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Hello, I got this off of the Farsight Bulletin Board and thought it should be shared here. It was posted by a Tim S on that BB. Quite franqly I wouldnt be surprised if it were true.

Posted by Tim S on December 08, 1996 at 19:26:41:

Tim Shaw


This is an open letter to my friends and family concerning information necessary for you to know for our immediate future. Feel free to copy it and pass it on if you choose.

It's hard to know where to start, and some of you may choose not to believe the info that follows. It is how-ever going to dominate our existence in the near future, and you will have to come to terms with it one way or another. I believe it's almost impossible you will get the truth about these matters from the powers that be, and in our rip and read corporate media, true investigative journalism is a myth.

Just for the record, in 1970, I observed a UFO on the north coast of Tasmania. It was directly outside the house I was in, and was there for 4-5 minutes. It was about 25 feet from where I was. They do exist, they are not tourists! They have been observed throughout all history.

I have done an immense amount of research into the following info. As far as I am concerned, it's the truth.

The truth will be your best ally.

Everything that has happened this century, (as opposed to the previous 2 and more thousand years) the technology, the wars, the political expansionism of Western control, has been a lead up to what's about to happen shortly.


Currently there is a comet named "Hale-Bopp" out near Jupiter, headed our way. (Not on a collision course) It makes it's closest approach by earth in April of 1997. It has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from normal comets. It changes course, emits huge jets of material (250,000 kilometres long!) in symmetrical patterns, that are turned on and off. It emits it's own light source. It was first noticed in 1993.

The earliest an unknown comet has ever been discovered until Hal-Bopp was 7 months before it's closest approach. Hale-Bopp was observed 44 months before. This is actually supposed to be impossible under current comet theory, due to the fact that comets only emit light when they get close and react with our sun.

There is another object that appears from behind Hale-Bopp at certain times. This object is 4 times the size of earth, and emits radio signals that show intelligent origin. This object has been Photographed a number of times by astronomers. NASA's huge space telescope named "Hubble", stopped releasing photos of Hale-Bopp in October of 1995, over a year ago. All major telescopes have not released detailed photos since May this year. The NASA internet site has only about 5 fuzzy amateur photos since May, yet there is another smaller comet named "Hyatake" which has hundreds of photos available. NASA has acknowledged the strange behaviour of the Comet in it's comet news releases.

There have been thousands of people claiming to have contact with UFOs this year. A common theme from these people is that there will be a landing of many craft in the near future, maybe even before Christmas, to make the knowledge of UFO craft and their occupants common knowledge. For many decades, UFOs have been debunked in the mass media. This campaign of debunking has been successfully orchestrated by the most powerful intelligence agencies. Remember, we only took to the skies and invented radar a relatively short time ago.

There are a number of important issues to consider with contact of others in the universe.

We as a race have contemplated if we are the only ones in the galaxy.

From the research I've done, the joke seems to be that every star system has life. NASA recently announced a 3 billion year old fossil confirming life on mars. This was followed a week later by a similar announcement in Britain from geologists. What a co-incidence. What they didn't tell you was that they knew this decades ago. Indeed, I myself read all about it at the beginning of the year, and was amazed to see it on the front page news, eight months later. I thought it was old news. You see, it doesn't become our accepted reality until an official agency calls a press conference and tells the press to print it. Then the masses accept it as fact. They recently announced "possible life on Jupiter's moon - Europa". What they have not told you, that they have known for decades is that there is still life on mars, Europa and Venus. In the last 18 months they have started discovering planets orbiting other stars, over a dozen in 18 months, from nil until that time. Astronomers are now saying that most stars, maybe even all stars have planets. It is becoming apparent, universe is teaming with life. Many NASA officials, including astronaughts, have broken their silence about life not of this planet.

So, this begs the question: Are they good guys or bad guys?

I think, like on earth, there are both. Many of the well documented alien contact cases ( that won't become fact until NASA or some official agency calls a press conference. Don't hold your breath, it ain't gonna happen! ) have described some entities that seem to have a spiritual origin. Off planet beings are aware of each other, and are completely aware of what the soul/spirit is. So not only is the universe filled with life, but it encompasses different forms of life, not just physical/biological. Spiritual beings as well. We have on earth been cut off from the rest of the universe for a long long time. We are about to be reconnected.

So, this begs the question: Who's going to show up first, the good guys or the bad guys?

I think it's anyone's guess. There seems to be some power play taking place between those that want to keep us under control, and those that would tell us the truth about the Universe. I think we'll have to judge the visitors by the lies they tell when they get here.

This is why it is so important to know the truth, and ponder this topic.

In the last couple of years, Hollywood, Television and other media ( including the music industry) have pushed the Alien theme hard. Hollywood has had just this year, Independence day, The Arrival, Star Trek First Contact, Mars Attacks ( a new one with Jack Nicholson ) and a number of others. T.V has X Files, 3rd rock from the sun, Star Trek, Sightings and more. Disneyland has opened an E.T. theme park, claiming openly that contact is imminent. This is actually part of a campaign. Have you noticed how much E.T related stuff has come onto the market? Even magazines are carrying abduction stories without making fun of them.

McDonald Douglas aircraft Corporation are producing anti gravity craft ( flying saucers ) that can get to the moon in no time flat, they have for many years. They have already had help from off planet intelligence. This is documented by a number of employees, that these guys are helping with technology. Very strange things happen when you mess with powerful fields of gravity. It affects time itself, as well as making things disappear. The power plants that power these craft develop immense levels of energy with no pollution. The craft can exceed the speed of light.

There have been sightings of UFOs around a number of recent airline crashes, including the TWA 800 crash out of New York. It is not out of the question that these particular UFOs are of human origin, and are part of a fear based manipulation for future events. ( along with the movie Independence day )

I have lost count of the number of free energy devices that have been invented this century, and subverted by whatever means necessary. Just one avenue of free energy is the fact that there have been a number of cars designed that actually run on water. I have checked this out, it is absolutely true. An device called an electrolysis chamber can split water into hydrogen and oxygen and feed the engine hydrogen fuel instead of petrol, with absolutely no pollution! And a number of people have designed electrolysis units that are efficient enough to run our vehicles. People have been killed to subvert this knowledge. We have become within one human life-time, totally dependent on oil. As such, we have fought wars for it (notably the recent Gulf war, killing hundreds of thousands) , built up huge military industrial complexes to protect our "natural resources", and it in turn, has polluted our earth to the brink of extinction. We are brainwashed through the rip and read mass media into thinking this pollution is because we as a race are too stupid to handle technology. We carry the burden of guilt for attempting to kill ourselves off..

BUT, you and I and the rest of the planet would vote in a second for clean in-exhaustible energy. Are we given the opportunity? The truth is, we have no choice but to use the disgusting technology we have ended up with, The pollution problem is not your fault!! It is the fault of a system that has forced this on you, it is totally out of your control, and against anything you would vote for.

So who controls it?

There are a number of key players involved in this. Notable ones are the name of Rothschild and Rockefella. Both family Dynasties have been going for nearly three hundred years.

Under their control is:

* The world bank,
* International Monetary Fund
* American Federal reserve
* American Council of Foreign relations
* Tri-lateral commission
* United Nations
* All of the American banking System
* All of the the former Soviet Union banking System
* Most of the banking system of the rest of the world, excluding China.
* The military Industrial complex, both American and former Soviet Union
* Media conglomerates ( including Reuters and AAP )
* Hollywood
* The major intelligence agencies. CIA/Mossad.
* The Oil Industry

The list goes on and on, even Sony and Mitsubishi is owned by Rockefella. Don't believe the myth that Bill Gates is the richest man around. Rothschild is actually a Trillionaire!

These guys are sick of democracy, and have engineered through the United Nations, a plan for a World government.

They already are the unseen Government. Part of their agenda is population control. As far out as that seems, these guys funded both sides of the second world war. They backed hitler and made a fortune from both sides. Now they've decided there are too many of us. A number of researchers have found incontrovertible evidence that Aids and Ebola are actually viruses produced in laboratories of the biological warfare industry, owned by the fore-mentioned, and disseminated on purpose!

The plan for world government is well advanced, and close to being implemented. Suffice to say, the pattern of behaviour of these powerful manipulators is usually to create a problem, then step in with the solution. There's much I can say about the details of this plan, but the bottom line is that there will be a huge economic crash. The biggest. They can engineer it. On top of that we have this new contact with other races of the universe. Out of the chaos that ensues, they will offer a solution that will solve our economic/ecological/alien threat problems; (Problems they created!) WORLD GOVERNMENT! with a new global currency. "We must unite against a possible Alien attack", we will be told. A shell shot bewildered desperate population will see sense in this solution, and will accept this noble attempt to rebuild the system. That will be the last you see of freedom.

Recently three huge trading blocks were ratified.

1. NAFTA (North American free trade agreement )
2. The European Economic Union
3. APEC. (Asia Pacific economic union )

The head of the NAFTA block is Bill Clinton. And as you saw in the news recently, The head of the APEC trading block meeting was Bill Clinton. Spot the mistake? Not a word of criticism from our media. Does the Managing Director of General Motors go and conduct the board meetings for Ford? They are competitors. What is Bill doing in APEC!? Our fearless leaders must have negotiated hard for that one! The United Nations already has the power to overturn Australian court decisions. It also can sign in new agreements (in effect, laws) totally bypassing the Australian parliament. It already has signed in hundreds.

Bill Clinton actually signed over sovereignty of the U.S. military to the United Nations at the beginning of this year (96). A large militia movement in America is continuing to grow. It is estimated to be around a million strong at this time. They are armed and opposed to the "New World Order", as the push for world government is known. They are networked across the United States and have many experienced military personnel amongst their ranks. These guys are armed, organised, experienced and deadly serious! Internment camps have been built by the government right across the U.S. The court case for the suspects in the Oklahoma bombing tragedy, has turned up so much evidence of intelligence agents being involved, even the victims families are getting into the act to find out the truth behind this. There is a concerted effort to discredit the militia to such a degree that it will be a sinch to round them up and intern them without public outcry, when the time comes. Clinton also just signed in a law enabling road blocks to be set up, and cars to be searched for illegal guns. While in Australia and the U.K. guns are being taken out of the community.

The theory of evolution can explain many changes through-out species. The famous example of proof that is offered for Darwinism is that of butterflies of various colours on a tree trunk. The most obvious uncamouflaged ones are the first targets to fall prey to birds, thus resulting in a colour change in a species, a more camouflaged species. Of course, this applies to humans as well. If Hitler had his way, most of us would have blonde hair and blue eyes. BUT, did you realise that there is absolutely no evidence that a bacteria can turn into an elephant! Nor do the fossil records show any proof that man came from apes. There are glaring gaps in the fossil records. Scientists are still looking for these fossils to fill in the gaps, in order to validate the man from apes theory. Of course, this hasn't stopped the education system teaching it as fact this century. They also teach that Christopher Columbus discovered the world was round. Yet I stood next to a globe in Florence, Italy that was made in 1175. I saw evidence in the Cairo museum of Egyptian Global knowledge, thousands of years old. In fact ,nearly every ancient civilisation shows evidence of global knowledge. Chris Columbus was actually thick as a brick, and thousands of years behind the times. To get western culture to believe the world was flat, while at the same time, ships of all cultures were sailing all over the place, took a totalitarian education process that hid the truth. This is also what has happened re our knowledge of earth and the rest of the universe.

Consider this:

* An iron cup was recovered in an Oklahoma coal mine
* Metal tube recovered from a 65 million year old chalk pit
* A gold chain encased in a lump of Illinois coal
* A grooved metal sphere taken from a pre - Cambrian mineral deposit
* A nail embedded in sandstone in Scotland.

Items of this nature have been discovered and documented. They totally disprove the theory that we came from apes, and that we are the first advanced culture on this planet. Scientists are so tuned into the education paradigm, they think that these anomalies will somehow, one day, as if by magic, fit into the history and evolution theory we have been taught, and continue to teach our young. You cannot put a square peg into a round hole. Our true history has been erased.

There are many secret societies, throughout different continents, that have been traced back thousands of years.. They have brought about changes in governments and in the education system over that time. Freemasonry is a prominent name that comes to mind. This is not to say that all freemasons are part of some world control conspiracy. The freemasonry is full of good people doing good things, who wouldn't hear of such a wild idea. The trouble with secret societies, be it the CIA, Mafia, or freemasonry is; you follow orders and are not told the game plan.

Compartmentalisation is what keeps the secrets. You just take a vow of allegiance and do your bit, probably in the belief that where-ever the orders originate, there's some wise sage looking after your interests. Incidentally, the mafia and Italian intelligence agency have a secret society called P2. This organisation was involved in the murder of the good Pope John Paul a few decades back. There is a heirachy to these societies that is trans-continental. Control eminates from a central few. We could call them the Illuminati for want of a better name, but these guys are so devious that like "Prince" the pop star, they have no name. Who are they? Rothschild, and Rockefella!

Understand the implications of that; the CIA and Mafia answer to the same command! All those CIA drug scandals of recent years, including Iran Contra scandal. Who runs the drug markets of the world? The CIA/Mafia implications in the JFK assassination - it was both! Now you know who's toes JFK stepped on!
And what about the space shuttle? It exists solely to keep you stupid!

So, In summing up;

* Stock up on non perishable food.

* If any Alien race shows up with Bill Clinton and tries to tell you they just stumbled over us recently, and are here to give us free non-polluting energy to solve our problems, they are lying. (they could have given them to us anytime throughout history)

* You live beyond this lifetime, and these guys can only manipulate you if you are in doubt about this. It's also why an alien race isn't going to wipe us out. It's why they keep you in the dark and tell you nothing. You are controlled through a fear based society, that has always been influenced from beyond our earth. At the moment you are almost too scared to walk down the street, due to the mass media barage of negativity, which in turn causes a decline. This is no accident. It is the influence of intelligences more advanced than us. As much as we'd like to think we were the first ones in the universe to invent TV, if we believe that, it is a supreme act of human stupidity.

Everything that has happened this century, (as opposed to the previous 2 and more thousand years) particularly the technology, has been a lead up to what's about to happen shortly. The negative influences on us know that their control is coming to an end, this is they're last ditch effort before the end of game siren sounds. Due to the biological/spiritual nature of life throughout the universe, any open contact with other races eventually must lead to learning the truth about who you are, where you came from, and where you are going, a nuts and bolts knowledge and conscious connection of your powerful soul - a spiritual awakening. It is about to happen within our lifetime! We are going home.

The truth shall set us free.

We are Borg. You will be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours. Resistance is Futile.

Star Trek: First Contact, The Borg



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Dec. 10, 1996.