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The page for UFO related files and other data, organized by topic area and listed in summary form. Contains all other UFO related information not on this page that has been deemed important to archive for safe-keeping and for general distribution, research, and education.

UFO Related Data Files

One Person's Report: Mexico Expedition: October 26 - November 2nd, 1996
An account of one person's trip with the Beyond Boundaries group to visit Tepoztlan in Mexico to observe UFOs and the Carlos Diaz plasma ship: "A large yellow globe appeared traveling much too slowly to be an airplane and moving to my right along the horizon. I could not help it but I started yelling, "Look, the light, the light!" And the locals started exclaiming, "Miran, la luz, la luz!" Some wise person had enough sense to yell, "Cut the lights, cut the lights", and then we had darkness. The huge yellow globe slowly continued on to my right across the valley, turned and seemed to come toward our group, and then stopped - just plain stopped in the sky."

Wolfmyster's Summary File
A file from Wolfmyster dated December 8, 1996, that covers Comel Hale-Bopp, UFOs, secret socities, and glabal banking and control groups. A gioid summary. "This is an open letter to my friends and family concerning information necessary for you to know for our immediate future. Feel free to copy it and pass it on if you choose."

Lee Slargel on the Strange Universe TV Show, Feb. 20, 1997
My summary comments from the "Strange Universe" TV Show containing a segment On "Lee Shargel" that aired at 10:00 PM on Channel 44 in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday, February 20, 1997.

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Feb. 21, 1997.