Little Shell Pembina Band of North America


Last updated: February 2, 2007

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Be aware that some people are illegally advertising this, and are scamming people.

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To Apply For Membership

If you are already a Member, and need your platic ID Membership Card

Seven Tribal Rules
1.  LOVE.guided by the Spirit






7.  HONOR 

Treat all as if you know they will pass tomorrow.

Advantages of Membership

From my plastic ID Card with my photo:


This identification card indicates that

(my name)

is a member of the Pembina Nation
Little Shell Band of North America

Lineal Descendant/1863 Treaty


The National Indian Government (Grand National Council of Confederated
Nations (re-established in July, 1945 in order to register every Indian in
North America which registration card grants the rights and privileges
hereunder to the Indians of North America.

1. Grants to Indians, half-breeds and those who will become naturalized the right to live
   under the tutelage of the new Indian Government.
2. Every Indian has the right to explore all of the North American Continent as a hunter,
   fisherman, and trapper. He/she has the privilege of camping where it is convenient, without
   causing any damage to the occupants.
3. Every Indian is exempt from taxation and income-taxes enforced by Federal and
   Provincial Governments established here in our country.
4. Every Indian is exempt from military service in any war waged by Canada and the United States.
5. Every Indian is entitled to purchase a Railway ticket at half price. Every Indian is allowed to
   pass the border freely between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
6. Every Indian who falls sick or has an accident the authorities where he is victim will
   have to look after him/her and send their report to the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band to
   show the expenses incurred.

A Personal Note

If you cannot seriously abide in your heart by the rules above,
then do not bother to join.
You would probably not last very long in this company.

Those who think that they can avoid paying taxes by joining,
are in my view seriously mistaken.
You can already right now avoid paying income-taxes
using other more simple and legal means.
However, in my investigations, I have found that there is a law
that states that as a US Citizen, you are legally required
to pay Federal Income Tax on wages, income, and all the rest,
if you have your mail delivered to your home or place of residence.