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RS Electrogravitic References: Part 18 of 19.

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Apeiron Magazine (
4405 St-Dominique
Montreal, Quebec H2W 2B2 Canada.

Apeiron Number 1 (September 1987)
* Henrik Broberg (Stockholm) – Particle Mass in a Cosmological 
* Toivo Jaakkola (University of Helsinki Observatory) – Mach s 
Principle and Properties of Local Structure 

Apeiron Number 2 (February 1988)
* Jean-Claude Pecker/Jean-Pierre Vigier (University of Paris) – A 
Possible Tired-Light Mechanism

Apeiron Number 3 (August 1988)
* D.F. Roscoe (University of Sheffield) – Gravitation as an Inertial 
* Amitabha Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) – 
Velocity-Dependent Inertial Induction: A Case for Experimental Observation

Apeiron Number 5 (Fall 1989)
* S.V.M. Clube (University of Oxford) – Lorentzian Gravity and 

Apeiron Number 8 (Autumn 1990)
* Jacques Trempe (Montreal, Quebec) – Laws of Light Propagation in 
Galilean Space-Time
* Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois) – Weber-type Laws of 
Action-at-a-Distance in Modern Physics

Apeiron Numbers 9-10 (Winter-Spring 1991) 
* S.V.M. Clube (Astrophysics Department, Oxford University) – Mass 
Inflation as a Recurring Property of Matter in Astrophysical Situations
* Amitabha Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) – Velocity 
Dependent Inertial Induction: A Possible Tired-Light Mechanism * David Roscoe 
(Department of Applied Mathematics, Sheffield 
University) – Gravity out of Inertia
* Henrik Broberg (Djursholm, Sweden) – Mass, Energy, Space * Toivo Jaakkola 
(University Observatory, Helsinki) – 
Electrogravitational Coupling: Empirical and Theoretical Arguments 

Apeiron Number 12 (February 1992)
* Zaman Akil (Kuwait City) – On the Constant of Gravitation * Andrι K.T. Assis 
(State University of Campinas, Brazil) – On 
Hubble's Law of Redshift, Olbers' Paradox and the Cosmic Background Radiation
* S.C. Tiwari (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India) – The 
Nature of Time

Apeiron Number 13 (June 1992)
* Andrι K.T. Assis (State University of Campinas, Brazil) – On the 
Absorption of Gravity
* D.F. Roscoe (University of Sheffield) – The Equivalence Principle 
as a Consequence of the Third Law
* Joop F. Nieland (Arles sur Tech, France) – Vacuum Refraction 
Theory of Gravitation
* H.E. Wilhelm (University of Utah) – Explanation of Anomalous 
Unipolar Induction in Corotating Conductor-Magnet Arrangements by Galilean 

Apeiron Number 14 (September 1992)
* Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois) – Lorentz Contraction of 
the Coulomb Field: An Experimental Proposal * Peter Huber (Germanistisches 
Seminar, Heidelberg University) – 
Does the Velocity of Light Decrease?

Apeiron Number 15 (February 1993)
* H.E. Wilhelm (University of Utah) – Galilei Covariant 
Electrodynamics of Moving Media with Applictions to the Experiments of Fizeau 
and Hoek
* S.X.K. Howusu (University of Jos, Nigeria) – The Confrontation 
between Relativity and the Principle of Reciprocal Action * Henrik Broberg 
(Norwegian Telecom, Oslo) – On the Kinetic Origin 
of Mass

Aperion Number 16 (June 1993)
* C.I. Mocanu (Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest, Romania) – Is 
Thomas Rotation a Paradox?
* Zu Shaozhi and Xu Xiangqun (Beijing Control Device Research 
Institute) – On the Relativity of Simultaneity * Martin Kokus (Hopewell, PA) 
and A.O. Barut, University of 
Colorado) – Suggestion for Unifying Two Types of Quantized Redshift of 
Astronomical Bodies

Apeiron Number 17 (October 1993)
* Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois) – Ampere Tension and 
Newton's Laws
* S.X.K. Howusu (University of Jos, Nigeria) – General Mechanics of 
a Photon in the Gravitational Field of a Stationary Homogeneous Spherical Body

Apeiron Number 18 (February 1994)
* Toivo Jaakkola (Tuorla Observatory, Turku, Finland) – Radiative 
and Dynamical Implications of Electrogravity * Peter Huber (Heidelberg 
University) – The Cosmological Redshift as 
a Virtual Effect of Gravitation
* H.E. Wilhelm (University of Utah) – Fitzgerald Contraction, Larmor 
Dilation, Lorentz Force, Particle Mass and Energy as Invariants of Galilean 
* Adolphe Martin (Longueuil, Quebec) – Einstein to Galilean 

Apeiron Number 19 (June 1994)
* S.H. Kim (University of Texas at Arlington) – A Non-Lorentzian 
Force Stronger than the Lorentz Force
* Constantin Antonopoulos (National Technological University of 
Athens) – The Semantics of Absolute Space * P. Graneau (Northeastern 
University, Arlington) and A.K.T. Assis 
(University of Campinas, Brazil) – Kirchhoff on the Motion of Electricity in 
* Peter F. Browne (University of Manchester) – Newtonian Cosmology 
with Renormalized Zero-Point Radiation

Apeiron Number 20 (October 1994)
* V.A. Kuligin, G.A. Kuligina and M.V. Korneva (University of 
Voronezh, Russia) – Epistemology and Special Relativity * G. Galeczki 
(University of Kφln) – Physical Laws and the Theory of 
Special Relativity
* T. Chang (University of Alabama, Huntsville) – A Formulation of 
the Gravitational Equation of Motion

Aperion Volume 2, Number 1 (January 1995) 
* Paul Marmet (University of Ottawa) – Origin of the 3 K Radiation * Wen-Xiu 
Li (University of Science and Technology of China) – On 
the Relativity of Lengths and Times

Apeiron Volume 2, Number 2 (April 1995)
* Amitabha Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) – 
Dynamical Inertial Induction and the Potential Energy Problem * Halton C. Arp 
(Max-Planck-Institut fόr Astrophysik) – New Light on 
Redshift Periodicities

Apeiron Volume 2, Number 3 (July 1995)
* P.F. Browne (University of Manchester ) – de Sitter Cosmology 
Articles and books by Robert L. Forward: 

AUTHOR(s):	Cramer, John G. Forward, Robert L. Landis, Geoffrey A.
Visser, M. Benford, G.
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In: Physical Review-D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation 
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Page 3117

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In: Journal of spacecraft and rockets.
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In: The Journal of social, political, and economic s 
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AUTHOR(s):	Forward, Robert L.
TITLE:	Light-Levitated Geostationary Cylindrical Orbits:
Correction and Expansion.
In: The Journal of the astronautical sciences. 
JUL 01 1990 v 38 n 3 Page 335

AUTHOR(s):	Forward, Robert L.
TITLE:	Advanced space propulsion.
In: Aerospace america.
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TITLE:	Grey Solar Sails.
In: The Journal of the astronautical sciences. 
APR 01 1990 v 38 n 2 Page 161

AUTHOR(s):	Forward, Robert
TITLE:	The power of negative matter: Does matter with a negative
mass exist somewhere in the cosmos? If it does, it would make the perfect 
In: New scientist.
MAR 17 1990 v 125 n 1708 Page 54

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Series: Wiley science editions

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In: ANALOG, Apr 1981, pp. 64-7O

AUTHOR:	Forward, R.L.
TITLE:	Far Out Physics
In: Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact
Vol 95, August 1975 pages 147-166

TITLE: Bibliography of interstellar travel and communication: 
April 1977
AUTHOR: Mallove, Eugene F. and Forward, Robert L. 

TITLE: Camelot 30K / 1993
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Dragon's egg ; Starquake / 1994
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: The flight of the dragonfly / 1985 AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Indistinguishable from magic : speculations and visions 
of the future / 1995
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Marooned on Eden / 1993
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Martian rainbow / 1991
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Mirror matter : pioneering antimatter physics / 1988 AUTHOR: Forward, 
Robert L.

TITLE: A national space program for interstellar exploration. 1975 AUTHOR: 
Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Ocean under the ice / 1994
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Rescued from paradise / 1995
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Return to Rocheworld / 1993
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Rocheworld / 1990
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Starquake / 1986
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

TITLE: Timemaster / 1992
AUTHOR: Forward, Robert L.

Dr. Harold Aspden recently retired after serving many years as IBM's patent 
agent in Europe. He is the discoverer of the "Aspden Effect" or rotational 
inertia in spinning magnets (NEN, Jan. & Feb. 1995). His Ph.D. thesis involved 
demonstrations of anomalies in magnetic fields 

Books and articles by Harold Aspden:

AUTHOR:	Aspden, Harold.
TITLE:	Gravitation / by Harold Aspden.
PUBL.:	Southampton, Eng. : Sabberton Publications,
FORMAT:	78 p. ; 22 cm.
DATE:	1975
SUBJECT	Gravitation
ISBN:	0850560055. 0850560063

AUTHOR:	Aspden, Harold.
TITLE:	Modern aether science.
PUBL.:	Southampton, Eng., Sabberton Publications
FORMAT:	165 p. illus. 22 cm.
DATE:	1972
SUBJECT	Ether (Space)
ISBN:	0850560039 0850560047 (pbk)

AUTHOR:	Aspden, Harold.
TITLE:	The need for a new theory of gravitation, by H. Aspden.
PUBL.:	Southampton (Hants.), Sabberton Publications,
FORMAT:	(1), 4 p. 22 cm.
DATE:	1966
SERIES:	His Aether science paper no. 1
SUBJECT: Gravitation
Relativity (Physics)

AUTHOR:	Aspden, Harold.
TITLE:	Physics unified / by Harold Aspden.
PUBL.:	Southhampton : Sabberton Publications,
FORMAT:	xi, 206 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
DATE:	1980
SUBJECT	Unified field theories
ISBN:	0850560101

AUTHOR:	Aspden, Harold.
TITLE:	Physics without Einstein.
PUBL.:	Southampton, Sabberton Publications,
FORMAT:	xiii, 224 p. illus. 23 cm.
DATE:	1969
ISBN:	850560012

AUTHOR(s):	Aspden, H.
TITLE(s):	Anti Gravity Electronics.
Summary:	Reinterpretation of Newton's Third Law of Motion suggests
that it depends upon and electronic action. Electronic interaction therefore 
explains the paradoxical anti- gravity properties of the force processed 
gyroscope. In: Electronics & wireless world.
JAN 01 1989 v 95 n 1635 Page: 29

AUTHOR(s):	Aspden, H.
TITLE(s):	Conservative hadron interactions exemplified by the
creation of the kaon.
In: Hadronic journal.
MAY 01 1989 v 12 n 3 Page: 101

AUTHOR(s):	Aspden, H.
TITLE(s):	The Harwen energy radiation generation.
In: Speculations in science and technology. 
1990 v 13 n 4 Page: 295

AUTHOR(s):	Aspden, H.
TITLE(s):	Instantaneous electrodynamic potential with retarded energy
In: Hadronic journal.
NOV 01 1988 v 11 n 6 Page: 307

AUTHOR(s):	Aspden, H.
TITLE(s):	Speculations in energy: editorial introduction.
In: Speculations in science and technology. 
1990 v 13 n 4 Page: 243

AUTHOR(s):	Aspden, H.
TITLE(s):	The theory of the proton constants.
In: Hadronic journal.
JUL 01 1988 v 11 n 4 Page: 169
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