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Orgone Accumulator, Materials & Construction Plans

Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 21:56:23 -0800
To: (OBRL Forward)
From: (James DeMeo)
Subject: Orgone Accumulator, Materials & Construction Plans

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab


We have been asked to provide information on the various materials and construction plans for the orgone accumulator which are available from our mail-order firm, Natural Energy Works.

* Construction Plans:

"The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use, and Protection Against Toxic Energy" by James DeMeo, Ph.D., remains in-print and available through most bookstores at $12.95, or directly from Natural Energy Works (address below).

A weekend workshop on the orgone accumulator, covering information similar to that contained in the "Handbook" but with more in-depth details and demonstrations of laboratory experiments, will be offered on July 20-21 at the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory's Greensprings Center. This course will be repeated in 1997, and probably become an annual event at the Center. See the OBRL Web Site for more information on this and other educational workshops:

* Construction Materials

Five-pound reels of fine "OO" grade steel wool are available. One reel yields approximately 150 feet x 4" wide of a compressed steel wool strip, and this strip can be separated into thirds to triple the surface area. Two reels will make a 3-ply standing accumulator. Price of $39 per reel.

Carded Sheep's Wool is available, the best natural material for stuffing orgone pillows, blankets and accumulator panels. We obtain this from a ranch in the Southwest, where the wool is sheared, cleaned, air-dried and then carded (combed) into a fluffy and resilient fiber. Unlike fibre-glass, which previously was the most often recommended material for larger box-type accumulators, carded sheep's wool does not have any toxic qualities, and can be handled without gloves and breathing masks. Five pounds will make a 3-ply standing accumulator. Price of $12 per pound.

Wool Batting is available for orgone blankets. Approximately 1/2" thick and 90" wide, sold by the yard. One yard (36") would make the interior layers for a two-ply orgone blanket measuring 36" x 45". NOTE: This material is not suitable for the external cover of an orgone blanket. For exterior covering, we recommend the acrylic felt (described below). Price of Wool Batting is $22 per yard.

Acrylic Felt works well in orgone blankets (not so good as pure wool), but does not attract and hold moisture, so it makes a good outer layer or cover for an orgone blanket. Acrylic felt also does not have the negative bioenergetic effects of polyester felt, which is the most common type found in fabric stores. Our acrylic felt is 72" wide, in a dark forest-green color. 1.25 yards (45" makes a cover for a 36" x 45" blanket (see wool batting, above). Price of $8 per yard.

The full Natural Energy Works catalog, sent free with all orders (otherwise $2) contains other related items, such as natural beeswax (for coating shooter funnels), natural rock flour (a natural source of strongly radiating blue bions for gardens), economical nuclear and electromagnetic radiation field meters for determining safe places to use the accumulator, and a 3-ply orgone accumulator garden seed and water charger.

Ordering Information:

Compute the price of the goods and add the following additional for shipping:
Orgone Accumulator Handbook: In USA add $3 for first copy, 50 cents for each additional copy. Outside USA, add $6 each, plus $2 for each additional copy. (Translations are available in German, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. See the OBRL Web Site - book section - for more information.)
Steel wool reels: In USA, add $4 for each reel; Outside USA, add $12 each.
Sheep's wool and felt: In USA, add $4 minimum for the first 10 yards or pounds (combined), and $4 for each additional quantity -increment of $10 yards or pounds. Outside USA, add $12 for each yard/pound quantity-increment.

USA Orders: check or money order, or COD (with additional $5 charge).

Overseas Orders: international money order, or check from a bank with USA branches.
Sorry, no credit cards, and no "Eurochecks" (not usable in USA).

Send payment with your name, full street mailing (shipping) address and telephone number to:

Natural Energy Works
PO Box 1148
Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA

Hope this information is useful. You can purchase some of these materials locally, but most are difficult to obtain without a lot of searching. Please provide this information to anyone who is having difficulty locating supplies and information regarding construction of the orgone accumulator.

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