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update & full report in English & en Espanol 12th November


This picture was taken in Atlixco, Puebla, on the 7th of July 1991.

The photograph was taken by the Puebla Judicial Police.- New Information has emerged last week from Mexico regarding U.S. involvement of the coverup of this event. This is the tip of the iceberg for this story and we will publish the full story when we receive the documents on Monday 11th.



Mexico Expedition: October 26 - November 2nd, 1996

Report from Joyce's notebook

It was the night before my planned departure to Mexico City designed to arrive there 24 hours ahead of the group. I wanted to plant my feet on the ground before meeting the members of expedition the next day at the airport. This time I felt as if I had taken on an extra responsibility - a task that I should be worrying about but yet I felt no apprehension or fear of failure. I had committed to the project of gathering UFO phenomena information to be televised! Strange Universe, the positive vibes TV show about unusual and strange phenomena throughout the world, had decided at the last minute - and I mean the last minute possible to get airline tickets to them and their expense money into the Beyond Boundaries bank account - had decided to accompany our group! They had acquired all necessary approval, etc. to join our little expedition going in search of contactees, other than Carlos Diaz, of the infamous plasma craft. You have read or heard about the beautiful bright yellow and red transparent craft with beings in it that look just like us? In fact I think there just may be a photo, thanks to Carlos Diaz, somewhere here on our webpage of that craft.

It was my research idea that if we could only just find a couple more people in Tepoztlan having the same experiences with these aliens from the Pleiades as Carlos then I could believe totally in his story. It was just a tiny bit of testimony from other villagers that I wanted or any sort of tangible evidence to satisfy my left brain analytical mind. I was not asking to see the thing myself - just for someone else to come forward and say "I saw it also and it really appears here in our little village of Tepoztlan." I knew that these people could not possibly have photos or videos since Jaime Maussan himself had funded the video camera for Carlos and such a possession was a frivolity for most villagers.

There was just something a little too beautiful and perfect about those photos filmed by my friend Carlos. Even though the one hanging inconspicuously in my office had been the cause of one of my good friends to turn from a healthy glow to ashen in color when she first saw it there. She said at first sight of that photo - "Oh my God! That is exactly what we saw in New Mexico back in the 70's. I can't believe you have this photo - I did not believe my eyes back then although we witnessed it in the night sky and also landing in the desert for several minutes on several occasions! And,now you are claiming someone else has seen the same thing and photographed it? Tell me where, when, etc, etc..........?"

Strange Universe was definitely interested in the plasma craft story but knew that this expedition did not plan to engage the services of Carlos and Margarita to present their wonderful conference style lecture presentation. We planned only to search for the other reported silent contactees in Tepoztlan and then move on to the UFO hotspot near the volcano, Mt. Popocatepetl for a few days there.

Got everything thrown into the old bags, then threw out half of it to cut down on bulk and weight, decided against taking the huge rolling ice chest - drinks and snacks are too easy to just purchase cold along the way now and bottled water is available almost everywhere - packed the night vision equipment into my knapsack along with the vegetarian survival snacks, crawled into bed about 3 am for 3 hours sleep before having to depart for the airport which is two hours away from the Beyond Boundaries headquarters here on the Brazos River in Texas. Stuart, our resident photo journalist from Scotland, ended up staying up all night getting cameras, film, and other vitals ready and was feeling a little nervous himself about being asked to serve as second broadcast quality videographer for the syndicated TV show. He, I think, felt honored but with a heavy responsibility to film great UFO phenomena footage for the 5 to15 million viewers all over the world.

That day in the Mexico City airport standing under the hot skylight area just outside the customs doors, dodging the policemen who try to clear the area of people like me, was fairly uneventful. Uneventful except for meeting Sheila. My travel agency had not made it perfectly clear to me - like getting my attention and insisting that I repeat after them - that Sheila's flight made a stop in Cancun thus causing her flight to arrive in the national rather than the international section. By the time I realized this and found her she was not in the best of moods. Some cheerful conversation with my longtime friend Jane in the bar over a softdrink and nachos helped revive her usual good spirits. Jane was my original partner in the initial Beyond Boundaries project. She and I began with the name and an impressive business card printed to get us travel discounts on our three woman expedition to Borneo. The card did not impress the Dyak headhunters there but turned into a bonafide business after we returned home and began getting calls from others wanting expeditions planned.

Off went the first taxi to the downtown Gran Hotel with our first catch using the Beyond Boundaries sign for bait at the airport. Stuart next took Tony and Stacy of the Strange Universe crew directly to the hotel and I gathered up the rest of the expedition group two by two as they popped through the customs exit doors into the natural sunlight area of the airport. "Hi, my name is Joyce, and would you like a beer or soft drink before getting your money changed into pesos and going to the hotel?"

Tony Zanelotti, segment producer, for the TV show and Stuart got off to a very nice start, a good friendship and working relationship which continued in the Gran Hotel bar the rest of the afternoon and into the evening causing them to miss our scheduled dinner with Eduardo Viades, Jaime Maussan's assistant, and the Vigilante group members. The rest of us managed to have a good time without those two and also without Stacy who thought early to bed would mean an easier early to rise the next morning.

The Vigilantes, a group young scouts interested in a continuous UFO watch, was formed by Jaime after the solar eclipse in 1991. During the dark of the sun a shiny metallic disk was seen by thousands who videographed it all over the Mexico City area. The eclipse signaled, according to the Dresden Codex, the beginning of the sixth sun of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent god, and in this Sixth Sun, it is prophecied, we will meet the Lords of the Stars. Jaime is a well known investigative journalist throughout Latin America and is president of Programas de Investigaciones, a TV documentary company in Mexico City. This company has produced many UFO documentaries. Carlos Diaz, because of Jaime's UFO investigation fame, decided to confer with him concerning his plasma craft experiences. He was furnished the video camera to better record these visits.

We were up and off to Tepoztlan the next day at a decent morning hour. Raul Flores of Jupiter Transportation and his brother Alfredo are partners in the company and are well informed of the purposes and objective investigations of our expedition group. None of our requests to stop along the way for whatever reason seem to surprise them and it is probably safe to report now that we have two more UFO investigators in Mexico working with Beyond Boundaries posing as bus drivers.

Upon checking into the little European type health spa, the Hotel Tepoztlan, with the Hill of Light immediately in front of us, several research questions were assigned to the expedition members to ask of the local people - regardless of degree of expertise with the Spanish language:

1. Ha visto ovnis usted?

2. Describe what you have seen? (because virtually everyone answers yes)

3. Ha visto los exterrestries de los ovnis?

4. And, the ultimate question: Are you a contactee of the plasma craft?

5. Because our TV camera crew, Domingo and nephew had just joined us from Mexico City with the great betacam: Would you tell of your experiences on camera?

There were many villagers who had answered yes to the first four questions but had voiced an explicit no to question 5. In our best translation the reason was fear of ridicule from peers. They did not want to be called the "people contacted by the plasma craft", or for some other reason did not want to be on television. I walked up on a street scene where Tony and Stacy had cornered a local shopkeeper willing to grant an interview on camera. They had stopped to buy more agua pura, asked the leading questions, and got quite a response from the lady. Yes, she saw the ovnis quite frequently over the town! So Domingo was busy setting up the betacam when my worst moment of the entire expedition began.

One of the more brilliant comments that had popped into my head to say to the powers that be at Strange Universe was - "Please do not send a lady with those long fake fingernails - I do not think I could handle the situation if one gets broken". I think I was just trying to stereotype for them what I thought would be the appropriate woman, sensibly dressed and tough enough to not hinder the light adventure type activities of our usual expeditions. And, just as I walked up on that interview with the shopkeeper, Tony, in his usual enthusiastic manner raised his arm and hand quickly up under one of Stacy's finernails and off it went - taking with it most of the top layers of her own fingernail! I think that I died a thousand painful deaths watching her pain - She was such a trouper - a beautiful person inside and out - and I know that to be accepted as a female in American television you have to wear those damned fake nails. Tony was so distraught and suffered as much as she did. The hotel came up with some sort of glue that later sufficed but I got a good lesson in the danger of thought forms materializing. Did I create that scene?

We continued our "out and about the town" investigation uncovering some very interesting phenomena for our ears only - and not to be filmed. In fact we tried our usual activity of calling a town meeting for the purpose of information sharing. We invited all the new friends we were making to our hotel that evening. No one showed up! First time this has happened. On our April of 1995 Mexico expedition with Colin Andrews we were very happy when over 50 villagers responded to that same invitation. Our information sharing evening lasted happily into the wee hours of the next morning with the townspeople relating their experiences through the interpretation of the high school English teacher and with Colin showing all his latest cropcircles slides in return.

It was either the revolution? (back to that little situation in a moment!) or the TV cameras?, we rationalized, as the reason for the no-show. So our expedition group sat out under the thatched roof party room in back of the hotel enjoying the refreshments when all of a sudden all electricity in the town went off. We fell all over each other in our haste to get out into the open sky to see the expected ovni! UFOs have a reputation for killing the electricity and back up battery power. None in sight and soon everything was back in order except for the church bells. They rang for hours for apparently no reason - or, at least we thought no reason!

We were told the next day there is no one in any authority position left in the village - no police, no mayor, no law and order - no one to stop the drunk having a great time ringing the church bells - because of the town being in the midst of a revolution organized to fight the American company that wanted to build a "beautiful" golf course there. Supposedly many homes and old buildings would be torn down to build this "wonderful" facility and people would be homeless and businesses would be forever closed or relocated. Talking about a picture being worth a thousand words one of the graffiti murals the revolutionaries had painted was of a fat American middleaged male with a cigar in his mouth, a bundle of American dollars in his left hand, and his right arm around a local young lady's shoulders with his right hand clutching her voluptuous breast.

There is a very nice book, El Valle Sagrado de Tepoztlan - Los Templos Atlantes de Mexico (The Sacred Valley of Tepoztlan - the Atlantis Temples of Mexico), written by Daniel Ruzo and published by the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos that I found in a local bookstore as well as in the tiny Tepoztlan public library. Since I understand very little Spanish myself, getting by in my travels where it is the native language using my Spanglish - all said in the present tense - I was quite surprised at myself for purchasing this book written in hardcore Spanish. The author begins by describing Tepoztlan as being located in central Mexico and dominated by two inactive volcanoes. He states that this sacred valley is guarding the memories of ancient kings or royalty as well as the secrets and temples of a humanity that vanished in the flood. Well, this should be interesting enough to make me dig through my old collegiate Spanish dictionary to interpret the rest of this author's story of Tepoztlan!

On Tuesday morning we packed up, checked out, and boarded our little minibus for the area of Metepec Atlixco, near the yellow alert volcano, in the state of Puebla. Yellow alert, after checking with the IMSS Resort near the volcano via telefono before leaving Tepoztlan, just means it is doing some heavy duty puffing - no danger, they assured me, and no ash in the air to cause breathing problems. So I created no thought forms, due to my fake fingernail lesson, of a potential erupting volcano causing us problems and off we went on our merry way. If you watched the recent Strange Universe TV shows featuring our Mexico Expedition you saw how we traveled - very happily, intimately, and comfortably in our little magic minibus! In fact we can almost give you a 100% guarantee- that you will make good friends of likeminds for life on one of these cozy little learning adventures and that you will return many times on future expeditions!

Ruben Castro, formerly of Programas Investigaciones and now working with Azteca Television producing his own investigative show, had joined us at the Gran Hotel before we left for Tepoztlan and became our excellent guide and interpreter for the rest of our time in Mexico. He halted the bus at the edge of Atlixco and pointed out to us the very definite but natural face formed by huge stones on a neighboring mountainside to Mt. Popo - amazing and a very defined likeness of what we think of as an alien face. In fact Strange Universe thought it strange enough to be used in their footage.

We spent some quality time in the home of Adriana, the 16 year old girl having pleasant contact and abduction experiences. Her father, a local lawyer, reported to us that he had also seen the little alien angels walking through their beautiful home. The discoloration or burn marks in the photos the family had given to me on an earlier expedition were no longer visible in the grass of the spacious lawn in front of their two story Mexico style home. We had just arrived at there when Adriana's father suggested that we go to her private secondary finishing school to drive her home after class. She appeared to be very shy and surprised at first but was most gracious in talking with our group. This was her first time to appear on camera and the assured calmness of her manner, possible only from telling the truth as she knew it, was the convincing element to the story of her experiences. The events of the evening to follow gave us more documentation to validate her alien contact.

Nightwatches are an integral important part of all our expeditions in whatever country but one of my favorite nightwatch situations is a place called Punto Marcon, mentioned by Ruben Uriarte in a previous article about our Mexico Expeditions in our newsletter. Our Mexican friends there, members of a local group who regularly gather in this location and who have had many close encounters with craft there usually gather with us. Adriana had just told us at her home earlier that day that her alien friends would come by this evening at 9:30 to say hello...TO US!!!.... Okay, I thought - We can handle this! We had just arrived at the location, met new friends there and greeted old friends, everyone was pretty much in whatever location they had chosen for the nightwatch - out on the rocks or sitting or standing on the ground, with blankets, heavy coats, and the cameras were rolling, bright lights on, Stacy interviewing the local people, when..............

I looked out over the valley at approximately the appointed hour of 9:30 - the time Adriana told us her friends would appear to say hello - in the opposite direction of the volcano and, lo and behold, I could not believe my eyes! A large yellow globe appeared traveling much too slowly to be an airplane and moving to my right along the horizon. I could not help it but I started yelling, "Look, the light, the light!" And the locals started exclaiming, "Miran, la luz, la luz!" Some wise person had enough sense to yell, "Cut the lights, cut the lights", and then we had darkness. The huge yellow globe slowly continued on to my right across the valley, turned and seemed to come toward our group, and then stopped - just plain stopped in the sky. By that time we were all so transfixed - and I remember saying - "Oh please - come this way, come this way!" And it moved back to the left from whence it came. Domingo, the cameraman from Mexico City, who has filmed everyone famous ever coming to Mexico City, including Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters, and I forgot who else - is, I think I see, almost in tears. There is no doubt that Tony, the director, was openly crying, as we all were by that time, hugging each other, a mass of Mexican - American solid humanity who had shared a common very emotional experience!

After some of the shock had worn off we discovered that Domingo had a cellular phone and we attacked him for it. That is when Tony called his TV studios, I called my husband in Texas, and if you watched the program with those scenes you will remember how real they appeared - no renactments of anything - just real as real can be. Then the accounts and stories from each individual began. Descriptions began of what each person actually saw in his own bubble of reality - Jane who was holding the nightvision, Russell who turned his ankle just as the light first appeared on the horizon, Kelly who answered Russell's pleas for help with - "just a minute, just a minute - wait, wait", etc. and stepped right over him lying in the field. All of us excitedly had to describe in our own words just what we had seen - and all descriptions were almost identical!

Many other events of this October 1996 Mexico Expedition would hold equal importance to the ones I have just told you about I just wanted to give you a synopsis of the outstanding ones in my mind. By the way, the update analysis on our sighting comes from the photo lab reports via Strange Universe. The craft was very large, very far away, and shaped like a dogbone - a rod with glowing bulbs at each end, and was definitely not satellite, not aircraft, not weather balloon, not some sort of hoax, not......everything else that they check for in this cases.

Upon my return home something spurned me to go back through my Puerto Rico files and the many letters from Milagros, our alien hybrid friend, that I have received over the past three years. And, in three of those letters she has drawn the very same dogbone craft as being ones she has had contact with in Puerto Rico! And, Kacey Daukas, an associate of Dr. Norman Bergrun, of recent fame with his book Ringmakers of Saturn and his statements about the EMVs involved in the rings all around Saturn -says the same dogbone shaped craft have shown up in the NASA photos he has in his possession.

Now one of our primary research topics for our February 1 - 8 expedition to Puerto Rico is to further investigate sightings of that particular craft in southwestern Puerto Rico as well as to further question Milagros's accounts of her experiences with that craft. Keep tuned for more later and please, if you are interested, go to Puerto Rico with us and see for yourself!

Or, we have been commissioned for a private expedition back to Mexico on February 15 - 22 and there are four places left for you in that group - Just give us a call at 1-800-259-8747 for details and objectives of that Mexico expedition - Mexico Report from Joyce's notebook

We invite both actively particpating and armchair researchers to join Beyond Boundaries now!


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Jan. 6, 1997.