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Foundation of Tao
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Personal Assistance and Development through Research and Acquired Knowledge

The Foundation of Tao is a spiritual organization dedicated to providing its members with the knowledge and power to liberate themselves from suffering, dysfunction, afflictions, death and also prevent these calamities, to disseminate wisdom to overcome stress, tension, anxiety, sorrow, greed, cruelty, and evil, discover the laws of the universe and live in harmony with them, to spiritualize their bodies to achieve immortality by uniting microcosm and macrocosm or human beings and the Tao.

Pa-Kua Tao Poster
Pa-Kua Double Sided Medallion
Pa-Kua Symbol Delivers Us from Evil: Testimonials.
The Pa-Kua Symbols
The Integral Management Of Tao: Complete Achievement
The Great Tao
The Tao Of Sexology: The Book Of Infinite Wisdom
The Complete System Of Self-healing: Internal Exercises
The Tao Of Balanced Diet: Secrets Of A Thin And Healthy Body
The Complete Book Of Acupuncture
Herbal Formulas and Facial Products

Upcoming classes at the Tao Healing Arts, in New York, NY - contact:

1 Union Square West
Room 815
New York, NY 10003
Phone 212-242-1410

Pa-Kua Tao Poster

This poster (25"x 32") is brilliantly colored (including gold and silver), embossed, ready for framing and hanging in any place.

"The Pa-Kua sign is the basic symbol of Taoism. It can be hung in any place to provide protection, peace, balance, success, power and righteousness." - Dr. Stephen T. Chang, MD, Ph. D., Taoist Master.

To order this poster:
$30.00 Tax-deductable Donation
Checks or Money Orders acceptable.

Foundation of Tao
945 Taraval Street
No. 142
San Francisco, CA 94116

  Pa-Kua Poster Symbol Copyright by Dr. Stephen T. Chang

            PA-KUA POSTER
             $30.00 Donation
         Shipping and tax included

Pa-Kua Symbol Delivers Us from Evil: Testimonials.

Pa-Kua Double Sided Medallion

Medallion Picture

  Pa-Kua Medallion Symbol Copyright by Dr. Stephen T. Chang

Enjoy the world-renowned Taoist energy talisman that connects you with the harmony and order of the Universe. This fine brilliantly colored (including gold and silver) medallion is beautifully crafted in porcelain over gold metal and can be worn around your neck or hung anywhere: at home, in your car or at the office.

To order this medallion:
(without chain, 1 1/2" diameter)

$37.00 Tax-Deductable Donation, to "Dr. Nancy Worthington".
Checks or Money Orders are acceptable;

Dr. Nancy Worthington
1019 Lakeview Way
Emerald Hills, CA 94062-3441

     Without Chain, 1 1/2" Diameter

Pa-Kua Symbol Delivers Us from Evil: Testimonials.

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CENTER OF THE PA-KUA DESIGN Starting with the inside circle, the white portion is Yang or positive, and the black portion is Yin or negative. A balance of Yin and Yang will result in perfect health for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Pa-Kua Symbols

Tao of Philosophy, which includes politics, family, military, economic, business, love, as well as other philosophies.
Tao of Revitalization

Tao of Balanced Diet

Tao of Forgotten Food Diet (Taoist Herbology)

Tao of Healing Arts (acupuncture, acupressure, and others)

Tao of Sex Wisdom (Taoist Sexology)

Tao of Mastery (Personology, Fingerprint System, Numerology, Astrology, Directionology, and Symbology).

Tao of Success

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The Complete and Ultimate Tao System for Self Healing and Improvement
By Dr. Stephen T. Chang, World-Renowned Scholar Benefiting readers for over 15 years:

Revealed for the first time, ancient Taoist texts of limitless wisdom provide keys to powerful thought processes, position and promotion unbeatable negotiation, positive attitudes, creativity, achievement skills and more to help readers obtain genuine success. Overwhelming reviews 270 pp $29.99 ISBN 0-942196-08-2. This and all titles 6 X 9, Illustrated (some with b/w photos), Indexed and hardbound with gleaming foil-clamped, simulated leather. Acupuncture paperback

Health. Happiness. Longevity. Wisdom. Spiritual evolution. Universal truths of proven, limitless value. The only thorough treatise on Taoist philosophy filled with practical techniques for immediate life improvement. Especially comprehensive on I-CHING (universal life strategies), Herbology (methods of self-diagnosis, easy utilization of miraculous healing herbal formulas), full illustrations of Acupressure healing art applied to oneself and others. Much, much more. 464 PP $32.00 ISBN 0-942196-01-5
Unique and extraordinary methods for healing and regeneration, complete satisfaction, STD and health problem prevention (even the deadliest of both sexes), immune system strengthening, age process retardation, mental and spiritual bonding and well-being, and much more. E.g.: Million-Dollar Point (improves climax without depletion), Nine Steps to (unparalleled) Orgasm, Male and Female Exercises for boundless strength and energy, and much more. 224 pp $25.00 ISBN 0-942196-03-01
Unique, safe, practical and immediately effective, Internal Exercises energize the entire body, promote effective functions of the internal organs, dissolve stress and tension, prevent health problems, heal, regenerate, and do much more without strenuous exercises or equipment. This textbook of many universities contains healing exercises for over 30 common ailments. Recommended as one of the books "bosses read" in Fortune. 224 PP $24.00 ISBN 0-942196-06-6
Shows why stomach, digestive tract, health and weight problems are related to diet imbalance and why it's so easy to correct. Complete, delicious, easy-to prepare, low cholesterol and fat 100-day diet plan controls weight naturally, safely, and enjoyably for a slim and completely healthy body. Featured in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. Popular in the Americas, Australia, and Europe (bestseller in France, Italy, and Switzerland). 200 pp $21.00 ISBN 0-942196-05-8
A thorough treatise on the basic philosophy and practical applications of acupuncture, this BOOK is a must for laymen and physicians who seek a natural and preventative approach to health. Textbook of many colleges and universities. "This is the most complete and clearly written, yet readable, description of acupuncture I have seen. It is the first one which satisfies my philosophical, scholarly and practical interests. It really is a good book"—DeWitt C. Baldwin Jr., M.D., Professor and Director, Division of Health Sciences, University of Nevada, School of Medical Sciences. 244 pp Paperback $14.00 ISBN 0-89087-124-8

Available directly from (send check or money order, 30-day money-back guarantee):
Tao of Longevity
P.O. Box 33910
Reno, NV 89533
To help us serve you better & prevent processing delays:

1. Please print name and complete address (UPS cannot deliver to P.O. Box).

2. UPS ships within U.S. only at $4.50 first book plus $.75 for each additional book. (In rare cases please allow up to 4-6 weeks maximum transit time). Sorry, no COD.

Additional information for delivery outside of the U.S.A.:
Surface (please allow up to 4-8 weeks transit time): $9.00 for the first book plus $2.00 for each additional book.
Air Mail: $28.00 for the first book plus $7.00 for each additional book.
International money orders or U.S. affiliated bank checks only for books when shipping to international addresses.

Herbal Formulas and Skin Care Products

Tao Healing Arts in New York, NY, offers consultations in herbology, high quality freeze-dried formulas, and 8 branches of the Tao Healing Arts. Find them on the their new website at taohealingarts.com.

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