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INE Web Site Wins CCI Web Site Link Award

[Computer Currents Interactive Link Award, Nov. 11, 1996.]

The Link of the Week Page on November 18, 1996:

The Links of the Week Site Page exactly as it looked on November 18, 1996.

Past Link of the Week Pages:

Past Link of the Week Pages are all contained here.

The "Thank You" Rely:

Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:09:11 -0800
To: "M. Iredell" , Mike McDonnell
From: (Patrick Bailey)
Subject: Re: The Institute for New Energy wins award
Cc: (Energy Send List as BCC)

Computer Currents Interactive (CCI)
Links of the Week Editor for Computer Currents

Dear Mike and M.,

Thank you very much for this honored selection and award.

I will add the award icon to our INE web site.

On behalf of the Institute for New Energy, Hal Fox, and all of the members
and supporters of the INE, I sincerely thank you for your selection of our
site, and also for your continuing intention and determination to perform
this valuable service for all of us in cyberspace, and for those bold souls
that create and promote their own web pages.

The web may now be the only way to break the spell of silence and deceit
that most people allow to envelop their lives!!!

With your help and the help of other determined "Knights of Truth", we can
and will improve our own lives and make this a better world to live in.

Thank you.


Dr. Patrick G. Bailey
President, Institute for New Energy

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BCC:  INE_List

The "Announcement" Letter:
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 09:24:17 -0800
Subject: The Institute for New Energy wins award
From: "M. Iredell" 
To: "Dr. Patrick Bailey" 
Mime-Version: 1.0

The Institute for New Energy,


Your site has been chosen by Computer Currents Interactive (CCI) as one 
of the Links of the Week for the week starting November 18, 1996.

The Links of the Week URL is
and you can get there from our Home Page (

Computer Currents Interactive is the online version of the award-winning 
computer magazine Computer Currents, plus more.

CCI has also won Pointcom's Top 5% Web Sites award; we're rated Four-
Stars and a Green Light by Magellan; we received iGUIDE's highest rating 
and other awards.

CCI was chosen to participate in the Software Publishers Association's 
"CyberSurfari" and the popular "Riddler" Internet games.

Your site has been chosen based on its originality, content and quality. 
You can display the Links of the Week Award icon on your site. The icon 
is on the following page:


The icon comes in two flavors; use whichever suits your needs. You can 
capture the icon with most Web browsers; instructions are on the 
linkicon page.

The week following your site is on Links of the Week it will be moved 
and have a permanent home on CCI's Web Reviews page at:

If you have any questions or comments, please email or call me.

Thank you for contributing worthwhile content to the Internet.


Mike McDonnell
Online Manager
800/365-7773 ext 234
510/547-6800 ext 234

M. Iredell
Links of the Week Editor for Computer Currents

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Jan. 23, 1998.