Mar. 18, 1999

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By Evan Soule', Sep. 16, 1998


The Joe Newman Lecture and Demonstration

Saturday, September 12, 1998

Phoenix, Arizona

[Reformatted and a few spelling corrections by PB.]

Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 03:40:53 -0600
To: freenrg-l@eskimo.com
From: josephnewman@earthlink.net (Evan Soule)
Subject: Report re Phoenix, Part A

Dear Everyone --- to friends, supporters, interested parties, skeptics, and skeptics:

I have assisted Joseph Newman for over 15 years. I have done so honestly and sincerely with all the dedication I can "muster."

Having returned from Arizona to Louisiana, I would like to provide the following text of my introduction for Joe on Saturday, September 12, 1998, in Phoenix, Arizona at the Sonoran Plaza Ballroom in Sun City Grand, Arizona. This will be followed by a Report of statements by Joseph Newman and recent developments.


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to Sun City Grand and a unique presentation. I know that some of you have traveled great distances to attend this presentation and I appreciate your sincere interest in this technology.

My name is Evan Soule' and I have worked with Joseph Newman for many years. In fact, it was just this time of the year 15 years ago that I learned about Joseph Newman's work for the first time. In 1983 I was presenting in New Orleans the intellectual products of an astrophysicist named Andrew J. Galambos. One of the students enrolled in a course I was presenting alerted me to a multi-part documentary being featured by WWL-TV based in New Orleans.

After viewing several of the TV segments, I contacted the television station and learned that Joseph Newman would be coming to New Orleans within two weeks to make a presentation to the Graduate Student Society of the IEEE at the Electrical Engineering College of Tulane University. I made arrangements to attend the Tulane presentation and I was very impressed with what I saw
and heard. From that point forward I offered to assist Joseph Newman in any way that I could.

Over the years I have maintained contact with the former Graduate Student who organized that original presentation. He is now an electrical engineer based in Georgia. He once told me something very interesting which only serves to underscore the reaction by some members of the conventional scientific community to Joseph Newman's work.

At the time that he was arranging that presentation by Joseph Newman at Tulane University, the reaction from the students was very positive - they were interested to hear and, if necessary, challenge Joseph Newman. In fact, more than 60 electrical engineering students attended that IEEE presentation.

However, the graduate student organizer told me that he was truly frustrated and saddened by the reaction of his electrical engineering professors and instructors. While he invited ALL such professors to the IEEE meeting, EVERY SINGLE PROFESSOR boycotted Joseph Newman's presentation despite repeated invitations from the students for the professors to attend the presentation.

I believe that the actions of those professors speaks volumes about the intellectual dishonesty which has become rampant throughout the academic community.

Fortunately there are those conventionally-educated scientists and engineers who DO have intellectual honesty and who are willing to approach a new technology with an open mind. Over the years more than 30 such scientists have tested, endorsed, and signed legal Affidavits attesting to the operability of Joseph Newman's Motor/Generator. I have considerable respect and admiration for these individuals.

But with respect to the aforementioned professors, I believe Max Planck's famous quotation says it all:

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it"

And on a positive note, it's been said that: "Every creative act involves a new innocence of perception liberated from the cataract of accepted belief."

It will be the next generation that ultimately brings this technology forward. Through the internet, I have been in contact with thousands of students from around the world as well as in the United States and Canada. These students receive information with open minds that have not been biased and prejudiced by years of memorization. In addition, engineers from many different countries have contacted me to request information about Joseph Newman's technology.
Slowly, but surely, his ideas are being disseminated across the planet.

Having been a student of history - especially the history of the innovation and transmission of revolutionary scientific ideas - what strikes me is that there is a common thread running through the disclosure of such ideas to the world at large.

It seems that the bigger the idea and the more profound its impact upon society, the greater the opposition. A better mousetrap inventor might have a relatively easy time of introducing his new product into the marketplace. But history has demonstrated that with an innovation as important as the Invention of the Aeroplane, the innovators are very likely to meet tremendous opposition.

Actually, I have found that this opposition happens in a certain sequence:

In the space of one day, I had waiting for me in my email in-box the following:

One email letter congratulating Joseph Newman on his pioneering work of the past 35 years and reporting independent construction of his technology by another.

Another email letter attacking Joseph Newman's work as "impossible" and nothing more than a fraud.

Still another email letter reporting evidence of the theft of Joseph Newman's pioneering technology by another individual attempting to claim it as his own.

Thus we have first the innovation, then the ridicule, then the theft.

This vicious cycle of innovation-ridicule-theft which destroys the incentive of the innovator MUST STOP if we are ever to truly mature as a species!

As you may know, Wilbur Wright died an early death. I attribute his death in part to the despondency he suffered at the hands of that intellectual thief - Glenn Curtiss - who attempted to plunder the Wright Brothers Innovation. And for the remaining several decades of his life Orville was left to battle a long, lonely fight with the Smithsonian Institution to recognize that he and his brother Wilbur were the TRUE pioneering innovators of the Aeroplane.

What other great innovations would have been developed by the Wright Brothers if they had not been so plundered and attacked? We will never know..... but yet we all suffer in the long run by their mistreatment. Joseph Newman should have been issued a patent for his pioneering innovation over 15 years ago. If this had been done, then future innovations/improvements to his technology could have occurred in a natural and productive fashion that would benefit all humanity. As it now stands, Joseph Newman has no recourse but to fight (as did Orville Wright) for what he believes in and for what rightfully belongs to him. And, as he has stated publicly many times, he fights not just for Joseph Newman but for all humanity and for all future innovators who should not need to be subjected to the injustices he has repeatedly suffered.

[Sidebar addendum: whenever I travel by aeroplane, I always make it a personal point to mentally thank Orville and Wilbur Wright at the moment of take-off. This is my small way of paying primary gratitude to two human beings who took it upon themselves to make the world a better place for everyone. (I prefer to use the "aeroplane" spelling rather than "airplane" spelling since the former was that originally utilized by the Wright Brothers.)]

Some people cannot identify with the anger felt by Joseph Newman or no doubt felt by Orville and Wilbur Wright towards the intellectual thief, Glenn Curtiss. This may be in part because such people do not have major innovations of their own (upon which they have labored all their life). But if a common criminal stole their automobile, or burned down their home, or robbed them at gunpoint, you can be sure that those same individuals would be incensed and outraged by such plunder initiated against them. Yet, when an innovator is plundered of his life's work, some people cannot identify with such plunder. This is unfortunate, because the plunder of innovators affects ALL OF US in the long run - directly or indirectly. If Wilbur, Orville and others in frustration and despair give up innovating, then we will never enjoy the benefits of their productive minds.

There are some who postulate that if Isaac Newton had not been so frustrated with many of his fellow humans, and had he not essentially chose to squander (from our timescale perspective) decades of the most productive years of his life as the 'Master of the Royal Mint' - then we might now be well on our way to the stars. This is the "leverage" of the innovator: Foster and protect innovation and we can "move the earth." Stifle, plunder, and attack innovation and we will all suffer the consequences.

Looking back over the way in which many major innovators have been treated throughout history - whether it's Galileo being threatened with death for his ideas, or Giordano Bruno being burned alive, or Goddard being publicly ridiculed for his ideas - is this to be the FUTURE history of the Spirit of American Innovation?

Will future generations look back at the history of American Innovation and describe it as follows: "Such innovation was born in the resiliency of the Pioneer, and died in the suffocating arms of cynics and bureaucrats."

I hope this is not the case, which is why I make my case for the importance of the innovator to the future of humanity.

The cynical and bureaucratic resistance to innovation has its roots in negativism - which is the antithesis of such innovation. All too often a bureaucrat's non-creative solution to a problem facing humanity is to pass more political laws and regulations that only serve to restrict the creativity of us all - in other words, the motto of the bureaucrat is: "everything that is not forbidden is compulsory."

Well, it's time for a change . . . a new beginning. And the speaker that you're about to hear has just such a new beginning in mind.

A new beginning is what is needed to launch our species to the stars. A new beginning is what is needed to utilize a new technology that harnesses the very essence of our universe.

As a major physicist of our century once said:

"Sic Itur Ad Astra" - this IS the way to the stars.

A couple of Ohio bicycle mechanics changed history in this century. A Russian schoolteacher from the past century is the father of modern rocketry. An obscure Austrian doctor innovated a complete cure for puerperal fever.

Yes, the independent innovator is alive and well.

I'm sure you have heard the famous quotation, "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

When Isaac Newton said this, he was standing on the shoulders of Aristarchus, of Archimedes, of Copernicus, of Galileo, of Kepler.

The man I am introducing today has also seen farther than others. And it is because, in part, because he stands upon the shoulders of Joseph Black, of Michael Faraday, of James Clerk Maxwell, and of Albert Einstein.

Our history of the development of knowledge, of the struggle of innovation and inventors, represent our effort as a species to understand the universe.

From a seemingly simply but profound integration of thought processes based
upon direct observation and experimentation, the speaker you are about to hear has moved our species closer to a greater understanding of the universe. Driven by that loftiest of human attributes - curiosity and inquiry - it is his thirty-five year persistence in the face of bureaucratic indifference, stupidity, ridicule, and academic intellectual dishonesty, that has enabled him to develop our access to a new source of energy that is actually as old as the universe itself. In essence, the speaker you are about to hear has a personal philosophy which could best be summed up as follows: "If it can't be done, it interests me."

And like the Wright Brothers, whose bicycle shop helped them to finance their quest to fly in a heavier-than-air machine, the speaker has utilized his successful inventions to help finance his quest to create and develop a revolutionary energy machine.

In his endorsement, one physicist who worked extensively with the inventor, once wrote, "The future of the human race may be dramatically uplifted by the large-scale, commercial development of this invention."

Dr. Robert E. Smith, former Chief of the Orbital and Space Environment Branch at the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center wrote regarding our speaker: "If the manner in which he conducted his experiments and the results were made known to the industrial or engineering community then, in my opinion, several companies and/or individuals possess the expertise and capabilities to construct the hardware required to fully exploit the apparent capability of his new concepts."

And Dr. E. L. Moragne, a pioneer in the development of the first atomic bomb, wrote to the speaker: "You have opened an area in Astrophysics which may revolutionize the magnetic energy problems which is now the most paramount problem in future energy and space travel. I do believe with proper research funds, the results would not only be a great financial boon to your financiers, but would lead to developments that will be practical and beneficial to all mankind and develop a new step in science."

I have personally known the speaker for 15 years. I will make the following bold statement based upon my knowledge of his work and my observations over the past decade: It is my belief that the speaker today has a deeper and more fundamental MECHANICAL understanding of electromagnetism than anyone alive on this planet.

And I make this strong statement NOT to brag about the speaker - for whom I obviously have respect. I make this bold statement to encourage you, the listener, to utilize his talents and understanding to the maximum - while he is alive. Don't repeat the mistakes of our predecessors and provide recognition after the innovator has passed away. This only destroys the incentive of our innovators and impedes for us all, the progress of civilization.

The inventor himself has said, "The finished prototype of what I teach will change the world drastically for the good of humanity, more so that any invention before this time."

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now my pleasure to introduce to you, inventor Joseph Newman.


Evan Soule'

end of Report re Phoenix, Part A -- continued in Part B

Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 03:41:04 -0600
To: freenrg-l@eskimo.com
From: josephnewman@earthlink.net (Evan Soule)
Subject: Report re Phoenix, Part B

Report re Phoenix, Part B -- continued from Part A

Synopsis of what Joseph Newman stated at his Phoenix presentation:

Several months ago, Joseph Newman was approached by a motor manufacturing company (presently having about 45 employees) in Pennsylvania with a proposal to construct a commercial template Motor/Generator utilizing his technology. In going back through my Archives, I discovered that about a year earlier I had received a letter from one of the principal engineers with the company, requesting information. Information was sent to the engineer and that was the last I heard from him or the company until they approached Joseph Newman earlier this year.

An Agreement was reached between Joseph Newman and the CEO of the motor manufacturing company (a man, I am told, in his mid-30's) to: Produce TWO (2) commercial versions of Joe's motor as soon as possible. Once these motors have been tested and perform as expected, then the manufacturing company would be the first to commercially produce the technology.

An Agreement was signed by Joe and the company's CEO. In addition this individual signed a Confidential Disclosure Agreement relating to the technology.

Final design and production of the commercial-type motor began in late Spring. The intention was to construct a Motor capable of delivering up to 20 HP which could operate as a stand-alone unit (to supply rotational torque for purposes such as irrigation, etc.) or connected to a conventional generator to produce up to 10 kW which, I am told, should supply the electrical consumption requirements for the standard home.

Joe planned to show the engineers at the manufacturing company the Motor's design and enable them to construct the commercial template motors. The chief engineer (who had originally contacted me by letter) seemed to quickly grasp the essence of the technology and the nature of the design specifications.

Over several weeks, Joe would commute between Pennsylvania and Colorado, checking on the progress of the project. Joe also arranged for a gentleman (Mr. Benz, who had assisted him over the years and who has known him since 1984) to remain on-site to help with production. It became apparent to Joe that the abilities of the on-site engineers and motor builders were not as knowledgeable in understanding construction of the Motor as he had assumed, so Joe ended up spending more and more time in Pennsylvania to build the motor. [Also: Mr. Benz was in attendance at the Phoenix presentation and publicly corroborated events relating to the motor manufacturing company in Pennsylvania.]

Towards the conclusion of the construction period, Joe stayed nearly an entire month in Pennsylvania and devoted 12-18 hours per day in the unit's construction. In addition, Joe brought several thousand dollars worth of his own neodymium magnets from Colorado to install in the motor under construction. The Pennsylvania company also did not proceed with simultaneous construction of the 2nd Motor even though the Agreement stated that both Motors would be produced "as soon as possible." [The original Agreement stipulated that one of the Motors constructed would become Joe's and the other would become that of the company's.]

When construction was completed by mid-Summer, torque testing began. I was informed that in one instance two engineers (each individual weighing over 160 lbs) stood on either side of a wooden beam attached to (in a specific manner) and designed to apply a torque load to the operating shaft of the motor. In every case they were unable to have any noticeable affect upon the rpm rate of the shaft and could not "choke it down". The engineers were amazed by the unit's performance and efficiency.

Joe then notified the engineers early in the week of August 3rd that his son's birthday was on August 10th and he planned to drive back to Colorado within several days with the newly constructed motor since he has promised his son that he would be present for his birthday. He also announced that he intended to hold a demonstration in the West with the new Motor although a date was not selected at that time. On Thursday of the week of August 3rd, Joe had been making finishing adjustments to his Motor and, after being up through the night completing such adjustments, he retired for an afternoon nap before a long drive back to Colorado.

At about 7:00 PM Joe returned to the company to load up the motor. Having been given a key to the company site, he went to the area where the motor was kept and discovered to his amazement that several individuals (the chief engineer and several employees) had substantially taken the motor apart without his knowledge or permission. He stated that they were unable to offer any explanation for their action except that they had wanted to "check out a possible short in the motor." He was very upset with their unannounced action and proceeded to gather up the component parts to be reassembled later when he returned to Colorado. The chief engineer who has been his principal contact with the company helped him load the Motor into his van and he then proceeded to head back to Colorado.

At about 10:00 PM that same evening, I received a telephone call from Olivia Newman (Joe's wife) who was in Castle Rock, Colorado. She sounded extremely upset. Apparently the owner of the Motor company had contacted her by telephone and immediately began shouting at her and issuing multiple threats in a loud, abusive tone of voice. He threatened to have the "FBI" and the "police" arrest Joe when he showed up at his home in Colorado. She described the tone in his voice as both anger and PANIC. It was the panic of someone who had seemingly "lost control" over something that was very valuable to him.

Since Joe was on the road somewhere between PA and CO, I told her to simply stay calm since there was nothing that she could do until she spoke with Joe.

At a bit past midnight I received another telephone call from Olivia who told me that Joe had just called her (while he was en route) and that he was both surprised and upset that the owner of the company would call her, threaten her and Joe, and so abuse and intimidate her on the telephone. Joe stated that the individual was apparently "up to something" and could not understand why the man would sound so desperate in having the Motor removed from Pennsylvania since Joe was and had been prepared (for the proceeding several months) to assist with the construction of the second Motor per the original Agreement and he had notified personnel for several days that he planned to returned to Colorado with the Motor. Yet the company had never made any effort to follow through with the original terms of the Agreement and construct "as soon as possible" the second motor, as the Agreement stated.

Joseph Newman has yet to see either the "police" nor the "FBI" emerge, as threatened by this individual in Pennsylvania. Within the terms of the original Agreement, Joseph Newman has stated that he had every right to take Motor #1 -- especially since he ended up physically constructing about 90% of the Motor and also installed several thousand dollars worth of his own neodymium magnets into the unit.

The matter has now become an interchange of letters between Joseph Newman's attorney in Colorado and an attorney representing the CEO in Pennsylvania. I have seen the signed copies of both the Disclosure Documents signed by this CEO as well as the original Agreement signed by the CEO.

Joe's position is that on the evening when he returned to the company to obtain the Motor, those who had disassembled the Motor without his knowledge or permission had done something to damage the Motor either intentionally (through sabotage) or in error. It should also be noted that the motor manufacturing company is a component supplier to the General Electric Company who, Joe believes has wanted to control this technology for many years without entering into a royalty agreement with its innovator.

Joe has speculated that some entity (such as GE) had made an "agreement" with the CEO of the motor manufacturing company that, "if they could prevent Joseph Newman from having permanent possession of the motor, disassemble it and claim that it did not work, while turning over the physical motor (evidence) and specs to GE (or any such entity), that the individual involved would be 'rewarded'." Three questions that Joe asks: 1) If the Motor did not work, then why would be CEO be so desperate and frantic to get it back?; and 2) Why did the owner sound so desperate and threaten Olivia as he did, unless he felt that he had suddenly lost control over a situation that could have been very personally 'profitable' to him at Joe's expense? and 3) Why did those employees (knowing that Joe was to return to the company site that evening to take the Motor with him to Colorado) suddenly take the Motor apart at the last minute without Joe's knowledge or permission?

On Wednesday, August 26th Joe notified me that he would be scheduling a demonstration of the new motor on September 12, 1998, and that two weeks notice should be adequate to allow people to make arrangements to attend the demonstration. He asked me to post the information on the website and to notify as many people as possible over the internet.

I asked him if the Motor was ready to demonstrate. He said that it was not, but that it would be ready in time for the 12th. I told him that I thought it would be more prudent if he first totally completed construction then, secondly, completed a thorough series of test protocols, and THEN schedule the demonstration. He informed me that the unit would be ready to demonstrate on the 12th and requested that I post notices to that effect. I then proceeded to follow his instructions and posted to the internet.

During those c. two weeks, Joe also proceeded to begin relocating from Colorado to Arizona. He had also announced that a Dynamometer would be employed to conclusively prove the nature of the torque and input power applied to the Motor. It soon became obvious that a Dynamometer (of a type/size applicable to the technology) would not be easy to locate. Initial price estimates ranged from $12,000, to over $20,000. Several people were working on trying to locate an appropriate Dynamometer. Finally, one was located and purchased two days prior to the demonstration --- a unit which costs $5,000. [It was later determined at the Phoenix presentation that the unit was not properly calibrated by the manufacturer.]

Within the weeks prior to September 12th (the day of the presentation), it was apparent to Joe that whatever those individuals had done to the Motor in Pennsylvania on that final night -- it was not performing as it originally had performed because the shaft would hardly turn.

As the September 12th deadline approached, Joe assured everyone that he would determine the problem and have it fixed in time for the presentation. He and engineer Milton Everett -- (resident of Phoenix and formerly of Mississippi who was the first engineer [of many] to come publicly forward in 1981 after having tested Joe's prototypes and endorsed the technology) -- worked on the unit. Back in 1981, Milton was HIGHLY skeptical at first and had stated that it took 3 visits to Joe's lab in Lucedale and extensive testing of his prototypes to know that the technology works. Milton has retired as an engineer with the Mississippi Department of Energy, is now living in Phoenix and has been assisting Joe there.

Although Milt and Joe were up all night before the Demonstration working on the unit and also trying to get the Dynamometer operational, their efforts were for naught. The motor would still not properly operate. According to Milton, the unit's wiring needed to be thoroughly checked out again to make certain that there was no electrical shorting.

As I write this, approximately 10 individuals (mostly from other areas of the country) have remained in Phoenix to see a demonstration of the Motor after Joe and Milton have had the opportunity to thoroughly check out and rebuild the unit as necessary. It is my hope that the unit will perform as stated and can be witnessed/videotaped by these individuals.


Other than the Technical Explanation and Theory innovated by Joe, no one with whom I have ever communicated has been able to provide a definitive explanation for the anomalies produced by the many prototypes Joe has constructed over the years: results verified by hundreds of different meters, oscilloscopes and proney break testing. [Oscilloscope photographs are available to anyone requesting them.]

Over a period of 30 years, Joe developed his Technical Explanation and Theory which he has presented in his book. His Theory of the Gyroscopic Massergy provides a precise and explicit mechanical explanation for Fleming's Rule and Magnetic Attraction/Repulsion. Joe has consistently encouraged others to build their own prototypes for their own use and experimentation. Others have done this and, like Jean-Naudin in France, have also reported a "cooling effect" produced by the system. I believe that these areas should be investigated in detail and every effort should be made to understand these observed anomalies.

I applaud the more than 30 scientists who have signed Affidavits attesting to the operability of the technology and many of whom have publicly appeared with Joe (with their speeches preserved in videotape format) to endorse his work at presentations of the technology over the years: in New Orleans, Louisiana, in Jackson, Mississippi, in Atlanta, Georgia, in Biloxi, Mississippi, in Mobile, Alabama, and in Washington, D.C.

Personal note: As I stated above, I have worked with Joe for more than 15 years. For the first four years, Joe was financially able to reimburse me for my telephone calls and postage/printing expenses that I expended on his behalf. For the past 11 years I have donated my time, money, and resources to help Joe bring forth this technology. My telephone expenses alone (which are considerable in the course of a month) and all website expenses and related internet/computer/printing expenses are borne by myself. So it has been for over a decade since Joe exhausted his available financial resources on legal battles with the patent bureaucracy and in purchasing new equipment/materials/parts to construct new generations of prototypes.

From personal experience, I know that Joe will continue to fight to bring forth this technology until he breathes his last breath. I will continue to volunteer my efforts to help him since I also believe in the importance of the technology, as does Milton Everett, Darryl Bonz, and many others. While anyone may prefer that Joe operationally plan his strategy and present his technology in a given manner, Joe is the only person who has the total and final control over how he proceeds.

It may well be that those who have followed and hopefully mastered this technology (and there are hundreds of such individuals with whom I have corresponded over the past two years) will be also able to assist in bringing forth this technology through new applications and downstream developments long after the innovator is gone. For better or worse, this is how it happened with Wilbur Wright.

Joseph Newman does not have access to the internet (I am in New Orleans and he is Phoenix at the moment) nor does he read internet posts. Specific questions regarding Joe's plans for the technology and the development of the Motor should be addressed to Joseph Newman at:

(602) 657-3722 (Phoenix)
11445 East Via Linda, Ste. 2416
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259

Milton Everett (in Phoenix) at:
(602) 546-4031


Evan Soule'

LATE UPDATE: 3/15/99

I have now been informed that Joseph Newman has made repairs on and demonstrated his Motor in Phoenix to 10 individuals who had arranged to remain in Phoenix through Monday. The newly-purchased dynamometer is still not functioning and the manufacturer is being consulted. Early Monday morning, Milton Everett and Joe had the unit drawing only 150 milliamps (with 110 volt input) and the rotating shaft of the unit could not be choked down. Following a period of testing it was believed that a wire came loose. After making additional checks on the unit it was demonstrated in the afternoon to the aforementioned 10 individuals. During this test the unit drew 2 amps and 110 volts and the current did _not_ go up when individuals attempted to choke down the shaft of the unit with their hands. Every attempt by the individuals present to hold down (choke) the shaft as it operated was unsuccessful -- the unit's shaft continued to turn and everyone expressed the fact that a very powerful torque was quite evident. In fact, even from a dead stop, the unit's shaft could not be held still once the 220 watts were applied. [Within the 400-lb machine, 90 lbs of copper have been utilized.] Joseph Newman has stated that he can hold down the shaft of a 5 HP conventional electric motor from a dead stop and prevent it from rotating once current is applied.

Joseph Newman welcomes positive and constructive input.

In addition, Joseph Newman made this statement to me on the telephone this evening:

"To anyone who does NOT believe that this unit has performed as indicated -- and as witnessed by those who specifically stayed in Phoenix to see it -- and/or who does not believe in the efficacy of this technology, I challenge you to contact me directly at the above telephone numbers and confront me with any comment, criticism, or input."

I reported to him that I had received several negative (as well as positive) comments about him on the internet following the Phoenix presentation. Joe's reply: "It is typical that such people never have the courage to state such negative comments to my face or call me on the telephone and tell them to me directly. Unless they have the courage to do this, such comments mean nothing to me."

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