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Links of the Week

Welcome to the Links Of The Week page. Every week we will be posting a selection of Web links that have met our criteria of being a "great place to visit."

Look for the Link of the Week Award proudly displayed on fine sites.

Coolie Online
Coolie Online is an alternative starting page from which to enter the Net. Coolie Magazine offers new music releases and entertainment news, interviews with celebrities, articles, and daily comics. There is a page with a collection of search engines. A Free Stuff section has links to shareware, CDs, and other freebies, and there are also downloadable screen savers. Download from a selection of hundreds of movies, cartoons, music videos, and newsreels.

The Institute for New Energy
The Institute For New Energy believes that alternative energy technologies need to be developed immediately to save the Earth from environmental destruction. "New Energy" or "Advanced Energy" devices and systems may operate with a higher efficiency than those used today, and include advanced concepts where the energy conversion may appear to be over unity (such as in a dam or in a transistor). New energy topics presented here include space power generators, "over unity" and "free energy" machines, scalar wave theory, electric vehicles, magnetic motors, vortex mechanics, cold fusion, electro-static generators, nuclear isotopes, motional magnetic fields, zero-point energy, N-machines, homopolar generators, advanced energy conversion, space energy, advanced physics, vibration, cavatation, sublimation, etherization, rotational electromagnetics, gyroscopes, counterbary, and antigravity. The INE sponsors The International Symposium On New Energy to bring together outstanding international new energy researchers, to share and discuss their latest findings, stimulate new research ideas, and find funding sources. Its monthly newsletter, The New Energy News, reports the latest findings in new energy research. This web page has announcements of meetings, important papers and conference proceedings, articles, reports, reference files, books, and videotapes.

Baby Bag Online "The In-Site to Parenting"
How can you protect your children from E. coli? What is a labor assistant, and who needs one? Why is umbilical cord blood worth more than gold? Get the answers to these and other parenting questions at this website for prenatal to preschool parents. Find health and safety information, product recalls and alerts, feeding and nutrition, family fun, local and national marketplaces, and online maternity tours. Proud parents can publish birth announcements here and get a card signed by President Clinton. Some articles here are "Communicating With Your Doctor When Your Baby Is Sick"; "Day Care & Food Safety"; "Height & Weight Averages for Children"; "Products to Prevent Birth Defects"; "Arts & Crafts Fun for Small Children: Games, Links, Recipes, Songs and Fingerplays"; "Anesthesia Options for Labor and Delivery"; and "Changing Table Idea From a New Grandmother". Other areas of interest are covered in Kidcare Connection, Recipe Exchange, Parenting Information, Business and Job Opportunities, Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Missing Child Information.

WRAL-TV Online
WRAL OnLine is one of the most popular television stations on the WWW, receiving over 6 million hits since launching on January 17th. A full-service multimedia news and information site, WRAL OnLine offers continuously-updated local, national, and international news, plus weather, sports, and community information, and pictures from around the world. Download sports action videos at Play of the Day, the multimedia sports presentation. News Special Reports cover topics ranging from crime to health to education. There are local, regional and national weather forecasts with hourly radar and satellite images. Visit the Town Square "chat" area to find out what people are talking about and register your opinion. Other features: Buying Power, Health Team, cooking and low-fat recipes, send and receive a custom-made postcard.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
"My name is B.J. Pinchbeck and I am 9 years old. I use the Internet to help me with my homework. My dad and I have a site that you may be interested in." This site has links to 245 well-selected reference sites on the Internet, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, libraries, and more. Subject areas are social studies, English, history, foreign languages, search engines, news and current events, math and science, playtime, music, and other references. These are very valuable links and could be useful to anyone doing research or exploring the Internet for fun.

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