BIO-ENERGIZER (MRT)*... Beyond Acupuncture

"Science has recently validated the reality of ancient Chinese acupuncture by tracking the movement of certain radioactive isotopes through the acupuncture meridian system with high speed catscan. Many individuals may be interested in the numerous and well known benefits of acupuncture but have an aversion to traditional methods due to fear of needles, possible infection, expense, or other reasons.

"The MRT Bio-energizer... is a hand-held, battery powered Tesla Coil type spark generator that induces beneficial super high frequency energies into the body through critical acupuncture points. Bio-energizers produce electrical arc discharges and ionized plasma energies which are induced along selected meridians where they may act to overcome energetic blockages and reharmonize the vital energy (chi) flow in the body. In holistic medicine, illness and disease are viewed as energetic imbalances in the overall system. The Bio-energizer is an investigational instrument aimed at rebalancing and harmonizing these subtle energy flows. According to the vibrational energy model of health, illness or disease can manifest only if a state of energetic imbalance is allowed to linger. Ideally, the Bio-energizer is a preventive tool and can be most helpful before the emergence of visible signs of acute or chronic illness. Since the MRT Bio-energizer is an experimental-investigational device, no medical claims are made or implied in its use. Pocket-size, it can be carried anywhere.

"[Specifications]... produces a continuous series of 14 to 20 kilovolt arc discharges plus super high frequency plasma waves at a rate of approx. 10 pulses per second. The short duration, non-linear energy bursts of 1/10,000 second with sharp rise times produce harmonic frequencies beyond the Gigahertz range. The energizer is a wand shaped device 1-1/2" wide, 1" thick and 8-1/4" long. It uses a single 1.5V AA battery with a life of approx. 20 energy balancing sessions. Weight with battery is 3.5 ounces.

Also, this unit does not deliver painful or irritating electric shocks to the skin, as other cheaper units do (such as some that are advertized on television).

"Copyright 1990 Robert C. Beck"

[This quote is from Bob Beck's paper, which continues with a description, references, and diagrams for this experimental device.]

Dec. 27, 1996.