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Posted: Oct. 24, 2001

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Adams Motor (New Zealand) Adams, Robert
Advanced Battery Technology
Advanced Fuel Cell Designs Bailey, Patrick
Air And Water Engine
Alcon Technologies Devices Ames, Alan
Alternative Non-Metallic Fuel Cell Catalysts
Ampere-Neuman Electrodynamics Graneau, Peter
Angus Engine Angus, Neil
Apparatus to Rectify Ether Energy Markovitch, Peter
Aqua Fuel Richardson, William, H.
Autogenous Pulsed Glow Discharge Correa, Paulo and Alexandra
Automobile Fuel Cells
Bedini Energy Converter Bedini, John
Bessler's Wheel Bessler (Orffyreus), J. E. E.
Betavoltaic Battery Brown, Paul
Brown Resonance Device (US Patent) Brown, Paul
Brown's Gas Brown, Yull
Bug Powered Fuel Cell Bennetto, Peter
Capacitive Discharge Motor Gray, Edwin V.
Capacitive Discharge Motor Ide, Osamu
Carr Anti-Gravity Device Carr, Otis T.
Catalytic Hydrogen Collapse (CHC) Mills, Dr. Randall
CEACU (Centrifugal Energy Amp. Conversion Unit)
Clem Over-Unity Engine Clem, Richard
Cold Fusion Results Fox, Hal
Crystal Energy Converter Hutchinson, John
Davis Tidal Turbine Davis, Barry
E-Beam Discharge Power Converter Caro, Charles, R.
Ecklin Motor Ecklin, John W.
Electromagnetic Generator de Rivas, Villasnor
Electrical Generator Merrit, Thomas D.
Electrohydrogen Generator Studennikov, V.V.
Energy Producing Device Using Buoyancy Device Alkhamis, Mohammed
Energy Conserver Circuit Cobb, Melvin
Energy Extractor Crump, Lloyd, R.
Energy From Electrical Discharges Pappas, Panos
Energy Conversion System Spence, Geoffery M.
Farnsworth/Trombly Energy Generator Farnsworth/Trombly
Finsrud Motion Machine (Norway) Finsrud, Reidar
Fisher Engine Fisher, Victor
Fogal Fogal, Bill
Free Energy Accumulator Wiseman, George
Gary's Magnetic Motor (1879) Gary, Wesley W.
Geomagnetic Generator Smith, Wilbert B.
Graham-Low Power Research/Teaching Model Graham, Roy
Graham Grahm, Roy
Gravito Magnetic Device (Canada) Sinclaire, Pierre
Harmonic Frequency Generator Circuit Ewing, David & Walt Myers
Hendershot Coil Device Hendershot, Lester
Hickman Perpetual Motion Electric Vehicle (HPMEV) Hickman, Allen
High Voltage Solar Cells Sater, Bernard
Hot Fusion Reactor Status (US and Russia)
Hubbard Coil Motor Hubbard, Alfred
Hubbard Coil Research Hubbard, Alfred
Hyde Device Hyde, William
Jamison Energizer System Jamison, Lawrence
Jefimenko Electrostatic Generators Jefimenko, Oleg
Joe Cell Joe
Keely Motor Keely, John E. W.
Keely Motor (Hydro-Vacuo Engine) Keely, John E. W.
Kidd Device Kidd, Sandy
Kromey Converter Kromrey, Raymond
Kwai Motor Kawai, Teruo
Landau Oscillator (Seike, Japan) Seike, Shinichi
Los Alamos Experimental Research Results Storms, Edmond
Lutec 1000 Lou Brits and John Christie
Magnetic Distributer Generator Brown, Paul
Magnetstromapparat Coler, Hans
Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA) McClain, Joel
Magnetic Distributer Generator
Magnetic Sink Smith, Wilbert B.
Magnepulsion Motor Teal, Bob
Magnicogenerator Perrigo, Joeseph or Harry
McKie Power On Demand Module (PODMOD) McKie, Scott
Minato Magnetic Motor Kohei Minato
MNL-DHE Generator Leibowitz, Martin, N..
Moray Radient Energy Equipment Moray, T. Henry
Motional Electric Field Effect Hooper, William
MRA Device S/N 95-3 Taylor, Robert
Muller Magnetic Motor Muller, William, J.F.
Musical Dynasphere (Globe Motor) Pond, Dale; and Keely, John E. W.
N-Machine dePalma, Bruce
N-Machine (Japan) Inomata, Shiuji
N-Machine (India) Tewari, Paramahamsa
N-Machine (Trombly-Kahn) Trombly, Adam, Kahn, Joeseph
N-Motor Ward, Sonne
Newman Machine Newman, Joe
Noble Gas Motors (AEROPS Engine) Britt, Robert Gordon
Noble Gas Motors (Papp Engine) Papp, Joseph
Non-Linear Shuttle Circuit Tesla, Nikola
Nuclear Decay Effects Experiments (Smith) Smith
Orgone Energy Phenomena Reich, Willhelm
Patterson Power Cell Patterson, James
Permanent Magnet Energy Conversion Dragone, Leon, R.
Permanent Magnet Motor Johnson, Howard
Podkletnov Device (Finland) Podkletnov, Eugene
Pons and Fleischmann Status (France) Pons and Fleischmann
Power from Magnetism (England) Aspden, Harold
Proposed Hubbard Coil Motor MacNeill, Ken
Quantum Energy Generator Card, Duane
Radient Energy Capture Device Perreault, Bruce A.
Reed Magnetic Motor Reed, Troy
Reich Orgonne Motor Reich, Willhelm
Reluctance Generator MacNeill, Ken
Ro-Mag Magnetic Generator Orlowski, Gerald
Rodin Coil Research Rodin, Marcos
Rotoverter Torres, Hector D Perez
RQM Devices (Switzerland) RQM
Russell Optical Dynamo Generator Grotz, Toby
Schauberger Vortex Effects Schauberger, Viktor
Searl Generator (England) Searl, John
Searl Levitation Device (England) Searl, John
Series Resonant LC Circuit Jensen, Paul Raymond
Siberian Coliu Marinov, Stefan
Sinclaire Generator (Canada) Sinclaire, Pierre
Sonofusion Reactor Roger Stringham
SpinBreeder Generator Buerger, Douglas
SRI Experimental Research Results McKubre, Michael
Stelzer Motor Frank Stelzer
Stephens Motor Stephens, William
Stevens Generator Mark, Stephen
Stoneburg Motor Generator Stoneburg, William, G.
Stromerzeuger (Germany) Coler, Hans
Sweet Vacuum Triode Sweet, Floyd
Sweet VTA Device Watson, Don
Swiss ML Converter (Switzerland) Baumann, Paul
Switched Reluctance Motor (England) Aspden, Harold
T.T. Brown Devices Brown, T. T.
T.T. Brown Devices Replication Deavenport, Larry
Takahashi Magnet Motor (Japan) Takahashi, Yasunori
Tesla Non-linear Shuttle Circuit Barrett, Terrance
Tetrahedral Colliding-Beam Nuclear Fusion Darrel Lloyd Jarmusch
The Energetic Vacuum (ZPE) Puthoff, Hal
Theracore Cold Fusion Thermacore Co.
Unidirectional Transformer Jensen, Paul Raymond
Unipolar Dynamo (Canada) Hathaway, George
Vacuum Spin (England) Aspden, Harold
Venetin Coliu (Austria)) Marinov, Stefan
Wanlass Motor-Generator Wanlass, Chris
Water Fuel Cell Meyer, Stan
Watson Watson, Jim
WIN Device Lambertson, Wingate
Windmill Home Generator (Earle) Earle,
Wiseman Energy Conserver Circuit Wiseman, George

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Oct. 24, 2001.