows an aerial photograph of a crop circle which exactly depicts Mike Hanson's flying saucer engine design of a triangle of three anti-gravity spheres and a dematerializer in the center.
2 - Page 150 shows two photographs of frozen samples of very polluted water. The first crystal is distorted and irregular. The second photograph is of a beautifully regular ice crystal after an hour of prayer by a Buddhist priest sitting next to the polluted water sample.
3 - Astronomers can precisely measure the speed of light with Jupiter's moons. As reported on page 154, since 1738 the speed of light has slowed down 7%!
Gordon Ziegler's Chapter 5 "Gravity and Inertia (Rec. 1.23.14) (*.doc file)" is referenced on page 61.

"Anti-wind energy argument and rebuttal to pro-wind energy argument documents, by Gary Vespeman and Joe Liebhauser (Rec. 3.19.11) (*.doc and *.docx files)"
The small photovoltaic panels seen on top of billboards and bus stops are practical because they can use on-site car batteries for temporary electricity storage. As explained in the May 2009 Nevada Business Journal article (or click on www.nbj.com and select May 2009), power companies have to resort to inefficiently maintaining increased spinning reserve as their large-scale "car battery" to compensate for the sporadic production of wind and solar power. Spring 2010 the Boulder City City Council appointed me and Joe Liebhauser to write the anti-wind energy argument for a Boulder City ballot question to be voted upon November 2010. Here is our anti-wind energy argument (*.doc file) that was submitted to the Boulder City City Clerk, and also our rebuttal to the pro-wind energy argument (*.doc file). The Boulder City voters unfortunately passed the pro-wind energy advisory question by a margin of 3 to 1.

"Expanded Text of the lecture, with references, presented Sept. 9, 2000 during the Institute for New Energy 2000 Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Rec. 3.8.11) (*.doc file)"
ABSTRACT: Candidate technologies were originally combined into an advanced self-powered electric vehicle concept in 1993. The power train of the concept’s current version includes a modern version of Edison’s nickel-iron battery or one of four super or ultra-capacitors, a closed-cycle blade-less Tesla-type steam turbine or one of several over-unity magnetic motors, and one of several possible types of on-board battery chargers. Miscellaneous innovations include computerized shock absorbers and air ride suspensions, lightweight basalt/carbon fiber foam for body/frame, parts non-destructively coated with diamond or titanium nitride, and compressed air-driven air conditioner/heater.

"Gary Vesperman's List of Inventions (Rev. 5 31.14, and Rec. 4.6.14) (*.pdf file)"
List of 314 energy inventions, 56 advanced self-powered vehicle inventions, 28 new materials, 20 communications and computer inventions, 7 security inventions, 17 health inventions, 1 education invention, 14 agriculture inventions, 7 waste treatment inventions, 123 radioactive waste neutralization inventions, and 7 urban designs. The grand total of inventions is 594.

"Gary Vesperman’s Inventions Nominated for Federal Assistance (Rec. 3.6.11) (*.doc file)"
In 2003 Gary Vesperman nominated these 29 inventions to a Nevada Congresswoman for development with federal assistance. Their categories are Homeland Security, Medicine, Energy, Advanced Self-Powered Electric Vehicles, Diamond Semiconductor Devices, and Education.

"Gary Vesperman’s High Speed Rail Non-energy Inventions (Rec. 3.5.11) (*.doc file)"
These 10 non-energy related inventions may be applicable to high-speed rail trains.

"Power Sources for Regional Fixed Guideway (*.doc file)"
This comment was submitted by Gary Vesperman to the record of hearings that were conducted for a proposed mass transit train traversing the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area from Henderson to North Las Vegas. As of January 2009, the project is still dormant. Includes comprehensive inventions development organization.

"Energy Invention Suppression Cases (*.doc file)"
The 123-page fourth version of my compilation of 95 energy invention suppression cases is also available at www.energysuppression.com where a continuously running update of energy invention suppression cases and activities is maintained by Sterling Allan and his friends. The file is also accessible at www.byronwine.com (do Find for Vesperman). Other sites can be found by entering in google Vesperman suppression. Additional energy suppression information is in http://www.commutefaster.com/klooz.html and http://blog.hasslberger.com/2007/03/pogue_hydrogen_stories_of_supp.html.

"Possible Technical Solutions to Lake Mead Water Shortage (Rev. 5.28.18, 4.18.16, 4.9.16, 6.28.14, Rev. 2.3.14, and Rec. 1.25.14) (*.pdf file)"

"Advanced Technologies for Foreign Resort Project (*.doc file)"
"Advanced Technologies for Foreign Resort Project" is also available in http://www.icestuff.com/~energy21/advantech.htm and http://www.linux-host.org/energy/advantech.htm.

History of Gary Vesperman's computer jobs - a view of Silicon Valley from the inside (Rev. 3.27.12, and Rec. 11.21.11) (*.doc file)
Explains secrets of Apple Computer's unprecedented growth from startup to $1 billion in annual sales in five years. Also includes link to Gary Vesperman's hi-tech response to a "blank check".