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Date:     Wed, 01 Jan 1997 22:21:31 -0800
From:     "A.J. Craddock" 
Cc:       Steven Greer <>,
          Shari Adamiak <>,
          Joe Burkes 
Subject:  CSETI deadline to US Govt. re ET secrecy oaths expires.
          Public disclosure planned

[Minor reformatting and spelling corrections made on Jan. 7, 1996.  PB]

Dr. Steven Greer, CSETI founder, today advised the US Government that
the deadline for them to declare that Secrecy Oaths regarding
Extraterrestrial matters were Constitutional expired December 31st,

Consequently, as the Secrecy for these projects was not Constitutionally
mandated, the planned public disclosure of all such UFO/ETI matters
involving numerous government, intelligence, military and defense
contractor witnesses would proceed on schedule in a non-threatening

This matter is covered in detail on CSETI's Home Page at:

Tony Craddock

15 November 1996

To: President William Jefferson Clinton
    Vice President Al Gore
    National Security Advisor Tony Lake
    Secretary of Defense William Perry
    Secretary of State Warren Christopher
    DCI John Deutch
    General Shalikashvili, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
    Mr. Arlen Specter,  Chairman, Senate Intelligence Committee
    Mr. Larry  Combast,  Chairman, House Intelligence Committee
    Mr. Strom Thurmond,  Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee
    Mr. Floyd Spence,   Chairman, House  National Security Committee
    Dr. Daniel  Goldin, Director of NASA
    FBI Director Louis Freeh
    Attorney General Janet Reno

From: Steven M. Greer M.D., Director of CSETI

RE: Planned Disclosure on the UFO/Extraterrestrial Subject and
    National Security Oaths

The CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Project Starlight initiative has now identified several dozen former and
current military, intelligence and defense contractor related witnesses
to UFO/ETI events and projects.  As set out in a number of documents and
briefings (see enclosures) it is our intention to have these important
witnesses provide open, public testimony on this matter in the very near

In the summer of 1995, we requested that the President take appropriate
steps to allow these witnesses to speak openly, without civil, military
or other penalties. Since then, there has been an exponential growth in
the number of such witnesses who wish to come forward.  Some of them are
elderly, and suffering from serious medical conditions.  We feel that
these patriotic and courageous heroes of our country - who very much
wish to tell their fellow citizens the truth on this matter- must not
take this information to their graves. Therefore, we are asking from you
a clear determination regarding their freedom  to speak openly on this

Over the past three years, we have found that members of Congress, the
Executive Branch, military and intelligence leaders have not been
briefed on this important matter, and that operations related to the
subject exist as 'unacknowledged' special access projects.  Most
operations exist in the private aspects of the military industrial
sector, with apparently extra-constitutional funding and oversight.

As such, and until established otherwise to our satisfaction, we regard
these operations, and all so-called 'security oaths' derived from them,
as illegal, and therefore non-binding for these witnesses mentioned

Therefore, UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED BY 1 JANUARY 1997, we will move
forward with a series of events whereby these witnesses may provide
open, public testimony.  If we do not hear from you, or if we hear that
you  concur, we will proceed with a public disclosure after that date.
Only if you notify us specifically that such witnesses to UFO/ETI
related matters are still bound to silence will our plans for a
disclosure by them be altered. As mentioned in previous briefings and
documents to members of the Administration, the military, the Congress
and others, it is our intent to effect this disclosure in a way which is
scientific, forward looking and hopeful. It is not our intent to cause
instability for our nation or the world, but , rather , to mitigate the
clear dangers which current covert management of this issue presents. We
invite your advice, assistance and support in this process of disclosure
on a matter which is arguably the most important of the twentieth and
early twenty first centuries.

Testimony from these witnesses will include but not be limited to:

*  Retrieval of disabled extraterrestrial devices and extraterrestrial
   life forms

*  Reverse-engineering projects related to extraterrestrial technology

*  Reconnaissance and tracking of UFO/Extraterrestrial vehicles

*  Covert projects related to the subject

*  Confirmation of military/UFO encounter cases

*  The nature and scope of disinformation programs related to
   the subject

We hope to hear from you regarding this matter as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this request for a determination on the
status of these witnesses as it relates to providing public testimony
during 1997.


Steven M. Greer M.D.
Director of CSETI



At 12 am today, 1 January 1997, the deadline expired for US Government
correction of our previously stated position that military, intelligence
and other government related witnesses to UFO events/projects were free
to speak openly of their knowledge and experiences.

In a letter dated 15 November 1996, CSETI Project Starlight stated the
position that, since projects related to UFOs exist and have existed
outside legal constitutional oversight and control, that all security
oaths related to such projects are null and void.  The letter stated
that, UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED, that this assessment would be regarded
as accurate and that all such government witnesses would be free to
speak openly as of 1 January 1997.

This letter was sent to, and acknowledgment of receipt has been
obtained, from:

President Bill Clinton
Vice-President Al Gore
National Security Advisor Tony Lake
Secretary of Defense William Perry
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Director of Central Intelligence John Deutsch
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Shalikashvili
Chairman Senate Intelligence Committee Arlen Specter
Chairman House Intelligence Committee Larry Combast
Chairman Senate Armed Services Committee Strom Thurmond
Chairman House National Security Committee Floyd Spence
Director of NASA Daniel Goldin
FBI Director Louis Freeh
Attorney General Janet Reno

Additionally, this document has been sent to the US Supreme Court and
acknowledgment of receipt is pending.

The letter is attached to this file. Numerous background and position
papers were enclosed with this letter, including a detailed listing of
agencies, entities, corporations, and covert facilities associated with
the UFO/ET subject.

The UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED (UNOD) format is routinely used in
governmental and military situations and indicates that unless otherwise
instructed, the position and described actions are approved implicitly.
This letter clearly stated that we intend to assemble as many bona fide
government officials and witnesses as possible, and that they will speak
publicly and openly about their knowledge of UFO/ET events and covert

Since the letter was issued, senior and reliable intelligence sources
have stated that no response or interference would be forthcoming vis a
vis plans for government witnesses to publicly come forward with their

Significantly, as of 1 January 1997, no government entity, official,
agency, department or office has contradicted this assessment or stated
that such government witnesses are any longer bound to silence.

CSETI Director Dr. Steven Greer has been meeting with various government
officials, including members of the US Congress (House and Senate) to
discuss this matter and ask for open hearings on the subject of

In preparation for these disclosures, and in light of the expiration of
the above deadline, a meeting of such military, intelligence, government
and corporate witnesses will be held later this winter.  Bona fide
witnesses, or contacts to such witnesses, should contact Dr. Steven
Greer immediately concerning participation in this event. A similar, but
smaller, event was organized by CSETI in 1995, and was attended by US
Astronauts, US and Russian military officials and others.

The meeting this winter will assemble a significant number of such
government UFO witnesses to meet with congressional and other public
officials and to request open hearings within the Congress, so that they
may testify openly about their knowledge and experiences related to

Should Congress not agree to open hearings, other venues, such as the
United Nations or a private disclosure event, will be pursued to effect
a public acknowledgment of the reality of UFOs/ETI.

This notice may be distributed freely among all news groups, media and
interested parties, without further permission or restrictions.

1 January 1997

Steven M. Greer M.D., Director
Tel: 704-274-5671
Fax: 704-274-6766

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Jan. 7, 1997.