Expanded Instructions for Experimental / Theoritical HIV Blood Neutralization

Hypothetical Protocols for Experimental Sessions

Revision Dec. 18, 1995.

PRECAUTIONS: Do NOT use on subjects with cardiac pacemakers. Any applied electrical signals may interfere with "demand" type heart pacers and cause malfunction. Do NOT use on pregnant women, while driving or using hazardous machinery.

Note: These data are for theoretical, informational and instructional purposes only and are not to be construed as medical advice. Consult with your licensed medical practitioner. DO NOT EXPECT THIS DEVICE TO FUNCTION OPTIMALLY IF ANY ELECTRICAL CHANGES OR EGO IMPROVEMENTS ARE ATTEMPTED.

Users MUST avoid ingesting anything containing medicinal herbs, foreign or domestic, or potentially toxic medication, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, laxatives, tonics, etc., and certain vitamins for one week before starting because blood electrification can cause electroporation which makes cell membranes pervious to small quantities of normally harmless chemicals in plasma. The effect is the same as extreme overdosing which might be lethal. See Electroporation: a General Phenomenon for Manipulating Cells and Tissues; J.C. Weaver, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 51:426-435 (1993). Effects can mimic increasing dosages many fold. Both the magnetic pulser and blood purifier cause electroporation.

Do NOT place electrode pads over skin lesions, abrasions, new scars, cuts, eruptions, or sunburn. Do NOT advance output amplitude to uncomfortable levels. All subjects will vary. Do NOT fall asleep while using.

Do NOT place electrodes above waist. (SEE EXCEPTIONS.) Generally use only on feet (SEE GRAY'S ANATOMY FOR BLOOD PATHS) so as to minimize possible current paths through unhealthy heart. The magnetic pulser should, however, be safe to use anywhere on body or head. Avoid ingesting alcohol 24 hours before using. Drink an 8 oz. glass of distilled water 15 minutes before and immediately following each session and drink at least four additional glasses daily for flushing during "neutralization" and for one week thereafter. This is imperative. Ignoring this can cause systemic damage.

If subject feels sluggish, faint, dizzy, headachy, nauseous, or has flu-like symptoms after exposures, reduce number of pulses per session and/or shorten applications of blood clearing. Use caution when treating patients with impaired kidney or liver function.

To avoid shock liability, use batteries only. Do NOT use any line-connected power supply, transformer, charger, battery eliminator, etc. with blood clearing device. However line supplies ARE OK with well-insulated magnetic pulse generators (strobe lights).

Health professionals -- Avoid nicotine addicts, vegetarians, and other unconsciously motivated death-wishers and their covert agendas of "defeat the healer". Tobacco, the most addictive (4-H times more addictive than heroin) and deadly substance of abuse known, disrupts normal cardiovascular function. True vegetarian diets are missing essential amino acids absolutely necessary for the successful rebuilding of AIDS-ravaged tissues. Secondary gains (sympathy / martyrdom, free benefits, financial assistance, etc.) play large roles with AIDS patients. "Recovery guilt" as friends are dying has even precipitated suicide attempts masked as "accidents". Avoid such entanglements.

SUPERIOR ELECTRODES. Excellent, convenient and vastly superior electrodes, reusable indefinitely, can be made by butt-soldering lead wires to ends of 3/32" dia. by 1-J" long type 316 stainless steel rods available from welding supply stores (Cameron Welding Supply, 11061 Dale Ave., Stanton, CA 90680). Use "Stay Clean" flux before soldering (zinc chloride/hydrochloric acid). Shrink-insulate TWO tight layers of tubing over soldered joints to prevent flexing /breaking and lead/copper ions from migrating. Wrap two turns of 100% cotton flannel around rods; wrap with a few turns of strong thread, wrap and tie both ends and cut off excess cloth. Treat end windings and knots with clear fingernail polish or Fray Check (fabric & sewing supply stores) to prevent raveling. Soak in a strong solution of sea salt (not table salt) containing a little wetting agent like Kodak Photo Flow, ethylene glycol, or 409 kitchen cleaner. Add a few drops of household bleach, silver colloid, etc., for disinfectant. Store solution for reuse. Saturate these cotton "wicks" each time before applying to skin. Tape soaking wet electrodes tightly over pulse sites with paper masking or Transpore tape or with 1" wide stretch elastic bands with tabs of Velcro¨ at ends to fasten. Electrodes should closely conform precisely along blood vessels, not skewing ever so slightly over to adjacent flesh. This insures better contact and provides very low internal impedance. (~2000W) Avoid crossing arms or legs while treating, since this may shunt the current. Rinse and blot-dry electrodes and skin after each use. NEVER allow bare metal electrode to touch skin as this will cause burns manifested as small red craters taking weeks to heal.

ELECTRODE PLACEMENTS: Locate MAXIMUM pulse position (NOT to be confused with acupuncture, reflexology, Chapman, etc. points) on each foot by feeling on inside of ankle ~1" below and to rear of ankle bone, then feel top center of instep. Place electrode on whichever pulse site on that foot that feels strongest. Scrub skin over chosen sites with mild soap and water or alcohol swab. Wipe dry. Position the electrodes lengthwise along each left and right foot's blood vessel. We presently prefer foot-to-foot electrode placements which will encompass about five times the volume of circulating blood undergoing pathogen neutralization compared to the earlier foot-to-back-of-same-knee placements originally suggested in our 1991 paper. Note: with subjects having perfectly healthy hearts and not wearing pacers, it is convenient to use left wrist to right wrist exactly over ulnar arterial pulse paths instead of feet. Wide rubber bands over wires at elbows keep leads out of the way when using hands. With electrode cable unplugged, turn switch ON and advance amplitude control to MAXIMUM. Push momentary SW. 2 "Test" switch and see that the red and green light emitting diodes flash alternately. This verifies that polarity is reversing ~4 times per second (frequency is NOT critical) and that batteries are still good. If LED's don't light, replace all three 9V batteries. When the white incandescent bulb dims or appears yellowish, or relay isn't clicking, replace all four AA cells. Zener diodes will extinguish LEDs when the three 9V battery's initial 27V drops below 18V after extended use. If subject has a perfectly healthy heart, wrist-to-wrist placement is more convenient. Never use any electrode larger than 1-J" long by J" wide to avoid wasting current on surrounding tissue. Confine exactly to blood vessels ONLY. Add a drop of salt water to each electrode's cotton cover ~every 10 minutes to keep electrodes thoroughly saturated during entire session.

Now rotate amplitude control to MINIMUM (counter-clockwise) and plug in electrode cable. Subject now advances dial slowly until he feels a "thumping" and tingling. Turn as high as tolerable but don't advance amplitude to where it is ever uncomfortable. Adjust voltage periodically as he adapts or acclimates to current level after several minutes. If subject perspires, skin resistance may decrease because of moisture, so setting to a lower voltage for comfort is indicated. Otherwise It is normal to feel progressively less sensation with time. You may notice little or no sensation at full amplitude immediately, but feeling will begin building up to maximum after several minutes at which time amplitude must be decreased. Typical adapted electrode-to-electrode impedance is on the order of 2000W. Typical comfortable input (to skin) is ~3mA, and maximum tolerable input (full amplitude) is ~7 mA but this "reserve" limit is unnecessary and uncomfortable Current flowing through blood is very much lower than this EXTERNAL measurement because of series resistances through skin, tissue and blood vessel walls.

Apply blood neutralizer for about an hour daily for 21-30 days. Use judgment here. Carefully monitor subject's reactions. For very heavy infections, go slower so as not to overload body's toxic disposal capability. With circulation-impaired diabetics, etc., you may wish to extend session times up to 90 minutes to two hours. Again, HAVE SUBJECT DRINK LOTS OF WATER. You may be overexposing if post treatment discomfort is felt.

Subjects may feel sleepy, sluggish, listless, nauseous, faint or headachy, or have flu-like reactions if neglecting sufficient water intake for flushing toxins. We interpret this as detoxification plus endorphin release due to electrification. Let them rest and stabilize for ~45 minutes before driving if indicated. If this detoxing becomes oppressive, treat every SECOND day. Treating at least 21 times should "fractionate" both juvenile and maturing HIV to overlap maximum neutralization sensitivity windows and interrupt "budding" occurring during the HIV cells' development cycles. Treatments also safely neutralize many other viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and microbes in blood. See US patents # 5,091,152 5,139,684 5,188,738 5,328,451 and others as well as numerous valid medical studies which are presently little known or suppressed. Ingesting a few Oz. of 5 to 20 parts per million of silver colloid solution daily can give subjects a "second intact immune system" and minimize or eliminate opportunistic infections during recovery phase. This miracle substance is pre-1938 technology, and unlike ozone is considered immune from FDA harassment. Silver colloid can EASILY be made at home electrolytically in minutes and in any desired quantities and parts per million strength for under 1˘ per gallon plus cost of distilled water. It is ridiculous to purchase it for high prices. Colloid has no side effects, and is known to rapidly eliminate or prevent hundreds of diseases. Silver colloids won't produce drug resistant strains as will all other known antibiotics. No reasonable amount can overdose or injure users either topically, by ingestion, or medical professional injection.>P>

Dec. 27, 1996.