"...a novel treatment for drug addiction - a treatment that may work by striking a melodic chord in the brain. The Walkman look-alike transmits a tiny electrical signal that appears to harmonize with natural brain rhythms and, in the process, reduce craving and anxiety. Or at least it worked for [Peter] Townsend. The little black box, he says, saved him from a nearly suicidal alcoholic binge that eventually drove him to heavy tranquilizers and...[drugs]."

"Patients feel only a slight tingling, yet this mild therapy subdues violent reactions."

[This quote is from OMNI, Volume 5, Number 4, January 1983.]

"BT 5 PLUS... The Alternative"

"Operating Instructions" - Copyright 1985/1990 Robert C. Beck.

"Notice: This device is intended for the investigational, academic and educational studies of the effects of electrical pulse repetition rates and their harmonic frequency content on biological systems. It is not intended for the specific treatment of any disease in animals or human beings and is limited to use by research scientists, medical practitioners, or qualified individual investigators. No medical claims are made or implied in its use... Bibliographies or articles which may be available are for study purposes only and are not to be construed as labeling."

[This quote is from Bob Beck's paper, which continues with a description and references for this experimental device.]
Dec. 27, 1996.