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AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology reports and networks on research and data in the antigravity fields, and researchs and promotes the experiments that will eventually lead to development of practical antigravity propulsion systems that can be used to alliviate the problems of current transportation systems. AGN publishes a lengthy bi-monthly technical review and newsletter concerning antigravity history, research, data, and results, since July 1997.


Subjects: Antigravity, Aether, Ether, Counterbary, Advanced Physics, Advanced-Physics, Etherization., Rotational Magnetics, Rotational-Magnetics, Rotational Electromagnetics, Rotational-Electromagnetics, Earth Electromagnetics, Earth-Electromagnetics, Gyroscopes, Gyroscopic Effects, Vortex Mechanics, Levitation, T. Townsend Brown, James Cox.

People: James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Albert Einstein, T. Townsend Brown, James Cox; Dr. Fredrick Alzofon, Harold Aspden, Aubierre, Andrew Bahnion, Patrick Bailey, Tom Bearden, Biefeld, Al Bielek, P.M.S. Blackett, Brown, Dr. Charles F. Brush, Otis T. Carr, Dr. Richard Clarke, W. D. Clendonon, Lt. Col. Corso, Casimer, Cassenti, Dr Richard Clark, Robert Collins, Leroy Cook, David Cowlishaw, James Cox, Dr. Willaim Crookes, Dan Davidson, Norman Dean, Montimen Delroy, Dr. Robert Dicke, Bruce dePalma, Dishington, Dr. Robert Forward, Richard Foster, Frost, Erich Halik, Halvosky, James Hartman, David Hammel, Hawasaka, Hoyassaka, Oliver Heaverside, Dr. Berthart Heim, Daniel D. Home, David Hooper, Dr. William Hooper., Yamashita Huaro, John Hutchingson, Jefimenko, Alex Jones, John Keely, Kellogg, Don Kelly, Sandy Kidd, Peter Kummel, Eric Laithwaite, Robert Lazar, Le Sage, Ed Leedskelstein, William Littlejohn, Dr. Ning Li, Fran McCabe, Randall Mill, Modanese, Moebuis (Faile), Misner, Naudin, Hans Nieper, Dr. Francis Nipher, Marcel Pages, W. Peschaka, Dr. Eugene Podkletnov, Poliakov, Harold Puthoff, William Rhodes, Bud Rieken, Dr. Erwin Saxl, Dr. Schuman, Schnurer, John R. R. Searl, John Schnurrer, Vicktor Schauberger, Shinicki Seike, Wilbur Smith, Neil Sorenzen, Scpott Strachan, Floyd Sweet, Dr. Edward Teller, Douglas Toor, Torr, Travis Taylor, Thorne, Henry Wallace, Wheeler, Harold Wilson, Dr.ŠEd. Witten, James Woodward.

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"Many scientists object to the 'A-word' being used to describe research,
such as superconductor gravity shielding. -
Sorry, folks--you're wrong!"
- James Cox, Th., 14 Jan 1999.

June 24-26, 2000
Reno, Nevada

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"Overview Of Antigravity Technology: Consensus, Conclusions, And Concerns"

The Overview Paper presented by Dr. Patrick G. Bailey at
The First International Conference On Antigravity Research, June 27-28, 1999,
Reno, Nevada, USA.

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Vol. 1, No. 1 - July-August 1997 (32 pp)

Cover: Premier Issue:
Will Modular, Stacked SC Gravity Units Yield For 100 % G-Reduction?

Editorial 2
Summary of Superconductor Gravity Shield Experiments 6
X PRIZE ($10 Million Prize) 10
AG In the News and On the Internet 13
Superconductor Suppliers 13
Laboratory Report 13
AGN to Take On the X-Prize 13
Definition of Terms 13
Vertical Thrust of a Superconductor Gravity Shield 15
Table Summary of Superconductor Gravity Shield Experiments 16
Podkletnov-1, Podkletnov-2, Schnurer, Evans, Rounds,
Unnikrighran, Sheggs, Monteverde, Ning Li (A&B), Cox (A&B)
Other Anomalous Weightloss Devices 18
Calendar of Events 18
Recommended Books 19
Future Topics to be Covered in AGN 20
Types of Antigravity 23
The Personal Aerogravity Lift Unit 24
Antigravity Patents of Interest 25
0 486 243 A2 - Haruo Yamashita - May 20, 1992
4,905,319 - Klaus Schroder - Feb. 27, 1990
5,340,792 - R. Ovshinsky & Rosa young - August 23, 1994
Biography of Jim Cox 30
Gravity Generator, Available Technology (Univ. of S. Carolina) 31

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Vol. 1, No. 2 - September-October 1997 (51 pp)

Charles Francis Brush (Portrait)

Summary of Anomalous Weightless Experiments/Introduction 2
Fred Alzofon, Agnew Bahnson (2,958,790 - Nov. 1, 1960),
James York, T. T. Brown, R. F. Stengel, Alfred Bielek
(Edward Cameron), Charles Brush, Paul Nakroshis, Otis Carr,
Dan Davidson, Bruce dePalma, Edward Farrow, Robert Forward,
David Hammel, Erich Halik, James Hartman, Yamashita Haruo,
William Hooper, John Hutchison, John Keely, Don Kelly, Kowsky
and Frost, Robert Lazar, and Ning Li
List of Antigravity Inventors (A thru L) - Part 1 3
Definition of Terms 11
Other Sources of Information 20
Joel Fisher Confirms Hooper Gravity Theory 25
X-Prize Gravity Shielded Vehicle Trade Study - Part 1 32
Update on Superconductor Gravity Shield Experiments 36
NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Conference Report 37
The Casimir Space Drive 37
Six Experiments in Gravity Shielding 38
Graneau's Bizzare Railgun Experiment 41
Antigravity/Space Drives in Recent Literature 42
Electromagnetic Energy Propulsion Engine (5,197,279) 43
Gravitation by Charles Brush (1929) 46

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Vol. 1, No. 3 - November-December 1997 (58 pp)

Evidence for Gravity Pulse from Shielded SC at Transition (Experiment)

Editorial--Sad News And Good News! 1
Tribute To Eric Laithwaite
Summary Of Anomalous Weightloss Devices -Part II (M Thru Z) 2
USC Gravity Generator: Evidence For Gravity Wave Pulse In 5
Transitioning And Rotating Superconductor Space Drive 6
Special Article on Gravitational Repulsion (Sept. 21, 1917) 7
Moebius Coil AG Inventors 9
Dr. Marcel Pages (Summary) 10
W. Peschka (Summary) 12
Dr. S.M. Poliakov (Summary) 13
The Torque Pendulum 16
E.J. Saxl (US Patent 3,357,253: Dec. 12, 1967) 17
On Implosion Moros (Victor Shauberger) 20
G.I Shipov (Summary) 21
Bruce Cassenti - On Antigravity 21
Wilbert Smith (Summary) 22
Niels Sorensen (Summary) 23
The Gravity Society on Podkletnov 24
Update From Schnurer At Gravity Society Web Site!
Notes on Experiment: Evidence for a Gravitational Pulse from 25
a Supertconductor at Transition
Rotating Transitioning Superconductor Space Drive 27
Taking Another Look at the Searl Levity Disc 28
Floyd Sweet (Summary) 36
Col. Corso And The Ft Belvior Connection 38
Superconductivity For Idiots (Like Me!) 40
Wallace On Mass Dynamic Interactions--Secret Report 42
Patents Review Article: Antigravity Not So Crazy After All 52
James Woodward (Summary) 53
Woodward Ag Patent Text
Secret US Government Testing of Antigravity Devices? 54
Letter From Podkletnov 56
Letter From Peter Fred 57

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Vol. 2, No. 1 - January-February 1998 (64 pp)

The Selected AG Concept-Laboratory Prototype

Editorial: "Fear of Antigravity" 2
Six Generic Antigravity Types Selected, Plus a Baseline Approach 3
Classification Scheme for Antigravity Devices 4
More Thoughts on the Huaro Device 5
32 Antigravity Theories --Part 1 7
Chronology of US Antigravity Research (1850-1997) 8
AGN Descends Upon NASA Huntsville 9
"Wired" Magazine Enters the Murkey World of Antigravity 10
Hayasaka Team at Tohoku University Says Spinning Gyro Is Antigravity 11
Mills "Unified Theory" Says Gravity Due to Positive Curvature
of Electrons 11
NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Workshops Offers Preliminary Results 11
Aviation Week Blasts Spook Projects 11
Infinite Energy Magazine Discovers Inertia Propulsion 12
FICAR Conference to be Local Seminar on AG in Marietta for this Year 12
Acoustical Generation Breakthrough (1600 X INCREASE IN ENERGY DENSITY) 13
Strange Gravity Properties on Monoatomic Elements (White Powder) 13
William's Fifth Dimensional E&M Gravity Coupling Tests 13
The Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster 13
Latest Princeton Gravity Theory - "Formerly Known As Strings" 14
Preliminary Announcement: International Scientific Congress on
Fundamental Problems of Natural Sciences, June 1998,
St. Petersburg, Russia 15
Interplanetary Flight: Is the Rocket the Only Answer (1947) 16
Tom Bearden on Antigravity 18
Addendum to Poliakov Discussion 18
Victor Schauberger's Flying Saucers 20
Keely Demonstrates Acoustic AG to US Military 1896! 21
Possibility of New Propulsion Methods Implied by the Theories
of Burkhart Heim (1980) 22
Davidson-Keely Theory of Acoustical Antigravity 23
How To Build an Antigravity Car 25
Transistor Weightloss Experiments and Other Tidbits 26
Obituary for G. Harry Stine (Dean Drive Enthusiast) 26
More on Tibetan Stone Levitation 27
Dotto Ring Levitates in Geomagnetic Field 27
Human Levitation (Daniel Dunglas Home) 28
Party Levitation 30
Ranking of 66 Antigravity Devices/Experiments
(Table 1, 4 page fold-out) 32
Son's Dad Builds UFO Engine in 1956 35
Laboratory Report: SC Gravity Wave Pulse Just a Thermal Effect? 38
Book Review: Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles 40
Nazi Secret Flying Disks 42
Translated into English: La Propulsion des Soucoupes Volantes
(Lt Plantier's Book of UFO Propulsion) (1955) 44
Acoustic Beam Levitation, US Patent 5,500,493 (1996) 49
Either Propulsion System, Canada Patent 1,273,085 (1990) 53
Adventures Unlimited Books Ads 63

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Vol. 2, No. 2 - March-April 1998 (64 pp)

Norman L. Dean, in His Washington D.C. Laboratory

2nd Generation Dean Technology, The Individual Mobility Unit 2
Editorial: A Tribute to Norman L. Dean 3
Introduction to the Dean Space Drive, by Viola H. Dean 4
My Father's Work on the Inertial Space Drive, by Robert Dean 15
Harry Stine on "The Dean Space Drive" (1967) 19
Notes on the Behavior of a Mechanical Oscillator (1975) 27
Russian Dean Drive Research - "Torsion Propellors and Intertioids" 33
System for Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion, 41
US Patent 2,886,976, May 19, 1959
The Forth Law of Motion, Dr. William Davis (1962) 45
Shock and Vibration in Linear Systems 46
A Mathematical Analysis of a System, for Converting 47
a Rotary Motion into Unidirectional Motion
Analysis of a Proposed System for Converting Rotary Motion 56
into Unidirectional Motion
Letter from Analog Magazine to James Cox RE the Dean System (1966) 59
Letter to Missile and Rockets Magazine by Norman L. Dean, 1961 60

Letter from Analog Magazine to James Cox RE the Dean Space Drive (1964) 60
Letter from H. D. Kellogg to James Cox RE Space Drive Model 61
Design" (1971)
AF OSR's Martino Discounts Dean's Tests 62
WSDA Website Webmaster Hospitalized and Recovers 62
World Spacedrives Development Association (WSDA) 63
Introduction and Website

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Vol. 2, No. 3 - May-June 1998 (64 pp)

GYROMANIA: Professor Eric Laithwaite

"A Special Issue of AGN that reviews some of the work done by the top 12
gyro propulsion inventors/researchers"

Editorial: GYROMANIA 2
A System For The Transfer of Mass Derived from the Principle of
Conservation of Momentum:
Mass Transfer 'An Introduction' Based on Experimental Work at the
University of Sussex, by Prof. E. R. Laithwaite and W. R. C. Dawson 3
Professor Eric Laithwaite (A Biography),
from the London Times, Dec. 4, 1997 4
Work Pays Off for Physics Students with "Momentor" End Result 8
Inertial Propulsion, by Bernard Howlett 9
Hot Website: stardrive.org 12
Improvements In Or Relating To A Propulsion Device 13
News Article on Prof. Laithwaite's Anti-Gravity Machine 14
Developments In Inertial Thrust, by Scott Strachan 17
Measurement of Force Generation of a Prototype Gyroscope Invention,
by Sandy Kidd 20
Gyroscope Apparatus, US Patent 5,024,112, by Sandy Kidd 21
Gyrostat Propulsion System, US Patent 5,090,260, by Mortimer Delroy 26
Re (in support of) the Gyrostat Propulsion System Patent 27
Fourteen Years of Effort in Invention, by Smiley Anders 31
Princeton Doesn't Believe in Bruce dePalma, newspaper article, 32
Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion,
US Patent 3,653,269, by Richard Foster 34
Requirements for Gyroscopic Propulsion, by Richard Foster 36
Delroy of Canada Critiques Foster Patent Design 37
Flywheels and Anti-Gravity, by Harold Aspden 38
Anti-Gravity Electronics, by Harold Aspden 39
Directional Force Generator, US Patent 3,555,915, by H. W. Young 40
Images from Dr. Poliakov's [experimental gravitonics] work 44
European Gyropropulsion Patents 45
Generation of Rotations About a Fixed Point with Symmetric and Near
Symmetric Distribution of Tangential Velocity Components and
Rotary Components, US Patent 3,287,981, by John Wolfe 46
Gyroscopes and Contradictions, by Electronics Wireless World 48
Swings and Gyros, by Bruce dePalma 49
Gyroscopic Thrust Action at Yale 50
Gyrodynamics Principles at Drexel Institute in PA 50
Gyrothrust Levitator 51
A Report on a Gyroscope Workshop Set Up to Survey Mechanical Gyro
Properties of Forces, Torques, Motions, and Inertia Machines,
by Francis McCabe 52
Propulsion I-A 53
Inertial Gravity Waves 53
Anomalous Weight Reduction on a Gyroscope's Right Rotations around
the Vertical Axis on the Earth, Physical Review Letters (1989) 54
Propulsion System, US Patent 5,791,188, by George Howard 56
The Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster 57
Good Website: www.open.org/davidc/gitplain.htm 57
On a Monograph about Inertial Engines, by Bernard Howlett 58
Gyroscopes Remain the Strangest of Attractors, by Eric Laithwaite 59
Beyond 2001, The Laws of Physics Revolutionised, by Sandy Kidd 59
Feedback (Electronics World): Truth and Gyroscopes 60
Feedback (Electronics World): Levitation or Levity 60
Feedback (Electronics World): Anti-Gravity 60
Back to the Future II, by The Antigravity Society, Hampshire 62
Letter from H. D. Kellogg, Jr. 62
Book Reviews 63

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Vol. 2, No. 4 - July-Aug 1998 (116 pp)

The Space Drive Handbook (1972), By James Cox

1. Introduction 1
2. Novel Reaction Systems 13
3. Force Field Propulsion 21
4. Reactionless Space Drives 29
5. Electrogravitic Systems 37
6. Inertia Neutralizers 41
7. Teleportation 45
8. Space Warps 49
9. Time Travel 53
10. UFO's: Clues To Propulsion 57
11. Psychic Levitation And Telekinesis 61
12. Novel Free Energy Sources 65
Appendix 69
Bibliography 93

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Vol. 2, No.s 5&6 - Sept-Dec 1998 (124 pp)

L. N. Myrabo and Dr. Frank Mead (Lightcraft)

Part I - Classical Force Field Propulsion

Editorial: The Year Ends With A Bang!!! 2
Electric Field Propulsion: Severski, Etc. 3
Josdrad: Resonating Electric Field Lift 4
Directed Force Fields: Laser Powered Lightcraft 7
Magnetic Propulsion: Overview Of Schemes 11
"To Catch A Flying Star" By Ackerman 13
Plasma And Pulsed Power Research 14
The Global Atmospheric Electrical Circuit 16
Basics Of Dipolar Field Physics 18
Manipulation Of Neutral Particles By Chu 22
Electromagnetic Propulsion Without Ionization 23
Geomagnetism--A Brief History 27
Toroidal Spark Gap Engine Tests--Jim Cox 28
Micci On Microwave Propulsion 29
Dipolar FF Propulsion: Principles & Concepts 30
Shuttle Propulsion Using E&M Fields--Jim Cox 35
"Reaction Against The Aether"--Robert H. Goddard 38
"On Ponderomotive Force Upon A Dielectric..." 39
Dipole Accelerating Means Patent--Jim Cox 42
Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion 47
Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Patent 50
Free Flying Magnetic Levitator--Wachspress 51
Magnetic Monopoles: Construction And Use 54
X-Prize Update: Registrants 56

Part II: Exotic Field Effect Propulsion

Force Field Shows Propulsion Promise 61
"On The Possibility Of Reaction Against Space" 62
Inertia, Gravitation & E&M And New Saxl Test 64
Research In Bondage: The Riddle Of Electro-Gravatation
(Translated to English)--Rho Sigma 65
Hard Vacuum Tests of T.T. Brown Device 68
Vacuum Thrust Aircraft Propulsion--Mutch 72
Kinetobaric Effect As Possible Propulsion-Zinsser 74
Nonlinear E&M Propulsion System-Schlicher 79
Electromagnetic Device--Harry Jones 81
Electromagnetic Ramjet--Michael Minovitch 84
Bootstrap Propulsion System--Stopplecamp 1998 86
Update On Canadian Hamel/Sinclaire Device 88
Hamel Replication By Chris Eccles??? 90
The Gravity Society--Schnurer And Podkletnov 93
Nasa Gravity Shield Papers--Noever & Koczor 94
Modanese Theoretical Update 95
Casmirian Vacuum Propulsion Via Wave Destruction 99
John Hutchinson Update (Courtesy Nen) 100
Arthur Bray Has The Wilbur Smith Files!!! 102
Apollo Astronaut Mitchell Tells --- Boylan 104

Book Reviews:

Secrecy: The American Experience--Moynihan 105
Ufo Technology Hackers Manual--Michael Uman 106
Electric Ufos (Esp.Hutchinson)--Budden 109
Ufos: The Secret History (Esp.H.Menger)-Hessemann 110
Nothingness: The Science Of Empty Space--Genz 114
Nasa's Antigravity Files 115
M J-The New Documents (Stunning!!!) 122

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Vol. 3, No. 1 - Jan-Mar 1999 (64 pp)

Special Issue: Back Engineering of Extraterrestrial Craft

Edgar Fouche: The Aurora TR-3B [Antigravity Craft] 3
The Most Classified Aerospace Vehicle in the World (TR-3B) 4
Vanguard Science Comments 5
Hall Magnetohydrodynamics and Its Applications to Laboratory and
Cosmic Plasma (by E. A. Witalis) 7
Plasma Rotation during Implosion in a Theta Pinch
(by Roger Bengtson, et. al.) 9
Nuclear Gravity/ A Scientific Examination of the Wallace Patents
(by Kedrick Brown) 9
The Wallace Inventions, Spin Aligned Nuclei, The Gravitomagnetic Field,
and the Tampere Experiment: Is There a Connection?
(by Robert Stirniman) 10
Henry Wallace Says Mercury Is The Best (US Patent 3,626,605) 11
List of UFO Crashes, July 4, 1947 - Nov. 1992 12
Antigravitation Through Deflection of Gravity Waves (by Phil. Kummel] 15
Hot Website: Proves Gravitation www.electrogravity.com 20
Improved Apparatus and Method For Gravitational Modification
(1997 Patent WO9823976A2) (by John Schnrer) 21
Thrust Levitation (1997 Patent WO9822341A1) (by Boyd Smith) 29
STAIF-99 Call For Papers (NASA, Jan. 1999) 35
Gyro-Particle and Gyro-Reduced MHD Simulation of Collisionless
Reconnection in a Tokamak (by H. Nauitou, et. al.) 37
Repulsive Force Generation Due To Topological Effect Of Circulating
Magnetic Fluids (by H. Hayasaka and Y. Minarni) 38
Top Secret SOM01-1 Report Description of Craft 45
Theoretical Basis of Experimental Phenomena (by Yu. Nacchalov) 48
Harvey Morgan Lead Flywheel Experiment 50
Gyroscopic Weight Loss - 11/11/97 Anti-Gravity Device (AGD) 51
Email Regarding Experiments with this Layered BiMgZn Material 52
Search for Coupling of the Earth’s Gravitational Field to Nuclear
Spins in Atomic Mercury (Physical Review Letters 1992) 53
Mercury Chemical Backgrounder 54
Particle Accelerator Gyro Levitates 55
Zero Gravity: New Schemes 56
The Anti-Gravity Stone in Wales 57
On Possible Modifications of Gravitation in the (sub)Millimeter
Range (hep-ph/9904272) (1999 LANL Paper) 57
Beamships (Reportedly) Used the Pleidian Races 58
Hot Website: Wingmaker, at www.wingmaker.com 58
Weight Loss In Spinning Masses? (by Jerry Decker) 59
Propulsion System (1999 US Patent 5860317) (by Eric Laithwaite) 60
Books and Reviews: Alien Rapture: The Chosen 61
Books and Reviews: Suppressed Inventions and Discoveries 61
Books and Reviews: The Physics of a Flying Saucer 62
The LMSW Skunk Works Website Main Page 63
Table of Contents 64

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Vol. 3, No.s 2,3&4 - Apr-Dec 1999 (100 pp)

Hendrik Casimir

Regarding Alex Jones and Laithwaite (by Mark Goldes) 2
Overview of Antigravity Technology: Consensus, Conclusions,
and Concerns (by Patrick Bailey) 2
Picture of the 1999 Antigravity Conference Participants 16
Antigravity (by Gordon Ziegler) 21
On the Pendulum Oscillations of a Suspended RF Resonant Circuit
(by Stavros Dimitriou) 23
Theory of Force Precessed Gyroscopic Propulsion System
(by Glenn Turner) 25
Impulse Generator - The Fugalever 29
Impulse Converter (US Patent 5,335,561, 8/9/94 by James Harvey) 30
Derivatives and Integrations Used in Calculating the Efficiencies
of Impulse Generation in the Fugalever 33
NASA Glenn Announces Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Selections 44
Some Aspects of Certain Mechanical Systems (by W. Davis et. al.) 46
What is the tern used for the third derivative o position? (by PEG) 56
Newton's Third Law: A Criterion of Particle Behavior of Extended
Bodies (by Ronald Newburgh) 57
On the Possibility of Going Beyond Missilistic Astronautics Through
Non Newtonian Propulsion - The Prototype SC23 (by ASPS, Spaziale) 59
SC23 Prototype General Description 60
The Inertial Propulsion Drives (by Boris Shukalov) 61
Linear Force Machine, New Propulsion Unit - A Proven "Anti-Gravity"
Device (by M. T. French) 64
Eccentric Vortex Flow Generates Lift
(by R. F. Stengel, Sr. Ed., Fluid Power) 72
Apparatus and Method for Providing an Antigravitational Force
(Patent WO953202A1, 11/30/95, by Randell Mills) 73
Gyroscopic Propulsion and levitation
(Patent G82209832, 5/24/89, by Harold Aspden) 75
Cascade Gyroscope Device for Providing Propulsion Force by
Gravitational Field Deflection
(Patent DE19654528, 7/2/98, by Peter Kuemmel) 77
Unbalanced Force Generation in Motors
(US Patent US5949162, 9/7/99, by Victor Mishkevich, et. al.) 78
Atmosphere Independent Propulsion Drive for Spacecraft
(Patent DE4416295, 3/14/96, by Joachim Twelenkamp) 78
ISBEP As Inner Support Based Electromagnetic Propulsor
(Canadian Patent App. CA 2145007, Filed 3/20/95,
by Leslie Meszaros) - Uses Swirling Mercury! 79
Mercury-Vapour Propulsion System
(Patent DE3102070, 8/19/82, by Andreas Uebele) 80
Centripical Gravitational Imbalance Acceleration Fluid Fly-Wheel
(Patent WO9200222, 1/9/92, by Dominick Dejoy) - Uses Mercury 81
Engine Utilizing Propulsive Force Generated from Magnet or the Like
(by Arai Hiroshi, 9/14/98) 83
Levitation Using Centrifugal Force and Power Generation Device
(Japanese Patent App. 08308580, Filed 10/15/96,
by Fujimoto Hiroshi) 83
Tesla Type Scalar Electromagnetic Wave Antenna
(by Nishimura Takeshi, 7/4/95) 84
Magnetic Material Natural Gravity Slide Down Type Permanent Motor
Having Magnetic Force Levitation Propulsive Structure
(Japanese Patent App. 08359399, Filed 12/10/96,
by Sugiyama Minoru) 85
Rotational Gravity Field Interference Type Propulsion Engine
for Flying Element
(Japanese Patent App. 07124165, 10/29/96, by Tsuda Takashi) 85
Anti-Gravity Levitation Method (by Hattori Tetsuo, 8/4/87) 86
Principle and Structure of Quasi-Light Velocity Rocket Propulsion
(Japanese Patent App. 09362439, 11/21/97, by Miyanaga Kunihiro) 87
Propulsion Device for Vertical Take Off and Landing Flying Automobile
(Japanese Patent App. JP1257611, 10/13/89, by Ichijiyou Jiyousuke) 87
Propulsion Device Utilizing Centrifugal Force
(Japanese Patent App. 07120353, Filed 10/29/96, by Urataki Koji) 88
Non-Reaction Propulsion Apparatus Utilizing Eccentric Body
(Japanese Patent App. 09314200, Filed 10/8/97, by Oda Yoshimicihi) 88
Differential Centrifugal Force Propulsion Device
(Japanese Patent App. 0482786, Filed 2/21/95, by Gotou Kouya) 89
Spacecraft by Anti-Gravity
(Japanese Patent App. 09072559, Filed 8/18/98, by Kouda Torachika) 89
Centrifugal Forcxe Reaction Propulsion Device
(Japanese Patent App. 04277627, Filed 6/11/96, by Hagiwara Yoshji) 90
Electromagnetic Field Type Propulsion Engine
(Japanese Patent App. 06207893, Filed 7/27/96, by Shoji Yoshinori) 90
Production of Solid, etc., Containing Antigravity Oil
Having Repulsive Power Together With Sol, Gel, and Metal
(Japanese Patent App. 0520093, 3/28/95, Ushida Masaro, et. al.) 91
Self-Propelling Engine Using Action/Reaction In Same System
(Japanese Patent App. 10035344, 1/9/98, by Saito Shori) 91
Centrifugal Thruster With Incident, Concentric, Magnetic
or Electric Field (Patent FR2676148, 11/6/98, by Pierre Gilbert) 92
Electro-Magnetic Propulsion: The Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV)
(by Kulikov Aircraft Design) 93
Method for Converting the Rotation of a Solid Body into Linear
Traction Force According to a Directional Unbalance Process,
and Devices for Releasing the Same
(Patent WO1997RU0000163, Filed 5/23/97, by Jury Ekhin) 94
Theorems on Centrifugal Force (from A Source Book in Physics) 96
Von Braun At Roswell (from Incidents in Stargate Chronicle) 97
A Theory of Physical Vacuum, by Gennady Shipov, 3rd Ed. in English 98
The Gods Have Returned: Hamel Technology, by Dan LaRochelle 98
Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion, by Tadahiko Mizuno 99
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Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology

Volume 1, Number 1: July - August, 1997:

The X PRIZE is a $10 Million prize to jump-start the space tourism industry through a competition between the most talented entrepreneurs and rocket experts in the world. Following in the footsteps of over 100 aviation prizes offered during the first part of this century, which created today's multibillion dollar air transport industry, the X PRIZE will be awarded to the first private spaceship capable of lifting three people to an altitude of 62 miles (beyond the edge of space) on two consecutive sub-orbital flights within two weeks. All teams must be privately financed.

Definitions of Terms used in antigravity research, theory, and experiments.

A list of books recommended for reference with respect to antigravity research, theory, and experiments.

Six different kinds of antigravity, as described by Dr. Forward in his book: "Indistinguishable from Magic."

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Volume 1, Number 2: September - October, 1997:
A summary of the experiments of the Inventors with last names A-L, as reported in detail in this AGN issue.

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Volume 1, Number 3: November - December, 1997:
A summary of the experiments of the Inventors with last names M-Z as reported in detail in this AGN issue.

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Volume 2, Number 1: January - February, 1998:
AGN has reviewed 66 types of various antigravity devices or experiments and ranked each one according a criteria described in -the previous issue of AGN. The results are summarized in the fold-out table in the center section of this issue.

It is proposed that the various types of antigravity devices be categorized into the following seven groups:

Events in chronological order.

Theories of gravity that have the common feature of generally yielding the possibility of gravity control, as well as being somewhat diverse in their characteristics.

A 4 page fold-out table summarizing specifics on each device.

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Volume 2, Number 2: March - April, 1998 (Received in June 1998):
The World Spacedrives Development Association (WSDA) is the principal society and voice serving the "Space Drive Concept" (i.e. non-rocket space propulsion systems). Its primary purpose is advance the arts, sciences, and technologies, of the Space Drive Concept and foster and promote the efforts of those engaged in these pursuits. Even though we have used some of the structure of professional organizations of the past, make note of one major exception. Membership in the WSDA is open laymen, inventors, experimenters, scientists (both amateur & professional), and journalists. Although founded and based in the United States, the WSDA was envisioned as a global organization, and considering the international accesses this website, our vision has been validated. (May 14, 1998)
Additional Information: April 1998:
Torroidal Gyroscope Affects Pendulum
An email from J. Robins in the U.K. This looks important! Includes his figure. This file is located on the Institute for New Energy website. April 1998.

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Additional Information: May 1998:
The Wallace Inventions, Spin Aligned Nuclei, The Gravitomagnetic Field, And The Tampere Experiment: Is There A Connection?
An email from Robert Stirniman James Cox on May 19, 1998, with one correction made in late May. This looks important! May 1998.

Pendulum Tests Confirm Laithwaite-Jones Gyrothrust Effect
An email from James Cox on May 29, 1998, on test results! This looks important! May 1998.

James Cox Patent (1990): Dipole Accelerating Means And Method
A means for controllably accelerating a particle of matter having a selected dipole characteristic is shown. A control means for establishing a predetermined spatial and time relationship between the electric field, magnetic field and dipole cyclic motion control a particle acceleration is provided.

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Additional Information: November 1998:
In this listing of space drive concepts, seven categories are defined in order of increasing risk:

Reactionless Propulsion and Active Force, a paper by Alexander V. Frolov
The goal of the report is demonstrate some technological ways create active forces that don't require reactive mass flow. The active force is applied many aerodynamics systems and it is result of the pressure difference from the medium the system. By analogy, the space-time itself can be considered as some medium of interaction. (5 Figs.)

Breakthrough Physics Program at NASA Paper, Received Email May 1997.
In 1996, a team of government, university and industry researchers proposed a program seek the ultimate breakthroughs in space transportation: propulsion that requires no propellant mass, propulsion that can approach and, if possible, circumvent light speed, and breakthrough methods of energy production power such devices. This Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program, managed by Lewis Research Center, is one part of a comprehensive, long range Advanced Space Transportation Plan managed by Marshall Space Flight Center. Because the breakthrough goals are beyond existing science, a main emphasis of this program is establish metrics and ground rules produce near-term credible progress toward these incredible possibilities. An introduction the emerging scientific possibilities from which such solutions can be sought is also presented.

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Additional Information: December 1998:
Vol. 2, No.s 5&6 EDITORIAL by James Cox

KYOTO CONFERENCE - the decision of the US agree a reduction in greenhouse gases (if approved by the Senate)by 33% by the year 2012 (Mayan calender)bodes well for the introduction of free energy and antigravity technologies. However, avoid social resistance from vested groups, a small scale study is advised--sort of an "adult Lord of the Flies" wherein we put a group of selected humans on an island and let them have widespread use of free energy and antigravity devices. How will their social/economic/governmental order develop?

IN THIS ISSUE-check out the book review of Hesemann, particularly the contactee Howard Menger's story of building a UFO(Electro-craft X-l)for the government.

COVER STORY--congratulations the Mead/Myrabo (M&M) team for success in the laser propelled "Lightcraft" which removes on-board propellant and is thus a giant leap over rockets. Check out my many papers and patents on the only force field propulsion (dipolar) invention in the IBM patent server, and copies of which were stolen from the US Patent Office. Mike Unum (see UFO Hacker's Manual book review) believes the government secretly developed this technology under the AURORA program--the name itself is appropriate after "aurora borealis"--the excited gas in the upper atmosphere for which the stealthy Dipolar Propulsion System was intended.

LAST ISSUE OF AGN - this is, the last issue of Antigravity News as such; next year we will launch a "face lift" with the quarterly JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ANTIGRAVITY (JEA), with a new editorial team and higher subscription fee go with the improved quality. The inaugural issue will be devoted BACK ENGINEERING OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACECRAFT. The release of the new Majestic Twelve documents by the Dr. Robert Wood 20 man team is a historic event of momentus proportions--so check out ART BELL's website and get your copies. Fifty years of government suppression of this topic is long enough, and certainly vindication for the many hard working UFO investigators, such as Stan Friedman. It's now clear the government believes that such craft can be built, that they have been unable in their Black Projects do it, and the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion program is aimed at getting help from Yankee ingenuity.

Note (posted Jan. 11): All current subscribers will automatically receive the new quarterly Journal of Experimental Antigravity, until their subscription expires. Subscription rates are expected to be the same as for the AGN.

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Additional Information: January-March 1999:
UFO Crashes List: Dates, Locatons, ETs
The list of UFO Crashes that appears on page 12 of the Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan.-Mar. 1999 AGN issue, can be found at:
and includes a summary description of each crash.

See the Updated Annoucement for the AntiGravity Conference, June 27-28, 1999, Reno, Nevada.

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Additional Information: April-December 1999:
[None, at present. TBD.]


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