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PADRAK supports the protest of the assault on the U.S. Constitution represented by the recent Communications Decency Act, and also of the many other violations of the U.S. Constitution that have occurred and continue to occur. We shall, however, in the interests of our readers, keep our pages the default gray - instead or turning them black as others who support this cause are continuing to do. See the Constitution Society Web Site for additional information. See also Your Own Rights under existing American Common Law.


Subjects: Alternative Facts, Politics, Religion, Sex, HAARP, WACO, OJ Simpson Murder, Weird Stuff, etc..

People: Carol Moore, Carol Valentine. (and many others...)

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In the meantime, see the information and websites below that include a lot of topics of interest!


War And Emergency Powers
The United States is in the state of a "National Emergency." This was enacted on March 9, 1933, and has not been rescinded since, under the War And Emergency Powers Act. You are no longer (if ever) a "Sovereign". You are a Citizen" (or slave) and as such are entitled to all of the privileges of an "enemy of War" of this country, and no more. READ THIS! It's your life...

CONSTITUTION:  Complete Catalog and Videotapes
A complete listing of books and videotapes now available from Dr. Eugene Schroder at CONSTITUTION.

Interesting US Historical Information (absolutely not taught in school...)
Contains interesting information on the real plot line for "The Wizard of Oz" (Ounces - gold that is); The Demise of the American Constitutional Republic; Trading With The Enemy Act Of October 6, 1917; and more..

Information on "The 9-11 Deception Dollar": What Really Happened on 9-11?...!
A summary of the websites and information that appear on this neat item: "The 9-11 Deception Dollar".

Lot's More Good Information on 9-11: What Really Happened?...!
The complete text and all of the website URL links from a really good summary email dated May 8, 2003.

Chemtrails Over America: Issue #2 April 7-16, 1999
Trails in the sky are now being seen in the US - not con-trails, but CHEMICAL trails, sometimes in the form of an X. Who? What? Why? Are these related to the recent increases in sicknesses and deaths within the US?

Food Suppliers, Julianne Wiley List of (from NHNE)
New Heaven and New Earth (NHNE) has received a list of quick-turnaround food suppliers from Julianne Wiley of the Tricities 2000 Y2K Mailing List and wanted to be sure those of you who are interested could add these folks to your list of food suppliers.

Carol Moore's Book on WACO: Getting the Facts Correct, by Carol Valentine
I noticed you had a review of Carol Moore's book on your ALT site. Compare the contents of her book on the critical issues with the evidence presented in the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum.. Her book echoes the damage control "negligence" excuse on the death of the mothers and children. Govt. says the Davidians committed suicide! Rodney Crow says, sure, they committed suicide but it they were only being kind to their children--and besides, the roof fell in on them. The listener knows the Govt. is lying, and presumes anyone who disputes the govt. claim (Crow) is telling the truth. The real truth is that many of the women and kids were murdered elsewhere, their bodies mutilated, and thrown into the concrete room. That "They went to the concrete room to escape the CS gas" is a cover story, one that is promoted by C. Moore's book. Some of the women and children obviously had been dead a long time. Their bodies were mutilated to hide the evidence.

Conspiracy Nation Newsletter by Brian Redman
In the past, the hard-copy, monthly Conspiracy Nation Newsletter has covered "Tales of Dead [Vince] Foster," "Drug War Madness," "Einsteins of Conspiracy Theory," "Innocent [O.J.] Simpson," "Compromised," "The Smiling Pope," "Our NAFTA Neighbor," "October Surprise," "Our Ruler [George] Bush"... Interviewed have been Sarah McClendon, Sherman Skolnick, John Cummings.... Future issues will continue to unearth little-known historical and political conspiracies. Your support of this newsletter goes far: one subscriber pays the way for ten readers of the daily electronic Internet edition of Conspiracy Nation; you help bring the truth to thousands worldwide and also receive a monthly newsletter giving you first look at the latest inside info.

TWA 800 Crash Damage Analysis: Parts 1 & 2
This report presents overwhelming evidence that TWA 800 was destroyed by a missile, and that the missile -- as determined previously by TWA 800 researcher Marshall Houston and Brigadier General Benton K. Partin -- was a radio-frequency guided continuous-rod warhead missile. A-albionic Research Weekly Up-date of 2-5-97.

TWA 800: The Disappearing ANTI-WhistleBlower Executive Order EO-13039
Explain this! - The White House recently removed the all-too-revealing Executive Order 13039 from the White House webpage. EO 13039 removes the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (which contains the Navy units that recovered the debris of TWA 800) from federal-labor protections that include protections for whistle blowers. The rights of the Navy crew were revoked to protect "national security." (Updated on Aug. 29, 2000.)

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin
An Unauthorized Biography of Gerorge Bush. Intense Reading! This file was found elsewhere on the Internet and uploaded to the Patriot FTP site by S.P.I.R.A.L., the Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties. Divided into 8 chapters for easy reading.

The Davidian Massacre - About The Book and A Text File, by Carol Moore
If the "Waco incident" leaves you with the uncomfortable feeling that the federal government cares more about the reputation of federal law enforcement than the protection of the American people, you *must* read this mass market paperback: $13.00 first class postage, 487 pages, and 20 pages of graphics and photographs. Find out [some of, see above] the TRUTH about really happened there! You think it can't happen to you?

Web Sites, Back-Up Files, and Supporting Files

The list of websites, back-up files, and supporting files for PADRAK ALT.  Some of these may have, uh, disappeared...


Other Related Information that may also be of interest to you.

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