"Currently Preferred Silver Colloid Making Apparatus, Means, and Methods, Revision 10 June 1996" - Copyright 1993/1996. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.

"To easily and rapidly make unlimited quantities of good quality silver colloid concentrate for about 1/10 per gallon plus water costs you'll need three 9V type MN 1604 regular alkaline transistor radio batteries, three battery snap-on lead connectors, 2 insulated alligator clips, 1 "grain-of-wheat 24 volt 40 mA subminiature incandescent bulb, a foot of 3/32" heat-shrink insulation tubing, 10" pure silver wire, and a foot of 2-conductor stranded insulated wire for clip-leads. This should cost under $20 maximum for everything and take about 35 minutes to assemble from scratch.

This design is "idiot proof" and simple to use. It makes an odorless, tasteless, colorless fast and powerful antiseptic and one of the most remarkable healing agents known. The entire colloid making process takes about five minutes per 8 ounce batch for about 5 ppm laboratory tested concentration at room temperature."

[This quote is from Bob Beck's paper, which continues with a description and parts list, and some of the uses (and abuses of) for this experimental, do-it-yourself method.]

Another easy method is to use two pure silver rods from Action Electronics attached to three (3) nine-volt (9 V) batteries connected in series. The battery clips are available at any electronic store, and a switch and/or light can be added in the circuit if so desired.

This makes a very useful and easily portable silver colloid maker.
Feb. 15, 2000.