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My Summary Comments
From the "Strange Universe" TV Show
On "Lee Shargel"
That aired at 10:00 PM on Channel 44 in the San Francisco Bay Area
On Thursday, February 20, 1997:

The Strange Universe Producers deserve a B+ for their show's content
and an A+ for their balanced reporting on this subject.

Good job guys!

Now, go do better interviews with more worthwhile people!!!


I would have given Strange Universe an A for content -

except that they mis-represented two facts on the show:

1.  There were NOT two crashes at Roswell:

    There was one crash at Roswell
    and one crash at Southwest of Corona.

    The may have been another crash at Roswell, as seen by the guy and 
his girl friend from the back of their pickup truck, however this crash 
report is usually discounted by serious researchers.  Refer to Stanton 
Friedman on this.

    The crash at Roswell was absolutely not a weather balloon, and the 
ETs of this crash were not those as seen in the "Roswell Autopsy" 
videotape.  The craft here was probably a bat-winged craft with two 
vertical fins on the wings that first bounced, leaving a debris field, 
and then later stuck in a cliff like a dart in a dart board.  William 
McDonald says he has interviewed eye witnesses that say that these ETs 
were humanoid, about 4 feet tall, orange tint in color, round eyes, and 
had four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot.

    The crash at a site that is called South West of the town of Socorro 
was on the other side of the state of New Mexico, at a different date, 
and was the up-side-down saucer, and the ETs there looked like those in 
the mislabeled "Roswell Alien Autopsy" video.  After several 
international discussions, meetings, and debates - it has been 
determined that:  there is nothing shown in that video that can be 
isolated to show that that video is a fake.  Period.  Is it true? - Is 
Tranquillity Base on the Moon true?

2.  The use of the Robert Dean material was out of context and not 

    Robert Dean's story's bottom line is that in 1963, at the highest 
command of NATO (SHAPE), the top officers knew and documented in a 
report called "An Assessment" that there were at least three (3) ET 
civilizations that were flying various craft over Europe in the 1950s 
and early 1960s (called ETs as they did not come from the major earth 
nation powers).  One class of ETs were "the orange", another were the 
"small grays", and the third looked exactly, and exactly, like us.

    These facts are useful to provide a basis to show that "ETs" and "ET 
craft" are real, and should not be tossed in the middle of the 
convoluted and misleading "Lee Shargel" story.

    The Robert Dean story should be an entire 15 minute show in itself!

    Whether "ETs" and "ET craft" are from "outer space", "Venus", 
"Brazil", the "South Pole", the "cocaine cartel", or a "different 
dimension" - is an entirely different and complex discussion...


So:  What was presented and said about "Lee Shargel", and what is true?

Lee Shargel said, or it was said, in the show:

Lee Shargel is his name.

    It is.
    I have friends who have friends in the right places, etc...

He worked a long time for NASA.

    No evidence at all has turned up to indicate this.
    None.  Zero.  Zip:

    All inquiries to NASA and other governmental agencies cannot find
    any record of this man under this name.

NASA is a dark place.

    NASA is a civilian agency, AND it is also controlled by the DOD.
    See their charter on the web, or under: .
    Anything relating to "national security" can and is classified by
    NASA under US DOD military or "white house" classifications.

    NASA may have once been an open agency, and it ain't anymore...
    especially after the STS-48 Shuttle Mission, which was the last time
    NASA ever had live TV from space available for public viewing.
    The NASA Director was fired very shortly after that mission...

He worked on the Hubble Space Telescope.

    Doubtful.  No evidence.

He says he worked at China Lake.

    No evidence.
    The HST was also NEVER at China Lake facility.

He says he is going to reveal the truth...

    That does not mean he is saying anything that is truthful...

He says this here is a piece of the Roswell craft,
made in a zero-g environment.

    Prove it using an independent evaluation.
    We all want to see the findings report on the web.

He has photos of what he says are Top Secret photos of the 1947 Roswell 
craft as photographed by the gun cameras from some airplane at that 

    One or two of those look really interesting.
    He showed 3 at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada,
    Jan. 1997.  I was manning "Video Camera B" there at that time.
    We have a videotape of his whole presentation there...

    If he was showing "top secret" photos in public places, the DOD,
    CIA, FBI, etc. would have stopped that in about 1 week.  Period.

He shows other photos taken from the Earth and the HST of a same shaped 
craft, some taken recently...

    This is where the photos start to look real phony.
    They start to look like computer generated paste ups, or worse.

He talks about NASA calling these UFOs NEV's:  Non-earth Vehicles.

    That's the first time I ever heard that term...

He is present when "Dolphin-oid beings" appear in a bubble at a secret 
meeting with NASA and military personnel out in the desert.

    Again, no record of his having any NASA or DOD employment or related
    activities or records.

    Also, if such a meeting were to take place, why would the DOD
    military stoop so low as to invite some NASA personnel?

His story has generated much controversy based upon his evidence.

    All he has is his pictures and his talk.
    There is NO supportive evidence thus far.
    Of course there is controversy!!!
    He even told us (in Laughlin) that "Lee Shargel"
    was not even his real name!!!

Bill Hamilton, a UFO researcher in MUFON in Arizona, is introduced as a 
critic and photo researcher who has examined as best he can Lee 
Shargel's photos - and he says he believes them to be FAKES:  composites 
of multiple separate photos.

    OK.  Good...

The scientific panel that was formed at the International UFO Congress 
in Laughlin is mentioned, and a typed report is shown (which I do not 
think was written by that group, there), and it is reported that this 
group had found several technical concerns with Lee's presentation and 
pictures, and had discussed these with him in a private meeting.

    OK. Good...  A very "heated" private meeting by the way...

    The International UFO Congress formally CANCELED a scheduled and
    advertised talk by Lee Shargel in Oakland after that meeting.
    They even sent out postcards announcing the cancellation!

    The program should have also included that Lee said he has a degree
    in "Egyptian Quantum Mechanics" from Northeastern University, which
    is also entirely NOT TRUE.
    Communication with the Registrar at Northeastern University shows
    that Shargel maybe attended one summer class there, and that's all.

    "Egyptian" what?...

The show brought up this idea of two crashes at Roswell - see above.

    This serves as dis-information, and only adds to the general
    confusion about UFOs and UFO crashes in general...

    Why not do a 15 minute program segment with Stanton Friedman???

    See Stanton's book summary at: .

Shargel says he is revealing this information now, and "fears for his 
safety", especially from a group called "the Crystal Senate" that he 
says has the "capability to do anything."

    Maybe.  Clinton sure seems to be able to do anything...

    And, again, if any of these pictures were classified DOD "Top
    Secret", I would be very, very surprised that they would still be in
    public hands - especially after being shown at the International UFO
    Conference, which is closely monitored by such agencies to insure US
    DOD security compliance issues in such matters.  [Hi Guys!..]

Lee Shargel says:  "People will call me a LIAR!  Based upon their 

    Many will.  I would not go that far... yet.  (I'm on the verge...)

    On one hand, he may have been given one or two good things to show,
    and then other fraudulent things to go along for the ride,
    we have seen that several times before in the UFO field -
    when some truth gets out under the general label of dis-information-

    So we have to be very careful as to what we choose to label as truth
    or fiction...

    Or - he could be a "bald ass liar" and just trying to sell his new
    self-published book of a probably low-print run...

Lee Shargel says:  "If people don't want to believe me - walk away!"

    That is their choice.

    as YOU have read this note this far, then you have more than
    just casual interest in this story.  Therefore, if "Lee Shargel" is
    found out to be a "bald ass liar", then he should be ridiculed and
    harassed to the max! - and made as an example to others that may
    think about using such serious platforms for lies and short-term
    personal gains.

    People will only get away with whatever YOU let them get away with!

The program concludes with maybe the best statement of the program:

"His book is SCIENCE FICTION!"

    As of now, it appears:  So is his life and anything he says...

For additional information on what dis-information "Lee Shargel" has 
saying to various public audiences, refer to:


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Feb. 21, 1997.