A Magnetic Pulse Generator has been developed that produces a large and fast electromatic pulse in order to stimulate fluids inside of plants and trees, in order to produce a flowing current similar to that produced by the the Plant Stimulator device.

The use of this device is important in order to get electrical current to flow within internal fluids not normally accessible near the surface of the plant, etc.

Dr. Beck has written some notes about the use of the Magnetic Pulse Generator.

If you are interested: Read the Notes!

A device that can be used in research for stimulating plants has been developed that has the electrical characteristics described above.

Many people have conducted their own research on using this Magnetic Pulse Generator on their plants, vegetables, fruit tress, and etc.

Each unit produces about 19,000 Gauss in a fraction of a second using a standard camera flash (included) powered by four 1 & 1/2 Volt batteries. The batteries are not included.
July 8, 1998.