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Conference on the Fundamentals of Physics and Cosmology

From: (Ray Tomes)
To: [snip lots]
Subject: Conference on the Fundamentals of Physics and Cosmology
Date: Fri, 25 
Apr 1997 03:41:17 GMT MIME-Version: 1.0

To all people interested in the conference. 

It is some time since I communicated with everyone. This is not a sign 
that  nothing is happening, but rather that very much is happening! My 
apologies for  the delay. PLEASE READ THIS MATERIAL CAREFULLY as there 
are several changes  and important things that need to be done NOW. 

At present we have about 20 or more people who have expressed interest 
in  giving papers at the conference with several in doubt for various 
reasons. I  have abstracts from nearly all of these and completed papers 
from four.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the large number of papers we have decided to  
extent the conference to FOUR DAYS now including the Monday. The papers 
will  be given over the three days with panel and group discussions on 
the 4th day.  Please make the necessary changes to your plans if you 
wish to remain for the  4th day.

It is time for everyone to commit themselves as to attendence. If you 
will be  attending the conference please send the attached enrolment 
form by email to  me by 9th May and your $75.00 US check made out to 
"Alexandria Foundation -  Ross Tessien" by 9th May (after which it will 
become $90.00) to:

Ross Tessien c/o Impulse Engineering, Inc. 12731-A Loma Rica Dr. Grass 
Valley, CA 95945

Tel: (916) 273-8807

Overseas visitors may pay $75.00 on arrival provided that they have sent 
an  email enrolment form by 9th May.

Conference on the Fundamental Structure and Mechanisms of the Universe  

Organised by The Alexandria Foundation, the conference committee are 
Ross  Tessien on matters relating to venue, 
accommodation and local  arrangements and Ray Tomes 
on matters relating to paper  submissions and program. Apeiron Journal 
(  is a conference affiliate. 

Venue: Gold Rush Country, two hours outside of San Francisco  in the 
Sierra Mountain Foothills

Date: 30 May to 2nd June 1997 (4 days)

WWW information: 

Conference fee: $75.00 before 9th May or $90.00 thereafter. 


Status of Abstracts and Papers.

The following is a list of people from whom I understand that I have 
received  Abstracts. There are several others who have indicated they 
wish to present  papers but who have either not sent them or I have 
missed you when making up  this list. If your name is not here but 
should be (or is but shouldn't be)  then please let me know urgently. 
Ross, if you have some others also, please  let me know now. 

Alan Gasser, Barry Mingst, Jason Blood, Dale Pond, Dawn Stranges 
Dorazio,  Henry H Lindner, Jerry Shifman, Lew Howard, Millenium Twain, 
Paul Stowe, Ross  Tessien, Ray Tomes, Stephen W Bennett, Thomas Lockyer, 
Toby Grotz. Also Pete  Brown (poetic interlude) and Chris Franks (cesium 
clock and GPS demo).

Completed papers have been received from Henry H Lindner, Jerry Shifman, 
Paul  Stowe, Thomas Lockyer. Again, please let me know if you should be 
listed here  but are not.

IMPORTANT for PAPER SUBMISSIONS: All other paper presenters are reminded 
that  they should have their papers to me by 9th April at the latest. 
This in  important so that we can get the material into a common form 
and printed for  the conference.



Please email these details only and not this entire post to with a subject line of "conference registration". 

Title [Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr/Prof] ______________ 

Name _______________________________________ 

Address _____________________________________ 



Organisation [if applicable] ________________ 

Conference fee check enclosed for $75.00 International visitors may send 
money  order or pay on arrival 

I wish to attend a barbecue dinner on Saturday night for $10.00 [yes/no] 


Hotel accomodation

Ross has provided me with a large list of hotels and information on the 
local  area. I will make this all available on the WWW site. He also has 
limited  billeting opportunities. One hotel available is: 

Northern Queen Inn; 400 Railroad Ave (916) 265-5824

If I were to come here to stay on an average budget, I personally would 
get a  room at the Northern Queen Inn. This is a nice, very reasonable 
hotel that is  a short walk from downtown so it is quiet. It has its own 
restaurant if you  don't feel like going out. This hotel is right 
adjacent to the freeway, but  set down a bit and surrounded by trees, so 
that it is quiet. And the freeway  is really more of a highway anyway, 
so it doesn't have much traffic at night.  (This is the same highway 
that the Best Western (below) is along side, just  one exit up). 

When I have business guests visit my company, this is where I would 
reserve a  room for them. I think that everyone would feel comfortable 
at this hotel and  the rates are reasonable at ....Queen, $60.50; Double 
$63.80, Cabins, $88.00,  Chalets, $99.00 all prices include tax and two 
people. Approximately 60 rooms available as of 3/5/97 


-- Ray Tomes -- -- Harmonics Theory -- 

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May 25, 1997.