April 18, 2004

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From the Institute for New Energy Web Site at: www.padrak.com/ine/


This list is due to the people that have volunteered to have their data publicly listed on our web site. Thank them!

We try to keep these addresses and contacts current.

Some listings may be outdated.

If it is not listed here, we don't know what it is.

This data is either publicly available, or we have written permission from each individual to publish this information on this web site.

Please notify us at ine@padrak.com of any additions or corrections. Thanks!




1 NAME 2 ADDRESS1 3 ADDRESS2 4 CITY, STATE ZIP 5 COUNTRY 6 TEL 7 FAX 8 E-MAIL 9 WEB SITE 10. [the following delimiter line]
Robert Adams Robert Adams Developments Limited 134A King Street Whakatane, Bay of Plenty New Zealand TEL 011-64-07-308-0657 FAX 011-64-07-308-0657 EML URL
Harold Aspden AETHER Science Acres High Hadrian Way, Chilworth Southampton S016 7HZ ENGLAND TEL H 44-1703-769-361 FAX H 44-1703-769-830 EML haspden@iee.org URL www.energyscience.co.uk
Dr. Patrick Bailey Institute for New Energy P.O. Box 201 Los Altos, CA 94023-0201 TEL FAX EML pgb@padrak.com URL www.padrak.com
Tom Bearden Association of Distinguished American Scientists PO Box 1472, Huntsville, AL 35807. TEL FAX EML URL
John Bedini TEL FAX EML john1@nidlink.com URL www.nidlink.com/~john1/
Robert E. Beutlich Sect./Treas. USPA W6839 Washington Ave. Elkhorn WI.53121-2817 Country TEL 414-742-2108 FAX 414-742-3670 EML kbala@elknet.net URL
Dr. Tim Binder 173 Blodgett Camp Road 1221 Pearl Street Suite 16 Hamilton, MT 59840 Boulder, CO 80304 TEL 406-363-4041/3617 303-440-6928/415-1970 FAX 406-363-3617 303-443-6631 EML science@pobox.com URL www.philosophy.org
Ron Brightsen Clustron Sciences Corporation TEL FAX EML URL www.gslink.com/~ncmcn/Clustron
Paul M. Brown, Ph.D. Nuclear Solutions, Inc. 1530 E. Commercial Avenue, Suite 109 Meridian, ID 83642 TEL (208) 846-7868 FAX (208) 846-7865 EML brown@nucsol.com URL www.nucsol.com
Bruce Cathie Quark Enterprises 158 Shaw Road Oratia, Auckland NEW ZEALAND TEL 64-09-818-4291 FAX 64-09-818-4291 EML brucelc@ihug.co.nz URL homepages.ihug.co.nz/~brucelc/web3.htm
Albert Cau Soft Fusion Technology (SFT) 18, Bv. Arago 75013 Paris FRANCE TEL 33 01 43 31 27 70 FAX EML sft@imaginet.fr URL wwwusers.imaginet.fr/~sft/index.htm
John Collins Free-Energy Research PO Box 2001, Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 6YQ ENGLAND TEL 44 1926 424204 FAX 44 1926 424204 EML jcollins@free-energy.co.uk URL www.free-energy.co.uk
Warren Cooley (Fullerene Fusion Fuel-TM) American Pure Fusion Engineering and Supply Salem, Oregon TEL 800-789-7109 or 503-585-6746 FAX EML coolwar@aol.com URL
Roger D. Cook World Space Drives Archives 6430 Charlotte Ave #1505 Nashville, TN 37209 TEL FAX EML spdriver@comcast.net URL www.space-drives.org
Dr. Paulo N. Correa Labofex Ontario CANADA TEL 905-660-1040 FAX 905-738-8427 EML URL
James E. Cox (J.E. Cox Enterprises) Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology P.O. Box 71151 Reno, NV 89570 TEL FAX EML bootstrapcox@yahoo.com URL www.padrak.com/agn/
Jerry Decker Keely Net PO Box 870716 Mesquite, TX 75187 TEL FAX 214-324-3501 EML jdecker@keelynet.com URL www.keelynet.com
Bruce dePalma (Deceased: Oct. 1997.) "The Absurdity of Knowledge" (Collection of Papers) ($50.00 USD Bank Cheque or International Money Order) 1/51 Quinns Road, Waiatarua, West Auckland, New Zealand TEL 64-9-814-9077 FAX 64-9-814-9077 EML URL
David S. Devor The Project Mind Foundation, Chairman & Exec. Dir. 8 Mevo Hamaavak French Hill Road Jerusalem 97877 Israel TEL 972/2/5814941 FAX 972/2/5823276 EML devor@usa.net URL
Hal Fox Institute For New Energy 3084 East 3300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84109 TEL 801-583-6232 FAX 801-583-2963 EML ine@padrak.com URL www.padrak.com/ine/
Russ George E-Quest Sciences (The Micro-Fusion-TM Process) TEL FAX 415-851-8489 EML rgeroge@hooked.net URL www.hooked.net/~rgeorge/saturnahome.html
Stan Gleeson Cincinnati Group, The 9772 Prinston-Glendale Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 TEL 513-874-4943 FAX 513-874-6982 EML cincygrp@ix.netcom.com URL web.gcis.net/cincygrp
Stan Gleeson Kimberly Cooke Flexigloss 121 Outerbelt Street Columbus, Ohio 43213-1548 TEL 800-992-2131 FAX 614-868-8590 EML sales@flexigloss.com URL www.flexigloss.com
Mark Goldes Magnetic Power Inc. Sebastopol, CA TEL 707-829-9391 FAX 707-829-1002 EML URL
Roy E. Graham, Jr. 40 Williams Drive Annapolis, Maryland 21401 TEL FAX EML myteams@erols.com URL www.my-teams.com
Dr. Peter Graneau UP Corporation 205 Holden Wood Rd. Concord, MA 01742 TEL 508-369-7936 FAX 508-369-7936 EML URL
Wayne Green Cold Fusion Newsletter 70 Route 202N Petersborough, NH 03458 TEL FAX EML URL
James Griggs Hydro Dynamics, Inc. Rome GA TEL 706-234-4111 FAX 706-234-0702 EML URL
Toby Grotz Tesla, Inc. 760 Prairie Avenue Craig, CO 81625-1346 TEL FAX EML wireless@amigo.net URL www.yampa.com/wireless/
James E. Hartman Future Science P.O. Box 612 Griffith, Indiana 46319-0612 TEL FAX EML jameshartman@tsrcom.com URL www.homestead.com/Barondom/Barondom.html
George D. Hathaway Hathaway Consulting 39 Kendal Ave Toronto, Ontario M5R 1L5 CANADA TEL 416-929-9059 FAX 416-929-9059 EML URL
Reed Huish Top Secret Publishing 5025 N Central #414 Phoenix, AZ 85012 TEL - FAX 602.530.2549 EML reed@zpower.net URL zpower.net/topsecret/default.htm
Reed Huish Zenergy Corporation 5025 N Central #414 Phoenix, AZ 85012 TEL - FAX 602.530.2549 EML reed@zpower.net URL zpower.net
Dr. James Hurtak Academy For Future Science Po Box FE Los Gatos, CA 95030 TEL FAX EML URL www.affs.org
John Hutchison TEL FAX EML john_hutchison@geocities.com URL www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Thinktank/8863/
Shiuji Inomata Japan Psychotronics Inst 2-2-2 Sekigawa-Cho Arai-Shi, Niigata JAPAN 944 TEL 81-0255-72-0558 FAX 81-0255-72-0558 EML URL
Ben Iverson 11466 Southwest Royal Villa Drive Tigard, OR 97224 TEL 503-620-3958 FAX EML ben_iverson@pmug.org URL
Fred Jaeger ENECO Salt Lake City, UT TEL 801-583-2000 FAX 801-583-6245 EML URL
Donald Kelly Space Energy Assn. (SEA) P.O. Box 1136 Clearwater, FL 33757-1136 TEL H 813-442-3923 FAX H 813-586-5110 EML spaceenergy@earthlink.net URL
Jim Kettner Space Energy Assn. (SEA) P.O. Box 1136 Clearwater, FL 33757-1136 TEL 954-749-6553 FAX EML spaceenergy@earthlink.net URL
Moray King P.O. Box 859 Provo, UT 84603 TEL FAX EML URL
Ron Kovac 1165 Hancock Road Boulder, CO 80303-1101 TEL 303-675-0213 FAX EML URL
Paul LaViolette Starburst Foundation Author of "Earth Under Fire", "Beyond the Big Bang", and "Subquantum Kinetics" (Books). TEL 518-395-9235 (Starburst Publications) FAX EML gravitics1@aol.com URL www.etheric.com/~stargate/
Dr. Eugene Mallove Infinite Energy Newsletter P.O. Box 2816 Concord, NH 03302-2816 TEL 603-228-4516 FAX 603-224-5975 EML 76570.2270@compuserve.com URL ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jedrothwell/
Ken MacNeill Future Concepts P.O. Box 1866 Clayton, GA 30525 USA TEL 706-878-1525 FAX 706-878-1525 EML URL
Jeane Manning Author of "The Coming Energy Revolution" (Book), and Co-Author of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" (Book). 250 "H" Street, P.O. Box 8110-205; Blaine, WA 98231-8110 TEL FAX EML URL
Stefan Marinov [Deceased. July 15, 1997.] Deutsche Physik Morellenfeldgasse 16 A-8010 Graz Austria TEL 011-43-316-377093 FAX 011-43-316-377093 EML URL
Bruce Meland Electrifying Times Newsletter 63600 Deschutes Road Bend, OR 97701 TEL 503-388-1908 FAX 503-382-0384 EML 102331.2166@compuserve.com URL
Stanley Meyer 3792 Broadway Grove City, Ohio 43123 TEL 614-871-4173 FAX 614-871-8075 EML URL
Andrew Michrowski Planetary Association for Clean Energy 100 Bronson Ave., #1001 Ottawa, Ontario KIR 6G8 CANADA TEL 613-236-6265 FAX 613-235-5876 EML paceinc@homestead.com URL pacenet.homestead.com
Dr. George Miley, ANS Fusion Technology Journal 555 N. Kensington Ave. La Grange Park, IL 60525 TEL FAX EML URL
John E. Moray Cosray Institute P.O. Box 651045 Salt Lake City, UT 84165 TEL FAX EML URL
Joseph Newman The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman 11445 East Via Linda, Ste. 2416 Scottsdale, Arizona 85259 TEL (602) 657-3722 FAX (602) 657-3722 (call first) EML josephnewman@earthlink.net (Evan Soule) URL www.josephnewman.com/
Oliver Nichelson Oliver Nichelson Research 333 North 760 East American Fork, Utah 84003 TEL FAX EML onichelson@prodigy.net URL pages.prodigy.net/onichelson/A>
Paul Pantone GEET Management, LLC 213 West 4800 South Salt Lake City, UT 84107 TEL 801-281-4577 FAX 801-281-4578 EML geet@pop3.friend.ly.net URL www.friend.ly.net/GEET/
Panos. T. Pappas Pappas Research 26 Markopulioti Street Athens 11744 Greece TEL ++301-9270807 FAX ++301-9011620 EML pappasp@ibm.net URL www.papimi.gr
Dale Pond Delta Spectrum Research, Dynaspheric Force Newsletter 5815 Coyote Lane Peyton, CO 80831 TEL 719-683-7763 FAX EML dalesvp@ipa.net URL www.svpvril.com/
Dr. Yuri S. Potapov YUSMAR 277012 Kishinev Moldova Soviet Union TEL 011-3732-233318 FAX 011-3732-233318 EML URL
Dr. Harold E. Puthoff Institute For Advanced Studies 4030 Braker Lane West Suite 300 Austin, TX 78759 TEL FAX EML URL
Bill Ramsay 251 Asa Hill Road Iva, SC 29655 TEL 864-296-3200 FAX EML redwing@juno.com URL
Chip Ransford Nova Resources Group, Inc. Denver, CO TEL 303-433-5582 FAX EML URL
Troy Reed P.O. Box 471613 Tulsa, OK 74147-1613 TEL FAX EML URL
Glenn Rein Quantum Biology Research Laboratory Cotati Research Institute, PO Box 60653 Palo Alto, CA 94306. TEL FAX EML URL
Prof. John R. R. Searl Direct International Science Consortium (D.I.S.C.) 13 Blackburn-Lower Strand Grahame Park Estate NW 5 NG, London England, U.K. TEL 081-200-0714 FAX EML URL www.john-searl.com
Rollo Silver 216-M North Pueblo Road #107 Taos, NM 87571 TEL 505-751-9601 FAX 505-751-7507 EML rollo@artvark.com URL www.artvark.com/artvark/
Dieter Soegemeier Cycles Newsletter GPO Box 269 Brisbane, QLD.4001 Australia. TEL +61 (0)7 3809 3257 FAX +61 (0)7 3809 3257 EML URL
Evan Soule Newman Energy Technologies Corporation P.O. Box 57684 New Orleans, LA 70157-7684 TEL (504) 524-3033 FAX EML josephnewman@earthlink.net (Evan Soule) URL home.earthlink.net/~josephnewman/
Dr. Mitchell Swartz Cold Fusion Times Newsletter P.O. Box 81135 Wellesley Hills, MA 02181 TEL 617-237-3625 FAX 617-237-3625 EML URL world.std.com/~mica/cft.html
Dr. Mitchell Swartz JET Energy Technology, Inc. P.O. Box 81135 Wellesley Hills, MA 02181 TEL 617-237-3625 FAX 617-237-3625 EML URL
John Thomas Jr. Direct International Science Consortium (D.I.S.C.) - USA 373 Rock Beach Road Rochester, NY 14617 TEL 716-467-2694 FAX 716-338-2663 EML discjt@servtech.com URL www.servtech.com/public/jasontee/
Thomas Valone Integrity Research Institute 1422 K Street NW, Suite 204 Washington, DC 20005 TEL 202-452-7674, 800-295-7674 FAX 301-513-5728 EML iri@erols.com URL www.padrak.com/ine/IRICAT.html
Gary C. Vesperman Film Funding, Inc. 1700 E. Desert Inn Road Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89109 TEL 702-735-1124 FAX 702-735-0094 EML vman@skylink.net URL
Andre' Wasner Clean Energy Technology Bireggstrasse 14, CH-6003 Luzern Switzerland TEL 011 41-41 360 4485 FAX 011 41-41 360 4486 EML URL
Mike Watson 12 Springfield Close Cheddar Somerset BS27 3AR England TEL 011-44-0934-743-103 FAX 011-44-934-7444-728 EML mike@sigmat.demon.co.uk URL
Ms. Carol White 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine P.O. Box 16285 Washington, D.C. 20041 TEL FAX EML URL
John Whitehead Star Laser 10 Emme Allan Rd. Kawerau New Zealand TEL 64-732-36-685 FAX 64-732-36-685 EML URL
George Wiseman Eagle Research, Inc. P.O. Box 1852 Eureka, MT 59917 TEL 250-429-3132 FAX 250-429-3132 EML wiseeagle@cyberlink.bc.ca URL www.cyberlink.bc.ca/~wiseeagle/
Thomas Wright Tesla Energy Corp. PO Box 38308 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80937-8038 USA TEL FAX 719 576-3565 EML tesla@netscape.net URL fly.to/tesla
Charles Yost Electric Spacecraft Journal PO Box 18387 Ashville, NC 28814, TEL (704) 252-8083 FAX EML URL

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