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San Jose Mercury News, Friday, February 23, 1996

Business Section, Page C1

- Tech Ticker -

Netscape Co-Founder Execs Want To Cash In

Netscape Communications Corp.'s 24-year-old co-founder Marc Andreessen and SIX other executives filed to sell about 559,000 shares valued at $34.7 million. The filings mark the first time employees could sell stock since Netscape went public in August. Employees were restricted from selling a total of 22.8 million shares until Feb. 5, 180 days after the Internet software maker's initial public offering in August. If Andreessen sells the 200,000 shares he filed to sell, he could garner about $12 million.

[Let's see. Doing an energy balance around the system, we see that Netscape will have had to sell a lot more than ($34.7 M)*(200,000/559,000) = $12.41 Million dollars worth of merchandise over the last 6 months to break even, not counting salaries, rent, advertising, etc. So far as I know, they not have not done very much selling at all, and Microsoft is reported to be going to put out a free net browser that is reported to be better than Netscape. So - where does this free energy come from? There will be test next week ... (Hint: See "logic" under "Federal Reserve" and "Federal Income Tax").]

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