Apr. 16, 1998

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Superluminal Robert L. Carroll

Email from Millennium Twain

Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 08:07:00 +1200
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Subject: Superluminal Robert L. Carroll
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RLC is (was) one of hundreds in the global dissident physics community that have 
spoken to and discarded the fraud of special relativity. We shared our works and 
thoughts for five years, before his 'final' retirement. I met him at the 
Dissident Physics conference at San Francisco State University, in June of 1994. 
He has been featured in Electric Spacecraft Journal [muse/esj.html], which I 
highly recommend. 

He was unique in that he thought out and discussed the logistics of superluminal 
(interstellar) space transportation -- and identified many of its aspects. He 
was ridiculed by the establishment, as exampled by NASA's wannabee conference 
last year on superluminal physics theory. That institutional (covert physics) 
gathering deliberately excluded theoretical superluminal physics and it's four 
known pioneers: myself, Carroll, Alexis Guy Obolensky (New York), and Thomas G. 
Barnes of Texas. [I don't claim that there may be no others, obscured in some 
corner of the world, who have seen through to the foundations of superluminal 
nature. They simply have not been brought into the light yet.] 

You can get a Web overview of Carroll's work at [muse/carroll.html] at either of 
the two World AntiPhysics Mirrors: 


Also, Barnes and Obolensky too, are clickable [muse/barnes.html, 
muse/obolensky.html] at either of those sites. Full references (books and 
papers) are listed at both sites, and can be made available by me [see RAPRs 
below]. RLC references are also available from Mark Goldes at Magnetic Power, 
California [try mjs@ap.net]. Barne's books are distributed by CRS books, and (as 
of last year) by the aging Barnes. Copies (some loaners) of all Barnes' works 
also reside in my library. Obolensky's works are available through him or me. 

To get up to speed on the new (dissident) physics -- see the several hundred 
references I have posted on the four issues of the RAPR at: 


The superluminal foundation of nature is best revealed in the superluminal 
aether velocity structures of the proton. Once the aether and velocity 
foundations are understood, the observed phenomena -- superluminal quasars and 
jets, superluminally-expanding supernovae, superluminal tunnelling in the solid 
state, superluminal electromagnetic transmission and signalling in air and 
transmission lines, etc. -- are all painfully trivial to explain and quantify. 
My several papers (The Undiscovered Physics) on these foundations are available 
for cost of printing and postage, from my new residence in New Zealand. 

May you fare well on the (oft' superluminal) aether sea, 

Millennium Twain
PO Box 21-972,
Henderson, West Auckland,
New Zealand

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