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The new book by:  Stanton T. Friedman

Copyright 1996.  "Now already in its 2nd printing." (Stanton)

It is absolutely wonderful!!! - Dr. Patrick Bailey, Nov. 5, 1996.



"Incidentally, if people want autographed copies of the book they can get them
for $25.00, including postage, from:

    POB 958
    Houlton, ME 04730-0958.

[see the last section of this file...] - Stanton T. Friedman"



[My limited comments are all in square brackets. PB]

"That agencies of the U.S. government have been withholding data about 
extraterrestrial flying saucers seen all over the world, in the sky and on the 
ground, by eye and with radar, is as certain as that the sun will rise 
tomorrow." - page 209 [The Bottom Line.]

"That secrets can be kept from the public is also an absolute certainty." - 
page 209.

"I am convinced that the documents, when carefully and objectively examined, 
lead to the conclusion that there was indeed an Operation Majestic-12.  All of 
the Top Secret/MAJIC documents that have been discovered so far are old ones, 
[Eyes Only Briefing in Appendix A is dated 18 November, 1952] the most recent 
being the Standard Operating manual, which dates back to 1954.  Of course, I 
would like to access to more recent documents." - page 210.

"I didn't like [Donald Howard] Menzel [one of the listed J-12 members].  We 
had never met, although we spoke once on the phone.  I had read his three 
anti-UFO books and many of his articles, and I felt that Max Planck was 
thinking of people like him when he said:  'New Ideas come to be accepted, not 
because their opponents come to believe in them, but because their opponents 
die and a new generation grows up that is accustomed to them." - page 26.

[from 1947 newspapers:]  "The Orgonian [newspaper] said today that Major 
General Nathan F. Twining, Chief of the Materiel Command, told it flatly that 
the 'flying saucers are not the result of experiments of the armed forces.'" 
"Neither the AAF nor any other component of the armed forces had any plane, 
guided missile or other aerial device under development which could possibly 
be mistaken for a saucer or formation of flying disks....Some of these 
witnesses evidently saw something, but we don't know what we are 
investigating." - page 44.

"There is an additional hurdle to getting official confirmation on the reality 
of Majestic-12. ... And suppose a request was made to somebody who DID know of 
the organization.  What could that person say?  If the very existence of the 
organization was classified [above Top Secret], then even a knowledgeable 
person would be bound to deny its existence." - pages 75-76.

"In the late 1970's, CAUS [Citizens Against UFO Secrecy] had asked the CIA 
{Central Intelligence Agency] to do a search for their UFO material.  The 
search turned up almost 900 pages of UFO material and a listing by date of 57 
documents originating with other agencies.  Eighteen of those documents were 
from the NSA [National Security Agency].  When an FOIA [Freedom of Information 
Act] suit was filed against the NSA, they did a court-ordered search and found 
239 UFO documents, of which 'only' 160 originated with the NSA.  However, 
after eliminating four of these, the NSA absolutely refused to release any of 
the remaining 156 documents, even refusing to show them to federal judge 
Gerhard Gesell, who was presiding over the case.  Even the agency's 21-page 
Above Top Secret justification to Judge Gesell for not releasing any of the 
documents, when finally obtained under FOIA, was 75 percent expurgated!" - 
pages 76-77.

"It is clear that the Navy-Air Force group preparing it [declassified December 
10, 1948 Top Secret document "Analysis of Flying Object Incidents in the 
U.S."] had been given specific guidelines for their work.  Their primary 
objective was to investigate the possibility that some flying discs were of 
Soviet origin, perhaps constructed with the help of captured German Scientists 
[!!!].  There was no serious discussion of saucers having extraterrestrial 
origin, and nothing about crashed saucers -- which would have been Above Top 
Secret.  This limited emphasis would not have been unusual for a classified 
task force." - page 125.

"Many books about the CIA have stressed that there were often several groups 
set up completely independently to look at a particular problem and with no 
knowledge of the existence of the other groups.  There is no reason to deny 
the possibility that the people who wrote the 1948 document had no need-to-
know for Majestic-12 material." - page 125.

"These examples (there are many more) establish that, in denigrating UFOs in 
general and the MJ-12 briefing document in particular, [Philip] Klass is 
basically whistling in the dark.  The small amount of time he has spent in 
archives shows that he is essentially an armchair theorist, as are most 
debunkers. (...) His minimal research, flawed logic, and propagandistic 
writing call into question the integrity of his claims."  [how about of his 
own self...] - pages 125-126.

"Enough.  The more debunkers say about UFOs and MJ-12, the more holes appear 
in their arguments." - page 142 [note that that was page 125 above; what's on 
the pages in-between? ...].

"In the meantime, for new members of the audience, here is my 'Top Ten' list 
of debunker principles of logic, gleaned from many years of contact with them:

 1.  What the public doesn't know, don't tell them.
 2.  Don't bother me with facts.  My mind is made up.
 3.  Absence of evidence is evidence of absence.
 4.  Select the data that matches your conclusions.
 5.  If a first scenario supporting your theory crumbles under the weight of 
       the facts, try, try again to prop up your theory with another scenario,
       then another, then another.
 6.  Hearsay testimony is acceptable if it supports you, but unacceptable if 
       it supports the other guy.
 7.  It is important to be right, not to be truthful.
 8.  Loudly proclaim the truth of your testimony, especially if nobody else 
       can check it.
 9.  Pepper your publications with references to as many personal (i.e., 
       unverifiable) interviews as possible.
10.  Don't mention references that don't support your theory.  The public 
       won't know the difference."
     - page 143.

"I don't believe it is coincidence that the first crash of flying saucers 
[that Stanton is concerned with here] occurred in southeastern New Mexico, the 
only place on the globe in 1947 where all three of these technologies 
[powerful rockets, nuclear weapons, and powerful electromagnetic devices] 
could be monitored.  The first atomic explosion took place at Trinity site at 
the White Sands Missile range.  All American firings of captured German V-2 
rockets took place at White Sands as well.  In addition, our best radar 
systems were being used there to track the rockets, which often went astray." 
- pages 218-219.

"In other words, I believe that the aliens are here primarily for their own 
purposes, one of which is to make sure that our brand of 'friendship' is not 
visited upon other civilizations in the neighborhood.  If we can't get our act 
together, they will keep us from leaving." - page 219.

"I hope we can soon qualify for admission to the cosmic kindergarten -- or at 
least the preschool.  I am sure space will be the place in the future.  My own 
personal goal is to help move earthlings down this path.  [Mine Too!!!]  The 
current members of Operation Majestic-12 (or whatever it is now called) must 
have the courage to do the same" - page 219.

              TOP SECRET / MAJIC * EYES ONLY, 18 November, 1952.

Appendix B - Letter from General Twining to General Schulgen
             Was Classified only Secret, 23 September 1947.

Appendix C - Insider Information Uncovered During Authentication of
             Majestic-12 Documents.

Appendix D - Some Exclusions to the Freedom of Information Act
             [Whoops, there it is...: Not!]

Appendix E - Air Force Response to Senator Patty Murray
             The Air Force letter is dated August 25, 1993.
             Stanton Friedman's [in your face] response [8 pages in the book]
             which is dated February 11, 1994.

Appendix F - Directors of Central Intelligence
             [Names and Dates of Tenure]

Sources - Page 252-261
          Large Studies
          Good General Books
          Ph.D. Theses
          UFO Abductions
          Crashed Saucers
          Majestic 12
          Soviet UFO Materials
          UFO Coverup
          UFO Organizations
          Anti-UFO Organization
          Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
          UFOs and Technology
          Books and Articles By and About Debunkers

Between pages 146-147:  7 pages of photos of people discussed in the text.
                        1 page:  Photo of cover page of the first copy of the
                                 Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual.

                TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY, April 1954.
                "Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology,
                Recovery and Disposal".  Includes:
                Chapter 1.  Operation Majestic-12
                  Section 1.  Project Purpose and Goals
                     1.  Scope
                     2.  General
                     3.  Security Classification
                     4.  History of the Group
                     5.  Current Situation 
                           ["...the uncertainty in their ultimate motives
                           in coming here."]
                Chapter 2.  Introduction
                  Section 1.  General
                     6.  Scope
                     7.  Forms and Records
                  Section 2.  Definition and Data
                     8.  General
                     9.  Description of Craft
                           ["4 categories based on general shape"!]
                    10.  Description of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
                           (EBEs) ["two distinct categories"!]
                    11.  Description of Extraterrestrial Technology
                           ["from crash sites ... 1947-1953"]
                Chapter 3.  Recovery Operations
                  Section 1.  Security
                    12.  Press Blackout
                           ["Official Denial" & "Discredit Witnesses"]
                    13.  Secure the Area
                           ["local authorities ... do not interfere..."]
                  Section 2.  Technology Recovery
                    14.  Removal and Transport [Live ETs by ambulance]
                    15.  Cleansing the Area
                    16.  Special or Unusual Circumstances
                           ["Contingency Plan MJ-1949-04P/78 (TOP SECRET *
                           EYES ONLY) ... should the need to make a public
                           disclosure become necessary."]
                    17.  Extraterrestrial Technology
                           [Table, that includes: "No. 4.  Powerplant -
                           Devices and machines or fragments which are
                           possible propulsion units, fuel and associated
                           control devices and panels.", and ""No. 11.
                    18.  Packaging and Packing Data ["MAJIC-12 ACCESS ONLY"]
                Chapter 4.  Receiving and Handling
                  Section 1.  handling Upon Receipt of material
                    20.  Uncrating, Unpacking, and Checking
                Chapter 5.  Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
                  Section 1.  Living Organisms
                    21.  Scope
                    22.  General
                    23.  Encounters
                           ["MJ-12 OPNAC Team will formulate cover stories
                           for the press and prepare briefings for the
                           President and the Chiefs of Staff."]
                    24.  Isolation and Custody
                           ["EBEs will be detained by whatever means are
                           necessary and removed to a secure location as soon
                           as possible."]
                           ["... security is of paramount importance.  All 
                           other considerations are secondary."]
                  Section 2.  Non-Living Organisms
                    25.  Scope
                    26.  retrieval and Preservation
                Chapter 6.  Guide to UFO Identification
                  Section 1.  UFOB Guide
                    27.  Follow-up Investigations
                    28.  Rules of Thumb
                Appendix 1.  References


[Stan emailed his approval to me to post this on Nov. 5, 1996:]


I am very flattered [by your summary] and say go ahead and spread the word.

Incidentally, if people want autographed copies of the book they can get them
for $25.00, including postage, from:

    POB 958
    Houlton, ME 04730-0958.

[Also -] there are some small mistakes in [your summary] -
[which I have already corrected in the above summary text.  PB.]"


Dr. Patrick Bailey, Nov. 5, 1996.  Yes I Voted!!!

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