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From: NEN, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 1996, pp. 19-20.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.

The quatrain previously submitted was inspired by the description of an experiment undertaken by a good friend formerly residing in Hawaii. He is an excellent engineer and also has many of the gifts associated with Edgar Cayce. So when he told me that this project arose from intuition, and had been undertaken successfully, I was cautiously optimistic. I am sure he would feel that information freely given is meant to be shared internationally.

From the quatrain many references are quoted which were studied by myself, e.g. Worrell-Keeley, Tom Beardon, Bhuddist and Hindu philosophy, plus many fringe science papers including publications on how the pyramids were really built and references to levitation by Bhuddist monks of Tibet. The NASA technical briefs on levitation were also investigated. If you assemble all the pieces of a jig-saw, then the whole picture is presented.

At this point a few extracts from his letter would seem appropriate:

"Each energy level has three unique frequencies, also due to the constructive and destructive interaction of the three frequencies produces a specific composite energy level." The levels may be designated 1 through 4, with 1 being the highest. For our purposes the frequencies are not important (they vary from 1021 to 1024). What s important is the relationship these frequencies have to each other within their respective energy levels.

By interfering the frequency relationship of the highest energy level such that the particular frequencies we choose generate earth resonances as one of its heterodynes, we can create a most powerful field that actively interferes with the earth's magnetic envelope.

The frequency ratios of that level are 1;4; and 5, or in musical terms: do, fa, so. By selecting as representative frequencies 48Hz; 64Hz; and 72Hz - but moving the three down just a hairsbreadth so that the heterodyne of the two highest frequencies becomes 7.83 Hz, we achieve just that.

Since the quality of the actual energy level is that of Scalar Standing Waves, longitudinal in nature, using sound waves can simulate or mirror their interaction if the medium through which we convey them is ionic.

I set up a waveguide with three arms converging to a center, each on a 120 degrees leg. Each leg was cut from square cross-section PVC gutter pipe and measured to correspond to an exact fraction of the wavelength for one of the frequencies, that is 12, 9 and 8 inches or multiples thereof. Transducers capable of producing 120dB in the medium selected must be used and these are placed at the ends of the cavities. Measurement is done from the face of the transducer to the point of intersection."

Generating the required frequencies is relatively straightforward and we should start with a master oscillator with fine incremental tuning operating at 576Hz, this is coupled to three buffer amplifiers whose outputs are taken to: 1. A divide by 8 which = 72Hz 2. A divide by 9 which = 64Hz 3. A divide by 12 which = 48Hz.

All three are then taken via a square to sin convertor and to the transducers vial power amplifiers. Not being partial to noise, not least 3 x 120dB, I am considering the possibility of alternatives to the above. Do beware of "Pop" music groups standing in a circle, do not stand at the focal point or you might just become closer to heaven than you would wish.

**No claims are made by myself and the above is passed on purely as a gift. On the basis of my own investigation I would suggest there is a better than average chance of success.

Yours sincerely, Donald P. Walton

A Quatrain for Today's Boffins
(Can anyone rise to the challenge?)

In ancient times monks of Tibet
With music found that they could get
Rocks and stones to levitate -
Against the laws of gravitation
In disbelief by western nations.

Around about 1895, a Keeley boffin did arrive,
It's elementary, you must be fools,
It's all related to intervals.
Not only that, but he had a notion,
How to create perpetual motion.

Some years later the American nation
Saw in print this revelation.
The government were not impressed,
They declared it SECRET with great zest.

It is quite laughable to say
I was attempted by N.S., S.A.
From what they published there's no doubt
They haven't much to shout about.


Three frequencies must be played in bursts,
All three below 100 Hertz,
And if you've got the signals right,
You will behold a wondrous sight.


Although it has not yet been stated,
Schuman frequencies are related.
Combine this with what Keeley said,
See objects float above your head.

To get results don't throw the dice,
Geometry must be precise.
If you would rise above your station
Be sure to use the right equation.

Think carefully, don't be naive,
Standing waves you must achieve.
Tonight before you go to bed
Think on what Tom Beardon said.

If you would build a pyramid
Do what the Tibetans did.
I'm sure by now you all well see -
A need for mental agility... May the FORCE be with you..
Donald P. Walton
(Apologies to Nostradamus)

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