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Joseph Newman's Electric Lift Device Experiment

We would like futher research done on this.

Is it real?

Or, Is it Hot Air? (As in heating the gas in the ballon...)

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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 23:03:13 -0600
To: (Patrick Bailey)
From: (Evan Soule)
Subject: ELD (Electromagnetic Lift Device) 

Dear Patrick,

The following are crude ascii drawings which might help:


   /--------\  balloon
  /          \
 -------------- horizontal wires
  \          /
           |  wire and/or tether

BUT *THIS* DESIGN for Joseph Newman's ELD:

The coils Joseph Newman uses are vertical -- *not* horizontal:

          /---\ small secondary balloon
    /   --------  \  large primary balloon
 / ||||||||||||||||||| \
   |||||||||||||||||||  38 gauge coils (vertical)
 \ ||||||||||||||||||| /
    \   --------  / ||
                    ||wires to "+" and "-"

Joe began with a mylar balloon approximately 2.5 feet in diameter. This 
was filled with helium. He then took two long strips of styrofoam 
(perhaps an inch thick with a length equal to that of the balloon). He 
also states that the long wings (sometimes made of styrofoam or balsa 
wood) of model aeroplanes can also be employed. The styrofoam strips are 
attached to the balloon with double stick tape on either side (2 sides, 
not 4). Now the winding begins.

In his example he utilized 2 banks of 17-9V batteries connected in 
series for a 306 volt total. The current is quite low which minimizes 
any heating in the coil (as opposed to using large amperages and low 
voltages which would obviously cause the coil to heat up). 

He first distributed double stick tape across the balloon which would 
serve as the mode of attachment for the wire and prevent it from 
slippage. In his example he utilized 38 gauge copper wire VERTICALLY run 
'length-wise' from one side to another (the same sides only) --- across 
the diameter of the balloon. The styrofoam strips served to stabilize 
the positioning of the copper wire and the side of the balloon as the 
wire was wound. He would wind the wire completely across the diameter of 
the balloon and then he would double back the windings again, generally 
trying to keep the wire's apr. 1/4" apart. How many windings? My visual 
estimate was c. 150. The important point is that the number of windings 
should be enough to equalize the lift force of the helium such that the 
ELD should assume equilibrium with the atmosphere when enough copper is 

Best regards,

Evan Soule'
Director of Information
(504) 524-3063
P.O. Box 57684, New Orleans, LA 70157-7684


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May 23, 1997.