From the Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference:

"New Ideas in Natural Sciences", June 1996, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Discovering of many amazing phenomena in various fields of natural science, progress achieved in technics and technology have contributed to manifestation of a crisis being conceived long ago in the depths of Physics as a science about most general and universal laws of Nature. Results have been achieved mostly owing to rich intuition of researchers or in connection with effects revealed quite by chance. Symptoms of sceptical attitude towards the foundations of physical knowledge have appeared long before in the brains of famous scientists having made invaluable contributions to development of science as such (P.Ehrenfest, A.Einstein, P.Feinmann, I.E.Tamm and others). A giant armoury of mathematical techniques applied by modern Physics for statistical representation cannot provide a strict and adequate description of the events. There is no understanding of the seemingly not too complex processes occurring in plasma, in liquid and solid bodies. There are problems in thermodynamics, electrodynamics, nuclea Physics, gravitation, let alone biophysics, biology and other sciences.

Lack of the axiomatic description testifies: it is not everything well in Physics concerning its foundations. New phenomena have been discovered being not predicted by modern conceptions or even "contradicting" to them. In view of such situation many researchers were coming to the idea about necessity to analyse critically the modern Physics, to search for a way out of this prolonged crisis.

Difficulties waiting for them on this way are obvious. Traditional science is pre-programmed to achieve the knowledge (information), to apply it for solving the problems of life, to transfer knowledge to new generations. There was no question ever about the real understanding of knowledge, about its estimation. Investigations aimed at that were even prohibited and discredited.

The time is pressing urgently for solving many problems ripened in Physics, which is a crucial branch of knowledge pretending to form our ideas about the real world, to ensure technical progress. There is a need to look into the situation formed in Physics, to discuss all possible ideas and proposals with the aim to define the paths for further development of natural science.

Members of the Organising Committee have pursued just this noble goal, when they started to prepare and to organise the International scientific conference "New ideas in natural science". This conference is aimed at realisation of a new scientific program - "Program to understand and to estimate the knowledge, to develop new ideas in natural science". There are two parts of this conference:

1. Problems of modern Physics;

2. Interactions between sciences about Earth and Universe (Geological).

By taking into account the long period of stagnation in science it was decided to make it possible to present different conceptions, points of view, experimental investigations carried out in new fields, to discuss critically the contemporary state of science, its paradigm, to discuss proposals concerning solution of fundamental problems.

International scientific conference has taken place June 17-22 1996 in St.Petersburg. Papers presented were devoted to very important problems. Concrete solutions for a number of scientific and technical problems have been proposed. Proceedings of the first part of the conference are published in this collection with papers on following subjects:

1. Contemporary problems in Physics. Theoretical investigations.

2. New energetics. Practical results.

3. Gravitation and adjacent technologies.

4. Research of space, time and information features.

Results achieved were above all expectations. A number of investigations show: Physics has lost a lot by not having included in its arsenal the principles and conceptions of classical dynamics. Due to incorrect translation from Latin not only the content of axioms has been distorted, but also interpretation of fundamental laws. A substitution of notions and principles formed by dynamical approach to phenomena's analysing has occurred. Paradigm, program and goals of research have been modified.

Time will be needed to apprehend, to understand and to assess the set of information offered. It will be necessary to realise, to interpret and to overcome the "good learned" delusion structure in foundation of physical knowledge being formed through centuries. One conclusion can be made already now: serious efforts are needed to implement this new Program, to develop this new direction in science - to help science to understand itself. This is the only way out of the crisis to pave the paths for further progress of science, to define and to stimulate the main directions of research, to find new solutions of technical and technological problems.

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Chairman of the Organising Committee
International scientific conference "New Ideas In Natural Sciences"


The Conference was not sponsored by any organisation and all process was organised thank to participants organising fees. Publication of this Proceedings also is possible on the base of collected organising fees. In strength of this reason first edition of this book is printed as 100 copies only. Compilators of this book are sure that there are organisations and persons are interested in re-publication of this book in new edition for more quality translation and more high number of copies. Any proposals for this joint work are welcome. Copyright (C) for this book as an collection of lectures belong to compilators Anatoly P. Smirnov and Alexander V. Frolov. Each author have all rights for own article and you must ask permission from author directly if you wish to reproduce part of any article.

Alexander V. Frolov

Production Editor
Organising Committee Member


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See also: The PROCEEDINGS.

See also: The CONCLUSIONS.

See also: The VIDEOTAPES.
May 2, 1997.