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AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology
The new website of this new bimonthly newsletter. Contains a Table of Contents of all issues, and other relevant information.

Sacred Geometry, by Randy Masters
A compilation of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Music information compiled by Randy Masters and his network of devoted students. New information is continually being added. Includes very detailed information on: Geometry, Systems of Measurement, Wave Forms, 3-D Platonic Solids, and Spiritual Applications. This information is "Wei Khul"!

The International UFO Congress
Information regarding the yearly international week-long "world's best" UFO event that focuses on the best videotapes, pictures, first hand sightings, first hand data and knowledge, and other information regarding UFOs, flying disks, advanced technologies, "alien" beings, extra-terrestrials, ETs, UTs, etc.

The Devices of Robert C. Beck
Robert Beck has developed several devices that may be useful in your own personal research program regarding your own personal health. These devices DO NOT cure anyone or anything; however, their positive effects are well documented. Three of these devices are generally known by the public at the present time: (1) a non-intrusive blood purifier device (the "black box"), (2) a non-intrusive lymph-node and lymph fluid purifier device (the "magnetic zapper"), and (3) the colloid silver maker (with the "silver wires"). All of these operate using standard 1 1/2 V or 9 V batteries. Many researchers have indicated that the proper use of these devices have made dramatic changes in their health, that may have been best explained by someone who wrote: "the effects of the viruses in my blood were all removed within one month."

Alternative Facts and Reference Information
A reference file of important facts and data regarding alternate information from various areas that are usually unknown and unpublished. As to not offend anyone, these areas of concern include only: Politics, Religion, Sex, The US Federal Government, and the US and World Press.

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Dec. 17, 1997.