June 17, 2020

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International Banking, Financial Education, Cryptocurrency Education, OneLife, OneCoin, Asset Appreciation, and Business Opportunities, Tycoon Builders, Tycoon Trees

An Independent Marketing Associate Network for OneLife

Personal Assistance and Development through Research and Acquired Knowledge

My Goals
Product Appreciation
Manage from Home
Support Others
Create OneCoin Tycoon Trees

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All you need to know in a few minutes!

OneLife is a network marketing company, providing access to a diverse portfolio of products and services, that aim to add individual and social value to its members' lives and grant them with opportunities for both professional and personal development.
OneLife offers the sale of Educational Packages to apply the knowledge about finance and cryptocurrency into practice by providing them some promotional tokens which give access to the mining pools, and are free and provided on a promotional basis.
OneLife provides the mining of the tokens, and their new cryptocurrency "OneCoin" is the result of that mining process.
OneCoin therefore is cryptocurrency brand related to initiatives regarding cryptocurrency, the blockchain & financials.
ONECOIN LIMITED is a company duly registered and existing under the laws of Dubai, wich has offices in Bulgaria, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

OneCoin Historical Data Plots to Date by PADRAK
This shows plotted against time: the value of the coin (in Euros and in USD), the number of OneLife members, the Split Barometer, the Difficulty Barometer, and the huge number of members joining per DAY!

A New Price and Value Chart (dated 11.28.16) showing current conditions for each Academy Level.
This includes: Cost in Euros and USD, Tokens (+10%), Max Numer of Splits, Estimated Coins after the October 2016 Super Split and other splits, The resulting cost per coin in USD, and the Package Value after these max splits. These data include the new difficulty of 79 and the new coin value of 7.85 Euros, or 8.23 USD (at 1.06 USD/Euro]. Provided by Your Coin World.

What Is Cryptocurrency? By The OneLife Network (1:20 min)
A good short video of the History and the Increasing Value of the OneCoin Cryptocurrency.

The Financial Overview on April 20, 2016 (41:00 min)
Great Financial Overview by Carl W. [-], Financial Advisor

OneCoin Information - More than Cryptocurrency
Individual links describing: One Ecosystem, OneAcademy, OneLife Network, OnePay, OneExchange, OneForex, CoinCloud, OneWorld Foundation, and CoinVegas (CoinVegas is not valid within the USA).

OneCoin and OneLife FAQs - August 20, 2016
Frequently Asked Questions answered by OneLife, dated August 21, 2016, to rebuff published internet critism and negative comments about OneCoin and OneLife.

OneCoin Press Release Files
Individual links describing: Image & Video Library, OneCoin Latest News, and the OneCoin Press Kit.

Famous Nuclear Scientist Dr. Patrick G Bailey Presents Cryptocurrency (September 4, 2016; 56:46 min)
- A very good review of digital currency in general, and the one Coin DC in particular. Including what OneCoin is, how it works, and where to signup to join! This is a taped television show from August, 2015, arranged by Dr. Patrick Bailey. The PPT slides used are in the next link below. Note that there is one error: OneLife announced on October 1st that the OneCoin currency is now planned to go public in the 2nd Quarter in 2018! (Not in January 2017 as I stated in the video.) Still Very Good News! They want 10 million members and 1 million merchants operating around the world at that time! This gives us all a year longer to create our positions and, if you so choose, to form your own downlines!

PowerPoint Slides used in: Famous Nuclear Scientist Dr. Patrick G Bailey Presents Cryptocurrency (from the above Video Presentation)
A really good review of Digital Currency, the Blockchain, the existing cryptocurrencies available now, the top 5, their price histories (differences between BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, and Steem), and data about OneCoin:
What it is, how it works, how to join, and recommendations. Note the new change stated in paragraph text just above!
Includes the active links to these 6 short very informative 2-3 minute videos:
What is Digital Currency, What is the BlockChain, The Opening of the OneCoin Offices, OneCoin The Global Payment Solution Of The Future, What is OneCoin, and The OneLife Exclusive Club.
Use the SlideShow menu from PowerPoint to see the slides and then click to activate the video hyperlinks. The special OneLife videos included are all at the bottom of that referenced website (scroll down).

Summary Information

It's New! Launched May 2015 in Dubai.
It's a Private Company, with Public Audits, and Secure Cryptocurrency! Not like Bitcoin!
It's Backed By Gold!
It has members in over 190 countries!
It has been proven to be legal in all countries where it has been legally questioned, such as Germany (who has the strictest such laws)!
As of 9/20/16, there are now 9 countries that have formally documented investigations concluding that there is no offense with OneCoin, and that OneLife is not doing anything illegal:
Belgium, China, Finland, Germany, Philipines, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, and Vietnam.
It is backed by over 3,520,000 members!
Members are still growing now at an average of ONE TO FIVE HUNDRED PER DAY, worldwide!

We are mining wholesale cryptocurrency "OneCoins" that will be sold at retail in the near future!
You perform all of your signups and banking on your account screen on your computer at home.
You can sell your coins within about a month after you receive them.
You purchase an "educational package", and then receive the free tokens that you can then easily submit at home to mining to convert them to OneCoins.

OneCoin value started at $0.10 at the beginning of 2015, and has been appreciating at about 10% per quarter, now valued at 6.95 Euros [$8.25].
Company projections are to increase this value by at least 10% by January 1, 2017.
The company has a 5 year plan to replace BitCoin and become the world's number one cryptocurrency, outside of any country and outside of any banking system.
The goals of the company for 2017 are: a 25,00 Euro coin value, over 10 million members, and over 1 million merchants using the coins.
A merchant's app has been released on October 1, 2016, to accomplish that.
Merchants will be able to make sales to customers using their cellphines accessing their OneCoin account!

The company will now accept BitCoin for purchases!

You join under your sponsor, who helps you with any questions you may have!

It can be just an one-time capital gains appreciation for profit.
It can be a business!
You can sign up in multiple possible positions!Email us for Further Information
You can be paid for referrals!
You can be paid by referrals from your downline!
You can do nothing! Others will probably fill your downline!
You can do it all easily from your own computer!
We will assist you!

Due to a difference in laws within the USA and Europe, people residing in the USA can no longer join OneLife.
Also, anyone living outside of the USA can also join this new program.

About OneCoin
The OneCoin Opportunity
It's Legal! Investigated by 4 Countries in Europe Including Germany!
It's Not some kind of a Ponzi Scheme...

OneLife Products
Definition of Crypto-Currency (Wiki text)
OneCoin - 5 Reasons to Join Now – The Next Bitcoin Movement (8 min video)
OneCoin Founder and Visionary on the Cover with OneCoin Article Text in Financial IT Magazine February 2016 Issue!
Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations – Including OneCoin (Chart: Names, Caps, Price, Available Supply)

OneCoin Dubai Launch Event - May 2015 - Exciting (7 min video)
Research Document on Dr. Ruja - The founder and visionary of the Company (PDF File)

OneAcademy Learning Center
For our members, it is an innovative e-learning platform covering a broad range of financial topics including trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and more.

A Quick Note: To better understand the videos below:

You would sign up with your sponsor by purchasing a particular "OneCoin Educational Package", from those Packages as listed below.
Each Package comes with a certain amount of tokens, freely given, as shown below.
After signing up with your sponsor's help, and creating your account, you would then be emailed your OneCoin activation code, called your "Gift Code".
Then you would copy and paste that Gift Code into your account.
This then places you into your proper location or "position" within the OneCoin network tree: the "Matching Bonus tree."
Members can have as many new separate accounts as they wish!
You would then see your allotted number of tokens in your token account, as depending on the Package selected.
Tokens can split (double) several times, depending on the package selected.
Splits have been happening an average of every two to three months so far, at an faster increasing frequency!
Then you would or could transfer some or all of your tokens into mining, which then obtains your OneCoins.
Members need not be concerned about the Network Matching Bonus tree and its many advantages.
However, with just a little understanding, you will see how powerful this network can be for rapid cryptocurrency profit!

OneLife Announcements - Updated June 17 2020

     When you open your Dashboard, the first thing that you will see are the OneLife Announcements that apply to all OneLife/OneCoin accounts.
          Your Dashboard data is under these Announcements (scroll down).
     These Announcements are posted in white text on a red background. Click the ">" icon on the right to view the next Announcement. They cycle and repeat.
     The Official Announcements are what you read on your Dashboard.
          They can change every day.
     Here is a file of what all of the Announcements were on a particular day.

Informative and new videos describing OneLife and the OneCoin business.

OneLife Video Presentation. The financial revolution [In English] (16 min video, 8/18/16)
OneLife Information Video in 16 Different Languages (PDF File)

The following Information may be outdated and could need to be updated!

Available Educational Packages for Purchase per Each Account

Members can have as many separate accounts as they wish to sign up for!

Prices are in Euros, and there is an additional 30 Euro Initial Sign Up Fee for each member's account.
Any upgrade to an existing account does not require an additional signup fee.
Payments are usually made in dollars and are easy to do by wire transfer.

Euros Package  Number of Tokens  Max Splits  Max Weekly Pay Out  Bonus Information  Academy Levels 
0 Rookie No Tokens No splits 0 Euros No Matching Bonus from any lower levels
110 Starter 1,000 Tokens Can split once 700 Euros  No Matching Bonus from any lower levels, & Additional Advantages! [1]  First Level
550 Trader 5,000 Tokens Can split once 3,500 Euros Get 10% Matching Bonus from 1st lower level First 2 Levels
1,100  Professional
10,000 Tokens Can split once 7,000 Euros And 10% Matching Bonus from 2nd lower level First 3 Levels

5,500 Tycoon 60,000 Tokens Can split TWICE [2] 35,000 Euros And 25% Matching Bonus from 4th lower level First 5 Levels

13,750 Premium 150,000 Tokens Can split TWICE [3] 35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels
 Initial Launch
300,000 Tokens  Can split 3 TIMES [3]
35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels

[1] Rookies may earn 10% commission on signups paid in tokens.
[2] Tycoons should always wait for 2 splits!
[3] For these higher packages, tokens can also split when in Mining! Transfer your tokens directly into mining! No waiting for splits!

Upgrades are also available, from any package level to any higher package level, without any additional fees.

Also note that the value of the coins are stabilized by the following rules for selling or transferring your OneCoins.
Each Package comes with a set limit for the transfer of OneCoins per day:

Starter - 5; Trader - 10; Pro Trader - 10; Executive Trader - 10;
Tycoon - 25; Tycoon Plus - 25; Premium - 25;
Infinity and Higher - 40 Max per Day!
Detailed information of these packages is avaiable, and is also listed on the OneAcademy website (then scrolldown).

These Combination Packages Are Also Available
Prices are in Euros, and there is an additional 30 Euro Initial Sign Up Fee for each member's account.

Euros Package  Number of Tokens  Max Splits  Max Weekly Pay Out  Bonus Information  Academy Levels 
  Double Combos


660 Starter+Trader 6,000 Tokens Can split 2 times 4,200 Euros
 Get 10% Matching Bonus from 1st lower level  First 2 Levels
1,210 Starter+ProTrader 11,000 Tokens Can split 2 times 7,700 Euros
 And 10% Matching Bonus from 2nd lower level  First 3 Levels
3,410 Starter+Executive 31,000 Tokens Can split 2 times 21,700 Euros
 And 20% Matching Bonus from 3nd lower level  First 4 Levels
5,610 Starter+Tycoon 61,000 Tokens Can split 3 times [3] 35,000 Euros  And 25% Matching Bonus from 4th lower level  First 5 Levels
7,610 Starter+Tycoon Plus
82,818 Tokens Can split 3 times [3] 35,000 Euros As above First 5 Levels
13,860 Starter+Premium 151,000 Tokens Can split 4 times [3] 35,000 Euros  As above All 6 Levels
19,300 Tycoon+Premium 210,000 Tokens  Can split 4 times [3]
35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels
  Triple Combos

1,760 Starter+Trader+Pro 16,000 Tokens Can split 3 times 11,200 Euros
 Get 10%/10%/20% Matching Bonus from 1/2/3 levels First 3 Levels
3,960 Starter+Trader+Exec 36,000 Tokens Can split 3 times 25,200 Euros
Get 10%/10%/20% Matching Bonus from 1/2/3 levels First 4 Levels
6,160 Starter+Trader+Tycoon 66,000 Tokens Can split 3 times [3] 35,000 Euros  Get 10%/10%/20%/25% Matching Bonus from 1/2/3/4 levels
First 5 Levels
14,410 Starter+Trader+Premium 156,000 Tokens Can split 4 times [3] 35,000 Euros  As above All 6 Levels
46,750  Tycoon+Premium+Infinity 
"Power Pack"
510,000 Tokens Can split 6 Times [3] 35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels
"Power Pack"
510,000 Tokens  Can split 7 Times [3][5]
35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels
118,000 "Ultimate"
1,311,111 Tokens Can split 7 TIMES 35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels
188,888  "Supreme" (+ 1,888 OneCoins!) [6]
1,888,888 Tokens Can split 8 TIMES 35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels
 229,250   "Super Combo" (+ ??? Coins!)   ??? Tokens  Can split ??? TIMES 35,000 Euros As above All 6 Levels

[4] By adding the maximum payouts from the table above, to a maximum of 35,000 Euros per week.
[5] Requires coins to be stored in CoinSafe.
[6] This special package is not for resale in Europe.

How much profit could I possibly make with each package?
First of all: Past performance is no guarentee of future results!
However, if the value of the coin were to remain constant into the future for say 3 to 6 months,
then here is a good analysis of the probable profit factor for each package.

Any Level above Starter can sign up others at any time and get a 10% cash referral reward (e.g. 110 Euros for signing up for a Pro Package, to the max payout above).
Any Rookie (no cost) level can also sign up new members, and receive equivalent tokens instead of cash!
Any Level can be increased to a higher level in the future, with only the one initial signup fee.
The network tree can look like a dynamic binary downline (that does not require side-to-side balancing. This is NOT traditional MLM!).
Your position in the network tree is established when your sponsor's position is defined, and you then sign up under your sponsor.

Note that the Network Tree (the binary tree) is NOT the representation of who signed up under whom. That is for an easy representation purpose only.
The signup tree or the "Matching Tree" is used for bonus and referral payments.
If a sponsor or person A wants to sign up person B under person A for the matching bonus rewards, then:
Person A could log into his/her acount and create a Rookie position for person B.
That establishes the Signup or "matching Bonus Tree". That structure is also sometimes called "the bloodline". This is not shown in the Network binary tree.
Another and preferred way to accomplish the same thing - is for the sponsor to email person B the signup link for person A, which would have the form:
Every member receives a similar signup link with their unique member Login ID, placed in between the last two slashes.
This will insure that the new member (person B) will be signed up under the person who has the login ID: PersonAsLoginID

Many are signing up as quickly as possible! -
To establish their position in the bonus structure, and then later on signing up others, receiving the sign up rewards, and then upgrading their position ASAP.
Upgrading a position receives all of the new tokens listed above. So a Starter upgrading to a Tycoon would receive an additional 5,500 tokens!
Note that all bonuses are paid weekly on Monday, with 60% going into your Cash Account and 40% into your Trading Account (where that can be used to purchase more tokens or OneCoins at the going rate).

There are Many Ways to Participate and to Generate Income:
Join and watch it grow – Do nothing else!
Build a referral Team and watch it grow - The most lucrative business model ever seen!
Fast Start Bonus (In your first 30 days, 10% when over 550 Euros earned)
Retail Bonus (Anytime, 10% for signups)
Network Bonus (10% of your weaker downline leg to infinity)
Matching Bonus
There are many additional benefits that are explained in the videos above!
Welcome to our PADRAK Onelife IMA Network!

Our Team has long-time members in Europe and in the USA!
Our team has weekly email newsletters!
Our Team has over 150 instructional videos!
Our Team has internet support to help answer any and all of your questions!
Our Team has the personnel support to guide you and to solve any difficulty that you may encounter!
Our Team is planning informative meetings and lectures in cities across the USA!

I want to be your sponsor!

Let's be successful together!

Email us to Receive Our Detailed Information File on How To Join!

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