Video Tapes of International Scientific Conference:

"New Ideas in Natural Sciences", June 1996, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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From: "Alexander V. Frolov" 
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 97 21:53:42 +0400
Subject: Video Materials from Russia

Dear Sir,

Are you interested to get 12 hours video materials about June 1996
Conference "New Ideas in Natural Sciences"? Price is USD 300, copy
process and posting included. Video standard is PAL VHS.

SVHS is possible also but cost for copy is USD 200 additionally.

Payment is possible in bank:

Incombank, Moscow, St.Petersburg Branch, Branch N 200089082,SWIFT:
INCORUMMSPB, Russia, account N 671070463, Mr. Alexander V. Frolov.

Most quick way is Western Union transfer in my name.

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Mr. Alexander V. Frolov 
P.O.Box 37
St.-Petersburg, 193024

Videotape Contents:

From: "Alexander V. Frolov" 
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 97 09:41:38 +0400
Subject: SVHS Videotape Contents

Dear Dr. Bailey,

I have contents of video tapes. It is materials in SVHS original and
quality is good. Also it is possible to use it for TV.

Other reports
use 8 tapes (24 hours) additionally, quality is not very good.

I am very glad to see your interest for this idea. Perhaps, somebody
will have the wish to purchase these materials.

Video tapes of International Scientific Conference: "New Ideas in Natural Sciences", June 1996, St. Petersburg, Russia. Timer Person and Topic Tape 1 0.00.00 Opening of the conference 0.03.50 PhD. Smirnov, Russia, chairman. 0.12.35 Mr. Iliashevitch, administration of the city. 0.22.15 Dr. Zielinsky, Germany. 0.24.13 Academician Ignatiev, Russia. 0.30.22 PhD. Samarsky, Russia 0.32.16 PhD. Rodionov, President of Russian Physical Chemistry Society 0.32.30 Dr. Ouspensky, Russian Space Agency. 0.38.20 Mr. Bukreev and other persons. 1.12.30 Report by PhD Smirnov on problems of modern science... 1.26.31 Report by PhD Klyushin (treasurer of the conference) on Maxwell's approach to gravitation 1.48.00 Report by Dr. Zielinsky on free energy systems 1.59.22 Discussion about secondary effects for innovation of free energy systems, influence of absorption of the Ether on the ecology of the planet. 2.01.46 Comments 2.05.46 Report by Mr. Bogun, Ukraine, Kiev 2.16.10 Report by Dr. Mueller, Germany, on Saha equation 2.34.00 Presentation of report by Dr. Galeczky and Marquardt, Germany about local taping of Energy 2.49.00 Report by engineer Klimov, new type of motor 2.57.00 Discussion on "time" Tape 2 0.00.00 Report by Dr. Mikhailovsky, Russia, on energy transformations in thermodynamics 0.11.12 Report by Academician Ignatyev on his high voltage experiments in Siberia, Tesla's tower in Krasnoyarsk, about power transmission by means of longitudinal waves along single wire line with velocity v>c... 0.31.46 Report by Prof. Dr. Kanarev, Russia, on his cold fusion experiments. 0.46.28 Report by Mr. Josef Hasslberger, Italy, on thermodynamics 0.57.00 Report by Academician Ignatyev, Russia, on electromagnetic flying device he made in his laboratory, description of the technology for creation of propulsion force by means of special electromagnetic resonators (Umov-Poiting vector) 1.20.00 Discussion Mr. Heerfordt, PhD. Proshin, PhD. Smirnov, Prof. Abian, Prof. Veinik, Mr. Frolov, Dr. Ouspensky and others. 1.52.00 Discussion on Dr. Nassikas's report, Greece. Electromagnetics and gravitation, positive and negative time, fractal geometry... 2.15.44 Information by Mr. Andrew Kazatchenko, Russia, about his results for transmutation of chemical elements, demonstration of alloy samples those include gold (up to 7%) as result of transmutation. 2.18.00 Report by Dr. Shikhobalov, Russia, on N. Kozyrev's theory and experiments, active properties of the time. 2.30.00 Report by Mr. Frolov, Russia, on application of potential for creation of power, demonstration of simple laboratory experiments with arc in secondary circuit of electromagnetic transformer, and experiments with permanent magnet rotor device to get power output in two coils free of back torque, single-wire power transmission. Tape 3 0.05.00 Report by Mr. Belostotsky, Russia, on principles for reactionless propulsion, discussion on his experiments. 0.22.27 Report by Dr. Shakhparonov, Russia, on his experiments for special electric current topology (Mobius surface), generation of new type radiation, registration of this new radiation as magnetic monopoles. 0.51.40 Report by Mr. Shukalov, Russia, demonstration of his inertial devices moving on surface, discussion about reactionless propulsion. 1.12.00 Report by Mr. Frolov, Russia, on gravitation, demonstration of simple thermogravitation device, description of several methods for reactionless propulsion, discussion on T.T. Brown's patents. 1.50.00 PhD. Smirnov presents people are working with some bioenergetical experiments, discussion about Ether technologies in medicine. 2.09.00 Report by Dr. Ostrikov, Military Space Academy, Russia, on his theory and demonstration of some his experiments with permanent magnets and other experiments. Tape 4 0.00.00 Report by Mr. Jonsson, Sweden, on electrogravitation, T.T. Brown... 0.17.00 Report by Dr. Shepsenvol and Dr. Fogel, Russia, on their experiment with moving capacitor. 0.37.00 Report by Mr. Onutchin, Russia, description of this version for Aaronov-Bohm experiment. 0.49.00 Report by Dr. Rappe, Russia, on electrodymanics paradoxes. 0.54.00 Report by Dr. Sanin, Russia, on quantum electrodynamics 0.59.00 Report by Dr. Efimov (one of organizers of the conference), Russia, on his discovery of 1973, new force that was detected in his experiment, this force is acting for each electron. Discovery was not recognized by official science in opposition to experimental facts. 1.14.00 Report by Dr. Likhachev, Russia, on dynamic model of electron. 1.30.00 Report by Dr. Volkov, Russia, discovery of formula for stable carbon clusters. 1.40.00 Report by Mr. Frolov, Russia, discovery for new law: curvature of space for any natural element of matter is whole number if measurement was made in meter and decimal mathematics was used. Examples for calculation for such sort elements of matter as proton, Bohr's atom, planet Earth, DNA - molecule. Description of method for calculation of 4-dimensional resonators. 1.45.48 Report by Mr. Bernstein, Russia, on the phenomenon for unrepeatability of some experiments. 1.51.00 Report by Dr. Gasanalizade, Russia, detection of variations of the gravitation constant, experimental data. 1.57.00 Report by Dr. Turchaninov, Russia, description of his experiments to create free energy source on the base of new type of working material for conversion of environmental heat into electricity. 2.03.00 Demonstration of Prof. Dr. Zolotarev's experiments for influence of vector potential field of permanent magnet to coil of fiber optic cable. Coil is oriented in the vector potential field. 2.16.19 Report by Dr. Gruber, Germany, free energy review. Final of the conference: 2.27.00 Academician Veinik, Belorussia 2.29.00 Dr. Rodionov, Russia and other people 3.00.00 End.

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May 8, 1997.