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Emails by Panos Pappas

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 12:48:05 +0200
To: (Patrick Bailey)
Subject: Update on Stefan's Marinov Death

Hallo There,

Thanks for the communication.

[Snip: personal.]

I would be glad to assist any one for the experiments I carried with my late friend Leon Dragone.

By the way, I would like to pass to you my most recent updated investigation on my other late friend Stefan Marinov. Please, post it and/or distributed. Thank you.

I am attaching the update [below]:


Panos T. Pappas.

Update on Stefan's Marinov death.

On 18 to 20 of August, I and Dr. Paul LaViolette visited the city of Graz to investigate the accident.

We visited the University of Graz at the back of the Bibliotheque at Universitatsplatz 2, A 8010-Graz, where Stefan Marinov presumably jumped off from the top of the four level outside emergency staircase to the street. According to the librarian only one student show Stefan actually jumping off. The name of the student is not known to us. The body of Stefan was found lying on the street below the staircase by Professor Ernst Ebermann. Stefan was not bleeding and initially Professor Ebermann thought he was sleeping there. He was still alive. Stefan left no cry or cries. The ambulance was called and Stefan died on his way to the Hospital. The bicycle with which Stefan presumably arrived there, is still there, locked and unnoticed (at least up to 19/9/1997). No body else noticed the accident, except first the assumed student and later Professor Ebermann 031 36 61637, 0316-380 5605, fax 0316-381255, and perhaps a few other people later.

According to Professor Ebermann, a brightly visible fluorescent spot, about the same size and in the same exact position with the body, was left on the asphalt of the street, for 3 days, after the removal of the body, without an apparent cause for the spot, or without being due to any bleeding of blood or another liquid coming from Stefan's body.

The Police has made no official announcement today. Apparently, they did not investigate the case obviously in depth, since the bike is still by the place of accident, locked and unnoticed. The apartment of Stefan is sealed by the police and nobody is allowed to enter, except for his son Marin Marinov who entered for a brief time on 6 or 7 of August 1997. His belongings were not allowed to be taken and are still sealed there.

Stefan left various letters typed over his typewriter and bearing his signature. In a particular letter, he was asking me to be notified immediately and a few others. The police never made the notification to any body.

The authorities of Graz refuse any value for the letters and to his last will, for it bears only one signature without witnesses. The case of Stefan Marinov and his letters were given to the city Advocate: Dr Egbert Sprenger, Joanneuming 11, A-8010 Graz, tel: +43-316 828991-0.

In the morning of 19/8/1997, we, together with Mr. Jeorg Deisting fax/phone +43-316-464023 visited the offices of the city advocate Dr E. Sprenger. The said case and letters were there, but, we were refused of any information. We strongly protested against the refusal, but, eventually, we had to leave without getting any information.

The son of Stefan Marinov, Marin Marinov (+359 88 520840, +359 2 988 5246, fax +359 2 988 52 84, is currently Deputy Minister of Industry of Bulgaria and is in a delicate situation with respect to the death of his father.

No one knew or was told about the intended and assumed suicide of Stefan Marinov, even his brother who talked to him on the phone one hour before Stefan's death. Stefan had visited his son in Bulgaria 20 days before, myself in Athens 15 days before, had written a letter to me 3 days before, and had written letters to various other people, making appointments or suggesting various future collaborations (to Professor Selleri for example). 10 days before Stefan's death, Stefan had made a Hotel reservation for me and himself for an International Physics Conference to take place in Koln, Germany, on August 25, 1997.

Professor P. T. Pappas
Markopulioti 28, Athens 11744, Greece.
tel: ++301-9010355, fax: ++301-9011620

Subj: The Last Protest (extended)
Date: Tue, Aug 5, 1997 6:02 AM EDT

Copy forwarded by PT Pappas

Extended and Updated


Dear Mr Erwin Schneeberger,

Thank you for letting me know on 28/7/1997 about the sad event. Please, accept some questions and comments from me, for I knew Stefan Marinov over 20 years. He used to say I am his oldest scientific co-fighter and fellow friend. Stefan was with me in Athens repeating his last experiments, just 15 days before he died. At that time, nothing could make me suspect his early death, two weeks later.

Adopting the Police explanation that Dr Stefan Marinov Killed himself, on July 15, 1997, jumping from the University of Graz Bibliotheque (Library) building, I would like to ask: Why there was no official press or news release?

I was the first to inform his son, Marin Marinov, two weeks later, on 31/7/1997 in Sophia for the death of his father who asked me a similar question. "Why the police still did not inform me, for two weeks, after the death of my father?"

Stefan Marinov was known all over the world, half of the citizens of city of Graz knew him. Stefan Marinov's death, jumping off a public building, should have been the first news for the city of Graz, for half the people there will now look for Stefan and many more from all over the world. Is it true that there is no press release in this case for the city of Graz? Does it look like a cover up? Even, Mr Deisting who first informed us, found out accidentally about Stefan's death from the librarian on 25/7/1997.

Stefan had attempted unsuccessfully to kill himself in the past, in Paris, in an attempt to make a protest against scientific censorship and the indifference of the scientific community.

Assuming that Stefan had chosen for himself, a public building, as the Library of the University of Graz, instead of his own high elevated balcony, apparently he did so for the same protest, however, not particularly for the University of Graz. He did so to protest against all universities and position-occupying, indifferent-for-the-truth scientists and salary receiving professors.

The authorities of the University, knowing Stefan and his continuous efforts to answer unanswered scientific questions for the last 20 years, apparently managed to cancel an annoying press conference or press release by the police, which they thought would have caused students all over the world to ask more questions which their Professors could not answer and Editors would not publish, like the lists of questions and problems Stefan used to send and never got an answer - other than the typical "Professor's" answer: "I am not a Specialist", "Do not get me involved", "I have no time...", quoting only the most recent responses to his questions, just one month before his Last Protest.

Whoever controls knowledge for humanity and tries to stop human evolution by confusing the masses and public media should know that whatever they call Stefan Marinov's death -- suicide or killing, they committed another killing for Stefan Marinov killed himself, in order to protest against the control of scientific knowledge.

Just before the end of the last century the authority of the USA patent office issued a direction: "No more patents on electromagnetism will be accepted, for whatever is to be invented in electromagnetism, has already been invented!".

At the dawn of the airplane revolution, scientific authorities, like the Academy of Science in France or the Royal Society with Lord Kelvin made the aphorism: "Machines heavier than air may not fly!", presumably based on mathematical proofs!

At the last part of our century for ten years (decade of 1970), scientific institutions and public media were making repetitively clear via all means: "We are facing a disaster, petroleum is coming to an end before the year 2000!" Now, they say "conservation of energy" is perfect!, even they cannot prove this "conservation" better than the degree of error present day technology introduces -- at least 1 ppm masking error, remaining in all experiments, which is huge for planetary and astronomical scale. Instead, they want to say: Energy was violated only once in the past, at the beginning, only at the "Big Bang", and that this conservation will never be violated again in the future by all means! (not to allow humans to step to the next scientific evolution). They say the "Perpetual Mobile" is not possible, only a crazy scientist may attempt it, even, they have no scientific proof for its non-existence, only the assumption that it has not yet been invented. This attitude is not science!

Apparently the sense and politics, for the next step of civilization is coming, dictates these actions in order to stop or delay scientific evolution.

However, it was the Teslas, the Wrights, the Marinovs who did not listen to these politics, and science advances despite the intentionally spread confusion.

Stefan spent a big portion of his life to fight confusion and misinformation in Physics. Theories reducing the Physics of experiments in to the Physics of gendaken utopia, such as the relativity theory with observers moving with constant velocity (non-existing). Stefan, however, soon realized it was a waste of his time fighting a dead horse and the politics behind the Physics.

Stefan Marinov was also a strong believer in the non-conservation of energy as the underlying principle of the universe, creation, and life. Soon, the big passion and mission of his life became to prove the non-conservation of energy and to offer it to humanity, as a mechanism of supplying abundant energy for every one, terminating third world starvation and poverty below all elementary living standards and elevating humanity to its next due stage. Stefan Marinov considered, during the last fifteen years of his life, the construction of a self-sustaining energy producing device, the so called "Perpetual Mobile", as the only mission of his life given to him and purpose of living.

When the noble man (correctly or wrongly) believed could not accomplish this last mission of his life, decided to offer his life against his first noble goal, fighting misinformation, censorship and deliberately spread confusion in Physics. He decided his Last Protest.

Stefan you may not have been able (and you would not be able) with your short resources to give us an effective Perpetual Mobile, producing energy out of nothing and sustaining itself, however, you left us many principles and knowledge. You were unable because of another non-conservation Perpetuum that has long been discovered outside the world of Physics and is in operation in human society - the Perpetual Money Machine, producing (issuing and printing) money out of nothing and sustaining itself.

For as long as the second Perpetuum (even unknown to many, but very well known to a few) is in existence, the first is not allowed to exist. For the big truth is (without entering into details for the effective mechanisms): The one Perpetuum excludes and will exclude the other Perpetuum, ...and yours, Stefan, really happens to be the second.

Stefan you left us, though you could work, dig into forgotten and forbidden research, and produce more. However, you considered your Last Protest more important. Be sure, we do not listen, too, to politics and economics. It is only a matter of time. Your example will give more energy to us. It was the best Perpetual Mobile you made--that of energy and knowledge.


Professor P. T. Pappas
Markopulioti 28, Athens 11744, Greece.
tel: ++301-9010355, fax: ++301-9011620

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Nov. 4, 1997.