Los Altos Lodge No. 712 Papers and Articles of Interest

Last Updated on April 30, 2017


Special Papers and Reports:

The words spoken in the video "A Simple Charge to the Fraternity" below!

"A Simple Charge to the Fraternity" - A Really Great Video as an Introduction to Freemasony! Only 5 Minutes! Very Well Done!

"Constitutional Observence Speech in 2004"
A speech given by George Allen, Jr., at the San Jose Masonic Center on September 3, 2004. Highly recommended for Masons to read and to study!

"Charity Through Interpersonal Relationships"
A Paper Submitted and Read to The Britannia Council No. 303, Allied Masonic Degrees in June 1996, by Robert J. Warson.

"Stop, Brother, Just a Moment"
An inspiring short article to be reflected upon, before entering Lodge (from a publication in the South Carolina Masonic Research Society).

"Albert Mackey's List of 25 Landmarks of Freemasonry"
The complete list of these landmarks and how California Grand Lodge has adopted them, published in our Oct. 1999 Lodge Trestleboard.

"The Masonic Landmarks"
A very good paper describing the Masonic Landmarks by Nigel Gallimore. As published in the quarterly magazine: The Workman, Vol. III, Vol. 10, March 2012, by The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of California.

"The Ancient Charges", from the Philalethes Email List
The Ancient Charges that specify in detal the expected and allowed behavor of Masons both within Lodge and outside o Lodge. Posted to the the Philalethes Email List by Nelson King, the List's Moderator, on Feb. 14, 2000.

"Meetings With Remarkable Men: Transcriptions"
Several quotes transcribed from the movie and video "Meetings With Remarkable Men: Gurdjieff's Search For Hidden Knowledge". Strongly Recommended by Patrick G. Bailey, Master 1999. Presented at the Santa Clara Valley Officer Association's "Swan Song" Meeting in December 1999.

"What Do Mason's Do?"
From Lodge Installation Speeches given at Palo Alto, CA, in 1998, and at Los Altos, CA, in 1999.

"The History & Ritual of 'The Toast'"
A Paper Submitted and Read to The Britannia Council No. 303, Allied Masonic Degrees in June 1996, by Luis J. Orozco II.

"NASA Masonic Conspiracy - Apollo Missions Masonic Symbols"
Information from William Cooper's website regarding the possible use of Masonic symbols and information within NASA and the NASA Apollo missions.

"A View of Masonic Sacred Geometry"
"I have always felt that the symbols of Masonry, such as the square and the compass, were derived from one geometrical form. This paper describes my discovery of these True Masonic Symbols, using only Sacred Geometry, and using only the Golden Ratio as the building block for these geometrical constructions." By Patrick Gage Bailey, Second Ancient (now a 7th Degree Past Celebrant), Golden State College, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, Presented August 22, 2004, at Los Altos Lodge No. 712, CA. Also published in the yearly national SRICF magazine "Annuals". Posted with permission.

From the Lodge's George Washington Bi-Centennial Trestleboard Issue, December 1999 - in celebration of the memory of this great man, Mason, and First President of the United States of America: December 14, 1999, marks the 200th anniversary of his death.
A Short Biography of George Washington
George Washington's Prayer for His Country
On Charity (Regarding George Washington)
The Legend of the Wissahickon (Regarding George Washington)
Toleration of Differing Religious Traditions (Regarding George Washington)
The American's Creed

Articles from Various Sources:

A Speech Given at the Burlingame Scottish Rite St. John’s Day Feast on June 25, 2012, by John D. Nelson, P.M., and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, Valley of Burlingame, CA.

"How Freemasonry Came To California And Hawaii"
Based on a story published in the April 1975 issue of The Philalethes Magazine, Lodge Trestleboard, March 2005.

"The Cable-Tow"
THE CABLE-TOW (excerpt from the Handbook for Candidates Coaches, Grand Lodge F.&A.M of California); from "The Westerly Wind", Lodge Trestleboard, March 2002.

"Los Altos Lodge Membership Survey Results"
The results of a Los Altos Lodge membership survey sent to 115 Lodge members, consisting of 15 insightful questions. All responses and comments are documented herein. From the Lodge Trestleboard, October 2001.

"Why Ethiopia?"
Can you adequately explain why the ruffians in the Hiramic Legend sought to escape by attempting to flee to Ethiopia? This is a seeming impossibility of such a trip by ship or over the water from Joppa, because Joppa is on the Mediterranean Sea, Ethiopia is on the Red Sea, and the Suez Canal (which now connects the two) is but a recent man-made structure. Thus, in Solomon's time there was no water route from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, and thus on to Ethiopia (other than around Africa): from the Volume IV 1990 Transactions of the Georgia Lodge of Research - as sent in an email on the FrmTheEast email list, dated Mar. 17, 2001.

"Patrick Henry's Speech"
"The Speech" by Patrick Henry (1736-1799), spoken before an assembly of fellow countrymen, March 1775 - as sent in an email on the FrmTheEast email list, dated Mar. 11, 2001.

"On Truth!"
A statement on TRUTH, "as found on stationary sent to me, and I thought it would be appropriate for our Masonic discussions" - as sent in an email on the FrmTheEast email list, dated Mar. 2, 2001.

"Recognizing Ignorance (from a previous post)"
An answer to the question: What does the response, during the ritual, to the question "Do you belive in God?" tell us about the candidate and ourselves? - as sent in an email on the FrmTheEast email list, dated Jan. 22, 2001.

"Masonic Library Book Surplus"
An explanation of this great service, as sent in an email on the FrmTheEast email list, dated Jan. 12, 2001.

"Regarding Problems with Masonic Research Papers"
An email sent by a member of the FrmTheEast email list, regarding why he feels that there are problems in organizing and discussing Masonic Research papers, emailed December 25, 2000.

"Testing Values: A Quest For Truth"
A reponse to "TRUTH" and emails received from FrmTheEast email list, posted Dec. 7, 2000, in rememberance of the "infamy", the press releases, and the TRUTH.

"A Brief History of the Founding of Co-Masonry"
A lecture given at CMRC on 27 September 1999, by Jeanne Heaslewood, email received from FrmTheEast@aol.com, posted Nov. 2000.

Articles from our Lodge Trestleboards:

"Grand Master's Masonic Education Article for September 2005".
Each Month our Grand Master authors a Masonic article worthy of publication in our Trestleboard, however do to extreme space limitations in the printed hard copy, we are in most months not able to include it.in the E-Mail edition however, we have no such limitations so it is my pleasure to herein present some of his articles. I hope you enjoy them.

"History and the Louisiana Purchase".
An interesting paper about History, the Louisiana Purchase, the concepts of an American Sovereign vs. a US citizen, and a Sovereign American Indian Tribe in North Dakota called the “Little Shell Pembina Indian Band”; by Patrick Bailey, PM, as published in our August 2004 Lodge Trestleboard.

"The Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo".
An interesting paper about the truth and history about this holiday with "commemorates a most important victory by the Mexican Army over the French and European forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862," by Luis Orozco, as published in our June 2003 Lodge Trestleboard.

"Past Masters".
For Past Masters: "I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am a decisive element in this lodge..."

"Groundhog Day and Ancient Religious Traditions".
An interesting paper about Groundhog Day and Quarter Days by Luis Orozco, as published in our February 2003 Lodge Trestleboard.

"2003 Master's Installation Remarks, Dec. 2002".
The complete installation speech (Master's Remarks) by Richard G. Weyers, as published in our December 2002 Lodge Trestleboard.

"Book Review: Inside a Magical Lodge: Group Ritual in the Western Tradition, by John Michael Greer (Nov. 1998)".
Published in our November 2000 Lodge Trestleboard. A good review of how to use existing Masonic Lodges for other non-Masonic meetings, organizations, and "lodges" composed of either men, women, or both. Specific detailed ritual and floor work are suggested and presented for opening both the "outer" and "inner" "lodges".

"Thoughts about the San Jose Masonic Temple"
A Commentary about the use and welfare of the San Jose Masonic facilities, from the August 2000 Lodge Trestleboard. "The solution is for Masonic Bodies to start acting like Masonic bodies, and pay for expenses that ned to be paid!" By Dainer Bailey, Proclamator, Sciots, San Jose Pyramid No. 9.

"The 4th of July"
A summary paper from the July 2000 Lodge Trestleboard that answers the question: " Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?".

"The Five Senses of the Second Degree"
A paper from the El Camino Research Lodge archives, in the July 2000 Lodge Trestleboard, that is as timeless and distinctive as are our degrees. Submitted by El Camino Research Lodge Master Lou Orozco, H.A.

"Ten Master Masons"
"Ten Master Masons, happy, doing fine; One listened to a rumor, then there were nine..." A poem to reflect upon, from the June 2000 Lodge Trestleboard, by J. William Stroup, Jr.

"Los Altos Lodge Receives the Grand Master's Achievement Award for 1999!"
Published in our May 2000 Lodge Trestleboard. The formal presentation is planned for September 11, and all are invited to attend! See the August Lodge Trestleboard for additional details!

"2000 Masonic Scholarship Award Presentation"
A summary of the Los Altos High School presentation of the $1,000.00 Los Altos Lodge Masonic Scholarship Award to Juliana Fowler on May 23, 2000, by Patrick G. Bailey.

"Is Freemasonry A Religion?"
An article taken (with some editing) from the publication "Masonic Information for Stated Meetings"; Published by the Institute for Masonic Studies), published in our May 2000 Lodge Trestleboard.

"If I were accused of being a Freemason, would there be enough evidence to convict me?"
A challenge to all Masons to grade their "Masonic Involvement" using a simple point scale, published by our Master in our April 2000 Lodge Trestleboard.

"A Critical Review of: Revolutionary Brotherhood; Freemasonry And The Transformation Of The American Social Order"
A review of this book by W. Bruce Pruitt, P. M. of our Lodge, published in our Mar. 2000 Lodge Trestleboard.

"Instructions For Life"
An interesting list of operating instructions for life, published in our Feb. 2000 Lodge Trestleboard.

De-Installation Speech, Dec. 29, 1999
The "De-Installation" speech given at the Los Altos Lodge Installation of Officers on Dec. 29, 1999, by Patrick G. Bailey, out-going 1999 Master.

Lodge Accomplishments During 1999
A partial list of the goals accomplished in our lodge during 1999, published in our December Lodge 1999 Trestleboard..

"Vote NO on the resolution to not allow a Gold Fringe on the U.S. Flag" (by Dan McDaniel)
The text of Brother McDaniel's speech before CA Grand Lodge in October 1999, in support of voting "No" on this proposed resolution, published in our November 1999 Lodge Trestleboard.

"The Continental Marines" (by Luis Orozco)
A good summary of how the US Marines were first established by Masons, published in our November 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"Devil Worship In Kenya: Freemasons Are The Target" (by Luis Orozco)
The text and comments about this disturbing article that appared in the US Press regarding Masons in Kenya, published in our September 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"W. Bruce Pruitt, PM - 1999 Hiram Award Recipient" (by Luis Orozco)
A summary of W. Bruce Pruitt, winner of our Lodge's 1999 Hiram Award, published in our July 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"Joseph Warren - Martyr of Bunker Hill: Part 2/2" (by Luis Orozco)
A great review of the life of Joseph Warren and the Monument at Bunker Hill, Part 2 of 2, published in our July 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"Joseph Warren - Martyr of Bunker Hill: Part 1/2" (by Luis Orozco)
A great review of the life of Joseph Warren and the Monument at Bunker Hill, Part 1 of 2, published in our June 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"1999 Grand Greetings" (by Dan R. McDaniel, Inspector)
Greetings and 1999 overview from our Lodge Inspector, published in our May 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"1999 Masonic Scholarship Award Presentation"
The speech given at Los Altos High School during the presentation of the $1,000.00 Los Altos Lodge Masonic Scholarship Award to Mike Friedman on May 25, 1999, by Patrick G. Bailey.

"On Astrology" (Argument For, Maybe) (by Patrick Bailey)
An article supporting some aspects of "Astrology", published in our April 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"On Astrology" (Argument Against) (by Maurice Dunbar)
An article against the accuracy of "Astrology and Sun-Signs", published in our March 1999 Lodge Trestleboard

"Who's Afraid of Y2K?" (by Maurice Dunbar)
An insightful article dispelling the the fear and destruction rumored to occur on Jan. 1, 2000, published in our February 1999 Lodge Trestleboard.  The "Motto" for the Lodge Officers in 1999 is: "Who's Afraid of Y2K?"

Committees and Members
Los Altos Lodge No. 712 Appointed Committees and Members: 1999.

Masonic Colleges Papers Posted On The Internet:

From Golden State College S.R.I.C.F. in Northern California