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The Internet Pilot to Physics

The Pilot to Physics:
Welcome to the Pilot to Physics. It is our hope that this site will become a useful resource for scientists, students, teachers and any individuals interested in physics.

The Physics Calendar:
Keeps track of all deadlines for conferences and jobs submitted to Physics Forum. May also give you a glimpse of what happened today in the history of physics. Soon also a News Flash system for the very latest physics news.

Physics Around the World:
The most comprehensive index to physics resources around the world! Links: Read more; Institutes by Country; Institutes by Field of Research; Journals and Eprints; Physics Related Software; Educational Resources; Search the PAW database.

Physics Forum:
A dynamic framework for announcements and communication. Links: Physics Conference List; Announce a Conference; On-Line Discussion Forum; Market place for used equipment; Jobs on-line; Student Forum; Book Reviews; New Books.

The Virtual Laboratory:
Join an international effort to collaborate in the development of software and applets for education and visualization of science. Links: Read more; Explore some examples.

Physics On-Line:
If you're looking for some real physics on-line, these are the sites for you!: Links: Physics Eprints (European mirror); The Net Advance of Physics; The Living Encyclopedia of Physics.

The Internet Pilot To Physics
c 1994-1996 of the TIPTOP Consortium. All Rights Reserved

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Forwarded Message:

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 08:03:05 -0700
Subject: Fwd: WWW: Physics Conferences On-Line

Dear Scientist,

We are pleased to inform you about a new electronic bulletin board for physics conferences, workshops and summer schools. This is part of a new larger service called "The Internet Pilot To Physics", or TIPTOP.

TIPTOP is a collaboration between several institutes and learned socities in Europe and North America, and it includes the widely popular 'Physics Around the World' and 'Net Advance of Physics' -services. We have a monthly access 20 000+: your announcement really reaches physicists all over the world.

At the moment there are 150+ meetings announcements. All up-to-date! And we also cover interdisciplinary areas!

Please note:

This is the official EurophysNet upload facility: all announcements submitted using this facility are added in to the EPS EurophysNet meetings list which is generated in collaboration with all the major national physical socities.

TIPTOP has also a lot more to offer than the conference bulletin board: bulletin boards for jobs, new books, used equipment, on-line encyclopedia of physics, educational software project etc. etc. + listings of physics resources on The Internet. And there are a lot of things to come!

Please, go ahead and take a look around!

If you prefer, you can also send the conference info by email, and we'll add it in the lists. Include at least name of the conference, dates, deadline for application, description and contact info.

Please circulate this information to your collagues and students!

How does the conference/jobs bulletin board work?

To submit an announcement you have to register first, the link for that can be found on each page. The reason why you have to register is that this way you'll be able to edit your announcements if you wish. The service itself is absloutely free for all users.

After you have registered, you'll receive an email (in about 2 minutes but depending on your connection it may take considerably longer) that gives you your password. You can change the password if you wish.

Please note that you can always email us the information to if don't wish to use the electronic bulletin board yourself.

When you announce your conference:

Go to

Select 'Submit Your Announcement'

If you haven't registrated, plese do do and after that fill in the required fields.

It is important that you give the deadline for applications correctly since the server removes the entry automatically when the deadline is over. This way the lists remain always.

After you have completed and submitted the form your entry appears in the list. You can edit the entry by selecting 'edit'. You can only edit your own entries.

That's it!

URL of the Conference Server:

The home page of the Internet Pilot to Physics is at:


Should you have any questions,
or if you experience any problems with this server, please let us know.

With Best Regards,

Mikko Karttunen (McGill University, Canada)
Kenneth Holmlund (Umea University, Sweden)
Guenther Nowotny (TU Vienna, Austria)


Email: URL:

---- End Forwarded Message

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