March 25, 2021

1. Q&A About OneLife/OneCoin Starting From Your Dashboard and Up

For Members of the OneLife-USA Group
That have registered with OneLife from within the USA (Using U. S. Virgin Islands).

Email Us To Join Our OneLife-USA Group! [3/26/19]

Using Trusted Emailed Feedback

--- For any OneLife member that wishes to join this OneLife-USA group - use this link above to apply. ---

Personal Assistance and Development through Research and Acquired Knowledge

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1. Q&A About OneLife/OneCoin Starting From Your Dashboard and Up - This webpage.
2. Q&A About Status and Use of the DealShaker Platforms and Expos.
3. Q&A About How to Sign Up New Members.
4. New Important Information from OneLife.
This information is coming from my OneCoin network and from the OneLife-USA newsletters (Google) email group.
Please send any corrections or additions to me at patrickgbailey - at -
Using as the subject line: "OneLife-USA - " followed by your subject area, e.g. "Using CoinSafe coins for DealShaker" or "NDS Requests".
I am only interested in receiving accurate answers and new questions in short emails.
Let's get this all correct and accurate!
Thank you!

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Note that all OneLife websites are accessible only outside the USA. You cannot normally see them from within the USA - unless you use a VPN app (see below).
Websites that have [USA] after them in the text below - work fine from within the USA.

Table of Contents
Objectives and Purpose
OneLife News Newsletters
OneLife Updated Terms and Conditions
Weekly OneLife-USA Group Webinars
Re-Conceptualizing a Working Net - Paper by Ron Forberg
OneCoin USA Account Questions and Answers
Websites and Email Addresses
Urgent Issues and Answers Needed
Login into Your Account Dashboard
OneLife Dashboard Announcements
About Your Accounts
About Agreements and Partnerships
About Trusts
What's on your Dashboard
What's on your OneCoin Wallet
About Your OneLife Downline Tree
The Binary Tree for Our Discussion
Exchange Issues
Tax Consequences
Transfer of Coins or Euros
Buying Tokens
Selling Coins
Getting Euros
Creating KYCs
OFCs and Requirements
Signing Up New Members
Old DealShaker International (Moved)
New DealShaker USA (Moved)
Expo Information of Interest (Moved)
Regional USA OneLife Events
Ideas for New Separate Webpages
Questions Submissions
Questions Log

Legal Disclaimer: Although a lot of effort has been made to make the questions and answers on this website as accurate as possible, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed. The posters or owners of this website do not accept responsibility for any errors made in the data listed here. If you require accurate OneLife or OneCoin or any other professional advice on these companies or their rules, then seek the answers from the OneLife company using their official website links below, their Newsletters, and also on your own Dashboard that you have access to as a OneLife member. We state our full disclaimer found here, and we also state that the information below is also covered by fair use law - and that it is presented for entertainment purposes only (just like in any newspapers, news stations, news broadcasts, internet posts, documentaries, and movies created within the USA). [1/20/19]

Our OneLife-USA Group Objective and Purpose

Our OneLife-USA Group was created to provide members information as it unfolds in three areas...
1. OneLife, OneCoin, One Academy, OneFoundation, XCOINX, OneForex, DealShaker;
2. How members in the USA participate with the OneCoin Ecosystem globally; and
3. Increasing turbulent geo-political, economic environment globally.

OneLife News Newsletters

OneLife Newsletters - Email Campaign Archive from One Network Services Ltd - Including a Join Our Mailing List Button [8/21/19]

Sometimes - and since October 14, 2019, the pictures in the newsletters using these links below do not load and appear using Firefox.
You can always use Explorer or Chrome instead.

OneLife Newsletter, 25th March 2021 News [3/25/21]
OneLife Newsletter, 17th March 2021 News [3/25/21]
OneLife Newsletter, 10th March 2021 News [3/10/21]
OneLife Special Announcement Released March 5, 2021 News [3/10/21]
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OneLife Newsletter, 11th February 2021 News [2/24/21]
OneLife Newsletter, 2nd February 2021 News [2/24/21]
OneLife Newsletter, 27th January 2021 News [1/27/21]
OneLife Newsletter, 20th January 2021 News [1/27/21]
OneLife Newsletter, 14th January 2021 News [1/27/21]
OneLife Newsletter, January 6th, 2021 News [1/27/21
One Life SPECIAL NEW YEAR EDITION 2021 News [1/27/21]
OneLife Newsletter, December 29th, 2020 News [12/8/20]
OneLife Newsletter, December 22nd, 2020 News [12/8/20]
OneLife Newsletter, December 15th, 2020 News [12/8/20]
Special Announcement - 3 DAYS OF THE NEXT RECESSION SURVIVAL KIT - December 11, 2020 News [12/8/20]
OneLife Newsletter, December 8th, 2020 News [12/8/20]
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OneLife Newsletter, November 4th, 2020 News [11/4/20]
OneLife Newsletter, October 28th, 2020 News [11/4/20]
OneLife Newsletter, October 20th, 2020 Additional News [11/4/20]
OneLife Newsletter, October 20th, 2020 News [11/4/20]
OneLife Newsletter, October 13th, 2020 News [10/13/20]
OneLife Newsletter, October 6th, 2020 News [10/12/20]
OneLife Newsletter, September 24th, 2020 News [10/12/20]
OneLife Newsletter, September 16th, 2020 News [10/12/20]
OneLife Newsletter, September 8th, 2020 News [9/14/20]
OneLife Newsletter, September 2nd, 2020 News [9/2/20]
OneLife Newsletter, August 26th, 2020 News [8/26/20]
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OneLife Newsletter, August 3rd, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, July 29th, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Special Announcement July 23rd, 2020 Special Announcement [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, July 21st, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, July 14th, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, July 7th, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, June 30th, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, June 23rd, 2020 News [8/26/20]
OneLife Newsletter, June 17th 2020 Lucky Training Draw [6/17/20]
OneLife Newsletter, June 9th 2020 News [6/17/20]
OneLife Newsletter, June 2nd, 2020 News [6/17/20]
OneLife Newsletter, May26th, 2020 News [6/6/20]
OneLife Newsletter, May 19th, 2020 News [6/6/20]
Special Announcement, May 16, 2020 GLOBAL EVENT “THE LEGEND OF THE ONE (OneCoin)” [6/6/20]
OneLife Newsletter, May 12th, 2020 News [6/6/20]
OneLife Newsletter, May 5th, 2020 One Academy...The Heart [5/9/20]
OneLife Newsletter, April 28th, 2020 An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest [5/3/20]
OneLife Newsletter, April 23rd, 2020 What's new this week? [4/23/20]
OneLife Newsletter, April 15th, 2020 What's new? [4/23/20]
OneLife Newsletter, April 8th, 2020 What's new this week? [4/23/20]
OneLife Newsletter, March 26th, 2020 What's new this week? [4/23/20]
OneLife Newsletter, March 20th, 2020 10K Get Started Campaign [4/23/20]
OneLife Newsletter, March 17th, 2020 What's new this week? [4/23/20]
OneLife Newsletter, March 10th, 2020 News and What's new this week [3/15/20]
OneLife Newsletter, February 20th, 2020 News and What's new this week [3/15/20]
OneLife Newsletter, February 11th, 2020 Updated News and What's New - Updated [3/15/20]
OneLife Newsletter, February 11th, 2020 News and What's New [3/15/20]
OneLife Newsletter, February 3rd, 2020 News and Headlines [3/15/20]
OneLife Newsletter, January 20th, 2020 First Global Network Leader Meeting in Sofia! [2/1/20]
OneLife Newsletter, January 16th, 2020 Updated SOFIA MEETING 18.12.2019 [2/1/20]
OneLife Newsletter, January 16th, 2020
     (Printed date as 12/17/19)
What we did during Christmas! [2/1/20]
OneLife Newsletter, December 17th, 2019 DealShaker activities all over the world! [1/2/20]
OneLife Newsletter, December 10th, 2019 GREAT FESTIVE NEWS! [1/2/20]
OneLife Newsletter, December 5th, 2019 IMPORTANT COMPANY UPDATES [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, November 25th, 2019 UPDATE [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, November 18th, 2019 5 Countries with the Most Ranks [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, November 11th, 2019 3 New Blue Diamonds [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, November 4th, 2019 SPLIT IS COMING [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, October 28th, 2019 WONDER WHEEL UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, October 21st, 2019 WONDER WHEEL UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER [12/7/19]
OneLife Newsletter, October 14th, 2019 NEWS [10/16/19]
     (The pictures do not work with Firefox)
DOs and DONTs About Refunds and Costs [10/16/19]
OneLife Newsletter, October 7th, 2019 Merchant Shout Out has become extremely popular. [10/10/19]
Decentralized VS Centralized Exchanges, Oct. 3rd, 2019 Definitions and terminology acquire different meanings each day... [10/10/19]
OneLife Newsletter, September 30th, 2019 What's New? [10/10/19]
OneLife Newsletter, September 23rd, 2019 It is about time to start the preparation for the launch of the Exchange. [9/23/19]
Diversity of DealShaker enables tradability, 9/19/19 Let’s review some of the deals in the DealShaker platform [9/20/19]
OneLife Newsletter, September 16th, 2019 HOT Topic - the Exchange [9/16/19]
Think Outside the Box 9/12/19
     (The pictures do not work with Firefox)
For a successful DealShaker business... [9/12/19]
OneLife Newsletter, September 9th, 2019 BE PREPARED [9/12/19]
OneLife Newsletter, September 2nd, 2019 New Update - Hello - I Am... Prepared [9/5/19]
An important update about the exchange 8/29/19 Ways to buy ONE after the Exchange is functional [9/5/19]
OneLife Newsletter, August 19th, 2019 Exchange Prep in 3 Steps [8/21/19]
OneLife Newsletter, August 12th, 2019 The new initiative – New merchant Shout out[8/21/19]
OneLife Newsletter, August 5th, 2019 TOPIC OF THE MONTH - NEW MERCHANT SHOUT OUT! [8/6/19]
OneLife Newsletter, July 29th, 2019 The Wonder Wheel is back until August 11th! [8/1/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, July 22th, 2019 Happy Monday and a successful, fulfilling new week! [8/1/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, July 15th, 2019 Warning Concerning Intellectual Property [8/1/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, July 8th, 2019 Don't Think Outside The Box - Think Like There is No Box [8/1/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, July 1st, 2019 Follow The Vision [8/1/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, June 24, 2019 Be inspiring, be creative, stay positive! [6/24/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, June 17, 2019 You don't close a sale, you open a relationship [6/17/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, June 10, 2019 Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success! [6/17/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, June 3, 2019 Go The Extra Mile - It's Never Crowded [6/3/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, May 27, 2019 Having an Achievement Mindset is Your Competitive Advantage [5/27/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, May 20, 2019 Success is Liking Yourself, Liking What You Do, and Liking How You Do It. [5/20/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, May 13, 2019 Believe in Your Potential! [5/13/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, May 6, 2019 The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May. [5/6/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, April 29, 2019 Have a wonderful week! #TogetherForMore [5/3/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, April 22, 2019 Easter Brings New Faith and Hope [4/22/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, April 15, 2019 Preparation Is The Key To Success [4/15/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, April 8, 2019 Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right. [4/8/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, April 1, 2019 Decide, Commit, Focus, Succeed [4/1/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, March 25, 2019 The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, March 18, 2019 Stay Patient And Trust Your Journey! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, March 13, 2019 Leadership Is The Capacity To Translate Vision Into Reality! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, March 04, 2019 It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, February 25, 2019 Everything You've Ever Wanted, Is On The Other Side Of Fear! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, February 18, 2019 Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, February 11, 2019 Never Dream For Success, But Work For It! [3/28/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, February 04, 2019 Happy Year of the Earth Pig! [2/4/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, January 28, 2019 There Is No Elevator To Success, You Have To Take The Stairs! [2/4/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, January 14, 2019 It is Time For Action! [2/4/19]
OneLife New Newsletter, December 31, 2018 Dream Bigger, Reacher Higher! [2/4/19]

The New OneLife New Updated Terms and Conditions - T&Cs

     The New OneLife New Updated Terms and Conditions - Now seen on all Dashboards - is copied here as a PDF file. LOTS of new information and rules! [2/26/19]

     Some of the Laws listed in this new OneLife document are copied below, using the prefix "T&C" -such as - [2/27/19]
     T & C 8. LIMITED RETURN POLICY - No refunds will be made after the IMA has logged into his account. By logging into an IMA account the Company considers that the IMA is accepting the Company’s conditions and no refunds shall be made.
     T&C 7. GLOBAL COMPENSATION PLAN AND TERMS - The IMA acknowledges and agrees that the Company reserves the unequivocal right to change or modify the Company’s General Terms and Conditions,
          the present IMA Agreement and Global Compensation Plan.

Weekly OneLife-USA Group Webinars

     On Some Sundays 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM Eastern, 5:00 - 5:30 PM Pacific

     Note that Ron has postponed these seminars until further notice. No new important news to report. [7/7/19]

     See the newsletters above - and -
     See webpage 4 at for all recent news from OneLife, OneCoin, and upline announcements. [7/7/19]

     Webinar Registration Link [TBD] [USA] for the next seminar when scheduled. [7/7/19]

     You can also register by using the website link at the top of this page!

Registration is necessary for each webinar.
     Reminder emails are sent one hour before webinars.
     Webinars are recorded and replay links sent early in the week. See them below.
     Participant seating capacity is currently 500 and will be increased with demand.

OneLife Conference Call Disclaimer - As read at the beginning of each webinar:
     "The people on our panel and our guest speakers are not employees of OneLife or any of their affiliate companies. We are simply IMA’s (Independent Marketing Associates) of the company and its network, just like you.
     We recognized a significant lack of accurate information and guidance in the USA on how best to proceed with a goal of monetizing our holdings. Thanks go to Ron Forberg for forming this group.
     It is our mission to assemble and share fact-based research to help everyone on these conference calls and emails to the OneLife—USA Group, to attain the best outcome for everyone involved.
     We will not be able to answer chat questions on these calls. If you have general questions, please email them to Ron Forberg at the OneLife-USA Group [or to Patrick Bailey at his email address given just under the red text above].
     Due to the number of emails we are receiving each week, it will be highly unlikely that we will answer specific questions for individual situations."

Webinar Questions and Answers
     Note that we do not use the Chat utility to answer questions during the webinars.
     We will only answer questions that are emailed to the speakers during and after each webinar.
     You should look first on this Q&A Website to see if the Answers to your Questions can be found here, below. [1/30/19]
     If you still cannot find the answers you want, or if you have new questions not found here below, then email Patrick at his email address given just under the red text above. [1/30/19]

OneLife-USA Group Past Webinar Replay Links [All USA Links]

     Sunday, March 24, 2019 [3/24/19]
     Dr. Bailey's Q&A Presentation on 3/24/19. [3/24/19]

     Sunday, March 17, 2019 [3/17/19]
     Dr. Bailey's Q&A Presentation on 3/17/19 - Updated on 3/20/19. [3/20/19]
     Recommended Song

     Sunday, February10, 2019 [2/15/19]
     Part 1: Report by Denis Murdock 1
     Part 2: Report by Denis Murdock 2
     Part 3: Report by Denis Murdock 3

     Sunday, February 3, 2019 [2/8/19]
     Part 1: OneLife/DealShaker Update
     Part 2:  Larry Napier
     Part 3:  Ron Forberg

     Sunday, January 27, 2019 - Review of MLM and the Promise of OneLife/OneCoin [1/29/19]
     Part 1: Q&A Website Status and Open Issues, History of Multi-Level-Marketing, FCC Approves AMWAY in 1979, OneLife began in January 2014 in Thailand, the USA now has over 100,000 members (4%) (more than Germany), and Many Success Stories.
     Part 2: OneLife has a "Heart" and a caring business plan, About 3rd Dimension in Marketing, The new Paradigm Shift, and the last presentation regarding 7K Metals.

     Sunday, January 20, 2019 - Re-Conceptualizing a Working Net [1/21/19]
     Part 1: OneLife USA DealShaker Franchise/Merchant Info
     Part 2: Larry Napier interview with Michael Thomas, Inventor of HALO/Quantum Botanical
     Part 3: Potential DealShaker Merchant: HALO/Quantum Botanical Affiliate Info

     Sunday, January 13, 2019 [1/21/19]
     Part 1: A Review of OneLife-USA Objectives and Status
     Part 2: We are now moving into the DealShaker ecommerce phase of Dr. Ruja's 25-year plan.
     Part 3: Paradigm Shift, 7K Metals, and the Music Video "We are a Miracle"
     PB Notes [1/29/19]

     Sunday, January 6, 2019

Websites [All USA Links]

     Old DealShaker International [USA can see] [Need VPN to use]
     New DealShaker USA [Beta Version - Coming along nicely...]
     OneLife-USA Q & A website (This webpage, under construction by Dr. Patrick Bailey with your assistance)

     Goto TOC

Re-Conceptualizing a Working Net, Paper by Ron Forberg [All USA Links] [1/28/19]
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Goto TOC

OneCoin USA Account Questions and Answers

IMPORTANT UPDATE (posted at! 7/16/19
Due to recent upcoming inquiries:
Please be informed that is the ONLY commercial platform related to the OneCoin cryptocurrency and the OneLife company! Any other platforms such as and, as well as any other cryptocurrencies, such as BYCOI, are NOT related to OLN and OLN does not recommend any other cryptocurrencies or projects, thus treating them as competitive and applying conflict of interest rules.
The ONLY official domain of the DealShaker platform is
The only official pages of OneLife and DealShaker are,; the official emails are,,  and the officially approved emails of the DealShaker franchisees.
All the communication from OneLife and DealShaker is sent from Monday to Friday. The OneLife Newsletter is sent on Monday every week.
Any communication sent via any other emails on behalf of the OneLife company and DealShaker is MISLEADING!

Where is the latest video from Dr. Ruja summaizing what is going on wth OneCoin? [5/26/19]
Right here: 

     Interview With Dr Ruja Ignatova OneCoin, May 10, 2019, 18:21 min
     Digital Currency information 2019

Where can I see a good short overview and legal definition of OneLife and OneCoin?

     Here is the corporate website, at [1/17/19]

     Here is the White Paper (33 pages) including lots of "good to know" information, at [1/17/19]
          "The purpose of this Whitepaper is to present ONE, the OFCs and the related ONE Ecosystem
          to potential participants in connection with the proposed Offering. The information set forth
          below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship.
          Its sole purpose is to provide relevant and reasonable information to potential purchasers
          for them to determine whether to undertake a thorough analysis of the ONE, OFCs and the
          ONE Ecosystem with the intent of purchasing OFCs offered."

     The OneLife Weekly Newsletters are in Your Dashboard under the menu Information Center, here. [1/17/19]
     See the Newsletters above! Also, when you open one of them, click on the big blue icon "Account Settings" to get onto their email list to you. [2/7/19]

     How many OneLife members are there from various countries, and what is the total % from each? Surprising! On your dashboard, and here. [1/18/19]

     It is noted on this list that for % of OneLife members - China has 47%, Brazil has 10%, and India and Vietnam each have 4%. [1/28/19]
     It has also been reported (and not shown there) that the USA has about 100,000 members, which puts it ahead of Hong Kong SAR China at 3% each! -
     Along with - Look! - Germany, South Korea, Pakistan, and even Thailand (where OneLife was first started!) - are all at only 3% each!
     So is there still room for more members? There are only 81K members in Germany, and 61K in Great Britain! - That's the size of only a small US city! Burbank in CA has only 104K people!
     There is STILL LOTS OF ROOM for expansion!
     Goto TOC

Websites and Email Addresses [3.20.19]
Provided by Metta Major, OneLife-USA Group Support 3/18/19


Chinese Support:

Urgent Issues and Answers Needed

     Danger Warning From Some OneLife Members - Regarding CoinSafe! - Make Your Screenshots Now! [3/13/19]

     Several members have stated they are MISSING COINS from their CoinSafe Account when their maturity date IS REACHED - even when they haven't done anything!
     The coins are deleted from their CoinSafe Account and have just disappeared! They have also not been transferred to their OneCoin Account!
     Furthermore, then their CoinSafe Account appears to be reset, and ready to set up a new CoinSafe Account and does NOT show any previous transactions - so all previous data in CoinSafe is wiped out!

     That is why it is so important that you take screenshots of not only your CoinSafe Account (SEE BELOW) showing total coins and maturity date, but also, take screenshots of your OneCoin Account to show all of the transactions,
         especially including the transfer of ONES to CoinSafe when you set up the CoinSafe Account - because sometimes the transactions in the OneCoin Account that showed the transfer of coins into CoinSafe may also have been deleted!

     Therefore - IF YOU DO NOT - then there is then NO RECORD of coins ever having been transferred from your OneCoin Account into CoinSafe, and no record of the coins ever having been moved to anywhere. They are just gone!

     Also, in the CoinSafe Account on the maturity date, the CLOSE button will appear giving you 30 days to make sure that you want to close your CoinSafe Account (if you want to).
     If your coins are there after the maturity date and you want to move them back to your OneCoin Account, then the only way to do that is by clicking on the CLOSE button and then entering your transaction password.
     If your coins are missing from CoinSafe, then the CLOSE button does not appear, as it has already been mysteriously deleted and your coins are missing.

     Many of the members who have missing OneCoins from their CoinSafe Account have stated that after sending a support ticket from their Dashboard to OneLife, they have never received any response back in regards to this issue.
     Instead, it is recommended that you send an email to OneLife using the same email address that you have registered with your OneLife account with the missing coins and a CC to yourself to <> regarding your missing coins -
         Including the screenshots as attachments as proof that you had these coins in your CoinSafe Account in the first place.
     These screenshots would include your CoinSafe Account showing your total coins along with the maturity date and also the screenshot (one or more) of your OneCoin Account showing all of the transactions to include moving OneCoins to set up your CoinSafe Account.
     Always sign your email to OneLife support with your OneLife username (login ID) of the account with the missing OneCoins, as support does not know you by any other name.
         Also, put "(username)" following your username so they understand that is your account's username of the missing coins.
     This way, right after sending your email to support, you will immediately get a return email with a support ticket #, which you will always use in the future when contacting support regarding this issue of your missing OneCoins in this particular CoinSafe Account.

     We do hope that OneLife fixes this horrible problem in the near future.
     Until then, take the screen shots (below) of your account to create YOUR ONLY BACKUP to your finances in each account that uses CoinSafe!

     Update - Looking Good - OneLife Support is Responding To Emails and Fixing the CoinSafe Errors! [3/20/19]

          From An IMA in Alabama, An Email of 3/18/19 -

          I have several onecoin accounts of my own and also manage several accounts for others.  I put all or a portion of the coins from some accounts in the coin safe.
          Almost without exception, there was an issue with coins disappearing at maturity. 
          I sent support tickets, which were always auto-acknowledged. 
          In most of those cases, the coins were eventually returned to the safe, with a new maturity date (a few weeks out), but also with the red Close box. 
          In most cases, I closed the safe account without waiting for the new maturity date. 
          The coins then, minus the interest that had already been earned prior to the original maturity date. 
          Then, to my pleasant surprise, a few weeks later, the “lost interest” was credited to my onecoin accounts on the dashboard, and showed in the transaction history of the respective onecoin accounts.

          The missing coins and lost interest syndrome has continued as other coin safe accounts matured and were closed, and I have sent support tickets. 
          Replies to the tickets have said the coins and interest will be returned but no time line could be given as to when. 
          Due to the prior experiences, I have confidence that this will occur; I’m just waiting and logging in to those accounts periodically to see when.

     Making OneLife Dashboard Pictures for Account Backups [3/9/19]
     It is extremely recommended that you make a picture (a screen shot)of your main Dashboard account webpage, and
     Also pictures of at least each of these pages in your Dashboard account:
     Profile, My Accounts - OneCoins, My Accounts - Cash, and My Accounts - CoinSafe.
     Make additional screenshot of My Accounts - OneCoins to show ALL activity, and make sure that you record any transfers into and from Coin Safe!
     Keep these pictures in a safe place - for EACH of your OneLife accounts.
     These are your only data backups of each category in your accounts, should anything ever happen to your accounts at OneLife by accident or by illegal activity.
     Here is how to do that!

     Patrick announced two OneLife accounts that you can use on the last Feb. 3 Webinar. He said "" and "". - He was incorrect. - They are "" and "". [2/4/19]
     You would logon to either website using your Login ID and PW combo for your one account of interest. Open only one website at a time. Read that again...
     It looks like "" copies the cash and coins data from your Dashboard page data at ""- and displays them - but NOT your CoinSafe coin data. It also shows your OFCs purchased! [2/6/19]

     You can change your country from "U.S. Virgin Islands" to "United States" on "" - and that change will eventually show up on your Dashboard at "". [2/6/19][2/19/19]
     T&C 2. BECOMING AN IMA - IMAs may only market ONELIFE NETWORK system and services or recruit new IMAs in those countries officially authorized by the Company. - and - [2/27/19]
          IMAs may only market ONELIFE NETWORK system and services or recruit new IMAs in those countries officially authorized by the Company. (The USA is now not approved.)

     T&C 10. ADVERTISING - Trademarks/Service Marks. IMAs shall not advertise ONELIFE NETWORK product or business opportunity in any way other than by use of authorized advertising or promotional materials made available to the IMA by the Company. [2/27/19]

     Any account that is not accessed over 12 months automatically loses its entire KYC status, and you have perform the KYC process all over again. [2/21/19]

     How can members now today create an account on the Old DealShaker Platform? Many members (like me) cannot see "USA" in the dropdown menu for the Country selection! [2/14/19]
     The current information is that this will not be fixed, and that this Old DealShaker Platform will be soon replaced.

     On the January 27 webinar, Ron shared that - Yes - there many problems being currently reported by members trying to use the Dashboard and trying to create accounts on both DealShaker websites. [1/28/19]
     He said that many teams are working to correct these problems, and that they should be fixed soon.
     How long to fix each problem is unknown.
     I would add that - there is no real reason to panic or be upset at the present time - and -that everything is moving along as planned. [2/18/19]

     Also - regarding that OFC deadline of March 1st - it turns out that - this is only for "OFC BUNDLES" and not for "2017 OFCs". See the OFC section below. [2/18/19]

     My list of priority items (complaints) to be fixed (These are all being worked on...) [2/15/19]
          To be able to change my Profile data (remember that a USA telephone number looks like "+14081234567".
          To be able to reset my password (PW) - requires an email from OneLife that I am not receiving.
          To be able to reset my transaction password (TPW) - requires an email from OneLife that I am not receiving.
          To be able to change all of the Profile data after I have purchased someone else's account at full coin price - I can't change the Profile country data to the United States.
          To be able to login on DealShaker.
          To see my accurate coin and CoinSafe data after logging into an account on NewDealShaker.

     My sponsor or my upline is not providing the information and training that he or she promised me and that I need. What can I do to make this happen? [2/27/19]
     T&C 5.C. IMA TRAINING PACKAGE REFERRER POLICY - Training. IMAs who enroll other IMAs and sell Training Packages must thereafter use their best efforts to provide an on-going basis, bona fide supervision and training of these IMAs and their sales group.
          This should include ongoing contact, communication, encouragement and support of his/her sales organization. IMA’s should encourage their IMA sales groups to complete the Company’s Training Packages that they purchase.
    T&C 17. CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT OBLIGATIONS - Any IMA who wishes to participate in ONELIFE NETWORK and benefit from the Global Compensation Plan must perform a bona fide supervisory function
        to ensure that his or her sales group is properly operating his or her business. IMAs must have ongoing contact, communication and management supervision with the IMAs in their sales group.
        Examples of such contact and supervision may include, but not limited to: newsletters, written correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contact, voice mail and electronic mail and
        these contacts must not violate any part of the present IMA Agreement.
     T&C 20. REPORTING POLICY VIOLATIONS - IMAs observing a policy or agreement violation by another IMA should submit a written report of the violation directly to the attention of Company’s Legal Department/Compliance Department.
          Details of the incidents such as dates, number of occurrences, persons involved, and any supporting documentation should be included in the report.
          A. Disciplinary Sanctions. Violation of the present IMA Agreement, fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business conduct by any IMA may result, at Company’s discretion, in one or more of the following corrective measures:
               1. Issuance of a written warning or admonition;
               2. Requiring the IMA to take immediate corrective measures;
               3. Imposition of a fine, which may be withheld from the account;
               4. Loss of rights to one or more bonus payments;
               5. Any other measure, which the Company deems practicable to implement to equitably resolve injuries caused partially or exclusively by the IMAs policy violation or contractual breach.
               6. Suspension of the individual’s IMA position for one or more pay periods;
               7. Involuntary cancellation of the offending IMA position;
               8. Immediate removal of the IMA web site(s) and termination of the IMAs position;
               9. Any other measures expressly allowed within any provision of the General Terms and Conditions, the present IMA Agreement or allowed by law;
                    The IMA is only entitled to a commission if he or she is not in violation of the General Terms and Conditions and the present IMA Agreement.
     T&C 21.C. Grievances and Complaints. When an IMA has a grievance or complaint with another IMA regarding any practice or conduct in relationship to their respective ONELIFE NETWORK businesses,
          the complaining IMA should first report problem to their registering IMA who should review the matter.
          If the matter cannot be resolved it must be reported in writing to the Support Department at the Company. The Company will review the facts and resolve it.

     Goto TOC

Login into Your Account Dashboard

     Where is my OneLife account Dashboard? Here: [1/21/19]

     Can I use a VPN app in the US to bounce my internet requests through another country, so this link will absolutely work for me? Yes! - Read 4 paragraphs down... [3/25/19]

     What is on my Dashboard? There is way too much data! How can I find what I am looking for? Use this Brand New Outline of Your Dashboard! [2/20/19]
     The data is organized by topic areas listed going down from the top left of your screen.
     You will see that there is a HUGE amount of data - that you can easily find - including everything you need to know!
     Once you learn how the topics are organized, it's really easy to find anything!

     Where can I see a text file of all of the FAQ questions and Answers from my Dashboard? Use this Brand New Dashboard FAQ Expanded Text! [2/21/19]

     Where can I change in my Profile, the country "US Virgin Islands" to "United States"? In this other website [1/31/19]
     When I did that, it immediate changed in my Dashboard Profile on the OTHER website (OneLife).
     Do I want to do that now? I don't know. I did that in only one account for testing - to see if I can THEN later on create accounts in DealShaker and in NewDealShaker.

     Why can't I log into my account dashboard in the USA?
     OneLife is blocking ISPs from the USA due to USA Federal Law.
     What can I do about that? Nothing.

     Can I use a VPN app or program in the US to bounce my ISP through another country? Will that work? Yes! Then you can access your Dashboard just like anyone else, from anywhere else.
     If you do not see the "Login Code Numbers" numbers under your password input section that you need to type in to login, then you need to run VPN. Germany (DE) works well, but not always...
     So, I recommned always using Switzerland (CH). [2/18/19]
     But remember! You need to open your browser to any USA website, then run VPN, then access a different country (e.g. Switzerland) AND THEN - AND ONLY THEN after that is done -THEN you can open any OneLife website (in that order) and then login. [1/29/19]
     If you do not like the looks of the Login Code Numbers that you get, then just click on the circle with the arrows on the right, LoginGetNewNumbersIcon, for a new set. I do not like "1"s (the number one) or "l"s (the letter l, after k). [1/23/19]

     Note that these Login Code Numbers (e.g.  s7hx3) are case sensitive! They are usually lower case! [4/10/19]

     IMPORTANT! Open only one (1) OneLife website (Dashboard ) at a time. They all use cookies. Open more than one at the same time, and your computer will get confused! Very Dangerous! [1/29/19]

     Where can I find such a VPN program? Lots of places. [1/21/19]
     The Firefox browser (free) has an "Add-On" app "SetupVPN" that will do that (for free) that works great!

     I use the Firefox VPN to only check on my accounts. I am not sure that I would send a Transaction Password over this or any free VPN app. [3/25/19]
     To transmit a Transaction Password, I would use a paid service VPN for guaranteed security.

     Many members are recommending to use ZenMate for VPN, which has great security and a low yearly cost. [3/25/19 MM]
     It can cost as little as $2.00 per month for the 2-year contract. Available at
     When Firefox is installed, the icon to run the SetupVPN app icon appears on the top right, and looks like this, FirefoxVPNIconUseToConnect. When you connect to a country, such as Switzerland (CH) the icon looks like this, FirefoxVPNIconConnectedtoCH. [2/6/19]
     The VPN connection can be closed by clicking that country icon (e.g. CH) and choosing "Disconnect". [1/27/19]
     When that particular browser window is closed, or if the entire Firefox browser is closed, then the VPN connection is automatically closed. [2/1/19]
     It is recommended that you do not leave your VPN connection "on" for long periods of time, as ALL of your computer's internet and website browsing will then all go through that country (and be slow). [1/27/19]
     Also, I recommend that you only send small PDF files over the internet when VPN is on. I have had problems and crashes when trying to transfer large JPG files for KYC. See below how to convert a big JPG into a small PDF file. [2/7/19]

     If I use such a VPN app, can I see my Dashboard and do everything I want? Yes, and maybe (as per this Q&A list).

     You also should ONLY open just one OneLife account window at a time! Only one from ALL of the OneLife or OneCoin websites! [2/1/19]

     Note that your Dashboard may not have the same information included as seen by some other member! It appears that the Dashboards are all being slowly updated. See below. [1/21/19]

     Hey! I logged on and it says I have not accessed my account for 12 months and I am locked out! Am I frozen? What can I do? [1/22/19]
     Easy - They are requiring you to perform the KYC step before they let you back in. Do this, and you will be on your Dashboard in about 5 seconds. See the KYC section below.
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OneLife Dashboard Announcements [6/17//20]

     When you open your Dashboard, the first thing that you will see are the OneLife Announcements that apply to all OneLife/OneCoin accounts.
          Your Dashboard data is under these Announcements (scroll down).
     These Announcements are posted in white text on a red background. Click the ">" icon on the right to view the next Announcement. They cycle and repeat.
     The Official Announcements are what you read on your Dashboard.
          They can change every day.
     Here is a file of what all of the Announcements were on a particular day.
     Goto TOC

About Your Accounts

     You access your account with your OneLife username and your password: Login ID and PW.
     You make any changes to your personal data and your account balances using your transaction password: TPW.
     Keep these 3 text names written down exactly in a very safe place! Login ID, PW, and TPW.
     If you copy these data onto any computer file - be careful NOT to include any leading or trailing blanks! [1/17/19]
     Members are having a hard time getting any 'help me' responses from the company using emails!
     Also - there are rumors that by using certain "backdoors" that have been allowed to be built into all operating systems, worldwide, that hackers can see all of your files and data - if they really want to!
     So, if you keep these 3 text names written down in a computer, then use a really silly file name, or somehow encrypt it!
     Also note that when using your username to sign in, the username is not case sensitive. But the PW and the TPW are! [1/17/19]
     You can always later on change your PW and your TPW (see how below). [1/18/19]
     You can never change your User ID. Well, maybe - with a lot of effort -
          T&C 3.H. CHANGES IN IMA STATUS - Name Change. An IMA may change the operating name of the IMA position by forwarding written notification to the Company. [2/27/19]
     If you create a position and misspell the User ID, then IMHO - abandon that, and create another one, and pay better attention.

     About being assigned to the US Virgin Islands: Ron says: [1/16/19 Ron]
     "The US Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States like Puerto Rico and Guam; not a state like California, but a territory.
      As a company based in Bulgaria, OneCoin elected to DOMICILE its business in the US Virgin rather than North Dakota.  It gets cold in ND during winter.
      We did not become citizens of the US Virgin Islands."
      So, having US Virgin Islands in your Dashboard profile has not caused any problems (yet). If it does, we can always upgrade to "United States" as stated above.

     However, when I purchased someone else's account and then tried to transfer it over to me, "U S Virgin Islands" is not on the pull-down menu! What can I do? I don't know - that's me.

     How do I change my Login ID? You can't. Carefully enter it the first time. You can use upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, dashes, and even underscores, no blanks or other characters, and - the ID is not case sensitive when you type it into the OneLife Login page. [1/24/19]
     If you make a spelling mistake, then abandon that account and start over. The misspelled account will be automatically deleted later on due to no activity. The exact name that you enter will be the one that is displayed in your downline tree, showing the case sensitive name. [1/24/19]
     How do I change my PW? Go to My Accounts / Security. I recommend that you type the data into Notepad and copy it into the Dashboard - making SURE that you do not have any leading or trailing blanks in your new PW! Be SURE to have a copy somewhere! [1/24/19]
     How do I change my TPW? Go to My Accounts / Security. I recommend that you type the data into Notepad and copy it into the Dashboard - making SURE that you do not have any leading or trailing blanks in your new TPW! Be SURE to have a copy somewhere! [1/24/19]
     Note that your new TPW must have at least one capital letter and a number, and must be 6 or more characters. [1/23/19 JS]
     I always use an 8-character TPW, and I always change it from their default. I copy it to notepad and then from there into the Dashboard - making sure that there is NOT a trailing blank! [1/23/19]
     Why can't I input my USA telephone number properly? You need to use this format: "+1" then area code, then number. No dashes or spaces. Like "+14081234567". [2/15/19]

     How can I change the country I have registered? "The change of the country is possible only once in every 3 months.
     When the period from your last modification passes, you would be able to do the needed change when you log in to your account and select My Profile→ Profile." in Dashboard / Information Center / General Account Information. [1/20/19]
     To change from "U.S. Virgin Islands" to "United States", see above.

     Why can some people see "United States" in their dropdown country menu when they edit their Profile Address (listed right under Great Britain) and others cannot? [1/21/19]
     A member in Miss. uses Chrome and can see that (using Express VPN). I cannot see that using Firefox (using the SetupVPN add-on).
     I today downloaded Avira free VPN and used that with the Chrome, the Explorer, and the Firefox browsers. I still could NOT see US listed using all 3 browsers!
     The only conclusion I can draw is that OneLife is updating SOME member accounts with a new Dashboard - and mine (and maybe yours) has not been updated yet. They have today over 3.52 million members.
     This may also solve the problem of any missing coins in accounts and/or in CoinSafe AND the fact that I can't see any way to view how many OFCs I have in my Desktop.
     So - just be patient and trust the system.

     Also JS says that if you cannot change your country to "United States" in your Desktop / My Account / Profile, then you can do it as described here [1/24/19]
     Now another question is - should I do that right now or wait a few weeks? I don't know.

     You might say: But I can see "United States" in my dropdown country menu (listed right under Great Britain). Should I then change my country to US?
     I have no idea. I am going to wait until OneLife tells me that I can - and then maybe should do that. I hate Beta Testing. [1/21/19]

     Why am I missing coins from coin safe accounts after their maturity dates? We can’t see our coins since maturity date approached. What is happening? [1/21/19]
     "It is just a technical error like last year and it will be fixed very soon so no need to panic and send emails to support. You all will see your coins soon in your coins accounts." [1/20/19 SM, from a Black Diamond]
     And, it may be related to the "Browser Problem" discovered above.

     How can I tell what my coins are worth in USD ($)? The price of 1 Euro in dollars varies every day. It's now around $1.13 per Euro. [1/17/19]
     A good EUR/USD status and history data website can be found here.
     Don't forget to include the exchange fees, that vary by bank and method...

     How can I see the history data plots of the value of OneCoins over time? [2/12/20][11/7/19]
     Here is my PADRAK History Plots of the OneCoin Value in Euros, and in USDs, the membership, the split barometer, and the difficulty barometer - since 2015.

     When will OneLife go public? What will be the value of the coins then? We are not sure when. Sometime this year, we hope. The XCOINX exchange is owned by OneCoin. [1/23/19 JS]

     THE COIN IS ONE STEP AWAY FROM GOING ON AN EXCHANGE - The Full OneLife Announcement is here [1/24/19 Ron]
     "The OneCoin company is proud to announce that the OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) is only a step closer to being listed on an exchange. The company is executing a long-term corporate plan which was established as a result of the ambitious goals of its Founder and Visionary.
     Please be informed that the development and the licensing of the exchange platform is implemented on time. The exchange will combine remittance and exchange services. Currently, the last audit of the platform and the technical connection with the Central bank are happening.
     We would also like to state that the merchants which are part of the DealShaker interactive commerce hub, and their security, are the primary concern of the relevant teams. We will not allow any exchange to launch that isn’t absolutely secure, safe and fits.
     We’re almost there and in a position to give DealShaker’s esteemed merchants what they have been promised them and even more." This announcement also contains good explanations of the 2017, 2018, and new OFCs status and plans.
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About Agreements and Partnerships [2/15/19]

     Also, you had better read the new OneLife Updated Terms and Conditions that are linked just after the OneLife Newsletters above! [2/27/19]
     T&C 2.C. Legal Entity - If an Applicant is a corporation, partnership or other legal entity, all shareholder(s) of the corporate applicant, all partner(s) of the partnership or all owners of the legal entity applicant must agree to the application,
          a list of the names of each shareholder of the corporate Applicant, each partner of the partnership Applicant, or each owner if another legal entity must accompany the Application.
    T&C  3. CHANGES IN IMA STATUS - Death, Divorce, etc.
    T&C  3.F. Partners - The Company reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to approve or disapprove any proposed merger or admission of Co-IMAs, partners, shareholders or other owners.
          The admission of a Co-IMA, partner, shareholder or other owner must create a bona fide business relationship and must not involve the addition of inactive persons or of entities or other persons or entities which "pass through" income to others.
    T&C  3.G. CHANGES IN IMA STATUS - Co-Ownership over IMA positions – in case of co-ownership over certain position the COMPANY will reflect this in its files.
          All relations between co-owners, including future activity of the IMAs – co-owners are exclusive responsibility of the IMAs.
          The Company is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any unsettled legal and financial relations and/or obligations between the co-owners.

     About Creating an Account -
     Should I set up a formal agreement for my OneCoin account(s) that I form in a partnership with other people? People that live anywhere? Absolutely! Some members have already successfully done that years ago!
     What kind of agreement form should I use and how do I set that up? That is up to you. I would recommend looking on the internet, and choose one, like this free one.
     All of the members of the agreement could have the account ID and PW, but I think only one member should be "in charge" and have the TPW.

     About Modifying Account Owners -
     A new agreement is needed whenever a partnership is changed or dissolved.

     About Selling and Account to a New Owner -
     A new agreement would be needed. However, there are two dangers here:
          (1) Make sure that you can enter the buyer's country name into the Profile data (so purchasing into the USA does not yet work), and
          (2) Make sure that you have the ID, PW, and TPW and that the buyer IMMEDIATELY changes the TPW upon execution of the agreement.

     About using your account for a loan -
     This involves many other variables, and just depends on the legality of the agreement and the ability to enforce it.
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About Trusts

     Also, you had better read the new OneLife Updated Terms and Conditions that are linked just after the OneLife Newsletters above! [2/27/19]
     Should I set up a Trust for my OneCoin account(s) and for capital assets that I might buy? Absolutely! Some members have already had sponsors or downline member pass on and this would really help!  [2/4/19]
     What kind of Trust should I use and how do I set that up? That is up to you. I would recommend reading a simple book about what Trusts are available, to see which one you would want. I would also recommend books on Trusts at NOLO press.
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What's on your Dashboard

     What is on my Dashboard? There is way too much data! How can I find what I am looking for? Use this Brand New Outline of Your Dashboard! [2/20/19]

     Where can I see a text file of all of the FAQ questions and Answers from my Dashboard? Use this Brand New Dashboard FAQ Expanded Text! [2/21/19]

     OneLife Important Notices (in the white text on the red background).
          Click on the white ">" icon on the center right to see the next notice. Then click it again to see the next notice - until it cycles back to the first notice.
          On the left you see your various screen selections in a vertical column.
          Clicking on the upper right white X or on the 3rd screen selection down on the left column ("Dashboard") just modifies that red window.
          To view your full Dashboard screen (in blue), just scroll down.

     On the Dashboard sections (in the squares) - that you can now see in blue - in each row (left to right) in the three rows with your data (always in Euros, EUR) are:
          OneCoin Account, Tokens Account, Cash Account (EUR), Trading Account, CoinSafe;
          "Coming Soon", OneLife Points, Directly sponsored Rookie, Points left & Points right, Bonus earned This week & Total Bonus Earned;
          Account splits & Super splits, SPLIT BAROMETER & DIFFICULTY INCREASE BAROMETER, TOKEN (price in EUR) & ONE (OneCoin Value in EUR), Difficulty (in tokens, TKN).

     By scrolling down below that - you can find informative sections, including the latest OneLifeNewsletters (the pictures are links), and a map showing how many new members have signed up from around the world (except in the USA).

     Where can I see a History Record with dates of all of my OneCoin transactions?
          In your Dashboard go to My Accounts / OneCoin Account
          This also shows the date and how many coins were converted to OFCs. It does NOT show how many OFCs you purchased - to see that, see the OFC section below.

     Where can I see the number of OFCs in my account?
          The OFC data is not in your Dashboard. Close that window, and then login into - there ya go! [2/6/19]

     A Short - How To Do It On My Dashboard - List:
          To Send Coins to Downline - Go to My Accounts / OneCoin Account / Send OneCoins / Send onecoin to downline
          To Send Cash to Downline -  Go to My Accounts / Cash Account / Send Cash / Send cash to downline
          To Send Cash to Upline -      Go to My Accounts / Cash Account / Send Cash / Send cash to upline
          To Withdraw Cash (Euros) - Go to My Accounts / Cash Account / Request Withdrawal (See the Getting Euros section below)
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What's on your OneCoin Wallet [3/27/19]

     The OneCoin Wallet for an account (1) is at
     This is just a summary of data that is all taken from that same (1) Dashboard account.
          Click the upper right square yellow button to LOGIN.
          Enter for one account, the ID and PW:
          Under the "MAIN INFORMATION" link, it shows: ONECOIN ACCOUNT (coins), CASH ACCOUNT (Euros), and OFC ACCOUNT (OFCs which are now being converted back to coins over 4 months), and
          Under the "KYC" Link, it shows: (for me) "Your current KYC status: Pending".
     Goto TOC

About Your OneCoin Downline Tree

     The OneCoin downline tree is sometimes drawn as a binary tree, with only two downlines under every position.
     This is not an accurate description. OneCoin actually allows for many downlines under each position.
     A more accurate diagram is the Bloodline Tree, or Matching Tree, found in your Desktop under My Network / Matching Tree. (Click on the solid dots to expand it.)
     However, I have found that this Bloodline Tree is also not always completely accurate, especially when expanded off to the right.
     You can construct an accurate full tree by looking at each individual position and noting its sponsor. I finally wrote all that into Excel in an easy-to-see indented outline format.
     OneCoin allows as many downline members as any position can sign up on any level, and you can also have multiple positions yourself.
     Can I register more than one account? It is unclear - although your Dashboard states: "The OneLife Network provides you with the opportunity to register as many accounts as you would like" in Dashboard / Information Center / General Account Information. [1/20/19]
     However, Ron recalls that for the US, OneLife may now (since some unknown date) only allow each new member to have only a max of 2 positions. [Ron 1/21/19] I don't know.
     I think that only binary trees with only one position per member in the whole tree are allowed under law for multilevel network marketing within the USA.
     I think that this is why OneLife was forced to stop allowing new members from the USA from joining in the first quarter of 2017.
     How do we handle "survivor rights" and "property transfers" when an owner of a position dies? I assume that you have to send an official letter with ALL of the data to OneLife. [1/17/19]
     It is probably better to transfer your OneLife accounts into Trusts, that can be transferred between people anytime - in cases of arguments, divorce, or death (see "Trusts" below). [2/7/19]
     How can I communicate between countries having foreign languages? I would write a letter in English, and include a translation stapled to that, made by using [1/17/19]
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The Binary Tree for Our Discussion

     Let's assume that we have a 3-level binary tree labeled alphabetically as shown below, and
     You own position A.
     These letters are the account names:

                 /          \
             B                C

         /         \           /         \

     D            E        F          G

     Downline and Upline Definitions -
     Downline from A is any other letter.
     Downline touching from A is B or C, and not D or E, and not F or G.

     Upline from D is only B and A.
     Upline touching from D is only B.

     Can I change my position in the OneLife tree? No. [2/27/19]
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Exchange Issues

     T&C 2. BECOMING AN IMA - By submitting the IMA Application and supporting documents the IMA also agrees to the registration in the Onepay’ e-wallet platform. [2/17/19]
          OnePay is a payment solution for accessing and transferring funds electronically.

     Should I sell my OneCoins? Should I transfer my OneCoins? [2/19/19]
     We recommend that you save your OneCoins for the New DealShaker USA.
     The value of your OneCoins has been increasing about 20% two or three times a year over the past 3 years, and
     We expect the value of your OneCoin to keep rising with the continued future success of the company - and you can always purchase merchandise on the New DealShaker USA!
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Tax Consequences

     It is noted that any monetary profit from selling your OneCoins is a taxable event to US Citizens under US Law. [2/19/19]
     However, this tax is not the same as "income tax". It is instead a "commodities tax", which is a lower % tax than "income tax."
     It is not clear how this tax will be imposed on buying merchandise from DealShaker or New DealShaker USA.
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Transfer of Coins or Euros

     Coins can only be transferred downline.
     If these are all your own positions -
     Can you transfer from A to B? Yes.
     Can you transfer from A to D? I don't know.
     If B is someone else and D is also yours, can you transfer from A to D? I don't know.

     What is the max transfer rate of Coins per transaction?
     Here is the data that I have on my older website built in 2017: [2/20/19]
     Each Package comes with a set limit for the transfer of OneCoins per day:
     Starter - 5; Trader - 10; Pro Trader - 10; Executive Trader - 10;
     Tycoon - 25; Tycoon Plus - 25; Premium - 25; Infinity and Higher - 40 Max per Day!

     One members has told me that he has transferred the max amount several times in one day from his account going to separate accounts. [2/20/19]
     So the limit may be based on receiving and not on sending.

     Euros can be transmitted upline or downline. [1/29/19]
     If these are all your own positions, and you want to transfer upline -
     Can you transfer from B to A? Yes.
     Can you transfer from D to A? I don't know.
     If B is someone else and D is also yours, can you transfer from D to A? I don't know.
     And - the same would be true for transferring downline from A to B or D.
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Buying Tokens

     What happens if I buy Tokens in my Dashboard to eventually convert to coins? [2/2/19]
     Today, TKNs cost 0.22 EUR. The Difficulty is now about 300 TKN per Coin. The coin is valued at 29.95 EUR.
     So to get 1 coin -
     TKNs needed = 300
     Cost = 300*0.22 = 66 EUR.
     So you would be paying a little over double what the coin is worth now.
     Adding an expectation of the coin going up 20% three times a year, then f = 1.2^4 = 2.07
     Then - you would think that you break even in about 1.3 years.
     But - then add to that mining time and (if possible, subtract token split time), and maybe it could be less than a year.
     I think that - instead - it would make a whole lot more sense to use your Euros to raise your position to the next higher-level ASAP.
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Selling Coins

     Can we can advertise to sell any coins using the Dashboard? I don't think so. I cannot find the option on my Dashboard anymore. [2/26/19].
     What is the max number of coins to sell per transaction? See Transfer of Coins (above).
     What is the max transfer rate per day/week/month? I don't know.

     When can we sell our own coins? Ron says: [1/17/19]
     "OneLife members won't be able to sell or liquidate OneCoins on exchange till the end of 2019.  However, we will be able to "utilize" them for buying and selling of products, services and commodities on the DealShaker ecommerce site.
     As such, gold and silver are the best and easiest means of monetizing our OneCoin and we are proactively pursuing 7K Metals, a very fine company, as a DealShaker merchant."

     Can we sell our coins through a downline position that is registered to a friend that resides outside of the USA? [2/26/10]
     The idea here is to sign up a member in your direct downline that lives outside of the USA, and
     Then you could transfer coins (slowly) down to him, and have them sold from there.
     But can a member that resides outside of the USA currently sell coins from their Dashboard? I don't know. We need to find out.
     If not - then you might as well travel to an Expo yourself, rather than having to slowly transfer all of those coins and then have your downline friend travel to an Expo.
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Getting Euros

     To Withdraw Cash (Euros) - Go to My Accounts / Cash Account / Request Withdrawal [1/29/19]
          Choose the Withdrawal Method: Bank Wire or OnePay or China Union Pay
               Be careful here! - Some cash transfer methods are more expensive than others (per transfer). Find out the cost before you actually execute the transfer!
          Fill in the amount in Euros and your TPW.
          Click the button on the bottom right: Withdraw (green) or Cancel (red).
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Creating Your KYC (Know Your Customer Step) (Doing this verifies your identity to OneLife.)

     KYC Announcement in the OneLife News Newsletter 2.4.19 [2/4/19]

     Hey! I used to have a "PENDING" KYC approval, and now I don't.! What happened?
     (1) One of your ID documents may have expired! If so, perform KYC again with IDs with a future expiration date, or [1/23/19]
     (2) Probably because you did not access your account within 12 months. [2/21/19]
          Any account that is not accessed over 12 months automatically loses its entire KYC status, and you will have to perform the KYC process all over again!

     What are the best file types to use and send to create your KYC? PDFs are much smaller than JPGs and transfer fast!
     How do I make a PDF from a picture file? Open Word, use Insert / Pictures, then Save As a PDF file with the same file name as the picture. (Save the PDF as xxx and then copy the JPG file name over that.)
     What do you do if for some reason you get an ERR and the OneLife window closes? I closed the browser, re-opened VPN, and then it worked.
     To really avoid problems, I made a PDF with my passport on the top, and my Driver's License below that. I sent that in as the National Passport. [1/17/19]
     You need to ALSO send in a PDF with a gas, telephone, or insurance bill that shows your name and address. [1/17/19]
     Important: Only clearly scanned high-resolution images having all details visible will be accepted. KYC documents should not contain visible pixels or dot patterns. All scanned KYC documents must be in color. [1/21/19 Ron]
     You must upload BOTH the ID/Passport and the Proof of Address (utility bill, etc.) at the same time, and the maximum size is 2 MB for each document. (That's why you should use PDF files!)  [1/23/19 JS]

     Assume you upload the proper required files for getting your KYC at position A.
     You then get the message "PENDING / CONDITIONALLY APPROVED".
     Is this the highest-level rating that we can get? I don't know.
     Will we ever get a higher KYC rating? I don't know. I have been told no - that is the highest rating, so don't worry - you are good to go.

     The "PENDING / CONDITIONALLY APPROVED" KYC status is good enough to be able to use [3/25/19 MM]

     After you do that, for copying that KYC at position A to lower positions -
     If these are all your own positions -
     How many positions can you input to referring to (copy from) position A?
     I could only refer B, C, and D. So - I could refer only 3.
     Then, I had to upload the same files again for position E. [1/17/19]
     Do we have to refer only touching positions? I don't know.
     I found that I was able to refer only these first 3 positions, and I then had to upload the same files for the rest, uploading 2 files per position. [1/17/19]
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     You can place up to as many coins that are in your account into CoinSafe, and they will earn interest at 10% to 12% per year that they are stored - 10% for 1 yr, 11% for 1.5 yrs, and 12% for 2 years. [1/17/19]
     They are then unavailable for use for this duration - with a given automatic renewal date, as seen in your Desktop. [1/17/19] (Well, we are told that they can be used in both DealShakers, but not tested yet.)
     Why would I want to do that? Because the increase factor is (for 12%) 1.12 per year: 1.12x, 1.25x, 1.40x, 1.57x, etc, so you get over 50% more coins in interest after only 4 years... [1/17/19]
     You can remove them from CoinSafe during the month before the automatic renewal date. [1/17/19]
     You won't see the red "Close" button if your account has not matured yet. [1/23/19 JS]
     You may see errors in your CoinSafe account balances (see above). OneLife is aware of this and is slowly fixing the problems.
     Be sure to email them with your account name and generate a support ticket number. [3/20/19]
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OFCs and Requirements

     How can I see my current OFC balance? You can either see that on your Dashboard under My Accounts / OneCoin Account in the history of your transactions - and -
     you can log into, enter your normal OneLife ID and PW, and there see your coin, cash, and OFC balances there. [1/22/19 BE]

     All OFCs are being transferred back into OneCoins at the same cost as they were purchased.
     How can you see how many OFCs that you have? It doesn't matter.
          You can login to and see your OFC balance.  [1/17/19 Your Coin World ]
     You can see how many you purchased under your Dashboard / Account (Coins to OFCs per transaction) if necessary.
     Since they will be given back to you at the same cost you originally paid, it really doesn't matter how many you have.
     The OneCoins will show up in your account over 5 months in 20% increments.

     New OFCs -
     An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was being conducted 7 Oct- 2018 through 7 Jan 2019 to sell (New) Options for Future Certificates (OFCs). This is not available now. [1/23/19 JS]
     They are expected to be converted to Onecoins during a phase-in schedule in 2019.

     In March 2017 OFC's were exchanged at a rate of 200 OFC's per 1 coin as per my records. Now exchange is 300 OFC's per 1 coin. Wondering why I estimate there will be a tremendous loss of coins in this exchange after waiting almost 2 years?
     You're right about the 200:1 rate back in 3/17. We're a bit puzzled about 300:1 as well. [1/21/19 Ron]

     This new OneLife Announcement here contains good explanations of the 2017, 2018, and new OFCs status and plans. [1/24/19 Ron]
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Signing Up New Members

     OneLife decided to not allow any more people from the USA to sign up after a final deadline date in the first quarter in 2017. This was caused by USA Federal Law for various reasons.
     Can a prospective member that lives in the USA use his parent's legal address in another country to sign up? Or his relatives? How about a trusted friend? All Yes!
     Why haven't you done this yet? I don't know.
     Is this the easiest way to sign up a new member?
          To decide on and use their ID and PW, open the sponsor's Dashboard, create their account, close the active Dashboard, open their newly created Dashboard, put in the Gift Code, make sure all of the Profile data is correct, and
          Then to hand over the account to them? Yes!
          And you can retain your access until he is trained, and then finally ask him to change his PW and TPW. [1/24/19]

     Can I buy out someone else's position and register it under my name? Not in the USA location. It is not listed. Even the U.S. Virgin Islands is now not listed for such a transfer. Maybe later...
     Do I have to worry about my position being in the USA Virgin Islands, like I was told was OK by my Upline when I joined? No. The company allowed that at the time you signed up. Also see above.
     Are we being discriminated against by the OneLife company for being registered within the USA? I don't know.

     Is there a good video explaining all about crypto currencies in general - that also has a good introduction to OneCoin? Yes! Funny you should ask... From September 2016, when I was on a 1-hour TV Show. [1/17/19]

     Where can I see how OneCoin is doing in graphical form? Right here:  OneCoin Historical Data Plots to Date [USA] (the Euros data is accurate, and the US$ equivalents are probably not) [1/17/19]

     Can I use any or all of this information to signup new members? Absolutely! That is why it is here!

     Here is a new webpage page to help you to sign up new members from outside of the USA.
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DealShaker Platforms and Expos

     We are now keeping all DealShaker and Expo information on a seperate webpage. [3/6/19]
     This webpage deals with OneLife/OneCoin Dashboard and account information.
     The DealShaker webpage deals with only OneLife DealShaker and Expo activities.

     Right now, there are Two Separate DealShaker Platforms:
          Old DealShaker International, and
          New DealShaker USA

     Both of these OneLife DealShaker platforms and OneLife Expo activities are discussed on this seperate webpage:
     Q&A About Status and Use of the DealShaker Platforms.

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Regional USA OneLife Events

     Who is planning any OneLife events in the USA? I don't know. I hear that there is one scheduled in Charlotte, NC, in May 2019 - and maybe one later this year in Las Vegas, NV. [2/14/19]
     Now - these may be Expos - which would not be OneLife/OneCoin events.
     The difference is that - at an Expo - there are only merchants - and no discussions or presentations regarding OneLife, OneCoin, and no discussions concerning membership or signing up!
     While - at a OneLife Event - there are no merchants - and the event is planned to present OneLife, OneCoin, how to join, and the compensation plans.

     We can only sign up people that live outside of the USA, correct? Yes.
     Is there a way to host events by webinar in other countries? I don't know.
     How do you find out about any upcoming OneLife and/or OneCoin events? Look in your Dashboard Information Center and in emails from OneLife.
     Is there a way that you can host events in person near where you live? Yes! Form a local group and make it happen! We can help! -
     Advertise on this group that you want to hold an event, then see who responds back to assist you (do not reply back to the entire group).
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Ideas for New Separate Webpages - That could be added in the near future [1/17/19]

     Upcoming Events and Contact Data
     Summary of OneLife and OneCoin Member and IMA Rules
     Using International DealShaker
     Using USA DealShaker
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Questions Submissions [2/19/19]

     After reading this webpage, please submit any questions to Patrick Bailey at the email address and the subject line as given at the top of this page.
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Questions Log [2/19/19]

     We are now creating a data log of questions received that require the addition of a new question or an answer that is not as yet listed on this webpage.
     This log will be a list these new questions received, along with the date received, last name, and the date that the answer was put onto this website - on the Questions_Log.
     So after your question has been processed, you can find the answer to your question when this webpage is updated - by first pattern scanning this log for your last name, get the date answered, and then pattern scan this webpage for the date answered (e.g. "2/20").
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* Additional information about OneLife and OneCoin
   is available at my IMA website PADRAK OLN - One Life Network