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UFOs: A Need to Know
Approx. 90 Minutes Color (VCP0083)
With Various Researchers Interviewed
Video $29.95

Did a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947?

UFOs-A Need to Know examines new evidence in the Roswell case, including the story of mortician Glen Dennis who was on the scene at Roswell Army Air Base when alien bodies were autopsied.

With the help of a nurse who actually saw the bodies, Dennis created drawings of the aliens retrieved from the crashed saucer.

Through interviews with authors Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt (The UFO Crash at Roswell) you will learn what really happened that summer day nearly 50 years ago.

Featured interviews include Colonel Wendelle Stevens, "Fire in the Sky" subject Travis Walton, Cary Baker and Jack Wood.

Included in this ground breaking video is an examination of cattle mutilations with documentary producer Linda Moulton-Howe. You will learn of above-top-secret secret projects at Area 51 with Bob Lazar and see incredible UFO reports from investigative journalist George Knapp.


Audio Cassettes Only.

Eclipse UFOs
Audio Series Vol. 5 With Jaime Maussan, 1 Tape

Invisible Invasion
Audio Series Vol. 10 With Dave Heerman, 1 Tape

UFO Technology
Audio Series Vol. 17 With Vladimar Terzinski, 3 Tapes

The George Adamski Case
Audio Series Vol. 21 With Glen Steckling, 1 Tape

Early Contacts
Audio Series Vol. 23 With G.C. Shellhorn, 1 Tape

UFO Photos
Audio Series Vol. 24 With Wendelle Stevens

UFOs in Europe
Audio Series Vol. 27 With Michael Hesemann

Roswell Update
Audio Series Vol. 28 With Stanton Friedman

Latest Abductee Information
Audio Series Vol. 29 With Jiles Hamilton and Richard Boylan

UFO Hot Spots in the Southwest
Audio Series Vol. 30 With Richard Boylan

Public ET Channeling Session
Audio Series Vol. 31 With Jiles Hamilton and R. Monroe

Government's Education Program
Audio Series Vol. 32 With Col. Don Ware, 1 Tape

Crop Circles
Audio Series Vol. 33 With Michael Hesemann 1 Tape

Wilheim Reich
Audio Series Vol. 34 With Kenn Thomas 1 Tape

Face On Mars
Audio Series Vol. 35 With Erik Beckford 1 Tape

Human and ET Interaction
Audio Series Vol. 36 With Col. Don Ware 1 Tape

Philadelphia Experiment Survivor
Audio Series Vol. 39 With Al. Bielek

Push Gravity
Audio Series Vol. 40 with W.C. Wright 1 Tape

Abduction Panel
Audio Series Vol. 41 Testimonies, Vol. 42 Q&A, Vol. 43 Audience Q&A

Contactee Panel
Audio Series Vol. 44 Testimonies, Vol. 45 Q&A Vol. 46 Audience Q&A


Government Whistle Blower or Cosmic Charlatan?
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 1
With Bob Lazar
Video $14.95

The man is Bob Lazar. He says he is a physicist who worked on back engineering alien spacecraft for the U.S. Government at a top secret base at Groom Lake in Nevada.

But what is the truth behind Lazar's claims? Can Lazar's stories can be proven?

Watch as a panel of experts debates the authenticity of Lazar's alien physics and his explanation of how UFOs travel at such incredible speed while making unbelievable maneuvers.

Will a spacecraft propulsion system designed the way Lazar says, using yet undiscovered elements, work? Are the vast, remote desert areas known as Groom Lake, Area 51 and Dreamland really secret bases where aliens and humans are working to develop anti- gravity flight?

Explore the Lazar story as it has never before been investigated.

Puerto Rico UFO Encounters
Approx. 120 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 2
With Jorge Martin, Amaury Rivera and Wilson Sosa
Video $19.95
Jorge Martin Audio $9.95
Amaury Rivera Audio $6.95
Wison Sosa Audio $9.95

Incredibly, the most extraordinary UFO and United States Navy interaction was witnessed by hundreds of Puerto Rican citizens. This amazing event was then covered-up by the U.S. Government!

Join Wilson Sosa, Jorge Martin and Amaury Rivera as they tell, for the first time, the story of this incredible incident.

You will be shocked and amazed as Sosa, Martin and Rivera, reveal the bizarre details behind this unprecedented contact.

Perestroika and the UFO Connection: The Marina Popovich Report
Approx. 120 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 3
With Marina Popovich
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Known throughout Russia as "Madam MIG", former Soviet Cosmonaut Marina Popovich, unveils incredible never seen before UFO data from the USSR.

Popovich, a former Colonel in the Soviet Air Force, presents inside knowledge of UFOs that reveals a long-time Soviet interest in this phenomena.

Accompanied by still photos and exciting video footage, Popovich provides a unique viewpoint into the former Soviet superpower's quest for UFO understanding.

Approx. 120 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 4
With Bob Oechsler
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Former NASA scientist, UFO researcher and radio talk personality Bob Oechsler discusses what NASA really knows about the UFO phenomena.

Oeschler's excellent presentation blends his personal experience in the nation's space agency with inside information, photos and extensive, thought provoking research.

What secrets lie hidden in the files of NASA? What did astronauts see in space that the public never heard about? Is there a reason we stopped manned exploration of the Moon?

Spend two hours with Oechsler as he probes NASA's most embarrassing secret-its evidence that UFOs are real!

Inside the Meier Case
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 5
With Guido Moosbrugger
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

Eduard "Billy" Meier is a Swiss Farmer who long has experienced contact with Extraterrestrial Entities from the Pleiades.

During the 1980s Meier took a series of stunning photographs of UFOs he called "Beamships" that created an international controversy.

Guido Moosbrugger was with Meier almost from the beginning of these remarkable visitations. Moosbrugger's incredible inside story is a fascinating look at one of the most amazing UFO contact cases of our time. Detailed and profusely illustrated this presentation is one you will not soon forget. Translated by international UFO expert Michael Hesemann.

Don't miss the special two part 25th Anniversary Retrospective of the Meier case--Volume 78 and 79 of the UFO Collector's Series.

Close Encounters of the 5th Kind
Aprrox. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 6
With Dr. Steven Greer
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

How can two vastly different biological entities interact with each other? What is the key to unlock the door to intergalactic communications?

Dr. Steven Greer, a trauma room surgeon by training, and UFO researcher by avocation, believes that he and his group, CSETI (Center for extraterrestrial Interaction) have found the answer. Dr. Greer has developed a protocol to initiate human/UFO contact.

Contact has been made! CSETI has succeeded in initiating contact with Extraterrestrials!

In this tape Greer examines the formation of the CSETI group and details its astounding first contacts.

UFO Contacts Inside Russia
Approx. 105 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 7
With Valery Uvarov
Video $19.95
Audio $ 6.95

The iron curtain came crumbling down a few short years ago, flooding the west with information about the secrets of the Former Soviet Union—including top secret UFO reports.

Valery Uvarov is one of the most respected UFO researchers from the Former Soviet Union. He had access to the most sensitive and startling UFO information gathered by the Soviets, the KGB and the Army. In his presentation, Uvarov reveals that the Soviets had a program to study UFOs and took the phenomena very seriously as a military and political situation that was a top priority

Uvarov examines a series of intriguing UFO cases from the Former Soviet Union as well as the latest incidents from Russia.

Brazil: UFO Encounters
Approx. 120 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 8
With Prof. A.J. Gevaerd
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

UFO activity goes on around the world as evidenced by Professor A.J. Gevaerd's startling information from South America.

In his home country of Brazil, Professor Gevaerd has long studied the UFO phenomena examining many incredible cases. Brazil's vast, sparsely populated countryside has long been visited by UFOs and has a history of less then benevolent contact.

In this presentation Gevaerd draws upon his wealth of information to reveal evidence of human mutilation as one ghastly aspect of the UFO phenomena. Similar to cattle mutilations reported in the United States, human mutilation in the rain-forests of Brazil shows the sinister side of at least some UFO visitors.

S.H.A.P.E. Assessment: UFO Cover-up
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 9
With Robert Dean
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Robert Dean was a military man, a warrior and a unquestioning patriot, until he discovered something that made a profound impression on his life and point of view. It was information that changed his life.

While stationed at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (S.H.A.P.E.) Dean accessed files labeled Cosmic Top Secret which revealed a massive and incredible cover-up of UFO information.

Since his discovery, Dean has strived to make the truth known around the world. UFOs are real and have been scrutinized by governments around the world for decades. The shocking facts are revealed in Dean's presentation.

U.S. Government's Cover-Up Strategy
Approx. 82 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 10
With Dr. James Harder
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Professor Jim Harder is one of the world's foremost UFO investigators. He is one of only a handful of individuals who can claim nearly four decades of UFO research.

Harder has personally researched hundreds of UFO cases, including the abduction of Travis Walton who vanished from an Arizona forest in full view of his companions. This case was the basis for the film "Fire in the Sky."

Why does the government deny that UFOs exist? What is the history of government lies and disinformation? In this presentation Harder explores the government's past as well as its ongoing cover- up of UFO information. What is the government hiding and why? Join Harder as he unravels the threads of deception.

UFOs and the Origin of Man
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 11
With Edward Burrows
Video $9.95
Audio $ 6.95

Was Jesus the first test tube baby? Are the miracles described in the bible really miracles or simply evidence of advanced technology as seen through the eyes of ancient peoples?

Ed Burrows provocative book "Specimen" examines the origins of the human race. The conclusions he discovers are shockingly different than what religions have taught for hundreds of years. Yet, within the words of the bible and other religious writings, is the best evidence for Extraterrestrial involvement in the evolution of our species. According to Burrows, at strategic times throughout our history Extraterrestrial influence has changed the course of our destiny.

In his presentation Burrows explores the specimens of evidence found throughout history to verify his incredible premise. "Specimen" is available through Willowby books, Twin Peaks, CA

Family UFO Encounters
Approx. 120 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 12
With Ron and Paula Watson
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Paula Watson first came to world-wide attention when her amazing abduction case was investigated by famed researcher and film-maker Linda Moulton Howe.

Now, for the first time, Watson's husband Ron goes public with his incredible story of how he too has been abducted against his will by Extraterrestrial entities.

Together, Ron and Paula Watson share the frightening true story of how their peaceful family life has been shattered by UFO encounters.

The Watsons reveal how ETs entered their lives and the devastating effect their unbelievable experience caused. Their story, an extraordinary and moving testimony of visitor encounters, shows how vulnerable we all truly are.

The Big Foot/UFO Connection
Approx. 120 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 13
With Dr. Jack Lapseritis
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

A seeker, Anthropologist Dr. Jack Lapseritis has spent decades searching for the truth behind rumors of strange ape-like creatures in the American northwest and other areas around the world.

Known as Yeti, Sasquatch and Big Foot, these enigmatic beings have haunted popular imagination for years, yet evidence of their existence has been as elusive as the creatures themselves. Dedicated to unraveling the mystery of Big Foot, Dr. Lapseritis uncovered dramatic proof of a link between Yeti and UFOs.

From first hand research through years in the wilderness literally living among the Sasquatch, Dr. Lapseritis has discovered many incredible secrets of these mysterious beings and how they are connected with the UFO phenomena.

South Africa: UFO Contact
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 14
With Carl Van Vlierden
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

The 1950s was the era of the "contactee." Visitors from space brought messages of peace and brotherhood to a chosen few. For the most part, contactees were considered kooks, crack-pots and publicity seekers, not as bearers of interplanetary greetings.

It is also thought that Contactees were a predominantly American phenomena, yet contact occurred around the globe, and the messages given to contactees were shockingly similar. In South Africa, at the bottom of the world, Carl Van Vlierden found himself among the handful of humans chosen for Extra-Terrestrial contact.

Today, in the light of a new age, we find ourselves re- evaluating what really happened to contactees, and discover that what they had to say was in many cases true. As powerful now as it was the first time he told it, the incredible story of ET contact comes to life in Vlierden's own words in this remarkable presentation.

Area 51 and Dulce Update
Approx. 105 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 15
With Sean Morton
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

It is America's most well known secret base, and long rumored to be the place where the US military tests craft that defy physics— craft based on and designed to utilize alien technology.

Sean Morton pays a visit to Area 51 to search for what really lies behind the warning signs, motion detectors, armed guards and black helicopters. What is the truth about this tightly guarded, officially denied, military installation? Morton's astounding findings unveil they mystery of Area 51's incredible secrets.

Area 51 isn't the only place where strange rumors and even stranger craft have been noticed.

Morton also reveals new information about New Mexico's infamous Dulce facility where ETs and humans may be working together on top-secret projects for the government. What is happening beneath the parched New Mexican desert? Results of ultra-sound tests shed new light on Dulce.

UFO Investigator: A Day in the Life
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 16
With Michael Forte
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

It sounds like a glamorous job, travelling around the country chasing down the latest leads in the search for truth about UFOs. But it's not.

Michael Forte is a UFO investigator. He is dedicated to making sense of the confusion and conflicting information often accompanying a UFO occurrence. Whether it's finding a reliable witness or debunking a fake incident, Forte works very hard to find all the facts that make up a UFO case. It takes a lot of footwork, tedious research, interviews, and plain luck to investigate claims of UFO contacts and sightings.

Forte pulls no punches as he relates the incredible highlights of his career as a UFO investigator. From case to case, from coast to coast, Forte takes you on a wild and often bumpy trip through the world of a top UFO investigator.

South America: UFO/Airline Encounters
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 17
With Rui Avila Castel
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Professional pilots fly hundreds of hours each year. Most of the time their jobs are pretty routine. Until something remarkable happens.

Something remarkable happened to Rui Avila Castel, a retired South American commercial airline Captain. He looked out the window of his aircraft and saw something that he never forgot, a UFO! Convinced that many professional pilots had the same experience, Castel set out to document other cases.

As a result of Captain Castel's tireless efforts many incredible reports of UFOs witnessed by airline pilots came to light.

In this presentation Castel reviews his years of investigation and reveals many close calls with UFOs in the friendly skies.

France: UFO Encounters
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 18
With Joel Mesnard
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

The phenomena of UFOs is not relegated to the United States. Sightings, close encounters, contact and every other imaginable UFO occurrence happen all over the globe.

France has long been visited by strange lights in the skies and has been a leader in UFO investigation.

Following in the footsteps of famous French UFO researchers Jaques Valle and Aimee Michel, Joel Mesnard is one of today's foremost UFO experts in France. He is known as an expert researcher and one of the key investigators now working in France to unlock the secrets of the UFO phenomena.

Join Mesnard for a provocative look at UFOs in France. In his presentation Mesnard examines several historic UFO cases which he investigated and looks at the most recent UFO incidents now occurring in his home country.

Romania: UFO Encounters
Approx. 42 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 19
With Roman Storch
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

The story of Roman Storch's life is the making of an exciting adventure novel. But his story is true!

While serving in the Bulgarian Army Storch witnessed his first UFO. It was a sight that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Soon afterwards, Storch made a break for freedom and successfully escaped to the west. He made his way to America and became a US citizen. Because of his anti-government sentiments Storch was on the KGB's death list and marked for assassination until the Communists were overthrown in Romania.

In this presentation Storch reveals rare details of UFO encounters in Romania and Eastern Europe. Storch offers an incredible glimpse of what it was like to witness a UFO in the strict, totalitarian countries of the former Soviet Bloc.

Investigating UFOs While on Active Duty
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 20
With Sgt. Clifford Stone
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Officially, the United States military has no interest in UFOs. They closed the books after the Condon Report in the 1960s and never opened it again. Denial greets every request for UFO information presented to the military. They claim to have no information in their files.

So, what would happen if a Sergeant in the U.S. military developed in interest in UFOs and didn't keep quiet about his interest. What if he started asking questions and started finding embarrassing answers?

Sergeant Clifford Stone did exactly this. He began to investigate UFOs while he was still on active duty. For an organization that proclaims no interest in UFOs, Stone certainly found a lot of military interest in his questions.

Join Sergeant Stone as he reveals the nightmare his investigation of UFOs caused him. Startling and controversial, Stone's story is a warning that the military does take UFOs very seriously.


Zero Point Energy: Part 1/2
With Dr. Patrick Bailey
Part 1: Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 22
Video Vol. 22 $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Zero Point Energy: Part 2/2
With Dr. Patrick Bailey
Part 2: Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 23
Video Vol. 23 $ 9.95
Audio $ 6.95

Dr. Patrick Bailey, the President of the Institute for New Energy, reviews the possible links between the characteristics of flight observed with various UFOs, and the new information becoming available in the advanced energy areas.

Part 1 provides and introduction to this topic, and reviews a history of highly credible UFO sightings, and possible useful information from channeled information. Various inventors are then reviewed, along with their respective devices, that demonstrated (or seem to demonstrate) "free-energy" or "anti-gravity" effects. Such inventors include Nikola Tesla, T. Henry Moray, T. Towsend Brown; Paul Baumann, Hans Coler, Lester Hendershot, William Hooper, William Hyde, Sandy Kidd, Methernitha, Joseph Newman, Bruce dePalma, Wilheim Reich, Walter Russell, Victor Schauberger, John Searl, Floyd Sweet, and Paramahamsa Tewari.

Part 2 reviews in more detail some device descriptions and examines the schematics of some devices that are now available in the open literature.

See the Institute for New Energy Web Site [at] for additional information.< P> Secrets of Sasha
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 24
With Lyssa Royal
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Meet Sasha, a Cultural Engineer from the Pleiades. Sasha's special mission is to contact civilizations which may be ready to join the galactic community.

Share the amazing details of Sasha's story as she describes what happens during contact between Extra Terrestrials and humans.

Are humans ready to know the incredible secrets of the Extra Terrestrial galactic community.

Join author and channel Lyssa Royal in a surprising and revealing session with Sasha as she discusses the future of human
evolution on Earth and beyond.

Known throughout the United States for her accuracy and ability, Lyssa Royal is one of the foremost channels working today.

The Truth About Intruders
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 25
With Kathy Davis
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

Kathy Davis' quiet life was turned upside down when she was abducted by visitors from another world.

Davis' frightening true story was first told in Budd Hopkins book "Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods."

In a preview of a new book, written by Davis and her sister, Kathy Davis tells of her very disturbing experiences, experiences which still continue to occur.

In this revealingly candid presentation, Davis describes how her life has changed because of "Intruders."

Davis also relates her most recent and intrusive abduction experiences which effect not only her, but other members of her family as well.

Abduction: The Secret Agenda
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 26
With Dr. Karla Turner
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Do current abduction theories make sense? What is the secret agenda of ETs, our government and the military?

Full time abduction researcher Dr. Karla Turner explores these questions in this controversial and explosive presentation.

A subject of abduction herself, Dr. Turner describes how her personal experiences have effected her own life and family.

Dr. Turner also examines many lesser known aspects of the abduction scenario including: sexual activities, mind control, virtual reality events, dream manipulation and intrusive procedures conducted by aliens on unwilling human subjects.

Is our military and government helping ETs with abductions, or are they standing helplessly by? Dr. Turner's revealing presentation helps clear the mystery.

Fields of Mystery: Crop Circles in Britain
Approx. 90 Minutes. UFO Series Volume 27
With George Wingfield
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

Is there a UFO connection to the mysterious phenomena known as crop circles? Are the strange lights sometimes associated with the creation of crop circles Extra-terrestrial craft?

Decide for yourself after watching this enlightening presentation.

British-born George Wingfield, one of the world's foremost crop circle researchers, presents compelling new information about the mysterious circles which have appeared in fields throughout his home country as well as the United States and Canada.

What do these strange markings mean? Is there evidence of radiation or abnormalities in the microbiology of the sites?

Wingfield examines these questions plus describes how and where crop circles appear. He also uncovers hoaxes and explores the possibility that crop circles are created by UFOs.

Revelations From Hilarion
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 28
With Jon Fox
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

Searching for new energy devices led electrical engineer Jon Fox into the exciting and mysterious world of channeling. Channeling is one of the most controversial aspects of the UFO phenomena, but much new information has been obtained through people who channel Extra-terrestrial entities.

Since 1983 Fox has been the Earthly voice of Hilarion. In channeling sessions Hilarion answers questions and provides enlightening information on his civilization and the interaction of his people with humans.

Hilarion also provides startling information about his home world and the many different and diverse civilizations scattered throughout the universe.

Often funny, but always compelling, Jon Fox shares Hilarion's insights and revelations of the Earth in this entertaining yet thought provoking presentation.

Meet Bashar
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 29
With Daryl Anka
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

One of the world's foremost channels, Daryl Anka offers an exciting glimpse into new worlds and the future of our own Earth.

Falling into a trance-like state, Anka is able to contact entities from other levels of time and space who channel startling technological and social information through Anka.

In this amazing session, Anka channels the extraterrestrial entity known as Bashar.

Bashar's extraordinary insight and guidance will lead you to new levels of understanding.

Anka's incredible presentation is one that you will never forget.

Photo Encounters with UFOs
Approx. 90 Minutes. UFO Series Volume 30
With Col. Wendelle Stevens, Retired
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

Wendelle Stevens, a retired Air Force Colonel, author, and world renowned UFO researcher, opens his extensive photographic archives to reveal rare and never seen before photos of UFOs.

Steven's incredible collection includes photos from around the world and many from the controversial Billy Meier contacts.

Join Colonel Stevens, one of the pioneers of UFO research in the United States, as he examines stunning photographic evidence of

Colonel Stevens presents classic UFO photos, as well as photos from cases he has personally investigated, from the world's largest UFO photo archives.

Cold War and After: UFOs in the Former Soviet Union
Approx. 60 Minutes. UFO Series Volume 31
With George Knapp
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

The fall of Communism in the Soviet Union led to a new openness in many areas, including long secret UFO studies.

Award winning investigative reporter George Knapp went to the former Soviet Union in search of new UFO evidence.

What he found was extraordinary!

Top Soviet military officers and scientists reveal what many have long suspected-the Soviet Union actively studied UFOs since the 1940s under the direct order of Josef Stalin!

Knapp's amazing report goes where no western journalist has gone before, into the deepest secrets of Soviet UFOs!

Deception! Standard Operating Procedure
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 32
With Colonel Don Ware
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Is the United States government working with aliens to keep the true facts of the UFO phenomena hidden in a cloud of secrecy?

Retired Air Force Colonel Don Ware has been studying UFOs since 1952. The conclusions he reaches are shocking!

The government has been methodically burying evidence which would prove that UFOs are real--with the help and cooperation of aliens themselves.

Through disinformation and ridicule, the government's shocking deception has been going on for DECADES!

Colonel Ware's amazing information may be the smoking gun the government has been hiding for too long.

Alien Identities and Vedic Culture
Approx. 95 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 33
With Dr. Richard Thompson
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

The people of India's Vedic culture had an unusually keen knowledge of the cosmos. Were they just curious, or did their information come from other sources?

Internationally acclaimed author Dr. Richard Thompson examines revealing cosmological literature from the Vedic culture to reach his startling conclusions about ancient visitors.

Thompson also discusses the ideas featured in his book "Alien Identities."

Through his research of ancient Indian Sanskrit texts, Thompson reveals the origins and intentions of nearly forgotten UFO visitors.

This fascinating and provocative presentation provides insight into mysteries long buried in the sands of time.

Into Thin Air: What Happened to Charlie Hickson
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 34
With Charles Hickson
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Charlie Hickson is an icon. His story is legendary.

What began as a simple fishing trip turned into a nightmare when Charlie Hickson met a UFO!

Listen as Hickson describes in his own words exactly what happened that day more than 20 years ago. A day that changed Hickson's life forever.

The frightening encounter is one which Hickson will never forget, and neither will you.

Hickson's fascinating account of his abduction and the details of his shocking experience provides new insight into the case that marked the beginning of the modern era of UFO abductions.

Incredible Abductions
Approx. 70 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 35
With Robin Quail
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Twenty years of research and over 600 people!

Extraordinary stories of abduction and contact.

Robin Quail, hypnotherapist and UFOlogist, discusses incredible occurrences which she has personally investigated.

Through her research, Quail has uncovered many shocking discoveries. Aliens have impregnated human women then retrieved the fetuses, sometimes with the tacit and sometimes active participation of our own government. What is the sinister purpose of these experiments and who is really behind them?

In her startling presentation Quail answers these questions and also examines how ET contact with humans is not always benevolent. Through her research Quail discovered what she thinks is the real reason behind these often terrifying abduction experiences.

Future View
Approx. 100 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 36
With Michael Lindeman
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Great global forces determine our physical and social reality. Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, tsunamis all seem unavoidable and unpredictable, yet are part of our normal existence.

What will happen when something totally outside of our Earth centered universe interferes? What is really happening because aliens interact with humans?

Futurist Michael Lindeman believes that our ongoing contact with alien cultures will reshape the world we live in, altering every aspect of our social, political, scientific, ethical and religious existence.

This is not the future. It is happening now. Are these changes in our lives and Earth occurring because the entire population of the globe is about to discover that they are not alone in the universe?
Join Lindeman for his compelling answer.

Abduction Secrets: The Military and ETs
Approx. 70 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 37
With Leah Haley
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Leah Haley was in a UFO when it was downed by the U.S. military!

Her startling story of UFO involvement with the military and even the Space Shuttle program is shocking and thought provoking.

Since she was a young child, Leah Haley has been an abductee. Join her as she reveals her amazing experiences with 5 distinct groups of alien entities.

Haley also shares incredibly vivid dreams and telepathic communications which she believes are from Extraterrestrials.

Author of "Lost Was the Key" and "Ceto's New Friend," Haley has been featured in Omni magazine and on national television programs. Her amazing story is one you will not soon forget.

Living With Abduction
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 38
With Dr. Karla Turner and Casey Turner
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Until a chance encounter with a UFO in 1987, Dr. Karla Turner and her husband Casey lived an ordinary life, just like any other happily married couple.

Then, missing time and haunting memories turned their lives upside down. Their UFO experience was an event which changed everything. An ordinary existence suddenly became very strange.

The Turners' encounter was just the beginning of a series of ongoing and often frightening events. At times even their every move seemed to be monitored by mysterious government agencies.

They were even abducted and interrogated by humans in military uniforms!

Join the Turners as they reveal their contacts with ETs and other strange visitors in this thought provoking presentation.

Visitors from the Future
Approx. 105 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 39
With Marc Davenport
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Is the world being visited by humans from our own future? Are UFOs actually time machines?

Marc Davenport, author of 'Visitors from Time,' finds amazing answers to these questions as he examines the UFO phenomena in a new light.

Davenport's research explains how UFOs seem to defy the laws of physics when they vanish into thin air, change shape, or fly at seemingly impossible speeds.

Take an incredible journey through parallel universes, space/time warps, exotic technology and the future with Marc Davenport.

The Government's Cosmic Cover-up
Approx. 100 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 40
With Bill Hamilton
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

In the Nevada desert, a short drive north from Las Vegas, scientists at the most secret military installation in the world are flying UFOs!

Bill Hamilton investigates the chilling secrets behind the locked gates at Area 51 and other top secret installations.

Are scientists trying to reverse engineer alien propulsion systems from captured UFOs?

Why does the government deny everything?

Hamilton examines the government's quest for alien technologies and how the secrets of UFOs will change the world.

Case Histories of ET Encounters
Approx. 50 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 41
With Dr. James Harder
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

For over 30 years Dr. James Harder has searched for the truth about UFO encounters.

In this presentation Harder shares his amazing experiences as a pioneering UFO researcher.

Harder draws from his extraordinary database of personal investigations to reveal never heard before case histories of human encounters with ETs, reluctant witnesses and government cover-ups.

In an area many researchers ignore, Harder examines the benevolent and sometimes spiritual aspects of UFO encounters.

Abduction: How to Fight Back
Approx. 90 Minutes UFO Series Volume 42
With Derryl Sims
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Abduction is one of the most frightening of all UFO experiences. The feeling of powerlessness can be overwhelming.

Stopped watches, missing time, flying dreams, visible scars and invisible body markings. These are just a few of the indicators of abduction.

But there is a way to fight back!

Ex-CIA operative, MP, and current head of the Houston, Texas UFO Network (HUFON), Derryl Sims' provocative presentation explores how to resist abduction. In this incredible tape he examines chilling abduction cases, displays actual implants and tells how NOT to be a victim of abduction.

A Hidden Life: The Eddie Page Story
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 43
With Eddie Page
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

When Eddie Page woke up in a rice paddy in the DMZ in 1972, he couldn't remember anything about the deadly mission he had just participated in. He couldn't remember that he was part of an elite assassination team deep inside North Viet Nam. He couldn't remember that he was picked up by a UFO. And, he couldn't remember the gentle ET who said he was Eddie's father.

Eddie Page didn't know why his all life had been so terribly confusing and filled with strange incidents.

Until, with the help of hypnotic regression, he remembered.

Spellbinding and moving, Page's astonishing life unfolds in vivid detail as he tells his true story.

Search for Understanding
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 44
With Dr. Steven Greer
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Contact with Extraterrestrials is just science fiction...or is it? While NASA and other government agencies have been spending millions of dollars listening for messages from space Dr. Steven Greer's group, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) has been watching and listening on Earth.

CSETI has already made multiple contacts with UFOs near Mexico City in what is just the beginning of an incredible research

Greer, a practicing Emergency and Trauma M.D., provides an update of the latest CSETI discoveries as well as a glimpse into the exciting future of human-extraterrestrial interaction.

Open Channels
Approx. 100 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 45
With Dr. Jon Klimo
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Channels are humans who seem to have a direct link with other entities. There is a long history of spiritualists, clairvoyants and others who claim to be in touch with other worlds.

Dr. Jon Klimo examines channels and the UFO phenomena in this controversial and revealing presentation.

Dr. Klimo, a world renowned authority, explores the often misunderstood nature of channeling and explains why channels have served a very crucial role in understanding UFOs.

Going beyond messages from space, Dr. Klimo details how channeling, UFOs, ETs and the future of our Earth are all linked together in his though provoking and startling conclusion.

Power of the Crystal Skulls
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 46
With an expert panel
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Brilliant blue-white crystal. Intricately carved. Their origin shrouded in mystery.

What is the secret of the crystal skulls?

Are these pre-Colombian artifacts remnants of an advanced civilization forgotten in time?

Or, a gift from extraterrestrial visitors?

How were they carved? What strange power flows through them?

Journey into the distant past to discover the history of these enigmatic skulls and learn what they may mean for present-day Earth in this revealing presentation with one of the "keepers" of a crystal skull.

See the The Ancient Crystal Skulls with Joshua Shapiro Web Site/A> [at] for additional information.< P> Extraordinary Channels
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 47
With Daryl Anka, Lyssa Royal, Jon Fox, Norma Milanovich, Jon Klimo
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

One of the most thought provoking and controversial aspects of the UFO phenomena is channeling. Incredible information from extraterrestrial entities is "channeled" through ordinary humans known as Channellers.

Researcher Dr. Jon Klimo and four of the world's most prominent Channelers participate in this amazing group channel session. The channeled entities astounding answers to questions from the audience sheds new light on UFOs.

These messages from beyond Earth reveal why ETs are gravely concerned about the fate of this small planet!

For the Record: Abduction Experiences
Approx. 70 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 48
With Dr. Karla Turner, Casey Turner, Charles Hickson, Eddie Page,
Leah Haley and Kathy Davis.
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Are extraterrestrials taking humans? What are the facts?

Meet six people who have had very close encounters. Dr. Karla Turner, her husband Casey, Charles Hickson, Eddie Page, Leah Haley, and Kathy Davis.

Each has a unique story to tell--from Hickson's classic early 70's encounter, to intruders in Davis' woods, to Page's shocking Viet Nam experience, to Haley's and Turner's ongoing contact with ETs and shadowy government operatives.

Enter the worlds of UFOs and ET abductions as only those who have experienced it can reveal them!

ET Interaction and Our Future
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 49
With Dr. James Harder, Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Karla Turner, Derryl
Sims, Robin Quail and Irene Granchi.
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Join Dr. James Harder, Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Karla Turner, Derryl Sims, Robin Quail and Brazilian UFO researcher Irene Granchi as they explore a wide spectrum of UFO topics including abduction, close encounters, contacts and government cover-ups.

Discover the latest international information on the most
fascinating phenomena of our time.

Six points of view. Six prominent researchers.

Together for the first time, these six experts share their unique experience as UFO researchers and their startling findings.

Aliens and Ancient Civilizations
Approx. 50 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 50
With Tricia McCannon
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Did alien entities guide human civilizations in the ancient past, giving them advanced technology and amazing knowledge?

Join contactee Tricia McCannon as she chronicles now all but forgotten peoples and amazing civilizations who have left behind nothing but tantalizing fragments of their advanced world.

McCannon examines evidence which indicates that long ago ETs visited the Earth and left their indelible mark here.

Take a trip through time and history with McCannon as she explores the past, UFO encounters, and shares her unique contactee experiences in this powerful presentation.


Not Without A Warning
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 52
With Prof. G.C. Shellhorn
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

The message is chillingly repetitive. The people of the world are being told that their planet is in danger. Disaster on a global scale may be imminent.

Professor and author G.C. Shellhorn examines these startling new revelations from channels, contactees and extraterrestrial visitors.

From around the world the warning is the same. Cataclysmic changes could destroy the Earth, wiping out most of its inhabitants.

Are these dire predictions of Earth changes an unblinking look into the future or are they meant as a warning for the people of Earth to stop the destruction of their environment and resources. Can the future be changed by action now?

In this thought provoking presentation Shellhorn examines the warnings, their sources and their implications for Earth, as he tries to answer what may be the most important question ever faced by humans.

Secrets of the Circles
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 53
With George Wingfield
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Amazing circles and lines mysteriously appear in fields around the world. Living plants bend and intertwine creating distinct shapes. Hoax or reality? Natural phenomena or indecipherable messages from extraterrestrials?

World renowned expert George Wingfield shares stunning new aerial photos and his most recent findings in this fascinating presentation. Wingfield, who has studied the mysterious phenomena of crop circles in his native England since 1987, is a founding member and Director of Field Research for the Centre for Crop Circle Studies.

Join Wingfield in an incredible tour of crop circle sites as he searches to uncover the unknown forces behind this incredible phenomena.

Area 51: America's Most Secret
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 54
With George Wingfield and Kathleen Ford
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Hidden deep in the mountains and harsh deserts of Nevada lies a military base so secret that it is sealed off by roving armed guards and motion detectors monitoring anyone who approaches. A base so secret that it officially does not exist!

Make the arduous climb to the top of Freedom Ridge with author and researcher George Wingfield and look down into the heart of America's most secret military installation. Area 51, Groom Lake, Dreamland. The names are part of modern legend. Wingfield's photos provide compelling evidence that something extraordinary is happening in the Nevada desert.

Area 51 expert Kathleen Ford presents stunning photographs taken at the Black Mailbox. What are the strange images that appear in her photos? Photographic accidents or unexplained phenomena?

Wingfield and Ford provide many answers, but also discover many more questions about what's really happening at Area 51.

Amazing Flying Disks
Approx. 55 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 55
With Bill Caulfield
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Guido Franch had a secret. A secret that caused a Wisconsin lake to ice over in seconds. A secret that turned ordinary water into high octane fuel. A secret responsible for waves of UFO sightings during the 1940s and 50s.

Guido Franch, a poor Italian immigrant who lived near Chicago, had a flying saucer!

With the help of German scientists and extraterrestrials Franch constructed 6 amazing flying disks which zoomed through the skies of the United States, around the Earth, and beyond.

Hear Guido's own voice as he describes his saucers and the unbelievable source of their power.

In this compelling video, veteran UFO researcher Bill Caulfield reveals the unbelievable story of Guido Franch. From the incredible beginning to its mystifying conclusion, Franch's story is a long forgotten slice of UFO history.

Free and Unlimited Power
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 56
With Tom Valone P.E.
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Free and unlimited sources of energy are within our grasp.

Engineer and Physicist Tom Valone examines how in the very near future polluting fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear reactors will be extinct as sources of energy. Instead, vehicles of the future may be powered by clean, safe antigravitational power.

In his illuminating presentation, Valone discusses advances in development of N-Machine or homopolar energy and other fledgling non-conventional sources of energy.

Valone, author of "The Homopolar Handbook: A Definitive Guide to Faraday Disk and N-Machine Technologies," also shares recently declassified information about T.T. Brown's breakthroughs in electrogravitic propulsion systems.

Is this the solution to the energy needs of the future? Tom Valone may just have the answer.

The CIP Engine: A Revolution in Propulsion
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 57
With Robert Cook
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Newtonian physics can't explain why Robert Cook's Inertial Propulsion engine (CIP) works.

Has Cook, a layman with a keen interest in science, found a way to thwart the laws of physics?

Cook has managed to convince skeptics with persuasive mathematical and theoretical arguments that prove his theories.

Even the respected aerospace testing firm of Richard J. Rose can't determine why the CIP produces propulsion energy. Yet, according to Rose's calculations, the CIP could accelerate a 4,000 pound spacecraft to half the speed of light in 30 days—using an initial application of just 12 horsepower of energy. That's the size of the engine on a riding lawn mower!

Will Cook's amazing engine revolutionize propulsion systems and open the gates to the stars? The answer may be just a few years away.

Cold Fusion and the Web Of Lies
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 58
With Hal Fox
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

The establishment scientists said it wouldn't work.

But Hal Fox knew the scientists were wrong.

As Director of the first research laboratory at the University of Utah's Research Park and founder of the Fusion Information Center, Hal Fox knows that cold fusion works.

In his amazing presentation Fox details the successful cold fusion experiments of Pons and Fleishmann and the incredible breakthrough their research represents.

Fox explains how CNF (cold nuclear fusion), heavy water electrolysis, capillary fusion and other potential new energy sources work, in easily understandable terms. Fox is so confident in the future of CNF that he founded ENECO, a corporation dedicated to commercializing the process.

CNF and other enhanced energy systems are here today and represent the next step in freeing the Earth from its dependence on dangerous and polluting energy sources tomorrow.

Can We Lose Our Energy Hunger?
Approx. 60 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 59
With Hal Fox, Tom Valone, Bill Caulfield, Robert Cook
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Our planet's energy cupboard will soon be bare! Oil reserves are dwindling. Coal and other fossil fuels pollute our air and water. Nuclear energy is unpopular and potentially very dangerous.

Alternative forms of energy production are desperately needed to power the engine of Earth's technocratic civilization. Solar, wind and geothermal may offer hope, but the real future of energy is in free and infinitely renewable sources of power.

Join an expert panel as they discuss the future of free energy. Everything from Faraday machines, homopolar generators, Cooks CIP engine and cold fusion is examined in this incredible presentation.

What is the next revolution in energy production? The experts look into the future for an amazing glimpse of what's ahead.

Angels and Messages: The Fatima Miracle Today
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 60
With Giorgio Bongiovanni
Video $14.95
Audio $ 9.95

Giorgio Bongiovanni went to Fatima, Portugal where he knew he would receive a sign which would be visible to all the world. The sign would proclaim Bongiovanni the Personifier of Jesus on Earth.

In the holy shrine of Fatima, a luminous ray emanated from the chest of the Holy Virgin, piercing Bongiovanni's hands creating the mark of Jesus's crucifixion, also known as the Stigmata.

Today, Bongiovanni travels the world over to bring the 3rd message of Fatima to all humankind. Through his experience Bongiovanni has learned that the gods, angels and archangels of human religion are the Children of Creation, entities born billions of years ago.

Bongiovanni's message of love and justice, reverberating with the sign of his stigmata, was unveiled to him by angels of our religious past whom he now reveals are the extraterrestrials of today!

Visions in the Sky: UFOs Over Mexico
Approx. 97 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 61
With Jaime Maussan
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Something amazing is happening in the peaceful skies above Mexico. Since 1991 an ever increasing number of daylight sightings, strange nocturnal lights and close encounters have occurred across the country. Incredible sightings have been made in rural areas as well as major metropolitan areas.

From the very beginning, television journalist Jaime Maussan, a host of his country's version of 60 Minutes, has followed this compelling story. Maussan's video crews have traveled all over Mexico interviewing witnesses and capturing on tape several unexplainable flying objects.

The results of Maussan's 3 years of reporting and research, including eye witness accounts, unbelievable still photos and never seen before videos, is presented here for the very first time.

Maussan has produced several UFO documentaries for Mexican network television and was featured in the U.S. documentary "Messengers of Destiny."

Shadows and Reflections
Approx. 105 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 62
With John Carpenter
Video $19.95
Audio $ 9.95

Lights in the sky. Blurred photos. Eyewitness testimony. Where lies the truth?

Clinical Hypnotist John Carpenter has spent 30 years examining evidence, looking for patterns and searching for clues that will help solve the mystery of the UFO phenomena.

As National Director of Abduction Research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Carpenter is at the cutting edge of UFO information. Through workshops, conferences and his published reports, Carpenter's research has helped open the door for other mental health professionals to objectively examine the abduction phenomena.

In this detailed presentation, Carpenter analyzes stunning new color photos of UFOs and some of the most amazing video footage ever taped. Is the shadowy image in the window of a rural Missouri farmhouse the face of an extraterrestrial entity? Are the eerie, glowing lights in Carpenter's photos the first plasma ships ever captured on film? Carpenter's experience and insight may provide the answers.

Gateway to A New Reality
Approx. 70 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 63
With Dr. Judith Miller Ph.D.
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Id and ego. The conscious and subconscious. The line between is thin, but for most very difficult to cross.

Yet, what lies beneath the conscious may help explain many aspects of the UFO phenomena's affect on human beings.

Dr. Judith Miller Ph.D. assists individuals who seek to expand their conscious self by helping them to understand experiences which may be buried in the subconscious or understood only through a shift of consciousness.

Such experiences, according to Dr. Miller, initiate the individual experiencer on the path to spiritual awakening. The experiences occur to bring about personal and collective transformations necessary for the spiritual evolution of humans.

Near death, and other spiritual experiences, are examined as part of the UFO phenomena in Dr. Miller's thoughtful presentation.

Seeing the Light of Day: UFO Secrets Revealed
Approx. 70 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 64
With Jiles Hamilton and Lois Hankins
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

For over 2 decades researcher and hypnotic regression specialist Jiles Hamilton has been searching for the truth. When Lois Hankins walked into his office Hamilton discovered a disturbing part of the Government's secret.

Hankins, and her husband, were part of a missile development
team for the U.S. Government. With top security clearance the
Hankins' had access to incredible information which had been hidden
for over a quarter of a century.

In the 1950s, according to Hamilton, a UFO crashed in a desolate part of the California desert. 3 lifeless bodies and 3 injured, but still living ETs were recovered from the crash.

The Secretary of Defense was called to the scene. Hankins' amazing inside information reveals how this incredible incident was covered-up by officials at the highest levels of government as she details for the first time what really happened.

Island Mystery: Puerto Rican UFOs
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 65
With Jorge Martin
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Puerto Rico has been at the center of increasing UFO activity in recent years.

Jorge Martin, publisher of Enigma magazine and Evidencia OVNI magazine, is a leading expert on the explosion of UFO incidents now occurring on his island home.

Nestled in the warm blue Caribbean, Puerto Rico, with its lush tropical rain-forests, rural farming areas and the highly populated city of San Juan, has been invaded by mysterious visitors.

In two cases, these visitors, attempting an abduction, may have been killed by residents trying to protect their homes and families.

Startling photographs showing bodies of the dead aliens have been uncovered by Martin in his quest for the truth behind the unbelievable stories.

Join Martin as he explores the deep, clear waters just south of Puerto Rico long rumored to be home to several undersea UFO bases.

In this presentation, Martin shares his incredible evidence of UFO activity in Puerto Rico.

Contact: Europe
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 66
With Michael Hesemann
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Is there a difference between North American and European UFO contact?

Since the 1950s Americans have been the center of contactee stories, yet at the same time the European contactees have been quietly out of the spotlight.

In this report Michael Hesemann turns his attention to these little known contactees. Are the scenarios and stories the same as for North American contactees? What is the significance of this worldwide contact phenomena?

Hesemann brilliantly examines these questions as he contrasts UFO contactee reports from around the world.

As Germany's leading UFO expert, Hesemann has investigated U.S., British and Eastern European UFO cases involving abduction, crashes and crop circles.

An expert on alien contact, Hesemann has authored six books and is editor of "Magazine 2000," Europe's leading metaphysical journal.

Aura of Mystery
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 67
With Dea Martin and Jim Courant
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

An aura is an invisible field that surrounds living beings and inanimate objects. Only highly sensitive individuals with acute perceptions are able to "see" the aura.

The color and strength of an aura can reveal much about a person.

For over 20 years Dea Martin has studied the auras which envelop people, using her skills to analyze the secrets each individual aura can reveal

Joining Martin in her presentation is researcher Jim Courant. Together, Martin and Courant have investigated contactee and abduction cases, utilizing Martin's unique aura reading ability to find the truth behind the cases.

In their search for unknown phenomena Martin and Courant travelled to South America where they discovered incredible carved stones that foretell the future.

The amazing story of the stones and Martin's astounding talents are told here for the first time in this exciting tape.

Universal Truth
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 68
With Lila Lee Underwood
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Since infancy Lila Lee Underwood has been trained for a very special mission on Earth.

Underwood's life is now dedicated to assisting others, through teaching, healing and consciously channeling truths from "the Universal Level."

Taught by Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials and Korton of the Ashtar Command, Underwood has developed amazing spiritual, psychic and mental abilities. She is clairaudient, clairvoyant, telepathic and intuitive.

Through her close communion with ETs and Ascended Masters, Underwood has traveled to distant planets aboard UFOs and by teleportation.

As an author, teacher, psychic consultant and speaker, Underwood shares her message that ETs are working together to uplift the people of the Earth to higher levels of spirituality. Her soon to be published book, "Lila: The Dance of God," offers insight into Underwood's highly positive experiences with entities from other worlds and planes of existence.

Contactee or Abductee
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 69
With Aleuti Francesca
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Over the past 40 years Aleuti Francesca has regressed over 2,500 people who have had UFO experiences.

What is the difference between abduction and contact? Drawing upon her vast experience as a researcher, lecturer and regressionist, Francesca examines cases which illustrate the differences.

Born and raised in England, Francesca developed a lifelong fascination with paranormal phenomena. When she left England in the late 1950s Francesca began investigating sightings during the first major UFO wave in the United States.

Contact cases soon became one of her major areas of investigation. During the late fifties and early sixties, Francesca researched and interviewed many of the most prominent contactees of this period.

Why has the benign contact of early UFO reports been replaced by stories of terrifying abduction? Join Aleuti Francesca as she shares her unique historical perspective on this fascinating aspect of the UFO phenomena.

Contact: Ra
Approx. 90. Color UFO Series Volume 70
With Carla Rueckert and James McCarty
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

With degrees in English and Library Service, Carla Rueckert was working as a librarian and researcher when in 1968 she founded, with Donald Elkins, a group called L/L research.

In the 25 years since she started L/L Research, Carla Rueckert has become a world recognized channel and author. Her four volume work "The Law of One" was a direct result of her channeled contact with Ra. She also wrote "The Channeling Handbook."

Together with James McCarty, who currently runs L/L Research, Rueckert examines new messages and ongoing contact with Ra.

McCarty and Rueckert explore the history of Ra as well as new information from Rueckert's new channel contact Quo.

From Ra and beyond, Rueckert and McCarty's presentation reveals amazing new insight into this controversial area of UFO research.

The Power of Healing
Approx. 90 Minutes. Color UFO Series Volume 71
With Renee Swisko
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Is healing, without doctors, psychiatrists and medicine, possible?

Renee Swisko responds with a resounding yes as she demonstrates the power of healing in this amazing presentation.

For over 30 years Swisko has practiced spiritual healing. She has worked with over 250 abductees to help them overcome the physical and psychic trauma of their experience. By removing what Swisko terms "a straight jacket," "shield," or "container," the abductees reconnect to a "Higher Self" and their "Home Universe" where their fear of contact vanishes.

With the assistance of Swisko, who says she surrenders to the power of God, Spiritual Guides and Angels, thousands of people have found relief from migraines, sinus problems, sleep disorders, psychic attacks, addictions, phobias, problems with relationships and many other physical and spiritual problems.

What Do They Say? Channels and Contact
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 72
With Aleuti Francesca, Carla Rueckert, James McCarty, Renee
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

For decades people have claimed to have a link to entities from space. For some the contact is in the form of channeled messages from unknown and unseen intelligences. For others, the link has been through direct physical contact.

In this extraordinary session channels and contactees discuss their first hand experiences and share their remarkable messages from entities from beyond Earth.

What is the message for the people of this planet?

Why is this message so important to the future of people on Earth?

Join an expert panel as they reveal the incredible truths of contact with entities from other worlds.

Power and Manipulation
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 73
With Leah Haley and Marc Davenport
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Why does the government want to keep Leah Haley quiet? Is it because she was aboard a UFO when it crashed, or was it shot down, on a military base?

In this fascinating presentation Haley, author of "Lost was the Key" and "Ceto's New Friend," reveals how she walked, unimpeded, to the site of the crash to investigate, yet upon returning later for further investigation was threatened and forced to leave the area.

Haley is joined by her husband, author and UFO researcher, Marc Davenport who explores the unseen forces behind the manipulation of UFO information.

Davenport, a UFO investigator for over 20 years since his first sighting in the early 70s, presents evidence that UFOs may actually be visitors from another place in space-time.

Together, Haley and Davenport share their personal experiences and insights on the amazing phenomena of UFOs, the military's part in abductions and a sinister cover-up campaign of disinformation and lies!

Voice of His Father
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 74
With Eddie Page
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Eddie Page is a survivor. In 1972 he was the part of a secret, elite Marine team that attempted to end the Viet Nam war by assassinating the President of North Viet Nam.

He was the only man to return alive.

In 1994 Page himself was attacked and almost killed because he was going public with his story, a story with shocking implications for the world!

Eddie Page says his father is an extraterrestrial from the planet Tressues of the star system Pleiades and that he is on Earth to fulfill a mission of the utmost importance.

Soon, Page says, he will return to the planet of his father to live among his own, but not until he has given the Earth a great gift.

Now, for the first time, Page reveals the message of peace and hope that his father instilled in him to share will all humankind. A message from light years away.

From the Beginning
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 75
With Norman Paulsen
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Few people in the UFO field can match the accomplishments of Norman Paulsen.

From the beginning of the modern age of UFO contact Paulsen has been at the forefront of the spiritual nature of the phenomena.

An intellectual giant, yet deeply insightful, this gentle man is a greatly respected voice of reason and knowledge.

In this rare public appearance Paulsen tells his story of UFO contact and human spirituality.

As a child, Paulsen studied at the feet of his learned father, a blind Buddhist priest, and learned the ways of mysticism. Paulsen's arduous trek through life led him to the sea as a merchant sailor, to laboring as a stone mason, to inner peace as a monk and finally to become the founder of a New Age community.

Paulsen's search provides living proof that God can be for everyone, not just a chosen few and in this presentation Paulsen shares a lifetime of revelation and discovery.

An Amazing Journal
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 76
With Katharina Wilson
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Who, or what, is behind the frightening phenomena of abduction?

Is it our government? The military? ETs?

According to Katharina Wilson's firsthand experience, it may be all three.

Wilson, author of "The Alien Jigsaw," has worked tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the wall of misinformation, lies and disinformation about abduction.

According to MUFON's National Director of Abduction Research, John Carpenter, who has studied Wilson's case her "efforts to thoroughly document her amazing experiences and dreams have produced an amazing journal."

The result of Wilson's dedicated work is her book, a compendium of abduction scenarios, some being made public for the very first time.

In this incredible presentation Wilson unveils graphic images of 10 distinctly different types of alien entities and how they each participate in the abduction phenomena.

Contact and Abduction
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 77
With Katharina Wilson, Eddie Page, Norman Paulsen, Giorgio
Bongiovanni, Lila Lee Underwood, Leah Haley, Marc Davenport
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Abduction by an extraterrestrial entity can be the most frightening experience ever for a human. Yet, for some people it is a spiritual and enlightening encounter glowing with positive energy.

Why is there such an emotional difference to similar experiences? Why are some people contacted and given messages of love and peace while others are surgically examined by cold, uncaring entities?

For the first time this panel of contactees and abductees talk about their unique experiences and their personal reactions. Together, they examine the different kinds of encounters each has been part of and offer their personal insight into what happened to them because of their experiences.

The Meier Years: A Retrospective - Part 1/2
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 78
With Wendelle Stevens and Michael Hesemann
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

The Meier Years: A Retrospective - Part 2/2
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 79
With Randy Winters
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

The story begins

Eduard (Billy) Meier is a man chosen by destiny.

Best know for his amazingly detailed and controversial UFO photographs, Meier has had ET experiences almost all of his life.

Born at the beginning of WWII in Bulach, Switzerland Meier grew up watching Allied and German warplanes battle for superiority over Europe before heading out on incredible adventures
of his own.

As a teen he joined the French Foreign Legion. Finding the Legion not to his liking, Meier left to explore the world and wound up being captured by pirates. Meier escaped and eventually found refuge at the Ashaka Ashram in Mehrauli. While in India he took hundreds of photos of UFOs from the DAL universe, whose beings prepared him for a higher level of understanding.

The Modern Era

On January 28, 1975 the modern era of the Meier saga began when Meier had first contact with Semjase, an entity from the Pleiades. The photographs from the Pleiadian contacts are among the best and most scrutinized UFO photographs in history.

This special 20 year retrospective of contact with the Pleiadians, presented by Wendelle Stevens, Michael Hesemann and Randy Winters, features never seen before photos taken by Billy Meier and an in depth analysis of Meier's story.

Between these two tapes, nearly 180 minutes of exciting information, the amazing Meier saga unfolds.

Is Billy Meier a simple farmer with a grand imagination, or is his incredible story true? Decide for yourself after seeing the astounding story on this special 2 tape series.

The Mexican UFO Experience
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 81
With Zita Rodriguez
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Mexico, rich in history and steeped in tradition, is now one of the most active UFO sites on the planet. Is there a connection between ancient civilizations and modern day sightings?

Renowned Mexican Journalist Zita Rodriguez-Montiel examines the latest evidence of unusual occurrences across Mexico, as well as Central and South America.

One intriguing incident that Rodriguez-Montiel studied involved a Doctor at a major university in Mexico City. The Doctor, head of the Department of Immunology and head of Radiation Medicine for the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission, claimed to be regularly visited by beings from Andromeda. Rodriguez-Montiel's research resulted in her book "UFO Contact from Andromeda." Strangely, the Doctor disappeared without a trace just before the book was published.

Join Rodriguez-Montiel for a first hand examination of these mysterious happenings in Mexico and Central America.

Vanished At Sea
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 82
With Anthony Dodd
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

While patrolling the bone chillingly cold waters of the North Atlantic a U.S. warship investigating reports of unusual UFO activity vanished without a trace.

Why did the Navy cover the identification numbers of its ships in the North Atlantic then rotate the ships to different parts of the globe. Was it to disguise the identity of the missing ship?

Anthony Dodd, a retired British police inspector, and active UFO investigator follows the tangled web of deception through high levels of government cover-up to reveal what really happened that fateful day on the ocean.

According to Dodd's sources in the British Admiralty, ships from several nations responded to a flood of reports of UFOs taking off and landing in the North Atlantic. UFOs were even observed maneuvering underwater near established fisheries. Alarmed, the local fishing fleets asked the government to investigate.

What they found was classified at the highest level of secrecy, until now!

Crashing the Bamboo Curtain-UFOs in China
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 83
With Prof. Sun Shi-Li
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Cut off from the western world in the late 1940s until the historic rapprochement of the early 1970s, the People's Republic of China missed the most important years of the modern age of UFO sightings and contact. Or did it?

Through the work of Professor Sun Shi-Li UFO research in China was alive, if not openly prospering.

Professor Shi-Li documented many early UFO cases as a private researcher before helping to organize a group of scientists at Wuhan University into China's first UFO research and study group, CURO (Chinese UFO Research Organization.)

In this history making presentation Professor Shi-Li unveils a wealth of information about the UFO phenomena, past and present, in China. Photos, news reports and Professor Shi-Li's own research into sightings, touchdowns and even abductions provide an important glimpse inside the world of UFOs behind the Bamboo Curtain.

Inside Story
Approx. 40 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 84
With Bill Uhouse
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Area 51, one part of America's most secret military installation, has long been rumored to be a testing site for ET craft.

Bob Lazar claims to have worked on back engineering flying disks from crashed UFOs there.

Frequent reports of strange lights in the sky and the government's steadfast denial that there even is a secret base have long fueled speculation that Lazar is telling the truth.

No one knew for certain what was happening in the vast Nevada desert...until now!

Bill Uhouse worked on above-top-secret projects at Area 51 for several years as part of a team creating special bonding techniques using alien technology. Uhouse also worked on developing the control systems for anti-gravity powered, disk shaped craft. Are the stories about Area 51 and Groom Lake accurate? Is Lazar really telling the truth? Bill Uhouse was there!

Agenda Of Deceit
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 85
With Col. Donald Ware
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

When UFOs swarmed over the U.S. capitol in 1952, Lt. Colonel (Retired) Donald Ware was a young aviator who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The amazing Washington D.C. sightings sparked a lifetime interest in UFOs for Ware.

In this hard hitting report Ware explores the true reasons behind the cover-up of UFO evidence. Is the government acting in our interest, their interest or in the interest of the controlling World Economic Powers by perpetuating a policy of cover-up and deception? Mid-way through a 2 year study Ware reveals amazing details about the Government's involvement in the suppression of information.

When he retired from the service in 1982, Ware became a full time UFO researcher. As a field investigator and Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Ware was a key player in the examination of Gulf Breeze UFO photographs and reports. Ware also is a Research Associate for the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI).

Politics of The Future
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 86
With Michael Lindeman
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Look into the future. As the new millennium dawns where will the Earth fit into the universe? Will UFOs and ETs herald an age of new understanding and technological, as well as spiritual, breakthroughs?

Futurist and UFO researcher Michael Lindeman examines what may be a profound turning point in the evolution of the Earth. Will alien contact effect the social, religious and geo-political order of the world?

There is no doubt, Lindeman states, that the UFO phenomena is real. The evidence is overwhelming. Yet, much information is hidden, ignored or debunked. Is there a conspiracy of silence or are there deeper undercurrents that cause denial among governments, religious leaders and scientists?

Lindeman, author of "UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints," and "UFOs and the New World Order," founded the 2020 Group and has pioneered on-line information services that discuss futurist issues.

Inside Secrets
Approx. 60 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 87
With Deanna Emerson
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

For over 40 years people have wondered about the truth of UFOs. Since sightings and contacts in the 1950s, though close encounters and abductions of today, the truth has been hidden beneath lies, distortions and misinformation.

Researcher Deanna Emerson brings her unique perspective to the discussion of UFOs in an enlightening presentation.

Is there an ultimate truth to the UFO enigma? Emerson goes beneath the nuts and bolts of physical machines and saucers to examine how this phenomena affects humans at a more profound level than many people expect. Provocative and thoughtful, Emerson searches through the maze of half truth, lore and lies to reveal her stunning message.

Hidden Truths
Approx. 30 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 88
With Jerry Wills
Video $9.95
Audio $6.95

Humans are by nature very curious. When confronted by the unknown they want to find an answer and will strive relentlessly to uncover the truth behind the mystery.

Researcher Jerry Wills is one of those individuals.

For many people there has been no more puzzling unknown than UFOs. In this presentation Wills sifts through years of personal research and evidence gathering to find the hidden truth about the UFO phenomena.

Wills brings a fresh perspective to the field as he examines sightings, contacts, abductions and spirituality in relation to the overall context of the UFO experience.

Mysteries of Brazil
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 89
With Prof. A. J. Gevaerd
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Is the Virgin Mary proclaiming divine messages to the people of Brazil or is this an encounter with extraterrestrial entities?

Professor A.J. Gevaerd, Director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV), reveals startling new information about the incredible experiences of a twenty five year old man who claims to have channeled contact with the Virgin Mary. Thousands of believers, attending what the man claimed would be a manifestation of the Virgin's image, instead were transfixed by an incredible display of UFOs soaring through the remote skies of northeast Brazil.

Gevaerd, a UFO researcher for over 20 years, also examines UFO activity in Bahia State, Brazil where mass sightings have been reported for many years. In this report Gevaerd explores unbelievable evidence of mass abductions in the rural village of Mucuge—missing time episodes and physical traces.

What is happening in the jungles and villages of South America? Gevaerd's amazing report unveils the truth behind these mysteries.

Religion, Reality and Cosmic Awareness
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 90
With Jordan Maxwell
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

For many, religious beliefs are a matter of unquestioned faith. Few people stop to examine their doctrines and analyze the belief systems they embrace. For most people faith is enough.

In this controversial tape Jordan Maxwell explodes the myths and disinformation perpetuated and disseminated by many modern religions.

Maxwell, known around the globe for his incisive seminars and outspoken appearances on talk shows, is an expert on ancient religious beliefs and how they still greatly influence world affairs today.

Through an incredible series of examples found in ancient and modern day texts, Maxwell unveils the long hidden secret foundations of Western religion. His findings will shock people who think of religion as God's holy gift to humans. Maxwell examines how religious belief systems have kept governments in power and their peoples enslaved. Profusely illustrated, Maxwell's presentation illuminates the darkest tenets of religious beliefs and exposes them with his brilliant and blistering insight.

Deep Inside
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 91
With Robert Dean
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

What would it be like to have inside information about the most incredible secret ever kept by any government? Not just to have the inside information but to examine for yourself the documents and revelations hidden within?

Robert Dean, an experienced intelligence officer who served in Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during twenty seven years in the United States Army, had a chance to find out. Almost by accident Dean was given access to documents labeled "Cosmic Top Secret"-the highest security classification- while he was stationed as an Intelligence Analyst with Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). What Dean saw before his eyes were detailed reports about UFO activity, saucer crashes, ET contact and other irrefutable proof of UFO reality.

In this sensational presentation Dean, a Director of the International Center for UFO research (ICUFOR), strives to unlock the government's hidden secrets.

Powers That Be
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 92
With Daniel Sheehan
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Brilliant and influential, Daniel Sheehan is a man to be reckoned with. As a lawyer, Sheehan has been involved in some of the most high profile cases of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Iran-Contra, Karen Silkwood, Watergate, Wounded Knee and many other cases have given Sheehan a close-up look at how out
government operates.

In this incredible presentation Sheehan examines the structure of the power elite and how the government can manipulate information, intentionally and otherwise, to further their purposes. Why do people believe what they believe? Sheehan's crystal clear explanation is a careful critique of the media, government and other influential parts of the power elite.

Who's In Charge?
Approx. 90 Minutes Color UFO Series Volume 93
With Jordan Maxwell, Daniel Sheehan, Michael Lindeman, Don
Ware, Robert Dean
Video $14.95
Audio $ 6.95

Is there a shadowy secret government behind the government? How can we be sure that we can trust our government to tell the truth about UFOs if they can't tell the truth about simple laws?

Is the government behind a gigantic cover-up of UFO information, including the truth about crashed disks, alien autopsies and treaties with extra-terrestrials?

Join this amazing group discussion by a panel of leading experts as they sort through the smoke and mirrors of misinformation to discover the truth of who really is in charge.

The surprising conclusions are shocking and thought provoking.


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