September 13, 2000

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-------------     ------------------------------------------------------------
Date Included     Additions, Expansions, or Revisions
-------------     ------------------------------------------------------------

Sep. 13, 2000     Created a seperate file for all Intern. UFO Congress data.
                  Added the old IUFOC Information Files.
                  Site Counter = 28,480

Sep. 11, 2000     Modified:  All website files.
                     Removed all referernces to the title "International UFO
                     Congress Support Website" and names, as requested.
                  Site Counter = 28,440

Apr. 11, 2000     Added a summary of the 10th International UFO Congress
                  Several website additions and improvements were also made.
                  Site Counter = 25,440

Mar. 11, 1999     Added the MAJIC.html page that summarizes the MAJESTIC DOCS.
                     book by Robert and Ryan Wood (15 Documents).
                  Added a link to the UFO Crash List site.
                  Site Counter = 19,303

Feb.  8, 1999     Modified all files to denote that this is a Support Website
                     to the Official Internatioanl UFO Congress Website,
                     which is located at http://www.ufocongress.com
                     All files with currently available information.
                  Site Counter = 17,755

Feb.  5, 1999     Updated the 1999 Congress Speakers Schedule and Info:
                     1999 International UFO Congress Support Page
                  Site Counter = 17,709

Nov. 23, 1998     Added the 1999 Congress Speakers Schedule and Info:
                     1999 International UFO Congress Support Main Page
                  Site Counter = 16,500

Nov. 19, 1998     Updated:
                  Site Counter = 16,420

Nov. 18, 1998     Added:
                     Warren's Unposted Area 51 JPG pitures:  Posted to I_UFO-L
                  Site Counter = 16,385

Sep. 28, 1998     Added:  1999  Conference Information Page:
                     The 8th International UFO Congress - 1999
                  Changed:  IUFOC FAX number.
                            Main page text.
                  Site Counter = 15,618

Since Then:       Various additions.

Dec.  5, 1997     The Levitron websites were revised, and others added.

Dec.  2, 1997     Added:  1997 Conference Information and Pages.
                  Added:  New Website Links.
                  Noted:  Most of Randolph Winters Site Links are broken;
                             He says he will fix them soon.
                  Site Counter = 11,411

Since Then:       Added:  1997 Summer Seminar Series.
                          Lots of other files.

Feb. 21, 1997     Added file link on the Files page:
                      "Lee Slargel on the Strange Universe TV Show,
                         Feb. 20, 1997"
                  Updated and added lots of links on WEBSITES.html.
                  Site Counter = 3,235.

Jan. 7, 1997      Added file link on main page:
                     "Secrecy Oaths Regarding Extraterrestrial Matters Expired
                     December 31st, 1996"
                  Added the "Made by Macintosh" icon on the main page, bottom.
                  Site Counter = 1,447.

Jan. 6, 1997      Added file link in Files of UFO Data:
                     "One Person's Report:  Mexico Expedition: October 26 -
                     November 2nd, 1996
                  Site Counter = 1,405.

Jan. 4, 1997      Included the new schedule changes to the 1997 Congress:
                     Dr. James Hurtak was moved from Wednesday to Monday, and
                     other changes were made.  The latest Congress schedule
                     is at:  www.padrak.com/ufo/SCHED_1997.html
                  Site Counter = 1,364.

Jan. 1, 1997      Added:  Randolph Winters on the Art Bell Show:
                     Summary Transcripts of that Feb. 17, 1995, Program on
                     radio.  Really Good Stuff!!! (if true...)
                  Changed the blocked "PRE" text in the I UFO C 1997 files:
                     Tranportation, Costs, and Reservations.
                  Site Counter = 1,242.

Dec. 28, 1996     Added "Worlds In Transition" file by Rich Boylan.
                  Added lots of new Web Sites to "WEBSITES" file.
                  Site Counter = 1,101.

Dec. 12, 1996     Updated the 6th IUFO Congress Speakers:  All Confirmed!
                  Site Counter = 802.

Nov. 15, 1996     Added:  Links to other PADRAK Sites.
                     HTML  tags for web search engines.
                  Site Counter = 237.

Nov.  5, 1996     Added the TOP SECRET / MAJIC Summary File.
                  Site Counter = 84.

Oct. 31, 1996     Updated the 6th IUFO Congress Schedule per FAX.
                  Site Counter = 76.

Oct. 18, 1996     Added:  New Conference flyer information.
                     All data is now in the site.
                  Site Counter = 1.

Sept. 9, 1996     Added:
                     Summary of the 1996 Starknowledge Conference.
                     Lots of new Websites.
                  Site Counter not set.

July 30, 1996     Updated most of the site files.
                  Congress Speaker Files are still not ready.
                  Site Counter not set.

May 10, 1996      Installed the site.  Even though it's not ready yet...
                  Site Counter not set.
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