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Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 21:04:57 +1000 (EST)
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From: (Ossie Callanan)
Subject: SAP Tube

The Self Accelerating Plasma Tube

Anyone who has recieved the latest New Energy News newsletter should have also recieved an additional advertisement by Stefan Marinov titled, "MARINOV: ANNUS HORRIBILIS", which accompanied the newsletter and also appeared in the March 28th 1996 issue of Nature magazine.

Basically it is an update of his scalar magnetic field theories and devices which appeared on page 299 of the proceedings from the May 1994 Symposium on New Energy.

In this paper I would like to bring to your attention one of his devices he calls the SIBERIAN COLIU. Following is a small extract from the advertisement which describes its components in principle.

"A cylindrical magnet is cut along one of its axial planes and the one half is turned up-down (the magnetic forces themselves do the rotation). Around this magnet, there is a trough filled with mercury in which the copper ring which can be seen at right swims (the children take salt solution and suspend the ring on threads). After sending a current of some tens of amperes from the battery at left, which is regulated by the rheostat, the ring begins to rotate. That's all!"


  Cylinder magnet in center             Copper ring rotates clockwise
                           \    __---__/
                              _/ __ __ \_
                             /  /  |  \  \
               ---->---->---|  | N | S |  |--->---->----
               |             \_ \__|__/ _/             |
               |               \__   __/               |
               |                  ---                  |
               |                                       |
               |                  |   |                |
               ----<----<-------| | | |-------<----<----
                                  |   |
According to his theories, you can do the reverse. Rotate the copper ring clockwise and it will generate power in the same direction of current flow. Yes I said the same direction. Marinov has demonstrated and proved this in his devices. What this means, and as he explains, is that working as a motor or a generator, there is no opposing torque to the direction of rotation and hence the device becomes "Self Accellerating" and as long as you draw power from it, it will power itself.

There is one barrier when constructing this as a mechanical device and that is friction. Due to the low torques generated, friction halts the self accellerating process but its seems that Marinov has overcome this and implies that he has a SIBERIAN COLIU working as a PERPETUUM MOBILE and will soon present this at a press conference.

It soon comes to mind that if his theories are true and his device is indeed doing what he explains then surely there must be a way to tap this energy in a more efficient way than a crudely inefficient electro mechanical device.

I believe I have come up with such a way and device. I have been able to do so by deriving an analogy of Marinov's Scalar Magnetic Theory to the rotation of the Earth.

If the Earth were a spherical magnet with the same field properties as that of Marinov's cylinder magnet, and the sun constantly supplied electrons just like that of the battery, then the Earth's ionosphere and crust would act like the copper ring and rotate. If this is so, no wonder that satelite tether was vaporised. It would have been tapping into an unimaginable amount of energy that was keeping the earth in perpetual rotation. You can bet NASA never heard of Marinov's theories.

>From this analogy it then becomes easy to imagine an efficient device with no moving parts that may utilise Scalar magnetism to derive free energy and power itself.

All that would be required is to replace the copper ring with an ionised gas plasma that may be contained in a sealed tube in the shape of a donut of which the cylinder magnet will then be placed in the hole. Two metal conductors shall be placed at oppossing ends on the outside of the donut tube of which their axis will be at right angles to the cut plane of the cylinder magnet.

When a DC current is placed on the electrodes and the gas is ionised, it will become conductive (maybe even superconductive). This will cause the gas to rotate inside its donut tube (according to Marinov's theory). This will inturn generate more current in the same direction of the applied current flow and the device will become self generating and the excess power may be fed to a load.

See Diagram Below:

Ionising gas in donut tube-"x"
                          \     _______      Donut shaped gas containment
Cylinder magnet in centre   \__/   x   \__ /            tube
                        \  _/ x __---__ x \_
     Metal Conductor __   / x _/ __ __ \_ x \   Metal conductor electrode 
         electrode     \ / x /  /  |  \  \ x \ /
               ---->----|-  |  | N | S |  |  -|---->----
               |         \ x \_ \__|__/ _/ x /         |
               |          \_ x \__   __/ x _/          |
               |            \_ x  ---  x _/            |
               |              \__  x  __/              |
               |                 -----                 |
               |                         Changover     |
               |                  |   |   Switch       |
               |---<----<-------| | | |---0/--0----<---|
               |                  |   |     |          |
               |          Ionising Current Source      |
               |                            |          |
               |                           \_          |
               ----<----<-----/\/\/\/\----0  \0----<----
                                Load    Changeover
As can be seen above, there are no mechanical parts and hence, no friction to over come so even the smallest amount of torque on the gas plasma will soon accellerate to very large amounts as determined by the amount of current the load draws.

I believe other successful vacuume tube energy devices of the past must have worked by utilising the same principles. T. Henry Moray was quoted as saying the amount of energy his device produced was determined by the load he placed on it. The more load he connected, the device powered with no problems. This is inherent in the working principle of the above device.

If anyone experiments with the above mentioned device, it will be appreciated if the results are forwarded to me via Keelynet or at

All comments, questions and critique welcome...


Ossie Callanan

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