February 11, 2002

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An email regarding Phillip Krapf from Dr. Richard Boylan

Phillip Krapf is a no-nonsense, middle-aged, hard-bitten, big city daily newspaper editor who does not mince words. A self-described previous agnostic and inveterate skeptic, Krapf kept his audience focused during the six hourse of his workshop on what he learned from his second visit aboard a Star Nation ("Verdant") spaceship.

Krapf synopsized what he had presented in his first book, "The Contact Has Begun" and his latest book, "The Challenge of Contact". Both bear careful reading, and I invite the reader to peruse both books.

I will only summarize here a few points not covered explicitly in either book.

Krapf clarified that in his first book, the chapter where he wrote about being taken to a physical heaven should be understood as an allegory, and not a literal journey to heaven. He felt that the Verdant space people showed him "heaven" because he was an atheist, and they wanted to show him a wider reality.

In response to my question for more physical details about the Verdants, he described them as 5'2" to 5"5" tall, with no hair, a negligible nose with essentially two nostril holes, and a thin almost lipless mouth. He said that their eyes were dark, and of slit-eyed construction with almond shape. His prime contact, a Verdant female, was slightly built with very petite breasts. The ears are proportional to the head, as are the eyes. The Verdants are a very homogenous-looking racew, and it took Phil some time and practice to distinguish his main contacts from the others. Thus, the beings look somewhat like, but are distinguished from the persons from the Zeta Reticuli system.

Krapf described a major meeting aboard the Verdant main spacecraft in position behind the Moon. This spacxecraft was lenticular in shape.

At this meeting were 12 of the human Ambassadors (selected future prominent witness and spokespersons for Verdant contact), as well as Krapf, who sees himself in the subordinate Deputy Envoy position. The discussion included how well humans in general were prepared for formal acknowledgment of ET contact/presence. The Ambassadors also discussed how well Krapf was doing his assignment of getting the word out of Space Visitor contact.

Krapf also related the Star Wars weapon systems are designed to shoot at UFO spacecraft. He viewed this as an appalling possibility.

He reiterated that the Verdants have estimated that 20% of the Earth's population are holding back human advancement and public disclosure. These 20% are comprised of geoplutocrats who run world policy organizations trying to preserve the economic status quo, general sociopaths, and others not likely to change in the face of public announcement of contact by the Verdants.

Krapf related an interesting personal note: that since April (2001) he has eaten no meat, and has limited his intake to 500 calories per day. He mostly eats fruit. He attributes this diet to his last visit aboard the Verdant ship. He has lost 40 pounds and appears in trim and fit condition. (By the way, Krapf says that the Verdants base all the food on a plant staple grown hydroponicly.) I traded stories with him about how encounters with Star People have caused me unconsciously to give up eating meat, going vegetarian, avoiding as much as possible chocolate, caffeine, any drugs, free sugar, and increasing my intake of water noticeably. Phil nodded, familiar with these strivings.

As far as a near-future timetable is concerned, Krapf had this to say. Supposedly in 2002 some world-renown Ambassadors will start speaking out on UFO/Star Visitor reality. There are 880 of these world-famous celebrities who will be verifying UFO/ET contact.

Phil demurred when asked if he was going to be global spokesperson for the Verdants when they openly manifest to the public. He felt that one of the Ambassadors connected with the media would be the likely main spokesperson.

I left the Workshop more convinced of Phillip Krapf's mental soundness and ethical integrity and honesty. He remains a modest key witness and a widely-published "reluctant" expereiencer. He also has moved from atheism to a gentle openness to the possibility of the divine/transcendent. Perhaps this remarkable inner transformation is the chief authenticator of Mr. Krapf's detailed accounts of contact with Verdants from the stars.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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