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Foundation For The Future
The purpose of the Foundation For the Future is to provide services and develop and inspire projects in harmonic resonance with the earth and all life that include education, health, architecture, the arts, spiritual technology, sacred geometry, and meta-physics: the conjunction of physics and metaphysics, in a way that integrates the knowledge and wisdom of the past with respect for the future. Includes: The Art of Consciousness; The Architecture of Life, The Geometry of Relationship; Metadimensional Consciousness, The Heart of Relationship; Universal Education; The Tetrahedron; Spiritual Technology; Design Meta Physics; The Geomagnetheric Landscape, Gardening With The Spirit of Nature; The Eletromagnetheric Energy of Geometric Form; Magnetic Resonance Healing; The Healing Circle; The Tetrahedral Spiral Periodic Table; New Building Material; Interdimensional Etheric Interface; and Crystalline Sheets.

The Institute for New Energy
The INE is an official US non-profit technical and membership organization whose monthly newsletter "The New Energy News" reports the latest and up-to-date findings in international New Energy research. The Institute's primary purpose is to promote research and educate society of the importance of alternative energy. The INE bridges the gap between the advanced and fringe scientific technologies being discovered today, and the old and existing scientific paradigms of yesterday. This site includes many outstanding "advanced energy related" papers, reports, summaries, announcements, and web site links that are not found elsewhere.

AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology
The new website of this new bimonthly newsletter. Contains a Table of Contents of all issues, and other relevant information.

The International UFO Congress
Information regarding the yearly international week-long "world's best" UFO event that focuses on the best videotapes, pictures, first hand sightings, first hand data and knowledge, and other information regarding UFOs, flying disks, advanced technologies, "alien" beings, extra-terrestrials, ETs, UTs, etc.

Wholy Water Purification Service
Water is an endangered species. Next to air, it is the most important necessity for life. Since 1983, Wholy Water has offered pure solutions for specific water problems. Innovative products you see here, you'll find nowhere else. You'll also find top name brands such as Seagull IV by General Ecology. Includes information and links on: Products (The Natural Solution for Bath Or Shower, The Fluoride Solution, Drinking Water and Whole House Systems, Pricing, and How to Order); Education (Toxic Hazards in the Bath and Shower, Toxic Effects of Fluoride, Cryptosporidium, and Absolute vs. Nominal Porosity Rating); and Other Information (More about Wholy Water, Recycling, and Links to other Good Folks).

The Devices of Robert C. Beck
Robert Beck has developed several devices that may be useful in your own personal research program regarding your own personal health. These devices DO NOT cure anyone or anything; however, their positive effects are well documented. Three of these devices are generally known by the public at the present time: (1) a non-intrusive blood purifier device (the "black box"), (2) a non-intrusive lymph-node and lymph fluid purifier device (the "magnetic zapper"), and (3) the colloid silver maker (with the "silver wires"). All of these operate using standard 1 1/2 V or 9 V batteries. Many researchers have indicated that the proper use of these devices have made dramatic changes in their health, that may have been best explained by someone who wrote: "the effects of the viruses in my blood were all removed within one month."

Alternative Facts and Reference Information
A reference file of important facts and data regarding alternate information from various areas that are usually unknown and unpublished.

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Dec. 22, 1997.