July 21, 1998

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By Reed Huish, ZENERGY President & CEO

From: "Information" 
To: "'Patrick Bailey'" 
Subject: RE: Status of Zenergy ?
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 11:25:51 -0700

Thanks for asking, Patrick.

Here is the summary on our web-site that we have used for a few years: 

Zenergy Corporation was founded to commercially develop and market globally a 
range of revolutionary energy technologies, with the aim of providing a 
foundation for the peace, health, and prosperity of all people and for a 
sustainable world that supports all life.

Zenergy's capabilities include a wide range of services, including intellectual 
property protection, development finance, corporate structures, tax planning, 
licensing, marketing, and forming strategic partnerships for manufacture and 
sales. Zenergy's plans include a well proven, high leverage route for rapid 
deployment of technology worldwide.


Over the last five years, the partners of Zenergy have invested in about a dozen 
advanced energy technologies, none of which resulted in an independently-proven 
excess energy prototype. Early in 1998 we modified our investment criteria to 
only support technologies with a demonstrable over-unity prototype. To reflect 
this emphasis on working hardware, we also offer a $100,000 Challenge for any 
scientist who can demonstrate such a prototype.

While we do not fund theoretical work at this time, our future plans do include 
establishing one or more laboratories to fund and develop a range of advanced 

Further details about our background and programs can be found at our web-site 
at http://zenergy.com.

- Reed Huish


Reed N Huish, President & CEO
Zenergy Corporation
Post Office Box 73
Chandler Arizona 85244

Phone: 602.814.7865
Fax 602.821.0967
Direct Email: reed@zenergy.com
General Email: info@zenergy.com
Internet: http://zenergy.com

>Can you write me a short summary on the exact status of Zenergy, please? >I'll get it into the next New Energy News, which will be handed out at the >INE Conference during August 14-15 in SLC. >Details = http://www.padrak.com/ine/NEN_6_2_10.html >Thanks!

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