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PEA_LIST.TXT PEA RESEARCH Trading Center Rev. Date: 3/2/96

[Rating of Article: OK, Good, Excellent. Dollar sign $, represents original cost.]

ITEM #          Title                                   Author                  Pages     Notes         $    & Comments

AAS-00EU        Magnetic Lines of Force                 Unknown, Energy Ultd.?   11 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-00LM        UFT: Ether/Vortex                       Millard, Lindy           15 pgs.; Exc.;         $3

AAS-00RB        Manned ARCS Craft                       Benson, Richard          53 pgs.; OK;           $10

AAS-35CG        The WATER Carburetor                    Garrett, Charles H.      17 pgs.; Exc.;         $   This car runs on Water!

AAS-58TB        Electrogravitics, Vol.1                 Brown, T.Townsend       151 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-61MP        The Cosmic Flight Machine, English      Pages, M.J.J.            12 pgs.; Exc.;         $5  Fr.PAT. 1253902, Engl.

AAS-65CS        Spacecraft and Natural Plasmas          JPL, 1965, Search #541  182 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-68AA        Energy Ultd., A Case for Space          Aho, Arthur C.           33 pgs.; OK            $

AAS-72PF        Pyramid: Relation to Bio-Energy         Flanagan, Patrick        13 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-73TB        Electrogravitics, Vol.2                 Brown, T.Townsend       152 pgs.; Good;         $   Brown's notebook

AAS-75JB        Frogstein's Saucer Technology           Bigelow, John            28 pgs.; Good;         $3

AAS-76WF        The Electromatic Motor Car              World Federation of      16 pgs.; Good;         $5  500 mile range E/V

AAS-77TB        Electrogravitics, Vol.4                 Brown, T.Townsend       246 pgs.; Good;         $   Brown's notebook

AAS-78AD        Effects of Magnet. Fields on Man        Davis, Albert Roy        22 pgs.; OK;           $

AAS-78RB        UFO'S & Antigravity Rsch.               Benson, Richard          28 pgs.; OK;           $   aka ARAM CHURCHE

AAS-79FW        Building E/V Model 7 Controller         Willey, Frank G.         66 pgs.; Exc.;         $   Electric Car controller

AAS-79SL        Synthetic Fuels Program                 CA State Legislat.      201 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-80AW        The 200 mpg Carburetor, POGUE           Wallace, Allen           30 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

AAS-81CW        New Red Shift Theory & Gravitation      Wynniatt, C.B.           31 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-82MF        E/V Switched Mode Battery Charger       Fostar, Michael          33 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-83AW        The Self-Regenerating E/V               Wallace, Allen           31 pgs.; Exc.;         $15  PAT. 3890548

AAS-83GP        The Nature of Gravity, 3 parts.         G & P Research Labs      62 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-83FG        All Motional Electric Field Generator   Gibson, Frances G.       30 pgs.; Exc.;         $10  Pat. 3610971

AAS-84LP        Space Energy Receivers                  Lindsay Pubs.            21 pgs.; OK            $

AAS-84RB        'ARC' a Time Machine                    Benson, Richard          30 pgs.; OK            $5  poor Copy Qual.

AAS-85AW        Gravity Power, Free Energy              Wallace, Allen           36 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

AAS-85JGC       The JGC Energy System                   JGC Associates           25 pgs.; OK;           $10

AAS-86BH        How G-Fields Interact w/o Gravitons     Hasenknopf, Bernhard      8 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-86LP        Alternator Secrets                      Linsay Publications      16 pgs.; Exc.;         $5

AAS-86RB        Motion's Phenomenon                     Benson, Richard          26 pgs.; OK;           $10

AAS-87DW        SYLCELL Solar Cell Patent               Draper & Wallace         23 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-87GH        Gravitational Energy                    GH labs, Newark          13 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-87LP        Run 3 Phase Motors on 1 Phase           Lindsay Publications     15 pgs.; Exc.;         $5

AAS-89LQ        Levi Levitator, Anti-G Device           Quinn, Louis              9 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-90DC        Electric Propulsion Study               Cravens, D.L.           168 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-90GW        Hydrocarbon Oxygenator Carburetor       Wiseman, George          36 pgs.; Exc.          $

AAS-90LS        Spherical Electromagnetic Quantum       Spring, Lorenz Niels     40 pgs.; Good          $   aka, Larry Spring

AAS-91RO        Characteristics of T.T.Brown capacitor  Overbey, Robert G.       42 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AAS-91RT        21st Century Propulsion                 Talley, R.L.             94 pgs.; Good;         $

AAS-92SR        Compressed Air Power Secrets            Robertson, Scott         12 pgs.; Exc.          $   Car that runs on air!

AAS-93TB        Final Secret of Free Energy             Bearden, Thomas E.       26 pgs.; Good;         $

AS-893BM        Keely and His Discoveries               Moore, C. Bloomfield    373 pgs.; OK;           $    Published 1893.

AS-00HI         The PSI Hndbk, Build PSI Equip't.       Heritage Institute,the   93 pgs.; Exc.;         $    by W.E. Davis?

AS-00JF         Suppressed, Incred.Invent.              Freeman, John            71 pgs.; OK;           $

AS-00JK         Free Energy Secrets                     Kilpatrick, Dr. J.F.     72 pgs.; OK;           $

AS-00SR         Secrets of the Self-Fueling Car         Robertson, Scott        205 pgs.; Exc.;         $21

AS-38TS1        Wave Theory Cause of Gravitation, 1     See, T.J.J.             154 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-38TS2        Wave Theory Cause of Gravitation, 2     See, T.J.J.             186 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-39GL         The Secret of Life                      Georges Lakhovsky       213 pgs.; OK;           $5

AS-44IW         Prodigal Genius: N.Tesla                O'Neill, J.J.           326 pgs.; Good;         $6

AS-47WR         The Secret of Light                     Russell, Walter         288 pgs.; Good;         $

AS-58OTC        Dimensions of Mystery                   Carr, Otis T.            81 pgs.; OK;           $

AS-68LB         Bourke Engine Documentary               Bourke, Lois            150 pgs.; Good;         $3

AS-74JG         UFT Research Book                       Gallimore, J.G.         133 pgs.; OK;           $12

AS-72MS         Return of the Dove                      Storm, Margaret         294 pgs.; OK;           $16

AS-73PF         Pyramid Power                           Flanagan, Patrick       173 pgs.; Exc.          $

AS-74MB         Suppre. Inventions, How They Work       Brown, Michael H.        68 pgs.; Good;         $    Mostly carburetion.

AS-74WH         New Horizons E,M,G-fields               Hooper, Wlm. J.         115 pgs.; Exc.;         $35

AS-77JG3        VOL.3: Parapsych. & Gravity             Gallimore, J.G.         215 pgs.; Exc.;         $30

AS-77RB         Atlanteans 3x3 Math                     Benson, Richard         270 pgs.; OK;           $

AS-77TV         Suppressed Inventions                   Valentine, Tom           66 pgs.; Good;         $

AS-78SD         The Cosmic Conspiracy                   Deyo, Stan              201 pgs.; OK;           $8

AS-78TM         The Sea of Energy                       Moray, T. Henry         275 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-79WH         Center of the Vortex                    Hamilton, Wlm. III       87 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

AS-80BE         Anti-Grav. Propulsion                   Ebershaw, B.C.          113 pgs.; OK;           $

AS-80MM         Gravity Goes Up                         Medeiros, Mel            75 pgs.; OK;           $    S.J.Library 001.94m

AS-80MP         Over 135 mpg: Hybrid Car                Mercury Publications     66 pgs.; Exc.;         $15  New type of Generatr

AS-81TP         How to build a Flying Saucer            Pawlicki, T.B.          152 pgs.; Good;         $6

AS-81TB2        Tesla/Soviet Weapons, 1 & 2             Bearden, T.E.           189 pgs.; Good;         $10

AS-82NH         Secrets of F.S. Propulsion              Huntley, Noel           170 pgs.; Good;         $10

AS-82OA         Living Water, Schauberger Secrets       Alexandersson, Olof     160 pgs.; Exc.;         $    Water Vortex Secrets

AS-82RN         Anti-G, Paranormal & Energy             Nelli, Raymond A.       188 pgs.; Good;         $20  INTRO to Vols. 1 to3

AS-82RN1        VOL.1: Anti-G and UFOs                  Nelli, Raymond A.       448 pgs.; Exc.;         $65  Volume 1

AS-83TG         Energy Creation                         Garrett, Tim             20 pgs.; Good;         $    Magnets and Motors.

AS-84MB         The Fish Variable Venturi Carburet.     Brown, Michael H.        82 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-85DC         Anti-G Handbook                         Childress, D.H.         210 pgs.; OK;           $13

AS-85JP         Magnocraft                              Pajak, Dr. Jan          123 pgs.; OK;           $35

AS-85KL         Vibration Pathometry & Disease          Laurence, Ken            61 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-85RC         Viktor Schaub. "Path to Natural Enrgy"  Crabb, R.H. et al.       70 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-86EC         Manual of F/E Devices                   Electrodyne Corp.       126 pgs.; Good;         $

AS-86JWN        The Energy Machine of JWN               Newman, Joseph W.       333 pgs.; Good;         $65

AS-86MF         The Fronko Experiments                  Fronko, Michael F.       24 pgs.; OK;           $    Humans & Magnetism

AS-86PL         A History, F/E Discoveries              Lindemann, Peter A.     310 pgs.; Good;         $

AS-86RN         VOL.3: Energy                           Nelli, Raymond A.       243 pgs.; Good;         $50

AS-86RS         Ether Technology,G-control              Rho Sigma, Schafranke   108 pgs.; OK;           $8

AS-86SS         Principles of Ultra Relat.              Seike, Shinichi         175 pgs.; Exc.;         $65

AS-87DC         Anti-G & World Grid                     Childress, D. Hatcher   267 pgs.; OK;           $13

AS-87DK         Manual of F/E Devices                   Kelly, Don A.           124 pgs.; OK;           $

AS-87RF         Perpetual Motion Mystery                Ford, R.A.              193 pgs.; Good;         $12

AS-87WD         The Conquest of Gravity                 Dimmick, Walter F.      160 pgs.; Good;         $35

AS-87WD1        The Black Box & PSY.Generators          Davis, Dr. W.E.         112 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-88TEB        Excalibur Briefing                      Bearden, Thomas E.      332 pgs.; Good;         $13

AS-88TJB        Lakhovsky MWO Oscillator                Brown, Thomas J.        154 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-89JA         To Catch a Flying Star                  Ackerman, John          144 pgs.; OK;           $13

AS-89MK         Tapping Zero Point Energy               King, Moray B.          169 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

AS-90DC         Anti-G and the UFT                      Childress, David H.     233 pgs.; OK;           $15

AS-90GW         Carburetor Enhancer                     Wiseman, George          37 pgs.; Exc.;         $20

AS-93DOE        Intro. to Altern.Fuel Vehicles          Dept. of Energy          42 pgs.; Good;         $

AS-93GS         Electric Cars: Convert Your Own!        Starr, Gary             102 pgs.; Exc.;         $25

AS-93JS         The Dream Made Reality                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      113 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93JS1        The Law of the Squares                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      127 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93JS1A       The Law of the Squares                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      161 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93JS1B       The Law of the Squares                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      185 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93JS2        The Law of the Squares                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      324 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93JS3        The Law of the Squares                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      360 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93JS4        The Law of the Squares                  Prof. J.R.R. Searl      413 pgs.; Exc.;         $

AS-93SM         Water Fuel Cell Tech. Brief             Meyer, Stanley A.       200 pgs.; Exc.;         $   Water powered Auto.

A80-38979       Breakthrough: Field Dependent Propul.   Holt, A.C.                7 pgs.; Good;         $

ACOMP           Revelation in the Stars                 Compher, Arlo            50 pgs.; Good;         $

AMERC-GB        Another Step Toward Anti-Gravity        Burridge, Gaston          6 pgs.; Poor          $    Poor CQ

ANE1-1          ANE Newsletter, April 1996              Emmerich, Robert         12 pgs.; OK;           $8  Academy New Energy

AURA-3#9        ET Space Propulsion Explained           Behrendt, Kenneth        12 pgs.; Exc.;         $

BI-00WT         Chronology of the Book of Daniel        Thurman, Wlm. C.         15 pgs.; Good;         $2

BI-1787         Chronology from John Brown's Bible      Brown, Rev. John         84 pgs.; Exc.;         $20  Pub. 1787 A.D.

BI-1887         Analysis of Sacred Chronology           Bliss, S.               299 pgs.; Good;         $30  Pub. 1887 A.D.

BL-L,2          Borderlands, Vol.L#2                    BSRF                     49 pgs.; OK;           $7   Esoteric, Metaphys.

BL-L,4          Borderlands, Vol.L#4                    BSRF                     49 pgs.; OK;           $7

BSRA-13,2       Borderland Round Robin                  BSRA                     20 pgs.; OK;           $6   Story of N. Tesla

BSRF-253        Magneto-Hydrodynamic Aerodynes          Petit, Dr. J.P., et al.  13 pgs; Good;          $2   From Round Robin

CAT-95SR        Pneumatic Options Catalog               Robertson, Scott         20 pgs.; Good;         $

CAT-BSRF        Borderland Rsch. Catalog                BSRF                     46 pgs.; Good;         $

CAT-HA          Fuel Savings, Engine Protection         H&A Industries           52 pgs.; Good;         $

CAT-LLP         Laura Lee Productions Catalog           Lee, Laura               28 pgs.; OK;           $3

CITICAR         CITICAR Electric Car Manual             Vanguard                 91 pgs.; Good;         $25

COM-CAR         1980-81 Comuta-Car Owner's Manual       Commuter Vehicles        29 pgs.; Good;         $10

D1-DAV          The Non-inductive Resistor              Davis, R.L.              20 pgs.; good;         $3

ESJ-12          Electric Spacecraft Journal             ESJ,                     39 pgs.; Exc.;         $8

ESJ-13          Electric Spacecraft Journal             ESJ, Charles Yost        39 pgs.; Exc.;         $8   Elect.Grav., etc.

ESJ-14          Electric Spacecraft Journal             ESJ                      39 pgs.; Exc.;         $8

ESJ-15          Electric Spacecraft Journal             ESJ                      39 pgs.; Exc.;         $8

ESJ-16          Electric Spacecraft Journal             ESJ                      40 pgs.; Exc.;         $8

EXS-2,4         Extraordinary Science, Vol.2#4          High Energy Enterprises  40 pgs.; Exc.;         $9   Hydrogen, Scalar, etc.

EXS-6,1         Extraordinary Science, Vol.6#1          HEER                     52 pgs.; Exc.;         $9   Ball lightning, Flouride

EXS-6,3         Extraordinary Science, Vol.6#3          HEER                     48 pgs.; Exc.;         $9   Tesla, Coils, etc.

FR-717          Resource File: INVISIBILITY             French Research           7 pgs.; OK;           $

FR-720          Resource File: TIKON F/E Generator      French Research          19 pgs.; Good;         $

FS-00EK         Beyond the Light Barrier                Klarer, Elizabeth       191 pgs.; Good;         $50   Fact of Fiction?

FS-00LC         Space, Gravity & the Flying Saucer      Cramp, Leonard G.       182 pgs.; Exc.;         $      G-field theory

FS-00SDM        The Gulf Breeze Prophecies              Morton, Sean David      111 pgs.; Good;         $25  Ouija prophecies.

FS-71AM         The Wall of Light, N. Tesla             Matthews, A.H.          139 pgs.; OK;           $

FS-77DE         Secrets of the UFO                      Elkins, Don, et al.     103 pgs.; Good;         $   Channeled information

FS-88VV         The Matrix (book 1)                     Valerian, Valdamar      361 pgs.; Good;         $65   Contact with Aliens!

FS-90DB         Almanac of UFO Organizations            Blevins, David          126 pgs.; Exc.;         $

FS-90RW         The Secret Treaty (with Aliens)         Wilson, Richard et al.  198 pgs.; Good;         $   E.T. contact!

FS-90VV         The Matrix (book 2)                     Valerian, Valdamar      458 pgs.; Exc.;         $75  Contact with Aliens!

GRA1            Build an Anti-G Device                  Information ULTD.        17 pgs.; Exc.;         $10   Patent 3120363

GRA-CONQ        Gravity Conquered at Last?              Moulton, Robert H.        7 pgs.; Good;         $

GRA-ELEC        Matte, Waves and Electricity            Lanczos, Cornelius        8 pgs.; Exc.;         $

GRA-HYP         G-Waves Though Hyperspace               Nichols, Preston         35 pgs.; Good;         $

GRA-IMP         All About Gravitational Impulses        Hodowanec, Gregory        8 pgs.; Exc.;         $

GRA-LFN         Source of l/f Noise in Electron Dev.    Hodowanec, Gregory       13 pgs.; Good;         $

GRA-MET         G-Meters display G-Effects              Hodowanec, Gregory       13 pgs.; Good;         $

GRA-NOV         Supernovae and Black Holes              Hodowanec, Gregory       12 pgs.; Good;         $

GRA-OSC         Novel Audio Oscillator Circuit          Hodowanec, Gregory        9 pgs.; Exc.;         $   Audible G-Wave Detect

GRA-RAD         Low Cost Radar Detector                 Hodowanec, Gregory        8 pgs.; Good;         $

GRA-RHYS        Notes on Rysmonic Cosmology             GH Labs, N.J.            10 pgs.; Exc.;         $   G. Hodowanec

GRA-RIE         Electric Prop. of Riemannian Geom.      Lanczos, Cornelius       21 pgs.; Exc.;         $

GRA-SHAD        Gravimeter detects G- Shadows           Hodowanec, Gregory       16 pgs.; Exc.;         $

GRA-SIG         Gravitational Signal Astronomy          Hodowanec, Gregory        6 pgs.; Exc.;         $

GRA-TES         Detect. of Tesla's Earth Resonance      Hodowanec, Gregory       11 pgs.; Exc.;         $

GRA-WAV         Experiments w/ G-Wave Signals           Hodowanec, Gregory       14 pgs.; Exc.;         $

HE-00HI         Biomagnetic Therapy                     Heritage Institute       28 pgs.; Good;         $

HE-00MWO        The Lakhovsky MWO                       BSRF                     23 pgs.; Exc.;         $2

HE-00RR         Royal Rife Suppressed Cancer Cure       LOR'D Industries         16 pgs.; Exc.';        $

HE-00SSD        Lemurian (Health) Teachings             Dux, Sharula &        30 pgs.; OK;           $    Metaphysical

HE-59MX         Venusian Health Magic                   X, Michael               62 pgs.; OK;           $    Metaphysical

HE-78AD         Effects of Magnetic Fields on Man       Davis, Albert R.         22 pgs.; Exc.;         $

HE-78JW         Catalyst Enhanced Water Willard,        John W.                  36 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

HE-87HP         Bodies Defense Against Cancer           Petermann, Hans          15 pgs.; OK;           $

HE-90CL         Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy               LeBeau, Conrad           24 pgs.; Exc.;         $3

HE-91EB         The Unmedical Miracle-Oxygen            Baker, Elizabeth        115 pgs.; Exc.;         $3

HE-92RM         The Cancer Chronicles                   Moss, Ralph              25 pgs.; Good;         $

HE-CERI         Smart Drug News                         CERI                     25 pgs.; Exc.;         $

ISNE94          International Sympo. New Energy         Rocky Mtn. Research.    653 pgs.; Exc.;         $    All Major F/E Devices

JPL-8066        Electric Propulsion Using C60           Jet Propulsion Labs      16 pgs.; OK;           $

JPL-D2123       Ultra High Propulsion Space Craft       Jet Propulsion Labs     125 pgs.; Exc.;         $

L309-N157       Elect-Grav: Spacecraft Propulsion       LaViolette, P.A.          7 pgs.; OK;           $

LA75-201A       Colinization of the Galaxy              Los Alamos Labs          17 pgs.;Good;          $   by Eric M. Jones

LA75-2014       Colonization of the Galaxy              Los Alamos Labs           7 pgs.; OK;           $   by Eric M. Jones

LA85-2443       Anti-Matter Propulsion                  Los Alamos Labs          12 pgs.; OK;           $   by Dr. Steven D. Howe

MGD1            Build Magnetic Field Distortion Meter   Unknown author           10 pgs.; Exc.;         $   a UFO detector

N64-12620       New Weapon "x": Fireballs               Konieczny, Jerzy R.       5 pgs.; Good;         $   Poor CQ

N76-27952       Identity of Exact Opposites             Bearden, T.E.             7 pgs.; Good;         $

N76-28086       Heisenberg uncertainty principle        Bearden, T.E.            12 pgs.; Good;         $

N76-28087       Special Derivations of Einstein         Bearden, T.E.            13 pgs.; Good;         $

N76-28088       Materializ. & Antigrav.                 Bearden, T.E.            14 pgs.; Good;         $

N77-25998       Solution of Fundamental Quantum         Bearden, T.E.            20 pgs.; Good;         $

N77-31000       Four Laws on Quantum Mechan.            Bearden, T.E.            13 pgs.; Good;         $

N79-78250       Virtual State Engineering               Bearden, T.E.            26 pgs.; Good;         $

N80-14711       Mind, Matter & QuantumPhysics           Bearden, Thomas E.       35 pgs.; Good;         $    NASA/COMET rpt.

N83-77249       New Tesla Electromagnetics              Bearden, T.E.            11 pgs.; Good;         $

N91-21649       Gravitomagnetic & Gravitational Eff.    Nordtvedt, Kenneth       52 pgs.; Exc.;         $

N91-31729       NOVOTEL Gravitational Conference        Evans, Dr. R.A.         120 pgs.; Good;         $    March 26, 27, 1990

NEN1-9          New Energy News, Jan.  '94              Utah Rsch. Park          19 pgs.; Good;         $5

NEN2-3          New Energy News, Aug.  '94              Utah Rsch. Park          18 pgs.; Good;         $5   Reviews of Science.

NEN2-7          New Energy News, Nov.  '94              Utah Rsch. Park          18 pgs.; Good;         $5   Relativ., Fusion

NEN2-9          New Energy News, Jan.  '95              Utah Rsch. Park          19 pgs.; Good;         $5   Review of Energy

NEN2-10         New Energy News, Feb.  '95              Utah Rsch. Park          23 pgs.; Good;         $5   Reviews.

NP-10105        Synchro, Servo & Gyro Fundamentals      Bureau of Naval Pers.    24 pgs.; Exc.;         $

NPO-18913       Improved Dielectrics for Capacitors     NASA NAS7-918             8 pgs.; Good;         $

PEAR-A1         Secrets of the UFO COVERUP              PEA RESEARCH             50 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

PEAR-A2         Secrets of John E.W. Keely              PEA RESEARCH             78 pgs.; Good;         $5

PEAR-A3         Secrets of the Water Carburetor         PEA RESEARCH             15 pgs.; Exc.;         $2

PEAR-A4         Secrets of the Air Carburetor           PEA RESEARCH             10 pgs.; Good;         $2

PEAR-A5         Secrets of Suppressed Technology        PEA RESEARCH             13 pgs.; Exc.;         $2   Patents, places

PEAR-A6         Secrets of Energy Generation            PEA RESEARCH             28 pgs.; Exc.;         $10  Vortex & Resonant

PEAR-A7         Secrets of the Vortex, various notes    PEA RESEARCH            150 pgs.; Good;         $10

PEAR-A8         Exotic Space Propulsion, var. notes     PEA RESEARCH            250 pgs.; Good;         $20

PEAR-A9         Secrets of the Adams Motor              PEA RESEARCH             84 pgs.; Exc.;         $30

PEAR-A10        The Electric Car Manual                 PEA RESEARCH             11 pgs.; OK;           $5

PEAR-A11        Health Rsch: The Good and the Bad       PEA RESEARCH             96 pgs.; Good;         $10

PEAR-A12        Gold and the Banks, various reports     PEA RESEARCH             50 pgs.; Good;         $10

PL93-3002       E/M Energy upon Dielectric Spheres      Cox, Larry T.            41 pgs.; Exc.;         $

R&D-CH2         Build a CH2 Hydrogen/Methane Auto       Rsch. & Development      24 pgs.; Exc.;         $10

REX013AGP       Anti-Gravity USP, complete              REX Research            153 pgs.; Good;         $12  Most U.S. Patents

REXB3-BAT       Various U.S. Patented Batteries         Rex Research             50 pgs.; OK;           $5

REX041CAR       Flying Saucer: Otis T. Carr UTRON       REX Research            110 pgs.; OK;           $16  Pat. 2912244

REX052CRA       The Hall Effect Device                  Palmer, Craig            28 pgs.; OK;           $4

REX075EK1       Magnetic Generator (E1-ECK)             REX: John Ecklin         46 pgs.; Good;         $6

REX097HUB       Electric Generator                      Hubbard, Alfred          53 pgs.; Good;         $

REX129MRK       Markovitch: the A.T.R.E.E               REX Research             25 pgs.; OK;           $4

REX142NIE       Gravity Energy Shield                   REX: Dr. H. Nieper       27 pgs.; Good;         $4

REX171SEE       Wave Theory of Gravity                  REX: T.J.J. See          20 pgs.; O.K.;         $3

REX194SEZ       Levitation Disk Generator               Searl, J.R.R.            34 pgs.; OK;           $

REXB3BAT        Old and new Battery Development         REX Research             50 pgs.; Good;         $

REXE1ECK        The Magnet Generator (075-EK1)          Ecklin, John             46 pgs.; OK;           $

REXH2OHYO       Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, data         REX Research             24 pgs.; Good;         $

REXL6LCH        The Hydrogen Generator                  Leach, Sam (Rex Rsch)   250 pgs.; Good;         $

REXP2-PER       The Gravitics Situation                 Perl, Martin             37 pgs.; Good;         $

REXP9PLH        The Liquid Heater                       Perkins, E.              22 pgs.; Good;         $

REXS20SVO       Vortex Patents, Viktor Schauberger      Rex Research             60 pgs.; OK;           $

RZ1-2           Raum & Zeit, Vol.1 #2, June 89          R & Z                    86 pgs.; Exc.;         $13  Mag.Energy, AIDS

RZ1-4           "      "         1 #4, Oct. 89          R & Z                    89 pgs.; Exc.;         $13  Swiss M/L, Tachyons

SAMS-PS         Power Supply Projects for Hobbyist      Lines, David             92 pgs.; Exc.;         $

SEA-0491        SEA news letter, April '91              Kelly, D.A.              11 pgs.; Good;         $

SEA-1291        SEA News Letter, Dec.  '91              Kelly, D.A.              25 pgs.; Good;         $

SEA-0792        SEA News Letter, July  '92              Kelly, D.A.              33 pgs.; Good;         $

SEA-1293        SEA News Letter, Dec.  '93              Kelly, D.A.              33 pgs.; Good;         $

SEA-0694        SEA news letter, June  '94              Kelly, D.A.              51 pgs.; Exc.;         $

TM-80961        Field Resonance Propulsion Concept      Holt, Alan C.            10 pgs.; Good;         $    Flying Saucer theory

TM95-2601       Experimental Results, Hooper            EM Millis, Marc et. al   67 pgs.; Exc.;         $    Hooper levitation?

TN-D-1432       Wind Tunnel Test on Circular Aircraft   Greif, R.K. et. al       97 pgs.; Good;         $

TR-R-277        Chronology: Observed Lunar Events       Various Observatories    55 pgs.; Exc.;         $    Goddard, Armagh

UCID-21611      Ground Shock Predictions                LLNL, Lawrence Labs      34 pgs.; O.K.;         $

UCRL-83721      EM Propulsion drag modeling             Buckingham, A.C.          9 pgs.; Good;         $     Poor copy quality

UCRL-87857      Erosion in Hypervelocity EM Propulsion  LLNL, Lawrence Labs       8 pgs.; Good;         $     Rail guns

VOR-MAG2        Understanding Attraction/Repulsion      Russell, W.  ?           16 pgs.; Exc.;         $

VOR-MAG3        Science Myths: Electricity, Magnet.     Russell, W. ?            17 pgs.; Exc.;         $

VOR-MEC         Vortexian Mechanics                     Baumgartner, W. ?         5 pgs.; Good;         $

WRIGHTWC        Gravity is a Push, notes on.            Wright, Walter C.       150 pgs.; Good;         $    Notes from 1976-1996

SOFTWARE: DOS only (except by special request).

PEAR-D1         Secret: UFO Hist.& Alien Autopsy        PEA RESEARCH            1.4 HD DOS              $5   c.1988, FOIA

PEAR-D2         Unlimited Health                        PEA RESEARCH            1.4 HD DOS              $5   Improving your health.

PEAR-D3         Militia, Articles about                 PEA RESEARCH            1.4 HD DOS              $5   Newspaper articles.

PEAR-D4         The Swiss M/L Statika Machine           PEA RESEARCH            1.4 HD DOS              $5   Methernitha

PEAR-D5         Future Cars Technology                  PEA RESEARCH           1.4 HD DOS               $5   Carb. enhancers, etc.

VERTIGO         The New Unified Field Theory            VERTIGO                 1.4 HD DOS              $5

PEAR-DEAD       The Clinton Health Care Plan            PEA RESEARCH            1.4 HD DOS              $1   Not worth much!

KEELYNET        Most of the files on KEELYNET           KEELYNET                1.4 HD DOS              $    10 or 15 disks?

TESBBS          Many files from former Tesla BBS        TESLA BBS               1.4 HD DOS              $    4 or 5 disks?

SOVERN          Most of files, Calif. Sovereign BBS     Sovereign               1.4 HD DOS              $    4 or 5, State Citizen


All issues of "Newsreal" series by Tom Valentine. (12 issues per year, starting probably in 1976.) [see AS-77TV]

Copies of works by Thomas J. See "New wave theory of Gravity." (circa 1917.)

Harmonics Charts of J.E.W. Keely. (circa 1890, 1900.) [see PEAR-A2]

Any Typed or Handwritten notes, (or on DOS diskette), on Unified Field Theory, including notes in Math Cad format.

Certain back issues of Energy

Prophecies of Nostradamus, or from the interpretation of the Constellations (Zodiac).

Back issues of the Tesla publications "Extraordinary Science."

Back issues of PACE newsletters from Canada.

"Quantum theory of the electron" by Dirac, 1928.

"Divine Electromagnetism" by S. Marinov, 1994.

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